Video Game: Sabre Man

Rare Ltd.'s long-running series, which introduced the Sabre Man character.

Games in the series:

  • Sabre Wulf (1984), in which Sabreman must escape a large jungle maze by collecting four pieces of an amulet, while avoiding the titular wulf. Finding all four will grant access to:
  • Underwurlde (1984), in which Sabreman must find three weapons to defeat three guardians in an extensive system of underground caverns. This done, three exits are available, each leading to one of the following three games.
  • Knight Lore, in which Sabreman arrives at Knight Lore Castle to seek a cure for his newfound lycanthropy. Collecting a number of items for the resident wizard Melkhior achieves both the cure and progress to:
  • Pentagram (1986), in which Sabreman, as a newly qualified wizard himself, embarks on a quest to find the Pentagram, a powerful magic artifact. Once this is achieved Sabreman is directed to the final game in the series:
  • Mire Mare, which was never released and about which little is known.

This series provides examples of: