Friendly Fandoms

The opposite of Fandom Rivalry. Two (or more) fandoms have a lot of overlap because of shared talent (sometimes the result of a Production Posse), because of similar subject matter, because they happened to air at about the same time, or for no real reason at all - they just like each other. Often people get into one fandom and are encouraged by this relationship to get into the other.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • While they are not too similar plotwise, many fans of Fullmetal Alchemist also enjoy Soul Eater. Perhaps because of their similar cast and production, or the similar messages and tones, the two are subject to much crossover. Also, they both ran in Monthly Shonen Gangan for nine years.
  • In general, fans of Dragon Ball are usually fans of One Piece, due to the similar art style and tone. It helps that Eiichiro Oda practically idolizes Akira Toriyama.
  • Basically any series by CLAMP has a significant fan overlap with any other series done by the same group. The fact that CLAMP wrote a Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, that included characters from almost every series they've ever done essentially created a pan-series fandom.
  • Studio Gainax has a similar story, with fans that cross-over the studio's series more often than not. Popular cross-overs include FLCL-This Ugly Yet Beautiful World and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-Panty & Stocking with Garterbeltnote .
  • Gainax fans and Studio Trigger fans are having close bonds. Just look at all those cross-overs between Kill la Kill and Gainax works, especially Panty & Stocking and Gurren Lagann!
  • The Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Type Moon fans are quite close to each other, and are frequently crossed over in fan art and the like. Probably due to author Gen Urobuchi being the writer of Fate/Zero. They even share memes between each other, with the Madoka fanbase using "Unlimited Gun Works" to describe Mami and Homura, and the Fate fanbase borrowing the "being meguca is suffering" meme for several Fate/Zero characters, particularly Lancer.
    • Also with other Studio Shaft productions. Especially Bakemonogatari (the glassy, modernistic backgrounds are somewhat similar, and Homura shares a voice and appearance with Hitagi (and, earlier, with Hanikawa)), Hidamari Sketch (artist Ume Aoki designed Madoka's characters, with Madoka herself bearing a strong resemblance to Hidamari's viwepoint character Yuno), and occasionally Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei for the show's emphasis on despair.
    • They also seem to get along with the When They Cry fanbase.
    • There's also a significant overlap with the Rebuild of Evangelion fandom in the form of fanart of Homura and Kaworu as friends, mostly due to both of them being interpreted as having same-sex crushes on their respective protagonists and going through multiple timelines in order to save them (a theory in Kaworu's case, confirmed in Homura's case). It's also something of a Running Gag for both fandoms to comfort each other over the Mind Screw and Tear Jerker natures of their respective series.
    • Princess Tutu and Puella Magi Madoka Magica tend to get along, as both are deconstructions of the Magical Girl genre that take a dark outlook.
  • The Attack on Titan fandom and Free! fandom are quite close, especially on Tumblr and Twitter, despite being from complete opposite genres. Interactions mainly consist jokes of characters crossing over, comparisons being made between them, or roleplaying.
  • The Haikyuu!! fanbase seem to get along with Free! fanbase and it's not uncommon for Free! fans to be also fans of Haikyuu and vice versa. It also doesn't help to note that both of the said shows had helped contribute the revival of sports anime in the North American fanbase in The New '10s. note 
  • While not as tight-knit, Big Windup, Yowamushi Pedal, Ace Of Diamond and Kuroko no Basuke also tie in as sports anime Friendly Fandoms. People who watch one sports anime tend to get sucked into others, and as a result, there's a lot of fandom overlap.
  • Valvrave the Liberator Haruto/L-elf shippers, overcome with emotion from the Tear Jerker ending, jumped onto Anime/Hamatora, which began shortly after VVV ended. The "Nice Art" ship was observed to be similar to HaruEru, and thus, the Coffee Ship was born (named after Haruto's comment that he could be like sugar to L-elf's bitter coffee). Sorey/Mikleo of Tales of Zestiria, Inaho/Slaine (OrangeBat) of Aldnoah.Zero, and others have since been accepted into the coffee brotherhood.
  • Kuroh/Shiro of K, Shion/Nezumi of No. 6, and Allen/Kanda of D.Gray-Man are the "Black and White" ships, and are often compared and drawn in crossover fanart together like the Coffee Ships.
  • Quite a few Humongous Mecha fandoms have befriended one another thanks to the Super Robot Wars franchise. This is largely because SRW doesn't just Crossover the shows, but integrates their plotlines into a cohesive whole, which results in characters from different series befriending one another and often leads to better Character Development and happier endings.
  • Naruto and Queen's Blade is one hell of this, taking into account both series belongs to different demographics (Shōnen and Seinen respectively). The only thing they have in common is both series are action-oriented and the fact, at least regarding Naruto, is the fact some characters, like Ino Yamanaka, Tsunade, Hinata Hyuga and few other females definitely would not being too out of place in the Queen's Blade universe in any stretch.
  • Robotech fans are often very friendly with fans of the slightly earlier anime import Star Blazers. They tend to be of the same generation and most are fans of both. They are both sister icons of Old School anime largely associated with the "first wave" of Western anime fandom. Also, the opinion of purists notwithstanding, the two shows are the most successful early attempts by American anime importers that attempted to preserve the integrity of their respective original Japanese series (allowing more mature themes such as death, relationships, and character development).
  • Bokura no Hentai and Wandering Son fans tend to intersect and be friendly. This largely is because Marika is a Nitori expy in many ways, they both deal with transgender issues, and the former manga began just after Wandering Son ended.
  • Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! and Free! have a lot of mutual fans, due to them catering for the female audience through guy Fanservice. Due to the nature of the show, it's inevitable that magical girl fans also are part of the fandom.
  • There's a lot of mixing and friendliness between fans of Hunter × Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Naruto. When the Naruto manga ended many fans gravitated towards the Hunter X Hunter manga and 2011 adaptation, while a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 fans are fond of Hunter X Hunter 1999, with some also being fans of Hunter X Hunter 2011.
  • The "Big 3" - Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach - are friendly rivals. There's a lot of insult trading between them but many fans enjoy, or at least respect, the others as well.
  • Studio Ghibli fans tend to be "Studio Ghibli fans" rather than fans of individual movies. Fanartists and cosplayers enjoy crossing over as many Ghibli characters as possible.
  • Back in the day, there was a pretty well-known overlap between fandoms for One Piece and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, primarily on the basis that they both have very distinct art styles, that Eiichiro Oda and Hirohiko Araki are extremely pop culture savvy in regards to both Japanese and western media and flaunt it in their work whenever they can, and that both series are Long-Runners whose stories have only gotten wilder and wilder since they began.
  • There is a ton of camaraderie between fans of Fist of the North Star, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Berserk thanks to all three series' reputation for MANLINESS and the similar appearances of their protagonists and art styles. The three are sometimes called "The Holy Trinity of MANIME''.
  • Over the years, the Fandom Rivalry between fans of Pokémon and Digimon has mostly subsided, and the fandoms have become more and more friendly with each other. It's likely BECAUSE of the former rivalry that the two have grown close.

    Comic Books 
  • This often happens in Marvel and DC, when characters from various corners of their worlds are placed on the same team and these appearances are well-received and fans enjoy their faves' interactions.
  • Fans of various Marvel Comics books about teenage superheroes — Runaways, Avengers Academy, Young Avengers, New X-Men, Sentinel, Gravity, Avengers: The Initiative, Sam Alexander Nova, New Warriors, Journey into Mystery, Loki: Agent of Asgard, new Ms. Marvel and All-New Ghost Rider — tend to stick together. This also extends to various Spider-themed teens from alternate universes, like Spider-Girl, Ultimate Spider-Man or Spider-Gwen. And while not all of them like the main Spider-Man, he is getting a lot of respect for how influential his original stories were to the genre. They are also on good terms with their DC equivalent - fans of Teen Titans and Young Justice. And a significant part of Batman fandom, the one that enjoys adventures of various Robins, Batgirls and other teenage members of Bat-Family.
  • Spider-Man fans and Daredevil fans are on quite good terms. This is greatly helped by the fact that Spider-Man and Daredevil are very close friends in-universe (to the point that Daredevil is one of the only people Spider-Man trusts with his secret identity). This also extends to other New York-based, street level heroes like the Heroes For Hire, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Darkhawk.
  • Spider-Man fans tend to get along with Deadpool fans, partially due to both characters being well-known for snarky humor. It helps that the two often have really good crossovers.
  • Fans of the Marvel horror line, that is books like Ghost Rider, Morbius, Werewolf by Night and Blade, are very friendly with each other and with Doctor Strange fans. In fact, a lot of fans of Marvel magic-themed characters seem to be getting along very well.
  • Franco-Belgian Comics, particularly Tintin and Astérix.
  • Fans of Swamp Thing and Animal Man tend to get along. Which is ironic, since their respective daddies - Alan Moore and Grant Morrison - really don't like each other.
  • Fans of Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue Deconick are extremely close with each other, which is rather fitting given that the two are married in Real Life.
  • Superman fans and Spider-Man fans tend get along well, despite the whole DC vs Marvel thing, perhaps because the two heroes are so similar that you can't really like one and hate the other. Doesn't hurt that the two have had three crossovers to themselves and two company wide crossovers where they both appeared. The two fandoms became the other's sole confidant when the two franchises started facing the same problems.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The fandom of the Harry Potter films overlaps with that of Tim Burton's film of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street due to the many shared actors in both films. Comments on YouTube clips of the latter often jokingly refer to Judge Turpin, Mrs. Lovett, and Beadle Bamford as Snape, Bellatrix, and Pettigrew, respectively.
  • Giant monster fans of multiple franchises tend to get along very well, despite studio rivalries. Gamera fans and Godzilla fans are prime examples. Fan sites to one nearly always include the other and crossover fan-works are extremely common. In that vein, there are plenty of people who love Pacific Rim and Godzilla (2014) for being big budget giant monster movies. They turn rival when one camp dislikes the tone or execution of the other.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom gets along better with fandom of Deadpool than with those of previous post-Avengers efforts mostly due to the fact that Deadpool's black comedy and graphic violence would be better off in its own universe than in the Lighter and Softer MCU. It helps that Deadpool avoids blatant jabs at the MCU, with MCU producer Kevin Feige offering his consultation and approval to the production crew.
  • There's a small but growing overlap between fans of Mad Max: Fury Road and The Force Awakens, probably because Furiosa and Rey are both desert-dwelling Action Girls that are the real heroes of their respective stories.

  • Terry Pratchett fans and Neil Gaiman fans, because of their collaboration on Good Omens.
    • And Douglas Adams fans overlap with both!
    • And Douglas Adams fans lap over with Doctor Who fans, since Adams was a writer and producer for the show, and one of his books, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, was basically a rewrite of an unused DW script. Then Neil Gaiman wrote two Doctor Who episodes, showing his love for the series, cementing these relationships.
    • Between 2005 and 2006, there was a major crash on a William Gibson message board, so the members of that board were essentially invited to hang out on the official Gaiman forum until the site issues were resolved. They did, and the two fandoms got along so well that some members wound up participating on both boards for years.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, due to both being fantasy written by authors who were close personal friends and both had an intensely Christian worldview (which influenced their works to varying degrees). Interestingly enough, Tolkein, despite his friendship with Lewis, has stated that his dislike for Narnia calling it an illogical pastiche of mythical elements.
  • Back when both series were originally coming out, the Sweep and Circle of Three fandoms fed into each other, since they were both YA series about teenage witches coming out around the same time. There were many GeoCities sites dedicated to both.
  • Harry Potter and The Hunger Games fans are best buddies. They've oftentimes joined together against Twilight. In any case, there are loads of "The Potter Games" and "District 9¾" pages with an emblem of an owl carrying a broom inside the mockingjay pin.
  • Fans of hard science fiction writers and series like Larry Niven, Robert Reed, David Brin, and Peter Watts tend to be pretty close-knit with each other.
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four and Fahrenheit 451 readers, due to both novels revolving around dystopian governments that censor material, being published relatively close in time to each other, and featuring elements that have become part of many real-life governments.
  • Warrior Cats and Wings of Fire, due to the author Tui Sutherland being a member of Erin Hunter and creating Wings Of Fire.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey and older Twilight fans naturally get along, considering the former started life as the latter's fanfiction.
  • There's a ton of overlap between fans of The Raven Cycle and All For The Game, and even a fair amount of crossover fan work despite the relative differences of the two series.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit of Fry and Laurie, due to the shared double act of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
  • Joss Whedon's shows sometimes seem like they just have one big fandom. A good example of the "one big fandom" phenomenon is the Whedonverse Track at Dragon Con, which is literally the fan track for ALL of Joss Whedon's stuff.
  • Joss Whedon's fandoms overlap with fans of Tim Minear, as he wrote and produced for several of Joss' shows, as well as creating shows with similar concepts which met the same fate as some of Joss'.
  • J. J. Abrams' shows.
  • Veronica Mars fans overlaps with Joss Whedon fans as well, likely because Joss himself was a fan of Veronica Mars (even making a cameo once) and because it features another snarky petite blonde title character who's a strong woman, similar to his Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Tin Man and Alice - mostly because of their similar production staff and tone. Likewise with their literary ancestors. Baum was a fan of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Old-school Doctor Who and Blake's 7 were made by the same people and shared several actors, sets, and locations, so B7 became the original adult sister show to Doctor Who. Most B7 fans are also avid Doctor Who fans.
  • Blake's 7 has some overlap and friendliness with fans of Farscape and Firefly, as both can be seen as being "the 21st century Blake's 7", without being so similar as to arouse accusations of copying.
  • Sherlock and Doctor Who have a bit of overlap and crossovering going on (Sherlock overlapping more with Doctor Who than the other way round, due to a smaller fanbase) thanks to The Grand Moff being executive producer at both. Ever since Neil Gaiman wrote the very popular Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife" for series 6, one which confirmed old fan theories, and contained a general display of awesome, and returned with "Nightmare in Silver" for series 7, the two fandoms have definitely gained a friendship.
  • The running gag Inspector Spacetime was very well received by both Community fans and Doctor Who fans.
  • Smallville and Supernatural fandoms have a very, very large amount of overlap, to the point where it could quite reasonably argued that they share almost the same core base of fans. The fact that during the second half of the 2000s they almost always aired one after the other on the same network certainly helped this as did the fact that they were the two powerhouse Sci-Fi series that were basically keeping the ungrateful CW Network afloat. The then-current network president's perceived treatment of the two shows as Network RedHeaded Step Children (in favor of promoting shows like Gossip Girl or the 90210 remake as being the network's flagship programs) led to further unity between the two fandoms, which rightly or wrongly perceived themselves as being united against a common foe (namely, the perceived indifference on the part of the execs). The massive prevalence of fanfic crossovers between the two shows is also a testament to the unity between the Smallville and Supernatural fanbases.
  • Power Rangers and Super Sentai are two fandoms you'd expect to get into some variation on a Subbing vs. Dubbing brawl. And yet, that does not happen. Both the fans and production crews get along extremely well (to the point that they share sets and props, and for a couple of Super Sentai opening and ending sequences in the past few years, they filmed in New Zealand using the crew for Power Rangers), and forums for one will usually allow discussion of the other... The joint fandom can be expanded to include other Toku to various degrees; including Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, and their various American adaptations (except maybe one we'd like to forget). The Japanese production house, Toei, has been encouraging this in recent years by including crossovers as part of their Milestone Celebrations.
  • Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart seem to both share the same fandom. Makes perfect sense, since Stephen used to work on Jon's show, and they interact frequently. It's almost like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are one show with two different hosts. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and The Nightly Show starring Larry Wilmore are also included since they too star Daily Show alumni.
  • The Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Generation Kill fandoms, whose fans are collectively known as the "HBO war fandom".
  • The King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond take place in similar settings and had frequent crossovers, and thus share largely the same fanbase.
  • Interestingly, Food Network shows generally have a lot of overlap in their fanbases, but not completely. While they are largely friendly towards one another, one celebrity chef's fans will often complain that several others on the same network are "too grating" or annoying.
  • There is generally a lot of overlap between fans of TNT's original shows.
  • Thanks to Tumblr, we get SuperWholock..
    • SuperWholock seems to have adopted Merlin into the fold and the entire friendship is most noticeable when something bad happens in one of the fandoms (whether it be the demise of a character or the end of the series) and the other fandoms take to comforting it.
      • This post, after the Who episode "The Angels Take Manhattan", pretty well sums up the relationship.
  • iCarly and Austin & Ally, despite being on rival networks (iCarly on Nickelodeon and Austin & Ally on Disney) have a friendship based around the supporters of the two major canon relationships on the show, Carly/Freddie and Austin/Ally, via both being examples of the Just Friends.
    • The same can be said with both iCarly and A.N.T. Farm, in a case similar to the above example, but replace Austin/Ally with Chyna/Fletcher.
  • Star Trek fans are known for their running feuds with fans of other Sci-fi series/franchises; notable rivals being Star Wars, Babylon 5, and Doctor Who. But it seems there's a lot of warm regard, if not necessarily love, for fans of the televised Stargate shows especially Stargate SG-1. As different as the shows are, their similar takes on military science fiction/Space Opera and comparable places on the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism naturally means they'd appeal to a similar group. Also, it's clear the producers of Gate pay homage, if ribbingly, to Trek. To top it off, throw in the number of Trek actors who've wound up on one or the other Gate series and it's almost impossible to see this fandoms as rivals.
  • For a long time on Sci-Fi Channel, Star Trek: The Next Generation and SG1 were both staple shows, sometimes airing within hours of each other.
  • Star Trek and 24 fandoms got pretty cozy what with all the former Trek actors appearing in the show in big and large parts. The connection was especially strong with Star Trek: Enterprise which saw Gregorty Itzin and Peter Weller doing both shows at the same time. (Itzin as President Logan on 24 while playing an alternate universe Starfleet Admiral on Enterprise. Peter Weller portrayed a Well-Intentioned Extremist on both shows!) The biggest connection was when Show Runner Manny Coto left Enterprise after it was cancelled and became a producer on 24. A Coto episode of 24 even saw a Bob Justman and a Rick Berman suggested to fill two open positions (Robert Justman and Rick Berman being longtime high-ranking members of the Trek staff.)
  • During The '70s, fans of Space: 1999 tended to also be fans of Star Trek reruns. Trekkies of that era sometimes credit the instant success of Space 1999 as one of the catalysts that convinced syndicated stations to also consider airing Trek reruns. In some areas, they were aired back to back.
  • Fans of one TV show made by Donald P. Bellisario (Magnum, P.I., Airwolf, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Quantum Leap, JAG, and NCIS) tend to be more than appreciative of his other shows. Not to mention the fact that much of the talent, both in front of and behind the camera is recurring.
  • There's quite a bit of overlap between fans of Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. More specifically, fans who ship Mr Carson/Mrs Hughes on the former are very likely to also ship Dr Turner/Sister Bernadette on the latter. It's been speculated that this is due to the tremendous amount of physical and emotional restraint on the part of each pairing.
  • Fans of Deadwood tend to also be fans of Justified and visa versa. Both are unconventional Westerns and many regard the later show as a kind of modern day sequel to the former. It helps that they both star Timothy Olyphant and a bunch of Deadwood alums show up on Justified to the point where fans talk about which Deadwood actors they'd like to see next.
  • After a lot of ugly fan hate from Sherlock Fan Dumb, Elementary fans has found an Odd Friendship in Hannibal fandom. Part of it may have something to do with Hannibal fandom avoiding the big three SuperWhoLock like the plague. Although Supernatural and Hannibal alone get along well, due to sharing a few actors and juicy crossover potential.
  • The close relationship between Elementary fandom and Sleepy Hollow fandom, which enjoys quite a bit of overlap in fanbases due to both shows having racially diverse casts anchored by well-rounded women of color protagonists. Sleepy Hollow also has fan overlap with Scandal for similar reasons, despite being in totally different genres.
  • The West Wing and The X-Files fandoms often overlap, despite the shows' very different worldviews on the US government. The overlapping casts might have something to do with it.
  • Project Runway and RuPaul's Drag Race have a significant viewer overlap, and long time viewers of Project Runway will recognize Santino Rice on the judging panel for Drag Race. Both shows also have a significant LGBT Fanbase due to the sheer number of queer contestants on both shows.
  • The "Shondaverse" of shows including Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder overlap rather easily as creations of Shonda Rhimes, as the casts of the shows usually have a good presence on social media and encourage viewership of each other's shows; same with the fans. The actors move between the shows very easily, acting like an extended family and also pushing their cast mate's outside projects with ease. Several of them are also married in real life to other cast and crew members of Shonda shows.
  • 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, definitely helped by the long lasting friendship between the respective leading ladies, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

  • Most jazz and classical music fans and players will like each other and go to each other's concerts.
  • Metal bands which don't have a rivalry usually have some overlap.
    • This is subverted by Metallica and Megadeth who do have rivalries but have tons of shared fans who appreciate both bands. Both fanbases appreciate Mustaine's recordings with Metallica such as No Life Till Leather, and in fact, the latter are how a lot of Metallica fans got into Megadeth.
  • Kagerou Project and Evillious Chronicles fandoms, to the point that most fans are fans of the other one involved. Mainly due to that both are epic Rock Opera franchises (Evillious more than Kagerou Project), and use Vocaloid to create Awesome Music. In Tumblr, Kagerou Project also shares many fans with other Vocaloid song series that have original characters, such as Shuuen no Shiori Project and Mikagura School Suite.
  • Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno have both this and Fandom Rivalry, depending upon the specific persons talking.
  • Fans of the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age seem to get along well, since their front-men are involved in several projects together (Dave Grohl has even guested on a few QotSA albums) along with being poster-boys for modern alternative rockers' habit of having too many damn side-projects.
  • Fans of Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails are also quite friendly; it helps that the two bands have toured together, and performed together at the 2014 Grammys (with Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham, to boot).
  • Fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers like Foo Fighters because the bands are long time friends. They toured together in 1999 and did some MTV specials together. RHCP fans who are fans of Dave Navarro's time in the band tend to like Jane's Addiction too, especially as Flea was briefly in the band.
  • Nightwish and Sonata Arctica share a lot of fans, probably because the bands have toured together and the members are friends.
  • Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental have both this and Fandom Rivalry, depending upon the persons talking.
  • The fandoms of Tori Amos, Björk, and PJ Harvey have a lot of people in common. It's probably because they all started their solo careers during the early '90s and were in an interview together.
  • Otep, Amanda Palmer and Emilie Autumn. They're apparently all friends IRL. Also, to some extent, Courtney Love and Emilie Autumn (due to the fact that Emilie was in Courtney's backing band), but that sometimes turns into Fandom Rivalry instead.
  • Tupac Shakur fans and The Notorious B.I.G. fans used to not get along. Then, 1997 came around with both their deaths, and they are now far more amicable on account of Dead Artists Are Better taking effect.
  • Enter Shikari fans and Hadouken! fans. We don't know the exact reason, but it's nice to be friends, right?
  • Also The Qemists and Enter Shikari, due to the latter being featured and remixing many of the former's songs.
  • Thanks to many world tours and live concerts made together, together with similar sounding music, Goldfrapp and Ladytron have a severe fandom overlap.
    • Ladytron named themselves after a song by Roxy Music. Brian Eno, former member of Roxy Music, is a fan of them. So, yeah, Ladytron's fandom is also in good terms with the ones of Roxy Music and of Brian Eno.
  • Melodic Death Metal bands Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum have very strong ties with each other, to the point where they both share a huge portion of their respective fan bases and the two bands are collectively known as Insomnium Gatherum. They also share a guitarist (Markus Vanhala) which has only served to increase their collective fanbase.
  • Pink Floyd fans tend to like Kate Bush because Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour discovered her and has appeared on several of her albums.
  • Dan Bull fans tend to get along well with fans of In The Little Wood and to a lesser extent the Yogscast, due to Dan recording tracks with both of them and getting along especially well with the former. Similarly, his fandom have developed a growing relationship with Epic Rap Battle Of History fans, in part due to Dan's terrifying depiction of Jack the Ripper.
  • Iced Earth and Blind Guardian fans have coexisted since the bands toured Germany together in the early 90s and became fast friends. When Jon Schaffer (of Iced Earth) and Hansi Kursch (of Blind Guardian) formed their side project Demons And Wizards and released two albums, which solidified the connection in the eyes of fans.
  • Lana Del Rey fans are often also fans of Marina & the Diamonds. The artists themselves like each other's work, and their shared love of satirical lyrics wins over many fans.
  • The Within Temptation and Tarja Turunen fandoms have been united by marriage ever since the release of "Paradise (What About Us)," a duet between Sharon Den Adel and Tarja, with a music video that pushed the Homoerotic Subtext through the roof. The Sharja ship promptly took off, with corresponding merger of the fans.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH, despite being based on two different continents. Even while NOAH had a deal with TNA, whose fans had long since stopped having such relations with the RoHbots, the ROH history of the relevant wrestlers was still used to promote them. However fandom doesn't always carry over to official response, as ROH's new Sinclair Broadcast Group owners in 2011 were convinced NOAH wrestlers like KENTA wouldn't draw.
  • Invoked in one of SBG's attempts to get ROH wrestlers to sign more exclusive contracts was to assure them they could keep their Pro Wrestling Guerilla dates and then told fans that PWG was an excellent promotion.

  • New York metro area baseball and football fans generally divide in the following way: fans of the New York Yankees baseball team generally are also fans of the New York Giants football team, and vice versa; meanwhile, the Mets baseball fans are generally also fans of the New York Jets football team. The intra-city fandom rivalry between the Yankees and Mets and the intra-stadium rivalry between the Giants and Jets helps add to this, as does the fact that before Giants Stadium was built, the Yankees gave the Giants a home at Yankee Stadium, while the Mets played host to the Jets.
    • It should also be noted that the Yankees/Giants fans and the Mets/Jets fans in New York City are generally united in their mutual love for the New York Knicks basketball team. However, the Yankees/Giants and Mets/Jets fans in NEW JERSEY often root for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, which played for a long time in Jersey. Mets/Jets fans in Jersey who support the Nets, often proudly proclaim their love for "Mets, Jets, and Nets!"
    • Also, Yankees/Giants fans tend to root for the Rangers hockey team, and Mets/Jets fans support the Islanders (although fans from both fantoms who live in New Jersey will often root for the Devils).
  • Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints fans are generally amiable, even when facing each other.
  • In the UK and some commonwealth countries, there's a lot of overlap between people who follow Cricket during summer and people who follow Rugby Union during winter, perhaps because both are traditionally the sport for the rich (with the working class preferring Rugby League or Association Football, depending on region).
  • Fans of some Association Football clubs sometimes get along especially well with fans of certain other clubs, especially in Eastern Europe. Fans of CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow tend to respect Partizan and Red Star Belgrade, respectively, and the feeling is mutual. Fans of the Polish club Śląsk Wrocław are friendly with the Hungarian Ferencvaros, and CSKA fans also respect PAOK fans in Greece.
  • The increasing prevalence of women's Australian Rules Football aside, Netball is a kind of Distaff Counterpart to Aussie Rules, and many clubs have netball teams as well. In fact, a lot of local leagues have changed their names from "x Football League" to "x Football/Netball League" in recent years.
  • Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels are completely comfortable in each other's presence, even in Dodgers vs. Angels games, due to their close geographical proximity leading to both teams visiting the other a lot.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The World of Darkness is a More Popular Spin-off of Ars Magica, though the two gamelines are now thoroughly divorced from one another (and suggesting a crossover of the two is not a good idea). Nonetheless, a large percentage of current Ars Magica fans discovered the game after coming from the World of Darkness and following the trail of the Order of Hermes and the Tremere.
  • Veteran fans of of the now largely non-functional FASA Corporation's "Big Three" roleplaying games—Earthdawn, Shadowrun and Mechwarrior—often get on well with each other. It doesn't hurt that each game has its own setting to suit diverses tastes, or that they shared some writers for their expanded universe novels, either. This is particularly true for Shadowrun and Mechwarrior, since the two games have seen revivials on the PC.

  • In the Wicked section it's almost heresy not to have seen RENT or at least know the basic plot. It's probably something to do with the large number of shared actors especially Idina Menzel but there have been Wicked actors playing RENT, RENT actors playing Wicked, crazy crossovers, songfics with songs from the other musical and just odd references in fics.
  • Fans of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables also tend to get along quite well (though many fans will, in the end, pick one show over the other as their "favorite"). It helps that both shows debuted around the same time in the UK and US, have similar music styles, and have become hallmarks of modern musical theatre. Plus, lots of performers over the years have starred in both shows. (The shows' respective 25th anniversary concerts shared quite a few performers, and Colm Wilkinson and John Owen-Jones — fan favorites in the lead roles of both shows — appeared in the encores of both events.)
  • At least on Tumblr, there's a good deal of fandom overlap for Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, two West End musicals based on beloved Roald Dahl novels (the two shows also share a choreographer).


    Video Games 
  • The Disgaea and BlazBlue fandoms, despite both games being entirely different genres, seem to get along with each other. And both games have their good mix of quirky silliness and dramatic moments and both games are known to have a strong use of Moe.
  • Both Mighty No. 9 and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero launched their Kickstarter campaigns roughly around the same time, and the fandoms for both series not only get along swimmingly but also cross promote each other! Exemplified in this piece of art from one of artists at Way Forward.
  • With the Kickstarter for Yooka-Laylee, Mighty No. 9 fans have started to form a bond with Yooka-Laylee fans.
  • Joining the "Kickstarter original" group are the Shovel Knight fanbase and the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night fanbase.
  • As of the eighth console generation, PC fans and Nintendo fans seem to be on much better terms with each other than with the Microsoft or Sony communities. This stems from a few sources - among other things Wii, 3DS, and Wii U games are usually completely exclusive, which erodes the usual PC "it'll get a port" attitude, and PC gamers tend to already possess a good-sized library of Nintendo games through emulators, which makes it hard to hate them. The eighth generation, though, seems to have solidified this attitude - particularly during E3, when many bemoaned the PS4 and Xbox One as being crappy PCs in disguise that touted useless gimmicks rather than actual games, many PC gamers strongly respected Nintendo for doing something new and different and focusing purely on the "gaming" aspect.
  • The Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive fandoms are an interesting case; the creator of Virtua Fighter, Yu Suzuki, gave Tomonobu Itagaki pointers when he was creating the first Dead or Alive game. Itagaki is infamous for his attitude towards rival companies and games, especially Namco and Tekken, but Virtua Fighter is the one fighting game he has great respect for. The first DOA game was made for Sega's Model 2 arcade board, the first time Sega licensed the hardware, and the same board Virtua Fighter 2 was released on. Even after Itagaki left Tecmo, Sega helped Tecmo with Dead or Alive 5 and Virtua Fighters were featured as guest characters, so needless to say the developers of both series are on good terms. The two series even have similar button layouts. Between fans, it's more of a mixed bag. Some hardcore VF fans see DOA as being shallow, while some DOA fans think of VF as being boring. On the other hand, there is still a lot of overlap between the fandoms. VF players have gotten into DOA because of the guest characters in 5, whom have overall have been well received by the DOA fans, and many are hoping for a real crossover between the two series in the future.
  • Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. fans get along well, with both being first-party multiplayer party games with popular online communities and Loads and Loads of Characters. It helps that Smash Bros. contains a subset of Mario Kart content, and the Mario Kart 8 DLC packs introduced content from outside of the Mario universe. They also share a common hatred of Moveset Clones, Tier-Induced Scrappy characters, and intrusive items.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man fans are very close with one another, with most people who like one having at least a passing interest in the other. At first this was just for cosmetic reasons (both have blue-colored protagonists, mad scientist main villains, mixing of sci-fi and fantasy, heavy presence of robots, etc.) but the two series became inseperable after the comics based on them got the same writer and an absolutely awesome crossover.
  • Mass Effect and Halo fans really get along with each other, possibly because their stories go in completely different but equally valid directions from similar bases. Crossovers between the series make up some of the most popular fanfictions on the net. Destiny seems to be joining this group, turning it into a Power Trio of sci-fi game fandoms.
  • Thanks to Operation Rainfall, Xenoblade fans, The Last Story fans, and Pandora's Tower fans get along really well and often overlap. Many of them are united with MOTHER and Fire Emblem fans thanks to a similar No Export for You troubles in the past, and the The Legend of Zelda fandom due to similar story and (especially in Pandora's Tower's case) gameplay elements.
  • Kantai Collection fans and Touhou fans tend to have a good amount of overlap, due to the fact that both series feature Loads and Loads of Characters and anthromorphic personifications of Japanese history (The Imperial Japanese Navy for the former, Japanese religion and mythology for the latter) and are ripe sources for memes. Even Touhou creator ZUN himself has good things to say about KanColle. This happens to a lesser extent though, with World of Warships. The latter had a reasonable influx of KanColle fans upon announcement of the Closed Beta sessions, since both games have featured vessels from the Imperial Japanese Navy. This does sometimes swing into Fandom Rivalry of sorts due to players not familiar with KanColle getting annoyed by the abundance of Yuudachi's "Poi~" in the in-game chat.
  • At first there was a Fandom Rivalry between the Team Fortress 2 fanbase and the emerging Splatoon fanbase, but both games ended up having enough in common for one fanbase to become interested in the other; with both games being team and objective-focused shooters with very cartoony aesthetics, incredibly silly antics, and most importantly, Hats.
  • Fans of classic 8-bit computer platforms such as the Commodore 64, Apple ][, Atari 8-Bit Computers and the ZX Spectrum, once bitter rivals in the Computer Wars in the '80s, have settled into this relationship after their platforms were discontinued. The proliferation of emulators on modern systems certainly helps, letting fans experience each other's platforms. PC fans also like classic consoles, including Nintendo and Atari. PC fans point to the ability to run emulators as one of the platform's strengths.
  • Fans of Metro 2033 are often fans of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., since both series feature Russian/Slavic themes and locations, and are both about a bitter struggle for survival against mutants, bandits, and the supernatural. On top of that, both were directly inspired by Roadside Picnic.
  • PC gamers tend to like classic arcade games (both physical machines and emulation/home ports) for the same reason they like Nintendo games: it offers an experience they can't get on PCs or consoles, especially with real arcade cabinets.
  • In the mid-2000s, due to several crossovers between the two series, fans of Capcom's Mega Man Battle Network and Konami's Boktai have become quite friendly with the other.
  • Nintendo fans tend to have a lot of overlap with the Bomberman fanbase due to Hudson Soft's extensive history with Nintendo, Bomberman's presence on every single Nintendo platform (except the Wii U), and his starring role in Nintendo's first crossover with another company. Around the releases of Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Brawl, he was one of the most requested 3rd Party Characters to appear in the series (right up there with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog) and the leak of the official roster for Brawl was dismissed by several Smash communities due to his absence.
  • Because their Kickstarters both aired in the beginning of June 2015, there are many people who are fond of both Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Yooka-Laylee with many fans contributing to both of their campaigns and welcoming the return of some retro classics.
  • While in the modern era, Nintendo and Sony are locked in a battle to the death, Sony Playstation fans tend to also love the Super Nintendo, and see the Playstation, rather than the later Nintendo consoles, as the true Spiritual Successor to the Super Nintendo.
  • Sony Xperia users who played mobile games based on Nintendo franchises like Miitomo and Pokémon Go have better relationships with Nintendo and Sony, due to Sony Xperia devices running on Android systems and Nintendo do have Android (and iOS) games based on their franchises.
  • Fans of Yooka-Laylee have come to be friendly towards fans of Super Mario Odyssey due to their gameplay centering around exploration of various sandbox worlds, as once envisioned in the fifth generation of gaming, a la Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Both games are slated for release on the Nintendo Switch.

    Web Comics 
  • Dinosaur Comics and xkcd. Even their creators are friends! You can also count Andrew Hussie and David Malki! as creator friends with friendly fanbases.
  • The Dinosaur Comics and MS Paint Adventures fandoms get along rather well, considering that the official forums of the former are a section of the fora of the latter. This is probably because, again, the creators are very good friends, and because of a very similar style and humor.
  • 910Comics (The Wotch, The Wotch: Cheer!, Misfile, etc.) readers used to have insane amounts of overlap with El Goonish Shive Bunnies. Until El Goonish Shive joined the 910Comics community, and now they're the same fandom. Same with Zebra Girl, and probably others as well.
  • Cucumber Quest and Paranatural. The creators are friends, which contributes to fans of each comic finding out about the other. The comics themselves are both colorful, kid-friendly adventure stories that poke a lot of fun at themselves and their genres, but also have plenty of serious and heartfelt moments.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent and Shotgun Shuffle are like this. The two webcomics were finalists in the 2014 Top Web Comic vote, and the final vote was extremely close. Several members of both fandoms popped over to the opposite side to see what the fuss was about, and a surprising number stayed.

    Web Original 
  • The two superhero parody shared universes of the early days of the Internet, Superguy and Legion of Net.Heroes. At least back when Superguy was active. They shared a couple of important writers in common, such as Mike Escutia and Dave Van Domelen.
  • In terms of the Yogscast, this happens quite a lot:
    • Even before Hat Films joined, their similar senses of humour, funny collaborations and similar presentation styles meant that both fandoms got on well. The fact that the two liked each other in real life also helps, and the news of them joining went down well for the most part.
    • Many early fans of Area 11 were also fans of the Yogscast, due to Sparkles* and Parv both being part-time members, the band generally getting on well with the group and the Yogs giving the band a rise in new fans and views. Similarly, their fans tend to get along well with fans of In The Little Wood and Strippin, since Martyn, Strippin and Sparkles* are Heterosexual Life-Partners.
    • Their relationship with Achievement Hunter (and Rooster Teeth) fans is mostly peaceful and respectful, with a significant degree of overlap although there are a few disputes.
    • Zigzagged with TotalBiscuit. The fandoms of the two initially were a straightforward case of this trope, but Lewis and Simon have since fallen out with TB. On the other hand, fans of TB seem to adore Sips and Hat Films to a lesser extent.
  • Rooster Teeth fans have a significant degree of overlap with fans of Freddie Wong (due to the two being good friends), SeaNanners (since Adam started as a Rooster Teeth fan before breaking out on his own), Arby 'n' the Chief (since creator Jon Graham and Rooster Teeth get on extremely well and have collaborated many times) and Halo (owing to their flagship series).
  • Kakos Industries attracted a large number of Welcome to Night Vale fans due to their similar formatting and mix of horror and Surreal Humor. Emerging Fanon theory is that Kakos is somehow linked to fellow Evil, Inc. company Strex Corp.
  • Fandoms for So Bad, It's Good fanime like Tsuki Desu, Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls, and Tokyo Crystal Mew tend to get along due to their shared (often ironic) interest in hilariously poorly done series. It helps that many are intentionally bad.

    Western Animation