Literature / Circle of Three

Circle of Three is a young adult series by Isobel Bird about three teenage girls—Kate, Annie, and Cooper—who come together after Kate finds a book of spells in the school library and casts a love spell that has disastrous results.

Fantastical-sounding description aside, the series is actually about the girls' lives as they study Wicca, and presents it all (mostly) realistically.

There are 15 books in the series:
  • So Mote It Be
  • Merry Meet
  • Second Sight
  • What the Cards Said
  • In the Dreaming
  • Ring of Light
  • Blue Moon
  • The Five Paths
  • Through the Veil
  • Making the Saint
  • The House of Winter
  • Written in the Stars
  • And It Harm None
  • The Challenge Box
  • Initiation

This series contains examples of: