Creator / Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick (born July 15, 1970) is an American-born comic book writer, who got her start as an English translator for various manga. She has written various stories for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and IDW Publishing. After years of translating manga, DeConnick got her first big assignment writing the 30 Days of Night: Eben & Stella four-issue miniseries in 2006. She previously wrote Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps for Marvel Comics, which starred Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel, as the eponymous hero. In addition to that, DeConnick also writes Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet for Image. She's also married to writer Matt Fraction, and they have a son and daughter. If you were curious. She and Fraction have formed their own production company, Milkfed Criminal Masterminds, and have recently signed a production deal with Universal Pictures.

Her website is here, and her Twitter account is here. She's also on Tumblr, too.

Selected bibliography of works written & translated by DeConnick



  • Black Cat Vol. 1-20
  • Blue Dragon Vol. 1
  • Blue Spring
  • B.O.D.Y. Vol. 1-4
  • Demon Diary Vol. 1-7
  • Descendants of Darkness Vol. 1-3
  • Despotic Lover Vol. 1-4
  • Doubt!! Vol. 1-6
  • Fruits Basket Vol. 1-3
  • Girl Got Game Vol. 1-10
  • Kare First Love Vol. 1-10
  • Meru Puri Vol. 1-4
  • Nightmare Inspector Vol. 1
  • Portus
  • Ral (Omega) Grad Vol. 1
  • Sensual Phrase Vol. 1-18
  • Sexy Voice and Robo
  • Slam Dunk Vol. 1-16