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Music: Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds.

Pet Sounds is the eleventh studio album by The Beach Boys, released in 1966. Most of it was recorded by Brian Wilson with the group of Los Angeles session musicians known as The Wrecking Crew. Many Pop music critics declare it as one of the great masterpieces for either The Beach Boys, Pop music in general, or recorded music in general.

Paul McCartney named both this album as the main inspirations for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967). The Beatle even names "Pet Sounds" his favourite album of all time and "God Only Knows" one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

A documentary about the creative process behind the making of this album can be seen in the Classic Albums TV documentary series. The album has been included in the National Recording Registry too.


  1. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" - 2:25
  2. "You Still Believe in Me" - 2:31
  3. "That's Not Me" - 2:28
  4. "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)" - 2:53
  5. "I'm Waiting for the Day" - 3:05
  6. "Let's Go Away for Awhile" - 2:18
  7. "Sloop John B" - 2:58
  8. "God Only Knows" - 2:51
  9. "I Know There's an Answer" - 3:09
  10. "Here Today" - 2:54
  11. "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" - 3:12
  12. "Pet Sounds" - 2:22
  13. "Caroline, No" - 2:51

Principal Members:

  • Al Jardine - backing and lead vocals, tambourine
  • Bruce Johnston - vocals
  • Mike Love - backing and lead vocals
  • Brian Wilson - lead vocals, organ, piano, dog whistle, train whistle, sound effects
  • Carl Wilson - backing and lead vocals, guitar
  • Dennis Wilson - vocals, drums

Associated Tropes:

  • Age Progression Song: "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
  • Album Filler: "Sloop John B" is at times considered this, as it's a cover of an older folk song about a sloop and its drunken crew sinking into doom, and that doesn't really fit in with the theme of the trials of young love that every other non-instrumental has. But it often given a pass for being a pretty sweet melody... and it was the highest charting single from the album, kinda important.
    • It does serve a more fitting purpose upon further examination however. It ends the mostly happy-go-luckiness of the first side with a song about a shipwreck. The next side starts with a song about a poor soul finding life meaningless without his love, possibly almost to the point of suicide.
  • Anti-Love Song: "Here Today", which is about all the nasty stuff that relationships can bring about, and how fine little lovers should be careful and whatnot.
    Right now you think that she's perfection
    This time is really an exception
    You know I hate to be a downer,
    But I'm the guy she left before you found her
    Well, I'm not saying you won't have it good with her
    But I keep on remembering things like they were
    • "God Only Knows" should also deserve a mention, for the strangest line ever to open a truly beautiful romantic song: "I may not always love you..."
  • Baroque Pop: A Trope Maker, no one had made post-rock and roll pop sound quite like this. Many did afterwards. This is a good thing.
  • Break Up Song: "Caroline, No".
  • Concept Album: A vast majority of songs have to do with the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of young love.
  • Devoted to You: "God Only Knows"
  • Everything Is an Instrument: You better believe it. As The Other Wiki elaborates:
    In it, [Brian Wilson] wove elaborate layers of vocal harmonies, coupled with sound effects and unconventional instruments such as bicycle bells, buzzing organs, harpsichords, flutes, Electro-Theremin, dog whistles, trains, Hawaiian-sounding string instruments, Coca-Cola cans and barking dogs, along with the more usual keyboards and guitars.
  • Instrumentals: "Let's Go Away for Awhile" and the title track.
  • Last Chorus Slow Down: "Wouldn't It Be Nice?"
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "Here Today".
  • Not Christian Rock: "God Only Knows" certainly isn't Christian music, but it was the first pop song to have the word "God" in the title.
  • Trope Codifier: For the Soft Rock genre.
  • What Could Have Been: "I Know There's An Answer" was originally a song about LSD-ing entitled "Hang On To Your Ego." As singing about getting high wouldn't be popular until later in The Sixties, Brian Wilson elected to change the lyrics after the other Beach Boys objected to them.

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