Series / The Only Way Is Essex

"I half-expected someone to throw a drink in someone’s face and then Bobby to strut in naked with a tea towel strapped around his bollocks."

If you ever wanted to know what could make the title for being the British version of Jersey Shore note  or The Hills, it might just be ITV's The Only Way Is Essex, set in the titular Essex. It follows the lives of young, attractive twenty-somethings living in Essex and their relationships with their friends and neighbors. Their families also make frequent cameos, making the show have a large cast of contestants.

It's a popular show in the UK among the younger generation, being a Fountain of Memes with questionable slang, fake tan, and characters splashing the cash a lot. Despite being a Reality TV show, it claims to have set up some of the events for entertainment purposes, but how far this happens is debatable.