Tabletop Game: X-Wing Miniatures

A miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games based on Star Wars and inspired by the star fighter battles within. The game is focused on the Galactic Civil War of the original trilogy and features most of the fighters from the films and many of the fighters from various other sources, including comics and video games.

There were originally two factions, the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. While all types of ships are on both sides, Rebel ships tend to be tough, but with high point costs, while Imperial ships tend to cost few point, but are expendable. Wave 5 introduces a third faction, Scum and Villainy, based on various third-party characters and factions from the Galactic Civil War era, including a few characters already in the game, including Boba Fett and Kath Scarlett, both of whom were originally added as Empire aligned pilots of the Firespray-31, as well as a few ships recycled from the Rebels, including the Y-Wing and HWK-290.

The game is very streamlined with every ship using a series of templates for movement and shooting as well as using specially designed dice for determining shooting results. This simplifies the game considerably and means that the game takes minutes to learn, but much longer to master. The core set comes with an X-Wing, two TIE Fighters and everything else needed to play a small two-player game.

WizKids licensed the X-Wing Miniatures system from Fantasy Flight to make a version of it based on Star Trek called Star Trek Attack Wing.

This game exhibits the following tropes: