Bratty Half-Pint

Vanellope: Why are your hands so freakishly big?
Ralph: I don't know, why are you so freakishly annoying?

A self-important kid with a serious attitude problem.

May be a youngest sibling or simply act like one. Talks a good game but often falls into trouble and needs to be rescued when that isn't the job of The Chick. Hates being called a kid but lacks real maturity. Often a boy, but female examples aren't uncommon. Such a character seldom gets along with anyone, except The Hero. The "getting along" part almost always happens after The Hero has given the kid the slap across the face or the fatherly/motherly spanking that the kid needed badly.

Unlike the Mouthy Kid, the Bratty Half-Pint isn't the voice of reason of the party but rather a troublemaker who likes to get on people's nerves through sass or sabotaging their plans. At their best, they're Attention Whores. At their worst, they're a serious pain in the ass, made even worse because they enjoy being that way.

If overdone and excessively obnoxious the Half Pint risks becoming The Scrappy to some of the audience. Often the party's attack magician if there isn't a Black Magician Girl. They may also use a slingshot.

See: Mouthy Kid, Tag Along Kid, Annoying Younger Sibling, and Kid-Appeal Character.

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    Fan Works 

  • The Book of Life:
    • Implied with the Detention Kids, given how they all were given detention. Goth-kid exemplifies this the most.
    • Joaquin shows shades of this as a child. He denies an old man, Xibalba in disguise, bread and eats the said bread in front of him. It's only when Xibalba offers him the Medal of Everlasting Life does a young Joaquin give it up.
  • Dani in Hocus Pocus — an extreme version, who offers up various comments about her Big Brother's non-existent sex life. (She's only eight.)
  • Mowgli as portrayed in The Jungle Book qualifies, despite being the main character, bratty and insisting that he possesses the necessary jungle skills when he clearly does not. Of course, he does Take A Level In Badass eventually.
  • Molly in Toy Story 3.
  • Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck-It Ralph, but she soon becomes far more when you realize that she is trying to survive in a world where she is dismissed as a "mistake."
    • Taffyta and the other Sugar Rush Racers also qualify, due to their bullying towards Vanellope. But this is actually because they were reprogrammed by Turbo to act cruel towards Vanellope.

  • In the song "Nuttin' for Christmas," the singer's character is a bratty half-pint.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Barry from Curtis could be the Trope Codifier. When he's bored, he provokes Curtis, then runs sobbing to his mother that mean ol' Curtis is trying to hit him for no good reason at all. Then, for his sins, he is given ice cream and the opportunity to gloat over all the extra chores Curtis gets. This happens with such frequency that when Curtis assesses that the family could, in fact, be qualified as "poor", one wonders if the source of their economic troubles isn't all this damn ice cream Diane's buying for Barry.
  • Shannon, Toni's niece, from Luann. Bad-tempered (drawn with a perpetual scowl on her face), disrespectful, greedy and completely self-centered. Toni has recently admitted to Luann that she enjoys pawning Shannon off on her simply to enjoy being away from the little brat.
  • Calvin. He's an Attention Whore, and his massive ego is often the cause of many of his problems (when he doesn't cause mayhem for the sake of causing mayhem, anyway).

    Visual Novels 
  • Makina in Grisaia No Kajitsu is a weird, immature girl who tends to copy the people around her and mock Michiru as much as possible. There's more to her than that, but unfortunately by Grisaia No Rakuen flanderization has left her with little else.

     Web Comics