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08:37:52 PM Oct 11th 2010
So, I'm not sure that I get this trope. The current description says:

"Snarky self-important kid (usually a boy) who's usually the youngest in the party. May be a youngest sibling or simply act like one. Talks a good game but often falls into trouble and needs to be rescued when that isn't the job of The Chick. Hates being called a kid but lacks real maturity. Doesn't always seem to get along with everyone except the hero(ine) off whom he or she hangs."

How much of this is actually essential to the trope? Many if not most of the examples that I recognize are merely bratty children, and don't have the whole "needs to be rescued" thing going, and many are actively antagonistic to the hero(ine) rather than that being the only person they get along with.

I'd put this in the trope repair shop, but apparently anonymous contributors aren't wanted there.
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