Precious Photo

This is where a person carries a photo of a loved one who isn't with them around them at all times. This loved one can be somebody who is dead, far away for an extended period of time or the carrier may just be a Stalker with a Crush. If the person is dead, then this symbolizes the attatchment that the carrier still has. If they're far away, then this shows that the carrier is anticipating their return. If the carrier is a stalker then there are thousands more where that came from. It may also be an Orphan's Plot Trinket, usually when kept in a locket. Even still, if the photo is ruined, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. The carrier gets mad and beats or kills the person who ruined the photo.
  2. The loss of the photo simply "breaks" the carrier.

If the person in the photo is dead and the story is set in Japanese culture, the photo will be all the more important as a channel for the deceased person's spirit to stay in touch with those still living.

Not to be confused with Fatal Family Photo, though it can overlap.


Anime and Manga
  • Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist carries a photo of his daughter and wife 24/7. They aren't dead or far away, just at home, so they aren't personally there for him to point to and declare that they are the most beautiful wife and cute daughter in existence. Hence the photos.
  • Zoisite looks fondly at a picture of himself and Kunzite in an episode of Sailor Moon as he prepares for his latest plan. After Zoisite's death, Kunzite is seen looking sadly at it after an argument with the brainwashed Endymion.

Films — Animated
  • Blankie on The Brave Little Toaster keeps a picture of the Master which he hugs for comfort.
  • In Lilo & Stitch, Lilo keeps a picture of her dead parents under her pillow. She gets angry at Stitch when he touches it, and when his fight with Jumba destroys her house and Stitch returns the scorched picture, Lilo rejects him and tells him to go away.
  • Robyn Starling from Tom and Jerry: The Movie had one. Hers is a locket with a photo of her Indiana Jones-esque dad. Who turns out to be alive in the end.

Films — Live-Action
  • The photograph of Sarah Connor that John Connor gave to Kyle Reese in The Terminator. The photo itself is shown being taken at the end of the movie, as Sarah is about to drive into the desert.
  • In Black Hawk Down, a downed helicopter pilot is holed up while two Navy SEALs try to protect him. After the two men protecting him are killed, he pulls out a photo of his wife just before he is dragged away, trying and failing to hang onto the photo. Though it isn't shown in the movie, he is later released and returns home to his wife.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Eddie has a desk full of old photos of him and his brother Teddy having fun together before Teddy was killed.

Live-Action TV
  • On Time Trax the avatar of Lambert's Magical Computer SELMA was based on the one photo he had of his mother.
  • The Pretender: The protagonist carries a photo of his mother, whom he hasn't seen since he was abducted as a child.
  • On Series/Arrow The island flashbacks in the first season reveal that Oliver held on to a picture of Laurel that he would constantly look at.
Yao Fei: You're going to wear that thing out just by looking at it.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Boo Boom! The Long Way Home: One of the only 2 items Boo-Boom has left after being seperated from his parents, is a family photograph. He can get very angry or upset if someone takes it from him.

Real Life
  • Prince Louis of Battenberg (later known as Lord Louis Mountbatten) met his first cousin, Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna "Marie" of Russia, when he was a teenager and was instantly and undeniably smitten with her from that point on, even decades after she was murdered with the rest of her family. He kept a photo of her on the mantelpiece of his bedroom until the end of his life.
    Mountbatten: I was crackers about Marie, and was determined to marry her. She was absolutely lovely. I keep her photograph on the mantelpiece in my bedroom - always have.