Lets Play / Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series

"As you know, we do a Let's Play every week, Jack. [L]ately, it's been in Minecraft, and it will continue to be in Minecraft until we all die, because the people demand it..."
Geoff Ramsey in Achievement Hunter Weekly Update (AHWU) #123 confirming Let's Play Minecraft to be a regular Achievement Hunter series.

So a space marine, a stunt biker, a bear, a Creeper, a rose-loving tuxedoed man, and a mad Man in a Kilt walk into a bar...
On May 11, 2012, five mennote  decide to screw around in the then-recently-released Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Only one of the mennote  has ever played Minecraft before. What happens within the 23 minutes of the video they published of their game session can only be described as hilarious chaos.

Since the release of that episode, Let's Play Minecraft has become one of the most prominent shows of Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter division. After a bit of Early Installment Weirdness, the show has settled into a more stable format. In each episode, the main crew of six Achievement Hunters, composed of the original five and Ryan Haywood, compete in some game or challenge within their main world of Achievement City to win possession of the "Tower of Pimps", a column of four gold blocks set atop a single block of obsidian. (Although, Ray uses dirt or sponge as a base instead.) Occasionally, some episodes has the group visiting other worlds (often in the PC version of Minecraft) or having another member of the Rooster Teeth staff go along with them, and since early 2017 the group has been playing the mod pack Sky Factory, which had became a subseries of its own right.

Here on TV Tropes, "Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series" mainly refers to the group's Let's Play Minecraft series, but it also refers to two other Achievement Hunter Minecraft shows:

  • Things to Do in Minecraft, which is actually a sub-series of the group's overall Things to Do in... series, further explained on their Creator page.
  • Let's Build, where Team Building Exercise (previously Geoff and Gavin, also known as "Plan G") show off the construction of the things they make for Let's Play Minecraft and Things to Do in Minecraft. The original format came to an end in February 2015 and will be restarted as a live Twitch show.
  • Also, there is MegaCraft, created and mainly hosted by Matt "AxialMatt" Bragg, which started as a Community Hunter series before becoming an official AH series. This series is essentially a showcase for many of AH community members' impressive creations within the game.

As for the guys in this series, they can be identified by the following skinsnote  and the buildings they live in at Downtown Achievement City:

    Regular hosts 
  • Geoff Ramsey's skin is that of Master Chief and his house is the stone Monolith on the west side of Downtown. It's so big (going up to the build height limit) that it's used as a landmark for everyone to find Downtown again whenever they get lost or need to reach it in a competition. When he appears in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, he just wears the SPARTAN armor without the helmet. Like Michael below, starting in Episode 107: "Halo Mashup", Geoff has switched his Master Chief skin from the one found in Skin Pack 1 to the newer, more detailed skin found in the Halo Mashup Pack. Said new skin has prominent shoulder pads and a jet pack, the latter especially fitting considering how much Geoff flies around in episodes.
  • Jack Pattillo's skin is the biker from Trials HD and his house is a wooden house on stilts on the south side. The house is built over a mine and a giant statue of his skin (with a penis added on) overlooks it from behind. When he appears in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, he goes without the helmet.
  • Michael Jones' skin is that of Banjo and his house is a regular-looking wooden house on the east side next to a rail station. When he appears in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, he wears Banjo skin-like clothes, with a bear ear cap on his head. In Episode 106: "Bodyguards", it was revealed that Michael has switched his Banjo skin from the one he used for the longest time (that was introduced in Skin Pack 1), to the newer, more three-dimensional Banjo introduced in the free 2nd Birthday Skin Pack. Said new skin has Kazooie in the backpack, which for Michael is a symbol of his marriage to Lindsay.
  • Gavin Free's skin is an anthropomorphic Creeper. His house is a partially-underground cobblestone house loaded with paintings inside on the northeast corner of Downtown. When he appears in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, it's just regular clothes in the Creeper pattern, with the Creeper face on the shirt.
  • Ray Narvaez Jr.'s skin is called "Tuxedo Steve", which he wears as a Shout-Out to Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. His north side house is made of dirt, with a wall of paintings inside that hide a wall of dispensers filled with cakes nicknamed "Slice of Hell". When he appears in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, he just wears the tuxedo. His last day with Achievement Hunter was April 18th, 2015. His house was promptly dismantled the second Ray left and rebuilt into something better the next episode.
    BrownMan has left the game.
  • Ryan Haywood's skin is called "Scottish Steve". His dirt house ("Kung-Fu House") is adjacent to Geoff's house along the south side of the Monolith and has a basement for his pet cow, Edgar. When he appears in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, he wears the dress coat and shirt with the kilt.
  • Jeremy Dooley's skin is that of a muscular shipwrecked man. At the end of Episode 177, to commemorate winning his first Tower of Pimps, he was given the rebuilt house.

    Recurring hosts 
  • Lindsay Jones' current skin is that of Kazooie, which reflects her marriage to Michael. She only appeared in the occasional episode early on, but over time her presence has become increasingly frequent, to the point that she's more or less a regular in the Sky Factory. In Achievement City, she lives in Michael's house in a bed adjacent to his. Given her precedence, and if Ryan is the Sixth Ranger to the original 5, Lindsay can be considered the "Seventh", in a way.
  • Caleb Denecour's skin is usually a nurse. He has been banned from participating in Let's Play Minecraft for cheating, though he was allowed to compete again one time in Episode 71. His "house" is a 2x2x1 block pool of water (shown to be emptied in Episode 96) towards the south between a cactus patch and a stone bridge.
  • Kerry Shawcross's skin is based off of Juno from Jet Force Gemini. He has only appeared in episodes 74, 89, and 90 so far, and joined Team Gents for the same Capture the Tower game mentioned above. His "house" to the south is just a small pine tree with an obsidian block, but as of Episode 89 he now lives in Michael's newly-added basement called the Queerian Lanister.

See also Let's Play Grand Theft Auto, AH's other flagship Let's Play series.

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Let's erect our "Tower of Tropes" here:

  • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: In Episode 29 (The Walls), Geoff at one point uses TNT as a makeshift barricade for his and Ray's cave. Gavin wastes no time blowing it up and indirectly killing Ray, followed by Michael pummelling Geoff to a pulp; the incident inspired their Team Nice Dynamite nickname.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: In the episode 159, the crew is playing with a mod that adds dinosaurs. Ryan and Geoff are looking at a machine that creates eggs and embryos from DNA, and Ryan's wondering why it doesn't seem to be working. Geoff puts a chicken egg in the machine as a joke, and it turns out that eggs are the "fuel" for the machine.
  • Anti-Climax:
    • The Iron Golem episode ends kind of flat, since everyone had been getting pumped up to fight their created Iron Golem. It turns out that player-spawned ones never retaliate against the player, only world-spawned ones do, making the "death-match" a one-sided stomp.
    • Jack's Nightmare has Ray winning easily with a deadpan "I won". The episode devolves to just looking around their houses.
    • Feels Fishy has Ray winning abruptly two-thirds of the way through the episode after he fishes up ten ink sacs at once (a mechanic that nobody apparently knew about), so the rest of the episode is spent using the tornado mod to wreck up Achievement City.
  • Arc Number: Four, after the four gold blocks comprising the Tower of Pimps. Many challenges reflect this and require 4 objectives (one for each gold block) like the King Let's Plays in order to win.
  • Arrows on Fire: The Lava Wall Let's Play made every arrow fired (or dispensed) one of these.
  • As You Know: Normally averted as Michael usually doesn't know some Minecraft mechanic so Geoff and Gavin have an excuse to explain. Defied with the rules to the King challenges.
    Geoff: "Jack, you ask the same question every single time!"
    Jack: "Yeah, well, what about the one guy who hasn't been watching the other ones and doesn't know the rules?"
    Michael: "That one guy can go FUCK himself!"
  • Awesome, yet Impractical:
    • In Episode 33, they show off the Achievement Racetrack, complete with shortcuts. However, when they finally use them (well, Geoff uses them), it's revealed that they're more "slowcuts" than anything else.
    • Plan G. It was to only serve one purpose: Trolling Jack by detonating the entire city. However, it had the penchant of Creepers wandering in and exploding setting it off from above. After Jeremy came onboard and kept accidentally attracting Creepers, Geoff finally got tired of it and deactivated Plan G, replacing it with a memorial.
    • There's also the Indoor Pool, a Let's Build experiment showing how to keep water propped up on a layer of signs. Cool as that is, Gavin and Geoff wired the pool to dump all the water and flood Geoff's house, and put the lever that triggers it close enough to the door that pretty much everybody set it off at least once before it got removed.
    • Later on, there's the Team Nice Dynamite victory room, which is literally Made of Explodium.
  • Ax-Crazy: Everybody becomes this at the end of episode 70. What makes it hilarious is that it started when Jack sets himself on fire and everything just spiralled downward from there.
    Geoff: "Let's kill!"
    • Ryan is becoming progressively worse as episodes progress, starting with encasing his cow companion Edgar in a glass cage, to the point where a nickname of his is "the Mad King."
    Ryan: "You don't understand. Edgar is the one in the hole."
    • His second reign as the king, in the meantime, is completely insane with increasingly bizarre challenges that involve people dying. It turns out that none of it even mattered. And then there's his third reign after winning King Gavin.
    Ryan: I'm not going to lie. It's all going to be murder.
  • Batman Gambit: Geoff pulls one off that gets derailed and rerailed when he attempts to follow Jack and steal the win in "building a portal to the Nether". He gets lost and loses Jack, but when Jack builds the portal, only to get killed through a combination of getting crushed by gravel and Michael attacking him, Geoff finds it and finally makes the win.
    • In the Potions Let's Play, when Gavin and Michael are about to win, Ray teams up with Jack to kill Gavin and Michael. Gavin runs away as Michael stays back to defeat Jack and Ray, when Ray seemingly leaves Jack to be killed, only to be revealed to have caught up to Gavin, murdering him and making the two lose all their items.
    Jack: "Ray, where are you?"
    Ray: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Early on in "Mega Dig", Gavin notes that Silverfish and the blocks they hide in are underused in Minecraft. A couple hours of recording later, after many deaths from swarms of Silverfish, Gavin sorely regretted opening his mouth.
  • Berserk Button: Michael obviously already has many, but Gavin presses a particular one in a Let's Build episode right here. Since there were no facecams, they were kind enough to illustrate Gavin's perspective in this incident.
  • Brick Joke: Early in Episode 2, Geoff made a hole in the roof of Ray's house so he could get inside much more easily. A good ten minutes later, we get this.
    • In the first King Ryan episode, Gavin makes a pool of lava after losing a challenge and uses it to kill a cow. In the second, 28 episodes later, he's running back to the throne room after losing a challenge... and runs directly into it. As pointed out by "Vhavoc 11" on YouTube:
    Funny thing is Gavin actually put that Lava there last time Ryan was King right after he lost the Lava challenge. He used it to kill a cow. Thats his Lava
  • The Cake Is a Lie: At the end of "Mad King Ryan II", Ryan reveals that all the gold blocks earned in the previous challenges mean nothing, and one challenge will decide the winner of the Tower and the next king. Also see Golden Snitch below.
  • Call-Back: Almost all Let's Play Minecraft episodes take place in the same world, centered around a small town called "Achievement City". It's common for them to use locations shown in previous episodes of both the regular series and Things to Do in Minecraft as points of reference.
  • Call-Forward: Occurs occasionally in the Let's Build episodes, as the Let's Plays associated with them are usually released first. Examples include Gavin and Geoff talking about how hard the final jump of Thread the Needle will be (Jack gets it in a single attempt), and Gavin building his Chamber of Victory, which the others discover later.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In Episode 2, Gavin used loads of Ray's gold to build four gold blocks and place them outside a house, jokingly naming it the "Tower of Pimps". Five weeks later, the Tower of Pimps is now the main prize for the winners of their obstacle courses.
    • An oft-missed one is Gavin saying "It is Achievement city down here!" in the first episode. It might not be related, but the fact Achievement City was created only a few weeks afterwards makes this somewhat significant.
    • Also in Episode 14, Plan G makes a comeback when Gavin uses it in an attempt to stop Ray from building the tower and claiming victory.
    • In Episode 13, Gavin comes across a tower of diamonds, but due to his lack of iron he is unable to mine it. Ray later comes across the same tower with an iron pickaxe, mines the four diamonds, and crafts himself a full set of diamond armor, as well as several diamond tools. This leads to him winning the game in Episode 14, as nobody else could beat him.
    • Episode 19 is filled with these. They used wool, pistons and red stone to make a gigantic pig and sheep, with brown wool coming out of the sheep's rear and a ladder connecting it to the ground. When Gavin was running around, trying to get some supplies, a Creeper blew up near the pig's ladder. Shortly thereafter, the lever that grows the word "Fart" out of the ground makes a re-appearance. A Creeper chasing Gavin sets off the Plan G bomb and demolishes Achievement City, and the Wipeout Death Course shows up again.
    • Episode 28 has Gavin notice Caleb behind Ryan and going through his chest. Gavin does not think much of it and it is soon forgotten. It becomes this at the end of the video, when Caleb reveals that he was the one who cheated by stealing Michael and Gavin's fishes and placing them in Jack and Ryan's chest.
    • The giant stack of mushrooms in Minecraft ended up being used by the guys as a safehouse for their journey to a Nether Fortress.
    • In one episode of Things to Do in Minecraft, Geoff and Gavin show off the Hop 'Til You Drop obstacle course. It becomes Geoff's bane in Episode 44 when he teleports himself there via Ender Pearl. In the lava pit portion. With the Tower of Pimps.
    • Episode 46, Ray finds a sponge block that was randomly placed in a chest. After he wins a round, he places the sponge next to the Tower of Pimps. Later on, he gets knocked out of the pit the Tower is in, so he tries to get back in by breaking the ice wall, only to release a waterfall in the pit, forcing Geoff to use the no-longer-pointless and very fitting sponge to plug the hole and stop the waterfall.
    • In Episode 58, it's the first game where they do a "King" series of games. Geoff mentions that after they're done, whoever wins will become the next king. Michael mentions that Gavin will never be king. But come episode 90...
    • A huge one - literally and figuratively - is the room under the Altar of Pimps. No one was allowed in because Gavin and Geoff had spent over a year preparing it for the final challenge of Episode 100.
    • Episode 100 ends with a Chekhov's Gun being introduced and lampshaded. Jack, the winner, is rewarded with three items from a chest (a potion of night vision, a wither skeleton head, and a golden apple), with Geoff informing him they will come in handy in Episode 200.
    • The longest-running currently unresolved one is the tunnel between Gavin and Michael's houses that we the viewers are not allowed to see inside. Not even Episode 100 gave us any real glimpse of what is in that tunnel. According to someone who worked as a Guardian at RTX 2014, where people were allowed to play at Achievement City, there was nothing in there but some remnants of a Let's Play that was scrapped due to it being too hard to make.
      • However, in Episode 151 we finally (sort of) find out what's in there: it's a gateway to the outside world, shown when Ray leaves Achievement Hunter and exits through it.
    • The Nice Dynamite victory room was first discovered in episode 92 and may have been built significantly before that. The room connected Micheal and Gavin's houses and was meant to hold the tower of pimps if Micheal and Gavin ever won the tower jointly. To Represent Gavin and Micheal's team name, nice dynamite, the tunnel was constructed out of alternating diamond and TNT blocks. At the the time the heavy use of TNT in construction wasn't much of a problem, due to the tunnel abutting the crap tone of TNT that was plan G anyway. However plan G was disabled leaving the victory room the only source of TNT in downtown achievement city. In episode 216 the Victory room finally bit team Nice Dynamite in the ass, after an angry Jeremy decided to blow up Gavin's personal victory room with TNT. The resulting explosion ignited all the TNT in the tunnel and blew up Gavin and Michael's house while auto save was on.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: If Edgar the Cow is considered a character rather than an object. During Episode 47, Ryan mentions how a random cow moved into his house and refused to leave, so he might as well name his new pet Edgar. If only they knew how he'd come up again 13 episodes later...
  • City of Adventure: Achievement City, while not fitting the strictest definition, certainly qualifies. While it only has a few houses, it also serves as the location for about ninety percent of their Let's Plays, with Gavin and Geoff adding on new events and games all the time (including Dark Achievement City, which exists in the Nether).
  • Cuteness Proximity: Gavin will start cooing in baby talk and Squeeing when he sees rabbits or other cute animals around. Case in point, in the Episode 229, he spots a turquoise bunny and is giddy enough that Michael and Jeremy simultaneously ask him what he saw. Ryan has even pulled him aside to show him a bunny in a suit and top hat.
  • Dark Horse Victory: Episode 90 ends with King Gavin, who had only won a single block the entire Let's Play and had only become king because of the final, all-or-nothing challenge.
  • Dark World: Episode 56. It reveals that Gavin and Geoff built a version of Achievement City in the Nether. While the layout is the same, some of the block materials have changed (notably, Ray's house is made of Soul Sand, so his house is shittier), Edgar is replaced by a villager, and the Tower of Pimps is upside down. Michael even references the trope namer.
    • There's also a series of Let's Build episodes showing the construction of Dark Achievement City.
  • Death Course: Geoff and Gavin designed a Wipeout-style course in Minecraft for Jack, Ray, and Michael to compete in for the Tournament Arc.
  • Did Not Think This Through: A couple of the constructions have had some questionable design decisions, including the original Creeper Soccer (which, being made out dirt, got destroyed and required Save Scumming frequently) and The Pit (which had the chance to spawn ghasts and blazes... and was a small building made of wood, and one of the items was a bucket of water which immediately dispensed itself when chosen, washing away the buttons used to spawn the enemies).
    • Not even the build team is immune to this; the Things to Do: Incredible Disappearing Creeper derailed almost immediately when it was noticed that invisible creepers still emitted potion effect wisps, rendering the whole premise pointless.
  • Dismantled Macguffin: The Tower of Pimps is their objective for most episodes, but since it is composed of 4 blocks of gold and 1 block of obsidian, the challenge often involves finding the 4 pieces or winning parts of the challenge for a gold block in order to assemble the full tower. This is featured prominently in the "King" Let's Plays, which consists of each King issuing challenges for his subjects to compete for a gold block- the first one to assemble their tower is crowned King for the next episode.
  • Doppelgänger: Ray had one appear during the Thunderdome episode, which proceeded to walk and fly around mysteriously while being impervious to damage. To this day they still haven't figured out the cause of "Ghost Ray", as they've ruled out someone else in the office joining the game and using Ray's skin to mess with people (although it probably had something to with the fact that immediately before this, Ray and Micheal managed to kill each other at the exact same time).
    • Ghost Ray made a brief return in the spawn area of Cloud Down, at one point being rubbed for luck by Ryan before he had another attempt at the map.
  • Down to the Last Play: Episode 36 ends with the winner, Ryan, crafting a potion five seconds before the next person, Michael (working with Gavin).
    Gavin: "How could I have a four-hour Let's Play and lose in the last five seconds!"
    • Episode 53 also comes close to this, with almost everyone within one or two items of completing the "shopping list". The winner this time is Gavin, who came back from squandering an early lead.
    • Episode 54, "I Spy", falls under this category. The player in second place, Ray (with 4 points), attempts to coerce a skeleton into shooting a creeper in order to get a music disc and tie the leader, Jack (with 5 points), before the sun rises and the game ends. It rises mere seconds before he gets the disc, so Jack keeps his lead and wins.
    • Invoked and exaggerated during the Mad King's second reign. All of the challenges save for the last one did not matter at all, even when Ray got all the pieces, and that the winner is decided by the last challenge.
    • King Gavin part 2 has an unprecedented FIVE-way tie for the win before the final challenge.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Episode 15 has the guys wandering around the Achievement City map, this time stumbling across a handful of half-completed structures of future episodes of Let's Play Minecraft and Things to Do In Minecraft.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Most striking in the first ten episodes or so of Let's Play Minecraft, when their character skins weren't set, the Tower of Pimps wasn't used as a prize, everyone except Gavin was still learning how to play, Caleb was a lot more prominent, Matt was their Game Master for their multiplayer maps before his 2014 hiring, and Ryan was not part of the main group yet.
  • Epic Fail: While playing Minecraft for the first time, the guys lost track of their house, so one of 'em decided to make another one... before turning around to see their original house two feet away. Ray walks right past the old house before he starts working on the new one.
    • In Episode 37, the gang frustratingly had to jump on snow and ice blocks in the sky, mine the Tower of Pimps and place the tower next to a sign with their name on it. Towards the end of the episode, Ray made it to the end and mined the tower. Gavin caught up to Ray while in the middle of constructing the tower, ensuing a fight involving diamond pickaxes. Ray falls off a cliff nearby and Gavin acquires the rest of the tower. He places the rest where Ray left off, only to realize that he placed the rest right next to Ray's name, accidentally declaring Ray the winner. This resulted in an epic scream from Gavin and plenty of jabs from the rest.
    • "SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER!... Aw Goddamn it, I fell. I fell, fuck. Ah, fuckin' hole."
    • Geoff landing in the lava pit beneath Hop 'Til You Drop twice in a row during the Ender Pearl Race.
    • Michael's attempt at building a TNT cannon in King Gavin part 2 ends with him shooting Gavin out of the sky, killing him and making him lose his crown. However, this also helped him win the challenge as he was the only person to actually hit something.
    • Gavin's attempt at escaping a rocket that he was on in Galacticraft Part Four led to him plowing into the surface of the moon after doing donuts in the sky for a few minutes, leaving a massive crater.
    • In Lets Build Dark Achievement City, Geoff burns down his the copy of Jack's house he'd been building for over 30 minutes. He essentially completed the house except for the stopper in the hole to block the lava. When he installed the lava it leaked out and burned the house down exactly like it was suppose to. Gavin then literally added fuel to the fire by trying to use wood blocks to put it out. And indirectly as a result of this (as Gavin had hastily replaced blocks he had temporarily removed to rush over to the Nether to "help" Geoff), Jack's house in the Overworld ended up burning down as well.
    • In the Ender Pearl Race episode, Geoff ends up accidentally teleporting himself into Hop Til You Drop, twice, and the first time while he had the Tower of Pimps in hand, causing it to burn in lava.
    • The entirety of Creeper Soccer, beginning with the extremely poor design choices (such as constructing the arena out of dirt, having irregularly-sized stadium lights, having the dispenser located low enough for creeper explosions to reach it, and beds that spawn you outside of the arena), Lindsey having to climb up a high tower every time they reset the game to film them and occasionally falling off and dying (which resulted in her spawned so far away she couldn't get back), and having to reset the game every few minutes because the creepers kept destroying the field.
    • In Wolf Spa, Gavin got killed six times, four times not even by his wolf (he burned to death, fell down a chasm, got blown up, and even drowned). Keep in mind, this was a straightforward "get from one end of the map to another" challenge while leading an angry wolf. His wolf got itself killed when it fell down Felix Baumgartner and also managed to drown. Like pet, like owner apparently.
    • Early on in the Sky Factory series, Jeremy reads out loud the instructions for vein mining. Naturally Gavin immediately tests it out and destroys most of their platform, sending everyone bar Jeremy and Jack to their deaths.
  • Evil Brit: Gavin freely admits that his main job in the early Minecraft Let's Plays was to antagonize and irritate the rest of the crew as much as possible to make things more interesting. This is most noticeable in the second episode.
  • Evil Counterpart: Starting with Episode 104, the Tower of Pimps now has one in the form of the Negatower, which has the four blocks of gold replaced by four nether quartz ore blocks. Should a player create the Negatower in the Let's Make a Deal-style competition they played in that and the following episode, that player is eliminated and no longer gets to compete for the Tower of Pimps for the remainder of the game. The first "winner" of the Negatower was Ray, although the elimination was rendered moot as he completed it in the last-played round of the competition, right after Gavin completed the Tower of Pimps.
  • Exact Words: During the "King" challenges, several times a claimant to the throne uses this to their advantage, especially Ray, Ryan, and Geoff. For instance, after narrowing down the exact wording of the challenge to "bring a wolf that you tamed yourself to the throne room", Geoff just retrieves his dog from Achievement City instead of finding another one, as he did indeed tame it himself. This has lead to people extensively clarifying the rules to see if there is any loose end in the wording to exploit.
    • "Look, you don't understand: Edgar is the one in the hole."
  • Failed a Spot Check:
    • Combined with Late to the Punchline. In episode 28, Michael ends up discovering a picture of two karate guys, wonders when they had this, only to learn that they've had it for the longest time - since episode 15.
    • Both Teams Gents and Lads do this during Lava Wall, whenever they focus heavily on offense they turn around to find out that their fortifications are severely burning down but they didn't notice. Team Gents lost without them even knowing it at first.
    • Episode 93 has Ryan building a giant bridge right over where the rest of the group are working- something they only notice when he accidentally plummets to his death in front of them.
    Gavin: "Look at this thing! How did nobody notice he was making it?!"
    Michael: "Nobody cared!"
    • Both Michael and Geoff fail to notice that Ryan has yet to be knocked off when they kill each other at the end of King Gavin part 2.
    • In Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree V, Gavin finds an enormous glass structure underneath the Lake of Pimps. It turns out Jeremy put that there the first week he and Matt had been hired to do Let's Builds, which was over two years before this Let's Play was recorded, and nobody noticed it.
    • For much of the Sky Factory series, and sometimes in real life, Geoff is the personification of this trope, often completely oblivious to major things going on until they've finished.
  • Final Exam Milestone Celebration: Episode 100 is a scavenger hunt testing the AH Crew's knowledge of Achievement City's history, with items and clues hidden amongst the various Let's Play and Things to Do in... episodes they have done in the past.
  • Foreshadowing: An unintentional example. In part 2 of the Galacticraft mod episodes, Michael gets tired of not having anything to do, so he asks Ryan to give him something to do, saying he wants something easy that he can still take credit for later. He gives "making a baby" as an example. Later on, from what we hear in other let's plays, part 3 of Galacticraft was interrupted and delayed because, during recording, Ryan - or more specifically, Ryan's wife - had a baby.
    • This one now plays double since Michael and Lindsay have now made a baby of their own.
    • Did you really expect Mad King Ryan Part 2 to not have something involving Edgar?
    Ryan: "Edgar isn't in there to be mean to Edgar; Edgar is in there to protect you. Let's make sure we never find out what that means, alright?"
    • Seemingly parodied at the end of King Gavin part 2. As Ryan places the last block of gold on his tower of pimps, depressing rain starts falling. Though this is a given, since it is Ryan after all.
  • Get Out: Michael's Lame Pun Reaction to Gavin's "Gayve" jokenote 
  • Golden Snitch:
    • The final challenge in "Mad King Ryan II" becomes the only objective that matters.
    • Seeing a supercharged creeper has multiple times been declared this, although this has yet to happen (this occasionally runs into Fridge Logic, when the objective is to make something or find something). When a supercharged creeper was spotted, spawned from a chance cube in Sky Factory, the others declared that Jeremy won Minecraft for spawning it, and Gavin lost Minecraft for getting killed by it. Then they just got on with the episode.
  • Here We Go Again: Ryan being crowned king for the THIRD time at the end of King Gavin part 2, complete with rainfall and an evil laugh as he places his final block upon his tower of pimps.
  • The Hero: While he's still inept and trollish in Minecraft, Gavin has taken on himself to be The Hero for a few episodes. He led the team to the stronghold in Episode 25. In Episode 26, he and Ray helped to grow a melon. Lastly, in Episode 30, he led Geoff to the mushroom.
  • Hold the Line: Whichever team is protecting the Tower of Pimps atop their death-fortress during the "Storm the Tower" episodes has to defend it for one hour. Both teams succeed.
  • Honor Before Reason: What leads to Geoff losing to Michael in Episode 66. Geoff and Michael had previously agreed that whoever found a diamond (the only thing they needed to make a jukebox) would alert the other and they could fight to the death over it. Geoff is the one who finds it, and even though he has no armor and a weaker sword, he still makes the challenge, refusing to keep quiet and sneak away because of the agreement. Naturally, Michael successfully murders him, takes the diamond, and wins.
    • In episode 249, Gavin reveals that he was doing this in the Wool let's play in episodes 31 and 32, but it was hidden by the editing. Rather than getting screwed over by Michael and having no squid ink, Gavin had some squid ink already in his chest, but it would mean winning 25 minutes into the video (and thus make it too short for a Let's Play). He asks Geoff to let him know when it's okay to win, which is why he's so outraged when Geoff stabs him in the back and wins himself.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Everyone spent some time getting used to PC controls when they used that version of Minecraft for a few episodes, struggling to do basic things that would have come as easily as breathing on the Xbox. The worst part was the crafting system: the recipes are shown in the Xbox 360 Edition, but actually placing everything onto the crafting grid by hand took them quite a while to get used to.
  • Hub City: "Achievement City" in Minecraft. It houses their official homes and an Obsidian block (either a dirt or a sponge block for Ray) for whenever they win the Tower of Pimps. They've built several obstacle courses around Achievement City, so the rest of the map doesn't go to waste.
    • Now that the map has expanded out far further in the Xbox One edition, the entire original map that Achievement City was built on could count as this for the rest of the world.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Referenced in the title of the Most Dangerous Game episode. King Ryan also refers to human-hunting when he begins Mad King Ryan by donning a full set of Diamond and giving everyone a 30 second head start.
  • Idiot Ball: At least once an episode in Minecraft someone will pick this up and forget about a gameplay mechanic that they really ought to know. Gavin has one of these frequently due to his impressive acquired knowledge of the game and equally impressive tendency to forget it (or worse, deliberately ignore it). Geoff also has a tendency to get lost in the maps that he created or to forget whatever strategy he had planned in advance.
    • Geoff forgets that wood can be smelted into charcoal when he complains about a lack of coal during the King Ray episode, something so basic that even beginners learn it within a few hours of starting the game.
    • At least two prime examples in King Michael alone: When told to make a baby, Ryan was the only one who remembered the easily-obtained seeds can lure and breed chickens, while everyone else was trying to grow wheat with those same seeds. Later, their task was to bring him five types of food. Everyone struggled with thinking of five different foods in the game, and not one thought to utilize the abundant supply of cakes from Ray's house. Though the latter can be justified as everyone likely assumed (even if it wouldn't have been true if they asked) that, like with most let's plays, downtown Achievement City was off-limits.
  • Impossible Task Instantly Accomplished: Things to Do in Minecraft: Thread the Needle was supposed to be a long Let's Play, with the Hunters attempting to traverse a number of rooms with increasing difficulty using ender pearls, culminating with a long throw that required the thrower to hit a single block a very long way away so that they fall onto the Tower of Pimps. Each death would send them back to the beginning. Once he'd gotten the hang of the first couple of rooms, Jack breezed through the last room and the long throw in one attempt.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Jeremy becomes a master of this trope whenever they play on the PC version, where he frequently comes up with website related puns.
    • In particular, the 1.9.0 update Let's Play sees him launch a stinging counterattack when Gavin tries to join in:
      <Jerem6401> Want to swim in an ocean of orange soda? www.IDreamOfAFantaSea.com
      Gavin: You have a list, right?!
      <Gavinofree> I'm 5'4 from boston - jeremeysucksdicks.com
      Gavin: Did I do it right?
      <Jerem6401> Want to look more like Gavin? www.NoseNoBoundaries.com
      Gavin: Ooof.
  • Instant-Win Condition: After the "I Spy" lets play, the crew agrees that whoever finds and gets killed by a supercharged creeper automatically wins that competition. This would eventually happen to Gavin in Sky Factory Part 18, well over four years after I Spy was released. It's not a competition episode, and modded besides, so he doesn't win anything.
  • Interface Screw: During the Mad King Ryan episode, one challenge involves a 1-v-1 tournament in which the contestants must play with the other's controllers. In Ryan's words, they need to kill themselves without killing themselves.
  • It Will Never Catch On: During Episode 2, Gavin drunkenly steals Ray's gold and stacks 4 blocks of it, calling it the "Tower of Pimps", which the others angrily dismiss as trolling. Little did they know that Achievement Hunter history would be made in that moment.
    Gavin: "Let's get this gold back because the Tower of Pimps was not successful."
  • Knight of Cerebus: Ryan is about as close to this as one can get in a Let's Play. While most of the 'King" episodes are typical light-hearted fare that includes harmless and silly challenges, Ryan's first episode ended on a legitimately disturbing note and his second one turned the normally harmless challenges into a twisted combination of The Most Dangerous Game and Saw. Culminating in the Let's Play's first ever Boss Battle.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Gavin once told a pun during an early episode. The rest of the crew reacted poorly.
    Gavin: "Do you know what kind of cave a homosexual man lives in?"
    Ray: "Here we go..."
    Geoff: "What?"
    Jack: "Go for it."
    Gavin: "A gayve."
    Michael: "Get out. Just get out of the office."
    Ray: "Kill yourself."
    Jack: "Boo."
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In the Shopping List episodes (52 and 53), Ryan traps Gavin underwater as Gavin was trying to make a hole under the ocean, causing him to drown and lose his stuff to Ryan. Eventually, it got to the point where all Ryan needed was an egg to bake a cake in order to win, and was sort of misleading the others to find a dungeon where he has still left some cocoa beans to make cookies. Instead, everyone but Ryan was finding chickens and eggs while Gavin eventually caught up, made his cake, and put it on his board to nab the win.
    • In episode 37, "Clouds", Gavin knocks Ray's controller out of his hands to prevent him from winning the match. Eventually Gavin inadvertently erects a Tower of Pimps in Ray's slot rather than his own, winning the match for Ray.
  • Legacy Character: Edgar
    Ryan: "Look, you don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole."
  • Like an Old Married Couple:
    • Ryan and Gavin make up the (almost) inseparable Team Love n' Stuff, but are either constantly arguing, trying to kill each other, or trying to sabotage the other's tower. Can also be considered Vitriolic Best Buds.
    • Team Nice Dynamite has this problem, along with Team Lads. Pretty much any team that Gavin is a part of.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • In Episode 60, Gavin is making his Iron Ingots within King Ryan's palace, as no one can be killed there. Geoff spots Gavin and points out that, while he can't kill him, there's nothing that says he can't take his Iron Ore. Which he does.
    • Played with extensively in the "King" challenges in Let's Play Minecraft. After Ryan and Ray scored the crown by making use of this (Loophole Abuse says that they were prohibited from using items from previous challenges on the current one), everyone has taken to asking the King extensive questions on what is and is not permitted, both to establish what they can get away with and to prevent others from abusing the rules.
  • Macguffin: The Tower of Pimps is used as this in some episodes as the objective to find and assemble in a particular spot as opposed to just being the prize for winning. It's mostly arbitrary as the challenge could be completed by substituting any other set of blocks in. It's useful as an objective since a 1x5 stack doesn't take too long to mine then rebuild, but its rather difficult to do while under attack, and it can be broken up into either four or five pieces so that the pieces have to be found separately or can be given to the Let's Players (one apiece) to fight over.
  • Made of Iron: In Episode 54 (Potions part 2), Ray was very strangely this for a short period of time, since he survived getting wailed on by Michael with a diamond sword for a dozen or more hits despite having only iron armor (an impossible feat).
  • Mood Whiplash: The ending to episode 151, "Brown Out". The rest of the Achievement Hunters give Ray a goodbye as he leaves the Achievement City map one last time by going through the Do not enter!!! tunnel. Once the "BrownMan has left the game." text disappeared, Geoff puts on a gold helmet and a diamond pickaxe, turns around to the rest of the crew (who also had gold helmets and diamond pickaxes equipped) and they begin to demolish Ray's dirt house.
  • Nintendo Hard: "Storm the Tower" was so intricately designed by Matt Bragg and Jeremy Dooley to be unassailable that neither the Lads or the Gents could capture the Tower of Pimps from the other team within their given hours. The Lads did get one gold block successfully mined and erected, while the Gents managed to mine the blocks multiple times before getting killed by the Lads. However, when the latter team finally managed to get off the tower with two blocks, Geoff cheated and time was up anyway.
  • No OSHA Compliance: Achievement City stands out as being horribly unsafe due to having craptons of TNT beneath the surface, which combined with no monster-deterrents has resulted in a Creeper blowing everything up more than a few times.
    • The 3-part "Geoff's House" Let's Play went so far as to feature a death counter for all the times any of them fell off the ladder to the top of Geoff's house.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Episode 79 (King Michael) had the king specify that all items had to be destroyed at the end of each challenge so that they couldn't be used again. To compensate the basic items needed for each challenge were provided to level the playing field. The reason for this was Michael being rather unimpressed by Ray and Ryan's use of Loophole Abuse in the previous "King" challenges, so he made this impossible right from the start.
    • In part 1 of their Top Chef game, Ryan and Ray quickly broke the in-game economy by selling quick and easy to make water bottles for an excellent profit. Geoff lowered the price dramatically (from 1 water bottle for 2 points to 2 water bottles for 1 point) a few minutes later.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Michael and Geoff find out that nobody killed Ryan before they both killed each other in the final challenge of King Gavin part 2.
    • Also when everybody finds out the hard way in one of the Fishing Jamborees that Ryan's been playing around with some mods for PC Minecraft.
  • Old Shame: A few of the less-well-thought-out Lets Plays have become this, especially the original Creeper Soccer and Twelve Towers (repeatedly referred to by Geoff and Gavin as the ugliest thing they've ever built).
  • Once More, with Clarity!: At the end of episode 61 (King Ryan), showing how Ryan returned Edgar to the hole.
  • Out-Gambitted: Michael finally freed Edgar from his prison beneath Ryan's house, hoping to see a great reaction. Unfortunately, Ryan figured it out earlier than intended...
  • Overly Preprepared Gag: In general, many of the early Things To Do In Minecraft were pranks or traps that Gavin set up for Geoff, which required quite a bit of preparation and knowledge of Redstone for anything more complicated than a pressure plate land mine. As for specific gags that have made it into Let's Plays...
    • Geoff and Gavin worked together on Minecraft for upwards of twenty hours to pull a standard lava trap on Jack. They both think it was Worth It.
    • In addition, there was also their "failsafe" plan: the hundreds of TNT blocks underneath Achievement City and the nondescript button used to detonate them.
    • Episodes 6 and 7 were supposed to be a combination of this and a Batman Gambit in that Geoff made the entire competition specifically so he could pull a Kaizo Trap on Jack, but Jack became a Spanner in the Works by mining somewhere that Geoff wasn't expecting. Geoff still won thanks to Michael's trolling, but he considered it a hollow victory.
    • Gavin and Geoff booby trap Ray's house in Minecraft so that it fills up with cakes. It was totally Worth It.
    • The creation of Dark Achievement City was so long that the Let's Build of it was split into three separate parts (and that's with some heavy editing) for a very small reaction.
    • Gavin and Geoff strike again by making an entire AH-themed Monopoly board (including the third time they made the huge AH logo) just to hear Ray's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction. They've almost turned Overly Preprepared Gag into an art form at this point.
  • Politeness Judo: On Galacticraft part 4, the guys are having a space buggy race across the moon, with Ryan just about to win and Geoff close in second. Then, literally seconds before Ryan crosses the finish line, Geoff shouts for everyone to stop. It works, since everyone thinks something's wrong with the game/their capture, and Geoff passes Ryan for the victory.
  • Previously On: Episode 61 has one of these, reminding the audience that Michael freed Edgar from his cage in the previous segment. Doubles as Spoiler Opening, since this tips people off that this particular act will be of importance later on.
  • Pun: In Episode 13, Gavin at one point puts a sign on a tree that had "Bad News" written on it, then says "This tree has bad news all over it." Geoff responds, "That's... fucking lame."
  • Punctuated Pounding: Gavin does this in Episode 32, after Geoff beats him for the Tower of Pimps because everyone ganged up on him.
    • This was actually for another reason entirely - see Honor Before Reason above.
  • Pyro Maniac: Gavin is a menace with a bucket of lava in Minecraft.
    • In the very first episode, after everyone works together to build a house, Gavin sets it on fire.
    • In the Grifball episode, Gavin spends the first fifteen minutes of video time running around lighting the arena on fire. This is the edited version, Michael claims it was more like five hours. Half of the arena's exterior is gone by the end of the video.
    • Every time Jack wins the Tower Of Pimps, Gavin sets his house on fire in Achievement City.
  • A Rare Sentence: Everyone agrees that this is one: (It Makes Sense in Context)
    Michael: "There's a creeper fist-fighting with a penguin inside Buckingham Palace right now!"
  • Rage Quit: While there have been a few instances of just one person rage quitting, Episode 96 had the distinction of a lot of players quitting, mostly because of lava. Ryan's the first to quit after falling into lava. Gavin follows suit when Ray slaps a piece of bedrock onto his tower and since the rules say he has to put all the pieces up in order, Gavin decides to give up.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Edgar.
  • Running Gag: Gavin loves burning down Jack's Minecraft house whenever he wins the Tower of Pimps. It's not helped by the fact Jack's house is made of wood and was originally designed with a lava trap in the ceiling. (Gone so far that after one of his more recent victories Jack looks at his house and asks why it's not on fire yet.)
    • Michael very frequently has trouble operating doors in Minecraft, usually by pressing a button then not being able to walk through the iron door before it closes on him several times in a row (to his consternation).
      • Sort of related, but he has gotten awfully good at hitting the WRONG switch/button to leave Geoff's house recently.
    • Whenever anyone mentions "coal" or "flint" in passing during an episode, someone else always has to ask "Flynt Coal?" in reference to a running joke starting when someone mashed the two words together and everyone agreed it sounded like a secret agent's name.
    • Gavin referring to Creepers as his family or his people, since he has a Creeper skin in Minecraft. The others have started doing this too, such as "Gavin, your parents are here to pick you up for school!" when finding two Creepers staring the group down.
    • Ever since the events of Cloud Down, Ray constantly attempting to replace his dirt block Tower of Pimps podium with a piece of sponge, much to Gavin's ire.
    • During Let's Builds, Gavin and Geoff will frequently ask each other if they would hypothetically do X for a large sum of money as part of their ongoing Seinfeldian Conversation.
    • "It's not raining. It's not the second day yet."
    • "Anybody find any rare occurrences yet?"
    • Ryan and Michael, in particular, repeatedly referencing Red vs. Blue to irritate Geoff.
    Ryan: I dunno, man. I worry about it sometimes.
    Michael: Keeps you up at night?
    Geoff: Hey! Knock it off.
    Michael: What? I just asked a question... [mumbling] Do you ever wonder why we're here?
    • During King Gavin, there's running gag of people falling down the Super Dump Hole by accident when they're trying to get to the throne room after dying. This almost includes the King himself at one point.
    • During "Brown Out", everyone keeps saying that Ray is dying/dead with Ray crying out "I'm not dying!"
    • In the Sky Factory series, Gavin sneezing. He usually sneezes at least once every episode he appears in, with the editors putting a funny video cut whenever it happens.
  • Schmuck Bait: Geoff and Gavin made a statue once in Minecraft and claimed that hitting the button in the back opened a door to goodies, when in fact it would set off TNT all the way to bedrock. No one fell for this in the slightest, though, since it was a statue of a Creeper.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Common when there's nothing in particular to commentate on and the guys are just talking, like at the start of challenges as they collect wood and stone for tools. The conversations that are deemed funny enough remain intact after editing.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: In part 15 of Sky Factory, Jeremy starts experimenting with blood magic. Eleven parts later, he discovers that he can't actually do the awesome things the mod promises, because the devs of that mod haven't actually put them in Sky Factory yet.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: As Ryan revealed, he designates any cow in the hole as "Edgar", meaning no matter how many times Achievement Hunter frees "Edgar", Ryan will always just lure another cow in the hole. We see nothing to suggest that Edgar will ever be free, unless someone forces Ryan to do so.
    • Ryan winning at the end of King Gavin part 2 by doing nothing.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: Even with the amount of language they use that doesn't get cut, they sometimes have to resort to this to cover up really bad words or in the instance they have to edit out someone's personal information/messages. The written version of this occurs during the Hunger Games episode.
    Jack: (reading sign) "'...to win be the last survivor and return to claim the Tower of *CENSORED*' ... huh, I guess you can't say 'pimps' on a sign in Minecraft."
  • Springtime for Hitler: Episode 91 is just a competition to see who can die the most ways. Sounds simple enough to run around failing as much as possible... except that Gavin and Jack spent a good while trying to get killed by a Ghast and kept screwing it up (in other words, failing at failing). note 
  • Stable Time Loop: During "Thunderdome", a weird bug occurred in which a duplicate of Ray appeared, who became dubbed by the others as Ghost Ray. 62 episodes later in "Enter the Negatower Part 2", Ray inexplicably becomes invisible, leading the others to realize that he had now become Ghost Ray. Gavin suggests that Ray should see if this trope is in effect by going to see if their past selves are playing Thunderdome.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: After being freed, all Edgar wanted to do was return to his former prison. Maybe he really WAS there of his own free will...
  • Storming the Castle: In episode 17, Gavin, Michael, Jack and Ray attempt to do so to Geoff in his Sky Fortress, who has the Tower of Pimps. They failed a LOT.
    • A "Storm The Tower" Let's Play had the Lads and Gents take turns defending and attacking an enormous trap-laden tower to steal the Tower of Pimps from the other side. It ended up being so unassailable that both teams failed to do so after an hour, though Team Lads steal and place one block and the Gents stole the whole tower but died before placing it.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Between Jeremy, Geoff and Ryan at the end of "Mr. J." As Gavin is nearing the top of a pole from which he intends to jump off onto a group of slime blocks (which act as trampolines), Jeremy and Geoff silently and spontaneously cooperate to cover the slime blocks with other blocks while Gavin's on his way down, resulting in a Gavin pancake. Once there's a break in the laughing, Ryan pipes up that he was in such a hurry to get back to them to do the exact same thing.
  • Superweapon Surprise: Subverted. Team Lads planned to do this with a TNT Cannon in Lava Wall as a finisher move, even though Team Gents knew it was probably coming since both sides had the components for one and Gavin knew how to make one. Despite the cannon taking damage he managed to rig a makeshift one in the end. He tells Ray to press his button too early and the whole thing literally blew up in their faces. Michael and Ray were not amused. It doesn't matter in the end, however.
  • Take That, Audience!: Several jabs are made at the Youtube audience's expense, especially by Ray. At several points Geoff and Gavin will purposefully do sub-optimal things like make a redstone circuit more complicated than it needs to be just to irritate people who complain about such tings.
  • Team Pet: Edgar, in Ryan's opinion. The others aren't so sure that pet is the right word...
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Episode 92 accidentally made this happen. The challenge is to manufacture then kill an Iron Golem, which has 100 hearts of health compared to a player's 10 and hits like a truck normally. As a result the challengers keep coming up with increasingly elaborate plans to kill their golem safely (as getting killed results in disqualification) like encasing them then using lava or tons of arrows. Everything turns out to be for naught when they figure out that player-spawned golems will never retaliate against them while game-spawned ones do.
  • Throwing the Fight: Gavin is actually good at Minecraft, but he often intentionally plays badly or causes trouble for the others for entertainment value.
  • Toilet Humor: These guys are certainly not above good old fashioned potty humor. As for permanent structures in Achievement City, there's a gigantic statue of a pig and a sheep which can dispense brown wool from their rear ends on command, the huge statue of Jack has a large wood extension from his crotch area that can dispense either water or lava, and finally use of pistons lowered certain patches of dirt in a field, spelling out the word "FART" from above.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Invoked along with Death Seeker in Episode 91 (Darwin Awards). Since the objective is to die in as many ways as possible, everyone ran around intentionally getting murdered the entire time.
  • Tournament Arc: Since episode 8, the guys have been competing for the chance to get the Tower of Pimps (i.e. a stack of four golden blocks). Initially, they would just split up and mine until they found gold, which they would then craft into blocks and stack them up. From episode 10 onwards, they've built entire obstacle courses for the guys to compete in, and the winner gets that gold block tower as bragging rights. While this arc has been going on for nearly 200 episodes, there have been many breaks to either play team vs. team challenges or to explore a new mod/update.
  • Trash the Set: While certainly not planned, Achievement City has certainly fallen to this a few times thanks to "Plan G". Sometimes the place gets trashed even without someone pressing the button, like in episode 54, when a Creeper explodes near Gavin and sets off the dynamite hidden underneath. Then Gavin replaces the water in Jack's tower with lava and his house burns down. The end of the episode has the entire crew just staring at the destruction.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: Discussed as it happens in Ray's then Michael's favor during the Thunderdome episode. The winner of each one-on-one fight gets their pick of a random chest, so anyone who found something useful like a sword or armor would inevitably win the next fight and get to pick from more chests. Mitigated somewhat by Hard mode eventually wearing down their hunger bars, but it still took several rounds of being punched to death before they were finally taken down.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Any competition in which the Tower of Pimps has the opportunity to get dumped in a puddle of lava.
  • Vandalism Backfire: Over episodes 217 to 219, the other hunters decide that it's Ryan's turn to have his house vandalized, and enact some Laser-Guided Karma over Edgar's imprisonment by moving his house into a hole of its own. In episode 220, Ryan gives his opinion on the 'vandalism':
    Ryan: "So, while I was gone, I tricked some idiots into giving me a super sweet awesome base, they think they played a prank on me, that's how I got out of paying them!"
  • We Need a Distraction: During both "Lava Wall" and "Lava Wall X", a culmination of failures on the Lads' side causes Michael to explode verbally at Gavin, causing Team Gents to laugh incessantly for a bit. Suddenly, when they regain their composure, they realize they lost while they were laughing. The first time was accidental, though the second time around Team Lads claimed it was intentional.
  • Wham Line:
    • Episode 61 (King Ryan) has several in a row, all during The Reveal that Ryan has foiled Michael's plan to free Edgar.
      • First, upon arrival at Achievement City:
      Ryan: What's up, Edgar?
      Michael: How's Edgar doing?
      Ryan: He's fine.
      • Immediately after, the perpetrator is revealed:
      Michael: You son of a bitch, Ryan. You son of a bitch.
      Ryan: (evil laugh)
      Gavin: WHAT?!
      Michael: That's bullshit. There's no way that's actually Edgar.
      Gavin: WHAT?!?!
      Michael: No way. No way you got him back in there. There's no way! You BASTARD! He's missing!
      Ray: Will we free, uh...
      Gavin: What are you saying? We didn't get a reaction at all?
      Michael: I set Edgar free in the middle of the video and Ryan went and recaptured him!
      Ray: NOOOOOOOO! Dammit!
      Michael: You sick BASTARD!
      • About 30 seconds later, the screen then cuts to one hour earlier, when Ryan had quietly repaired his house, rebuilt the hole, and lured in a cow.
      Gavin: I'm so mad we didn't get Ryan's reaction from it. He, so you saw that he was gone and then silently repaired it?
      Ryan: Yep.
      Gavin: God dammit!
      • Finally, Ryan destroys Michael's final objection:
      Ryan: I went and fuckin' grew wheat, and led a cow back in.
      Michael: But wait, but wait, wait... did you get Edgar back?
      Ryan: I dunno.
      Michael: You got a random cow, so, as far as we know, he's free in the wild.
      Geoff: He doesn't give a fuck which cow it is.
      Michael: No, of course it matters! That was the original Edgar.
      Ryan: Look, you don't understand: Edgar is the one in the hole.
      • Cue everyone commenting on how Ryan is a "disturbing person."
    • A comedic version from "Dark Petting Zoo", which doubles as a Brick Joke:
    Ray: You said the Creeper was friendly!note 
    • Immediately after Ray successfully wins his fourth gold block in Episode 90 and the others are celebrating his victory, Ryan drops this bombshell.
    Ryan: Except... that...
    Jack: Wait wait wait, your king is saying something.
    Ryan: Your king has an announcement. Uh... As it turns out... uh... those gold blocks are kind of falsey. You have a final task you must complete before any winner is declared. The winner of this task, wins. Everything to this point was merely prelude.
    • From the final challenge of King Gavin part 2:
    Gavin: (squealing like a little girl as Michael and Geoff fall to their deaths.) Ryan wins!
    Michael: No one shot Ryan!!? Ryan wins!!!
  • What Does This Button Do?: The punchline of "Plan G" in episode 3 (the debut of Achievement City).
  • When It All Began: The first 7 minutes and 9 seconds of the 100th episode is a flashback to May 27 and 29 of 2012, back to when Geoff and Gavin built Achievement City and planned out A) their prank on Jack and B) Plan G.
    • Episode 151 flashes back to Geoff, Gavin, Jack and Michael first picking Ray up from the airport when he first started working for the company. It's supposed to be a heartwarming example of this trope, but is completely Inverted when the conversation devolves into one of Geoff's would you rather questions: Would you rather suck a dick or take it up the butt?
  • Who's Laughing Now?: In the Lava Wall episode, Team Gents (well, mostly Geoff) laughs like a bunch of hyenas on crack when Gavin's idiocy causes Team Lad's TNT Cannon to utterly fail. Then abruptly Team Gents realized they lost while they weren't watching their tower, to which Team Lads promptly returned the favor.
  • X Must Not Win: While he has his own stupidity and dickish tendencies to blame most of the time, Gavin can't seem to win the Tower of Pimps even when he does bring his A-game. The main reason seems to be everyone else immediately putting aside their differences to stop Gavin since to them, the only thing worse than losing is having Gavin win.
    Jack (and several others): "Gavin not winning is almost better than winning."
  • You're Insane!: The crew as a whole delivers this to Ryan after discovering he considers any cow trapped under his house to be "Edgar", meaning he'll eternally trap him, and he'll never be free.
  • Zerg Rush: The incessant amount of Silvervish Stone in Mega Dig caused several Silverfish-induced deaths. The mobs aren't particularly dangerous on their own, but when they cause other Silverfish to swarm, they quickly overwhelm.

I got the Tower! (stacking) ONE - TWO - THREE - FOURRRRRR!!!