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     Let's Play Minecraft — 2018 episodes (293-present) 
  • Episode 293 - Sky Factory Part 33
    • A minor example: Through out the previous video, Lindsay had trouble using things because she wasn't OPed, but because she didn't know this was a thing, she had to keep asking Michael for help, who failed to realize the problem, and proceeded to call her stupid for the entire video. A minute into this one, Jeremy instantly realizes what's going on, and asks Ryan to OP Lindsay.
    • Simple Farmer Geoff continues to make frightened noises whenever he uses his jetpack or passes through the "devil hole" teleporter.
    • Ryan hollows out the giant redwood and hides the dragons he's secretly stolen (and made everything else think died/respawned) inside.
      • As Ryan is discussing the "deaths" of the dragons with Michael, who was upset over their ghost dragon's death, Ryan is placing said dragon in the tree.
    • Geoff creates a Lucky Egg Machine and proceeds to spend the next few minutes emitting quiet noises of excitement and glee.
      • He proceeds to place it in the middle of the crafting area and keeps talking it up. He figures this way people can just go to his machine and (maybe) get what they need without bothering his chickens.
    • Jeremy's Altar of Suffering nears completion, after which he plans to trap something in it for power. Gavin is quick to note he didn't exclude the rest of the team until prompted.
      • He finally turns it on... and nearly murders Booker. Ultimately he carries through with his earlier idea of trapping a shopkeeper with the portable market, replacing the stall each time it dies.
      Jeremy: I understand this looks kind of sinister.
    • "Geoff, what do your Smart Chickens make?" "Uh, I don't know. They make like two dollars an hour more."
    • Geoff gets a Conductive Iron egg and places it in a nest to hatch when Jeremy accidentally takes it. He tries to put it back only to pull a Simple Geoff and hurl it at the nest... where it hatches to his infinite relief.
    • Ryan and Gavin go to farm some Ender Dragons for his project. At the last minute as he's spawning the dragon, Ryan tries to warn an oblivious Gavin to get off the crystal column. Gavin fails to get off and is blown up, with the spawn of new material on the column destroying all of his gear except a crafting-table-on-a-stick.
    • Michael experiments with his new bow at the Gaia summoning platform, creating loud explosions while he talks about how many chickens he's killing. Geoff can hear all of this and is understandably concerned.
  • Episode 294 - Sky Factory Part 34
    • Throughout the episode the Hunters and the editors riff on the fact that, on top of her being sick, something is wrong with Lindsay's microphone that makes it sound like she's in a bin.
    • Ryan made a dragon shop. It's called Ryan's Premium Unpurloined Dragons.
      • He even made a mini-scavenger hunt for Michael to find them. It doesn't work, as it directs him to the Nether; Michael promptly goes through the portal and glitches out, so Ryan has to hint that there's another way into the Nether. That still doesn't work, as Michael does the logical thing and continues forward through the mobs rather than looking behind him. Then he's directed to the redwood, which still doesn't work.
      • After Ryan warned Jeremy to not go into the back room, as "dark things" happen there, Jeremy promptly goes in. It's a room full of dragon egg spawners.
      • Ryan defends his actions because of Jack not making him a dragon, to which Jack indignantly responds that he was going to make them for everyone, to which Ryan retorts that he saved him the trouble.
    • Everyone gets their dragons back and lets them run rampant in the chicken farm, to Geoff's displeasure.
      • How displeased is Geoff? Not only does he make a new signnote , but by the end of the episode, he is in the process of rooming off his farm.
    • Jeremy's got his Well of Suffering complete, so everybody is horrified by the cage of eternally suffering mobs he's built atop the altar.
      Jack: (horrified) So, basically, this is Hell.
      Jeremy: This is Hell. They will suffer for eternity.
      Jack: (talking over Jeremy) You literally made Hell.
    • Gavin makes a Decocraft bench, and starts littering the area outside Jeremy's altar with various objects, including a rubik's cube, a xylophone, and a grand piano. Then he makes an engagement ring, and gives it to Michael... but Ryan accidentally picks it up.
      Gavin: I accidentally proposed to Ryan!
  • Episode 295 - Text-to-Speech
    • The Lads, Lindsay and Ryan are testing out the new cross-platform version of Minecraft. They're delighted to discover that it has a text-to-speech function for all chat messages, and even more delighted when they work out that the swearword censor isn't very good.Example 
      • At one point they challenge themselves to be silent for a solid minute, communicating only with the text-to-speech.
      Gavin: That might be the quietest an Achievement Hunter video has ever been.
      Jeremy: And yet at the same time the loudest.
      <BMVagabond>: our silence speaks shittty volumes
      • During the silence, we have this gem:
      <LLTUGGJ>: can you see a banana humping the house through the window
      <BMVagabond>: [closes the text box and looks around] no.
    • Lindsay has to leave for an audition, but leaves the guys a parting gift: Half of Dwight's speech running in the text-to-speech.
    • Early in the episode, they mention that the only redeeming feature of Moon Base Alpha was the text-to-speech. At the end of the episode, the guys start abusing the text-to-speech in the exact same way by just spamming letters and cutting audio.
      <MJones>: i hate you all
      <GavinoFree>: kill me
  • Episode 296 - Sky Factory Part 35
    • The whole episode is dedicated to the in-game marriage of Michael and Gavin. However, since Ryan has possession of the ring, he has to marry Gavin instead. To get out of it, he tries casting the ring into the slag furnace.
      • Ryan tries to find any way to at least delay the impending nuptials by suggesting a cake testing. At that exact moment, Gavin was calling him over to look at their three-tiered wedding cake. Ryan's stunned and then immediately disappointed that its not them on top.
    • Gavin asks if anyone's ordained.
      Jeremy: I was, but a blood experiment went horribly wrong and I'm now Geoff.note 
      • Then Gavin asks if somebody wants to message Gus, who actually is ordained in real life... and he turns up! They need a presence for him in the game though, and Gavin decides on a miniature of R2-D2 that he makes with Decocraft.
    • During the actual ceremony, Michael and Gavin attempt to exchange the rings. However, when they throw the rings to each other, they immediately get pulled to Ryan due to his Ring of Magnetism.
    • There's another special guest aside from Gus:
      Gus2-D2: Does anyone object to-
      Lindsay: I do, object!
      Everyone: Various yells of "Oh!"
      Gus2-D2: There's an objection!
      Lindsay: Nah, it's cool. Polygamy!
    • The ceremony takes place on the Jermey's blood altar simply because it qualifies as an altar. Gavin starts decorating it with wedding appropriate (sort of) items from deco craft making it lose some of its menace. Jeremy complains that it was once a place people were sacrificed.
    • Once again, there are monsters all over the chicken farm because Geoff was building his wall and neglected to put torches down. Jeremy fixes this...
      • ...but then stops partway through building a chicken statue to attend the wedding, creating what amounts to a monster spawner in the middle of the farm. Thankfully the only casualty is the example chicken Jeremy was using.
      • At the very end of the episode, Jeremy decides to leave a welcome back gift for Geoff: All of the dragons inside his walled-off farm.
    • Gavin builds a literal shithouse, complete with toilet, urinal, sink, and bath. Jeremy promptly tries to burn it down and Ryan gets blamed.
  • Episode 297 - Sky Factory Part 36:
    • Geoff is back and is now equipped with a full set of draconic armour that Jeremy was using last episode. He immediately dies in the void and requires help from Ryan to get it back.
      • He starts the episode deliberately not looking at the farm because he's afraid to see what mayhem has been wrought. The dragons aggravate him, the skeleton he finds enrages him, and the chicken statue makes him suspicious. Jeremy's track record makes it hard for Geoff to believe he genuinely did something nice.
    • Geoff abandons his dragon-infested farm to start a new life elsewhere. He flies off into the void, puts down an Angel Block, and immediately panics because he can't find a single black block floating in the sky at night. Ryan has to rescue him.
      • Michael notes that he is now a Simple Nomad.
      • Geoff is dismayed to find out that Ryan set himself a teleport point to Geoffs' new area while rescuing him, but then quickly decides to use this as an opportunity to have Ryan deliver him supplies he needs to live. They note that Ryan's gone from being Google to being Amazon.
    • Jeremy spends the entire episode lost in the Shadow Realm, i.e., reinstalling the game after his computer crashed the previous week.
    • Jack comments on Geoff's poor "fatherless chickens". Ryan launches into a parody of "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors, while Jack provides backing vocals.
    • The newly married couple start building their own marital house, with debates over whether to decocraft a baby or not. Things get heated towards the end which isn't helped when Lindsay starts playing house breaker, both figuratively and literally.
    • Lindsay decides to get rid of Geoff's backlog of unneeded eggs by building a glass tube that drops the hatchlings onto a diamond spike. She gifts the newly christened "baby murderer" to Ryan - he approves.
  • Episode 298 - Sky Factory Part 37:
    • Geoff leaves his new home to return for Millicent the chicken and gets lost on the way back.
    • Geoff eventually starts talking to Chicken Millie.
      Michael: Oh man... This may have taken a sad turn.
    • Jeremy momentarily forgets that he can make trees grow faster by humping them. The other mock him for forgetting how to hump, and Jeremy accidentally activates Sticky Keys while humping his apple trees.
    • Ryan sets the Lad Den as a teleport destination and calls it "The Fuck Hole".
    • Jeremy flies his dragon (which he's named Blood Drop) over to Geoff's new home. Geoff freaks out.
      Geoff: I didn't order that!
  • Episode 299 - Sky Factory Part 38:
    • Gavin's footage vanished. Just as well, because he spends most of the episode continuing to go nuts with Decocraft.
    • Everyone's puzzled as to why Gavin's solar panels are completely empty and no longer generating any power. Turns out that they built the Lad Den directly above said solar panels and blocked all their incoming light. Gavin describes it as reaching the end of his first character arc (i.e. the quest for solar power) and immediately ruining it with the next one.
      • Their reaction is even funnier, as Gavin, Jeremy and Ryan all realize it in the same moment, and Ryan is so outraged he can't even find the words.
        Gavin: *looking up* Ohhhh.
        Ryan: *looks up* Did you—
        Gavin: *laughing*
        Jeremy: Oh, Gav, you idiot!
        Ryan: Did you fuckers build—
        Jeremy: You built the Lad Pad over the solar panels!
        Michael: Ohhh.
        Gavin: We eclipsed the solar panels!
    • Ryan gets upgraded from being Amazon to being an amalgamation of Amazon, Uber, and Lyft.
    • Geoff proudly shows off the stepladder he built to reach high places. Ryan points out that he can fly.
    • Jack puts a chance cube in the middle of the Lad Den as a "gift" and encourages Gavin to open it. It contains TNT that promptly detonates, blowing a decent-sized hole in the wall.
      • For bonus points, it was TNT surrounded by diamonds; it was literally Nice Dynamite.
    • To troll both Gavin and Jack, Jeremy veinmines the clay out from underneath one of Jack's chance cube domes. He promptly drops his AIOT into the void. He makes a new one, does some more veinmining, and instantly drops it again.
    • Jack spends a good portion of the episode putting torches in the village he spawned via giant chance cube. Ryan manages to spawn two additional villages on top of it, erasing all of Jack's torches.
      • For added hilarity, when Ryan spawns the first of his two, it causes everyone's framerates to drop immensely... apart from Geoff, who spends the whole time groaning and humping a tree. As Jack points out afterwards, he was trying to grow a redwood sapling, which won't grow from a single space.
    • Since the next episode is episode 300, and the proper version of Achievement City is still broken, Geoff, Gavin, Trevor and Matt have a meeting scheduled to work out what they can do with it. Gavin moans that if he knew that building Achievement City would eventually lead to a meeting about it, he'd never have done it in the first place.
    • Geoff tells a story about how Millie's closet was flooded for two days before she told him about it.
      Geoff: You didn't tell me 'til now?!
      Millie: Well, I wasn't sure if I did it or not.
  • Episode 300 - Sky King Ryan:
    • Geoff spends the entire episode putting signs on walls, the throne, other players' towers, etc. At one point Jeremy wins a gold block and almost places it in the wrong spot because Geoff messed around with their signs.
    • One challenge is a giant redwood tree that everyone must climb. They start to complain about how dark it is at the base of the tree. Ryan, who has Night Vision due to his Draconic armour, doesn't see the problem.
      • Gavin says he's amazed that no one set the tree on fire while they were climbing. Ryan thinks it's an excellent suggestion and starts some fires. The first one being right under Gavin.
    • One of the challenges is to break chance cubes until a mooshroom spawns. It looks like something straight out of an acid trip, with rainbows, flying slimes, silverfish on top of endermites on top of more silverfish, and cats and dogs falling from the heavens to name a few, all while mellow music is playing in the background.
    • After the gang goes through the portal to the throne room and Ryan has them put away their inventory, Gavin promptly divorces Michael by throwing away his ring.
  • Episode 301 - Sky Factory Part 40:
    • Apparently there was an argument over whether Sky King Ryan counted as being part 39 of Sky Factory.
    • Early on, Ryan and Jack are talking about the Fusion Crafter, and someone makes a Fusion Dance joke - while the editors put graphics up of Trevor and a jar of alfredo sauce fusing to form Alfredo.
  • Episode 302 - Sky Factory Finale (Part 41):
    • While Jeremy does some hand cranking, there's suddenly an explosion. Gavin was trying to shoot him with the death ray but ended up shooting with the lens of destruction instead.
      • He later attempts to get Lindsay to shoot her own donut stand with the lens of destruction, but this fails because Lindsay keeps getting distracted.
    • The ending. After some teething issues, the draconic reactor is up and running. Then Gavin snipes the injector out from underneath it. In the ensuing chaos Jeremy breaks one of the stabilizers causing a meltdown and a three minute timer. Everybody flies into a panic; Ryan and Jeremy desperately trying to fix it, while Jack and Michael go to try and save the dragons; all while Geoff keeps asking and getting no answer to the question as to why everybody's shouting. Then... the Earth-Shattering Kaboom.
      Geoff: You know what, Chicken Millie? I got a good feeling about this place. I think we've finally found a new *Killed Midsentence*
    • For extra funny, this reaction to one of the completely out of context to Geoff things said
      Jack: I'm saying goodbye to my world.
  • Episode 303 - Ya Dead, Ya Dead (Part 1)
    • The premise of this new Minecraft series? Nine Achievement Hunters in a new world, playing Hardcore Survival mode. Anyone that dies is Killed Off for Real. Half the hilarity, of course, comes from the sheer panic when someone's hearts get low, and this applies to every episode.
    • Gavin defines starvation as "You run out of tummy."
    • Several minutes in, Lindsay places a tree sapling and, apparently out of muscle memory from Sky Factory, begins humping it to make it grow, even though that's not going to do anything anymore.
    • The first casualty, to nobody's particular surprise, is Lindsay, who is caught by a zombie while looking at their inventory and is promptly pummeled to death.
      • Michael takes it upon himself to honor their fallen comrade with a tombstone sign by Lindsay's Tree of Life, which gets renamed to the Tree of Life & Death. At the end of the episode, claiming to have received the request in a seance, he renames it again to the Tree of Wife.
    • Jack finds an Enderman while caving. When it's suggested he kill it, his response is simply "Fuck that!"
    • This is Alfredo's first time playing Minecraft and so he's using the default Steve skin. When asked what skin he thinks he'll use when he chooses one, Alfredo suggests something 'sleek', and then is asked if maybe he might go with a guy wearing a tuxedo, to which Alfredo seems honestly interested.
    • This exchange when Michael remarks how he expected someone to die in the first twenty minutes:
    Jack: You'd figure after recording over three hundred episodes of Minecraft, we'd have a general idea of what we're doing.
    Michael: Not all of us, Jack.
    Alfredo: (to himself in amazement) I made a stone pickaxe!
    Jack: Okay, point taken, Michael.
  • Episode 304 - Tree Boys (YDYD Part 2)
    • At the beginning Gavin wonders the origin of the phrase "to take with a grain of salt". Lindsay provides the answer, via spooky ghost-voice with everyone making spooky noises at the end of her statement. Jeremy thanks the seance while Geoff just loses his shit at the voice.
    • Jack tidies up the chest at the start of the episode by moving all the material to a second chest and asks the others to stop making so many wooden tools - something that he later discovers the others have completely ignored his requests for. Gavin says that he should be putting the rules on signs for the others, then directs Jack to a rule he just made up and put on a sign. It says "No excessive rule making". Jack admits that it was Actually Pretty Funny.
    • Halfway through, Gavin cheerfully remarks that he hasn't been in any real danger all video. "You just summoned your own death," Michael lampshades. Amazingly, despite being reduced to a single heart by a swarm of spiders - an encounter which sends him screaming back to the house - he survives the whole video.
    • Gavin in general tempts fate quite a bit this episode. This prompts jokes from the guys about how he has to stay alive so that their view count stays up.
    • Ryan miscalculates during his underground expedition and, after some mob encounters, ends up stuck in the caves with no torches, no food and a heart and a half left. He finally resolves to just dig his way to the surface, but doesn't dare break through completely until sunrise, lest he encounter a mob. He's forced to wait until dawn, listening to the sound of chickens that are so close, yet hopelessly out of reach.
    • Yet another fatality this video: Jeremy's parrot, who runs afoul of a creeper in a jungle temple. Unfortunately for him, this happened during Gavin's above-mentioned screaming session, so no-one noticed until he clarified it.
    • The amount of doors in the shack's entrance corridor gets out of hand.
    • Alfredo spends most of the second half of the episode digging out a basement and filling it with buttons.
  • Episode 305 - Gavin Two (YDYD Part 3)
    • Two minutes into the video, Ryan is taking joke potshots at Gavin. Gavin, who happens to be standing on a one-block-wide bridge, helpfully gives Ryan aiming assistance. What happens? You guessed it, Ryan scores a direct hit and knocks Gavin off the bridge to his death far below.
      Jack: The audience is going to love you, Ryan.
      • He spends a large part of the episode protesting that he didn't mean to kill Gavin, just shoot him. The guys aren't buying it.
    • Alfredo discovers the crafting recipe for TNT, and starts building Plan G 2.0 underneath the base.
      • Eventually this gets him struck by Hoist by His Own Petard - while killing creepers for more gunpowder, he gets too close and blows up.
      • Trevor, figuring out what he can do now that almost everyone is dead, calls upon the ghost of Alfredo. Rather than using the ghost voice, Alfredo screams in pain the entire time he is called back to the land of the living.
    • Geoff builds a replacement Gavin out of wool.
      • Then he gets attacked by a Vern. He hits it a few times, but is apparently so bewildered by the fact that it's not dying that he dies himself.
    • Jack Fails A Spot Check and misses an approaching creeper, which is camouflaged by the house's sugarcane patch. Gavin's ghost camera captures the moment as the creeper detonates behind him, launching him into the air and killing him from the fall damage.
    • Jeremy starts following Ryan aggressively for killing Gavin so Ryan builds up a tower to get away from him Jeremy shoots him off it, causing him to fall to his death much to Michaels dismay.
      • The entire mini-meltdown Jeremy has is pretty funny too in a very tragic way. After mourning at the woollen Gavin, Jeremy then starts his aggressive following of Ryan saying nothing but "It wasn't his time!" which leads to the above-mentioned Karmic Death. He then starts demanding to know where Trevor is (up in the sky on his tower) while Michael suggests that his fellow Lad has lost it. All the while you can hear the 'dead' others laughing in the background. Gavin's ghost even goes up to Jeremy and kisses him on the head.
    • In a mix of hilarious and tear jerker, Trevor and Jeremy build all the way up to the build limit, then jump off of it to their deaths. That's the hilarious part. The tear jerker comes from Michael lamenting his situation immediately thereafter.
    • Michael spends the entire video completely lost. He also considers death by mob so he can be together with Gavin in death. Not Lindsay, though.
      • The rest try to convince him to not go through with this, asking what Gavin would want. He succinctly replies Gavin would want him dead, too.
  • Episode 306 - Michael's Epic Journey (YDYD Part 4)
    • While the episode is mostly a combination of Tear Jerker and Downer Ending, there are still a couple of funny moments.
    • Michael recalls Alfredo being told not to jump on the farm, then jumps about all over it himself.
    • Michael mourns for his dead wife, and his dead husband, and vows to start a kingdom where polygamy is legal.
    • After Michael abandons the base, it becomes overgrown, structures collapse, and eventually, Alfredo's TNT blows up.
    • 50 years later, Michael dies of shock and old age. He starts rising to Heaven... then plummets into Hell, where his beloved wife Lindsay is married to a zombie pigman. Also his reward for surviving until he died naturally was retaining his crippled old body, while everyone else who died young is still young and everyone's had some pretty rocking adventures in Hell, which Michael won't get to take part in since, again, he's eternally stuck as a geriatric.
  • Episode 307 - Achieveland
    • The journey to find a build-area has them camp out overnight in the middle of a pass between two mountains, fending off monsters all night. At one point Alfredo decides to punch an Enderman, then runs all around the area as Ryan and others attempt to kill it before it can kill Alfredo.
    • The first bickering of the episode is Ryan and Gavin still talking about what happened in part three of YDYD, with Gavin continuing to hold a grudge over Ryan killing him and Ryan trying to defend himself, though the best defense he can come up with is that he overestimated how much fall damage he would take, which everyone else doesn't really accept.
    • At one point Gavin accidentally says 'Jack' instead of 'Michael' and then follows up by telling Jack "I didn't want to talk to you." causing the others to break into laughter.
    • Gavin asks what differentiates a fact from a factoid, and follows it up by suggesting that any word ending in 'oid' is a bad thing. Geoff asks if that includes *BLEEP*... and then that spawns a minute and a half of almost constant bleeping.
      Alfredo: Next thing you're gonna start labelling *BLEEP*.
      Everybody else: Ohhh, Alfredo!
      Michael: That's even worse, 'cause you're part *VERY LONG BLEEP*! How dare you!
      Jack: Jesus Christ.
    • Trevor talks about how he can Bowie-ise any song and then askes for suggestions. The minute he does he then goes "Okay, now I need to remember when David Bowie sounds like..." The others break into hysterical laughter.
    • Gavin's "house" starts as what appears to be a modern art installation coating a massive section of the mountain's wall... which happens to be separated from Trevor's house by about two blocks. He ends up in a prolonged argument over zoning, during which he breaks Trevor's window; starts stealing room by building into his house; and yells at Ryan for walling off a waterfall in the middle of a field, claiming it's his water feature.
    • In an episode entirely about starting over with a new area, guess who makes absolutely no progress on building a house for themselves?
      Jack: Alright, time to start building a house.
      Gavin: So we're uh, we're uh, over an hour
      Michael: Time to, yeah, end the video.
  • Episode 308 - Beachside Property (Achieveland #2)
    • The video opens with Trevor pretending to dig up Matt, while claiming that he was buried there the whole time and would have stayed there forever if Trevor hadn't found him.
    • Trevor and Matt go on a tour, with the first stop being the "national monument" of underground sugar cane which led to Achievement Cove's founding. And while talking about how it's to be preserved, a Creeper walks up and nearly blows the thing sky high.
      • Before that the second Trevor takes Matt on the tour he's sniped by a skeleton right in front of Matt.
    • Geoff sets signs on the stairs to his home: "NO" "STOP" "SERIOUSLY, LEAVE".
    • After a couple of nights of getting ambushed and murdered by mobs at night, Geoff declares that they need to get beds so they can get away from the mobs. This leads to the team mostly hunkering up in Trevor's home and the awkwardness of such a thing.
      • Matt suggests putting Keep Inventory on so they don't lose everything — Michael having bitched about losing his shit for quite a while — only for everybody else to shout him down for his "rampant cheating".
    • Alfredo discovers stone buttons.
    • Trevor's long since finished his house, so he begins wandering around the area before ultimately trying to give "housewarming gifts" to everyone. These tend to involve him growing massive mushrooms in their houses.
      • Jack threatens to break his house and Geoff pulls out a sword when Trevor breaks part of his ceiling.
      • When he tries it on Matt however, it doesn't work since Matt's house is completely in the sun.
    • Lindsay talks about Iris' emerging curiosity, including trying to shove her hand into Lindsay's mouth trying to get her teeth, being freaked out by people with beards and admiring smooth-faced people.
    • The entire gang breaking into a group singing of "Forever Cum".
      Trevor: We are weird.
      • Made even funnier by the fact that Jeremy clearly meant it as a quick gag, then Geoff ran with it, everyone joined in, and then Lindsay pushed it even further. By the end of it Jeremy's just laughing hysterically.
    • Lindsay muses she's at risk of a stroke and people will likely mistake it for just another bit. Everyone will think she just died due to overcommittment to her act.
    • Geoff declares an end to the video, the screen cuts to black... and then cuts back to Matt shouting in shock as a Creeper blows up the center of his construction site.
      Michael: Matt! The video is over!

    Things to Do in Minecraft 
  • Gavin demonstrating the three best ways to grief in Minecraft, seen here.
  • "Indoor Pool": Gavin manages to figure out how to completely flood Geoff's enormous Monolith house with a single lever.
    • This ended up being the gift that kept on giving as people kept accidentally pulling the flood lever while trying to exit Geoff's house for the next few years.
    • Also notable is that Gavin accidentally spoiled the winner of the next Let's Play (two weeks early, mind you) by following Geoff outside as he ran past Jack's house, which had the Tower of Pimps displayed.
  • Things to Do in Minecraft: "Slice of Hell": Gavin, Geoff, and Ryan create a repeating circuit that causes the back wall of Ray's house to empty its contents from 17 hidden dispensers. Each dispenser contains (what else?) 576 cakes (9,792 total). Ray's Freak Out! is priceless.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Rock, Paper, Scissors":
    • The game works by each player standing on either side of a wall which is then pulled back to reveal what each player is holding. The first time they do this Michael is facing the wrong way.
    • The moment when Michael, Ray, Ryan and Jack (mainly Jack) discover the forfeit for the loser of each round: One hell of a long drop.
    • Ryan's 'answer for that' after his first tie with Gavin:
    Ryan: (holding a bit of beef) STEAK!
    • Ryan loses his second round against Michael but Jack falls instead because he was standing too close to Ryan when the block is pulled from underneath the Gent's platform.
    Jack: I was gonna go with him but he didn't go!
    • Gavin visits Ray's website in the stinger. It links to Meatspin.
      • Even better is that Gavin actually guessed it linked to Meatspin before checking it out, but Ray said it didn't. "What am I, an asshole?"
  • In Things to Do in Minecraft: "CreePlunk":
    • At one point, a Creeper lands in the small hole where Michael was trapped and on fire. Michael panics as its prepares to explode... exploding, not killing him and allowing him and Ryan to escape at the same time!
    • At another point, Jack becomes trapped with a Creeper, but the Creeper just keeps jumping up and down, as if it's humping his leg. As Jack tries to offer it a flower, a pile of sand crushes the Creeper... and another crushes Jack.
      • Thanks to the earlier incident, it comes down to just waiting for Ray to die. Ryan and Michael hop out and approach the little hole Ray is trapped in and start tossing in all of their items. Somehow, it's enough to save Ray as he suddenly pops out of the hole alive!
      • Though actually, the reason Ray got out was because he was jumping, and so was jumping on top of the sand blocks as they fell, letting him jump out.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Incredible Disappearing Creeper":
    • Everyone mocking the fact that bubbles surround the creepers making them pretty easy to spot, while Geoff and occasionally someone else will comment on how invisible the creepers are.
    • Gavin and Michael are bemused by how boring the game is, coming from a couple of Professional Minecraft builders.
      Gavin: So our Build Team's fired, right?
      Michael: Yeah. They're not- No, they're great at building! Look how nice it looks!
      Geoff: It is beautiful.
      Gavin: They're really good at building completely nonfunctional, beautiful-
      Michael: See, I thought the difference between hiring them and moving them here was that, after they built it, they could fucking play the thing before they give it to us! (Imitating one of the Build Team members) Guys, we built this. Uh, didn't load it, because we're that confident. It's gonna work great. Oh, God. Did you guys- did you guys try looking at the Creeper, because I forgot to!
    • At one point, the Creeper onslaught comes to a stop, at which point Ryan, Jack, and Michael wonder if they just "won" the game.
      Ryan: Did we survive Thunderdome?
      • Ryan then begins to mocking the Creepers locked up in captivity ("Look at me, Creepers! I'm eating potatoes!"), walking up to their cell while doing so. When Geoff subsequently releases a new group of Creepers, Ryan is standing so close to them that he gets doused in invisibility. He begins running around, asking the guys if they can spot him holding a potato.
        Michael: Ryan, you saved the video!
    • Gavin wonders whether it would be better if everyone was "invisible".
      Gavin: It would actually be difficult.
      Ryan: Why would that be difficult? You'd still-
      Gavin: 'Cause some of the bubbles are deadly and some are lovely! Now, there would be "question mark" bubbles.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Bumper Boats"
    • When Geoff comments that the Build Team made this Things to Do, Ray comments "So it's going to work great.". Ryan then falls out of the arena immediately.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Rug Burn"
    • When Geoff announces that everyone's task for the day is to ruin someone else's day, Lindsay ends the video by saying in a plotting voice "Ryan, you're here..."
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Thanksgiving"
    • The video opens with a live-action explanation of the task. They shoot an arrow at a giant turkey in Minecraft and then eat whatever food pops out in real-life. Trouble is, Matt and Jeremy constructed the game for six players and Jack and Michael are out of town. Geoff uses his boss-authority to rope the two new guys into the game as well.
    • During said live-action segment, after Kdin explains that they're about to do something for Thanksgiving:
    Gavin: (raises hand) I have a question!
    Kdin: Yeah, go for it.
    Gavin: What's... what's Thanksgiving? (starts walking back to his seat as the others laugh)
    Geoff: It's when all the Americans get together and are thankful we're not British anymore.
    • The food they have available to eat: cookies, carrots, cake, pumpkin pie, chicken, apples, bread, and rotten flesh (the real life equivalent being spicy Slim Jims). But here's the problem: the carrots, cookies, and apples are presumably the easiest to eat, but do very little for food in-game and nobody ever gets carrots anyway. Rotten flesh also does little, but the Slim Jims are extra spicy; the chicken is exceptionally greasy, as Ryan attests; the bread isn't bad, but you have to eat half a loaf (originally a full loaf), which takes a while; nobody in the office seems to like pumpkin pie; and the cake is good in-game (two cakes would be more than enough to win), but it's apparently very heavy in real life, and is one of the worst foods to get for it. The game is constantly flickering between "get enough food to fill your bar in-game" and "don't get enough food to make yourself sick". These guys discover it's very difficult to have one without the other.
    • The point of the game is to be the first to fill the foodbar in Minecraft. Difficult when you keep being attacked by mobs and falling into holes...
    • The look Gavin gives the camera when, being very close to winning, he gets a cookie.
    • Two people, Geoff and Jeremy, both have enough in-game food to win, so it just comes down to who can finish their real life food first. Jeremy just keeps sitting and scarfing food as quickly as he can, looking completely tortured in the process, while Geoff gets up and keeps walking around as he eats, getting increasingly frustrated (and even chewing so fast he hurts his jaw). Jeremy wins, barely.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Fly Fishing"
    • The game is broken in the first 60 seconds by Ryan apparently.
    • The game is chaotic with players falling off their stands constantly, Matt in the background shouting about how things are broken and how to fix it and Geoff trying to make it work.
    • Ryan steals one of Gavin's chickens. When Geoff says that's cheating Ryan uses his "You never said that was a rule" excuse and the others yell at him.
    • Towards the end they start singing "The Final Cluckdown" with Michael making chicken noises in time to the tune.
  • Things To Do in Minecraft - "Happy New Year":
    • "Max blood". An argument started due to Gavin's poor understanding of the concept of dilution.
    • They decide to have a fireworks display in Geoff's house, which is tall enough for the fireworks to explode with plenty of room above them.
    • Gavin asks if they're saving and when he finds out they're not, triggers Indoor Pool. Cue a furious dash and fight to get out of the front door. Of course, the only one to get stuck in the flooded house is... Gavin himself.
    • Michael and Gavin get into a screaming match over whether water is more refreshing when it's cold or room temperature, while Ryan sings Auld Lang Syne in the background.
      Michael: Didn't we sing this in the Christmas Let's Play?
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Gerudo Shooting Gallery"
    • Ryan mounts a horse in the area of the gallery... and then can't get off it. He doesn't want anyone to kill it though...
    • Geoff has been assured that the arrows shot will not vanish. They do and make adding up the total that much harder.
    • At one point Jack is buried under the sand by Gavin. He then proceeds to start digging sideways, causing sand to collapse and confusing Ryan.
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Angry Birds"
    • While the Gents are building their house Ray sets himself on fire and flies around being a shooting star.
    • Michael gets bored.
      Michael: "You ever been building a house and then, like, a bear flies through it?" (flies through the half-finished house)
    • The Lads take their turn firing the TNT cannons - none of the cannons get anywhere NEAR the house.
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Neigh Slayers X"
    • Jack complains that Geoff hasn't learned that too high is no good. Geoff protests, saying that super-low is worse then dips Jack's horse into the lava.
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "End Game"
    • Gavin's odd noises when he makes tense jumps, such as "Bananas!" and "Penis!"
    • Everyone humming the theme to Mission: Impossible
  • Things to do in Minecraft - Barrel Race
    Geoff: "This is for all the marbles."
    Ryan: "We get marbles?"
    Geoff: "The winner does."
    Ryan: "I lost mine years ago."
  • Things to do in Minecraft - Mineokart Coin Runners
    • Ryan uses a collected fire charge to set his and Jack's intermingled sheep flock ablaze. He comes off worst but doesn't even care.
    • Geoff gets so carried away in competing he forgets to set his timer.
  • Let's Explore: Los Santos in Minecraft

    Let's Build 
  • Across many of the later videos is the use of dark suspenseful music whenever something goes wrong with a build, giving the scene a gravitas it doesn't deserve. The same applies to the previews and previously segments, which often include comments that are far more comical than the music would imply.
  • Let's Build: "Indoor Pool" is mostly uneventful, until near the end before the final test run. While doing last minute checks Geoff covers up the circuit under the floor, accidentally breaking it and setting off the Indoor Pool. Gavin's noises when he looks up and realises are a mixture of amusement, laughter, disbelief and sheer terror.
  • Let's Build: "Slice of Hell" contains a lot of references to previously-seen videos:
    • The cow in Ryan's house.
    • Dan Gruchy's "glass in the finger" injury from a The Slow Mo Guys video.
    • Geoff catches Gavin building his trophy room.
  • In Let's Build:"Dark Achievement City Part 3" Goeff and Gavin are trying to rebuild Jacks's house in the nether, complete with lava trap. Goeff forgets to put the stopping block down, resulting in the whole thing burning down.
  • In Let's Build: "The Pit", one moment crosses over with CMOH when Michael mentions that he and Lindsay have bought the wedding dress.
    Lindsay and Michael: "Yeah."
    Geoff: "You're gonna look lovely in it, Michael."
    Michael: (at the exact same time) "Lindsay's almost got hers, too."
    Lindsay "Well, Michael's probably gonna marry Gavin and then immediately go over to our wedding."
  • Let's Build: "Snowbound Part 1". As Michael joins in, we learn that he is an OCD Builder.
    Michael: (referring to how the two sides of the river are not symmetrical) "Should I fill this area over here in?"
    Geoff: "Nah."
    Michael: "Can I fill it in?"
    Geoff: "Uh..."
    Michael: "Do you want me to buy the eraser on the way home and eat it or...? 'Cause I kinda want to eat the eraser."
  • Let's Build: "Geoff's Anatomy"
    • The naming of the Let's Play they're building:
    Ryan: "Is there a play on some shitty hospital show we can make?"
    Ray: "Well, the only hospital show I can think of is ER." (Beat)
    Ray: "Oh, there's Grey's Anatomy. 'Geoff's Anatomy!'" (Slams desk) "Boom!"
  • Let's Build: "Ice Cube Part 4"
    • Ryan gets bored and spawns a cow inside Ice Cube and then attempts to build up the ice around it so no one will notice.
      • Michael does. Then gives the cow a 'friend' (a creeper head).
  • Let's Build: "Ice Cube Part 5" ends with the guys pouring several buckets of lava on top of Ice Cube. Just to see what would happen.
  • Let's Build: "Golden Hoe Part 1"
    • Gavin's test on building an End Portal. After breaking the frame they realise the portal is still there and attempt to 'put it out' by pouring water over it. Doesn't work.
  • Let's Build: "Golden Hoe Part 2"
    • Gavin pours a bucket of lava on a cow that has been annoying him for most of the episode and in the distance we hear this:
    Ryan: "Noooooooooo!"
  • Let's Build: "Episode 100"
    • On-going confusion about how many items are needed and how many places the scavenger hunt will visit throughout the video eventually leads to Geoff and Gavin flying all over the map to make sure they've not placed too many gold blocks. They have.
    • Thinking up the clue to lead to the Sheep.
  • Let's Build: "The Credits Part 1"
    • Ryan forgets to hit the capture button before syncing the first time. Kdin gets to insert another 'lovely' message into the footage.
    On-screen text: Pro Tip: It helps if you hit the capture button first, Ryan. -Love, Kdin
    • Gavin gives Ryan a "Would you...?" question where he would get a million dollars but only be allowed to use each word once in that year. Ryan replies "Oh, I could make myself understood..."
    • The 'Next Time on Let's Build' is Gavin putting the sign up with Kdin's name.
  • Let's Build: "The Credits Part 2 "me
    • Geoff puts a capital H into the wall in iron ore without realising it. Ryan adds a capital I underneath it.
    • More footage problems, another Kdin on-screen message!
    On-screen text: At this point Gavin's footage committed seppuku. But here's what I assume the sign he's writing says: Caleb Denecour "Disc Golf" Enthusiast
  • Let's Build: "Dropping List"
    • At one point Geoff leaves the room and 'tags in' Ryan to help Gavin continue the build while he's gone. Instead the two of them talk about bad food, sex and what exactly makes a kitchen a kitchen while circling each other.
    • Geoff finds a column of dirt with a pumpkin on top and asks Gavin what it is. Gavin asks if it's the Negatower.
    • Geoff finds the site of where Ryan drowned Gavin in Shopping List:
    Geoff: See over here, this little thing? I dunno what this is from, somebody err... somebody's cave here.
    Gavin: Yeah, that's my dig-hole that Ryan drowned me.
    Geoff: Oh, really?
    Gavin: Yeah when we were doing Shopping List.
    Geoff: Should we cover it up? Or leave it?
    Gavin: Eh, it's a piece of history.
    Ryan: (off mic) Leave it!
    Gavin: Ryan says leave it.
    Geoff: Ryan says leave it...
    Gavin: The memories of my last breath...
    Ryan: (off mic) Otherwise I'll just have to do it again!
    (Geoff and Gavin laugh)
  • Let's Build: "Nega Tower Part 2"
    • During a discussion about how it was probably Kerry's fault that the Snowbound Let's Play was messed up, the text So cringeworthy is flashed on screen.
    • Gavin proposes one of the "You get... but..." questions that involves wiping the tip of his penis across the forehead of Geoff/Ryan as being the only way they can awaken but they get quarter of a million - but if Gavin is dead the wake-up call is no longer needed. Ryan remarks that Gavin is offering money for someone to murder him almost immediately.
    • While building the 'evil' door #4:
    Geoff: What's the most evil of the stones?
    Ryan: Kidney.
    • Geoff decides to show how the doors will work. He then runs through a situation where Jack is the contestant, and Ryan provides 'Jack's' voice. In the example 'Jack' gets a wooden sword.
    • "How excited are you for Xbox One worlds getting bigger?" "Me..."
  • Let's Build: "Halo CTF" teaches us that it's possible for Jack to get so confused and distracted by a backwards microphone that he can miss what's being said to him.
  • Let's Build: "Giant Creeper" - A 2 year old video showing the construction of the Creeper in the Field of Giants
    • The text at the start of the video before even the Let's Build title animation sums up the video's history well.
    Sometimes while building in minecraft, Geoff and Gav get drunk
    On one occasion they got REALLY drunk
    So drunk they debated whether the video was even usable
    The debate lasted almost 2 years
    Finally, they decided...
    Fuck it.
    • After the Let's Build title animation we see some live-action footage of Griffon, Geoff and Gavin making what they call a 'Creeper' cocktail. Just from their reactions, you can tell it's strong and thus the video is going to be amazing.
    • The video just gets funnier as it goes on and both men get drunker. Especially when drunk!Gavin accidentally sets off the Creeper while trying to find a place to put the lever. Thank god they'd just saved.
  • Let's Build: "Top Chef Part 1": has Lindsay, Kdin, Jeremy, and Matt building a future LP.
    • The story about Lindsay scamming kids out of their Pokémon cards at church.
    • They discover that you can turn a person invisible with a potion and spend a lot of time throwing the potions at each other.
  • Let's Build: "Top Chef Part 2": Continues the invisible potion fun.
    • At one point Matt finds a cat and tries to kill it leading to Lindsay and Jeremy trying to stop him (Jeremy accidentally hitting Lindsay with yet another invisibility potion in the process), and as soon as Matt kills the cat both Lindsay and Jeremy cry out.
  • Let's Build: "Top Chef Part 3": Extends the invisible potion fun.
    • At one point Lindsay gets up to get a drink and promptly falls on her face leading to one of the guys recording it and editing the video into the corner as she drags herself to the door.
  • Let's Build: "Legends of the Hidden Tower": Once again has fun with potions as Jeremy just starts throwing random potions at the others shouting, "I've got a potion for that!"
    • The following conversation happens as they attempt to level a village (using TNT naturally).
      Kdin: Shout out to Tumblr. Hey Tumblr, Meremy, there’s your shipping name.
      Jeremy: Don't do it. Don't do that please.
      Lindsay: It begins.
      Jeremy: Can I at least be on top?
      Kdin: No, you’re smaller than him.
      Jeremy: Dammit.
      Matt: (laughing at his explosions in the background)
      Kdin: However, you are a power bottom.
      Matt: (continues to laugh at the TNT)
      Jeremy: Thanks. What the hell just happened? Why did this blow up?
      Matt: Oh, are you guys fixing this?
  • Let's Build: "Legends of the Hidden Tower Part 2" has them coming up with team names. What do they settle on? The Brown Platypusses, The Magenta Mooshrooms, and The Cyan Squids
  • Let's Build: "Perfection Part 1" has the return of the potions.
    Kdin: Hey Jeremy it's a little dark over here.
    Kdin: Jeremy, Can you hook a brother up?
    Jeremy: (gasps) I have a potion for that!
    Kdin: Hit me!
    Jeremy: (throws a potion of Night Vision at Kdin while squealing with happiness) YAY!
  • In Let's Build: "Perfection Part 2", While timing a series of redstone they eventually discover that they wired it in a circle, meaning it will never end.
  • Let's Build: "Halloween Spooktacular" opens with Jeremy angry at Xbox Live because he cannot download the Halloween pack. This a recurring trend throughout the video as he continues to get messages from Xbox Live telling him he doesn't have the correct pack. Matt and Kdin say it's the xbox taunting him.
    • To add insult to injury, Jeremy can no longer make Matt and Kdin invisible thanks to a fan who told them that milk will reverse the effects (Matt claimed to know this but didn't say anything to let Jeremy have his fun)
    • Matt puts on a mask over the mask on his skin pack. Kdin puts on a mask too, only to have her dragon snout poking through.
    • During Part 3 we get this conversation
      Jeremy: Matt, what are you having for dinner tonight?
      Matt: ...
      Jeremy: What are you having for dinner?
      Matt: Bread sticks.
      Jeremy: How many?
      Matt: ...I ordered 48.
    • At the end of Part 3, Matt spawns an ocelot, which causes the other two to begin to throw potions of harming at said ocelot. Matt proceeds to hide inside a house to spawn another. However, Jeremy finds him on the map and kills it again, leading to Matt to hide in a second house and spawn a new ocelot. Right as he spawns it, the door opens and in flies a potion of harming, killing the ocelot.
  • In Let's Build Thanksgiving: After spending almost an hour building a Turkey made of wool in the middle of Achievement City Jeremy urges Matt to save the map, which he does, almost immediately Jeremy pours lava over the turkey. Unfortunately Matt saves right as he pours the lava leading to chaos.
    • Said chaos gets worse when Lindsay detonates some TNT on top of the turkey and the game autosaves...
    • Some Hilarious in Hindsight; it's funny just to see these guys (or Matt and Jeremy at least) building something that, later, they will have to be tormented by and participate in - Geoff basically volunteers them as replacements for Jack and Michael due to those two being gone.
  • In Let's Build Polar Express: Team Building Exercise has the task of building a village for the main group to deliver presents too. They make a sad depressed village full of orphans and a dumpster fire...
    • Jeremy discovers to his horror what happens when you put on a pumpkin with the texture pack they're using.
  • In Let's Build New Years: Jeremy is absent and later on is the one editing the video, so the other members of TBE talk smack about him as he inserts a face cam of himself on screen...

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