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Let's Play and Things to Do in:

  • Geoff and Michael playing co-op in Saints Row: The Third has Geoff refusing to use weapons, opting to instead punch everyone they meet in the dick.
    Geoff: I'm declaring war on genitals.
  • Jack and Joel's "guides" to finding skulls and terminals in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Highlights include Cortana and Master Chief bickering over a terminal (with 343 Guilty Spark as referee), Joel failing to obtain a skull after showing multiple failed grenade jumps, and Halo exploding after picking up the last skull.
  • Let's Play Trials Evolution. The ending is priceless. For those who haven't seen it, Michael has been screwed over time and time again by people, bailing across the finish. (Not to mention the original Trials is the game that frustrated him enough to start doing Rage Quit). At the end, every person except Michael bails at once and misses the finish line- Michael goes from rage to joy immediately:
    Michael: (amidst laughter) Did all of you idiots bail out? All three of you bailed? I won by default.
    • That's not to say that the rest of it wasn't funny either. During their second game, Gavin finally gets the hang of bailing, taking the win from behind each time, causing Michael to rage. It doesn't help that Michael is usually ahead for the whole race.
  • Gavin (and Geoff's) "Pissing Off The Preacher" video for Skyrim. Video Game Cruelty Potential at its finest.
  • In the Max Payne 3 Let's Play:
    (Ray is complaining that Geoff is killing everyone with grenades)
    Geoff: Sorry dude, I have a good arm. What do you want? (Immediately throws a grenade Caboose-style into the wall he's hiding behind.) AAH! AAAH, FUCK, BLEW MYSELF UP.
  • In the Skyrim Olympics, Gavin and Michael both do okay in the archery. Ray, on the other had, misses the board entirely. Twice. He then takes his bad aiming further when he throws his shotput cabbage into a random corner. Thankfully for him, he made up for it with his second shot.
    • Ray joking that the British flag was Scotland's.
  • Michael and Gavin playing Slender has to be seen to be believed.
  • Ray and Michael get their brony on.
    • The ending, showing the Twilight Sparkle-themed armored player getting beheaded, elicits a Big "NO!" for Ray and Michael. Michael storms off to demand why Ryan put that there, while Ray notes how interesting it looked.
  • The playthrough of Terrorist Town leads to quite a few, considering how everybody is struck by Paranoia Fuel... or just offing somebody innocent to be a troll.
    • Ryan shoots Ray for having the same gun as the killer. He's completely innocent and Ray is left speechless. Even better, Michael is the traitor and outplays everybody.
    • "Shadles." A random player named "Shadowlz" was the traitor one round and actually hanged Ray's dead body, to all the AH guys' astonishment. He then proceeded to kill everyone in turn and win the round. The guys corrupted his name to "Shadles" and he's received shout outs in other Let's Plays since then.
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town part 2: the guys discover that, after being killed, you can possess inanimate objects. Hilarity Ensues, including a part where a bunch of them decide to possess the various rides in a playground.
    Jack: Wheeeeee! I'm a tire swing! Wheeeeee!
    • In one match, Jack writes out his name using a crowbar. Kerry comes along and adds to it, turning it into FUCK JACK.
    • And then, in the final match, Ray spends most of his time on a roof, sniping those he thinks are traitors. At the end, he's the only one left alive, aside from one more traitor, so he goes looking for the traitor...
  • This Is: Lego Lord of the Rings. As Michael and Fragger discuss the game, Gavin is trying his best to annoy Michael. Halfway through the video, Gavin begins screaming as Michael attacks him. Michael returns a short time later with "Sorry, had a phone call."
  • The Hidden Let's Play. It's practically another "Trouble in Terrorist Town" scenario.
    • Everyone is picked off until only Jack remains. Then he starts freaking out and shooting everything
    Jack: Oh, I think I just hit something!
    Ray: You hit a lot of things.
    • Geoff's attempts to both trying to help the other guys find the Hidden/create more paranoia
    Geoff: No, he's over by the box! A box moved upstairs!
    Ray: *looks around the room full of crates* A box huh...
    • Ray's constant use of the "Do you even lift" picture is pretty funny. The funniest time, however, is when Ray goes to put down the picture and immediately gets killed by the Hidden. Or when he stops and is killed just to spray it. Even better is how the YouTube video the picture came from was flooded by so many comments regarding the Let's Play the owner disabled comments.
  • Let's Play League of Legends, in which the AH cast demonstrate that none of them have any clue how to actually play the game.
    Gavin: I just punched what looked like Gyarados in the face. *gets obliterated by Baron Nashor*
  • Let's Play Dead Space 3 demo: At one point, Jack and Michael have to fight monsters in a room containing a giant spinning drill. While blasting monsters, Jack runs directly into the drill and gets shredded.
  • Let's Play Hawken: Michael accidentally pulls out a map in the middle of a fight, and Kerry comes back with a great one-liner:
    Michael: Oh, I opened my map! NO! SHIT!
    Ryan: There's a map?
    Michael: I opened, like, a, uh, a HUD screen in the middle of the fight. (explodes)
    Kerry: At least you know where you died. (everyone laughs)
    Michael: Oh, some random dude fucked me up. Goddammit.
    Geoff: That's funny, Kerry. That could go on a shirt.
    Kerry: Thank you.
    • Ray's attempt to hide and heal. Kerry finds him immediately (though accidentally). His tone is just hilarious (at 30:35)
    Ray: You don't see me. I am one with the wall. I am INCOGNITO (Kerry blasts him to death) Alright, you saw me.
  • Most of the background AHWU events.
  • Let's Play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
    • Their names. Ray's especially, as he constantly refers to himself as the "Grand Poobah of Penis."
    • Michael distracts Gavin, who's aiming his bow at him. Jack sneaks up behind Gavin and kills him.
    • Michael discovering that he can chop off other players' arms... and heads.
    • Michael decapitating a corpse, and later, Geoff de-legging another body.
    • In team play, Jack kills Ray twice without realizing it, until first Michael then Ray points it out.
    • Three of the AH guys kill an enemy at once, leaving a bloody torso on a bench.
  • Let's Play World of Warcraft consists of mostly Gavin's incompetence:
    • Gavin is trying to figure out how to make his character dance. Ray tells him to "press Enter and type '/dance'." Gavin types "slash dance."
    • Gavin forgets to turn in a quest to get a new one. He nearly completes the next quest before realizing he never actually got it, so he has to walk across the map, turn in the last quest, and redo the first one. With Jack's guidance.
  • Let's Play Moonbase Alpha is hilarious mostly cause of the Microsoft Sam like voice that reads out the comments.
    Voice: (in Monotone) It's not gay if it's on the moon.
    • The ending is the most hilarious part of the let's play it consists of the guys typing in a single letter repeatedly as the voice reads them all at the same time.
    Michael: This is how it ends?
  • Let's Play X-Men Arcade:
    • With only three enemies to go (Juggernaut, Mystique disguised as Magneto, and Magneto), Jack has 249 kills and needs one more to get an achievement. Of the other guys, Michael is the most encouraging towards Jack and hopeful that he'll get it. Guess who gets all three kills...
    • During a cutscene, the guys meet Kitty Pride. Geoff comments on her pants, and Gavin comes out of nowhere with a weird comment.
    Geoff: Nice pants, jackass. (In a weird voice) "Hi, guys! Look at me!"
    Gavin: Look at that sweet cameltoe! (Everyone else laughs)
    • Gavin is The Load of the game. He spent the entire game doing the jump attack and missing almost every time, despite the fact that the screen would be covered with enemies. He used an attack that wasn't the jump attack a grand total of three times. The second-lowest score is approximately 170 kills; Gavin ends with fifteen.
      Gavin: Spike attack!
  • The reveal of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play channel. Highlights include:
    • Ryan waving in the background before he, Ray, Michael and Gavin dropping back down into the ground.
    • Gavin somehow cutting Geoff's thumb... then, Geoff shows it off to Jack.
    • As Jack is giving off the schedule, you can see Gavin stand up, back to the camera then sit back down, and Michael failing to stand on his head.
  • All of the Bad Bad Acting in Let's Play Wednesday.
    • At the very beginning, Ray crumples up his script when he realizes that he doesn't actually have any lines. For the rest of the video he just stands there giving confused reactions to Gavin and Michael's "performance", while occasionally messing with their scripts.
  • Let's Play Survivors Beta 3 (basically a Slender rip-off) has Michael's constant dying. In one round, Michael dies about 30 seconds in. At the end, they have found 10 of the 11 "lists" and are looking for the last one... only for Michael to die, without warning, inexplicably, 10 seconds before Ryan finds the final list and the game ends. And he was the only one to die.
    • At one point, Gavin was the only one left alive. He remains the only one alive...for almost four minutes. The others (who can sometimes see the creature on their screens after they die) have no idea why he hasn't died a hundred times over as he's attacked at least 10 times. When he finally does die, he's not even ripped apart.
    • When all players are killed, the message that appears is "Your are all DEAD".
    • Geoff's continuous bluster about how the game isn't scary at all. Guess who ends up screaming the most in this LP?
      Michael: "It's not as scary in a group. I feel protected by Geoff-"
      Geoff: "OH, WHAT WAS THAT?!"
      Ryan: "Whoa! Whoa, what?!" (everyone starts panicking)
      Michael: "Nevermind..."
    • In the second game, they've decided to split into two teams. Ryan takes about five steps...and loses Geoff.
    • Ryan's constant griping about the lack of textures on many of the buildings in the game.
    • In the behind the scenes video, we see that, when Geoff freaks out, he also flails his arms in shock and when he dies, he gets pissed off and throws his headsets on the ground.
      • Also, when Gavin flips out in shock, he does throw his mouse.
  • Gavin gets his finger stuck in his desk.
  • Let's Play Mass Effect 3 Podcast Crew: Gus manages to load into the match. No one else does, leading to Gus panicking and trying to save everyone, who are just standing there.
    • Burnie wanders into Collector territory and is downed.
    Burnie: "Do I hit A to die faster?, or..."
    • Burnie fires a sniper rifle at a Collector who's ten feet in front of him, tapping into his inner Church, he misses the head of the trooper several times before it's killed by Joel.
    Gavin: "I saw you literally make an outline around that guy's head."
    • Everyone's reaction to the Praetorian. Especially Joel and Gavin's attempts at explaining it to Gus.
    Joel: "Big trouble. Big big trouble."
    Gavin: "Ohh, you weren't kidding!"
    Gus: "Whatcha got?"
    Joel: "Big trouble."
    Gavin: "Praetorian."
    Gus: "Whatcha got??"
    Gavin: "Praetorian."
    Gus: "What?"
    Gavin: "Praetorian."
    Gus: "What does that mean?"
    Joel: "It's like a big car. A walking car-"
    Gavin: "Like a laser eye beetle. Dung beetle of death."
    Joel: "Dung beetle of death."
    Gus: "What?" (walks in to the scene) "HOLY SHIT!"
    • The top rated comment on YouTube sums it up nicely.
      Caboose, Church, Simmons and a Creeper play Mass Effect 3. The galaxy is fucked.
      • And the really terrifying thing is that Joel (Caboose) is the most experienced with the game.
  • Things To Do In Red Dead Redemption: King of the Mountain is a King of the Hill-style game, where the guys gather at the highest point of the map and try to punch each other off the mountain. But the hilarity starts before they even begin: While Gavin tries to reach Michael at the waypoint, he falls down the mountain and dies twice.
    • Later, when Geoff, Michael, and Ryan are trying to make their way up the steep cliff path, Gavin starts shooting them from the top. However, he falls off and dies, his body sliding down the path past everyone.
    • In revenge, Ryan later shoots Gavin dead while he is trying to climb the mountain.
    • After Geoff finds a high peak with an incredibly sheer drop, Michael agrees before chucking throwing knives from that point. About 30 seconds later, he steps straight off the mountain and dies.
    • In response, Michael predicts that Gavin will fall off the cliff before he makes it back up the mountain. His prediction is proven correct.
    • Before their third round, Michael jumps off a short drop near the KOTM peak. His character grabs his head and stumbles around... right off the cliff, something Geoff's character had almost done earlier.
    • Just before that round starts, Ryan sticks a throwing knife in Gavin's hand. Everyone comments that Gavin is now Wolverine.
  • Ryan's buzzer prank.
  • "Things To Do In: Red Dead Redemption - Horse Joust
    • Before the round begins, everyone grabbing a horse. Gavin can't find one and is forced to ride a donkey, leading him to ask "Why do I have to be the one riding an ass?"
    • The first round begins and the first to fall is Gavin, thanks to Ray killing his donkey and Michael stepping on Gavin's head.
    • The first round ends with Ray and Jack mutual killing their horses, followed by Jack winning.
  • Trials Evolution - Achievement PIG #64 has the entire video of Jack and Geoff talking about Jack's experiences in Canada without talking once about the game. Seeing as Jack won handily, it's not a surprise.
  • Let's Play Skate 3:
    • Gavin's player character is an obese blue-haired person wearing a wife-beater.
      Ray (when it's Gavin's turn): Fatty McBiglarge is going.
    • Gavin's second attempt at bailing from the quarry in Hall of Meat mode. He tries to press the instant-bail button combination (both triggers and click in both sticks) but he instead ends up landing a 180 coffin air from the cliff to a nearby building on complete accident, lets go of his board, and smacks into the floor and flops around a bit.
      Ray: You landed the trick and threw the board!
      Geoff: That was the most unintentionally awesome move ever!
    • Geoff's third attempt at bailing from the quarry. He skates forward toward the cliff... and hits a 2-inch pole and loses all his momentum without bailing.
      Jack: You found the one pole to hit.
    • Then during the docks level, Geoff flies off the starting area only to hit... lag, completely throwing him off-course.
    • Immediately after this, Gavin gets another fail when he runs off the starting zone.
  • In the Let's Play for Fuel, the gang orders pizza and realize that they don't want to stop to go get the pizza to have. So, they get Lindsay to get it. Then, when they find out she put it in the kitchen, the gang has to decide whose going to fetch the pizza before everyone else steals it away. Thus, Ray makes the sacrifice and grabs the pizza. Then, he opts to go get everyone drinks and napkins and, while he's gone, they quickly turn his car around to face the other direction to confuse him.
    • If anyone had seen the end of the almost two-hour long Let's Play, then they'll know about who won Geoff's present for completing the drive first. Michael won a picture of Geoff to put on his desk.
    • At around 40 minutes, there's a discussion on barrels where Ryan snarks off to Gavin.
    Gavin: Imagine a barrel, Ryan. And that's what you're looking for.
    Ryan: "Imagine a barrel", alright. Let me think reeeaally hard.
    Gavin: What's the most impressive barrel you've ever imagined?
    Ryan: I can't say I've ever imagined a barrel.
    Gavin: You've never thought about a barrel in your head? You've only ever seen them and not thought about them?
    Ryan: In what frame of reference would I be in that all of a sudden I thought, "I need to picture a barrel RIGHT now."
    Gavin: Yeah I mean, there must've been a time where you were thinking about a barrel, but you couldn't see a barrel.
    Ryan: No, there must not have been a time where I was thinking about a barrel. I never put anybody in a barrel, I never stored anything in a barrel, why would I have a barrel? Until we had this conversation, I think this is the most times I've ever said the word "barrel".
    • Around an hour and a half in, Jack starts talking about his trip to Mianus, Connecticut, which slowly devolves into Jack and Gavin making puns revolving around the name. Then after Geoff tells them to stop, Ray starts adding "In Mianus?" after every comment.
    • Near the beginning (8:50), the gang tries to figure out how they're gonna format the Let's Play - either in multiple parts or in one long video. Geoff, then, declares that it will be one long video, prompting a cutaway to one of the video editors, who flips off the camera with the caption "FUCK YOU" in big bold green letters.
      • Later on (1:23:55), Jack mentions that they should make sure the editors have no means of hurting themselves with. Cut to the previous editor giving another a knife... then a gun... then a crossbow.
    • At one point (1:39:33), Gavin is so into the game, we cut to show Ryan balancing objects on Gavin's head, ending it with a can of Diet Coke. He balances it.
  • "Let's Play Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
    • During the fourth wave, Gavin reveals that they can enter the house and decide to barricade themselves in there. However, when Gavin opens the door, he completely misses the doorframe, thus jumping into the wall.
      • A few moments later, Ryan throws some dynamite into the doorway way too close, knocking him and Geoff down and taking out Michael.
    • While they're waiting to start the next game, Gavin and Michael start punching it out. Michael's caught off guard as Gavin's character leaps into the air.
    • In the middle of the second game's first round, Michael muses that, if a Zombie Apocalypse happened in real life, they could handle it. He, then, shoot's Gavin's character in the head.
    • As they start the final round, the gang muses what Jack and Ray were doing. At first they surmise that they were giving each other handjobs. Geoff corrects it by saying that Jack was giving Ray a handjob while Ray was just playing video games.
      • At the end, It's down to Michael in Sudden Death. As he's running to keep the horde away from him, Gavin tells him "Keep running - soon, enough time'll pass and it'll be GTA, then you can get a car."
  • Every time Gavin does a Five Facts. Most notable is the Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game which Gavin never played.
    • They had to do the intro three times because Gavin keeps yelling "CLOSE THE DOOR"
    Ryan: When you're trying to think of hard math, was "long division" really the hardest math you could come up with?
  • Let's Play: Cloudberry Kingdom. While Ray and Geoff are gone, you'd think it would be fairly peaceful. However, the crazy platformer easily creates chaotic hilarity with menacing lasers, spike walls, etc. Michael varies from being a screaming lunatic to being the only one left alive.
    Gavin: We are losing our minds!
    • "I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes...!"
    • Part 8 ends with them all sticking their avatars between two bouncy blocks and just enjoying it after the torture that was the last few levels.
    • Ryan gets the hiccups.
    • Level 273 gives them jetpacks and only moves when they do. This leads to a lot of hesitation and running forward only to fly back to the start to avoid lasers. Also:
      Gavin: "I don't even know where... where would we go?"
      Jack: "Right?"
  • "Red Dead Redemption Races":
    • Ray kicking a goat in the nuts, which quickly escalates into all the guys chasing around animals to abuse.
    • Gavin's horse always stopping, falling or bucking him off before he crosses the finish line.
  • Red Dead Redemption: Bear Puncher:
    • The name kinda says it all. The AH gang trying to beat a bear to death with their bare hands. The group runs through the snowy forest after every bear they find like a bunch of madmen until they come to the realization halfway through the episode that it is, in fact, impossible to punch a bear to death. They then spend the remainder of the episode derping around the world farming XP.
      • Just the sight of six angry cowboys hauling ass after a grizzly trying to beat it to death. The entire crew continuously lampshades the absurdity of it.
      • Special mention to Gavin, who manages to fall down a mountain....right into a bear, who immediately mauls him to death, before proceeding to gut Michael right after.
      • Geoff's comments throughout the first half of the video are either incredibly punny....or gut-bustingly hilarious.
      Geoff (after punching a bear): Come here bitch, I'mma show you human ingenuity.
    • While the rest of the group fight bandits after giving up on the bear, Gavin instead leaves the group on the back of his donkey, Mervin. Periodically, the episode will cut from the action with the main group to Gavin and Mervin trotting leisurely and serenely along a road, a cliff, and eventually a railroad track. At least, until the two fall off a bridge and drown.
  • Any of the videos with Joel and Adam playing horror games, with them just constantly bickering, getting lost and getting attacked.
    • My favorite has always been when they play Outlast. Joel is relatively calm while Adam is constantly screaming and snapping at Joel. Props to all the times they spend hiding in the lockers.
    Joel: Okay, I'm going to open the door (horrendous scream of someone being tortured or killed) I'm gonna keep the door closed.
  • Assassin's Creed 4 leads to many hilarious moments, often when one person either murders an unsuspecting victim or escapes their pursuer just in the nick of time.
    • Gavin as "The Dandy" is absolutely hilarious, especially whenever he or someone else says "The Daaaandy!" in a mock British accent.
      • The fact that Gavin, who's actually British, adopts an even more British-sounding accent when he says "The Daaaandy!" is a moment in and of itself.
      • In the third round of the second part, Geoff claims the Dandy before Gavin can. "Someone out-Dandied me!"
    • Gavin spends a lot of the second part on the roof. This either allows him to swoop down from above, or causes him to get stabbed from behind unexpectedly.
    • Ryan's reaction at one point to Gavin killing him:
    Ryan: Why would you do that?! You got blood on your cuffs! The lace is ruined!
    • At one point, two people get caught between the doors throughout the map, freaking out for several seconds until they open again.
    • Gavin starts off the third round in the second part by finding a fiddler and dancing to the music. This allows Ryan to easily find and kill him.
  • RT Noire: Joel sets audio of him trying to find out where his stapler went to video of La Noire, with Jack as the primary suspect.
  • "Let's Play Goat Simulator". Drunk Michael and Gavin playing for the very first time.
    • Their... odd way of complimenting Joel.
    Michael: You know what I hear about Joel Heyman? That... like, the most common thing?
    Gavin: What?
    Michael: Enormous penis.
    —>Gavin: And huge! And, like, really good, sort of... just everyday activity and hair.
  • "Let's Play Starwhal: Just the Tip Part 2"
    • Each player chooses their rider for their Starwhal. This makes it easier for the viewer to know who is controlling each but the tiny bodies and large heads just look ridiculous.
    • Geoff making some very high-pitched noises of caution that make him sound like a very cautious ghost. Michael especially seems to find it funny.
    • "Do you ever wiggle your tip for a bigger surface area?" Oh Gavin...
  • Let's Play - Mario Kart 8. Ryan's completely incompetent at Mario Kart.
    Ryan: *referring to his car* It, uh, doesn't turn very well.
    Ashley: Well that's because you're Metal Mario. Metal Mario is heavy.
    Ryan: Why didn't anyone tell me that?!
    Ashley: You picked him because he looked cool.
    Ryan: He was shiny...
  • "Let's Play Speed Runners". The use of the CLAW.
    • In one of the rounds, Ray grimly predicts that he's going to get fucked by the spikes. The round is then over immediately because everyone BUT Ray managed to impale themselves. They all break out laughing and mutters about the "classic Ray move"
    • The same level has Michael use the Claw powerup to snag Ray... only to land on the aforementioned spikes, giving Ray the last win he needed on the level.
  • "Lets Play Prop Hunt Part 1" overall is hilarious but a few moments stand out.
    • The Gents' choices of usernames: An Innocuous Barrel/Ryan, NotaBarrel/Jack and I'm not a toilet/Geoff
    • Ray enters the laundry room on the first map and accidentally turns into a washing machine, getting stuck in the doorway. The Gents find him wedged with his back to them, shoot him a bit... then leave.
    • Gavin as a banana.
    Gavin: "Banana on the run!!"
    • Ray's in-game text taunts.
    Ray: (disguised as a milk bottle) Got milk?
    Ray: (disguised as a milk bottle) Moooooooooo!
    Ray: (disguised as a computer tower) Ryan the PC guy. Can't even find me.
    • The best moment was the Lads' turn to hide in the sewer level - both Ray and Michael go for the same prop, resulting in Ray turning into a push-cart and spawning into Michael, preventing Michael from swapping out of the default mannequin form... or moving at all, for that matter.
    Ray: Gavin, it's up to you.
    Michael: Gavin, remember us!
  • "Lets Play Prop Hunt Part 2"
    • Jack finds Michael wedged in a wall as a bookcase and is not convinced he's a prop even when shooting the original prop takes him down to 10 health. His efforts to crowbar Michael to death lead to him getting stuck:
      Jack: "Well I'm stuck in this thing now..."
      Ryan: (in an offhand manner) "Sucks to be you..."
      Jack: "Ryan, we're on the same damn team!"
    • Geoff's efforts to disguise as a prop in the Gents' second turn at it somehow launching a desk across the room as he tries to grab the (small) prop he's after.
    • Everyone trying to remember the name of the oddly-named drink Gavin mentioned in Let's Build Mega Tower Part 2.
      Geoff: "You going to get a... Sport, or a Sprou— what was that fuckin' drink Gavin was talking about the other day?"
      Jack: "Fwit?"
      Geoff: "S-s— Twip?"
      Ryan: "Lust!"
      Jack: "Chomp."
      Geoff: "Blop?"
      Ray: "Zest."
      Jack: "Flit?"
      Gavin: "Yeah, I'll have a lovely swig of 'Twip'."
      Ryan: "Lisp!"
      Jack: "Lint? What was it?"
      Gavin: (sing-song) "Liiilt!"
      All: "Lilt!"
      Ray: "What the hell's 'Lilt'?"
      Jack: "Lilt's the diet version of WONK."note 
    • Ryan's panicked prop changing as he runs from Gavin: from a locker, to a chair, to a drinks machine, to an armchair...
    • At one point the Lads give chase to a fleeing water bottle. Only problem is none of the Gents are a water bottle... The Lads don't believe it though.
    • The crates in the kitchen of one map seem to have a tendancy to explode upwards when they're even barely touched by any player even dead ones.
    • Gavin sacrifices himself to grenade Ryan. It's so funny Jack doesn't even notice when Ray finds and kills him.
    • Michael with a rocket launcher. Nuff said.
  • "Lets Play - The Forest"
    • During the opening cutscene the airplane Ryan's character and the character's child are riding starts to plummet from the air. Ryan's reaction to the child? "You're not wearing your seatbelt!"
    • While getting his bearings, Ryan sees the headless shadow of his avatar.
    Ryan: "Uhh, guys? I don't think I survived the crash!"
    • Ryan's first approach of the natives with a tennis ball.
    Ryan: "Sports fans?" (throws the ball at them, they begin to run towards him) "Not sports fans!" (turns and runs)
  • "Lets Play - The Forest Part 2"
    • While exploring the beach they find a dead and naked human body. Ryan decides to give it a little 'tap' with the fireaxe.
      Ryan: (raising the axe) "So can I...?"
      (he hits the body, it explodes)
      All: "Ohhhhhhh!"
      Ray: "My god!"
      Geoff: "Gross! Jesus!"
      Michael: "Shit!"
      • Then Ryan picks up half a leg and freaks out even more.
    • While sitting by the fire and examining his avatar-hand, a wild bird comes and lands on it. It then glitches out and CONSTANTLY keeps coming and 'landing' there before flying off for the rest of the video. Eventually they nickname it Claurice/Gavin.
  • "Let's Play - The Stomping Land"
    • When they all finally manage to come together in one place a dinosaur attacks their camp. Ray tries to revive someone on the ground and instead discovers that it's possible to tie the legs of another player and drag them around behind you.
    • Near the end, somehow, other people join their game. Geoff and Lindsay get kidnapped.
      • The best part is the resulting banter. The players react with dismay when they realize no one is coming to save them.
      OneEye: No friends? Is anyone going to save you?
      Michael: You can have him.
  • "Let's Play - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II"
    • The Hungarian alcohol having such a horrible taste that Geoff turns red, Gavin can't stop coughing, Jack looks pretty sick after drinking it and Michael basically doesn't react at all.
  • "Let's Play - Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark"
    • Jack almost immediately works out how to transform to vehicle mode and jumps Geoff and Gavin in car-form. Then Gavin transforms too and they do a few jump stunts just before the first enemy wave.
    • A classic Gavin line:
      Gavin: (shooting an enemy) "Oh! Bloody car came out of nowhere... what's the speed limit in this room?"
    • Jack is serious.
      Jack: "I will shoot you, then roll out!"
    • The team name "Team Congress" is decided upon for the team-up of Geoff, Jack and Gavin. This leads to a brief discussion of 'the old days' when they worked together and Gavin reveals that there's a Vimeo video out there somewhere of Geoff with 50 pieces of gum in his mouth.
    • Gavin is downed and Jack drives over there in car-form to revive him.
      Jack: "Here I'll heal you, uber!"
      Gavin: (makes what only can be described as a 'delighted Gavin noise')
    • Gavin activates flame jets, wonders why they don't seem to be responding then yells when they turn on directly behind him all of a sudden.
    • Gavin reflects that this Let's Play is what it'd be like if AH had never hired anyone else, then turns to see a large enemy transformer behind him and screams.
  • "Let's Play - Seven Days To Die"
    • Jack is the first to run into zombies and a dog zombie is the first to attack. When the zombie dog attacks, Jack questions if the dog is punching back.
    • Jack and Ryan are the first to meet up and they get to see what they look like. Jack promptly punches Ryan in the face.
    • Jack and corn. Seriously, he just enjoys it.
    • After getting their house, they proceed to tear a chunk of the floor out and Gavin hops in with a shovel and starts digging. When he digs plenty far down, they realize they can't get him back out. Jack comments that he looks like "baby Jessica down the fucking well."
  • "Let's Play: 7 Days to Die Part 2"
    • Their reactions when they realize the zombies can dig. After spending an hour building a trench to trap them.
    • At one point, a deer Ryan is hunting runs into the house and starts jumping around. Jack lampshades that animals are still attracted to Ryan's house.
  • "Let's Play: Trine 2"
    • Jack is playing as Zoya the thief, and on assigning skill points sees an ability called "Frozen Arrows" and starts singing "Let it Go" in a high-pitched voice. Then they all start laughing because Jack's singing caught Gavin off-guard and he sprayed some of the whiskey he was drinking across Jack's desk and some got up his nose.
  • "Let's Play: 7 Days To Die Part 3"
    • Ryan reveals he used to be a professional model. Everybody proceeds to mock him throughout the rest of the episode. Upon revealing he once posed in a magazine, Geoff begs the Internet to go find the image for him to laugh at.
    • The pipe bombs.
      • Ryan gathers everyone to watch him throw one at the zombies in the trench. Nothing happens. That night, Geoff has just moved away from maintaining the fortifications for a moment when it suddenly goes off. A big portion of the front wall goes, wiping out their defensive strategy.
      Ryan: "I'm so happy."
      • The first time Gavin uses one, he lights it indoors and panics when he doesn't know where to throw it. He manages to kill himself and take out a chunk of the kitchen.
      • The second time, he panics when he sees a zombie indoors and throws a bomb inside, though it doesn't cause any damage and fails to kill the zombie.
      • The third time, the gang are fighting a horde and he decides it's the perfect time to use one. Rather than throw it, he runs straight into the mob while holding onto it and is killed. When he revives and makes his way back to his equipment, he picks up the pipe bomb and it immediately blows up in his face.
    • Ryan manages to make helmets for some of the team, and Gavin eventually wonders whether they're bullet-proof. Ryan immediately points a rifle at Gavin's head and kills him.
      Ryan: "I think Gavin forgot that he was also wearing a helmet."
    • Their attempt to build a Tower of Pimps in-game leaves them with an L-shaped block that they ultimately decide to leave as-is and dub "The Tetris block of Pimps" and "The Tower of Planks".
  • "Let's Play: 7 Days to Die Part 4"
    • Gavin, in his infinite wisdom, disobeys the classic Minecraft golden rule "Don't dig straight down" and ends up stuck in a deep 1-block-wide hole under the house. Ryan ends up spending half the Let's Play just trying to get him out.
      • Ryan tries to throw a pipe bomb into the hole. It just bounces around the opening and nearly kills Ryan.
      • At one point, Gavin tries to shoot his way out of the hole.
    • The physics engine makes itself known.
      • After Ryan and Gavin escape the pit, they come across a bridge and try to cross it. Cue random pieces of wood falling out from under Ryan and Gavin.
      • While walking on top of a factory, the roof collapses under Geoff. He lands on a support beam, only for that to collapse and send him plummeting to the ground.
      • Near the end of the Let's Play, Gavin tries to create a watch tower on one of the houses. Due to the weight of the stones being too heavy to support, the whole roof collapses on Michael, Ray and Ryan.
      • In the last minute of the video, Ryan, Ray, Gavin, and Michael all decide to return to the bridged house when Michael mentions he has a cooking pot (so they can cook food and eat and etc.). Just a moment prior to their return, they had blocked off the ladder so that the zombies couldn't climb up and attack them on the second floor. Things were fine until the zombies started destroying the blocks that were the base of the second floor. Cue group Oh Craps when the floor collapses underneath the AH members. Ray is cornered and killed by the awaiting zombies, Ryan dies from fall damage, and Gavin ends up trapped in a ledge just out of reach of the zombies as Michael who escaped back across the bridge just watches in disbelief laughing. Geoff and Jack, in a different location, calmly decide to just hang out.
  • Let's Play - Samurai Gunn
    • After Michael starts an ungodly win streak, Michael starts questioning if this is how it feels to be Ray.
  • Let's Play Payday 2 Part 2:
    • Ray decides to distract a guard by chatting up a hooker who is invisible to Gavin leading to Ray and Jack standing in an alley trying to show Gavin where the hooker is while a security guard stares at them.
    • Ryan gets arrested while trying to sneak up on a guard and put on his mask on the third play through.
  • Let's Watch P.T.
    • Throughout the first half of his run through the game, Geoff's solution to the game scaring him is to walk backwards through it.
    Ryan: "Geoff's asshole met every darkness"
    Michael: "Do you think that, in real life, the demonic monster would just be walking backwards behind him saying "Damnit, turn around already!"
    • Geoff's astute observation as to the nature of the...thing in the bathroom sink; "It's the Reedus Fetus!''
    • Lindsey makes an interesting prediction of her future;
    Lindsey: "This is it, this is what my future is!"
    Ray: "Your future is Norman Reedus in a haunted bathroom with a fetus?"
    • Jack's very odd fears involving bathrooms;
    Jack: "Oh, there's a toilet in there!"
    Ryan: "Why is that a scary statement?!" (imitating Jack) "Oh no somebody forgot to flush, there's a floater!"
    • Another odd fear of his is bugs, he has a mini freak out upon seeing them crawling up the wall the first time and keeps mentioning every time he sees them.
    • Jack's interesting take on a suspended fridge dripping blood, accompanied by a crying baby.
    Jack: "It's a party now!"
    Michael: "It's a party, it's a fetus frenzy!"
    Ray: "This is like me when I play The Sims and get the fridge stuck in the ceiling. It's really bizarre."
  • Although it was removed from their main YouTube channel, their video in Forza 4 has quite a few moments of hilarity in it. They play Car Soccer, Lads vs. Gents. In the first game Michael, Ray, Gavin, Jack and Ryan pick cars with a good balance of maneuverability and speed. Geoff picks the Hummer H1, because they've got damage set to 'realistic'.note 
    • Skip to 17:21. Once Geoff smashes into Ray to immobilize him and ends up also flipping himself, he simply does not stop laughing for over a minute. It's amazing.
  • Let's Watch: Slender: The Arrival
    • This time, it's just Geoff subjected to playing the game, with the (less-than) helpful backup of Michael, Ray, and Jack.
    • The video starts out slow but really gets going around 20 minutes in when Geoff encounters a living charred body. When he turns to leave, a picture of children playing flashes on the screen. How does Geoff react?
    Geoff: "(panicked screams)"
    Michael: "Geoff is such a treat when he goes to housewarming parties." (imitating Geoff) "AHHHH...what a lovely family"
    • Later they theorize that the (distinctly female) scream that they are investigating was in fact made by another Geoff from the future.
    • At one point, Geoff hears some very distinct rustling, and concludes its coming from the player character. While standing still. It takes him another minute and another pause before realizing:
    Geoff: "That's not me!" (begins spinning in circles)
    • Geoff is trying to find the last note on the porta potty:
    Michael: There's bound to be a porta potty up here.
    Ray: If you had to shit, where would you go?
    Geoff: In my pants, Ray.
    Ray: Alright, that's... damnit.
    • While trying to start the generators in the mines, Geoff gets caught by the hooded person chasing him and enters the fetal position.
    Jack: "Geoff, your feet were tapping on the floor!"
    • During their second encounter, Geoff's bravery quickly turns to fear.
    (Geoff rounds a corner and comes face to face with the thing chasing him)
    Geoff: "Oh, AH, YEEEEEAH" (spins the flashlight all over the room before turning and running away)
    Jack: "I like that you focused the flashlight on the floor"
    Michael: "You hit all over the floor and then screamed 'yeah'"
    Geoff: (whimper) I'm getting really bored guys. Getting really bored.
    Michael: Do you start to tear up and shake when you're bored?
    Geoff: Yeah.
  • Let's Play - Evolve Big Alpha
    • The Hunters follow Ryan's 'dog' Daisy to find Jack!Goliath. The first thing Jack does when cornered? Eats Daisy.
    • This quote:
      Ryan: "I have one one job! Follow the dog and drop harpoons! ... That's two jobs, but counting isn't one of my jobs!"
    • Jack chases Geoff:
      Jack: "Where'd Geoff go? Come here Geoff. Why are you running from me?" (uses his fire breath to toast Geoff flying in front of him)
      Geoff: "You sound close... also I SEEM TO BE ON FIRE!" (dies)
      Jack: (laughing) "'You sound close'."
    • Part 2 Ryan goes Zen
      Ryan: "I'm a confusing beast, To hunt The Ryan you must understand The Ryan!"
      Lindsay: "I will never understand The Ryan."
      Ryan: "And thus you will never catch The Ryan."
      • This follows on from Jack asking him what his monster name is and Ryan just answering "Ryan the Monster...!" which quickly turns into a trailer for a feel-good movie.
    • Ryan takes the fight to the Hunters.
      Ryan: "I'm hurting people! I'm hurting people! I can't stop hurting people!!!"
    • This.
      Ryan: "Use your ears... look; the clear mating signs of a monster..."
      Lindsay: "Yo, who wants to fuck?"
  • Let's Play - Trials Fusion: Community Supercross
    • Jack crashing at the end of the first course leads to a Funny Background Event:
      Jack: Goddammit! I got excited 'cause of the finish line!
      Michael: You got excited because you saw Ryan in a kilt.
      Ryan (in background): Hey boys!
    • Moments later, Jack nearly gets to the end of the first race and accidentally bails prematurely, disqualifying himself and leaving Michael, Ray, and Geoff to attempt to finish the race. It proves so difficult for them that they essentially do a group Rage Quit and bail themselves.
  • Let's Play - Kirby's Return To Dreamland
    • During the opening cutscene Ryan starts doing sound effects... at least for all the blinking going on.
    • They discover it's possible to ride on another player's back. This inevitably leads to a totem pole.
    • They decide to see if Michael as Kirby can eat the others.
      Michael: "I'll stand on the left..."
      Gavin: "Eat all of us. Free lunch!"
      Ryan: "How does it work?"
      Gavin: "Oh god."
      Ryan: (as Michael is trying to suck them in) "I'll go in... no."
      Michael: "I can't eat you... hold let me try shaking it..."
      Gavin, Ray and Ryan: (as they're sucked in) "AAAHH!"
      Michael: "Yup, there we go."
    • Gavin begins eating Michael when he changes to Kirby too, resulting in a 'suck-off' that Ryan gets caught in the middle of.
      Ryan: "I'm deep in the pink!"
    • Gavin deciding to constantly try to eat the other three guys, then Michael gets fed up and eats him and walks into a death pit with Gavin in his belly.
    • Ray and Ryan kissing as Dedede and Meta Knight.
  • Let's Play - Assassin's Creed Unity Co-op
    • Ray starts off the video revisiting one of his Old Shame catchphrases in a funny manner.
      Ray: "Just blaze." (smokebombs the area)
    • Ryan expressing disappointment that their second mission is to rescue someone from a guillotine instead of watching it happen.
    • They get downed.
      Ryan: (very close to bleeding out entirely and making a load of death noises) "Bleehhh... Bleeeeeeeeeeh." (Geoff runs up to him, Ryan dies, in same tone of voice) "You let me die."
      Geoff: "You up?"
      Ryan: (still in the dying voice) "You let me die."
      Geoff: "I was holding B."
      Ryan: (STILL in the dying voice) "You didn't hold it hard enough and now I'm deeeeeeead!"
    • Geoff encounters an odd bug where he can't attack the enemies around him, but they aren't attacking him too. It fixes later when he runs inside a building, but then two dead enemies merge into one enemy while being stabbed (there's even a slow-motion replay in case you didn't notice first time).
  • Let's Play - Assassin's Creed: Unity Heist
    • During the heist Ryan accidentally does a hay bale leap while trying to drop onto a balcony to take out a sniper. A minute later Ray leads a crowd of enemies past the bale and Ryan starts picking them off one by one.
      Ryan: "I'm the deadliest bale of hay ever! Stab!"
    • Ryan finds one of the highlighted chests but is left dealing with a room full of enemies, asking why the others aren't there to help him. When they eventually show up, he's won.
      Ryan: (sarcastically) "Oh thanks guys, glad you could make it."
      (gets message "Cannot interact when there is conflict nearby")
      Ryan: '"Cannot interact when there is conflict nearby... Guys! We need to resolve our differences. We gotta bury the hatchet."
  • Let's Play - Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Part 2
    • The game freezes at the 7 minute 30 second mark. The four of them are too distracted talking about Dante's Peak to notice, so whoever got to edit the video gets to have a good long on-screen snark at their expense.
      It's been pretty dark here for a while huh?
      I wonder when they'll realise the game froze
      Let's give it a minute and see where this goes
      Surely they've figured it out by now right?
      Any minute now... I'm sure of it...
      Almost there... I can feel it...
      There we go! Finally! Thanks for that Ray
      Activating Technical Difficulties in 3, 2, 1
      (cue Technical Difficulties)
  • Let's Play - Vindictus
    • When they start the mission there's a cutscene that introduces us to each of the four player's characters... only Ryan's is too busy picking up a pumpkin and so the screen just focuses on his back as he bends down to grab it.
    • Each boss battle ends with freeze frame close-ups of their characters. They can either be epic or funny, depending on what everyone happened to be doing at the time.
    • Ray discovers the dance button.
    • Early in the video, Jack claims that running is done by pressing E twice. Later on, Ray discovers running is actually done using W. Attempts to call out Jack leads to even more confusion, as Jack claims E is used to run backwards quickly only to be immediately corrected again.
      Ryan: Today I learned Jack is dyslexic.
    • While progressing through a level Ryan triggers a trap and is sent sprawling backwards by a flying log.
  • Let's Play - I Am Bread
    • Gavin gets extremely upset about Michael's slow reaction times.
      Gavin: "Michael! It's like the slow man..."
      Michael: (laughing) "You take that back! Don't ever call me that again! "It's like the slow man...""
    • In general, the Personality Swap between Team Nice Dynamite in this Lets Play. Michael is calmer and more interested in having a good time, but has difficulty with his controls and causes most of their failures, while Gavin is confident and co-ordinates most of their strategies, but gets more frustrated and shouty each time they fail. They even lampshade this at a couple points. It all culminates near the end when Gavin almost rage quits on Michael.
    • At one point they plummet to the floor from the kitchen counter and try to progress anyways by scaling the fridge. After many tries, they finally almost reach the top... only for the freezer door to swing open with them still stuck on it, sending them all the way back to the counter they started on. Adding insult to injury, right after they hit the counter top, the door slams shut.
    • An attempt sees them reach the top of the fridge, but then glitch a corner of their slice through the side of the container on top. After some struggling they manage to get free... only the fixing of the glitch sends the bread slice flying across the kitchen and Michael only just attaches them to the opposite wall when they hit it.
    • Towards the end, Gav and Michael have finally put together a solid run in Level 2, making it to the top of a bookcase. They try to drag a videotape with them, but their grip runs out; they are able to land on a ledge next to a trash can, where they presume the tape landed. While climbing up the wall, they see the tape landed on a shelf, blocking their way up. As such, when their grip runs out, they plummet directly into the trash can, which empties their health to zero and ends the run.
    • Gavin gets really upset that getting egg on the bread automatically makes it inedible. Apparently, it's not even an issue with the gameplay for him; he's incredulous that people who are "meant to be English" don't like Eggs on Toast, when England invented it.
  • Let's Play - #IDARB
    • They start off the video trying to figure out who actually has control of the menu so they can start the game.
    • Less than ten seconds on the clock and the Gents are leading 20 to 10. The Lads have pretty much given hope when a goal raised their score by six points. Cue Epic Freakout and a mad dash for the ball.
      Ray: OH, WE WOULD'VE WON!Explanation 
  • "Let's Play - Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris"
    • Partway through, the gang has no idea how to climb up a wall and it takes a bit of trial and error to figure it out. Once everyone's done, then the game tells them what to do, which annoys Michael.
    • At one point, Ray poses a quite infamous question "Dude, imagine if she had breast cancer in this game?Explanation 
  • "Let's Play - I Am Bread Part 2" brings back Opposite Team Nice Dynamite.
  • "Let's Play - Evolve Beta Part 1"
    • The return of Ryan the Monster. Who just wants to eat and becomes an angry Cookie Monster.
    • Ray takes his turn as monster and after a huge battle gets to the stage where he can evolve and so runs. He leads the other four around a tall stone pillar, sneaking so that they don't realize he's right back where they were just fighting and as they decide he's long gone, evolves to the next stage.
  • "Let's Play - I Am Bread Part 3"
    • They make a mad dash for a high up shelf, which sees good teamwork and some amazing bread flipping... they just reach the shelf as the grip runs out. Only, the momentum carries them too far and they bounce off the edge, falling to the floor below.
      • The monumental amounts of fate tempting they did right before this happened. Especially Gavin stating that "It's not the end of the world if-" right as they plummeted. He retracts his statement.
    • Another good Gavin quote: "I pictured that in my groin." And then a few seconds afterwards: "I just sympathised with bread!"
    • The bread, once again, gets dunked right into the sink. Gavin doesn't even stay in the room this time.
  • "Let's Play - Lethal League"
    • The sheer panic whenever someone manages to pull off a power move with the ball.
    • At one point so many people pull off power moves with the ball (each person intercepting it immediately after the last one) that the colour completely drains from the screen.
  • "Let's Play - Dying Light"
    • Michael's surprise when he seems to hit the mother-lode of coffee.
    • Ryan's inability to jump on a roof.
    • When Geoff searches a payphone, he's surprised to find 19 dollars in there. Then, Michael reminds him that calling long distance cost a lot.
  • "Let's Play - Saints Row IV
    • The duo that started Let's Play are back in the fourth installment of Saints Row. And now, Geoff gives even less of a fuck about his religion where he can only dick punch.
    • Their first action? Synchronized jumping!
    • Michael spends the entirety of the White House cutscene laughing at his character. When Geoff sees it, he says it looks familiar.
    • In part 11, Michael Once again says 'Let's get the fuck out of here' right before his character.
  • "Let's Play - Dying Light Co-Op Part 2"
    • Night falls and it's every man for himself as the zombies get stronger and terrifying.
    • Gavin picks up a hissing propane can and asks Ryan if it's gassing him. You can guess what happens next.
      • Gavin insists Ryan triggered it by hitting it, so later he finds another and has Michael hit it to see if it'll start hissing. Yup. It does. And their panicked reactions see Gavin throw the can at Michael and Michael fall off the building.
    • Ray fights a zombie, and when Michael comes to help the zombie on his screen is glitching out big time so it looks like its break dancing or possessed.
    • They get trapped in a fenced off area in the dark with a lot of zombies.
      Gavin: "Tits! Tits! Tits!"
      Ryan: "Why are you screaming 'tits'?"
      Gavin: "There's a woman in a bikini down there."
  • "Lets Play Hot Seat: Prop Hunt "
    • Gavin forgets how to play the game as a Hunter and spends a few seconds attempting to become a mug.
    • The guest on this episode is Max Kruemcke, who tells numerous amusing stories prompted by Geoff. The best one has to be the story of coming out to his father, who didn't get at first that he was bring serious.
    • The Lads still have the same sprays from the last time they played Prop Hunt - cue the return of Jack and Caiti, Dr. Dolph and Bub Rub.
    • Gavin has an impressive chase as a can, then a chair. It's funny just because as it goes on the table and chairs in the centre of the map go flying as everyone ploughs into them.
    • Michael as a book.
      Gavin: "He's got the agility of a paperback!"
    • Ray's "ultimate defense"!
  • In the first episode of "Fuck This Game", Team Nice Dynamite do Five Nights at Freddy's 3, which is more of the same from what we saw in the Play Pals for Five Nights 1. Yet it's still hilarious.
    Gavin: "We should think about nice things. Like, when you get a pony and it gallops through the meadow — WHAT WAS THAT?!"
    Gavin: I don't like a game where you have to defend yourself with the giggles of children.
  • While there are a lot of examples in their Helldivers Let's Play (various friendly fire incidents, people being killed by falling pods), the crowning moment would have to be the ending. Geoff recently died a few seconds before the dropship arrived to extract them all. He gets called back and everyone wants to wait for him, except that the dropship starts a countdown to leave as Geoff is inbound. Cue Ryan and Ray and Lindsay running into the dropship as Geoff tries to make it, leaving him behind on the world as he screams "YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! THIS IS JUST LIKE PLATOON! I'M WILLEM DAFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE!"
  • "Let's Play - I Am Bread Part 4"
    • The starting position in the bathroom level is above a full sink of water. This means that Gavin's gag reflex becomes an extra obstacle, something that Michael takes a little bit of mischievous pleasure in prodding every now and again. Plus, the very first thing they do is fall into the sink.
  • "Tales From The Borderlands: Ep. 2 - Atlas Mugged"
    • The Gents play the game by rolling a four-sided die to let chance determine their choices.
    • The first thing the Gents do when they get to play is investigate a lunch tray. Upon seeing a spork, Ryan immediately assumes they'll use it to gouge out someone's eye with it. The Gents are equally disturbed and amused that he turns out to be right.
    • Ryan gets obsessed with the fact that the camera angles really seem to like Rhys' shoes...
    • At one point the dice has them say nothing when Vaughn removes his shirt and ties it on his head, exposing a naked chest. When the caption "Vaughn will remember that" pops up they all laugh.
  • "Achievement Hunter VS The World: Block N Load"
    • Ryan gains a high point of the map over the enemy base in one round and proceeds to completely bombard the other team, confusing them to his amusement.
  • "Let's Play - 7 Days to Die: Survival Day One"
  • "Let's Play - Prop Hunt: Obj Hunt"
    • Brandon has no idea how to play. Doesn't help that he seems to completely ignore every bit of advice his teammates throw out about the controls, asking questions about how to do things five minutes after being told.
    • Team Nice Dynamite hide in the same room and through luck and some careful dodging manage to get both Geoff and Ryan to kill themselves without dying. Then Jack comes in and they have fun dancing around him and leading him a merry chase.
    • In one round, Gavin takes too long to find a prop and panics, forcing him to hide around a corner in a bathroom as the default textureless dummy. At least two people walk in and don't even notice him. It takes the Hunters until almost the last minute to finally find and kill him.
      Michael: (having looked at Gavin's screen, in a laughter-strained voice) "Gavin, what the fuck are you doing...? Are you fucking serious?"
      Gavin; "I buggered up, Michael..."
      Michael: "I'm looking at your screen, what happened? What the fuck...?"
      Gavin: (after a pause, in a small voice) "I didn't make it..."
    • Ryan throws a lamp at box prop-Brandon. It kills him much to everyone's surprise.
    • On the final map, Geoff keeps playing various taunts while the other team is trying to find him. His entire team starts cracking up.
    • Ryan being labeled as MVP by leading the hunters on a wild goose chase and then stealthily turning into a different prop around a corner numerous times.
      • Most notably, Ryan being chased as a box, enters the kitchen and becomes a slice of pizza on the floor, immediately followed by the hunters running past him, wondering where he went.
  • "Let's Play - Fuel Part 2"
    • The only reason they're doing this again is because the community wanted it. The vinegar levels are high in this video.
    • They reference a conversation they'd been having earlier about whether cats have appendixes. Ryan decides to call his wife to ask but she doesn't answer. She calls back and Ryan proceeds to have a slightly awkward but adorable conversation with her during the video of which we only hear his side. She confirms that cats do not, asks if the conversation is being recorded and does not give permission for her voice to be in the video.
    • Jack gets stuck at a spawn point on a steep cliff that is right over a lake, and can't get out.
      Michael: (sarcastically) "Man, I forgot how much fun this game was..."
      Jack: (dying again at that moment) "FUCK!"
      Gavin: "That was great timing...!"
    • In a slight twist from the last video, everyone's game BUT Ryan's, sans Jack's, ends up crashing at one point, leaving Ryan as the only viable person left to obtain the achievement. He doesn't get it.
  • "Let's Play - Towerfall Darkworld"
    • Arrow firing sound effects.
      Ryan: "Boing! I mean, thwap! I mean boing-thwap!"
    • In one game Jack wins the round with an explosive arrow, but somehow also kills himself before the round ends. The replay shows that an ordinary arrow that he shot at the beginning of the round was knocked loose by the explosion and looped round to the top of the screen to fall onto him.
    • In one round Gavin seemingly gets taken out early by an explosion only to win the round at the end by finishing off Geoff by dropping on top of him. In reality he was hidden at the other side of the screen at the same time he picked up a camoflage powerup, and he exploited the fact that it seemed as if he died by waiting until the others had fought themselves down to just one before attacking.
  • "Let's Play - The Ship: Part 3"
    • Brandon's back. That should tell you all you need to know, but here are a few highlights:
      • Brandon starts the game completely frozen in place and unable to move because his chat window is open. He doesn't notice this for a solid three minutes.
      • Once he starts moving, in his frenzy to find a weapon, he starts dancing for no reason and talking to a random police officer. When he finally DOES get a weapon, he pulls it out and gets arrested instantly. His reaction is so priceless that they put it in the Title Sequence.
      • Brandon inquires on how to get out of the brig:
      Brandon: Do I sneak out of jail? Do I gotta blow a guy to get out of here?
      • At one point, Brandon gets desperate enough so as to ask his quarry if he is dead yet. He keeps mispronouncing the name Joanna, to which Jeremy retorts:
      Jeremy: Jo-wanna die? Come here!
      Geoff: HAHAHAhahahaha-not funny.
    • Max tries to ambush Michael outside the prison... without a weapon. Immediately afterward, Michael falls asleep in the middle of the hallway.
    • And Brandon graces us with this gem.
      Brandon: That's a headline you never want to see. "Captain Murderstab has been released on parole."
    • Michael gets stuck in a bathroom stall for several minutes, only finally getting out when he realizes he can't open the stall door while brandishing his axe.
  • Funny in a very dark way, but when playing Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, Michael and Gavin stumble across a cemetery while Mandus's kids ask if they can take a stone egg home. Michael mimics Mandus's voice, saying that of course they can take it home and he'll bury their corpses in the cemetery. This happens to be more or less exactly the twist of the game.
  • "Let's Play - The Ship: Part 4"
    • More Brandon antics!
      • At one point early on, he questions what fun is it to kill people when you don't hear them scream.
      • A few moments later, he kills Geoff and declares that he's going to undress his character. Geoff declares he is creepy as fuck.
      • Brandon later buys his character a pretty dress and starts begging people not to take it when he dies.
    • Geoff takes to hiding in a closet and shooting anyone who comes near.
    • In one round, Michael is constantly harassed and he starts lobbing wallet bombs before shutting himself away. His hilarious retort ends up being used in the intro.
    Michael: [Between laughs] Fuck off! Fuck off! Who else wants some?!
  • Let's Play Towerfall Ascension Part 3 has one line that sticks out.
    Gavin: This game invents new noises for me.
    • At another point Gavin basically imitates Scatman John.
    • And the Running Gag of having no clue what the Prism Arrows do.
    • Gavin, on the verge of victory in the second round, fires a bramble arrow at Jack to secure the win... only for his bramble-laden corpse to come falling back down on Gavin, costing him the win.
  • Let's Play - Alone in the Dark
    • Ryan and Michael dealing with the highly buggy controls and HUD. Gets to the point that Michael, while dead, was able to view Ryan's HUD from his own observer mode, so he could tell Ryan what his health and other stats are.
  • Let's Play -Cloudberry Kingdom Part 10
    • Gavin and Ryan play a game the latter called 'Home Go Fish.'
    • Jack asks if people would like a video only containing one level, Micheal's response: "We're about to find out."
      • After they beat the level.
    Gavin: Let's stop!
  • Lets Play- Gmod Slender
    • The boys play a Garrys Mod game mode based on Slender where one of the players is the titular Slenderman. They make the mistake to let Ryan be Slendy first, and he proceeds to do a very good job at scaring the others shitless. Especially Geoff, who spends a lot of the round jumping at shadows and screaming at nothing.
  • The "Ryan The Slide Guy" video. Ryan goes down a slide. That's it.

    FPS Games 
  • Their Let's Play of the "Cold Stream" DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 is pretty spectacular as well. At one point, Gavin picks up a grenade launcher. This goes about as well as you might expect.
    Geoff: Don't worry, guys, I'll tell your story.
    Michael: I feel like this is how any situation where Geoff's life is in danger is going to end. With him promising to speak well at our funerals.
    • Michael's battlecry may count as this. Apparently, he backed away from the mic so it wouldn't overload with sound and blow everyone's ears out.
  • In their playthrough of Episode 1 of Spartan Ops:
  • Episode 2 of Halo 4 Infinity Slayer:
    • Gavin hauling ass to get to a Banshee. Only to have it run him over. Michael had already gotten in the cockpit.
    • Gavin using the Thruster Pack to dodge Ray's attempts at killing him during a point-blank firefight. Moving in for an opportunity to melee, Gavin then uses it towards Ray, only to die via getting bashed on the head with Ray's gun.
    • Ray's ridiculous mannerisms when he skillfully slips out of being flanked by Michael and Gavin:
      Ray: *sees Gavin heading towards him while he's fighting Michael* Oh, not going to win this fight *hides in tunnel* HOLOGRAM *Michael is fooled and then distracted by Gavin* HAHA! Run away!!!
      Michael: I am killing Gavin first because he's easier.
  • Let's Play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Part 2, besides being filled with Moments Of Awesome and Heartwarming Moments, has its share of funny moments, particularly as Ray is shown as unusually annoyed, and justifiably so.
    • Gavin was particularly good with his comebacks this round. He's finally learning! 34:13.
      Jack: Goddamnit! *dies* Sorry guys, that was terrible. I'm in the kitchen.
      Gavin: Trust you to die by the fridge, jeez.
    • Gavin about his "helpfulness".
      Gavin: *after Ray gets freak out when a zombie jumps in front of him* What's wrong, Ray? How can I help you?
      Ray: Um you know, I'm alright.
      Gavin: Have you ever been helped by me in a video game, Ray?
      Ray: Psh, Yeah. Err, you know, that game we played was pretty...
      Gavin: Oh, I remember that one, yeah.
    • Michael throwing zombie meat at Ray, making him an instant target for every zombie on the map.
    • Everyone's trying to figure out what caused the Quick Revive vending machine to stop working. After a fair amount of time, Geoff realizes it might be his fault.
      Geoff: "I got an EMP bomb and I didn't know what to do with it. So I threw it at the Quick Revive vending machine."
    • The guys start talking about Ray's mom. Hilarity Ensues.
      Gavin: "Ray, when are we going to meet Mrs. Narvaez, Jr."
      Michael: "We already met-that doesn't make sense."
      Geoff: "I didn't get to meet her. He waited for when you and I weren't in the office."
      Ray: "I didn't want her to come in and get spit roasted."
      Michael: "Jack was here but he had no wingman."
      Geoff: "Hahahahahaha...Can you imagine-"
      Ray: "Nope. Whatever you are going to say, I cannot imagine."
      Geoff: "PAPPY JACK!!!!"
    • Ray does his best, as always. Unfortunately, his teammate's best isn't really all that helpful. What makes this so funny is the fact that Ray is normally The Stoic, so watching him Freak Out at his teammates is extremely entertaining.
      Ray: "Gavin, I swear to fucking Christ. I swear to Christ, Gavin. PLEASE, stay up!" (two seconds later, Gavin dies again) "GAVIN, COME ON!"
  • "Let's Play 'Far Cry 3' Part 2":
    Ray: "Whee. I wonder if I can let go early." (Ray lets go.) "Yes I can." (Dies.)
    Michael: "Bye, Ray." (Michael looks down and laughs loudly.) "I have a great shot of going over Ray's dead body."
    Ray: "Hey guys there's fall damage."
  • "Let's Play Far Cry 3 Part 3":
    • Ray with his Stealth Insults when others are picking on him:
    Michael: "Nice engine work, Ray. Imagine if you had skills like that in real life."
    Ray: "Nah, then I wouldn't be able to work here."
  • Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack Episode 2. Plenty of good fun there
    • Michael fires his assault rifle at the windowpane in an attempt to shoot Ray. He uses up a whole clip before realizing it didn't work.
    • Gavin discovering the joy of using a Mantis.
      • And then jokes about how he's compensating
    • One east-to-miss was when Geoff discovered "Kryptonite". He was so fascinated that he completely missed the fact that someone was trying to snipe him. He backed up and was circling the rock so that the shots kept missing and the sniper actually gave up. And no one noticed or commented.
    • When Jack tries to splatter Geoff at one point, he only pushes him to a wall, where Geoff hijacks his Ghost. Both of them are utterly confused, with Geoff cracking up.
  • Things to Do In Halo 4 - Growth Spurt. That is all.
  • Throughout the first while of part 2 of Death Craft II (a Left 4 Dead 2 mod), Ray's audio wasn't working, so the guys added in subtitles with "more or less what he rsaid". Usually these are accurate, but sometimes they add in a Catch Phrase or Running Gag of Ray's, even if he didn't actually say it, such as "Gavin smeels", "Parkour", or "Roses!"
    • The beginning of Part 2 of Death Craft II is hilarious Ryan debuts his spray which is Geoff's picture of Jack and Gavin's picture of Ray put together with the "Do You Even Lift" meme. Michael and Jack show off their sprays of wet pieces of bread which causes Gavin to gag before he actually leaves to vomit.
    Geoff: Who would've thought Gavin's Achilles' Heel would be wet bread.
    • Also in the same part Michael and Jack keep using their sprays of bread and Gavin keeps running into them as well as Ray's spray of Dan The Man which leads to this.
      Gavin: Everywhere I go it's wet bread, wet bread and Dan!
      Ray: Are you comparing Dan to wet bread.
    • Finally, the boat taking them to rescue appears. Ray manages to get aboard and ends with this classic line.
    • Ray tries to channel Mogar on Ryan. It doesn't go well.
      Ray: YOU SHALL NOT-
      Ryan runs past him.
      Ray: Alright.
  • Game Night: Halo 4: Flood (in Deep Space). Michael spends the entire video keeping Gavin from saying his Catch Phrase "What is Game Night?"... by wrestling him to the floor and holding his hand over his mouth. Geoff is laughing too hard to do commentary.
  • Let's Play Sniper Elite V2 Nazi Zombie Army: Gavin missing point blank, with the shotgun, six consecutive times.
  • Lets Play Splinter Cell Blacklist: This. To sum up: Jack (Merc) is hunting Michael (Spy) when Geoff tells him that he's behind him. However, after turning around, he is then repeatedly told "Behind you!" no matter which direction he faces. Jack freaks out at this and starts spinning around, firing wildly in every direction, allowing Michael to run in for an easy kill, to Geoff's exasperation.
    • Even better; the other person shouting "Behind you!" was Michael himself!
  • Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas 2:
    • They can model their characters' faces after themselves. It's a strange combination of Uncanny Valley and unstoppable hilarity.
    • A few seconds into the video it is revealed that some time ago Ray spent a significant amount of time making his character resemble Street Fighter villain M.Bison, who Ray repeatedly tells the others is "the greatest".
    Ray: "Maybe I'll make Dhalsim next..."
    • When Gavin accidentally kills Ray, Ray screams "What enemy looks like M Bison!?"
    • There was a guard hiding behind a car. Ray tries to take him down, but doesn't find success, while Jack was already killed elsewhere. Jack then goes "Gavin will find him." Gavin dies immediately.
    • Ray tries to climb a rope upside down. "They'll never find me here!" Cue guard immediately popping in. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!"
    • Gavin pulling a Caboose and throwing a grenade directly into the wall in front of him. As Jack watches, he turns and tries to run away from it, but blows up anyway, complete with his character's face having a smile and throwing up his arms in a "Wasn't my fault" way. Jack laughs for about two minutes straight, unable to explain why he's laughing so hard because he's laughing so hard.
    Gavin: B is... B is not cover, B is grenade!
    • Later on, Gavin also supplies this gem:
    • At one point, at the start of a match, Jack spots a couple enemies in a nearby room, so he takes cover and lobs a grenade at them. Gavin promptly charges into the room, ignoring Jack's frantic cries of "GAVIN!!", and gets blown up.
    Jack: You ran into the room and stood on top of it.
    • Finally, Geoff constantly shooting his teammates, killing them a few times and constantly giving rise to a "Come on!" from Ray.
  • In Part 2 of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2: Ray tries to pull off a Call of Duty-style 360 no-scope. This goes about as well as one could expect in a game with such low sensitivity.
  • The gang plays Call of Duty: Ghosts in order to try out the Onslaught map pack. One of the maps they play on has a little tram that goes around the map, which several of them get on. Jack's turn on it is particularly gold.
    Jack: (guns down one of the others while he's on the train) Choo choo, motherfucker!
    Gavin: The sky is falling! I'm outdoors. [...] I don't care, I'll fight the sky!
    • The previous map had its moments too, including this gem from Gavin after Geoff's camo'd avatar ambushed and killed him.
    Gavin: You look like a tree!
  • "Let's Play: Destiny Competitive Multiplayer" has this great gem not even a minute in:
    (Gavin talking about how he's GavinFreedom instead of GavinoFree because it's a UK account)
    Lindsay: "That's okay, I'm dggeoff right now."
    Michael: "Geoff, you sound like a bitch."
    Lindsay: "Yeah, well, I'm also your boss so you can shut the fuck up right now."
    (Everybody else collectively ooohs)
    Gavin: "Suck a dick, Michael!"
    ': "Came back from Louisiana just to slap that one on you."
  • "Let's Play: The Last of Us Remastered":
    • Around the 15:15 mark there's a completely insane minute where all 6 players converge on one building and start shooting everything they can while being downed, revived and screaming all at the same time.
    • Ryan embraces his madness
    Ryan: *while executing Kerry* "Murder! MURDER! MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDEEEEER! You can't stop it."
    • Ryan shoots Gavin from a fair distance away, downing him and sneaks up to where the Brit has crawled behind an ambulance going "Gaviiiinn..." then comes round the corner to see that Michael was hidden behind the ambulance, has revived Gavin and he's basically walked into an accidental ambush.
  • "Let's Play: The Last of Us Remastered Part 2":
    • One of the gamemodes involves interrogation of downed enemy players. They start out doing the interrogation cutscenes silently, move onto shouting "Where's the box?!" and eventually...
      Jack: (fairly calmly) "Excuse me, where's a good place to rent some movies around here?"
      Kerry: "Hollywood Video!"
      Jack: "Alright!" (murders Kerry)
      • Then after Michael manages to interrogate Ryan successfully and is shot off by Geoff and downed:
        Geoff: "Tell me what he told you"!!!
  • Let's Play - The Last of Gus
    • While they're waiting, they find a player with the gamer name "hymenbuster". They run with that name the entire time.
    • During the first event, Gavin misjudges a window and nearly kills himself with Fall Damage.
    • During the second event, Gus bursts out laughing as an enemy player runs right into his shotgun.
      • Earlier in that round, Gavin lays a bomb down, then quickly realizes that it was a bad spot, but leaves it alone. Further on down the line, two enemy players come down and takes out one of them, Gavin quickly realizing his bomb took him out.
      • Near the end of the round, the entire team suffers a major Epic Fail as Ryan's smoke bomb misses a player, then everyone gets smacked around with clubs before a molotov finishes them off.
  • Let's Play Halo 3: ODST:
    • During a round where the "Black Eye" skull is on, Gavin tries to recharge his shields by getting out of his chopper and punching a grunt. The grunt throws a grenade before dying, which blows up Gavin's chopper.
    • Jack getting stuck by another grunt.
—=>Jack: Fuckin' Joe Namath just threw a god damn plasma and hit me!
  • Let's Play Call of Duty 2. Gavin hid Ryan's lego piece and said he crumpled it up and threw it in the trashcan. Ryan believes he knows the best way to solve this problem.
    Ryan: That's alright. I know how to get it back.
    Gavin: No!
    Jack: Uhhh. He's gonna rip it out of Gavin's face.
    • What we get is even better. Ryan dumps the contents of the trashcan onto Gavin! Then Gavin reveals where he hid it.
      Ryan: My bad.
      Jack: My bad he says.
  • Let's Play: Call of Duty 4
    • Ryan is hiding next to the Headquarters absolutely murdering the other team, and his craziness starts to slip through;
    Ryan: "I'm UNSTOPPABLE!" (gets killed, kills Ray with his martyrdom grenade)
    Ray: "Even in death Ryan is unstoppable!"
    (The guys are playing Headquarters on Bog, and Ray shoots Ryan in the back, and gets blown up by his death grenade.)
    Ray: "(sounds of desk being pounded) fucking Martydom!"
    Ryan: (laughing at Ray's misery)
    Ray: The worst part is I can't even be mad, because we have to use default classes, and Ryan wants to use an assault rifle and that's like the only one...
  • Let's Play - Titanfall Frontier Defense
    • During the second match, Ryan attempts to hijack an Arc Titan, a Titan surrounded by an electrical field. Upon his death, he warns Gavin, Geoff, and Jeremy not to do that just as he sees someone leaping onto an Arc Titan.
      Ryan: "No no, don't do it! I just told you not to - oh... Never mind, I was just watching myself do it."
    • Noting that their second match isn't going as well as their first, Geoff states that whoever edits the video should put the second match first, so it would look like the team improved massively between matches. The word "No" very briefly flashes on the screen at the suggestion.
    • Gavin and Ryan get into a heated debate about bullet physics after Gavin complains about the placement of one of Ryan's turrets.
  • Let's Play - Halo 3 Legendary Co-op
    • Not even a minute into the video, everyone starts getting a ton of achievement notifications. Ray gets a little excited.
      Ray: I'M GONNA CUM!
    • When Ryan asks what colour he is, Geoff says he doesn't see that. Ryan comments that Crayola must be really disappointing for him.
      Geoff: "I just don't see them, I don't know..."
      Jack: "You don't see crayons?"
    • While trying to remember how to get up to a skull Ray attempts a grenade jump. Word being attempts.
      • Ryan manages to make it up higher than the others and shows them which way to jump, obviously confused why the others didn't follow him. Ray takes the chance to stick him for the comment.
    • They spend a good bit of Part 2 just trying to remember where the Easter Egg Rooster Teeth provided voices for is.
  • Let's Play - Far Cry 4 Co-Op
    • They journey around the map for some time in a whirlibird that's only just big enough for them both and stalls if it gets too high. Needless to say the first drop had them worried.
    • They go hunting for skins, taking out pigs and tapirs then Ryan gets attacked by an eagle while Geoff laughs his head off.
    • They find a pair of elephants and go jousting.
    • Geoff kills a soldier outside a house and as he's healing, Ryan sees a propane tank. He shoots it. It explodes in a fireball knocking Geoff down.
      Ryan: "Oh those explode...!"
    • Geoff shoots apart a hive on the side of a building. He gets stung to death.
    • Part 2 sees them deciding to journey to a far off tower to liberate it. Geoff manages to need reviving by walking into the blades of the whirlibird.
    • Later they attack an armoured convey while still flying in a whirlibird. While Ryan is trying to set them down Geoff throws a grenade. Which is promptly landed upon and kills them.
    • Geoff enters a tower. Ryan behind him spies a hive hanging from the inside of the tower. He shoots it then laughs and hides as Geoff gets stung. Then Geoff does it to Ryan not a minute later.
    • They get pulled into defending an outpost and Ryan has so much fun murdering he breaks into song.
      Geoff: "Coming down the mountain..."
      Ryan: (slipping into the familiar tune) "... When they come, when they come! They'll be coming down the mountain, when they come..."
      Geoff: "When they come."
      Ryan: "They'll be coming down the mountain... I'll be shooting them in the face," (Geoff laughs) "They'll be coming down the mountain when they come... I'm gonna stab this one, right in the chest! Here I come!" (Geoff laughs some more, Ryan gets shot) "Ow!"
    • Geoff crosses a road and gets hit by an incoming enemy truck.
  • Let's Play - Sniper Elite 3 Part 2. Everyone is having trouble adjusting to how the shots are more realistic so you have to adjust for gravity which leads to some ridiculous close range shots.
    • The longest shot made by both Jack and Michael is 4.2m and Jack had only one kill. In comparison, the longest shot in the game was 203m.
      • Gavin notes that Michael's is more impressive because he had three kills and his longest was still so short.
    • Around 25:50, there was a funny moment where Geoff is shot by Ray who was only 5.1m away. What really sells it is how Ray was lying there prone and serious and Geoff is being really dramatic in his death throes which immediately turns to laughter when he sees Ray. To add to this effect, The camera slowly pans over to Ray for the dramatic reveal.
    • The single most ridiculous shot has to belong to Gavin. At one point, he shoots Jack from 0.0 m.
  • Let's Play - Far Cry 4: Multiplayer Part 1
    • The elephants prove more trouble to the defenders than the attackers do at first, with everyone getting trampled at least once.
    • The team of Geoff, Jack and Lindsay discover that one of their abilities is to summon animal spirits. Who are just as deadly as the real-life animals and hostile to the other team.
      Ryan: (as two tigers and a bear charge at him) "It's the Jungle Book!"
    • Geoff getting so distracted that he says for the second set of rounds they're going to "switch out the audience". Everyone else naturally ribs him for it.
  • Let's Play - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
    • Dan is a special guest player for this video. His viewpoint name is '#Dan the Man'
    • Their first attempt at a map on Hard sees first Ryan then Gavin shoot Dan. And Gavin kills him.
      • And their second attempt ends when Ryan accidentally kills the VIP they're meant to be escorting.
      • The third attempt has an early casualty when Ryan gets downed and Gavin goes to pick him up. Then an armoured truck rolls up right next to them and Gavin (who is a Grenadier class) backs out of the revive to shoot. Unfortunately his equipped weapon is a grenade launcher and while it destroys the truck it also destroys Ryan.
        Ryan: "Panic fire with a grenade launcher is especially problematic."
    • They come back after a short break, and Dan has trouble syncing. When Michael says that it'll make the editor want to kill themself the words "Cheers Dan" flash on screen.
  • Let's Play - Destiny: Crota Raid Attempt 1
    • Caleb joins a Let's Play after a long while. Ryan realises in the first minute that for some reason he has Caleb muted which the others find hilarious. Ryan can't even remember why this is the case!
      Ryan: "Oh Caleb I have you muted for some reason..." (laughter) "Leavin' it. I don't even remember the last time I played in a game with you."
    • Upon starting the mission they see a platform over a crater directly in front of them and charge at it thinking they need to jump off. Nope.
      Ryan: "''Cannonbaaaaalll...! This wasn't what you're supposed to do..."
    • The raid location is dark, full of lamps that can be activated and has waves of enemies that can quickly overwhelm. After a few failed attempts fighting them off they decide to do a "keep moving" attempt which eventually results in both Caleb and Ray running around the crevice with a massive ton of enemies running after them.
      • The floor is also full of holes as they all discover many, many times.
    • In a later round Ray manages to take a wrong turn and gets horrendously lost. Then becomes the hero when the others go down and he is able to revive half of them.
  • Let's Play - Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta
    • Ray is playing on Ryan's account because Ray's account hasn't been given access yet to the preview of the game, and Ryan's gone home. The video description still says it's 'Ryan' in the video.
    • They take the chance to snag four digit codetags before they enter the game. Gavin and Geoff grab their usual tags of 'GAVI' and 'BONR' respectively, Ray grabs 'MILK' for Ryan.
    • As they're playing, Geoff tells the story of how Millie took the lyrics of a Katy Perry song literally, believing that she and Taylor Swift got into a knife fight.
  • "Let's Fail - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2"
    • The entire video is their failed first try at the game.
    • Right at the beginning of the video we find out that Dan isn't good at capturing gameplay footage, as we hear the others teaching him how to audio sync.
      Dan will not have footage in this Let's Fail
      He left his recording running all night, using up all the space in Jack's computer
      For that I have left in his first attempt at an audio sync
    • They joke about when Geoff, Gavin and Dan used to play this game years ago, hoping that Dan's mother doesn't come in and turn off his Xbox or the router.
    • They have a little trouble judging the arc of thrown grenades. It even results in Geoff doing a Caboose, with the grenade bouncing off a pole back at him and Geoff panicking enough to get taken out by it.
      • Dan ends up being the last man standing for one run, missing with all his thrown grenades except the last one while trying to take out a tank and not get shot by it.
    • Dan as last man standing comes to an end when he manages to blow himself up with his own weapon in fairly spectacular fashion.
    • The last run of the video sees Team Slow Mo Guys pretty much clearing the map together in fairly impressive fashion... then they realize that neither of them have seen the convey they're escorting in a while and learn that somehow it had been completely destroyed, but the game had bugged out and didn't register it.
  • "Let's Play - Destiny: Crota Raid Attempt 2 Part 1"
    • Gavin replaces Ray from the last attempt. He also manages to jump off the ramp over the crater before the bridge comes up. The others assure him that it's just his initiation to the mission.
      • Riding the safe way down still results in both Jack and Jeremy dying on impact with the ground.
      Gavin: "I just got beaned in the head by a fusion rifle!"
    • The guys have a lot of trouble creating a bridge and crossing it after getting through the dark zone.
    • Gavin literally runs circles around a Gatekeeper.
    • ~The others get really confused when Jack gives them instructions that contain more than one direction.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six Vegas"
    Michael: Where is this jerk-off? He could be anywhere-
    Ray: He's probably jerkin' it off in the girls' bathroom. *opens door* HAHA! ... he's not in here.
    Michael: You didn't check the stalls. That's where I jerk off.
    Gavin: What would you do, if... nothing in your life changed... but I just told you at one point, I'd cum on you?
    Geoff: Something in your life would change pretty quickly.
  • Let's Play - "Rainbow Six: Vegas" part 2
    • The first several minutes of the game a lot of team-killing through accidental grenade throws. At one point, Gavin manages to kill Ray by accident even when he had purposely thrown one, and he is livid when he dies.
      • One of the best instances of these team killing with grenades comes when Michael throws one and manages to kill Ray, Gavin, and Geoff with it. He instantly begins laughing and throws another grenade to kill himself and end the round.
    • One attempt sees Gavin as the last man standing, and after spending some time to grab a shotgun off the floor, walks off a ledge and falls a few feet to his death because he failed to notice a ladder.
    • As Michael checks to see if Geoff's face is on his character, an enemy walks into the room and kills Michael. Geoff, who was looking at the enemy, turns around and instantly dies. This causes Michael to start yelling at him.
  • "Let's Play - Rainbow Six: Vegas part 3"
    • The shenanigans with Geoff's in-game character continue. He has Geoff's face, but his neck isn't properly rendered so his head is basically detached from his body.
    • The team has a lot of trouble with the University level, and one attempt sees Gavin attempt to blow open a door with a breaching charge, but he doesn't switch out his grenades properly and kills himself when he accidentally throws a frag grenade.
    • Gavin is obsessed with using breaching charges throughout the entire game, which ultimately earns him a second bout of rage from Ray when the latter is killed by the former. Michael is killed moments later, forcing Gavin to take on the rest of the terrorists alone.
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas Part 4":
    • Ray continues to be the Butt Monkey of the Let's Play. Early on, as the round starts, Gavin shoots Ray in the back of the head before he even has a chance to move. He's too drained to even be angry.
    • Later, Michael panics and shoots at an enemy coming through a door. Except it wasn't an enemy, it was Ray. Gavin questions why Ray isn't as mad as Michael for killing him; Michael points out he only did it once.
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas Part 5":
    • Their first attempt sees Geoff, Michael and Gavin gets distracted by a green A "shoutout" to Achievement Hunter, leading Ray to take on the first few terrorists without realizing that he has no backup.
    • Michael is the sole survivor of a few attempts. Shame his capture failed so we don't get to see those times from his POV. note 
    • Once Gavin swears that a gun on top of a box is rotating to follow Michael when he moves around it. Michael offers to shoot it for him and does so, finally putting Gavin's mind at rest.
      Michael: "I didn't want you to be a scared ghost."
  • "Let's Play Rainbow Six: Vegas Co-Op Part 1":
    • The guys immediately cheer when they realize that the game still lets their avatars keep their real-life faces.
    • The guys start out their mission on an extended helicopter ride to a town area.
      Ray: This is in real time. We're actually flying to Mexico.
    • After failing the mission for the first time, the guys realize that they have to restart it from the helicopter ride. Gavin decides to temporarily vacate for a bathroom break, figuring that he'll be able to return by the time they're landing. As soon as the helicopter lands, Ray decides to just shoot Gavin's player character in the head and pass it off as his character dying in a helicopter crash. Gavin returns almost immediately afterward and asks what happened to his character.
      Gavin: Did one of you guys kill me?
      Michael: I didn't.
      Ray: The pilot of the fucking helicopter did.
      Gavin: Wait, what?
      Michael: Oh, you died in a plane crash.
      Geoff: Helicopter crash.
      Gavin: Did I, really?
      Ray: Yeah.
      Geoff: Well, I mean, you're not alive, are you?
      Gavin: Did you- did you shoot me, Geoff?
      Geoff: (sputtering) Duh, wh-No!
      Gavin: Geoff...
      Geoff: Gavin! I promise you.
      Gavin: Geoff, tell the truth.
      Geoff: I'm telling the truth. I promise you I did not shoot you. I would never do that.
      Gavin: Ray?
      Ray: (nonchalantly) What's Up?
      (everyone breaks out laughing)
    • After Geoff has to leave, Ryan takes over. He and Gavin eventually get into an argument about iPhone's that turn into a discussion about cameras and pixel density.
      Michael: Geoff's gonna be so upset when he sees how nerdy this got after he left.
  • "Let's Play Far Cry 4 Co-Op Part 4":
    • Ryan attempts to storm Yuma's fortress but is foiled when they won't open the door to him. He's reduced to forlornly calling "Hello?" and kicking it.
      Ryan: Believe it or not, that "wall" technology they used to use back in the Middle Ages?
      Geoff: Worked pretty well?
      Ryan: Yeah.
    • Geoff complains about not being able to find any snow leopards. Then he gets mauled by one.
  • "Let's Play - Star Wars Battlefront 2"
    • Gavin displays his vast knowledge of the Star Wars saga. He thought that the movies were set in the Milky Way and that Luke was "from Kansas or something".
      Gavin: It's actually blown my mind that it's way in the past and really far away. They should have put that in the beginning of the movie!
      Everyone else: THEY DID!
      • It gets better. When Geoff asks Gavin to explain what Star Wars is to him, as if he'd never seen it, he describes it as "Luke trying to kill his dad for three movies". He also says that both Luke and Han shag Leia, Chewbacca's a gorilla, Luke tried to kill Vader with the Jedi Mind Trick and that the Death Star's Vader's home.
      • He also thinks the Ewoks are slugs, and describes the trash compactor scene thusly: "They fell in, like, a giant bin, and there's a slug in it, or something."
  • "Let's Play - Killing Floor 2"
    • Ryan welds himself into a room to avoid being killed by the zombie hoards... then realizes that he can't get out again. Gavin makes a minor attempt to help, but then they all leave Ryan alone while they go to buy upgrades during the limited time they can between rounds, even refusing to provide the one last grenade needed to break open the weakest of the doors.

    Board Games, Party Games and Game Shows 
  • "Let's Play Monopoly":
    • Ray and Gavin in jail. And an apparently dirty bar of soap.
    • Gavin's attempt at trading for Boardwalk. Ray doesn't even hesitate in going NOPE.
      Gavin: Wow, um. Didn't expect you to take up my offer there, Ray.
      Ray: Did I call your bluff?
    • Michael just can't seem to stay out of jail.
      Michael: A twelve? That'll land me right on chance. Maybe I can pay some fuckin' bills...or go right to jail.
      • Or catch a break in general - after going to jail twice, he manages to land on "Luxury Tax" before his first pass of Go, then after passing Go his next turn and the next time, he lands on "Income Tax", resulting in his having less than $100 for most of the game.
    • Their attempt to find a cliffhanger for part two so that they can end the video. Since we're talking about Monopoly here, you can see the difficulties in this.
  • "Let's Play Monopoly Part 2":
    Michael: Ray is, in fact, the only ten that he sees. note 
    • Speaking of the running gag, the gag is especially hilariously used when Gavin only has $14 left and lands on Ray's Tennessee Avenue.
    Ray: "Gavin may need to mortgage his property now."
    Michael: "Why?"
    Ray: (as Gavin lands on the Tennessee Avenue) "Because you're the only ten I see."
    • Gavin going insane when Geoff (who has the most money) keeps skipping over Park Place and Boardwalk by landing directly on Go. He does this three times in a row.
    • Thanks to landing on one of Geoff's hotel spaces and Ray's Tennessee Avenue (see above), Gavin has no money. Thus when Michael lands on Community Chest and Gavin has to pay him $10, he has to sell his last remaining house (all of his others were sold just to pay Geoff) just to pay Michael. The $10 is to get Michael a Birthday present. Cue to Gavin groaning about having to sell a house to buy a stupid gift.
    • Geoff gets lucky when he buys 3 hotels and get an Achievement for it. Then he rolls three doubles in a row and gets another Achievement... and goes directly to jail for it.
    • Ray lands on the last unowned space on the board (Pennsylvania Railroad), and accidentally goes into auction. He still gets his property, but the guys tease him for having to pay $75 extra for the property he wanted anyway.
    • The fact that as the game drags on, everyone grows more and more tired of it. Ray and Gavin are legitimately happy they went bankrupt, with Geoff and Michael becoming increasingly exasperated as the game drags on between them.
    • Gavin's attempts at trading. In Part 1, he had traded all of his properties to Ray just to get Boardwalk and own the blue set. However, with Geoff building up houses on the pink set, and Gavin owning no other properties, he loses money fast. He tries to trade Park Place and Boardwalk (and $10) to Geoff for $500, and Geoff declines. Then he does the same for Michael... who accepts, leaving Gavin with a single property (Connecticut Avenue).
      • Gavin then tries to repeatedly trade cash for cash, which the game won't allow.
      • A particularly funny trade is when Gavin has $90 and needs $10 to pay $100 to Ray. Gavin offers Geoff Park Place and Boardwalk for Baltic Avenue, Water Works and $500:
      Gavin: It's a great deal...
      (Geoff turns down the offer)
      Gavin: WHAT?! That's a great deal!
      Michael: I am fucking deaf. That went right in my eardrum.
      Ray: But yeah, seriously, you still need to pay me.
      (Geoff and Michael laugh)
    • With everyone begging the game to end already as it continues to drag on, the instant Gavin files for bankruptcy, he leaps up from his chair and runs away from the microphone without hesitation.
      Gavin: "Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it— I'M OUT OF HERE, BITCHES!"
      • Prior to bankruptcy, Gavin and Michael get into a discussion over the phrase "shit your pants", leading to this Ice-Cream Koan gem.
      Gavin: If I wasn't wearing any clothes, would it still be shitting my pants?
    • Ray's pestering for Baltic Avenue (which Geoff owns, to complete the purple/brown set) turns into both a Brick Joke and Chekhov's Boomerang at the end of the game, when Geoff and Michael are the final two players left. Despite the extraordinarily long game, Michael has been trying to stay alive as long as possible, only mortgaging Park Place and Boardwalk when he desperately needs to. Geoff realizes that he never got around to trading Baltic Avenue to Ray, and since Ray's properties reverted to Geoff when the former went bankrupt, Geoff now owns the set. He decides to put a full set of hotels on them, which is what Ray had wanted to do. On Michael's very next turn, he lands on (you guessed it) Baltic Avenue, and goes bankrupt.
  • Geoff, Michael, and Ray sit down and play Wheel of Fortune. Most of the video is Geoff alternating between laughing and groaning at the ineptitude of the other two.
    • During the $2000 Toss Up, Michael jumps the gun and accidentally chooses to solve the puzzle when only the first letter ("A") is shown. After a moment of deliberation, he enters his answer: ANALBEADSYUMM.
      Michael: The game said "A" and I hit "A"...things escalated too quickly.
    • The final puzzle literally solved itself via the "RSTLNE" and Geoff picking "GHFI" - yielding "Tiger & Tigress"
    • Part Two has Jack, Gavin and Ray up against each other - Geoff audibly refrains from blurting out the answer multiple times.
      Michael: Geoff, how you doin' over there?
      Geoff: I'm fuckin' hurting... on the inside. Trying to keep my mouth shut this whole time.
      Michael: We need to do "Geoff Face-Cams" from now on.
      • And gets even worse when Jack gets to the prize round. His clue was "Book Title", with "_ALDEN" given by the game.
        Jack: Well, there's only so many letters I can pick. Alright, Balden, Falden, Galden, Halden... Halden? (Geoff can be heard wheezing from holding back laughter)
        Michael: Geoff's used to being disappointed by The Lads, but not Jack!
        (Jack guesses the answer with 3 seconds left)
        Geoff: Henry David Thoreau, you idiot! Jesus Christ!
  • Geoff, Michael, and Ray then go on to play Jeopardy!. At one point, the question shows a picture of a panda eating "its favourite food", and the point is to guess what its favourite food is...
    Ray: "I got this! I got this! EUCALYPTUS!"
    • The best part is that Ray honestly did not know the answer was "bamboo".
    • During Final Jeopardy, Ray has a complete meltdown when the clue is revealed.
      Alex Trebek: The genus of this Asian animal is Ailuropoda, and its species name, appropriately, is Melanoleuca.
      Ray: "FUCK! I don't, that's not a word, right? Like...there's two fake words in there!"
  • "Let's Play Family Feud". Geoff and Michael vs X-Ray and Vav.
    • The first round asks for types of beans that would go in a salad. On one of Ray's turns, he runs out of ideas and types in "Rowan atkinson".
    • During the final round of the second game, the survey asks for things that pregnant women have trouble doing. Ray buzzes in first and tries to input "standing" but none of the pre-made answer match, so he hurriedly changes his answer to "walking". However, he picks "waking" on accident. Cue epic freak-out when "waking" ends up being the number two answer on the board (as "Getting Up").
    • One of the surveys is "Most men think that you should never interrupt a woman doing this." Gavin, ignoring Ray (who says "Talking on the phone") first tries "Cooking", but then switches his answer to "Reading" as Michael and Ray scream at him to put in "On the phone". Gavin inputs the answer anyway, and it comes out as number seven on the board. Ray's reaction:
  • "Let's Play Family Game Night 3: Mouse Trap"
    • The intro sound:
    Geoff, Ray, Jack and Ryan: Cheese! (laughter)
    • During the second game it takes a while for them to figure out the mini-game.
    • No one except Geoff is 100% sure what they're doing.
    • Ray's turning the crank even when there's no one under the trap just so he can yell "Mousetrap!" because the adverts said that's what you need to do.
      • When Ryan lands on the crank and turns it with everyone else inside the trap, finally winning the game, Ray shouts "Mousetrap!" gleefully and is quickly joined by the Gents this time.
  • "Let's Play Family Game Night 3: Game of Life":
    • When Ryan lands on the "Get Married" space, he immediately tells his wife (assuming that she's watching this) that his virtual spouse means nothing to him.
    • When Jack Lands on the "Get Married" some random guy is kissing his wife.
    • Just like how Ray's weakness seams to be trivia (a la Jeopardy!), Ryan's weakness is the Concentration mini-game. Ray continuously snarks and pointing out all his wrong moves as he's playing. In the end, Ryan is only able to get two matches right!
    • The entire episode could be called "Ryan #StartTheBullying2014". After his Mouse Trap victory, Ryan has a target on his back, having to pay others' debts, being sued constantly, and having all his LIFE tiles stolen by Jack and Geoff. Though with the last, it was mostly due to his finishing first (about 5-10 turns before everyone else did) and going with the Retirement that would allow him one more Life token... but not safeguard the rest of them.
    • Geoff starts with the doctor career choice, which is one of the better ones in the game. He then loses it on a pink-slip tile. When given the chance he returns to college to repick a better career, and ends up with doctor again. Only to lose it AGAIN. The others make fun of him calling him the worst doctor ever and wondering how many people he killed to lose his doctorate twice.
    • Near the end, the Xbox being used gets disconnected from Xbox Live. Ray interprets this as the Xbox getting fed up with the game and "taking a stand".
  • "Let's Play Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
    Ray: (beyond pissed) True story: Tom never reached home that night because I beat the shit out of him in the street!
    • Gavin sums up his difficulty with the game.
    Gavin: I'm always suspicious of the question, though, 'cause I forget this is for... like, mong children.
    Ray: Like Tom!
    • The "May 3rd" question.
      • To clarify: the question was asking what date the third Wednesday of June would be if May 3rd landed on a Wednesday. However, the choices were "June 7th", "June 14th", "June 21st", and "June 28th". And yet, Gavin still had trouble figuring out such a simple question and chose "June 14th" out of frustration.
    • The "Knight" question.
    • The "How many more wins than losses?" question.
    • Jack's funniest comment to date:
    Ryan: The board is cleared...
    Michael: Alright Geoff, this is it. I don't know what's going to happen but-
    Jack: Alright, so now you get to pick a child to keep! (everyone laughs)
    Geoff: You belong to me now, Katie.
  • "Jeopardy! Part 2":
    • The triumphant return of EUCALYPTUS!
    • Jack, Gavin, and Ryan all get a question wrong. Keep in mind that this is multiple choice, and there are only three choices...
    • For Final Jeopardy, Gavin shouts out an answer that ends up being different than the one he entered. His vocal answer was the correct one so he ended up losing everything.
  • "Let's Play The Price Is Right Decades"
    • For some reason, Ray's avatar had his eyes shut during all three games. Everyone else pointed this out.
      Ray: I'm just happy to be here. I can't see shit!
    • At the start of the game, there's a bid on a set of lamps. Due to their lackluster appearance, the bids are only around a $100-$200 range. Cue outrage when the lamps turn out to be almost $700.
    • During Magic Number, when the prizes are being shown (an oven and a sofa), the gang (Geoff, Ryan, Michael, and Ray) dictate their disappointment, and then this comment is made.
    • At the Showcase Showdown for the first game, Geoff got 40 on his first spin, and accidentally hit the "Stay" option instead of making another spin.
    • "'True Fitness Technology'?!"
  • Wheel of Fortune part three has Gavin receiving a message towards the start that says "Win Gavin"
  • Let’s Play Fibbage:
    • The point of the game is to come up with convincing false answers to real questions and then pick out the true answer from the other players' lies. Gavin puts forth a lie that must be censored. Twice. Both times, they censor it with a ridiculous sideways picture of Gavin.
    • Most of Gavin's uncensored lies are also hilarious, since it's clear he wasn't going for plausibility at all.Example  Another example 
      • Although as they get more and more into the game they all start putting the funniest rather than the most plausible lies they can think of.
    • For one question about a unique method of cooking turkey, both Michael and Ray enter the exact same, highly implausible lie: Smegma.
    • One of the questions asked what last name a Catholic student should have to get a scholarship into Loyola University. The answers that the players submitted are "Zolp," "Dunkelman," "Jones," "Mary," "Jesus," "Christ" and "Jesus-Christpope." Guess which one belongs to Gavin. It's "Jesus-Christpope."
      • While not as weird as the first one, both Geoff and Michael answered the same thing for what last name (for a Catholic student) Loyola University would grant free tuition for - "Christ".
      • Gavin winds up getting the right answer (Zolp) because he didn't know what it meant, so he just chose it for no reason.
  • "Lets Play - Fibbage XL": Gavin makes a typo when creating one of his lies, resulting in North Korean schoolteachers once being required to know how to "suck a kid's duck," which is honestly far funnier than what he'd intended to write.
    • The question that asked what "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author Roald Dalh was buried with. Gavin and Ryan's answers have to be seen to be believed. Ryan's answer was "A full-sized inflatable Charlie doll in bondage wear," and Gavin's answer was "A mould of his wife's cunt."
    • The question "CELEBRITY TWEET! 4:32 PM - 22 May 2012 @lindsaylohan Tweeted: "______ is the best medicine." gets the answers Black dick and Big Black Cock. Turns out Ray and Gavin wrote those answer.
  • "Let's Play - Drawful"
    • The first picture has Gavin comment it looks like "a diddle monster". When he finds out Ryan's the one who drew it his cry is incredulous.
    • The first of Gavin's pictures is a plate, knife and fork with some odd shapes on it. Everyone gets it wrong, and it turns out that the answer is "I'm going to eat these puppies!". Gavin says that he didn't know how to draw tiny puppies and everyone proceeds to make fun of his terrible drawing.
      • One of the lie-answers? "hate crime". And it was Geoff's.
    • The rush to input lie-answers for a doodle of a skater saying BITCH! gets back "extreme supper ninja grind" and "offesnive skater". Also "jesus".
      Ray: "I don't know what's worse, the drawing or the spelling!"
      • And one of the misspelled answers was Ryan's!
    • Halfway through the second round Jack joins them on microphone.
    • One of Ray's drawings is a picture of someone on a bed with a load of what looks like random scribbling around it. Everybody in the room is thrown for a complete loop. Ray then comments that Geoff had to get up and take a closer look at it!
      Ray: Oh, I am so sorry!
    • One of Gavin's pictures was a picture of a guy in front of a box of sugar with a speech bubble that reads "IM AN OLD FUCK." Two of the answers are "Geoff" and "Geoff making it rain."
    • Hell, some of the answers themselves are utter gold.
      The Picture: A cat head below a taco that has "MEOW" written on it. Ryan's answer: "Discount Mexican food".
      The Picture: A guy looking at a book with a speech balloon reading "LOL". Lindsay's answer: "Gay baby's first playboy".
  • "Let's Play Trivial Pursuit"
    Ray: "Alright, i'm going with Thailand because I like Sagat."
    • The question of how many wives Henry VIII had.
      Gavin: Oh, easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I guess it's my country so I should know this.
      (The answer is six. Gavin chose eight.)
      Michael: I guess you don't know your own country, bitch!
      Gavin: I pressed the wrong button! NO! Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived, it's SIX!!!
  • "Let's Play Trivial Pursuit Part 2"
    • Ray spends the first two rounds hoping for the "Sports and Leisure" category, since it's the only one he feels comfortable with. When it finally comes up? "Which of these foods are fruit?"
      Ray: WHAT?! How is that a sport question?!
      • Comes back in the final round where "Sports and Leisure" comes back, only for the questions to be about Boxing or MMA, two things Ray doesn't know.
    • When asked "Which of these classic sitcoms aired earliest?", Geoff panics when he thinks he fucked up - he'd panicked so much about having picked wrong that he belatedly realizes he hadn't picked yet.
    • Gavin, in the lead with both points and wedges in the final round, chokes the victory away to Geoff.
  • Trivial Pursuit Part 3 adds to the hilarity - down to Geoff in the lead by a wedge, and the answers are either "Cat" or "Dog", with the question being "Are descended from Gray Wolves". Guess which Geoff picks.
  • Let's Play Drawful Part 2:
    • Once again, no one can draw. Presented without context:
      Ray: (the artist) HE'S WEARING A KILT!
      Micah: What? That's a triangle!
      Ray: What do you think a kilt is?!
      Ryan: It's inverted! Why is the big part up at his hips?!
      Ray: Because he's wearing it, uh, however the fuck he wants to. Maybe you're wearing it wrong, ever think of that?
    • Gus gets a little optimistic about one of his drawings:
      Gus: This- this turned out way better- This is the best drawing I've ever made! Everyone is going to get it! It's fucking amazing! It looks so good! The- This is being recorded! I'm going to get a print-out of this! I'm-
      Ray: It's gonna be a shirt.
      Gus: I'm so happy about it!
      Ryan: Risinger was just in here. Where'd he go?
      Gus: Get him back in here! We're making a shirt!
    • The second-to-last drawing Crosses the Line Twice, which is reinforced by the reactions of the others.
      Ray: Jesus Christ!
      Lindsay: This drawing makes me sad.
      • There's also the fact that Lindsay, as their Fibbage lie, just flat out wrote "geoff ramsey"...
  • Let's Play "Drawful" Part 3:
    • The game opens with Gavin drawing a picture of a pizza, a cat, a house, and a gun. This is literally the answer, and no one gets it because the answer itself makes no sense. They made it into a t-shirt because of this.
    • The second round kicks off with a drawing of the alphabet. Linda writes "Random letters" as her answer, but the answer is "Alphabetical order". At the answers screen, she has this to say:
    Linda: I just have to make it clear that I wrote the random letters, but it doesn't mean in Hungarian we don't know the alphabet.
    *everyone else laughs*
    • One of the second round answers gets a lot of answers relating to fairies... and "Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!". The latter answer ends up being chosen by Gavin, likely out of curiosity. Turns out nobody wrote that one. The game inserted it thanks to Ryan and Michael writing the same thing, resulting in Gavin wasting his turn.
    • The second round of the game features Geoff stating he would give $1,000 to anyone who manages to correctly guess Griffon's answer. Gavin manages to pick the correct answer of "Geese" by sheer luck.
  • Let's Play "Drawful" Part 4
    • This is an "All Thumbs" round - everyone has to draw using only their thumb. In most cases the drawing quality isn't too greatly affected by this.
    • Similar to last round, the game inserts an answer because two people put the same answer. This time it's "Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!"
    • Ray's first drawing is such a mess that even he can't remember what it was supposed to be! Everyone except Michael answered correctly, because it was the only answer that made sense in the game's context.
    • Gavin has this to say about his drawing in round two, which has the word "FUCK" written clearly under it.
      Gavin: "Look, I got annoyed with my drawing; it's not a hint."
    • Michael's round two drawing completely throws most people off. Because he misread his prompt and drew something else instead, then hit enter before re-reading it and realizing he'd not actually drawn it.
    • A drawing with two ducks gets two answers that involve 'patty cake'. The second time Geoff reads it as "petty kacking". He then blames the alcohol for it when the others start teasing him.
  • Let's Play - Family Feud Part 3
    • Ryan's avatar has giant wide eyes. It leads to this.
      Ryan: I can see you. I can see all of you. I can see what you're wearing today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
  • Let's Play - Quiplash
    • Once again, the group proves that Strange Minds Think Alike, particularly the first Round Three, where 4 out of 6 answers involved racism in some way.
    • The second game devolves into a volley of insults at Gavin.
      • The first of these was "Name the secret to a happy life" - with Geoff's answer being "Fucking Megnote  as Ryan". 75% of the audience agreed.
      • Geoff quietly reassures Gavin that he loves him... only for his next answer to come up, making fun of "Gavin's dumb shitty nose that no one likes". 80% of the audience voted for it.
        Jeremy: This has turned into a different game. Just to watch Gavin and Geoff make eye-contact.

    3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 
  • Let's Play- 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2
    • Geoff's first turn sets the tone for the rest - he manages to get his ball stuck on the railing, nearly glitching the game out entirely.
      Michael: Is that the fastest ever to technical difficulties?
    • Millie interrupts to ask Geoff to get her a drink:
      Millie: Daddy, get me a drink!
      Geoff: Get- what?!
      Millie: Seriously!
      Geoff: Daddy’s working!
    • And later when Geoff misses a hole:
      Millie: Aw Daddy no
    • Things do not go very well for Geoff in episode 2.
    • Ryan takes a pretty good first shot in hole 6, and ends up perfectly set for a birdie. However, Michael starts yelling at him, telling him to use his mine powerup. He does... right on top of himself.
      • Heck, the entirety of Hole 6 in Part 2 is a Crowning Moment of Funny, particularly because Geoff nearly dies laughing.
      Ryan: I'm very susceptible to peer pressure!
    • Part 3 features the continuing frustrations of Geoff.
      Michael: The lack of commentary makes it sound like he's not saying anything, but he's saying everything with his face.
    • Early on in part 4, the group mentions a face-cam that's recording their reactions during the game. When Ryan notices it, he immediately flips the bird. Also doubles as a Brick Joke, due to the above comment from Michael in part 3.
    • Part 4: After a string of bad luck in the previous episodes, Geoff manages to land an incredible shot on the third hole, netting him an eagle. He flips out so hard that he falls backwards out of his chair. The best part? The whole thing was recorded in real time, and there was even an instant replay!
      Ryan: That's probably the, uh, concussion talking.
    • Also from Part 4, pretty much the entirety of Hole 4, with a few notable highlights:
      • Michael gets an incredibly lucky second shot that places him right next to the hole... just before Ray zaps it off course with a powerup he already had active. You can audibly hear Michael holding back his fury.
      • Funnily enough, this exchange on Michael's next turn:
      Michael: (noticing he's back where he started) You fuck...
      Ray: Just do it again. You did it the first time, how hard can it be?
      *Michael does almost exactly that*
      Ray: See?
      Ryan: REALLY?!?
      • Later on, Ray hits too soft and misses a putt a mere few inches from the hole, causing him to throw his controller across the room. This was also caught on video and replayed in slow-motion; Michael and Geoff's slowed-down laughter just add to the hilarity.
    • The final hole in Part 4 also sees some funny moments:
      • Ray sees how everyone is hitting their ball down to the left and taking the safe path, so he decides to shoot that way too... only for the ball to bounce off the rocks and into the guaranteed hole-in-one slit, earning him an Eagle.
      Ray: See, I was just kidding, I was going for the slit the whole time!
      • Just afterward, Ryan hits his second shot toward the glue powerup and is randomly bombarded by spears out of nowhere.
    • Part 5 sees Geoff sink a Birdie where the hole seems to suck his ball in. Michael makes a joke about a magnet switch hidden under Jack's desk and they all run with it throughout the video.
    • Michael plays his Bomb powerup when his ball is slowing down its roll near Ray's ball. For some reason the ball keeps rolling until he's way out of range before the fuse finally runs out.
    • Part 6 and Ryan's wearing a duck mask like his character in real-life. The video description says that Ryan has "officially lost and it become a duck".
    • The end of Hole 3 which involves Geoff, Ryan, some trolling that doesn't quite pay off and a LOT of oil power-ups. While not show, Geoff laughs when Ray does a literal Spit Take during the mayhem.
    • The next hole has further chaos involving the lightning powerup, with the best being between Michael and Ray.
      Ryan: You just ran down the field and mugged him and did nothing else for yourself!
    • The final hole has Ryan attempting the Hole-In-One option and finally succeeding - on stroke sixteen.
      Michael: Ryan is like a fucking dumbass robot, he just like, keeps fucking going for the cheese and getting shocked and he's just doing it over and over and over again.
      YouTube Comment: Ryan's Wife never has to worry about him leaving her because he stays committed.
    • It was so funny that he made Geoff shit his pants.
      Geoff: Ohh... Jack, I'm sorry I shit all over your chair.
    • On the same hole, Geoff (whose run of luck in previous parts has not carried over) attempts to sink a tap-in put while sneaking past a mine Ray dropped right next to the hole. He does not hit the mine. But the ball is moving close enough to it - and slowly enough - that it sets off the mine right before dropping into the hole, and gets blasted out of bounds.
    • Part 7 and Ryan's still a duck.
    • The end of the forth and final hole sees Ryan and Michael coming to blows when Geoff's fire powerup blocks the hole for two turns. First Ryan tries to block Michael, then Michael uses his bomb powerup which throws Ryan out of bounds. Ryan then goes on the offensive, smacking his ball into Michael's and sending it down the slope only for it to come back and be hit by a spider to the other side of the part of the course, down a ramp. Best part is that last move is captured by the in-office camera and it's shown in the corner of the gameplay footage so we see Ryan jumping about in joy as he completely messes with Michael.
    • Part 8 has Ryan using a shock to knock Michael out of bounds. He then keeps apologising for doing it, but the others totally aren't buying it.
    • Ryan tries to go for a hole-in-one shot that involves the ball riding across a set of gears. His first shot gets the ball onto the first gear but there's little power behind it so the gear juggles the ball a bit before it rolls back onto the course itself.
    • Ray has a shot that has to travel past a landmine. He makes it without setting it off but then hits Geoff and rolls back towards the mine... which blows him back towards the hole!

    Sports Games 
  • "Let's Play MLB 2K12" is a 30-minute CMOF. Gavin, the Brit, knows nothing about baseball and nothing about the game's controls, and his deadpan mangling of the entire game, including the player's names, is so laugh-inducing that it results in Geoff shitting his pants in the middle of the game. Highlights include:
    • Gavin always throwing the ball to home base - and no other base. (This was caused by not knowing the correct controls and Geoff refusing to tell him the right ones; Gavin lampshades this at one point.)
    • Geoff's... "unorthodox" method of stealing bases. Namely, to run before the pitcher has even started his windup. Because Gavin only throws to home plate, he always succeeds.
    • Gavin's interpretations of the baseball field. These include asking what the bases (the "bags," as stated by Geoff) are filled with, the "staple" (the coach's box), and "Home Base" being a British patio furniture store.
    • The entire sequence leading up to Geoff shitting his pants. Geoff has asked Gavin to stop making him laugh for exactly that reason, and when the moment comes and Geoff has to leave the room, Michael comes in laughing like a madman.
      Gavin: Would that be the first time that someone's ever left a commentary to go and, uh, sort out the fact that they pooed their pants?
      Michael: Not the first time in anything I've ever been in, but I think Achievement Hunter first.
  • Let's Play Madden 2013. Considering how Gavin doesn't know anything about American football, it goes as well as expected. It's filled with hilarity from Gavin being kicked out of the game to "Nice hair, douchebag".
    • "Why is there a guy wearing an upside down traffic cone?"
    • "What's a play?"
    • "Run to the touchdown."
    • One of the CPU players randomly tripping over his teammate.
    • "How do I play as Trey Wingo?" (ESPN)
    • When Gavin first heard of J.J. Watt: "J.J. what?"
    • When Ben Roethlisberger's name came up, it was spelled as B. Roethlisberger (as is customary ala the Last Name Basis principle). Gavin saw that and said "Bro-th lis-leh burger."
    • When Gavin couldn't figure out how to punt the ball, Geoff called timeout two seconds before the play-clock ran out. Yeah, you read that right. "I had to call a fuckin' timeout for you!!"
    • Some guy with long hair drinks Gatorade. Gavin is not impressed: "Nice hair, douchebag."
      • Better yet: that guy was Troy Polamalu.
    • To be clear, Gavin got kicked from the game for going offsides 3 times... on the first 3 plays. And he didn't simply jump the snap; he was running all around the field like... well, Gavin.
    • Those first three plays really must be seen to be believed. Watch as he runs ten yards past scrimmage, loops around behind the quarterback, and almost manages to get behind the line again on the other side, all before the ball is snapped.
    • The conversation they had before starting the game over. Geoff didn't know what the fuck to do as Gavin was kicked from the game, and was laughing hysterically in the background while Ray and Gavin talked.
    Geoff: (To Gavin) Gavin, you're off-sides! Stop going off sides before they fucking count the...
    Ray: Gavin got kicked from the game!
    Geoff: He—(Bursts into uncontrollable laughter) Are you serious? What the fuck do I do?!
    Ray: I don't know. You're the boss...
    Gavin: I'm in the menu... there's someone talking in my ear now... (Geoff laughs his ass off in the background) I got Trey Wingo chatting at me now.
    Ray: Dude— Trey Wingo...?
    Gavin: Who's Trey Wingo?
    • Gavin complains that the game doesn't make sense to him, then Ray tries to get him to understand by comparing it to soccer, to which Gavin replies "There's no kicker in soccer, you donut!"
    • When Geoff said it would be a miracle for Gavin to survive the first quarter without getting kicked from the game, Ray quipped with "First quarter? How about the first fuckin' possession?"
    • Ray's opening kickoff return: fumbles the ball at the three, but recovers it, then backpedals into the his own end zone, allowing the AI to score a safety on him. And then he recovers his own safety kickoff, giving him and Ryan the ball back and frustrating the opposing team of Gavin and Geoff.
    • The final play of the half. Ryan hits a wide-open receiver in the open field. He's running for a touchdown when Ray takes over, and runs him out of bounds after time had expired.
  • "Let's Play Madden 2013: Super Bowl Special":
    • Geoff throwin' out one of his colorful battle taunts. "I just shoved my football up your dick!"
    • Gavin. From not knowing what a running play is to calling out his plays out loud... just... Gavin.
    • Ray repeating his kickoff returning gaffe from the first Madden LP - with the same result.
      • Even better: Ray moved slightly away from where the ball was going to go, so he had to jump towards his end zone to gain possession. By the time he got up, eight Niners had already made it to the Ravens' end zone; the Niners got two extra points on the safety.
    • When #84 Randy Moss (who's 37) scored a touchdown, Ray said "That's not actually his jersey number, that's his age."
    • Gavin struggling to say the correct terms for American Football.
    Gavin: How do I play, uhh, how do I do playing... was it, running, what?
    • Two footballers randomly glitching out at the end of a play. A 49er was thrown to the ground by a Raven, who fell on top of him in a position that looked like they were pulling off the 69 (yeah, that 69). It didn't help that the Raven was bobbing his head erratically the entire time.
    • When Gavin misheard one of Geoff's battle cries.
    Geoff: "Look at that juke!"note 
    Gavin: "You can't just yell 'Look at that Jew'."
    Michael and Ryan: "JUKE!"
    Gavin: "Ooooh!"
    • At the end of the first half, Team Lads (Gavin, Michael, and Ray as the Baltimore Ray-vens) has 2 seconds to try a Hail Mary. Gavin takes a knee.note 
    Ray: "I'm gonna tell you right now, he's gonna take a knee."
    Gavin: "Who's - what?"
    (Gavin takes a knee, exactly as Ray thought.)
    Gavin: "What happened?"
    Michael: "What did he just pick?"
    Ray: "He picked Take A Knee."
    Michael: "We have two seconds to score in the half. *in a very good imitation of Gavin* TAKE A KNEEE!"
    Gavin: "What's that knee? What are you on about? What is everyone talking about?! I'm the captain, all right!?"
    • This turns into a Brick Joke at the very end of the game:
    Ray: "Gavin, pick - remember that knee play you picked before?"
    Michael: "Remember that knee play that fucked us at the end of the second half?note  Do that again."
    • Of course, this being Gavin, he manages to call a pass play. It works anyway.
    • The crew making fun of Manti Te'o (who's not in either of those teams, by the way)
    Jack: "Which is the one with the fake internet girlfriend?"
    Ray: "Uhhhh, Ray Narvaez. "
    • Ray making fun of Gavin's statistical performance as a quarterback. "Like, 2 for 1."
    • Ryan getting called out for being The Load in one particular instance.
    Geoff: "Who's picking our defensive plays?"
    Ryan: "I am."
    Geoff: "Okay."
    Jack: "Oh."
    Michael (who's on the opposing team): "You're fired."
    • Gavin running out of position and through the 49ers' perimeter, before the play even began.
    Ray: "Goddammit, Gavin!"
    Geoff: "What the fuck?"
    Gavin: "Uh, I made a mistake!"
    Michael: "Please be ejected from the game."
    • When they line up at the line of scrimage, Gavin had a guy that lifted his arm out like he's ready to pounce on his opponent. Gavin notices it, moves him to the side and says "I'm like a crab!"
    • Ray making fun of the Gatorade-drinking guy, except with a twist.
    Michael: "That was actually the other team, Ray."
    Ray: "Man, are they thirsty."
  • "Let's Play WWE '13" might be one of their funniest Let's Plays yet. Special mention goes out to the intros; as each chose to create their own wrestler. Each person, though, has something of their own to contribute.
    • Geoff plays as the Corpirate, a corporate pirate who is also a wrestler. He is the only who knows how to play and ends up in the role of the Monster Heel. Naturally, Geoff starts bragging about his prowess and; sounding like he is cutting a Heel Promo.
      Geoff: (While choking out Michael) "Is your Spidey-Sense tingling? Is your Spidey-Sense tingling?! Oh, I just fucking broke your little fucking weak neck."
      Geoff: (After choking out Jack the second time] "You can't beat Wall Street! You can't beat Wall Street!"
    • Gavin: The fact that his character is a green alien with broccoli hair, white briefs, a horn on his nose and Rhino ears. His name is Player, and he turns red when he gets mad. He, like Ray, is pretty bad at the game.
    Gavin: "I tried to make a Creeper effect but it very rapidly got out of hand."
    • Ray insists his character (a sombrero wearing luchador) is his father, Papa Brownman and whenever he starts getting hurt, he starts yelling "DADDY!" He also has a Running Gag that he tries to jump from the top rope and always fails.
    • Ryan: Ryan's character wears a Gorilla suit to the ring and has a ridiculous moustache and goatee. Also, his backstabbing gets him the nickname Benedict Arnold.
    • Jack: His character's (Beardo the Magnificent) intro and appearance leading everyone else generally being hesitant to fight him.
    • Michael: For essentially being Spider-Man and using a lot of web based attack names. Also for being the smallest person out of the six.
    • What makes Jack and Ryan's stand out is the fact they use the Diva entrances for their... rather burly men.
  • One year later, the gang delves back into the realm of wrestling with WWE 2K14. Once again, they make their characters and the results are... out there.
    • Geoff revisits the Corpirate with the "Yarrgarita", claiming that the Corpirate is on vacation.
    • Ryan and Jack, once again, create burly men with diva entrances.
    • Surprisingly, Gavin and Michael create the same type of character: blue-skinned guys with massively disproportioned body parts. And tails. With names that get censored. note 
    • Ray creates Mr. Diddlez, who wears a towel and a paper bag over his head. He also has two watches because "it's always time to diddle".
    • During the first match, Geoff is shocked that, near the end, his character is taken out by chance. Gavin fires out that "He spent too much time on vacation and not enough time in Wall Street."
    • The first match dragging on for ten minutes because Michael and Ray's characters just absolutely refused to get thrown out of the thing.
    • Ryan grabbing a ladder and yelling out "YOU CAN FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AT THE HOME DEPOT!"
      • Followed a few seconds later by him getting hit with the steel steps being thrown in the ring.
    • Ryan's Failed a Spot Check as he didn't realize they weren't playing a Ladder Match for the second round, they were playing a Briefcase Match.
    • The entire time Gavin perches his character on the corner and starts cooing like a pigeon before leaping out and missing the other wrestlers.
    • At one point, Michael gets to the briefcase and hangs on for dear life as the ladder is yanked from under him. Sadly, he doesn't pull it down, even as he's shouting that he's on the briefcase.
      • Also, Ray pulls Jack, who Michael was racing to get to the briefcase, off the ladder in an attempt to help Michael.
    Ray: I helped you out! You were supposed to win! You were the chosen one!
    Michael: I tried, Ray, I tried!
    • Gavin somehow reaches under the stage and pulls out a sledgehammer. Which Michael immediately steals and starts whaling people with. And later, Gavin finds a folding chair.
    • At one point, Gavin gets a little fed up and decides to take his character and leave. Then he comes back takes the stairs.
    • And then he comes back and takes the ladder too.
    • Ray quickly notices and "runs" after Gavin. Since neither of them know how to sprint, they both adopt a strange waddle which makes the whole chase absolutely hilarious.
    Ray: Wait Gavin, I need that!
    Gavin: No, I'm setting up my ladder and climbing out of this place.
    Ray: Gavin, come back..!
    • At one point, Gavin randomly decides to trash the announcer's booth.
    • Jack climbing a ladder in the corner of the ring, and falling off onto the steel steps that were outside of the ring.
  • "Let's Play Madden 25 Super Bowl Special" features the Seattle Lads against the Denver Gents. Having not played the game for a year, it's no surprise that Gavin is still bad at quarterback. However, what's surprising is that Jack is worse, throwing seven interceptions (Actually eight, but one was called back due to a penalty) before switching controllers with Ryan, who throws three more.
    • He doesn't just switch controllers with Ryan: after throwing pick #7, he leaves the room in shame, then comes back and takes Ryan's controller.
    • After the third one, Geoff claims that Jack won't rest until every Seahawk has an interception.
    • Before the forth one, Ray accurately predicts how Jack's next INT will go. Afterwards, Geoff losses his shit trying to figure out why they would be throwing with 40 seconds left in the half.
    • When Gavin was about to pass the ball, his character faked the pass and ran instead. Gavin's reaction, we shit you not, was "How did I throw it to me?"
    Michael: "How do I throw it to me?" You didn't let go of the ball!
    • Ray's reaction to a particularly poor punt by Gavin.
    Ray: Nice kick, asshole. Leave your wheelchair in the locker room?
    • Two rather underplayed moments both occur after the Gents tempt fate.
      • After having thrown six interceptions, Jack is told by Geoff that he might as well keep playing since he can't possibly do worse than he's already done. Jack immediately throws his 7th and final interception before he Rage Quits.
      • Towards the end of the game, Michael manages to injure Peyton Manning, and everyone agrees it's the best thing to happen to the Gents the entire game. Their replacement quarterback proceeds to throw the 10th and final interception for the Lads.
  • The entirety of Let's Play FIFA 14 is a colossal comedy of errors thanks largely in part to the fact that none of them know how to play.
    • Ray in particular has a hard time during the game, going off-side several times and then completely missing the one free-kick of the game.
    • The game ends in a tie because no one could score a single goal.
    • The highlight reel is literally nothing but fouls and missed goals, and more the former than the latter. It's like the game itself was facepalming.
  • Their World Cup Let's Play. Despite what the thumbnail and title say, it's not in FIFA 14: it's in Madden 25, with the Atlanta Germans vs. the Tennessee Argentinians.
    • At one point, Ray refers to Argentina as "Argentinia", leading to Deadpan Self-Deprecation.
    • Ryan is the captain for Argentina, and on one play, he can't figure out how to switch away from a punt block formation. Cue an easy touchdown pass.
  • Let's Play - NBA 2K15
    • Gavin once again proves to be The Load of the team, in more ways than one:
      • For the first four minutes of the game, Gavin has offscreen technical issues, resulting in him not being able to move his player and giving the opposing team a huge lead right from the get go.
      • Believe it or not, it gets even worse when he actually starts playing; he spends a good two minutes traipsing around out of bounds on the other side of the court, and later on, he figures out the button to set a pick, which results in him spending half the game walking around holding his junk and getting knocked over.
    • Somebody calls two timeouts the very moment the second half starts. Guess who it was.
      Gavin: I was testing buttons, it might've been me.
      *collective groan*
      Ray: Alright, hit A. Test the A button.

  • Let's Play - Madden NFL 15: Super Bowl Special
    • The gang does a coin toss to choose teams. Ray calls out "Tails for anal!"
    • The very first play of the game has Gavin run into Michael, causing his character to stumble and fall.
      Ray: Run forward and don't fumble the ball. (The Gents kick the ball out and run toward The Lads' side)
      Gavin: Look at the camera angle!
      Michael: Ray, don't go soft on us.
      Jack: Whoo-hoo! It's the Super Bowl!
      Gavin: Which one's me? I'm this one! (Michael catches the ball)
      Ray: Go straight. (Gavin runs backwards and runs into Michael just as he starts to move, causing him to stumble to the side)
      Geoff: (Without missing a beat) Hahahahahahahaha...!
      Ray: Oh my god! Oh my god...
      Michael: Was that Gavin? (Falls over)
      Ryan and Jack: (Michael tries to get back up, but Ryan tackles him before he does) Whoa!
      Michael: Yeah, that was Gavin.

    • When the Lads' team has to punt, Michael gets incredibly confused and makes a terrible punt.
    Michael: [when he realizes his mistake] DAMMIT!
    Jack: That was the worst kick ever!
    Michael: I dunno how to kick!
    Geoff: Pretty... pretty good field position.
    Michael: FUCK!
    Ray: Shout out to the local middle school team for making it to the Super Bowl.
    • Ray, after being Team Lads' coach, takes over for Gavin in the last minute of the game. He then scores two touchdowns within the last minute.
  • Let's Play - NHL 15
    • Ryan figures out how to knock people over before a minute passes in the game, and immediately declares it as the best game ever.
    • Geoff manages to smack the puck straight into the midsection of the ref.
    • They sometimes lose track of the puck when all the players gather together in a scrum.
    • This:
      Ryan: "Bring the pain, and the funk, and maybe the noise..."
  • Let's Play - NHL 15 Part 2
    • Geoff gets LOUD as they finally figure out who to play and he and Jack wipe the floor with Michael and Ryan. Until the end, that is.
    • At one point, Geoff and an NPC gang up on one of Michael and Ryan's players and Geoff yells out to "Fuck 'em, fight 'em and kill 'em!", prompting Jack to ask "In that order?"
    • Geoff finally gets his hockey fight and pummels Ryan senseless... then he swaps to another character and loses to an NPC.

    New Super Mario Bros. U 
  • Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 1. Geoff with the Game Pad, claiming to be helping the other four, is pure gold.
    Gavin: I love how you can see the circles where Geoff is tapping and that he's gone mental with it
    • He manages to use the platforms to turn the clockwork corridor into a literal meat grinder until the guys find a hidden path to bypass the gears.
    • Also the part where he pops the newly revived players' bubbles over lava, killing them before they even got to play. Once again, Ray is the only survivor.
    • The part where they all get their own Yoshi to ride on a level involves Jack accidentally using Yoshi to eat Gavin.
    • The majority of the commentary in the video is some variant on "God Dammit Geoff".
  • Let's Play New Super Mario Bros U Part 2:
    • When Nabbit steals Toads stuff from the Mushroom House, Jack has a very interesting take on Toads' reaction.
      Jack: (in some kind of accent) THAT MOTHERFUCKER JUST STOLE MY STUFF! KICK HIS ASS FOR ME!
      • Then when they enter the level to confront Nabbit:
        Gavin: "Didn't expect to see US punk!"
    • Ray constantly killing the other players because he wouldn't wait for them to catch up, as he feels they're moving too slowly:
      Jack: Ray just murdered Gavin and I.
      Ray: Did I? Oh well then...keep up.
      Michael: You murdered me, RAY!
      Ray: I'm sorry. It was either you or me!
    • Geoff continues his reign of terror:
      Geoff: Hey, call out if you want me to do anything specifically.
      Jack: Stop playing.
      Michael: Please don't kill us!
      Gavin: Just put the controller down and leave the room!
    • Gavin respawning after previously running out of lives. He is so excited that he nearly falls to his death right away.
    Gavin: [singing the Mario themesong] Da da, da, da dAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!
    • Once again, Geoff proves especially lethal on the vertical climbing sections. The part where they have to pass the Smashing Hallway Traps of Doom is priceless.
    • The Dry Desert Mushrooms level. Not only is it the first time they actually lose a level, but Geoff actually manages to kill all four of them in the first ten seconds of the stage.
  • "Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U Part 3" and Geoff is still a maniac with the gamepad.
    • At some point near the end, Gavin returned in a bubble, then he hit a wall and died less than a second after respawning.
    • At another point, Gavin is the only one capable of tanking a hit to enter a pipe. He gets hit... without landing on the platform. Almlst immediately, he gets killed by a Goomba.
    Gavin: "I'm back—"(dies)"—NO!" (Everyone else bursts into laughter.)
  • "Let's Play - New Super Mario Bros. U Part 4"
    • Most of this Let's Play consists of the guys tackling the underwater levels. Coupled with Geoff's incessant trolling, it goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • You may notice that Jack isn't quite as talkative in this episode. That's because Jack is actually absent from this recording. The guys get Ryan to take his place instead, but play it off like he's really Jack throughout the whole video, as a nod to Team Same Voice. The screens before each level also say 'Not Jack' instead of 'Jack.'
    • Gavin eventually figures out how to pick people up and throw them. Naturally, he trolls the ever-living crap out of everyone.
      • At one point, the guys come across a big sea urchin enemy on a water spout. Gavin chucks everyone straight into it, killing Michael and Not Jack.
      Not Jack: Gavin, you shithead!
    • Gavin sees a Blooper in one of the underwater levels and insists on calling it a 'scrodge.' For some reason, Michael seems to take offense every time he does this.
    Gavin: Wasn't it called "scrodge?"
    Michael: No, it was not called "scrodge."
    Gavin: Was it not called a scrodulous?
    Michael: ...Shut the fuck up.
    • Later...
    Ray: Oh, blooper! (Gets hit by it and dies) ohh, you fucking white fuck...
    Gavin: It's not called a blooper, it's called a scrodge!
    • The guys eventually find a block with four 3-Up moons hidden in it... and Ray grabs every single last one of them.
    • Geoff cheerfully gives the others encouragements... while simultaneously hindering their progress.

  • Geoff expressing his disappointment that the game doesn't allow "naughty" words.
    Geoff: Doesn't like Boner Patrol with a zero either... lemme try one more time.
    Geoff: So, the only one that I had that made it through was Steve. Doctor Butthole, The Fart and Gobble Boners didn't make it.
  • Ray trying to get Gavin to kill himself.
    Ray: You could rocket jump in this game. Just aim down and shoot, and you'll go really high.
  • After Michael screwed himself over, it was Ray's turn. He jumps over the mine, and he took damage from the shockwave. And then his turn finishes.
  • Michael deciding to name his team "Slow Mo Guy". Everyone's laughter made that moment.
  • Ray naming his worms after porn stars.
    • Geoff also addresses it in the most Geoff way possible. "Finish off Team Jizz."
  • "Lumpy Gash? They allowed that?"
  • Gavin having a Freak Out.
    Gavin: Here comes Guffpap - UUUAAAAAAAGH!!! (shoots himself with his own rocket launcher)
  • "Shut up, Gump."
  • Michael realizing too late that his plan wasn't good.
    Michael: "Well, that's bad."
  • After wasting too much time, Gavin starts panicking. He decides to launch himself straight at Geoff, Kamikaze-style... only to blow up six meters away from Geoff.
    Gavin: Damn it! What was that!?
    Ray: You are the worst Worms player of all time.
    Geoff: I almost shit my pants there.
    Michael: Dude, you are fuckin' dumb.
  • Michael's worm wrapping a headband over his head, jumping up, flexing his fist... and hitting the air, with a large puff of blue energy exploding right in front of Gavin.
    Ray: Sweet Hadouken there, Ryu.
  • Michael freaking out after a mine exploding.
  • Gavin taking a jab at Michael for screwing up a jump.
    Gavin: Well done, Michael.
    Michael: Shut the fuck up, Gavin!
  • Ray missing all five missiles against Geoff and Gavin in an air strike, who were only two meters away from each other.
  • "What you need to do, is fuck off."
  • Gavin grappled onto the top of a statue and planted a dynamite against Ray. He was swinging back and forth so fast that, so once he released the dynamite, he rocketed into the water, eliminating himself from the game.
  • Ray fired a homing missile against Geoff. The only problem was that, by the time it reached Geoff, it somehow hit a car window.
  • Michael making sense of Gavin's gibberish in Worms Part 2.
    Gavin: There's actually one person from Drippy Spaff who's a member of Munge Bimp.
    Michael: ... shut up. Shut the fuck up, Gavin.
  • "Wha - Johnboy? What?"
  • Gavin used Kamikaze to kill Faffy Waffle, but when he used it, it killed two of his own worms.
    Ray: You just killed two of your worms.
    Michael: Oh, you killed your own guy, you moron!?
    Ray: You're so fucking dumb.
    Gavin: I messed up!
  • Minutes later, Gavin tried explaining that blunder.
    Gavin: I tried to jump over Biff and I Biffed him.
    Ray and Michael: What?
  • When Michael used the jetpack, he went too high up, so he flipped over while he was in the air.
    Michael: Okay, I'm not... exactly sure what happened there.
    Ray: Well, you're closer, at least.
  • When one of the banana bombs accidentally flew onto the hand of a snowman, Ray yelled out "I'm playing catch with Frosty!"
  • Michael teleported to Ray's last worm, forgetting that teleporting costs you a turn. Once he materialized in front of Ray, he couldn't get a turn, giving Ray the chance to kill him.
  • Michael and Ray are down to their last worms. Michael shoots Ray at point-blank range... only for Ray to survive by one health point.
    Michael: NOOOO! NOOOOO! Are you kidding me?! HOW!?!? HOW?!?
  • Michael expressing disappointment that his team name didn't make the cut. Only this time, he actually says what it is.
    Ray: What did you make it?
    Michael: Erectal Rockets.
  • Worms Part 2 has Gavin killing two of his own team, but the best one must be when Ray's last worm takes a bazooka to the face- and still has 1 single point of health left, leading to him getting a lucky win when he punches Michael off the map.
  • Michael naming his characters, word for word, Faffy Waffle, Dung Bingo, Peef Rimgar and Farfigschiter.
    Michael: I channeled my inner Gavin, I dunno.
  • Burnie drops in at the best time possible: while the lads are rattling off a bunch of their worm names.
    Burnie: Are you guys speaking English?
  • Michael having a Freak Out over one of his worms getting hit.
    Michael: Dude, he got Farfigfucked!
  • Ray making fun of Gavin's worm names. "Tim Limp and 'Bemp? Do you go home and write down stupid names?"
    • Another time. "Fuckin'... Wormy Worm is the name you chose?"
  • Gavin freaking out and throwing a bunch of banana bombs on Michael. When they blew up, Gavin jumped onto the mine, which blew up and sent him on top of Michael, who finished him off.
  • Ray poking fun of Gavin being a General Failure.
    Ray: In all honesty, do I need to worry about Slebnote , or is Sleb gonna take care of Sleb?
    • Not too long after: "You told me, how are you gonna deal with Sleb? Sleb's gonna deal with himself; I told you!"
    • Explaining: At this point, Gavin, Michael, and Ray each have one worm leftnote , and it's Gavin's turn. Gavin decides to jetpack over to Ray, drop an explosive on him, and fly over to Michael so he can kill him too. However, after placing the dynamite, Gavin hovers a bit too long... and his fuel runs out above the water. The dynamite knocks Ray into the water and Michael, whose sole worm has 5 health points (out of 100), wins.
      Gavin: All right, I've gotta be... I've gotta be smart. I've g... okay, this... I know exactly what I'm gonna do.
      Ray: Let's see, Sleb has 33, you have 5, I have 63, but I'm at the edge.
      Gavin: This is gonna be the Move of Kingdoms.
      Michael: He's gonna try and... grenade me, and just fly over to you, and somehow kill himself, and he's gonna give you the game.
      Gavin: (flies over to Ray) All right, tease it, tease it, tease it... (drops the dynamite)
      Ray: Oh, this might be the end for Kilburn.
      Gavin: OHHHHH, GET OUT! OH NO!!! (his jet fuel runs out) BOLLOCKS!!! (hits the wall and falls in the water)
      Michael: YES!! YES!! Tell me you just won me the game, Gavin!
      Ray: You might have just... (the dynamite blows Kilburn into the water)
      Everyone: OHHHHHH!!!!!!
      Michael: Dung Bingooooooo!!!
  • The end of part two, where Ray very suddenly comes to a realization about a meeting, which we get... zero context on.
    Ray: Gavin's still terribl—... We missed the butts meeting again.
    Michael: [screaming] FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCKING BUTTS! That's THREE WEEKS IN A ROW we've missed the butts meeting!
    Ray: [defeated] Let's Play's over.
    • Apparently it had to do with a meeting that was scheduled between Ray, Michael, Gavin, and Kerry talking about butts.
  • Gavin naming his Worms Armageddon team "Vibrating Munt". This time, the worms are called Nog Bedge, Fudd Dunker, Dump Gubbler, and Rectus Erectus.
  • Gavin, after some complication with using the rope, fell next to Mac, one of Geoff's worms. He chose to prod him off from the mountain edge. Did not work.
  • Michael named four of his worms Hans Job, Wet Brown Sauce, Massive Dump and Moe Torboat.
  • Grundel Guys was the name Ray chose for his team. He even gave them sailor hats, but the game wouldn't allow it.
  • Gavin tried to make up for that Mac debacle, so he used a rope to get on a farm house. Except, he was stopped by one of the other guys worms. Once he dislodged himself, he fell on top of a mine.
  • Geoff tried to punch Gavin with a blue energy fist.
    Gavin: Nice magic show, genius.
  • Gavin dropped dynamite near Geoff and Ray. Except, Gavin couldn't get out. Gavin didn't take it well. We'll try to express what he said.
    Gavin: (tried to get out) HUUUUUGGGH! DUUUUUUHHHH-OOOH!!! (realized he couldn't) H'AWWWWWWWW!!!
  • As bad as Gavin was, Michael's almost as bad at times. He used a rope on a farm house, but he couldn't figure out how to use it, so he kept swinging at the wall. Once he got the hang of it, he lowered himself down to one of Gavin's worms. He had five seconds left, so he used his rope on a tree, but as he got there, he laid down a piece of dynamite on himself.
    Michael: Well, that's bad.
  • After noticing he has only one worm left, Gavin expresses his dismay in the only way he could.
  • Ray throwing a banana bomb on Geoff, but somehow managing to damage himself. In fact, he lost more health than Geoff's two worms who were caught in the crossfire.
  • Gavin had one worm left, so he took Ray's advice to use a jetpack and plant a bomb between two enemy worms. Only problem was that, as soon as he brought it out, a grenade fell out. Panicked, he canceled the jetpack... and couldn't escape because of it. You could see him only three inches above the ground the entire time he had it on, too.
    Gavin: OOOOOOHHHH! Why would on Earth would I-? OH MY GOD!! (grenade explodes)
    Geoff: (as insult to injury) You did two damage to me.
  • Geoff used a homing missile, betting that it would've hit Gavin. As it went into the air, it turned around... and hit a building. He somehow lost three points of health after that.
  • "Gav In Da USA Team shouldn't have bothered. Oh, that's nice."
  • And of course, the times and trials of the mine that refused to blow up.
  • At the beginning of the second round of Worms Armageddon, Michael noticed something... odd.
    Michael: Oh, WHAT THE FUCK!? Ice - mmmmm, I'm gonna be Yellow? Look at Yellow.
    Gavin: All of your worms are-.
    Ray: Wow, you're fucked from the start.
    Michael: COME OOOOON!!
    • Subverted: Michael wins.
  • "You might be able to finesse a grenade through that." Double points for Ray saying it.
  • Geoff had two of his worms toward the edge of the map, on different sides. Both were killed by his opponents, before Geoff even had his first turn.
    Geoff (after the first one was targeted): "This is bullshit. Goddammit. This fuckin' nonsense right here."
    Ray: Oh, hey, Mac. What's up. Just hanging' out over the edge. (goes after the second worm).
    Geoff: COME OOOON!! What the fuck?
  • After that disaster, it was Geoffs turn. His third worm was right between two of Gavin's worms. With a mine right next to him. So he just runs into the mine.
    Geoff: Fuckin' nonsense (bangs on the table).
    Michael: Geoff is not pleased.
    Gavin: Geoff's got half his team down!
  • Ray had two of his worms, named Unpleasant and Immoral, on a ledge. Gavin takes notice.
    Gavin: The safest place to be is that terrible Dennis ledge.
  • "Nooo, not Rectus Erectus!"
  • Gavin used jetpack to plant a grenade on Mister Love (a Ray worm). Lost all his fuel and ended up killing himself.
    Gavin: "Buh, BUUUUHHH, buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh. Okay, gotta tease this in. Buh-bu... (loses fuel and falls on the mine) OOOOOOOOOHHHH, GAWWWWD!!"
  • "Not Fudd Dunker! Don't dunk my Fudd!"
  • Gavin threw a grenade from a ledge onto Michael. The grenade rolled past Michaels three worms and fell into the water.
  • Gavin had one worm left, named Nog Bedge, so he hid on a ledge behind a giant bush and propped up a turret. Ray's response?
    Ray: "Are you gonna camp in Worms too?"
  • "Heads up, Massive Dump!"
  • After Geoff swatted Ray with a baseball bat. "He just gave you a damn-good spanking!"
  • Gavin tried to get Nog Bedge out of the bush, so he used a rope. With Gavin being Gavin, he pulled himself up and down from the new cliff down near the bush. He landed on a ledge near the cliff and he jumped backwards, before falling down right back down to the ledge. He jumped in the air, fired a rope and flung himself... back to the ledge, leaving himself wide open for attack.
  • After Gavin successfully killed Michael's worm, without damaging himself, Geoff and Ray weigh in on it.
    Geoff: That was a spectacular accident.
    Ray: So was my birth.
  • Ray: "I dunno. It's gonna take me somewhere random. Right next to a mine?! Really?"
  • Charlie, Geoffs last worm, was up next for (what turned out to be) the final turn. Geoff used a blow torch to evaporate the soil in front of him, leading straight towards Ray (who was next to a mine). He used the blow torch to push Ray out of the cliff and onto the water. On the other hand, as Geoff moved forward, the blow torch set off the mine. Not only that, just like Gavin beforehand, Geoff gave Michael the victory.
  • The final round of Worms 2: Armageddon, which they decide to play drunk.
  • Gavin naming one of his worms Urethra Xtreme
  • Geoff was the first to go for the seventh round overall. He slipped and fell onto a tree. And his turn was up. We are not kidding.
    • Conversely, Ray's second turn has him initiating a map-wide set of Disaster Dominoes onto all three of the others while remaining completely unscathed.
  • Ray naming his team Randy Newman, Randall Newman, Nandy Rewman and Mark Nutt.
    Michael: Nandy Rewman? You just got lazy.
  • Gavin confusing baseball and golf. "What do you say in baseball? FORE!"
  • Geoff busted out a rocket launcher, propped up a homing missile and aimed for Ray. As he shot himself in the face.
  • "I battered you into next week. Next weeks Let's Play, you'll be in it, even though we're not playing Worms."
  • Sometimes, even Gavin has issues with his names. For reference, he was talking about Blenge Squeltch.
    Gavin: As long as Bidge Spleff or, what was it? Not Bidge Spleff. Blumpy Bimp?
  • "You blew off Mark's nut!"
  • Ray landing on a mine without even noticing there was a mine until he was right on top of it, in a very Gavinesque move.
  • Gavin using a Ninja Rope on a cliff. He kept pulling himself up on the exact spot that the grapple landed on.
    Michael: Yeah! Fuck that... grass.
  • "It's the Girder of Dreams. You've gotta eat some cheese to get through that one!"
  • Ray was running out of time, so he just fired a bazooka, which damaged himself.
  • Gavin using a rope to grapple on a cliff, in order to lower down the edge of a mountain below. He started off on the right of the mountain, just over Randy Newman. Except, he doesn't decide to kill Ray. No, he twisted himself all the way to the left, with the rope still stuck on the cliff. He let go of the rope, brought up a new one and plopped a grenade near Randall Newman. Once he pulled himself up, Gavin flung himself directly onto a mine. At least he killed Randall Newman.
  • Michael jetpacked over a two-foot gap and dropped a mine on his cliff. And that was his turn. I am dead serious.
    Gavin: That was like using a jetpack to cross a road!
  • The very end of Worms 2 Part 2: Michael and Ray are the only ones left, and it's Sudden Death, so each worm has only one health point. Michael uses an as-yet-unused lightning weapon on Ray's last worm... and it heals 30 points of health. Ray then fires a homing missile, and the splash damage takes out Michael's worm.
    • The conversation leading up to that, how hard Michael tempted fate, and especially his reaction is spectacular.
      (Michael summons a thunderstorm)
      Ray: Oh, is that the thunder thing?
      Geoff: Oh, what was that?
      Gavin: What the— What the hell? (The thunderstorm strikes Ray's worm with lightning.)
      Geoff: Thunderstorm...?
      Gavin: He got struck by lightning.
      Michael: He got struck by lightning. He better have died. (Ray's Worm gains 30 health points.) IT FUCKING HEALED HIM?!!
  • Worms: Revolution contains a number of moments also:
    • Gavin going back to his old ways by jumping off a cliff into the water.
    • At the very start of game 2, Michael has a worm near the water at the bottom. He tries walking up the hill to knock a nearby worm off... and walks directly into a mine, which blasts him into the water.
      • Later, he does it again, only this worm doesn't die.
    • The very end of the game is Michael vs Geoff, each with one worm left with low health. Geoff fires a homing missile at Michael's worm... too bad Geoff didn't see the speck of land directly in front of him.
      Michael: GEOFF, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!
      Geoff: WHAT HAPPENED??? (which he repeats several times)
      Ray: You're so stupid!
      Ray: You hit the terrain that was like this big.
      Gavin: Foiled by a pixel!
  • Worms: Revolution Part 2:
    • Ray throws a sheep completely off the map and into the water.
    Ray: All right. Oh, sheepie. Turn around, sheepie. Sheepie, all right. Turn around, okay. Man, you are thirsty. All right, sheepie, all right.
    (Gav and Michael die laughing)
    • The ending: Michael and Gavin each have one worm left, and the two worms are very close, separated by a steel girder Gavin put up on his previous turn. Gavin tries to kamikaze Michael's worm, but dies on the girder, giving Michael the W.
    Gavin: (has just blown up on the girder, Michael is laughing his face off) Aw! I didn't go anywhere!
    Ray: You, uh...
    Michael: You fuckin' killed yourself! (cue confused Angrish from Gav) You kamikazed, you idiot! You literally killed yourself! How can you win the game when you're dead?
    Gavin: Don't you shoot forwards like this when you do that?
    Ray: You do, but you hit the girder you set be-
    Gavin: Don't you go through girders?
    Michael: Apparently not, Gavin, apparently not.
    Ray: You go through, uh, you go through landscape, I'm not sure about girders.
    Gavin: AWWWWWWW, I just... built a wall and then headbutted it to death!
  • Part 3:
    • Michael unleashing a grenade, but it started rolling the way he'd intended to flee, and the explosion caused such a shockwave that four worms fell in the same hole.
    • Gavin trying to get Murphy out of that ditch, which consists of getting stuck on the edge with his jetpack, almost falling down to the water thrice and ultimately failing to get over the cliff.
      • And then Gavin losing his mind and screaming at Michael regarding Murphy's lost name.
    • Gavin accidentally throwing himself off the cliff and unleashing a sheep in the air, which blew up immediately and flung him 30 feet to the ground
  • Ultimate Mayhem:
    • Gavin uses a jetpack to try to get on top of a high pillar to snipe enemy worms. After flailing about in the air and barely managing to land safely on top of the narrow space, Gavin takes out the sniper rifle and realizes that he doesn't know how to use the scope. Panicking, Gavin starts mashing buttons to figure it out before time runs out. He successfully pulls out the scope for a brief moment... but his frantic mashing caused him to hit to jump button, making him leap off the pillar to his death.
    • Gavin was down to one worm left and Jack used a grenade that made a small puddle. Gavin goes to Jack so he can retaliate... and he drowns in the pool.
    • Immediately after, Michael lost one of his worms to flooding. His Freak Out and lack of understanding on what happened is priceless.
  • Worms Revolution Part 4:
    • This is Ryan's first appearance in a Worms Let's Play (apart from that VS episode), so he starts off with pretty simple worm names: Lust, Greed, Sloth and Terry.
      • Hilariously, Ryan says that Terry is the most evil one. This was the last worm standing, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Gavin's worm names are Smear Aroma, Spudge Funker, Mongy Gorp and Throby Quelch. Yeah, Gavinese strikes again.
    • Michael's worm names are even better. He calls it "Team Spoiler". They are: Albus Loves Dudes, Donnie Darko Dies, Rosebud Is A Sled and Neo Is The One.
    • Gavin loses very early in the game due to repeatedly flinging his worms off of cliffs in the middle of maneuvers. Then, to Michael's bewilderment, Ryan also jumps to his death. Just as he's questioning what is wrong with everyone, Michael does the exact same thing.
      Gavin: "Alright, this is what I'm gonna do." (immediately jumps into the ocean and drowns) "AHH!!" (cue massive fit of laughter)
  • Worms Revolution Episode 5:
    • The entire episode might as well be a display of some of the worst Worm playing in history. Every turn is just one Epic Fail after another.
    • From the very start, Michael and Gavin are right next to each other, at the edge of a cliff opposing Ryan's worm Sloth. The two attempt to work together, which results in Michael blowing himself up more than Sloth, Gavin swinging around recklessly until he takes damage and Ryan sending another worm down to immediately kill both of them. Even then, Ryan was not immune to the Idiot Ball and he still managed to do some damage to himself in the process.
    • Jack bunkers one of his worms down for safety rather than try to pass the mines on either side of him. Michael pays him a visit by setting off one of them without taking damage, moving right up to the entrance of his little hole and dropping a grenade on his face.
    • Gavin needs a checklist to himself for this one.
      • The reason he failed to make effective use of his first turn was because he believed Ryan's warnings about time running out, counting down from 5... while he still had 30 seconds.
      • In one turn he wasted two jetpacks in order to collect some money in the most panicky manner possible. He ended his turn by jumping desperately, landing on Michael's head. Because of this, Michael was unable to move in his next turn. He wasn't pleased.
      • Gavin buys two kamikazes by accident and wastes both of them! Special mention goes to the one he attempted to use blasting through an indestructable water bottle. His worm effectively disappears in a puff of smoke. Michael even makes a Call Back to when Gavin did the same thing to a steel girder in an earlier episode.
      • The entire alliance of "Team Nice Dynamite" is a complete shambles as Michael and Gavin constantly compromise or outright attack each other, to even more hilarious effect when they're almost eliminated while Jack and Ryan still have nearly all their worms.
      Gavin: We've been tryin' to be on the same team and all we've done is wipe each other out!
      • With his final worm, Gavin, near a ledge, runs low on time so drops a Grenade right next to Ryan and, attempting to get away, jumps to the ledge side of the grenade - ensuring that his worm goes sailing into the ocean after the explosion. The blast tosses Ryan's worm back onto the ledge and it survives.
      Michael: (Gavin's worm drops drops down to where Ryan's is.) Well, goodbye, Gavin.
      Ryan: Five, four, three, two, one... (Gavin's worm drops a grenade) Well...? (The grenade blows Gavin's worm off the ledge and Ryan's back to the surface. Everyone bursts into laughter)
      Michael: You fucking idiot! You dumb motherfucker!!
      Jack: And he survived!
      Michael: How did you do that?! How did you do that...?
    • Michael does a Gavin when trying to take out one of Jack's worms.
      Michael: I tried to blast you off; I got blasted!
    • On Ryan's suggestion, Jack launches a rocket through a pool to blow out the bottom - the objective being to drain the pool onto one of Michael's worms and possibly push it into the Ocean. The plan works perfectly... except for Jack's other worm at the bottom of the hill.
    • Once Jack and Ryan are the only two players left, a title card appears, explaining that the two spent the next fifteen minutes failing to kill a single worm. The footage is still shown.. sped up to 1600x.
  • Worms Revolution Episode 6:
    • Gavin walking his last worm off a ledge at the end of the first game - to the surprise of no one.
      • What really sells it is Geoff's hilariously distinct laugh, even by his standards. Also, there's Ray, who was completely unamused.
      Gavin: (as he prepares to attack Geoff's worm) Hmmmmm.... there's Chocolate Fudgenote ... (Gavin's worm moves a short distance) Let's see... (Gavin's worm moves again and slithers off the edge, everyone else busts out laughing)
      Geoff: HAHAHAHAH!
      Geoff: WOHOHOHO!!
      Ray: Why? Why would you move?
      Michael: He's standing at the door! He's standing at the door like the end of fucking Blair Witch Project!
    • Gavin drops a dynamite on the head of one of Ray's worms near the start of the second round. The resulting double explosion causes Ray's worm to flip in the air and land on top of his attacker. Made even better by the commentary -
    Ray: Plank's coming back for you, bitch.
    • A few turns later, Gavin is controlling his worm on the edge of the map, and tries to jump onto a small ledge with a mine on it without setting off the mine. After Geoff baits him by assuring him he can make the jump, it ends predictably, with Gavin down a worm.
    • During the second round, Michael tries to throw a cluster grenade at one of Geoff's worms just below him. He fails to take into account the wind, tossing it completely across the battlefield and dealing three digit damage to one of Gavin's worms as a result of the fiery chain reaction, along with another of Geoff's.
    • Near the end of the second game, Michael is the only one left with multiple worms, one of which is on the same ledge as Geoff's. Geoff sends a sheep at Michael's worm, but fails to detonate it; instead, it bounces off the wall behind Michael's worm and heads right back towards Geoff's. Instead of eliminating himself from the game, Geoff has no choice but to watch the sheep leap off the ledge into the water.
    • Geoff manages to get another turn after Michael supersheeps Ray, and tries to throw a Holy Hand Grenade at Michael's worm. It bounces off the worm and rolls back toward Geoff's, sending him into the water and winning the game for Michael.
  • Worms Battlegrounds: with a new game comes new fails.
    • Geoff unwittingly using his first move to kamikaze into Ray's. His first move, with a worm that had full health, and used it to commit suicide without even killing Ray's worm. Everyone else burst into laughs and declared him the second Gavin for it.
    • Surprisingly, Gavin is fairly competent at the start of the game. Then he discovers the mortar, and attempts to fire two from the top of the map. However, in an attempt to "account for the wind", he fires them both straight up. Ah, Gav... note 
    • Later, he discovers the "Bovine Blitz" weapon and decides to use it, without knowing how it works.note  He lets the helicopter fly nearly off the screen before dropping a single cow, missing every worm.
    • With one worm that has 16 health, Geoff tries to lower himself to the bottom of the map, but gets stuck on a pixel of land and is shot down by Michael's turret gun. He lives, making it all the way to...
    • The end of the game: Ray has two worms against Geoff's one in sudden death, where the water rises between each turn. One of Ray's worms is at the top of the map, with Geoff's on a rapidly shrinking ledge below him. Ray climbs through a tunnel and tries to parachute onto the small ledge, but the wind blows him into the water.
  • Part 2 of Worms Battlegrounds:
    • Michael's worms are all food puns based on characters from Dragon Ball - whose names are, ironically, food puns themselves. Ryan catches on, while Gavin and Geoff don't, and for a while Michael and Ryan keep referring to Michael's team as "the Snackans".
      • And on Michael's first turn, he attempts to do a bank-shot with his grenade throw - only for the bank to be too shallow, hitting a mine into one of his own worms lower down, blowing it into the water.
    • Gavin misreads "Souls" as "Squis".
    • This conversation is worth a chuckle due to the timing:
    Ryan: (referring to Souls) It's what you put on the bottom of your shoe.
    Gavin: What, souls?
    Ryan: (seeing his worm Peanut Butter get hit) No, Peanut Butter!
  • Part 3 of Worms Battlegrounds:
    • Michael names his worms after his own IMDb credits, with "Cocktail Partier" censored due to the Scunthorpe Problem.
    • Gavin uses a Water Jetpack to drop a Holy Hand Grenade on one of Geoff's worms, only for the water to wash it out of the blast radius. To add insult to stupidity, Gavin is so distracted that he ends up rocketing his worm off the stage. This left him with only one worm with one point of health.
    • Michael climbs up a scenery object to get a better angle, only for the object to start rolling. Despite his panic, he actually manages to stay on top of it, log-roll style for a while, and recovers in time to get two kills, but his frantic behavior the whole turn is hilarious.
    • Geoff, in attempting to use the jetpack for the first time, accidentally jumps on a mine. He manages to walk away from it before it explodes, but at the last second he takes a step back towards it (thinking it was a dud) and into the blast radius. The mine took off exactly how much health the worm had.
    • Gavin, on his next turn after the above incident, flies around the map, collecting 100 health and killing one of Michael's worms with the water jets. It looks like a fairly productive turn, until he gets greedy and tries to set up another kill with a jetpack and banana bomb: he accidentally throws the banana instead of activating the jetpack, which hits a wall and lands right in his face, killing his last remaining worm.
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 4:
    • Only one thing really needs to be said to give you an idea of how this went: Gavin chose the weapon loadouts.
    • The second round essentially consists of everybody gathering health for their worms while drowning everybody else's to prepare for armageddon, since Gavin gave them virtually no offensive weapons. Once Armageddon finally unlocks the map is wiped out in seconds.
      • When it comes his turn to use Armageddon, Ray flies over to Michael ang Gavin to try and take them out with him. He misses.
    Ray:Team Lads Armageddon!
    • In Part 2, Ryan tries to fly his last worm to the largest piece of land left after the first few Armageddon's but keeps getting stuck on small pieces of leftover terrain, eventually running out of water and drowning
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 6 starts off with Gavin doing well, while the others... well, act like Gavin.

     Behind the Scenes 

Other Series

     Five Facts 
  • Five Facts: Duke Nukem Forever, the entire video gets derailed by a story of Geoff's youth of some neighbors who stole cable way back when. When Geoff playfully realizes that their video editor, Franco, would have to edit a lot of this out (they don't), they start teasing Franco, leading to "#STOPTHEFRANCOBULLYING 2014" to show up.

     Imaginary Achievements 

  • "Top 12 Most Satisfying Guns", they get to number 2, the Farsight gun from Perfect Dark and realize Kdin isn't using the gun the way it's supposed to be used, instead just running around shooting people normally.


    Achievement HORSE/PIG/HUNT 
  • Halo HORSE #128, a first-round tournament match, comes down to one final map between Joel and Geoff - a soccer match where each player controls a Mantis. The game ends when Geoff scores on his own goal, sending Joel on to the next round and marking the 3rd straight first-round knockout for Geoff.
  • Trials PIG #69: During the first map, a Seifire map, Gavin gives up entirely and plays Minecraft for five minutes.
  • The commentary for Halo HORSE #140, a semifinal tournament match between Miles and Joel. There are two separate commentary tracks, Miles' and Joel's... and they play at the same time. If you're wearing headphones, Miles' plays in one ear, while Joel's plays in the other. And they switch ears mid-video. Twice.
  • Episode 14 of HUNT begins with Ryan taking some kind of accent "so people can tell who I am!" He starts off with a very British accent but then slowly morphs into Australian. It comes to the point where even he doesn't know what accent he's doing. You can hear everyone cracking up in the background. The YouTube comments include such gems as "Ryan ate Gavin!"
    Ryan: "I may have lost the game, but I feel I've won the commentary."
  • Episode 35 of HUNT consists of Michael and Gavin throwing an apple back-and-forth at each other's crotches. It all culminates with Michael nailing Gavin square in the sack with an ORANGE.
  • HUNT Episode 43: Most of what Geoff says, but especially his incredulous reaction to the fact that Trials Files didn't come out the previous week.
  • In X-Men HUNT, Jack and Ryan attempt to get the achievement in Level 4, which is complete the stage without jumping. they both proceed to jump the ''second'' it starts, forcing them to restart.

     Fails of the Weak 
  • Volume 17 has a golden classic when Geoff claims he wouldn't be laughing as much in that episode, until a certain Gamertag comes up:
    Geoff: If I uh, if I don't laugh as much in this one, it's because I'm drinking. Heavily.
    Jack: Ah... You're laughing in your mental capacity?
    Geoff: I'm laughing on the inside.
    Jack: So this is DADDYF4TS4K,note  and uh... (Geoff laughs hard) Check out the uh, the Banshee.
    Geoff: That fuckin' name [unintelligible]... that's the fail of the week right there. (finishes laughing)
  • How do you celebrate Volume 200 of Fails of the Weak? You put up fails from over at GameFails.
  • In the GameFails for September 11, 2014, there was a fail from The Sims 4 that made the babies glitch out in hideous, alien-like forms. Ryan's reaction?
    Ryan: Hey, look! It's a Sim—OH, DEAR GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!
    Lindsay: Does it, like, have hook arms, or...
    Ryan: Jesus Christ, kill it with fire!
    Lindsay: As a parent, Ryan is traumatized by this...!
  • The GameFails for October 10th, 2014, there's a fail from FIFA 15 titled "Dance the Night Away", where it shows a goalie suddenly spinning round and round after doing a practice save. They run it for a few seconds before the Achievement Hunter logo pops up... then the next 1:40+ of the video is the goalie spinning right out the field to inspirational music.

    Rage Quit 
  • Michael's Rage Quit series in one in itself, but special mention goes to The Impossible Game Level Pack.
    • The Impossible Game Level Pack also gives birth to one of Michael's most famous lines.
    Michael: "Swiss FUCKING CHEESE!"
  • In The Unfair Platformer, we get a hint as to what happens behind the scenes of Michael's rage quits.
    Michael: "What the fuck are you laughing at, Gavin? Edit the fucking video!"
    • Apparently, Gavin did actually edit the video, like Michael told him to, so we never heard him laughing.
  • Seeing Michael rage in his Rage Quit shows are usually funny in and out of themselves, but probably one of the most hilarious Rage Quit's is the Turok one. After the references to a couple movies, near the end, something unbelievable happens. As Michael aims his bow at the T-rex, who is across the map, mind you, the scene plays where the T-Rex eats him.
    • Michael describing the annoying strategy the T-rex has.
    Michael: *in a really nerdy voice* NYEH! Get up. NYEH! Get up. NYEH! Get up. NYEH! I'm gonna eat you now.
  • Pretty much all of "Rage Quit: Duke Nukem Forever", but special mention goes to:
    Michael: All right, Duke. Put the fuckin' thing in the hole, just like we learned in health class. From, like, the only hot teacher in the school. Except for the gym teacher, who had a very handsome mustache.
  • The entirety of Michael's Rage Quit of "No Luca No".
  • Rage Quit: Cassie's Animal Sounds
    Michael: Fucking beautiful. What the fuck is she doing?
  • Michael's rants during Mirror's Edge.
    Michael: (trying unsuccessfully to somersault under some pipes) Look at her. Look at her slide. Look at her slide under the pipes like a fucking ninja, she is!
    (Jump cut to her holding onto the edge of a structure, but not climbing up)
    Michael: [Beat] ...GO UP!!!!
  • When Michael finds the checkpoint, it's on top of a building, and the only way to get up there was on a different building... that he jumped off near the beginning of the video.
    Michael: Is there a fucking access ladder I can use somewhere? An emergency stairwell? A fucking elevator? A helicopter? A BAT JET?! HOW THE FUCK DO I GET UP THERE?!
    Michael: [later in the video] Give me a fucking trampoline! A fucking bouncy castle, for fuck's sake!
    • And the little gem when Michael rage quits it, and the game's still running.
    Gavin: Try the other side—
    Michael: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
  • Any rage quit with both Michael and Gavin.
  • Rage Quit: QWOP Michael vs. Gavin. It has to be seen to be believed, and the moment where Michael and Gavin realize they're running on the same track is arguably the funniest Rage Quit moment of all time.
  • Rage Quit: Surgeon Simulator 2013. Michael and Gavin plus a hospital setting equals hilarity:
    • Gavin's constant failing at the controls, throwing surgical tools and body parts alike off the table, or into the patient's chest cavity. Early on, Gavin is holding a cloth, and throws it across a table, where it lands nearly offscreen. The only problem: in the process, he swept the cloth across the heart on the table.
      Michael: WHERE'S THE FUCKING HEART?! You th— It's gone!
      Gavin: It's like a magic trick!
      Michael: Well, it's on the fucking floor now. I don't think the five-second rule applies.
    • When he does manage to successfully grab a tool, he tends to overuse it, with deadly results.
      Gavin: Got it (a hammer)! (drags the hammer across the patient's face, causing blood loss) AAH!! AAH!!
      Michael: Oh, you hit him in the face! Gavin! You just fuckin'... cracked his brain! He needs brain surgery now, dude.
      Gavin: ...Hold on, okay, we got it. (completely destroys the patient's chest cavity with the hammer, causing massive blood loss and death) OHHHHH!!!
      Michael: JESUS CHRIST, MAN! What are you doing?
      Gavin: We've lost a lung!
      Michael: We've lost everything!
    • Sometimes he grabs something else. For instance, when Gavin grabbed a clipboard instead of a tool:
      Michael: You gonna write him a note!? "I owe you one new heart."
    • Or he misuses the tool entirely:
      Gavin: (holding a bone saw) All right, there wa... get the... (accidentally kills patient)
      Michael: Did you just stab them in the face?
      Gavin: (laughing hysterically) I think I slit his throat by accident! I severed the... I went straight for the jugular!
      Michael: You're like the fucking Angel of Death!
    • And finally, at the very end, Michael and Gavin have been careful in trying to do everything right, but the patient is losing blood quickly. Gavin carefully grabs the replacement heart... and flings it across the room, offscreen.
      Michael: Okay, don't... okay, go over it... lower your hand...
      Gavin: Yep, have we got it? All right.
      Michael: You got the heart... (Gavin flings the heart offscreen)
      Gavin: NO! OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
      Michael: GAVIN ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?
      Gavin: Oh, where did it go? Where'd it go?
      Michael: You threw it against the wall like a wet paper towel!
  • His Rage Quit of Uproar!. The first game to quit on him!
    Michael: You jab with your right and hook with your left, you idiot! [game crashes] Y— WHAT?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I just cannot, er, abh, I just fucking contacted the creator right now, it's a piece of shit and... fuck you. I couldn't even quit this. The fucking game QUIT ME! I GOT A CODE 4! WHAT THE FUCK IS A CODE 4?!
  • Rage Quit - Aircraft RC shows why Michael should never fly a real RC airplane.
    • Him messing with the initial options.
    Michael: [fiddles with the volume knob] Got the music volume here. Gonna blast this fucking shit up like Skrillex! WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB-WUB-WUUUUB!
    • The ending:
    Michael: Mark me as "MIA" because I went out to fly a plane and I never came back because I got stuck on A PIECE OF FUCKING WOOD!
  • A real gem was Rage Quit: Serious Sam Double D XXL, where Gavin causes Michael a significant amount of trouble, as usual.
    Gavin: Instead of walking, I'm gonna be a wheel, look at this. [Gavin moves his control stick in circles, causing his character to twirl his arms around in circles while making whooshing noises]
    • And another part where they had to ride on top of giant ants or whatever to get down a shaft.
    Gavin: Michael, Michael, I'm scared of the bugs. I'm scared of the bugs... [Jump cut to Gavin on top of the ants] I'm gonna do what's called a—
    Michael: Hurry the fuck up and get down here, that's what it's called! Let's go!
    Gavin: Can I crouch?
    Michael: Yes, press down. [Gavin falls down the shaft and under Michael's character]
    Gavin: Oh!
    Michael: [Crouching against Gavin's face] Look, that's how you crouch. I'm gonna fucking stuff my nuts in your mouth.
    Michael: He looks like James Earl Jones.
    Gavin: Like Randy Newman's brother...
    • During that time, they buy new ammunition and comment on how there's only one money account, wondering why they both can't have their own, leading to this little gem:
    Gavin: Did I spend my money or your money? Do we have a joined account? And do I get half of it in the divorce?
    • After getting some new guns and killing some monsters, they go back to the gun salesman, and Michael complains about Gavin buying too many air buffers.
    Michael: Can we just rob this motherfucker?
    Gavin: Oh, it's $50! I'm gonna buy another air buffer!
    Michael: We don't need another air buffer!
    Gavin: We need air buffers. We're gonna have buff—
    Michael: We have three buffs now. You're gonna fucking buff me after this video!
    Gavin: [Laughs]
    • And during the boss fight, a giant beetle, they both get killed by it due to the bullets bouncing off its shell. They later figure out that when it flaps its wings, it exposes soft flesh under the wings. Michael promptly tells Gavin where to shoot.
    Michael: You have to shoot it in the asshole, where's your fucking stupid heart?! [Gavin gets killed and switch to loading screen]
    Gavin: [As he shoots at the Beetle's weak point] I'm shooting his bum!
    • Later, Michael dies against it, and Gavin manages to kill it by himself, which would be pretty awesome if not for what happens next.
    Michael: [Gavin, with only a sliver of health left, kills the boss] Fucking finally, Jesus fucking Christ— [Gavin walks into one of the [[Mooks]] that the boss was spawning and dies] GOD DAMN IT, GAVIN!!! You killed him, and then fucking died from a monkey!!
    Gavin: Where were you?!
    Michael: I was dead for like four minutes! You never picked me up!
  • And then we have Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam Edition (Part 1). It starts with Gavin throwing everything on the desk into disarray in the start menu and Michael forgetting how to control the hand's fingers and being unable to properly grab anything. And the watch falling off. All within the first minute of the video. It only gets better from there.
    • Gavin and Michael discovering the wonder of the surgical laser. Every time they grab it, they tend to do more damage than they need and let the laser go flailing afterwards.
    Michael: What is this? We just yanked something!
    Gavin: Bloody laser cutter!
    Michael: IT'S A LASER BEAM!
    • Anytime they accidentally get themselves high.
      • The first time they accidentally stab themselves with the needle, Gavin immediately starts scrambling for the bottle on the table, hysterically shouting, "I WANT THE ORANGE BURST. GIVE ME THE ORANGE BURST."
    • At one point, their surgical laser attempt gets them to free the patient's guts and their attempt to stop the bleeding by using the needle ends up getting them high... and using the other needle ends up speeding up the bleeding!
    • Gavin's attempt to cut something always ends up with his hand flailing around.
    Michael: You cut like a three-year-old draws.
    • Special mention goes to Gavin for briefly rage quitting at Michael (for the first time in a Rage Quit episode) when they're arguing about whether they have to take out the old kidneys when they're putting in the new ones.
    Michael: All you need to do is bump the other ones into place. I don't know why you keep trying to fucking take the old one out!
    Gavin: Well, it's not a transplant then if you leave the other one in...
    Michael: WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Do we put all the other parts back inside him?!
    Michael: This is how surgery works! You think they take your fucking heart out when you get a heart transplant? They just push it to the side and fucking give you a new one! No one fucking goes through all that!
    Gavin: ...You're a damn idiot.
    • Their first attempts at brain surgery. Their first attempt ends with slamming an axe into the guy's neck. The second attempt has them kill the person with the drill. And both attempts end with the guy dead in under 30 seconds.
      Michael: Holy SHIT! JESUS!!! Holy crap! He looks like Tyrion Lannister! You fucking cut his face off! WHAT HAPPENED?! DID YOU KILL HIM?!
      Gavin: I might've damaged him, but...
      Michael: You killed him.
      Gavin: "Brutal murder"!
      Michael: You killed him in 27 fucking seconds!
      Gavin: Let's try that one again.
      Michael: Don't hit him in the side of the head with a fucking battleaxe, there, Gimli!
      Gavin: What's it there for?
      • The third attempt, they get breaking the skull right and, as they go to pull the brain out, the ease of it freaks the hell out of them. And when the thing just easily pops out after being cut, Michael's panicking screams of "IT'S ON ME! IT'S ON ME!" shows how freaked out he is!
    • Part 2 picks up where Part 1 leaves off and we see Michael and Gavin trying to pull these surgeries off in an ambulance and in space!
      • The brain surgery goes just as well as you expect - Gavin buries a hatchet into a guy's skull in 10 seconds.
      Gavin: Whack it... whack 'im...
      Michael: [Watching Gavin smash open the skull with the axe leaving it in his brain]God damn, dude. Okay, we gotta... Gavin, Jesus!
      Gavin: [Reading the achievement] "What have I done?"
      Michael: What DID you do?
      Gavin: It's like, stuck in his brain!
      Michael: OH, MY GOD!
      Gavin: [laughing] 10 seconds...!
      Michael: You fucking made him a unicorn! You killed him in 10 seconds!
      Gavin: It's sticking out of his brain!
      Michael: LOOK AT HIM!
      • Their attempts to stop bleeding during said brain surgery leaves the patient with only 1ML of blood left. They end up killing him with the syringe.
      • Their attempts to try and fit a fire extinguisher in the poor patient's skull.
      Gavin: Should we see if we can hold the fire extinguisher in his head?
      Michael: Yeah, we should.
      *dead patient*
      • The space mission.
      Michael: Space is fucking stupid.
      • The very end, after they beat every level, when Michael and Gavin play one more time to fulfill a "personal task": Like A Wet Paper Towel.
      • After commenting that the space heart transplant is like a "bloody romance movie":
      • Gavin's patience with the hammer runs low:
      Gavin: Could you just let go of the hammer?! Let go of it!
  • The ending to the Rage Quit of Among the Sleep (Alpha):
    Michael: [He has just walked to the kitchen door and, as lightning flashes, he sees a monstrous figure in the distance] "OHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIT! Oh, shit! [turns his character around and runs] I am not prepared for this! Jesus Christ! [Jump Cut to the character near some tennis shoes] Put the shoes on! Put the fucking shoes on! Put the shoes on and RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"
  • The Rage Quit to Happy Pong has Michael fiddle with all of the options, turning his first experience with the game in a majorly psychedelic, if not unplayable, mess.
  • Rage Quit: Cat Mario, especially when Michael first hits the Kaizo Trap at the end of Level 1 - which he never beats.
    Michael: [Jumps over a random laser beam and onto the pole, begins to move to the castle.] I jumped over the laser beam and I beat the fucking level. One-One, done! [Monster falls from the sky and kills him before he reaches the castle.] NO! NO!!
    • And the invisible trap in the middle of the level.
    • And finally, the ending where he tries one last time to jump over the Mario Pole to avoid the kaizo trapnote  is one of the funniest endings in Rage Quit history.
    Michael: Okay, ready? We're going over this, you ready? [Takes a few deep breaths and jumps, only to get killed by the laser beam from earlier before even getting near the pole.] GOD DAMN IIIIIT!! FUCK!!!
  • Rage Quit: Give Up is another really funny video, with the beginning of the video setting a tone for it.
    Michael: [Reading game description] "Give Up: A game about failure and regret." Accompanied by a picture of fucking bloody spikes! ''YEAH, THIS IS GONNA END GREAT!!''
    • The first levels, which are composed of his character running through a flat plane, give him some truly funny dialogue.
    Michael: Floor one; Floor one is my FUCKING BITCH!! SUCK MY DICK, FLOOR ONE!
    • In a later level, he actually makes it through about eight cannons that are all firing at him at once, and when he makes it to the end of the level, just has to be seen to be believed.
    Michael: [Jumping to next platform, just barely being missed by the cannons.] Ahhh! Fucking made it, MAAADE IIIT!! [Gets hit and killed by a cannon as he walks into the exit.] ...ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEEE?!!?
  • Rage Quit: Trials Evolution, just about every rant he goes on.
    Michael: [Making his rider lean back and forth repeatedly, making it look like he's fucking the motorcycle] Oh, there he goes, HUMPING THE FUCKING THING! Yeah, get it! Show her who's boss, but buy dinner first, asshole!
    • When he tries to ride uphill, but gets stuck at a giant pipe.
    Michael: Come on, dicknugget!
    • When he tries to cross the river. This evolves into a slideshow of him failing at the game.
    Michael: [His rider falls off the slope and into the river] Ohh, what's the matter? I wasn't even touching the controller. You got nothing to live for; YOU FUCKING KILLED YOURSELF!! [Jump cut to him still trying to cross the river]
    Michael: 'IT'S THE SAME FUCKING THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! [Jump cut to his rider lying down on a ramp]
    Michael: Great. Fucking great...
    • And the "Sin City Level."
    Michael: [After making it past an obstacle without knowing how he did] How did that happen? How did that he— HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! [Falls] I am pissed that that just happened! [Crashes, bike falls apart, body gets hit by multiple cars as Michael rants] That was fucking ridiculous! I did like a front flip over and slid down the ramp, and the game is like "No, that's fine." It's the fucking Sin City level. 'Cause everything's red and black and white. Except, you know what's missing? Jessica Alba's giant titties! Where are they?! Maybe they'll be in DLC!
    • All in all, there's a good chance that the Trials games made Michael paranoid.
    Michael: It's like they were like "Hey, remember that guy that played Trials, and he was like 'This game's fucking hard!'? Let's make another one! He'll play that one too!" And you're right! And then they're gonna make a fucking third one! And I'm gonna play that too! And I'M LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING ASSHOLE, like I always do when I play these goddamn games! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!
  • No mention of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 ?:
    Michael: Let me tell you this. If you visit an island that's filled with nothing but half naked women that are running around playing tug of war and bouncing on trampolines, and splashing each other in the water, and you buy an Xbox, then you sir, are a goddamn asshole!
  • The Rage Quit to Uncraft Me has Michael actually have fun with the mindless game of shooting bricks away and revealing scantly-clad women. Of course, after the first four stages, it gets hard and Michael devolves back into his angry roars.
  • Michael vs. Andrew in Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels Plus:
    • The number of references to the show, particularly Joey's infamous dubbed Brooklyn accent.
    • Both players' experience a number of epic fails due to not reading the effects of their cards.
    • Michael's furious reaction to losing and calls for a rematch.
      Michael: I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR BUTT!
      Andrew: *yelps*
  • Michael and Andrew do have a rematch. And ham up their performance, especially at the end.
  • His yearly devotion to The Impossible Game really riles him up as he deals with level three, leading him to freak out and place a checkpoint inbetween two spikes, sending him on a death loop, leading him to roar out to tune in next year where he doesn't beat level four.
    Michael: Part 4: The Dramatic Ending - I Die.
  • Rage Quit (?) Grand Theft Auto V. Michael decides to say screw raging and take a little "fishing trip".
    Michael: (to the police while speeding away in a helicopter) YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STOP ME AND MY VACATION!
  • Rage Quit - Distraction. At one point, he dodges a missile shot at him from outside the screen, only to be hit with another missile a second after, leading him to go on a tangent about a similar incident in an episode of Naruto!
    • At the end, he gets so pissed off, when he slams his mouse, it causes him to scroll off the screen and pull the web browser window out of the way.
    • At one point, he begins to question the motives behind the animals causing the titular distraction, but in the middle of it he's killed, and he just screams, "WHAT ARE YOU- I— I'M A BIRD! I'M A BIRD!!!"
  • Michael's rant at the HDCP involving video capture on the Playstation 4. Then, he shows us how he "circumvents" it, leading to hilarious results.
  • Rage Quit: Rage. He spends the entire video saying nice things in a pleasant tone of voice. It's hilarious.
  • Rage Quit: Freestyle Football Trials just has to be seen to be believed! It's like a video you'd see on a "try not to laugh or grin" video.
  • Rage Quit: Uncraft Me 2- Michael comments on guy screaming as he dies:
    Michael: Arr, shiver me timbers. Them be great lookin' tatas.
    • The reveal that Ariel has fish face.
  • After a player quits on him in ''Avatar Paintball":
    Michael: You know, this is the problem with the online community nowadays. Everybody's a dick, okay? Nobody can just go online, have a nice, relaxing game- (shoots another player) YOU FUCKIN' PUSSY! YOU LIKE THAT, YOU FUCKIN' PUSSY!?
    • When chasing a guy called "bobby2sloppy"
    Michael: Come here Bobby, you fucking sloppy bitch!
  • Rage Quit: Winnie The Pooh - Michael can't get past Piglet.
  • Rage Quit: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved. Anyone who watches the VS episodes Achievement Hunter regularly puts out will know about this game. Michael has a number of funny moments raging about this game.
    Michael: It's a game about fucking shapes. It'll shape your asshole!
    Michael: OHHH!! Fucking atom bomb, motherfucker! Didn't see that coming, did you! (Gets killed) Oh, goddammit!
    • He frequently describes the shape monsters that he's killing as things that wanna rape him.
    Michael: They're just fucking... they're butt snakes. They're butt snakes!
    Michael: It's like World War fucking 37, cuz I don't know what year it is. We're in a future time-space continuum with fucking triangles and snake monsters, and fucking purple squares fucking your asshole apart!
    Michael: They just fucking spawn out of nowhere. You're just minding your own business, then BAM! You're in Narnia, a magical land where every fucking woodland creature wants a piece of your mouth!
    • At some point, Michael got killed before he finished ranting about the last time he got killed!
    Michael: Jesus Christ. (Gets killed) JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! What the shit?! It was like a goddamn fucking explosion of colors on my screen! I got fucking raped by a red-- (gets killed again) WHAT THE FUCK?! GODDAMMIT!!!
    • Later in the video, Michael got so angry that he almost crapped his pants.
    • In the end of the video, Michael gets an achievement for getting over 250,000 points. He then wonders what the other achievements are like.
    Michael: Oh! I got fucking 250,000 fucking points! Yaaay, achievement. What do I need to get all the fucking achievements, let's see. (Looks at the last achievement, earn over 1,000,000 points without dying.) Now what kind of fucking piece of shit is gonna waste their goddamn life trying to get a fucking stupid retarded achievement like that?! You gotta be some kind of fucking moron!! (Cut to Jack's page, where he got all the achievements)
    Michael: ...fuck you, Jack.
  • Rage Quit: Left 4 Dead 2. Michael + Mike (who has never played Left 4 Dead prior to this video) = Hilarity Ensues
    • Mike accidentally shoots a propane tank, setting both Michael and himself on fire and dying.
    Mike: No, it says I have pills. Can I take those? I guess not.
    • While attempting to save Michael, Mike gets dragged away by a Smoker. Even after he's freed from the Smoker, Mike panics and shoots wildly only to get incapacitated by a single Common Infected
    • When everyone but Mike is incapacitated, what does Mike do? Hide behind a forklift
    Mike: The zombies are going to come after me!
    • The entire encounter with the Tank. While Michael scolds Mike for almost getting killed by a pipe bomb, Michael comes face-to-face with a Tank which proceeds to incapacitate him. Mike thinks he killed the Tank (he killed a Charger instead) and celebrates only to be knocked down by the Tank. Michael is then picked up by the AI only to get killed by the Tank within seconds before the Tank finishes off Mike
    Michael: "You're the worst fucking intern ever."
  • "Rage Quit - Dodge the Balls" has Michael fit in as many ball jokes as possible.
  • Rage Quit - Toy Stunt Bike has Michael get stuck on level 2.
    Michael: Go play with the block. "A" for "Asshole"
    • And then there's him getting stuck on the block.
    Michael: It's like Gnome Chompski. I don't to bring to the end of the fucking game!
    • The ending when he falls over his bike and slides to the finish line.
  • Rage Quit: Hide the Fart - The entire thing.
    Michael: Up up, down down, left right left right, anal gas. [Beat]...Fuck.
  • The Impossible Game Level Pack 4: After yelling and screaming like a madman throughout the whole video, Michael's reaction when beating the level in The Stinger is a calm "Oh, sweet, I beat it."
    • Before The Stinger, the video ends with him laughing like The Joker.
    • In his frustration, complains that he makes it two blocks further every 100 tries. He then rhetorically wonders where he'll be after 2000 tries. Cue Gilligan Cut.
  • Rage Quit: VVVVVV:
    • Michael vs. Veni Vidi Vici. After an hour and a half and several hundred deaths, he successfully completes the challenge and collects the Trinket. And then he notices that clearing Veni Vidi Vici is optional, since it's basically a very complicated dead end with a Trinket in itnote .
  • Rage Quit: Red Wire... it was supposed to be Rage Quit: FTL: Faster Than Light, but Steam decides to not work.
  • Rage Quit: Heavy Bullets has its funny moments too:
    • Michael introduces the MedBay in a funny fashion.
    Michael: (while zooming in and out on the MedBay) Come back when you get some money, buddy.
    • Michael introduces us to the X button by accidentally using an antidote with the X button.
    Michael: What the fuck was that? Aw, shit! I just used the potion. Don't hit the X button... uh, when you don't need to... Fuck.
    • Michael also introduces the use of the B button by accidentally setting off a bomb near a bank machine.
    Michael: OH SHIT!
    Michael runs from the bomb as it blows up the bank machine.
    Michael: Well... oops... Hope the discount wasn't just good on that one...
  • Rage Quit^2
    • Partway through the game, Michael gets to a part where he has to cross four quadrants to reach a goal. He's able to get past the first two after getting stuck in the first one for a long time, but as he gets to the third one, he ends up dying. There's this dead silence before there's the sound of something thumping before he speaks up completely dejected.
  • Rage Quit: Flappy Goat in Goat Simulator has Michael trying to keep his cool. It fails miserably.
    Michael: Gotta keep your cool, that's definitely the technique to this game is to probably not let it frustrate you. You're gonna die a lot, you're gonna fail a lot but if you get the system down, you'll get better and you just wanna, you want to- (dies) GOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!
    • The ending where he gets up and throws his chair away and kicks it.
  • Rage Quit: No Time to Explain
    • In Michael's quest to get hats, he pulls a Double Take when he gets one who looks exactly like Gavin. So much so that he drags Geoff and Gavin to check it out!
      • Then, the next stage, he declares it old new when he gets a fox head.

    Play Pals 
  • The Rainbow Six Vegas episode, like the three Let's Plays, consists of plenty of grenade bloopers - Michael throwing them at Gavin, Michael blindly throwing one into smoke and killing Gavin, the guys throwing grenades instead of reloading - culminating in Gavin blowing up both of them seconds after the start of an attempt.
  • The Five Nights at Freddy's episode, with Gavin constantly insisting on checking the stage to see if Chica had moved, even when Bonnie is staring at the camera right outside the security room.
    • The ending, where they listen to the previous guard's phone message, then check the monitor after he finishes. As soon as they view it, Foxy appears in the doorway, scaring and killing them. Gavin immediately jumps out of his chair and hides in a corner of the office, crying.
      Gavin: I don't like it...
  • The Narcissus episode. Gavin is the anti-gravity player and he is not great at it. Michael just laughs.
  • The Chariot episode and the subject of their 'video game marriage' which Michael claims he never signed up to.
  • The Bayonetta 2 episode in which Geoff and Ryan fill in for Michael and Gavin.
    Geoff: "Shall we mention why we're doing this instead of Gavin and Michael?"
    Ryan: "They're dead."
    Geoff: "No integrity."
    Ryan: "... And so are we."
    Geoff: "Oh fuck."
    (they laugh)
  • Ryan's singing intro to the Modern Warfare 3 - Spec Ops: Black Ice which from the laughter in the background caught Geoff off-guard.
  • Ryan brings out his robot voice toy for the intro to the Modern Warfare 3 - Spec Ops: Negotiator episode.
  • The Black Hat Oculus episode has Ryan wearing the Oculus and walking through a map guided by Geoff who can see the traps. Needless to say this results in a lot of yelling and running about from Ryan.
  • The Forest episode starts with Ryan freaking out at his character model being inside the other players, then running out and freaking out about Michael and Geoff's characters being combined into a four armed figure with two heads.
    • Ryan leaves for a bit and Ray takes over, somehow acquiring a skull which he states is his life partner, then sees Michael throw a log off a cliff and jumps off after it and gets stuck with Michael refusing to let him back up, the three guys end up charging a couple of natives which Ray explodes their corpses and carries a leg back to the campfire just in time for him to switch places with Ryan again, who freaks out about his character randomly holding a leg.
  • The I Am Bread episode brings back Team Nice Dynamite, and they accidentally get the bread in a full sink, triggering Gavin's infamous gag reflex.
  • In the Kalimba episode, Gavin traps Michael against an enemy in a cycle of death as revenge for an earlier part where Gavin died many times due to his own impatience, which Michael laughed at him for.
    Gavin: You know how, earlier, when I, uh, I kept dying...
    Michael: ...You're a fucking shmuck!
    Gavin: Oh, Michael, why d'you keep dying?
    Michael: You're gonna fucking die for real in a second!
    Gavin: Oh, Michael why?
  • The Binding of Issac Rebirth episode.
    • Gavin's comments on the random baby characters he's playing:
      • "Why am I a baby with a 'tache?"
      • "*bird noises*"
      • "And now... I am a noble baby..."
      • "Daddy, I'm a turnip."
      • "I look like a newborn..."
      • "Now I'm a scared baby!"
      • "Devil bug baby!" (when Michael points out it looks like a snake) "I like babiessssss..."
      • "I've got a medic suit on, I'm like a happy medic."
    • Human Centipede action in the secret room.
    • "Brick!" "Toaster!" "Box of spiders..."
  • The Home Improvisation Episode.
    • They miss looking at what the second item is meant to be and make a total mess of it the first time. Then up playing air hockey with two of the arches and a bulb.
      • And then when they do finish it, Gavin puts the last arm on upside down, making it look like an elephant.
    • The slow piano backing suddenly gets quicker.
      Michael: "Is... is the piano getting more intense?"
      Gavin: (laughing) "Yeah!"
      Michael: (singing) "There is a shelf now! Can they build it? Noooooooo!" (Gavin laughs) "Fucking 'Furniture: The Opera'."
    • They make a total mess of the shelf and table.
  • The Five Nights at Freddy's 2 episode.
    • Gavin has a can of Red Bull which he says is to help keep him calmer. The minute Michael turns on the flashlight and sees Toy Freddy in the hallway, Gavin jumps and spills it everywhere.
      • "He's going to walk up to us and finger our eyeholes!"
    • They get caught by Toy Bonnie and Gavin as usual flies back from the computer and across the room. Jack who is walking through bursts into laughter.
    • As he did when playing the first game, Gavin once again retreats to the corner of the room.
  • The Don Bradman Cricket episode.
    • This episode was intended to be a role-reversal of the MLB 2K12 episode, as Gavin is the knowledgeable one when it comes to cricket when Michael is completely in the dark. Only it quickly loses that theme when Gavin can't figure out how to throw the ball for the first five minutes of the game.
  • The Goat Simulator video.
    • The jetpacks. Dear god the jetpacks.
      • One particularly funny bit is when Gavin is way out in the ocean and using his jetpack to breach from the water like some strange furry fish.
    • Gavin finds out that they can turn entities into watermelons or seemingly spawn them out of nowhere. He manages to turn Michael into a melon and then smashes him.
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has Team Magnum Dong/Team Dads taking over for Nice Dynamite again.
    • They play the game seriously up to the point where they realise they can use the anti-copter missiles on the enemy soldiers too. Then it goes out of the window.
  • The Don't Starve Together episode has Michael and Gavin attempting not to starve... together.
    • When Gavin finds out torches can set fire to stuff both of them go a little nuts burning stuff and Michael attempts to roast Gavin and some pengulls.
    • They encounter a herd of Beefalos. Michael attacks one and the entire herd turn on him.
  • Geoff and Ryan playing the Spec Ops mission Iron Clad in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
    • Ryan sings the intro again.
    • Geoff's tank has an infinite ammo crate on the back; Ryan claims that he is taking ammo out of Geoff's butt.
    • Geoff compares the street full of enemies to a men's room in San Francisco.

     AHWU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update
  • The very first episode, in which Burnie comes in and offers the internet a peanut, Jack says that the name AHWU won't stick, and Geoff slaps Jack in slow motion.
  • AHWU #43, which includes Griffon giving both Geoff and Jack a kiss, the intro using the "Ding Dong Song", Geoff cracking up at the achievement name "Bone On", the "Achievement Pig", a random worker being asked to look at the camera ("there's nothing in there!"), and the Running Gag of Geoff saying "vagina".
  • AHWU #56, which includes highlights like a short repeat cut of Jack going "vroom-vroom", Burnie dancing a bit behind Jack, Gus's cutout being placed in the doorway, and then the real Gus taking its place.
  • Viewers are invited to send clips of themselves saying what number episode this is, as well as showing where they are (usually someplace scenic or famous). But one submission had a viewer show an average street lawn, saying "It's my front yard. Deal with it."
  • AHWU #158: Jack is out of town visiting Australia. The lads take this opportunity to liven up the news delivery a bit by grabbing the camera and running around the Rooster Teeth studio and parking lot, action news style.
  • Any time Jack is out of town, Michael, Ray, and Gavin host "Team Lads Action News", where they pick up the camera and run around the Rooster Teeth office, terrorizing and annoying everyone while they work. In AHWU #195, the day a Team Lads Action News t-shirt was released, the news team initiates a Hostile Show Takeover by chloroforming Jack.
  • AHWU #171's show number intros are done by RT staff members through Team Lads Action News(?), proving that one of the few things the Mad King is afraid of is TLAN
    Gavin: "Dammit, we lost him!"
    Ray: "We lost him in our office."
  • AHWU #172 is a Jack and Geoff-less episode. Highlights include:
    • Pre-show level checking with Caleb, Michael and Lindsey.
    • Michael, Lindsey and Ryan posing in place before starting off for no apparent reason.
    • The intro (with Ryan getting really into it in the background).
    Michael: "This week on AHWU, your face is gonna get blasted off!!"
    • Ryan pretending to be Jack by wearing Jack's MC skin hat as a scarf as well as his desk sign that says "Jack Pattillo, Rooster Teeth" being pinned to his shirt collar.
    "Jack": "Australia stole some of my beard."
    • Michael finally learning what Geoff and Jack have to put up with every week when Lindsey tries to shove a banana in his mouth.
    • Ryan announces the Free Edgar 2013 shirt. It's as good as it sounds.
    • "Do I have dick room?"
  • AHWU #200 features Jack delivering the news on Flappy Bird, and the reasons why it was taken off of the iTunes App Store (among others). Cue Geoff trying to show the camera the app on his iPhone, with a censor bar along the bottom... because Geoff's background is his wife's cleavage.
  • It seems that most of the AHWUs since the move to the new offices involve Gavin in the background of Jack's pieces attempting to make the bearded one laugh. He often succeeds.
  • AHWU #216. Ryan gets another shirt... his body language says it all. He is just resigned to his fate of being the provider of so many shirt-based in-jokes by now.
  • AHWU #218 - Burnie makes a cameo.
    Burnie: (opening the door to the office and looking round) Crap, Achievement Hunter is working in here! (closes the door)
    Gavin: ... What a prick.
  • AHWU #221. Post-RTX edition. Everyone is visibly tired and hoarse after their convention except Jack who is somehow even more chipper.
    Geoff: (to Michael) Tired?
    Michael: Yeah.
    Geoff: Ray?
    Ray: Yeah.
    Geoff: Jack?
    Jack: I'm great!
    Geoff: Shut up...
  • AHWU #224 is the sixth anniversary edition.
    • Someone has brought in party poppers, and Team Nice Dynameat are loving it. Geoff... not so much.
    • Gavin tries to feed Geoff a shot from what seems to be every alcoholic thing in the office throughout the video.
  • AHWU #233 sees the return of Team Lads Action News for the first time since the building move. They corner Ryan in the bathroom, and when he hears them coming he just gets in a corner in the shower and faces the wall. Once again, the only thing the Mad King fears is TLAN. Gets better when Michael goes to turn the shower on and he realises HE can use it as a weapon against the Lads.
  • AHWU #237 features some "creative" camerawork.
  • AHWU #244 marks the return of Team Nice Dynamite after filming Lazer Team wrapped up. Gavin appears on camera first, then Michael shoulder-slams him out of the way to shout "Gavin's back?!?" which sends Gavin's tub of grape flying everywhere. It even gets a slow-motion replay.
  • AHWU #247 includes some Risinger on camera action, Gavin shattering a box he's standing on, fun with the camera's zoom function and Jeremy hitting Matt in the face with the microphone.
  • AHWU #249 has more "creative" camerawork, and ends with Michael grabbing the tripod, facing the camera towards him and then spinning in a circle.
  • AHWU #251 sees more Team Lads Action News.
  • AHWU #252 has another Ryan-inspired shirt introduced during it. He complies with Jack's wish to throw the shirt to him, then continues to throw every large cushioned object he can grab at Jack to hinder the shirt's introduction on-camera.
  • AHWU #253.
    • During the community section, someone turns off the main office lights making Jack and someone else light up Matt and Jeremy using the light of their phones. Then the person on the office lights starts flicking them on and off and it briefly becomes a lightswitch rave.
    • Matt on Let's Build.
      Matt: "Oh, are we supposed to talk about Let's Build shit?" (there is an affirmative answer off-camera) "We're not doing one this week."
      (Matt walks off-camera, people in the background laugh)
  • AHWU #263 sees Geoff attempting to read the games coming out this week while people (presumably including Jack because he can hear him laughing) chuck the plushie tower of pimp blocks at him.
  • AHWU #264 sees the return of Team Nice Dynamite background shenanigans.
  • AHWU #266 and Geoff makes a comment early about how all of the achievements for games this week are lame, then when it gets to Achievement of the Week...
    Geoff: "Achievement of the Week this week is... ah fuck, I forgot to write the game down..."
    (there is a chorus of laughter off-camera)

  • RTX 2013:
    • X-Ray and Vav turning up in costume at RTX.
    • Jack doing the Truffle Shuffle.
    • Mogar versus the Slender Man during the Achievement Hunter panel.
    Michael: "Don't worry, you'll get your fifty bucks at the end of the panel."
    • Also, Geoff asks the audience for a carton of beer.
    • Finally, a great moment from Ryan:
      Audience member: "Free Edgar!"
      Ryan: "NO."
  • We finally see Gavin, on camera delivering his famous line from Game Night.
  • A fan sped up one of their Let's Play Minecraft episodes ("Clouds" to be precise). The result? Absolute hilarity.
  • Achievement Hunter accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge... by taking it Up to Eleven with the Ice Trash Can Challenge. Michael does not like the cold, while Ray takes it like a champ. Kerry... is still The Load.
  • In the middle of The Patch #83, Geoff walks up to Ryan with a controller and asks him to press the A button. After hesitating, Geoff tells Gus to do it - he does, and changes Ryan's Gamertag.
    Meg: You just bought, like, two systems or something.
    • What's even funnier is that Geoff runs back into The Patch set and tells him; a little bit later, Ryan tells the listeners that he's coming in early the next day and none of them will have a Gamertag anymore.
      Ryan: Internet, I'm gonna tell you right now. If you go tomorrow and try to get any of their Gamertags, it'll be available.
  • We later get to see the making of the prank. Highlights include:
    • Jack, who was absent during these events, comes into the office after the name change, looks at Ryan's computer monitor, and calmly lets out a quiet "oh no." When Kerry finds out about it, he turns to the camera and pretty much begs Ryan that it wasn't him that did it.
    • The guys are then flabbergasted that news of Ryan's "name change" was on the Rooster Teeth Subreddit mere moments after Geoff had finalized the change.
    • Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Gavin are absolutely terrified when Ryan calmly walks into the AH office swearing revenge, in very different ways: Gavin claims that he was just filming the prank, Geoff starts blaming others, Ray desperately tries to backpedal from the prank (which he inadvertently suggested) and Michael spends the video giggling uncontrollably wielding a golf club.
    Gavin: Oh man, my heart hurts.
    Matt: That's fear, Gavin.
    • What makes this even funnier was that they knew Ryan would be angry and they still did it, despite Ray trying to desperately backpedal even then.
    • Ryan's return to the office - Ryan is one of the calmer members of the main group, so it's unnerving to see just how pissed off he is from the moment he enters the room, as well as how calm he is when threatening the others. Add to this Michael and Geoff dying of laughter in the background, and the entire reveal is hilarious.
    • When Ryan first does enter the office, he immediately squashes all pretense.
    Geoff: Hey, what's up?
    Ryan: Hey. You guys are all fucked, you know that, right?
    Geoff: How was The Patch?
    Ryan: Oh, I know. You leave for a second, you're fucked.
    • At the very end of the Behind The Scenes, Gavin and Michael are discussing how much it actually costs to change your gamertag. Ryan caps it:
    Ryan: It's 10, yeah. $9.99. [holds up his phone] I got the receipt.
    • One comment sums up everyone's roles in the video rather neatly:
    Ray bought the gun.
    Gavin aimed the gun.
    Geoff loaded the bullet.
    Michael called the ambulance.
    Gus pulled the trigger.
  • The grand finale of Let's Play Live features the crew performing Bohemian Rhapsody in Rock Band. While the whole thing was an amazing spectacle (with fake pyrotechnics, the entire crowd singing along and Team Building Exercise and the Funhaus crew coming on stage to join them part-way through the song), there were still a few funny moments.
    • During the guitar solo, Ray misses a few notes and swears loudly each time.
    • Apparently, the crew was not informed about the pyro, as they all visibly jump when it goes off.
    • The crowning moment comes during the hard rock section. In true Achievement Hunter fashion, Technical Difficulties ensue when Michael's guitar controller disconnects half-way through and stops the song, much to the amusement of the crowd. Michael then proceeds to smash the controller on the stage as everyone cheers him on and storms off to end the show.
      Lindsay: "That's my husband!"
      • As the crew is thanking the crowd and exiting the stage, Ray casually tosses his own guitar controller on to the stage and stomps on it pathetically before holding it still so that Millie can get a few stomps of her own in. Eventually, they just break off the neck of the controller and toss it to a fan in the crowd.
      • Geoff, who had had quite a bit to drink throughout the course of the show, trips and falls over one of the gaming stations on stage.
  • When Jack and Ray attended PAX Australia, they appeared on stage doing the Thriller dance.
    • Later on, during a Q&A, one question asked is if Achievement Hunter had plans for the upcoming RWBY game. The clincher comes at the end:
      Ray: What was your name? That was your idea.
      [Guy gives his name]
      Ray: Now it's my idea, thank you.
      • If you listen closely, you can hear the guy say "Oh, fuck you, Ray,"
  • After drawing everyone in about the mystery of WHAT NandyRewman was a password for, on May 15th 2015 an Achivement Hunter hi-jack of the Rooster Teeth store occurred. The Rooster Teeth and Achivevement Hunter Twitters "argued" about it and many products got special bonus 'Easter Eggs' added to the model photos.
  • Couch Potatoes. A short quick video involving Battlefront and a couch.
  • "The First Achievement Hunter YouTube Channel Video!"
    • When they're showing off the new office, Gavin runs around with the cameraman following. When Gavin returns, he nearly wraps Michael's neck with the microphone wire.
    • When they mention the goal for 1.5 million subscribers (Geoff getting a tattoo of Gavin's nose), Michael mentions that Geoff started farting, like, five times in a row, a picture of an atomic explosion superimposed in the green-screen background.