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Funny: Rooster Teeth
If you're looking for Achievement Hunter's funny moments, they are found here.

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     Rooster Teeth Podcast (formerly Drunk Tank
  • This one is two-fold - the first half has them talking about a remote-controlled airplane carrying around an iPhone and a hotdog.
    • The other half is Burnie explaining a prank that he, Jordan and Gavin pulled on Gus. Watch it and find out what they did.
  • The Left 4 Dead Survival Strategy is pretty great too, done while the guys were on the podcast.
    Burnie: So, do we all agree, Joel, that we would basically just pin hot dogs to him and leave him outside, right?
    Geoff: Pretty much.
    Burnie: Slather you with ketchup.
    Joel: Zombies don't like hot dogs.
    Gus: I really want a hot dog now.
    Some time later...
    Burnie: (after he and Joel have been mobbed to death by zombies in a house) I don't think we should call our room the living room anymore.
  • Gavin's attempt to tell a story about a stunt driver goes horribly wrong with two words: ''Headlight Fluid''. Made even better by the fact that the rest of the group doing the podcast all played major characters in Red vs. Blue, where one of the earliest jokes involved headlight fluid.
  • Geoff's story about Serial Escalation lightning strikes.
  • The absolutely disgusting story about a dolphin and the scheme it was given to try and get it to learn English.
  • The "shittiest company ever" that Gus had to work for. He tells the story in the second half of this video.
  • Joel talks about the time he went skydiving.
  • Gavin makes a mild slip up, and promptly gets chewed out by Gus. After saying he didn't mean it, all Gus can say is "I have to take you at face value, Gav. You did talk about Headlight Fluid."
  • The entire RTX Podcast, when Jack's beard is talked about in disgusting detail (starting at about 30 minutes in)- this is before Frank O'Connor from 343 Industries immediately says it looks like an old man's pubic hair.
    • Immediately followed by Jack asked how he knows what that looks like. His response?
    • Gus being followed into the bathroom to sign a poster, then immediately being pounced upon by a family as soon as he leaves.
  • Gus talking about how he kicked Gavin up the butt... then Burnie talks about how he kicked him into a metal sheet... PENIS FIRST. Watch the story here.
  • Drunk Gavin trying to get revenge on Burnie... and then getting kicked into a lift.
  • On the live podcast they brought up how Ray live tweets The Walking Dead, some complaining about the frequency of said tweets. The following week, Ray procede to include the RT Podcast's and Barbara's twitter during his live tweeting.
  • Burnie's interaction with Mighty Fine Hamburger employees. You can watch it at the end of this video.
    Mighty Fine employee: Hey, how's your day?
    Burnie: Good. How's yours?
    Mighty Fine employee: Mighty fine!
    Burnie: FUCK YOU!
    • Followed by Gavin declaring he wants to do that somewhere where the pun doesn't work at all, like Jersey Mike's:
    Gavin (as a Jersey Mike's employee): Hey, how's your day?
    Customer: Good, how's yours?
    Gavin: Jersey Mike's!
    (Customer looks heavily confused)
  • Gus creates a Fleshlight ad, featuring an Incredibly Hilarious Pun.
    Gus: This portion of the podcast brought to you by Fleshlight. Fleshlight: Go fuck yourself.
  • Marshall's doorbell button.
  • Miles' strip-club incident.
  • Gus' growingfrustration with Gavin's inability to correctly put on headphones.
  • At the end of Podcast #220, Ray tells the story of how he stole Gavin's pizza, arguing that it was the fault of the waitress for not protecting Gavin's food.
  • Gavin or Google.
  • This bit , from Podcast #227:
    (Everyone in the background cracks up)
  • Podcast #238, Gavin explains why their conversation delved into retrograde ejaculation by explaining how he was never going to get a better segue for it.
  • Podcast #246, Burnie talks about a dream he had where Lindsay discovers that while she wears her wedding dress, she is completely invisible to unmarried men, and uses that to become a secret agent of the Government and fight the Polish Army. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • Podcast #270, Burnie wonders what it would be like if Godzilla were as scared of humans as humans were of bugs. Watch the hilarious tale here.

     The Gauntlet 
  • Joel's ridiculously complicated interview process for Season 2 of The Gauntlet... which turns out to be meaningless.
  • In Episode 3 of The Gauntlet Season 2, we get quite a few moments.
    • Ryan proposes taking on the other teams physically should they lose. Later, he says he doesn't want to identify a particular weak link, then immediately coughs and mutters "Gavin".
    • Burnie and Joel's fake Bitch in Sheep's Clothing moment about the community supposedly being unimportant. Earlier, Burnie randomly points out that more dinosaurs supposedly equals more awesomeness, then tries saying "go dinosaur or go home" and passing it off as a common cliche". Joel then says "nobody's ever said that before in any context".
    • The Rooster Teeth staff team do not get an easy time. They get shoved in the basement to practice because they supposedly are less important than the other teams, are told that they're the expendable ones in terms of the asbestos in the basement, and are then told, alongside the other teams, that they have to clad a player in Mjolnir armour, for which they choose Miles. Cue a sequence with him epically marching in and giving salutes... only to discover that nobody else had to don the armour. Burnie then calls him an attention seeker.
    • Burnie's attempt to count the players in fails when the gamers have to wait for themselves to be loaded in. Then he tries once more and gets told by Joel that he's failed yet again.
    • Gavin randomly starts baiting the community team by saying they're crap, to which he gets the reply, "No You". Burnie deadpans and says that the community team has just represented the entire community badly by doing so.
      • Later, this becomes a Brick Joke when a bit of Trash Talk comes back their way, and one of the community members shouts "for a group of Achievement Hunters, you guys are sucking a bunch of *censorship bleep*s!"
    • Team Internet Celebrity have a bit of luck when they all seize the hill... only for Miles and community member Stan to run them all over with Ghosts.
    • Throughout the entire thing, Joel's deadpan commentary lampshades the fact that both Team AH and, to a lesser extent Team Rooster Teeth play Halo for a living and are not doing well. Of course, Team RT eventually comes second but it's still funny.
    • The Achievement Hunter team start doing so badly that when Ryan seizes the hill, Michael fails to register for a few moments that it's happened. Gavin then forgets they're playing KOTH and starts getting Michael to gun down random players who aren't near the hill, including Gus.
    Michael: Who gives a shit about the guy not on the hill, Gavin?
    (pause, Gus later gets gunned down)
    Gus: Why are you coming after me? The hill's in the other direction!
    Michael: THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING!
  • In Episode 4:
    • At one point, they're supposed to run a mini-obstacle course jumping over spikes and collecting coins before stopping and eating 10 onion rings. The first contestant through plows through all the spikes, leaves the rings, and smashes the plate of onion rings into the far wall as he bowls past.
    • "Stop." *The onion ring plate gets pushed off the table with the contestant running. Another contestant passes by as well*. This leads to a great bit of Laser-Guided Karma when the guilty party has to scoop them up with his bare hands, being told he may only use the tools provided.
    • Michael's general frustration at the game.
    • iJustine gets progressively more frustrated leading to
      iJustine: Who plays this game?
  • Episode 5, Season 2.
    Joel: And that's what we want you to tell the community team
  • Gilligan cut*
    Chris: So, Burnie and Joel can't be here right now but they just want you guys to try your best.
    Brandon: Yeah, they were really enthusiastic. They're really rooting for you guys.
    • Gavin complains he didn't get to do much in the first round of the first game, which results in Ryan and Michael snarking that it's because he can't do anything.
    • When all of RT team has a meltdown when time is running out and no one is pushing the button. This is not helped by the addition of symbols that they all take liberties in describing.
    Miles: Enable dude rolling his back on a ball.
    Barbara: Enable some guy on a ball!
    Gus: Enable the guy on the ball!!
    Jordan: I DON'T HAVE THE GUY ON THE BALL!!!!!!
    • After finding out that his team is now vulnerable to elimination, Michael decides to essentially flip the other teams off by miming him ejaculating all over them. Immediately after, Burnie's new Immunity tool is revealed... to be the immunity wrench.
    • In addition to the teams being blindfolded, Burnie randomly ends up blindfolded as well even though it's not necessary, and ends up peeing near where Gus is standing. Gus pays no attention to it.
    • One of the members of the Community Team having trouble finding the "a" button on the keyboard. Somehow, he goes so far off-field that he accidentally presses enter.
  • In Episode 7 of Season 2, the music becomes slow and flashback shows Michael saying that him and Gavin will have a truce and win together with Gavin encouraging Michael on, seconds later, Michael eliminates Gavin out the game and Michael is then eliminated.

     Rooster Teeth Comics 
  • In one strip, they decide to switch Matt to decaf coffee. He dies instantly.
    • He then comes Back from the Dead to grab the coffee left by a gravedigger. This restores him back to life.
  • Anytime Iron Man arrives and beats Burnie to the ground.

     Other Rooster Teeth events 
  • Joel's seriously deadpan commentary over the games of Left 4 Dead 2.
  • Joel commenting on Minecraft.
  • "Fro Guy", a contestant that had a big afro.
  • Joel flipping Gavin off his chair and then sticking it on top of him... because he said he didn't like his Halo gametype.
  • Gavin's return, which sees him waste no time in starting the trolling all over again.
  • Gavin trying and failing to flip off Geoff's chair.
  • Mike the intern (no, not the guy who does Rage Quit) trying and failing to jump over his own leg.
  • Jack later gets his own back and painfully waxes Gavin's arm.
  • Two words: Gangnam Style.
  • Michael failing to eat a five pound gummy bear.
  • Gus saw a heartwarming tweet from Michael to Lindsay. His response? To be a Moment Killer and immediately tweet "gay".
  • Michael visits L.A to play Dead Space 3.
  • Everybody showing how, just by filming a single video, Michael's raging affects their lives.
  • Gavin being hit in the nuts.
  • Gus and Barbara trolling Ben after he gets a little too cocky about the Olympics.
  • Chris scaring Kara.
  • Brandon has a heartfelt conversation with Joe the Cat.
  • Rooster Teeth and Machinima collaborating on First Person Party.
  • Michael's impression of Gavin at RTX 2012.
  • Australian Caiti convincing employees that drop bears are real.
  • The RTX podcast panel. Funny moments range from Joel giving out Jack's phone number and the "lightning round" of questions
    Audience member: I'm moving from Texas to the UK. Any advice?
    Joel: We're sorry.
    Burnie: You're going backwards.
    • Then there's the moment where they're all asked an economics question and everyone simultaneously and immediately turns and looks at Joel. He, being flustered at the attention, simply shouts out, "BRAZIL".
    • When it looks like Jack is about to give out Joel's phone number in revenge for him having done it first, he (quite audibly) shouts from offstage "I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT BECAUSE I'M NOT AN ASSHOLE".
    • Beforehand, people start cheering for Jack during his argument with Joel, at which point Joel calls out the audience, saying "when you're at an intervention, you don't start cheering for the heroin addict!"
  • Rooster Teeth's Vine account is filled with pretty funny things.
    • There's a video about eye-poking games where Burnie declares they need to stop doing it, as he and Barbara both have an eyepatch now. Gavin has lost both eyes.
    • Gavin challenges Burnie and Barbara to down a gallon of milk in an hour. They've both done it in about three seconds.
    Barbara: Wait, what's the second part?
  • The "Odds Are" Music video they helped direct. A bunch of newscasters sing gleefully with lyrics that don't match the video as the world ends, but the best parts are the news coverage and the News Graphic.
    • Gavin's cameo as an American Football player. Oh, the irony...
  • This edition of RT Life. JJ makes a dumb vine at the expense of being soaked, Miles gets "ferociously savaged" by Rebel the Dog, and Brandon has to find Gavin after he's been rejected from a bar. He finds Gavin taking a piss in the dumpster.
  • In response to Jack's engagement photo (Which itself belongs in Heartwarming), Burnie and Gavin take the exact same photo, in the exact same poses, at the exact same place, and the exact same Tweet, with them in place of Jack and Caiti.
    Caiti:I love you guys.
    Jack:I hate you guys.
  • Many of the stretch goal rewards from the Extra Life stream count as this:
    • Michael cramming 12 Pizza Hut lava cakes into his face. He ends up leaving such a mess on his face and spitting out so much that he claims at the end, "12 entered. About 8 left."
    • Gavin watching "Slow-Mo Love" for the first time. He's predictably grossed out watching his own kisses, but he snaps out of that briefly to criticize the visible mic in one shot.
    • X-Ray and Vav have a lot of fun with a fan, letting their capes flow in the wind and, at one point, recreating the Jack and Rose pose.
    • Caiti shocks everyone in a game of Cards Against Humanity such as giving bad children "Hurricane Katrina" for Christmas
  • The Animated RT Recap, blending characters from the Animated Adventuresnote , Minecraft Let's Playsnote , RWBYnote , and Red vs. Bluenote . And of course the ending, where the RTAA guys hit on the RWBY girls, ending with Joel Crossing the Line Twice:
    Burnie: Hey ladies, what's up? You guys look single.
    Gus: Schoolgirls, huh? That's cool.
    Ruby: (backing away) Eww, gross, boys... Gross gross gross gross gross gross gross...
    Weiss: Not in a million trillion years.
    Yang: Uh, fellas, eyes up here. Stop staring at my gauntlets, please.
    Joel: You know, Disney characters put out.
  • RT Life, they go out to jump a person's car on Reddit. Brandon proves to be the champion of comedy. First they turn to him to direct him to their destination and while he knows where it is, he doesn't realize that he's supposed to be navigating and directing them to said location. Then once they get there, he has to crawl under the fence to let them in. Then he gets out the jumper cables before they've confirmed they've found the car. Then they realize that they're at the wrong location. Then they get to the right location, find the person who needs help, and turn to Brandon for the jumper cables.....who left it at the other location.... and then asks everyone else why they didn't put it back in the truck.
    Burnie: Within one sentence, you explain why it was your fault and immediately shifted blame to everyone else.
    • Bonus points: the person they helped apparently doesn't have a problem asking a nearby car if they've got a pair of jumper cables but does have a problem asking for a boost. Instead, she posts to Reddit for help
  • Adam and Joel build a car in Garry's Mod. Neither of them have ever played Garry's Mod before. Hilarity Ensues.
    • After about three minutes of trying to build the car, they get distracted and end up spending the next five minutes trying to hit each other with the largest props they can find.
    • A few minutes later, Adam discovers the tool gun but can't figure out how to activate anything he spawns with it.
    • Joel discovers the advanced duplicator and proceeds to hit the prop limit.
  • Adam and Joel jump a car in episode 2 of Garry's Mod.
    • Mattress monster.
    • Adam spawns a bunch of headcrabs on Joel while he's trying to work.
  • Joel & Adam Build the Millenium Falcon in Garry's Mod.
    • God mode is off this time, resulting in many physics-related deaths.
    • After three episodes, Joel and Adam still haven't figured out the props that were welded while frozen are what's keeping their vehicles from moving. They think they keep accidentally welding things to the ground.
    • After finishing their "Millenium Falcon", they end up flipping over every time they try to fly with it. Eventually, they give up and fly it up to the "Death Star" with no clip.
  • At Michael and Lindsay's wedding, Ray temporarily makes his peace with cake. Don't tell anyone.
  • Michael and Lindsay have only been married for a day and we already have this
  • In this episode of Countdown, "Top 12 Most Satisfying Guns", they get to number 2, the Farsight gun from Perfect Dark and realize Kdin isn't using the gun the way it's supposed to be used, instead just running around shooting people normally.
  • In the Five Facts: Duke Nukem Forever, the entire video gets derailed by a story of Geoff's youth of some neighbors who stole cable way back when. When Geoff playfully realizes that their video editor, Franco, would have to edit a lot of this out (they don't), they start teasing Franco, leading to "#STOPTHEFRANCOBULLYING 2014" to show up.
  • Adam and Joel tase people. There's also some game in between the tasing.
  • In the first episode of Social Disorder Aaron and Chris have to drag a black bag that certainly does not contain a dead body down to the river, with the help of random passerby. They get bonus points for telling Blatant Lies about what's in the bag.

     Rooster Teeth fan work 
  • This video which shows all of Gavin's various happenings and mishaps to the Skyrim theme, notably Gavin tackling Gus just as "Fus ro dah" is being shouted.
  • "Tornadoe", the fan thing brought on as a result of Sharknado.

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