Fridge / Rooster Teeth

Any supposed bit of Fridge Logic, Brilliance, or Horror relating to Achievement Hunter can be found here.

Fridge Brilliance
  • During the 2016 Extra Life stream, how does Michael reveal the fact he's going to be a father? With a dad joke.

Fridge Logic
  • Why is there such a vocal Fan Dumb for other online groups, that promotes the "theory" that you can't like more than one big group on the web?
    • It's the Internet. It's full of Insane Troll Logic that people think actually makes sense. It's the same reason for pretty much every Fandom Rivalry ever, with the basis of the argument usually being "X isn't funny! Y is!" despite everyone having their own opinion of X, Y, and whatever else there is.
  • Why on earth did anyone think that taking over Ray's channel and cannibalising it into RT's own Twitch channel was a good idea?
    • Ray already had a substantial following and they thought this would prevent them from needing to build up a fanbase and such. It was, honestly, just a dumb idea - they seemed to forget that if they announced a Twitch channel, people would undoubtedly start following it anyway. It may have also had something to do with Ray being basically the only one at the company with Twitch streaming knowledge, though the connection isn't clear and may not mean anything at all.

Fridge Horror
  • Consider that if a group of people are eliminated from the Gauntlet, they are never seen again. Also consider how Ryan jokes that Murder Is the Best Solution...