Funny / RolloT

  • During a session of Left 4 Dead 2 in Charger mode in Hard Rain HilarityEnsued
    • Specifically Rollo got charged off the sugar mill and into the fields YET SURVIVED!
  • In his Weekly Manga Recap show with Y: Ruler of Time he has taken to increasingly dropping obscure professional wrestling terms, much to the consternation of his co-host who knows very little about pro wrestling. Done most blatantly when he specifically called a manga character the Renee Dupree of the series.
    • His discussion of a Sitcom starring a young Hody Jones.
    • The Rant on Flame of Recca (He spent $80 on Manga Volumes for it, only to wind up hating it), ending with: "I want my money back, THEY TOOK MY SON!"
    • Apocalypse Dragon, Destroyer of Manga Series note 
    • This exchange:
      Y: Ruler of Time: Anyway, I guess we're just gonna continue now.
      Rollo T: No, Nick. We always have an awkward beginning where we talk about nothing related to manga, and then we have to awkwardly transition.
      Y Ruler Of Time: I think we already did that.
      Rollo T: No! We can get MORE awkward, Nick!
      Y Ruler Of Time: How can we get more awkward then "My relative is dead and I blame you for it?"
      Y Ruler Of Time: Okay! So...!
    • From the Love So Life (May 21st) WMR, Y Ruler of Time and Rollo T devolve into an argument about the latest Toriko chapter culminating in LordKaT saying: "This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard." and then YROT laughing for almost 15 seconds straight.
    • Rollo T's Product Placement in Q&A Extravaganza 4, culminating in:
      Y Ruler of Time: Chris, is there anything you'd like to say? Let's get some more product endorsements in here.
      Rollo T: Well all I can say is, I know people, when you think cough drops, you think Halls. But all I can say is, Luden's wild cherry, it's only like a buck for a bag, at least it was only buck where I was, and for my money it's just as good, you know, it's something that you have in your mouth, it soothes your throat, it makes you feel good, I think Luden's works just as good as Halls. I think with Halls, you're paying for a name brand, but with Luden's you're paying for a name brand you can trust. They are a family-run business. I don't know that. I'm just saying things, now. I'm looking on the back, it says it's filled with dog turds. I don't care, it was a buck. I'm a cheap buyer, what can I say?
    • Rollo T's "creepy sexy" voice in the Watashi ni XX Shinasai! review.
      Rollo T: *whispering* That's what ladies looooooove. They like when you get creepy and sexy on them.
      Y Ruler of Time: Is that why you have so many restraining orders against you?
      Rollo T: Yeeeeeeeaaaaah.
    • The two trying to review The Comic Artist and His Assistants before they read it.
      Y Ruler of Time: I liked this series, Chris. I especially liked the part where I looked at the menu of all the different chapters.
      RolloT: I really disliked the part where I never actually read it. I think that was the worst part in the entire series and they should be ashamed.
      Y Ruler of Time: How am I supposed to be entertained when I haven't read the series?
      RolloT: Come on, now. Get your shit together.
    • For once actually liking Aizen's bullshit powers when the guy manages to use them to help the good guys note 
    • Rollo T and Nik's reactions to Cross Manage's increasingly blatant Fanservice in later chapters, seemingly as a desperate bid to keep from getting canceled.
      • When one chapter comes along without any fanservice at all, Rollo T keeps pointing out all the missed Fanservice opportunities in the chapter.
    • The regular jokes during Bleach's Thousand Year Blood War arc about how Yamamoto and the Gotei 13 are completely incompetent at their jobs.
    • In response to choosing Bunny Drop, Nik preempts the manga suddenly turning dark and making him angry by threatening to come after everybody who recommended it if it does, after which Chris decides to outline exactly how it could happen.
    • After Unohana's death in Bleach, Chris and Nik mention every episode that she's still dead and she's never coming back. It's even combined with the Bunny Drop example when Nik forgets to do it and Chris reminds him, and Nik starts raging about the manga some more.
    • Just the fact that Chris decided to do Weekly Manga Recap on his own note  mainly because the latest chapter of Naruto was too bad for him to wait a week to talk about it.
    • From I Think, Therefore I'm Dead:
      • Because they found chapter 674 of Naruto so confusing that they couldn't tell what had happened, they decide to just read the wikia summary for the chapter. Chris reading out loud the summary of the chapter as fast as he can is something to be behold. He even has a Flat "What." moment when he realizes Kakashi had lost an eye because he couldn't tell that had happened from reading the chapter.
  • So Far anytime Rollo T has played Madden 2012, he drops a crowning moment of funny when he rages, including his ragefests when he is WINNING.
  • On Bromance, after he reads an article explaining that cats might be emitting a pheromone that causes people to like them more.
    Rollo T: Liam, wherever you went, I'm onto you! Get over here and drop your mind-control bullshit!
  • Chris' entire rant over the stupid, stupid reveal about the Uchiha in Naruto
    Rollo T: ... The entire Uchiha clan, they love so much. And then they love and lose. And then that love becomes hurt. And Nick, crawling in my skin, these wounds, they cannot heal.
  • Ever since Bleach started introducing more of the Stern Ritter, the WMR duo had a blast with their silly names.
  • From "Broken Hand":
    • Chris attempting to start phone sex with Nik after a sexualized discussion of the weather:
    Rollo T: So, what are you wearing?
    Y Ruler of Time: Um, I'm wearing long sleeves and jeans, actually.
    Rollo T: What, this sucks, you really suck at this.
    Y Ruler of Time: Well...
    Rollo T: You should never be a phone sex or weather person operator.
    Y Ruler of Time: Well, I am not doing it with you, especially if you aren't paying me.
    Rollo T: I could. Is money the issue here? We'll talk about it off stream.
    • Also, Fuck Stone. One of the chat members suggests that that should be a Quincy name. Later when they talk about the namer of Zanpakuto, they talk about what would happen if he got lazy.
    Y Ruler of Time: And you're sword shall be called... Fuck Stone!
    Y Ruler of Time: ... Fuck Stone?
    Y Ruler of Time: Yes, Fuck Stone!
    Rollo T: You will enjoy it as your bankai, Queen Unohana!
  • Chris and Nik making fun of Kyubey constantly pestering Madoka to make a wish and become a magical girl, imagining him trying to get her to do it to solve minor inconveniences, like having trouble sleeping or running out of toilet paper.
  • Nik tries to close out the Rosario + Vampire episode by making a Rod Sterling Twilight Zone-style closing monologue. After a long, awkward silence of trying to think of something to say, he just goes "Kurumu's tits sure are big." Cue Chris and Nik alternating between laughing hysterically and joking about Sterling making lewd comments in his closing monologues.
  • Completely tired of the endless war arc in Naruto, Nik and Chris decide to give Madara an over-the-top Ed Wynn voice to make things more interesting.
    • And then came Ed Wynn!Madara's Christmas story.
  • Rollo T's imagined scenario where he celebrates Thanksgiving by giving thanks to Oda for One Piece... while hiding in his closet and wearing his wife's panties on his head.
    Rollo T: "Get out of my house! And get my wife's panties off your head!"
    Y Ruler Of Time: "I want to put them on MY head!"
    Rollo T: *laughing* Yeah, that probably does sounds like Oda.
  • Rollo T writes an erotic fanfiction about World Trigger, and this has never been more apropriate: Hilarity Ensues.
    • He also wrote a Naruto inspired Night Before Christmas titled A Madara Christmas. Voiced by Ed Wynn.
  • Chris and Nik announce that Yotsuba&! is the next manga they'll be reviewing and Nik, having already been utterly enraged by how the previous two cutesy father-daughter slice-of-life series they've reviewed ended, starts threatening the people who made the recommendation if the series turns out like them, with Chris laughing in the background and making jokes about how it'll end with Yotsuba getting hit by a car, or getting cancer and then suddenly realizing how hot her dad is.
  • The entire episode "Naruto's Final Chapter". Both Nik and Chris start mentioning that the Epilogue of Naruto has a lot to talk about in every page they turn. Remarkably:
    • They question how come neither Lee, Gai or Ten Ten are shown to be attending Neji's funeral, while other characters who didn't have interactions with him are there.
    • The whole resolution of Sasuke's arc ending with him Easily Forgiven, cementing his Karma Houdini status. They keep making up dialog.
      • They mock that Sakura forgave Sasuke by just saying "For What?" instead of acknowledging he did anything wrong, to the point that Naruto seems a lot more inteligent in comparison because at least they were lying next to each for 24 hours, so they had a lot of time to talk and understand each other, while Sakura just forgives him on the spot.
      • Sasuke just giving a half-assed apology.
      YROT: (Imitating Sasuke) Yeah... Sorry about that...
      RolloT: (Imitating Sasuke) My bad, guys... Sorry for trying to kill the Kages and stuff...
      YROT: (after reading Sakura offering an artificial arm to Sasuke) He gets to have his hand back?! Oh my God!!
      RolloT: He really got off. He's free like- No, Nik. 'Cause he's self-imposing no more arm on himself. He's sayin' "No, I don't deserve an arm. I deserve my freedom, I deserve my freedom of will, and I deserve to have a hot piece of ass to go fuck on the side. But that's it! No more! I do not deserve a hand."
      YROT: Oh my god. Did Naruto suddlenly become Bleach?!
      • While Nik points out that Sasuke is the one narrating the ending, Chris plays the theme of The Breakfast Club over the narration.
    • Both constantly mock how some really minor (to insignificant) characters are present in the future, but we never get to know what happened to Orochimaru, Kabuto and the Hebi Team. This turns into a Running Gag.
    • Sakura is stupid because she instantly forgives Sasuke like he did nothing wrong, to the point even Bella and Edward's relationship makes more sense than Sakura and Sasuke: Equally as abusive, but with the difference that Sasuke never cares for her, and Sakura is still smitten by him. Yes. That low.
    • First page of 700 has Shino as the teacher, which Nik points out its Fridge Brilliance. And then they make up a scene of Shino trying to insert bugs into his students.
      YROT!Shino: So, what are you gonna do if you're surrounded all sides by ninjas?
      YROT!Kid: Uh, I would use my Kagebunsh-
      YROT!Shino: Wrong answer.
      YROT!Kid: Uh, I would use my wind pow-
      YROT!Shino: No.
      RolloT!Shino: You're not thinking about the millipedes. Which is your first problem. You need a fuck ton of millipedes.
      YROT!Shino: You haven't even bothered to ask me what sort of native bugs are in the area.
      RolloT!Shino: Yeah, you haven't even determined about what kind of fire ants are in there. Or perhaps rock ants. It's all very specific and will change how you handle the situation.
      YROT!Shino: Look, bugs are everywhere. You just need to know where they are in a different environment.
      RolloT!Shino: You just have to let them live in you!.
      YROT!Shino: Now. Hold out your hand to me.
      RolloT!Shino: I'm just gonna start- I'm just gonna put this. I know it seems big, but I'm just gonna put this rhino beetle in your arm. He's gonna burrow into your skin and make its home there. And it's going to lay eggs.
      YROT!Shino: I may seem weird for you to start off with the rhino beetle, but once you got that in, then everything else will be a piece of cake. So it's going to be your favorite.
      RolloT!Shino: Also I had a fight with my ants earlier, so they won't agree with this right now. This is all the options I have left.
      YROT!Shino: And only the rhino beetle felt like doing this.
      RolloT!Shino: Deal with it. #Shino.
      YROT: And that was one page.
    • They laugh at Ten Ten being a Memetic Loser.
    • On the fact that Hinata and Naruto ended up married and with two kids, they mention how bizarre it is that they had no romantic interaction shown, and joke that maybe Naruto keeps forgetting her.
      RolloT!Naruto: God! It's great to be single person in the world. Bachelor.
      RolloT: Hey, Naruto. Your fucking kid is fucking up the wall.
      RolloT!Naruto: I have kids? OH, RIGHT!! Oh, shit, wow. All right. Let me go handle that.
      • Which also leads them to joke that Naruto is neglectful towards Bolt because he's half Hinata's.
    • All the points regarding Sasuke's daughter:
      • Nik refers to her initially as Uryu Ishida, only to Verbal Backspace.
      • The WMG that Sasuke's daughter can't be Sakura's. They first suggest that the kid looks more like Karin. Then reason that makes more sense if Sasuke just impregnated someone during his trip and suddenly arrived to Sakura's house to drop the baby at her care while he continues to be a deadbeat parent. They even joke that even Naruto being the mother makes more sense, and they conclude that Sarada doesn't hate Sasuke because Naruto might be fooling her with a lot of stories on why Sasuke is so awesome.
      • Then Chris mocks Sarada's line of being Not So Different to Bolt because of their fathers, quoting it with variations of "I guess he's kinda simmilar to me when it comes to dads, we're like BAM!". Nik points out that everytime it's becoming a different catchphrase, not that it's less funny at all.
      • Also on why Sarada seems to miss him, despite the fact that Sasuke never shows up, and she has never met him.
      RolloT: The thing that I find very amusing here: Sasuke is a complete deadbeat dad. We don't- based on what we know about him from last chapter and what we see on this chapter, we have to assume he probably doesn't show up a lot. If at all. He barely just dropped his kid off and never came back. He maybe had impregnated Sakura... But she still fucking treats him like she's the bees goddamn knees. (...) You never even met him probably!! He is a DICKHEAD!! You should HATE him!! He is a BUM!! Why does everybody like this ASSHOLE?! So perfectly in character with Sasuke!! All the girls like him! Even his own daughter forgets the fact that he's never there, 'cause she's just like "He's so cool".
    • They make up a whole scene during the Kage meetings involving Kankuro and his puppets.
      YROT!Kankuro: I know what you guys should do. Make puppets for everyone.
      RolloT!Kankuro: A plain guard issue to non-war we're having is we need more puppets around. Perhaps everyone should have their own miniature puppet that they walk around with. To entertain themselves and provide needed-
      YROT!Kankuro: I brought up some diagrams. And have prepared several charts on economics-
      RolloTT!Kankuro: I have some statistics for you. We had no puppets when the Great Ninja War happened. We need puppets now! To keep another Ninja War to happen.
      RolloT: And then Naruto is like:
      RolloT!Naruto: Uhm, fifteen years had happened without puppets and there's been peace.
      YROT!Kankuro: Yeah, but think about it this way. There were hundreds of years of war where nobody had their own personal mini-puppets. I have this circle chart prepared. You see? This is a circle chart of all the ninja wars that had ever occurred and as you can see this entire red, where red is the color indicating that nobody had pocket-puppets.
      RolloT!Kankuro: I myself have a pocket-puppet. And I have not been attacked since the great ninja war ended. This DEFINITELY proves everyone needs puppets.
      Rollo T: And then there's everyone else like "WHY DO YOU LET HIM IN HERE?! With EVERY MEETING we spent 30 minutes arguing the stupid asshole's puppet plans down."
      YROT: And then Gaara is like:
      YROT!Gaara: Look, he's my brother, ok?
      YROT: Shikamaru is like:
      YROT!Shikamaru: You could just have Temari come here instead.
      YROT!Gaara: NO, I will NOT make the Kage Meetings another oportunity for you two to have random dates.
      YROT!Shikamaru: Oww...
      RolloT!Shikamaru: You're just being rude.
      YROT!Gaara: She doesn't even live in the land of sand anymore! Come on!
  • Much like they did before hand with Madara in order to make Yhwach sound more interesting Chris and Nick decide to give him a wacky voice. In this case it initially starts of as Foghorn Leghorn before, as Nick puts it, drifting into southern preacher.
  • Chris and Nik talk of about Mard Geer inconsistent manner of speech, culminating in:
    YROT: You think can interfere with the plans of Mard Geer, you cannot interfere with the plans of Mard Geer, Mard Geer will not allow to interfere with his plans, Mard Geers plans will no be interfered with, by the enemies of Mard Geer, Mard Geer's plans are undefeatable, undeniable, un...d...d... dragonable! That is why I, Mard GeerJojo...
  • The last few pages of Fairy Tail 435 is nonstop hilarity to the two. Especially a panel with Erza looking at Grey and Frosch hugging and her eye is cartoonishly wide, like she just smoked several pounds of weed and the high just hit her.
    "The cat's talking! All the cats are talking!"
  • From the episode "Ishida's Super Smart Plan":
    • They talk about Shokugeki no Soma's Chapter 153 and pick on the tacky design of one of the new villains. To put in perspective, said character design includes: headband, orange messy hair, Face-Tattoos, an eyebrow piercing, another tattoo around his wrist, an inverted cross-pendant that would be too heavy for his ear in real life, a red chef suit full with the cross motif and capri pants.
      • Also this exchange:
      RolloT]: All right. Now, Nik. You're forced to cosplay one of the four members of the group, but you can't take "The Hulk".
      YROT: Damnit!
      RolloT]: So here's the better question. Would you cosplay "Douche Guy" or "Schoolgirl"
      YROT: God. I'd probably had to cosplay "Schoolgirl" at that point.
      RolloT]: Really? 'Cause I feel you would be buying a lot of women's clothes to do the guy character anyway.
  • During the Skunk Spray Again!? episode Chris decides that he'll eat jellybeans for every chapter and every tangents with the jellybeans having half a chance of being good and half a chance of being terrible. This involves him eating skunk spray, moldy cheese, and rotten egg.
    (In regards to his series of the week) RolloT]: It was going to be Food Wars but after this fuck food.
  • In A Silent Voice during the Black Clover recap, Nik does live reactions and gets annoyed when Luck and Magne bring up Asta for no reason. Citing a popular bit of Character Shilling
    When Poochie isn't on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Poochie?"
  • In the Murcielago episode, Nik's epic rant on the stupidity of Bleach 681.
  • The movie-length discussion of Air Gear.