Funny / Rooster Teeth Shorts

  • Joel playing the deadpan straight man.
  • The Box. Also a fabulous Joel moment.
  • Switch. Only Rooster Teeth could take the lamest, clichéd jokes in history and make them funny again.
  • In Unusual Suspects, there is a point where Gus (in a police uniform), rounds up Jason (dressed a Construction Worker), Matt (dressed as a Cowboy), and Nathan (dressed in chaps and leather). If you haven't gotten the joke by now, here's one more for you, they find Kerry doing graffiti, they grab him and throw him in the trunk of the cop car, and before they close the trunk on him, they toss in a native american headdress. Yes, you read this correctly, they are driving around in a cop car, dressed like the Village People. That's not even the best part. When they throw the head dress in for Kerry, they all have these Serious Business looks on their faces. It helps that a Braggadocio rap track is blasting over the video.
  • Matt's Squick reaction when Joel drops what is strongly implied to be a human penis in his ice bucket during the hotel episode. Heck, any of Matt's reactions in that episode. The instant turn from "You are a god" (hearing two girls in the room) to "oh God no" (hearing two girls and what sounds like a very large, probably very hairy man in the room) is priceless.
  • The revelation that the people who apprehend Joel for not playing Kinect are... the TPA.
  • Chris' Comically Missing the Point during "Sex Dogs, Sex Dogs". Hey, he technically did what he was told!
  • When Jon CJG arrives at the office, he is mistaken for Gary Busey, and then for Nick Nolte, at which point an angry Joel throws him out.
    Joel: 48 Hrs.. SUCKED. (slams door)
  • Coasting... well basically, Gus is... on a roller-coaster, and at the same time at the desk directly behind the guy he is apparently talking with... this is one of those things that makes less sense in context.
  • In Reunion, Gavin basically ends up parodying himself with English slang that makes no sense. It's made priceless by the completely deadpan way he says it. Made even funnier if you know what he's actually saying, since he's using rather filthy slang.
    Gavin: There was spiff all over his quaff, it was mental. Alright, knob and bob, tosser.
    • There's also his ridiculous mangling of Gus's messages and the dick drawings Joel and Geoff left.
  • The Beard Room. Burnie and Blaine's attempt to find a room for a discussion. One of the rooms they go to is their old building "Aw, dammit! We moved out of this building!" What makes the attempt funnier is the episode of AHWU that has Burnie barging in on Achievement Hunter. When Burnie leaves, the first thing out of Gavin's mouth is "What a prick."
  • Office Divorce. Poor Ryan is just confused over Chris trying to divorce him businessly... if that's such a thing. Even more so when it's implied that Chris's lawyer, Kerry, kidnapped a kid mistaking him for one of Ryan's!
  • The Rooster Bells short showcasing everything on sale for Christmas 2015. It's a vulgar Jingle Bells jaunt that goes completely off the rails. Moments include:
    • Funhaus getting in another jab towards the Rooster Teeth team.
    • Gavin humping a mouse inflatable.
    • Matt dressed up as Jesus.
    • Everyone getting plastered, then having the police bust up everything.
  • "The Henchman", about a poor schmoe getting beat up by Batman thanks to bad timing, has his business ruined because of parking tickets, then gets beat up by Superman when he moves to Metropolis.
    • "SCUM!"
  • Tinder: The Movie. That is all.