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Funny: RWBY

It's Rooster Teeth, man. Of course RWBY will have lots of hilarious moments.

List the examples in a chronological order, if possible.

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The trailers have been more awesome than funny, but there are still some moments:

  • In the last trailer, Yellow, Yang introduces herself to Junior as "Sir". By making him a "Ma'am".
  • When Yang offers to "kiss and make up", he falls for it, slowly leaning in to take her offered kiss... and then, quick as a flash, she sucker-punches him hard enough to send him flying about 30 feet, leaving him slumped against the wall with circling hearts until a loose bottle falls and clonks him on the head.

    Ruby Rose 

  • Ruby gets held up in a Dust Shop, but doesn't realize it at first because she's listening to the opening song at full blast through headphones.
    Grunt: I said, "Put your hands up in the air," now!
    Ruby: Are you...robbing me?
    Grunt: Yes!
    Ruby: Ohhhh.... [smiles]
    • Whereupon she punches him all the way across the shop. The second grunt runs up and points a gun at her. Camera immediately cuts outside... and Ruby and said grunt smash through the window, Ruby kung-fu kicking him in the head.
    • Roman's incredulous reaction to Ruby doing that to his mook and then pulling out Crescent Rose.
    Roman: (stares in disbelief) Okay... (glances at remaining mooks) Get her!
    • The way he says the line is less of an order, and more reminding the mooks to stop gawking and get to their job.
  • After watching one of his Mooks get Curb Stomped:
  • When Ruby meets Glynda and realizes her hero is a huntress, her response:
    Ruby: Can I have your autograph?
    • The Smash Cut to Glynda lecturing her afterwards is also fairly amusing.
      Glynda: If it were up to me, I would send you home with a pat on the back...
      Ruby: [Looks happy]
      Glynda: And a slap on the wrist! [Slaps her crop right next to Ruby's hands]
      Ruby: EEEP!
    • And
      Ruby: They started it!
  • Ruby eats cookies in the funniest way possible. The eating animation is minimal to the point that the cookies just disappear when they are near her mouth. It's played for laughs.
  • Ruby telling Ozpin that she was taught to use Crescent Rose by her uncle, doing so by saying "Oh, that's my uncle" in an Asian-sounding accent ('justified' by her mouthful of cookies) similar to the "Oh, that's my uncle!" gag in the Rooster Teeth Podcast.
  • Ruby's describing her fighting style with Kung-fu noises, which combined with her Motor Mouth mode is simply adorable.
  • Glynda's reaction when she and Ozpin glance at each other and she suddenly realizes he's already decided to accept Ruby into the academy. It's such a "you're a sap" reaction. His smiling and looking at her meant he wants her approval; he's still giving her veto power. Her closing her eyes and looking away meant that she still didn't think it was a good idea, but that she would trust his judgment.
  • The way Ruby explains her desire to just be normal is worth a laugh:
    Ruby: I don't want to be the bee's knees, I don't want to be any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees.
  • The new students listen to a hologram recording of Glynda:
    Yang: Who's that?
    Glynda: My name is Glynda Goodwitch.
    Yang: Oh.
  • On the ship to the Beacon school, Ruby and Yang deal with a vomiting boy.
    Ruby: Yang, gross! You've got puke on your shoe!
    Yang: Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!
    Ruby: Get away from me, get away from me, get away from me, get away from me!
  • On the DVD, one of the special features was this episode playing with the storyboards displayed in the corner. During the fight sequences, the 'storyboard' simply said "Monty Action!!!"

    The Shining Beacon 

Part I:
  • How did the episode start? Vomit Boy...vomiting.
  • The fact that all unnamed extras just look like black silhouettes, even when the main characters are touching them.
  • Ruby Rose. Super-Deformed, floating and being a Fangirl about weapons.
    • As well as Yang's vague 'Uhh...' look, then pulling Ruby back into the frame when she starts drifting.
    • And right afterwards when Yang asks if she's not happy with her own weapon, Ruby responds by cuddling with Crescent Rose.
  • Ruby says she doesn't need friends because she has Yang, except Yang's friends arrive right then and she quickly tells Ruby they are going to hang out. They run away, leaving Ruby in the dust, as well as so dizzy she falls over onto Weiss's luggage.
    Ruby: (dizzily mumbles) I don't know what I'm doing... *plop*
    Weiss: What are you doing!?
    • Then, in response to Weiss's over-dramatic 'dust is precious' rant (which threw up a lot of Dust into the air around them), she has an explosive Dust-powered fire sneeze. Weiss is not amused.
  • Ruby and Jaune calling each other by their embarrassing nicknames in the courtyard: Vomit Boy and Crater Face. Let's see if both sticks on.
  • Ruby demonstrates Crescent Rose to Jaune:
    Jaune: Whoa! Is that a scythe?
    Ruby: It's also a customizable high impact sniper rifle!
    Jaune: A...what?
    Ruby: [cocks weapon] It's also a gun.
    Jaune: Oh.
  • Jaune shows off his shield's ability to fold up and make carrying it convenient... until Ruby points out that it would still weigh the same. He sheepishly admits that it does.
    • Before that we have Jaune vs his collapsible shield. Winner: the shield.
  • Ruby reveals that she designed her own weapon. Consider that fact that she's a 15 year old girl and suddenly this explains a lot.
  • The episode ends with both Ruby and Jaune getting lost and with nobody to turn to for directions. (Note that at the beginning there were still random passerbys in the background but they eventually disappeared.)

Part II:
  • When Ruby abandons Jaune to sit with her sister, he's not pleased.
    Jaune: Great, where I am supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to? [camera pans away to reveal Pyrrha standing behind Jaune, looking at him.]
    • What really sells this is his "Oh COME ON!" tone of voice.
  • Weiss's Right Behind Me reappearance as Ruby is relating their previous encounter.
    Ruby: I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage and then she yelled at me and then I sneezed and then I exploded and then she yelled again and then I felt really, really bad and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me.
    Weiss: YOU!
    Ruby: [leaps into Yang's arms] OH GOD, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!
    Weiss: You're lucky we weren't blown off the side of the cliff!
    Yang: Oh my God, you really exploded...
  • Weiss handing Ruby a pamphlet titled "Dust for Dummies and Other Inadequate Individuals" and talking about it so fast that Ruby can't understand her.
    Weiss: [getting faster and higher pitched with each word] The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy-to-follow guide to Dust application and practice in the field.
    • The pamphlet itself for its faux politically correct yet still condescending title of "Dust for Dummies (picture) and other Inadequate Individuals."
  • In a way, some of Weiss's lines are said with such blunt seriousness that it's hilarious:
    Weiss: [still holding the 'Dust for Dummies' pamphlet] You really wanna start making things up to me?
    Ruby: Absolutely...?
    Weiss: Read this and don't ever speak to me again.
  • After Weiss and Ruby meet up again, Yang encourages them to start over. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    Ruby: Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We could go shopping for school supplies!
    Weiss: Yeah! And we can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys, like Tall, Blond, and... Scraggly over there! [points at Jaune]
    Ruby: Oh, wow, really!?
    Weiss: [Death Glare] No.
    • Afterwards, Jaune tries to hit on Weiss and fails miserably.
    Jaune: You know, I'm a natural blond.
    [Weiss facepalms]
  • Ruby points out that their father probably wouldn't approve of them sleeping in the same room with a bunch of boys. Yang looks the boys over and says she approves and purrs (though maybe not of Jaune's...).
    Yang: [leaps into bed] It's like a biiig slumber party!
    Ruby: I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys though.
    Yang: I know I do! [purrs and watches the boys in the room until she spots Jaune]
    Jaune: [humming to himself until he spots Yang] Hmmm!
    Yang: Errgh...
    • Jaune's footy pajamas. With matching bunny slippers.
  • Ruby's response to Yang's playful sibling teasing? Throwing a pillow at her face. Twice. Even better, the second one is a corgi pillow.
  • Yang dragging Ruby over to Blake with a ":D" expression and going "Helloooo~!"
  • Ruby almost introducing herself to Blake as Crater Face before she catches herself.
    Yang: What are you doing?
    Ruby: I don't know help me!
    • Blake's "okay" afterwards has a hint of barely restrained amusement to it.
  • Blake attempts to get Ruby and Yang to leave her be, only for it to fly over their heads.
    Yang: Nice night don't you think?
    Blake: Yes, it's lovely. Almost as lovely as this book.
    Ruby and Yang: [awkward silence]
    Blake: Which I will continue to read.
    Ruby and Yang: [more awkward silence]
    Blake: As soon as you leave.
  • Ruby and Yang arguing and getting into a Big Ball of Violence. With cat noises.
    • And Blake is completely unfazed by this fight two feet away from her.
  • Weiss barging into the middle of Yang and Ruby's tussle.
    Weiss: What in the world is going on over here?! Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?! (notices Ruby)
    Weiss and Yang: OH, NOT YOU AGAIN!
    • Weiss seems to be convinced Ruby's some kind of deviant.
      Yang: What's your problem with my sister? She's only trying to be nice!
      Weiss: She's a hazard to my health!
    • Then Blake, who's been interrupted a lot trying to read her book, sees where this is going and puts her book down. Then she takes her lit candelabra, and blows it out (which also blows out the episode itself.)

    The First Step 
Part I:
  • Nora waking Ren up, and him going through his morning routine without even the slightest reaction.
    • Nora slurping a slice of pancake.
    • At one point, it cuts from them eating breakfast to them in the locker room with the conversation getting continuing from where it left off, suggesting that she might've just gotten back from a massive tangent.
    • Ren's single comment in all of this:
    Ren: Nora, I don't think sloths make a lot of noise.
  • Ruby cuddling Crescent Rose again, and referring to it as her 'sweetheart'.
  • Yang again encourages Ruby to make friends. Ruby is not convinced.
    Ruby: I don't need friends to help me grow up! I. Drink. Milk.
  • Jaune can't find his assigned locker.
    • Made even funnier when you realize that he's wearing his weapon.
  • Weiss' Inner Monologue as she plots to pair up with Pyrrha, complete with Dramatic Thunder for a background. Helped tremendously by her devious grin; the kind that makes you laugh and go 'Oh dear god' at the same time.
    Weiss: This will be perfect! The smartest girl in class, combined with the strongest girl in class... together, we will be unstoppable! I can see it now; we'll be popular, we'll be celebrities, we'll get perfect grades! Nothing could come between us now!"
  • Everything about Jaune hitting on Weiss and Pyrrha.
    Weiss: [referring to Pyrrha] Jaune, do you have any idea who you are talking to?
    Jeane: Not in the slightest, Snow Angel.
    • Pyrrha is a temporary cereal mascot.
      Weiss: [waving her arms rapidly in anger] She's on the front of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes box!
      Jaune: [gasps] That's you!? But they only do that for star athletes and cartoon characters!
      Pyrrha: [with cereal box background] Yeah, it was pretty cool... sadly, the cereal isn't very good for you.
      • The way Weiss says it out loud while waving her arms up and down is simply hilarious. That and the cereal box background falling to pieces afterwards.
      • The arm motions might be construed as a Stealth Visual Pun, given how Jaune referred to her as "Snow Angel."
    • The conclusion with him being pinned to a wall by the latter's spear.
      Jaune: My dad said all women look for is confidence! Where did I go wrong...?
      Yang: "Snow Angel" probably wasn't the best start.
  • Ruby adorable whimpering at the explanation of team assignment, with a low-key Big "WHAT?!" upon learning that the first person you make eye contact with is your permanent, curriculum-long partner. It helps that her world looks like it shattered, literally.
  • Ozpin warns the students to watch themselves and fight all out in the forest or else they will die. While Jaune gets terrified, the others are completely unaffected, Nora even shooting Ren a ":D" face.
  • Beacon's opening test involves launching students off a cliff, trusting them to figure out how to land, and assessing their performance once they make it back to you through a deadly forest.
    Ozpin: Any questions?
    Jaune: Yeah, um... sir?
    Ozpin: Good. Now, take your positions.
    [all students save Jaune do so]
    Jaune: Uhhhh, sir? I got a... um... a question... [Weiss is launched] So this... "landing strategy" thing... uh, what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?
    Ozpin: No. You will be falling.
    [another student is launched]
    Jaune: Oh... I... see... s-so, like, did you h-hand out parachutes for us...?
    [Nora cheers as she is launched]
    Ozpin: No. You will be using your own Landing Strategy.
    Jaune: Uh-huh... that...
    [Ruby and Yang are launched]
    Jaune: So... what exactly is a landing strate— [launched]gyyyyyy!!!
    [Ozpin turns to watch the students coast through the sky sipping his coffee and smiling]
    • Yang putting on a pair of aviators before being catapulted.
    • Just before Ruby is catapulted away she looks at Jaune and smirks as if she knows he's about to be cut off mid-sentence.
    • All the students glide gracefully after being catapulted, except Jaune, who flops helplessly through the air.

Part II:
  • "Birdy, NO!"
  • Lie Ren coming to smooth stop, casually dusting off his sleeves like it's normal to be flung into a forest.
  • Yang's little "nailed it" after sticking her landing, plus the noises she makes as she's rustling through the trees off-screen.
  • Jaune is again shown flopping helplessly through the air. Pyrrha saves him by spearing his hood to a tree, and he's unable to free himself.
    Pyrrha: [lands on a tree branch, spots Jaune, throws her spear in his direction, and watches both sail off into the trees]
    Jaune: [in the distance] Thank you!
    Pyrrha: I'm sorry!
  • The commentary reveals what Blake was doing, and why they didn't show it on screen: She simply landed on her feet. You know, Because she's a cat.
  • The cute chibi animations of Ruby musing about her potential partner, particularly the bit with Jaune being attacked by wolves with little "rawr" sounds.
    • Even funnier if you recognize the art-style as the one used in the Rooster Teeth animated adventures videos.
  • Weiss and Ruby make eye contact with each other first, only for Weiss to walk away and try to find someone else. She sees Jaune hanging from a tree and immediately goes back to Ruby.
    Ruby: Wait! Where are you going!? ...we're supposed to be teammates...
    [Weiss makes her way through the brush and stumbles onto Jaune pinned to a tree and struggling with Pyrrha's spear]
    Jaune: C'mon...stupid...[grunts as he pulls until he spots Weiss]
    [Jaune chuckles sheepishly and waves]
    Weiss: ...
    [Weiss immediately walks back to Ruby]
    Weiss: By no means does this make us friends.
    [drags Ruby away by her hood]
    Ruby: You came back!!!
    • Ruby's enthusiastic arm motion loop in the following shot.
    • And before that, Weiss stumbling through the forest undergrowth is worth a snicker; it's clearly the first time she's been required to do so.
  • Weiss assumes Ruby will slow her down, and gets completely blindsided:
    Weiss: I swear, if I get a bad grade because of your— [Ruby appears beside her in a burst of wind with pawing hand motions and open-mouthed Cat Smile] —What the!?
    Ruby: I'm not slow, see? You don't have to worry about me!
    Weiss: [still trying to process this] When did—?
    Ruby: Weiss, just because I don't exactly know how to deal with people doesn't mean I don't know how to deal with monsters! [Puts an arm around Weiss] You're about to see a whole different side of me today, Weiss! And after it's all over, you're gonna be like, [gestures grandly] "Wow! That Ruby girl is really, really cool!" [Weiss rolls her eyes to imply 'as if'] "And I wanna be her friend!"

    The Emerald Forest 
Part I:
  • "Ruby, is that you? ...Nope!"
    • And before that, the way Yang drew out her calls: "Hellooo! Is anyone out there? Helloooo! I'm getting bored here!
  • The exchanged Reaction Shot look when Yang reacts to the falling hair.
    Yang: Hahaha! Jeez, you two couldn't hit the broad side of a ba—
    [Yang's face goes blank as she watches a lone strand of hair fall to the ground]
    Yang: You...[her eyes turn red as she blinks] YOU MONSTERS!!! [yells as she beats the tar out of the offending grimm]
  • Ruby being a Deadpan Snarker.
    Weiss: I could have killed you!
    Ruby: You'll have to try better than that...
  • After their arguement, Ruby makes a frustrated scream and cuts a tree down to vent her frustration.
  • Pyrrha pushes a branch out of her way, and it snaps back into Jaune's face.
  • Jaune having no idea what aura is. Pyrrha then gives a lengthy explanation on how it's a spiritual power that can protect one from harm and how it works. Jaune cuts the explanation short after understanding it and putting it in Layman's Terms:
    "It's like a force field!"
  • Nora's "sloth" call, and her revealing herself by hanging upside down.
    Lie Ren: [smiles] I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like.
    Nora: [taps Ren on the nose] Boop!

Part II:
  • Jaune, trying to justify traveling through the cave on account of having lit a torch, asks Pyrrha to humor him for five more feet... immediately before tripping into a puddle that douses the torch. By the Lights of Their Eyes ensues.
    • Their dialogue immediately afterwards is pretty funny, too.
      Pyrrha: Do you feel that?
      Jaune: Soul-crushing regret?
  • Yang and Blake manage to find the ruined temple, and when it's time to choose one of the chess piece themed relics:
    Yang: Hmm... [grabs a gold knight piece] How about a cute little pony?
    Blake: [eye roll and amused smile] Sure.
  • Jaune finds a "relic"!
  • Yang and Blake mistaking Jaune's screams for a girl's. Ouch.
  • Jaune explaining to Pyrrha, screaming and sobbing, being flung around on the stinger tail of a gigantic scorpion like a rag doll, that "this is not the relic!"

    Players and Pieces 
  • The first three minutes in its entirety.
    • Ruby and Weiss's Noodle Incident predicament with the Nevermore.
      Weiss: Ruby! I told you this was a terrible idea!
      Ruby: We're fine! Stop worrying!
      Weiss: I am so far beyond worrying!
      Ruby: a good way?
      Weiss: In a bad way! In a very bad way!
      Ruby: Well, why don't we just jump?
      Weiss: What are you, insane?
      [cut to Ruby's panel, where she's absent]
      Weiss: Oh, you insufferable little red-!
    • Ruby is falling towards Blake and Yang, only to have Jaune crash into her in mid-air. In slow motion.
      • After crashing, the circling wolves in the style of Ruby's imaginings from Episode 5. Bonus points for the wolves and the stars being shaken off at different times.
    • Nora riding in on an Ursa, killing it, and then getting sad that's "it's broken."
      • The fact that despite knowing her since childhood, Ren STILL can't keep up with her at times... such as her 'outline' disappearance.
    • Nora getting the chess piece:
      Nora: [ogling a chess rook] Ooooh! [takes it, breaking into mental song] I'm Queen of the Castle, I'm Queen of the Castle—
      Ren: [from off-screen] NORA!
      [Nora slips out of her Imagine Spot, looking sheepish]
      Nora [salutes] Coming, Ren!
      [Rook slides off her head (where it has been since mid-song) into her hand]
    • When RWBY and JNPR are starting to reunite at the temple, there's one long bit of characters calling out to each other.
      Pyrrha: Jaune!
      Jaune: Pyrrha!
      [Ruby jumps out of the tree.]
      Jaune: Ruby!
      [Ruby lands by Yang and Blake.]
      Yang: Ruby? [seeing her for the first time safely since the landing]
      Ruby: Yang! [goes to hug her]
      Nora: [jumping in the middle of them cheerfully] NORA!
    • Blake Narrating the Obvious to the events happening around them early on.
    • Ruby, Blake and Ren casually discussing Weiss hanging from a flying Nevermore's talon.
      Weiss: [still hanging] How could you leave me?!
      Ruby: I said, 'Jump.'
      Blake: She's gonna fall.
      Ruby: She'll be fine.
      Ren: She's falling.
    • Jaune does something heroic for the first time by jumping up and catching Weiss when she was falling out of the sky. Then he realizes he Didn't Think This Through and crashes, with Weiss landing on him, complete with her casually checking her nails.
      Weiss: My hero.
      Jaune: My back!
    • Pyrrha and the Deathstalker running by in the background is inexplicably amusing. The distant rumbling that can be heard might have something to do with it. She stops running and joins the others via faceplant.
      Yang: Great, the gang's all here! Now we can die together!
  • Nora absolutely enjoying every moment of the episode, be it finding a chess piece or fighting a deadly battle. She's even randomly smiling and dance-fidgeting through the majority of the quiet moments.
  • After having her little heart to heart with Weiss and finally getting just a little approval, Ruby sighs contentedly and calls back to the first episode. The sheer relief in her voice just makes the line:
    Ruby: Ahh... Normal knees...
    • Before that, Weiss's voice when she says; "And if you stop showing off, I'll be...nicer." There's just this undertone of, "Oh, I do not want to be doing this."
  • Nora's Cheshire Cat Grin as she catapults Jaune to the other side of the broken bridge.
    • Also, her mid-air giggle of joy while flying to deliver the coup de grâce to the Deathstalker. She is definitely a Cloud Cuckoolander and a badass, simultaneously.
  • After Team JNPR defeats the Deathstalker, Lie Ren stumbles into the scene and faceplants unceremoniously into the ground. Extra points if you pay attention to the music lyrics, and even more points when you remember this is the character voiced by the series creator, a known workaholic who doesn't sleep nearly as often as he should.
  • Weiss preparing to launch Ruby.
    Ruby: Think you can make the shot?
    Weiss: Hmph. [smiles] Can I?
    [beat, a flicker of worry passes over Ruby's face]
    Ruby: Can—
    Weiss: Of course I can!
  • Yang's rather subdued response to the epic takedown of the Nevermore: "Well... that was a thing."
  • Pyrrha gives Jaune a friendly punch to the shoulder and knocks him down. Which is quickly followed by her surprised expression, then sheepish grin at Ozpin.
  • Ozpin's "This is going to be an interesting year" comment. His tone indicates he's just realised these kids are going to be exhausting to keep track of.
  • Roman's map having notations of 'Cops' and 'Dumb Cops'.

    The Badge and the Burden 
Part I:
  • Ruby blowing her whistle in Weiss's ear. Twice.
    • And the dialogue in-between:
      Ruby: [blows her whistle in Weiss's ear, making her fall] Good Morning, Team RWBY!
      Weiss: What in the world is wrong with you!?
      Ruby: Now that you're awake, we can officially get started on our first order of business!
      Weiss: [getting up] Excuse me?
      Yang: [cheerfully] Decorating!
      Weiss: What!?
      Blake: We still have to unpack.
      [luggage falls out of suitcase]
      Blake: ...And clean.
      [Ruby blows her whistle in Weiss's ear, making her fall, again]
  • If you look closely at the pile of stuff in Yang's arms, you see that she still has the "Dust for Dummies and Other Inadequate Individuals" pamphlet that Weiss handed Ruby in Episode 3, implying that she still hasn't read it.
  • Ruby, Blake and Yang shouting "BANZAI" together.
    • The weird grins on Yang and Blake's faces cinch it.
  • Yang tapes a copy of the AH Crew Boy Band poster in the room.
  • Blake putting away her books, finding a "Ninjas of Love" copy. She becomes embarrassed and tries to hide it.
  • Ruby grinning after cutting her curtains with her scythe.
    • Before that, she was trying to put up the curtains WITH CRESCENT ROSE. Talking about mundane utility for a Swiss Army Weapon.
  • The girls discover there isn't enough room for both their stuff and four single beds.
    • The girls have a vote on bunk-beds:
    Blake: [thumbs-up] [ding!]
    Yang: [throws up double horns] [ding!]
    Weiss: [clenches her fists, keeps them to her sides, and sticks out her tongue] [buzz]
    • How they make bunk-beds—one is supporting the other by a stack of books under each leg, the other is tied to the ceiling with rope and has a blanket as a privacy curtain, of sorts. As the next episode affirms, it's Ruby's bed.
    • For a split second you can see Ruby and Yang reach their hands out as they run, incredibly eager to get to work. Sisters indeed.
    • The power tool sounds as they do so, despite the simplistic final assembly lacking any elements that would need such tools.
  • Ruby says class isn't until 9:00 AM, then Weiss points out it is 8:55 AM. Everybody freaks out and rushes to class.
    • Team JNPR pulls out of their room to look...and falls into a pile when they realize whats going on.
    • Glynda and Ozpin's cameo: they watch Teams RWBY and JNPR hurrying not to be late, completely unconcerned. Glynda merely checks her watch, and Ozpin sips his coffee, both without saying a word.
    • Adding to the amusement is the Fridge Logic that they did all the organization in their room before 9:00 AM that morning. This included leisurely shelving of books, repairing the curtain, and relocating their beds no less than twice. Just how early did they get started?
  • How Professor Port starts his lecture.
    Professor Port: Monsters, DEEEE-MONS, prowlers of the night. Yes, the creatures of Grimm has many names, but I merely refer to them as "Prey." Ha-HA! Haha!
    The entire class: *Chirping Crickets*
  • The Actor Allusion as Ryan Haywood, known for trapping animals in Minecraft Let's Plays, being a professor of hunting is funny is its own self.
    • He also makes a wink and tongue click toward Yang. She's rather put off.
  • The random student who yells enthusiastically to Professor Port, only to slink back when everyone stares at him. Extra funny if you recognize the 'Eyyeea!' as another in-reference. The noise was often said by a member of a podcast Kerry is on.
  • And whenever he trails off on a tangent, he literally starts saying "Blah Blah Blah..."
  • Ruby drawing a childish doodle of the professor with stink lines. The little fart noise she makes sells it.
  • Weiss getting more and more aggravated by Ruby's immaturity (This includes balancing her stationaries with one hand, dozing off, and picking her nose) as class drags on.

Part II:
  • Professor Port pronounces Weiss' last name "Sha-nee".
  • Weiss insists she should have been the leader. Port bluntly replies "That's preposterous!"
    Port: I see before me a girl who is used to getting exactly what she wants.
    Weiss: That is not even remotely true!
    [beat with quick Fascinating Eyebrow from Port]
    Weiss:'s not entirely true.
    Port: With all due respect, your exceptional skill on the battlefield is matched only by your poor attitude.
    Weiss: HOW DARE YOU?!
    Port: My point exactly.
  • Ruby takes five sugars in her coffee. Five. This is funny by just how outrageously typical it is of her. And don't forget the cream.
  • Blake waving the pennant with "RWBY" written on it.
  • Just after Weiss and Ruby have a heartwarming moment, then this happens:
    Weiss: ...Ruby, I think you have what it takes to be a good leader. Just know that I am going to be the best teammate you will ever have. Good luck studying. [goes to leave but stops to point at Ruby's paper] That's wrong by the way!
    • And that she always wanted bunk beds ever since she was a kid.
  • Weiss's weirdly aggressive statement that she'll be "The best teammate you will ever have." It's funny because, in hindsight, Weiss is still her old competitive self, she's just not trying to lead any more.

Part I
  • While it was an example of Cardin's bullying, his getting Jaune stuck in the doorframe by causing his shield to unfold at the right moment...
  • The various ways Cardin torments Jaune. The above example, along with Cardin shoving Jaune into his rocket propelled locker, and sending it to who knows where.
    Jaune: I didn't land far from the school.
  • Nora telling a rather embellished story about fighting dozens of (two) Ursae (they were Beowolves) in the middle of the night (it was day), with Ren deadpanly correcting said embellishments. Then he reveals that the whole thing is a recurring dream she's had for a while, it never actually happened.
    Nora: There we the middle of the night...
    Ren: It was day.
    Nora: We were surrounded by Ursae.
    Ren: They were beowolves.
    Nora: [shoots to her feet] DOZENS OF THEM!
    Ren: Two of 'em.
    Nora: But they were no match. And in the end Ren and I took them down and made a boatload of lien selling ursae skin rugs!
    Ren: [sighs] She's been having this recurring dream for nearly a month now...
    • The camera pans over everyone during the story. Pyrrha and Ruby are too concerned for the obviously downtrodden Jaune to care, neither Blake or Weiss are paying attention with Blake reading and Weiss working her nails with an emery board, and then there's Yang who's not only listening but appears to be completely engrossed in the story. Perhaps the funniest reaction of them all is Ren who looks completely bored and like he's had to correct the story for the millionth time.
    • Possibly the strangest thing about this exchange is that Ren is having to correct Nora on her DREAMS, something he couldn't have first hand information of. Nora's such a ditz she can't even keep her stories straight, and Ren is so used to having to rein her in that he does it even when there's nothing to gain from doing so. It's such a clear demonstration of their relationship, and a somewhat worrying example of the extent of Nora's Cloud Cuckoolander personality. Again, she needs someone to correct her dreams.
  • Immediately after Pyrrha assures Jaune that he can ask for help against Cardin's bullying, Nora's contributes with a dead-serious "Ooo! We'll break his legs!", complete with Cheshire Cat Grin.

Part II
  • Professor Oobleck, good lord. Man must constantly be in Caffeine Bullet Time.
  • Oobleck asks Jaune what advantage the faunus had during the war. He doesn't know and stalls, while Pyrrha mimes the answer. Jaune answers "binoculars". The correct answer was that faunus can see in the dark.
  • Pyrrha's comment after yet another bullying incident from Cardin.
    Pyrrha: You know, I really will break his legs.
  • Pyrrha takes Jaune up to the rooftop to talk and he completely misreads it.
    Jaune: [peering over the edge] Pyrrha, I know I'm going through a hard time right now, but I'm not THAT depressed.
    • Her mini-freak-out in response completes it.
    Pyrrha: [looks down, confused]
    Pyrrha: [looks up]
    Pyrrha: [looks down]
    Pyrrha: [looks up]
    Pyrrha: [with dawning comprehension and a frown looks down again]
    Pyrrha: [snaps up] NO!! [pulls him away from the edge]

    Forever Fall 
Part I

Part II
  • After all the crap Cardin and the rest of Team CRDL have pulled on Jaune and everyone else, seeing their collective look of horror and watching their tough guy act fall apart when the Ursa shows up is not only very funny, but very satisfying.
  • Pyrrha explaining she has the 'semblance' of polarity.
    Ruby: Woah, you can control poles.
    Weiss: No you dunce, it means she has control over magnetism.
    Ruby: Magnets are cool too.
  • Ren made pancakes, but there is no syrup. "You can thank Nora for that."
    • The way Pyrrha announced it. It's as if she is breaking into a song.
  • Pyrrha, when Jaune asks for help in training, gets a rather heartwarming smile, which turns slightly mischievous before she turns back and shoves him to the ground.
    Pyrrha: Your stance is all wrong. You need to be wider and lower to the ground.

    The Stray 
  • Weiss says it is her duty to greet the arrivals from the other kingdoms, but Blake bursts her bubble by explaining that she really wants to scope out the competition.
  • A policeman tells Sun to get down from the pole, and Sun responds by throwing a banana peel in his face.
    • The fact that the police aren't simply voiced by Burnie and Joel, but that they are modeled after them can earn a few chuckles.
  • Weiss: "Quick, we have to observe him!"
  • The rest of RWBY trying to tell Ruby not to acknowledge friendship status with Penny.
    • And then falling when she says yes anyway.
  • Blake elbowing Yang when the latter started asking if Penny had hit her head instead of introducing herself like the rest of them.
  • Weiss is again completely confused that the person she just dismissed as incompetent suddenly reappears in front of her out of nowhere.
  • Weiss defends her choice of battle attire to Blake.
  • Weiss producing the very very crude sketch of Sun out of nowhere to see if Penny had seen him.
  • Penny's word-for-word Call Back to Weiss's sarcasm in the third episode.
    Penny: We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!
    Ruby: [to Weiss] Is this what it was like when you met me?
    Weiss: No, she seems far more coordinated.
  • Penny's entire first scene (and pretty much all her scenes from that point forward):
    Weiss: [crashes into Penny, and sees Sun escape] No! He got away!
    Yang: [pointing at Penny pinned beneath her] Uh...Weiss?
    Weiss: [looks down at Penny, who grins a little creepily, and jumps up] Ahhh!
    Penny: [without moving except to wave] Sal-u-tations!
    Ruby: Um...hello.
    Yang: Are you...okay?
    Penny: [still not moving] I'm wonderful! Thank you for asking!
    [the four exchange perplexed/worried looks]
    Yang: Do you...wanna get up?
    Penny: [considers] ...Yes! [jumps to her feet. RWBY takes a step back] My name is Penny! It's a pleasure to meet you!
    Ruby: Hi Penny! I'm Ruby.
    Weiss: I'm Weiss.
    Blake: Blake.
    Yang: [looking concerned] Are you sure you didn't hit your head?
    Blake: [hits her on the arm]
    Yang: Oh, I'm Yang.
    Penny: It's a pleasure to meet you!
    Weiss: You already said that.
    Penny: [blinks and smiles] ...So I did!
    [the four turn to leave]
    Weiss: Well...sorry for running into you!
    Ruby: Take care, friend!
    [as they leave, the camera cuts to Penny, whose eyes go wide as she stares blankly at the ground]
    Yang: She was...weird.
    Weiss: Now — where did that Faunus riff-raff run off to?
    [Penny is suddenly standing directly in front of them, apparently looking at Yang]
    Penny: [shocked] What did you call me?
    [Weiss horrifiedly looks from Penny to where she was previously standing and back, not comprehending how she got from one to the other so quickly and without being seen]
    Yang: Oh, I'm really sorry! I definitely didn't think you heard me!
    Penny: No, not you! [advances on Ruby] You!
    Ruby: Me?! I - I - I don't know, I, what I, um, uh -
    Penny: [awed] You called me friend! Am I really your friend?
    Ruby: Uuuuum... [looks to her friends, standing behind Penny and desperately shaking their heads] ...Yeah, sure! Why not?
    [other three get Blank White Eyes and fall over from shock]
    Penny: [a grin spreads across her face; she throws her arms up and laughs joyously] Sen-sational! We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!
    Ruby: [to Weiss, groaning] Is this what it was like when you met me...?
    Weiss: No. She seems far more coordinated.
  • At the very end of the episode, Sun and Blake are at a cafe. There's just something randomly funny about Sun holding a teacup with his tail.

    Black and White 
  • Sun Wukong describing the White Fang as a bunch of holier-than-thou creeps and his Spit Take when Blake says she was once a member.
  • Penny startles RWY yet again.
    • It's Ruby's almost exasperated tone that sells it.
    Ruby: Aaah! Penny, where did you come from?!
  • Penny reveals she was able to tell that Blake was a Faunus at first glance because of her cat ears, and the others get embarrassed that they didn't notice.
    Yang: What cat ears? She wears a... bow...
    [silence and dawning realization amongst the trio as a tumbleweed bounces by]
    Ruby: [whispering] She does like tuna a lot...
  • The tumbleweed. Twice. Made more hilarious by the fact that they're in the middle of a very urbanized city.
  • Penny misunderstanding Ruby.
    Ruby: Well, y'see, Blake might not be who we thought she was.
    Penny: [gasps] Is she a man?
    Ruby: No, no, Penny, she's... [sighs with annoyance]
  • Sun and Blake's banter.
    Sun: I stole you some food!
    Blake: Do you always break the law without a second thought?
    Sun: Hey, weren't you in a cult or something?
    Blake: [Death Glare]
    Sun: ...okay, too soon.
  • Roman saying, "Oh for fu-"
  • Sun throwing a banana peel in Roman's face.
  • Roman's Evil Laugh after he shoots Ruby. It just sounds so corny, you can't help but join in.
  • Sun's reaction to Penny's Big Damn Heroes moment which involves taking down everyone, mook army and slipjets. "Whoa!" [runs to get out of the way] (It's the delivery that sells it; he's not shocked or scared; just surprised; and getting out of the way is the logical thing to do.)
  • Roman: "These kids just keep getting weirder." It's the way he says it, it sounds more like annoyance than actual surprise.

  • More of a meta thing, but Monty decided to see just how expressive he could make Ruby be.
  • The velociraptor (Generally referred to as RWBYsaurus) that keeps showing up in all of Monty's random drawings of the team. Here he is in a hat, being ridden by Ruby and Weiss.
  • Episode 4 is uploaded so Monty can finally go to sleep. Technical issues arise and Monty is aroused from slumber. The episode is restored to full functionality.
  • Miles answers the question of what would happen in a theoretical fight between Ozpin and Washington in the crew's live chat.
    Miles: Well, I think they'd start fighting, then they'd realize how much they have in common, then they'd watch that episode of Breaking Bad where Shannon McCormick makes an appearance and be like "That was a good episode".
  • Jaune's got the moves like Monty. No really, he does.
  • With regards to the soundtrack, "EP 8 Score - Players and Pieces" gets a few chuckles for including Nora's "Queen of the Castle" ditty. Besides being funny on its own, it almost feels like a pseudo-Big Lipped Alligator Moment in the middle of the track, not helped by it being sandwiched between two more intense segments.
  • The cast commentary for Volume 1 was recorded at about 3am just before the DVD was sent to be 'printed', and they are punch drunk.
    And then Ren Valkyrie... Oh my god I am shipping them myself.
    • At another point, when Ruby and Weiss make eye contact in the forest, one of them starts singing "I Will Always Love You". Other 'White Rose' jokes were also made at various points.
    • In the voice actress track, Barabara joked about wanting a sound effect for everytime Yang hugged somebody into her rather impressive rack.
    • Due to working on Red vs Blue, Miles had not actually seen the final two episodes, so listening to the commentary track gives a live reaction track. His reaction when Penny cuts the Bullheads in half is priceless.
      • Also of note is his reaction to Penny's Curb-Stomp Battle against the White Fang mooks. It sounds like he's about to have an orgasm.
    • Also in the voice actress track, when Sun winks at Blake, Lindsey is jokingly telling Arryn to stay away from her boyfriend.
    • Also on the DVD, we have Russel's rap.
  • Team RWBY's appearance in the animated recap.
  • This tweet by Monty.
  • Remember those shirtless guys changing into their pajamas? Their file names are Hot PJ Studs.
  • RWBY Valentines.
  • During the first Production Diary for Vol 2, a view of the writing process is shown. It apparently consists of "Yeah-no-yeah" said a lot, pacing on the conference room table, and watching the latest Godzilla trailer.
  • In the first minute of the second Production Diary, the writer shows a sketch of Team RWBY, Blake has a cat head with a little 'meow' over her head.
  • Sun's team are all based on different Kpop stars.
    • In the same vein, the name for Velvet's team? CFVY - pronounced 'Coffee'.
  • In the preview shown at the end of the fourth production diary, we have a moment of surprisingly snarky Ruby.
    Ruby: -ahem- Sisters! Friends! ...Weiss...
    Weiss: HEY!
    • Some very brief but gold reactions, like Ruby smiling at Weiss' "Hey!", or Blake recoiling wide-eyed at the binder (which is a couple inches thick and still barely holding in everything) being plonked down.
    • The binder Ruby presents is labelled "Vytal Festival Activities: Property of Weiss Schnee" — which is crossed out and relabelled as "BEST DAY EVER ACTIVITIES!"
    Weiss: Did you steal my binder?!
    Ruby: I am not a crook.
    • And then:
    Ruby: I'm talking about kicking off the semester with a bang!
    Yang: I always kick my semesters off with a Yang! (all three friends start silently shaking their heads as the music slows) Hey? Guys? Am I right?
    (Lightly gets hit by an apple thrown from off-screen.)
    • For some bizarre reason, there's a watermelon in the background. Yang's lucky that wasn't thrown!

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