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Quotes: RWBY
Episode 1: Ruby Rose

Henchman 2: I said, put your hands in the air, now!
Ruby: Are you... robbing me?
Henchman 2: Yes!
Ruby: Ooohhh...

Ruby: [looking at Glynda] You're a Huntress! [putting on a pleading, awe-stricken face] Can I have your autograph?!

Glynda: If it were up to me, you'd be sent home... with a pat on the back... and a slap on the wrist. [she demonstrates with her wand, which Ruby barely avoids]

Ruby: I mean the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and cool and really, gyah, you know!

Episode 2: The Shining Beacon

Ruby: [getting so excited she becomes a 2-D, starry-eyed, floating chibi] Ohmygosh, sis! Look! That kid's got a collapsible staff! And she's got a fire sword!

Jaune: [fumbling with the shield as it retracts off his arm, expands, and retracts again before putting it back in place and finally shrinking it down for good, placing it on his belt] The shield gets smaller, so when I get tired of carrying it, I can just... put it away...
Ruby: But... wouldn't it weigh the same?
Jaune: [dejectedly] Yeah, it does...

Jaune: Eh, why not? My mom always says, "strangers are just friends you haven't met yet."

Episode 3: The Shining Beacon, Pt.2

Jaune: [sighs] Ah, great. Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?

Ruby: [holding out her hand as she clears her throat] Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We can go shopping for school supplies!
Weiss: [seemingly enthusiastic] Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try on clothes and talk about cute boys, like tall, blonde, and ''scraggly'' over there! [Jaune, in the background, picks up on the mention]
Ruby: Wow, really?!
Weiss: [deadpan] No.

Jaune: [approaching Weiss from the side] I'm a natural blond, you know.

Yang: It's like a big slumber party!
Ruby: [not looking up] I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys, though.
Yang: I know I do! [purrs as she watches several muscular, shirtless guys]

Yang: [as Ruby laughs uncomfortably] Nice night, don't you think?
Blake: Yes—it's lovely! Almost as lovely as this book... that I will continue to read... as soon as you leave.

Yang: Yeah, what's your problem with my sister? She's only trying to be nice!
Weiss: She's a hazard to my health!

Episode 4: The First Step
Nora: We've been friends for soooooooo long! What are the odds we'd still be together? Well, not together-together... not that I'm not saying that you're not handsome; you are handsome, but that'd just be weird, right?

Nora: I know! We'll have some sort of signal! Like a distress signal! [gasps] A secret signal so we can find each other in the forest! Can you imitate a sloth?
Ren: Nora?
Nora: Yes, Ren?
Ren: I don't think sloths make a lot of noise.
Nora: [thinks about this for a moment] That's why it's perfect! No one will suspect we're working together!

Ruby: I don't need people to help me grow up! I drink milk!

Weiss: [in thought] This will be perfect! The smartest girl in class combined with the strongest girl in class! Together we will be unstoppable! I can see it now! We'll be popular! We'll be celebrities! We'll get perfect grades! Nothing can come between us now!

Weiss: [separating the two] Jaune, is it? Do you have any idea who you're talking to?
Jaune: Not in the slightest, snow angel.
Weiss: This is Pyrrha.
Pyrrha: Hello again!
Weiss: Pyrrha graduated top of her class at Sanctum!
Jaune: Never heard of it.
Weiss: [scoffs] She's won the Mistral Region Tournaments four years in a row! A new record!
Jaune: The what?
Weiss: [waving her arms rapidly in anger] She's on the front of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes box!
Jaune: [gasping suddenly] That's you?! But they only do that for star athletes and cartoon characters!
Pyrrha: Yeah, that was pretty cool...sadly the cereal isn't very good for you.

Jaune: [raising his hand] Yeah, um, sir?
Ozpin: Good! Now, take your positions.
Jaune: Uh, sir? I've got, um... a question. So, this landing... strategy thing... Uh, wha-what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?
Ozpin: No. You will be falling.
Jaune: Oh, uh, I see... So, did you, like, hand out parachutes for us?
Ozpin: No. You will be using your own landing strategy.
Jaune: Uh-huh... Yeah... So, what exactly is a landing strateg-[[launched through the air]]YYY!

Episode 5: The First Step, Pt.2

Ruby: [after crashing through a wayward bird] Birdy, NO!

Ruby: [following hesitantly after Weiss] Wait! Where are you going?! [stops and kicks the ground dejectedly] We're supposed to be teammates...
[Weiss then comes across Jaune tagged to a tree]
Jaune: [struggling to free himself] Come on, come on! Stupid..!
Weiss: [as she turns to walk away, she passes Ruby and pulls her by her hood] By no means does this make us friends.
Ruby: [overjoyed as she's dragged away] You came back!
Jaune: [waving after the girls] Wait! Come back! Who's going to get me down from here?!
Pyrrha: [below] Jaune? Do you... have any spots left on your team?
Jaune: [crossing his arms] Very funny...

Episode 6: The Emerald Forest

Yang: Helloooooooo? Is anyone out there? Helloooo? [stops and raises her arms] I'm getting bored here! [hears rustling in the bushes] Is someone there? [Yang approaches and peaks into the bushes] Ruby, is that you? [a growl alerts her to the Grimm in the bushes] Nope!

Yang: [after dodging several attacks from 2 Ursa] Ha! You guys couldn't hit the broad side of a ba...
[Yang's face goes blank as she sees a single strand of blonde hair float down and touch the ground]
Yang: You... [Yang blinks and her eyes turn red]
[The two Ursa look at each other in confusion]

Pyrrha: Why didn't you activate your aura?
Jaune: Huh?
Pyrrha: Your aura.
Jaune: Gesundheit.
Pyrrha: Jaune, do you... know what aura is?
Jaune: [waves the question off, avoiding eye contact] Psch! Of course I do! Do you know what aura is?

Episode 7: The Emerald Forest, PT.2

Pyrrha: I'm not sure this is it.
Jaune: [Sighs] Pyrrha, I made the torch. Could you at least humor me for maybe five more feet?
[Trips and falls into a puddle, extinguishing the torch]
Pyrrha: Do you feel that?
Jaune: Soul-crushing regret?

[Jaune's screams echo in the distance]
Yang: Some girl's in trouble!

Jaune: [Currently hanging from a Deathstalker's tail] Pyrrha, this is not the relic! It's not!

Episode 8: Players and Pieces

Blake: Did your sister just fall from the sky?
Yang: I...
Blake: [After Nora makes her entrance riding an Ursa] Did that girl just ride in on an Ursa?
Yang: I...
Blake: [After Pyrrha enters the clearing, being chased by a Deathstalker] Did she just run all the way here with a Deathstalker on her tail?
Yang: [Finally exploding] I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something crazy happens again?
[A timer counts to two seconds...and then Weiss falls from the sky]

Nora: [Singing after picking up the white rook piece] I'm queen of the castle! I'm queen of the castle!

Pyrrha: Jaune!
Jaune: Pyrrha!
Ruby: Whoa!
Jaune: Ruby!
Yang: Ruby?
Ruby: Yang!
Nora: [Pops up between the two sisters who are about to hug] Nora!

[Jaune sees Weiss falling from the sky and leaps to catch her]
Jaune: Just...dropping in! [He makes the mistake of looking down] Oh god noooooo...
[Jaune lands on his face, Weiss lands on his back.]
Weiss: My hero.
Jaune: My back...

Yang: Great! The gang's all here. Now we can die together!
Ruby: Not if I can help it! [charges]

Weiss: You are so childish.
Ruby: Weiss...?
Weiss: And dimwitted, and hyperactive, and don't even get me started on your fighting style... and I suppose I can be a bit...difficult...but if we're going to do this, we're going to have to do this together. So if you quit trying to show off, I'll be...nicer.
Ruby: I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this.
Weiss: You're fine.
Ruby: [Sighs in relief] Normal knees...

Jaune: Run and live. That is an idea I can get behind.

Yang: [Firing shells into a Nevermore's mouth] I - hope - you're - hun - gry!

Weiss: [Preparing to launch Ruby from a giant improvised slingshot] Of course you would come up with this idea.
Ruby: Think you can make the shot?
Weiss: Hmph. Can I?
Ruby: ...can y-
Weiss: Of course I can!

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