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    Ruby Rose 
Ruby and Blake will also get Twitter accounts along with a few other major characters.
According to Monty episode 1 is Weiss heavy so setting up her situation with a twitter account would be clever AND we know much more about Yang than the other girls so exploring her through twitter would also be easy to do. We know the least about Ruby so she'll likely get an account once we know more about her and Blake seems to be on the run currently so she'll get a twitter account once she's safer. It'd be a nice way to expand on the girls.
  • Ruby now has one.
    • The girls now each have their own.
    • Or not. Monty and other members of Roosterteeth follow the official accounts of the RWBY girls. None of them have followed Blake's.

Ruby's sister/mother was eaten by a Grimm, making her the controlling entity of the Grimm
There have been other human Grimm that control all the other ones, but only one entity at a time. When one is defeated the one that defeated it is corrupted and takes it place. The human Grimm has no control for its action.
  • There is no proof that any one Grimm has been a leader to any others. Furthermore, there is no indication that any Grimm has had a humanoid form.

Ruby was "garbage" prior to Qrow because she designed Crescent Rose before learning her fighting style.
We know that she made Crescent Rose, a combined rifle and sniper rifle. Seems pretty advanced for somebody forging her own weapon, especially since scythes aren't exactly easy to wield as weapons. It wouldn't be surprising if she designed Crimson Rose before realizing "I need to know how to use this." Therefore, it wasn't until a fellow scythe wielder, her uncle and probable inspiration, Qrow, started instructing her that she managed to get a handle on things.
  • "Handle" on things... this makes me think that she literally had no handle/trigger mechanism for the gun.
  • Ridonk. Qrow is an instructor at Beacon. It's more likely that he took her under his wing to take her mind off of her dead mother.

Ruby's first name and the name of her uncle/mentor hints at her own motif and thematic links to the Oz books.
Qrow may well be a reference to the Scarecrow. Ruby's first name is the color of Dorothy's shoes from the movie. Her silver eyes share the color of the slippers in the book. This may indicate that her family will have other Oz references.
  • Qrow has been confirmed as the Scarecrow... so why not..? It's also possible that her father, Taiyang, is based on the Cowardly Lion, however, there is no significant indication so far.
    • Ruby's mom = Dorothy, Zwei = Toto, Qrow = Scarecrow, Taiyang = Cowardly Lion, then Ironwood would be the Tin man.
    • This has worrying implications if it's true, all things considered. After all, the Ruby Slippers were full of untold and unspecified power, and were what the Wicked Witch was after throughout the movie.

Ruby is a Faunus
She was originally supposed to have wolf-like features, but this was too difficult to animate, so it wasn't done. But that doesn't mean she's not still a wolf-like faunus. She could just be hiding it very well. For example, her skirt and cape could be hiding a short tail (if faunus have them). Her hair looks styled in such a way that there could be floppy dog ears in there somewhere, which could be held down somehow. Having headphones and a hood can help hide it better. And even her personality is not unlike an excitable puppy. This could even tie into why Ozpin was so interested in her eye color. Perhaps it's a little known fact that wolf faunus tend to have silver eyes, or something.
  • Half-Faunus, perhaps?
    • It's been argued due to Blake's use of the word "species" that Humans and Faunus cannot produce hybrids.
      • It is possible for two closely related species to produce hybrid offspring, examples being the mule (horse and donkey) or liger (lion and tiger). However, these offspring are infertile and so cannot have children of their own.
    • Monty confirmed on the podcast that Humans and Faunus can produce children. This possibility is still in play.
      • Monty unfortunately didn't specify whether hybrids have telltail (pun) traits. If it could be confirmed that all hybrids have some visible trait, then that would exempt Ruby, Roman (Candlewick became a donkey), and CRDL (all boyds).
      • Well, Roman is kind of an ass...

When she was younger, Ruby was saved by a Hunter from an incident that killed her grandmother or similar figure.
"Red Like Roses" I and II, as well as possibly bits of "This Will Be The Day" and the shots of Ruby at a gravestone, allude to the possibility of someone close to Ruby either being dead or soon to be dead. If we look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood itself, some versions have a huntsman come across the wolf, remove Little Red and her grandmother from his stomach, and fill his belly with stones. The name of the group that Ruby idolized and is training to be a part of? Hunters.

It's possible that at one point Ruby and her grandmother (or a similar relationship) were in danger, likely involving Grimm, and a Hunter was able to rescue Ruby, but not her grandmother. This was possibly the incident that inspired Ruby to become a Huntress, aside from the reasons she gave. While Ruby seems far from seeming like she has any trauma over a dead relative, there's a chance that over the course of the story that something could trigger her feelings over the incident and bring everything back. The lyrics to "Red Like Roses II" suggests that Ruby has Survivor Guilt over what happened as well.

If we presume that Ruby was being raised by her grandmother at the time, this can also explain why she was adopted by Yang's family.
  • In Burning the Candle (Volume 2, Episode 6), Ruby's mother is confirmed to have gone a mission and "never came back" and subsequently Yang and Ruby are rescued by Qrow (a Hunter) from Beowolves while adventuring to find Yang's mother.

Ruby is a Death Seeker.
Except she's a really upbeat version of it. If the lyrics of "Red Like Roses, Part II" have meaning she seems to have actively lost someone in her life that deeply affected her. Her combat style is absolutely reckless. She throws herself bodily at her enemies, carving through them like a blender, but she seems incapable of taking more than a few blows before she's stunned (permanently damaged, who is so far other than Weiss' backstory scar?) She doesn't really have a fear of death. What if she's trying to "find that person again"?
  • The Soundtrack version of Red Like Roses Part II implies this, with that other person begging Ruby not to do this.
  • From Episode 1: "You got a death wish?" "...Yes?" From the hints we've received, this troper is almost certain that this is where they're taking the character.
    • Wait, what? I don't remember that. Which of course is because it was never said. You can check the official transcripts. You can find them at rwby.wikia.com, or you could watch RWBY on youtube with the captions turned on.
      • It was actually said, just out-of-context as a standard sort of 'huh?' response because she was wearing headphones and may not have heard properly. That said, it is Ruby, so who knows...

Ruby has a massive case of Stepford Smiler.
This is going off of the lyrics of Red Like Roses II. The death of the person that was mentioned in the song has left a huge effect on Ruby, causing her to become majorly depressed. She hides this with a Genki Girl act, almost to the point of Becoming the Mask. The only one who knows this side of Ruby is of course, her sister Yang.
  • I actually think that Yang is the reason that Ruby can smile.

If someone close to Ruby is shown, like a relative, they will be voiced by Ray.
Cause why the fuck not?
  • Qrow?
    • He's going to be voiced by Monty.
    • Well, he was.

Ruby's Aura turns her cloak and hood Red Like Roses.
It used to be white, like the person's in the grave; but her feelings changed it. She can go short periods without wearing her hood; like a class or two; but if she keeps it off; her Aura turns all of her clothing red.
  • Mind Screwdriver for this one. Red like Roses refers to Ruby's mother's blood. First shot we see of Ruby; she's standing before the memorial; her hood is bleeding roses; and she's not using her Super Speed. (It's the Menu screen in the DVD/Blu-Ray too.) Ruby's mother's death stained Ruby's soul such that she's pursuing a similar fate; and like her mother's blood staining her hood white hood red; Ruby's aura stains her originally white hood. If it doesn't have her hood to fixate on; Ruby's aura "bleeds" her clothing "Red Like Roses."

Ruby is Vale's equivalent of a Perky Goth even more so for her red cape and hood.
Red is the color associated with death in this society; like how black is in Western countries on Earth; and white in Japan. Her wearing her red hood and cape all the time is kinda morbid; but nothing too unusual. Adam uses red rose symbolism for this reason too.
  • "Scatter" is the "renewal" aspect of death; while "Wilt" is the final end part.
    • The scatter aspect is possibly an allusion to her Speed semblance which allows her to scatter like the wind.

Ruby's Semblance isn't her speed, it's her cloak.
It's already far from ordinary, constantly billowing in a nonexistent breeze, wrapping around her to teleport, scattering rose petals, etc. It might also explain why she wears it with her school uniform; she can call it at will. If semblances have names, bonus points for being called "Red Like Roses".
  • Interestingly, this could probably be why it was such a big deal for the Nevermore to snag it with its feathers. Although it does give Ruby kind of a pathetic Weaksauce Weakness...
  • That, or her semblance is actually movement, but mistaken for speed because that's what she consciously uses it for, her cloak's movement being an unconscious side effect.

Volume 2 onward will be a Break the Cutie story for Ruby.
Given Ruby's Wide-Eyed Idealist speeches and Genki Girl personality, I get the feeling that the events and emotions depicted in "Red Like Roses Part II" haven't happened to Ruby yet. Even having No Social Skills doesn't quite hint enough at such a traumatic past.

Fighting is Ruby's way of grieving.
The lyrics to Red Like Roses Part II implies whoever is under that white cloak left to engage some sort of combat (especially if you take the line "I'm the one you left to win this fight" literally). Maybe going off to fight (with a weapon which she named like a family member) is her way of not being left behind again (it would also explain why she was so keen to follow Yang). It would also tie in nicely with the symbolism of the battle around the grave site in her trailer (mourning's what you do when you visit a relative's grave, after all).
  • However, Monty has said that Ruby's fearlessness in battle had to do with "innocence", which could be interpreted as her not having been exposed yet to the reality of someone dying.
    • I guess, due to how young she was when her mother died, she has not yet come to terms with its "reality". Kind of a stretch that.

Ruby's parents are the two narrators in the first episode.
Yes, that includes Ozpin as her father. Maybe the opening narration is one of her childhood memories. And there has to be a reason why Jen Taylor's name is in the opening sequence.
  • Half-jossed. Ruby's father is Taiyang Xiao Long. Her mother is Summer Rose. It's possible she did have a conversation with Ozpin that would explain the opening narration, but Ozpin is not Ruby's father.
  • It remains possible that Jen Taylor will voice Summer Rose, as Raven Branwen (Yang's supposed mother) has an entirely different voice actress.

Ruby's eyes will turn red like Yang's...
...but it will not be Played for Laughs. Something tells me this will be sort of like Weiss's Blood Upgrade in her trailer. ("...Blood that's red like roses" and all that.) Maybe even a Superpowered Evil Side?
  • Yang's eyes are not played for laughs, why should Ruby's? Yang's eye-color-change is an effect of her Semblance which transmutes energy from damage in order to boost her strength. Ruby's abilities are different, likely due to being of different parentage (likely Summer Rose was not Yang's mother). Ruby's eyes will most likely never turn red.
    • The bit about Summer Rose not being Yang's birth mother is certainly right.

Crescent Rose is named after an actual person close to Ruby.
Maybe an ancestor of hers. Or even the White Cloak character, instead of it being Summer Rose as indicated on the nearby gravestone.
  • It might be named because of the shape of a scythe.

Ruby is just a little bit... off
Think about it: an almost expressionless scene of her ripping Beowolves apart... she must have been ('scuse my language) pissed at them. I assume either she fought them to relieve some anger, a suicide by proxy attempt Death Seeker. OR the Beowolves were responsible for that death, and she was on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. IF this wasn't a prophetic thing at least because it it wasn't, she wears Beowolf PJ's. Probably as 'proof' to Yang that she isn't upset about whatever happened. I think in the future, this will become a case of He Who Fights Monsters if its prophetic though you know the trailer.
  • Personally, it could just be she was emotional from visiting a grave, and the Beowolves caught her at a really poor time.
    • I think the above comment works, plus there is the fact that of the four trailers, that one was the least 'canon', and was more Monty showing off what he could do for what was then just a prospective project. Plus, given how easily she went through them, it was almost boring for her.

Ruby dyed her hair.
How else would she have hair that is red and the tips and black at the roots?
  • This could be explained by the previously mentioned her-aura-turns-her-cloak-red thing. Maybe her hair is naturally black, but her grief overflows from her aura and turns it part red?

Ruby's speed semblance affects her life constantly instead of just letting her move fast in short bursts
Right now it's not clear how much a person's semblance affects their life outside of combat, but seeing as how Yang has a habit of literally starting fires around her when angry, it seems that it's more of a constant presence than a useful power that can just be turned on and off. If this is true, it would explain a lot about Ruby; she talks quickly, she swings through emotions quickly, she plans quickly, she learns quickly, she eats and metabolizes quickly, and she even adjusts to major changes in her life like being made team leader far faster than you would expect. This would make her comparable to other famous speedsters like Quicksilver, whose speed makes the rest of the world seem slow and boring. To someone who experiences time on a faster setting, activities like trying to talk to other people or pay attention in class would be infinitely more difficult, but building up knowledge about these things and getting used to them would be much easier. Thus Ruby's initial issues with socializing and studying but her eventual success at fixing them all make sense.

Ruby will have a Single-Stroke Battle with someone in the future.
"A Minor Hiccup" did show that she's very skilled at quick-drawing Crescent Rose. Foreshadowing?

Ruby will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and temporarily shift into being an Anti-Hero.
Taking into account the lyrics of "Die" and "Red Like Roses Pt. II", it may be interesting to assume that the loss of Summer Rose/White Cloak (assuming they're the same person) traumatized her enough to the point that she'll go friggin' *BERZERK* when confronted with the party (which may turn out to be Cinder) that was responsible for Ruby's mother's death/disappearance.

Alternatively, if the lyrics of "Die" are in reference to Yang: Yang might have taken revenge on Ruby's behalf and killed the party responsible for hurting Ruby so deeply.

Chapter 6 of Vol. 2 would seem to have Jossed the "Yang took revenge" interpretation.

Ruby is just a little bit of a psychopath
Maybe I'm just reading between the lines that aren't really there, but her willingness to go attack a Goliath seems rather bloodthirsty. Add in during her night watch, her frustrated sigh when the Beowolf she had in her sights decides to not attack, Ruby seems to enjoy the idea of killing Grimm a little too much.
  • They are literally and empirically soulless monsters that relish in human suffering and eat people For the Evulz. Ruby's driving motivation is to protect people. The Grimm, at least by all appearances, solely exist to kill the people she wants to protect, and the only known way to stop a Grimm from doing that is to kill them first. It's her empathy for her fellow people that makes her so eager to kill Grimm, and that's the opposite of psychopathy.

Ruby can weaponize her contrails with Dust.
"No Brakes" shows Blake loading Dust into Gambol Shroud, changing her afterimage clones into stones, sculptures, bombs and hazes. Considering that a side-effect of Ruby's Semblance is flying rose petals, loading Dust into Crescent Rose would probably change the contrails. Perhaps literal trailblazing with Fire Dust, trail freezing with Ice Dust, raising stalagmites with Earth Dust, powering up storms with Wind Dust, increasing her speed even more with Energy Dust and providing shadow cover with Dark Dust?

Ruby was born out of wedlock
It would also explain why Yang has their father's surname when Ruby doesn't. Perhaps Summer Rose simply agreed to look after Yang (perhaps as a favour to Raven), but ended up having a child by Taiyang. Guilt over the affair might have been what made her end up disappearing.

"Red Like Roses Pt II" is about Ruby's mom telling her not to become a Huntress
The line "But baby please don't do what I did / I don't want you to waste your life in vain" is typically interpreted as "Don't kill yourself" / "Don't be reckless with your life" or something similar. But in the context of the line from "Time to Say Goodbye," "Were we born to fight and die / sacrificed for one huge lie? Are we heroes keeping peace? / Or are we weapons pointed at the enemy so someone else can claim a victory?" What if Summer discovered the aforementioned "lie" that Hunters/Huntresses are dying for, and is begging Ruby not to follow in her footsteps?

This will become a part of a later plot.

Ruby will turn out to be gay or asexual

Mostly because I just like the idea of either (especially the latter) being represented in the protagonist of a popular web series. To date, Ruby has shown precisely zero interest in the opposite sex, or in romance at all. In RT Recap - The Animated Recap, her response to the hosts hitting on Team RWBY is to quickly back away off-screen muttering "Ew, gross, boys! Grossgrossgrossgross –" Granted, even straight children often have this reaction to the opposite sex (and in fact this is considered normal), but at 15, Ruby is a bit old for that. Then there's the Les Yay between her and Penny.
  • Fairly certain the recap isn't Canon to the RWBY Universe. If it was then that would mean Sarge somehow got off Chorus, decided to help RT with a recap, and then went back.
    • Just because it isn't canon doesn't mean it isn't an accurate representation of their characters.
  • Despite being fifteen, she is also really immature for her age. Besides, her sexuality isn't talked about much, so who knows?
    • That's the point of WMG — who knows?
Ruby is a Blood player.
Focus on relationships and loyalty; themes of literal blood; associated with the color red. Not sure what her Title would be; rogue, perhaps?

Ruby will get a Love Interest her own age
When Ruby and Yang were little girls Qrow took them with him on an assignment to look into the deaths of a rich couple who were survived by their son. Yang was put off by the boy's abrasive attitude but Ruby refused to give up on getting through to him, knowing he was just angry over losing his parents. Ruby left an impression on the boy to the point that even years later he maintained a crush on her. He will show up at some point expressing a lack of faith in Huntsmen and having been studying to be a detective so he can ensure criminals are caught. While not liking Huntsmen he will still help Ruby in her efforts because of his feelings for her. At some point he will say something along the lines of "Ever since we have met I have been in love with you."

    Weiss Schnee 
Weiss will be her family's White Sheep.
And possibly a Spoiled Sweet. We aren't hearing good things about the Schnee family, but, well- Weiss is a protagonist. If she were as bigoted as the rest of them, it'd cause so much conflict with Blake that they'd never form a team in the first place. (Unless Hunter teams are assembled by teacher mandate...) She may well have a subplot about getting over her Fantastic Racism, but if all she saw in Faunus were potential slaves, it's unlikely she'd be one of the heroes.
  • This could be her "royal test" that she's burdened by in the lyrics. She's expected to be the next heir; but if the power of the Schnee family comes from exploited workers, what's the alternative? Especially if Dust output is required to keep the Grim at bay or else CIVILIZATION DIES.
    • Not exactly. Humans need to mine dust to power the weapons that keep Grim at bay, but they don't need to oppress the employees mining it to do so.
      • All those human hunters and huntresses look suspiciously fancy to be miners. Humans serve as the merchant (such as the Dust store guy), warrior (hunters and huntresses) and ruling classes (Schnee and friends), faunus as the serfs. Being that Dust may be the source of power, and so to mechanically procure Dust would be wasteful, oppressing the faunus might be the easiest and most effective way.
    • The faunus may not be actual slaves anymore. The White Fang formed to usher in peace and equality but the faunus still face prejudice.

Weiss is or will be in an Arranged Marriage, and conflict arising from it will be addressed in the series.
Monty said that Weiss is rebellious because "everything has already been decided for her," and an Arranged Marriage could be part of that.

Lyrical Analysis: Weiss has some sort of Superpowered Evil Side.
Look at some of the lyrics of her theme song:"Fear if what's inside of me." "...let me hide from me?". She's hiding something. She's lonely because she's trying to protect those around her or something like that.
  • Except "fear of what's inside of me" isn't part of the song. Not really jossed, but I think you're talking about the fast part near the end, which goes "mirror, mirror, what's behind you/save me from the things I see/I can keep it from the world/why won't you let me hide from me". Still possible, but the hints are more subtle, if it's true.
  • Full lyrics here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU9YFgsQ-gU It is "Fear of whats inside of me; tell me can a heart be turned to stone?"
    • Probably more "what's inside of her" is being a Schnee, and she puts up the stone-hearted front as defensiveness.

Weiss' Wicked Stepmother will be a Big Bad.
Given that Blake and Adam are trying to destroy a train carrying products with Weiss' family sigil on it, and Weiss' own reluctance to fight the Black Knight, it's entirely possible that Team RWBY (and by extension, Weiss herself) is fighting against the Schnee family empire. The Snow White parallels just make a wicked stepmother all the more fitting.
  • So far, most speculation is on Mr. Schnee. It would be interesting to find Weiss' mother was the culprit.
    • Perhaps Herr Schnee is Weiss' stepfather? Dum, dum, duuum!
  • Weiss has been confirmed to have a sister. The question as to whether and why Weiss is the sole heiress to the SDC has been the source of speculation that Winter is a stepsister. This would, in turn, leave room for a stepmother.

Weiss' stepmother is a Good Parent.
Alternative to the above. Weiss will gain, or possibly already has, a stepmother. However, as a twist on the Snow White allusions, the woman will be much more affectionate and understanding than Weiss' presumably Abusive Father.

Weiss will be a Defrosting Ice Queen.
Her song lyrics seem to imply she's cold and distant. Or...
  • Her characterization thus far in the series seems to be more or less confirming this.

Alternatively Weiss just wants to have friends.
Her song mentions that she is the one "loneliest of all" of them
  • Ruby's song mentions White is "cold and always yearning," so it's probably both. She's distant and standoffish but wants to have friends, which she probably has trouble with due to said standoffishness.
  • Seems obvious enough on first glance.

Weiss is projecting her guilty feelings about mishandling Dust to Ruby.
Transporting Dust in glass bottles and suitcases? And then when shifting blame on someone; doing it again when she shook up said glass bottle to create a Fuel-Air Explosion? She messed up, badly, and being the Schnee Heiress; she really should have known better.
  • Roman's goons had specialized sealed containers when they were stealing the dust; it looks like those containers are standard since they were tailored to the wall receptacles in the Dust Shop in episode 1.
    • I wonder if she's not supposed to have them with her.
  • Eh, seems jossed.

Weiss will be the odd one out in Team RWBY.
Thus far, she seems to be getting along the least well with all three other girls, and this will continue for some time after the team forms.
  • As of Episode 8, she seems to be trying to lighten up, going so far as to let Ruby call the shots for an assault on that flying Grimm.

Weiss sang "This Will Be The Day," in-universe.
It's a reasonable assumption. Also, assuming her songs are inspired by events in her life, it could be a way of justifying Suspiciously Apropos Music.
  • Weiss is confirmed by Jaune to be a good singer...

Building on the above, Weiss can see the future, and that's why everything she sings is appropriate.
What? All this guess presumes is that there are oracular abilities in canon when there's no basis or hints of any kind to suggest it.
  • There is no evidence to suggest White has sung any of the songs the audience hears.
    • Except for the White trailer, in which she is clearly singing her Image Song to an audience.
    • Evidence of possible oracular abilities- "red like roses fills my dreams, and brings me to the place you rest...."

If Weiss really is rebelling against her parents...
It's because her fight with the Black Knight was her "royal test", and that was the last straw for her.
  • Her ponytail is tied asymmetrically during the battle scene, implying that she had already decided to rebel before it started.
  • There's very little of her characterization that is in rebellion. She doesn't deny her family association and proudly displays her family's emblem. The fact that it's so few elements suggests that it's a minor rebellion no different from what any normal teenager would have - resisting at the bonds of expectations and restrictions.
    • Alternatively, she might be afraid/unable to rebel more - it is Word of God that the way she wears her hair with the asymmetrical ponytail is to defy her parents, after all.
      • If the Knight was someone meant to protect her but she was expected to defeat it, I could definitely see that causing a rift between her and her parents.
      • Considering her father is heavily implied to be abusive, there doesn't seem to be much she can get away with that wouldn't result in him getting upset. She rebels in more passive-aggressive ways (tying up her hair asymmetrically) to avoid a beating, verbal or physical - maybe even then...

Weiss is The Mole in Beacon for the Schnee Dust Company.
She offhandedly mentions the potential of Ruby causing her to fail her "mission" during Episode 5. Mayhaps this mission be from her parents; "burdened by a royal test," anyone? Given her desire for perfect grades, she might have been enrolled into Beacon to access some secret that is only revealed or provided to students who excel and her parents want to know what it is and/or acquire it.
  • Wasn't she just talking about the assignment in the forest that Ozpin gave them?

Nice Weiss is entirely an act on her part.
Inside, she's just as angry and bitchy as ever, but Port gave her the slap she needed to realize that wasn't acceptable, so she's gone to the other extreme and trying to be as pleasant and supportive as possible, not realizing there's a middle ground. She'll have a breakdown pretty soon when the stress of trying to be overly nice gets to her and she returns to being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, especially if it's because the team tells her she's being slightly creepy.
  • Aren't we all?
  • I doubt it. I think bitchy Weiss is the mask. I think deep down, she really wants to be sweet like Ruby and that's why she seems to have the biggest problem with her.
    • Her father may have trained her to be cold and calculating.
  • As of Volume 2, she seems remarkably patient and good-humored for somebody supposedly hiding her temper. It's doubtful Weiss could muster the self-control to do such a thing, anyway.

White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test.
  • Plus that rather Adorkable moment from Episode 10 where she tells Ruby that she always wanted a bunk bed as a kid.
  • Given the White Fang's feud with her family, it's likely she'd want to be 'normal', simply because that's the only way she can imagine being truly safe. Having an entire terrorist group devoted to killing you and your family has got to suck.

The bastard child of one of her father's slaves. She couldn't cope with the dichotomy of being both a Schnee (one of the abusers) and a Faunus (one of the abused) so she developed an Inferiority Superiority Complex. Her animal traits are either something she can hide easily or something she cut off. (I'd personally guess she's a swan Faunus- they are graceful, immaculate, ill-tempered creatures, and Weiss's sky runes hint at a desire to fly.note ) Her father publicly claims she is human, for obvious reasons.
  • Swan Maidens are one of the "shapeshifting animal wife" variations where they're coerced into a relationship with a human man who steals the magic cloak they need to turn back into their animal form and escape. Weiss's bio-mom could easily be based off that.
  • Additionally, Weiss being a Faunus/half-Faunus (however that works) would be a reason why her father might take his anger at the White Fang out on her.
    • It's certainly possible Weiss's mother was a Faunus but she herself is human if human alleles are more dominant than Faunus alleles (see All Genes Are Codominant for more info). note 
  • If you guys are really committed to this WMG, it's worth noting that, in our world, the 'race' of a mixed child was often determined by the mother. This was done so that slavemaster wouldn't have to recognize the children they'd fathered with their slaves. If the world of RWBY had a similar rule/law, and Weiss is in fact a mix of Faunus and Human, then it might be that her mother had an affair with a Faunus after falling out of love with her husband.
    • In Remnant there seems to be a certain gender equality, though, so it's possible that such a rule wouldn't exist. That said, this theory does seem to have some merit to it. After all, we never hear of Weiss's mother, and Mr. Schnee seems to be a horrible enough person to do something like that. On the other hand, this would make it pretty hard to explain why she seems to value her family name so much as to express the desire to redeem it from the unpleasantness that was her father.

The Knight was a close friend of Weiss.
Each trailer featured someone important to the girl. Ruby at her mother's grave, Blake with Adam, and Yang had the Transient Princess (and Ruby).

The knight might be the prince or huntsman. Weiss' look of shock/surprise shows that it was not supposed to be hostile to her. Weiss mostly uses her magic to dodge and block the knight's attacks. It's doubtful she would have hesitated to kill an enemy. She could have been begging the knight to not fight. Also, her face when the song is done: pain and remorse likely over the knight's death. Her looking around to recall she's in concert implies she was very into that memory. She possibly thinks about it often. Were the knight a normal enemy, why the recurring flashbacks?

  • Sensible, the Knight may represent a fallen guardian. To paraphrase a line "I can keep it from the world. Why won't you let me hide from me?" I wonder then if this guard was to protect her or instead protect everyone else. Maybe the fight with the Knight was not a "I don't want to fight you" but rather "I don't want you to kill me." Maybe the events prior to the trailer, the reason she has to hide "it" from the world was becoming "unhidden." I think the Knight was trying to carry out his task and execute her to protect everyone else. She's alone because if she isn't, she'll destroy the world.
    • You're on to something :)...
    • The Knight sure seems more aware than a golem, "reacting" with surprise to losing its sword and getting frozen in place, rather than staying focused on its target. Also, the Black Knight looks subtly feminine, especially around the hips. Perhaps analogous to the queen that tried to kill Snow White?
      • Or perhaps sent by the queen as the huntsman was in the original tale.
  • Volume 2 makes the Knight out to be more than a one-off. It seems likely that Knights are common in the world of Remnant. They may even be robotic.

The Knight represents someone better Weiss feels she has to beat.
And that someone better is a sibling. Hear me out: Despite her haughty behavior, it is clear that Weiss is insecure in her skills. Couple in the fact that she tells Ruby "I always wanted bunk beds as a kid", which hints that she does have a sibling, probably an older sister. Perhaps when she was younger, she and her sister were good friends, but do to their strict parents expectations of them, they both grew apart. Weiss wants to be the best for her parents, and feels that beating her older sister would make that happen, no matter what the cost to her and her sibling's relationship. This also fits well with her song. "Can a heart be turned to stone?" She feels guilty about feeling like she has to be better than her sibling.
  • Volume 2 shows Knights occur more often than once. Likely, the Knight was a mechanical bodyguard to the Schnees. It might have malfunctioned.
    • When the fight begins, Weiss is standing still, facing the knight, Myrtenaster at her side. She isn't doing anything else. That implies the battle was preordained.
    • Another possibility is that the Knight was sent by enemies to attack the Schnee family.

The Knight was actually a mental representation of Weiss's father.
Given how heavily implied it is that Weiss's father was abusive, it's possible that Weiss frequently used her imagination to escape into dreams, where she would be the hero, and her father's abusiveness would be the "royal test" she had to surpass.
  • Fridge Horror: This would mean that the scar on her eye is from something her father did, and she has to see that reminder of his abuse in the mirror every day.
    • ... in the mirror every day. "I can hide it from the world/why won't you let me hide from me"
    • I had this suspicion too. Having a "very difficult childhood", plus the scar on her face, well... And I also noticed on taking a closer look at her trailer that the place where she fought the Knight bore the Schnee symbol as well.
    • Also from her trailer, look at when the Knight hits her. She doesn't look angry, or even wince in pain; She looks hurt. Emotionally, I mean.
  • In the Volume 2 episode "Welcome to Beacon", Team RWBY are playing a boardgame which depicts these Knights as playable pieces. Obviously, they are a common occurrence in the world.
    • The fact these kinds of knight are a common cultural motif doesn't preclude the one in the trailer from being a metaphorical representation of how Weiss's father makes her feel small, intimidated, and outmatched.
    • Plus, this is a Roosterteeth show, filled with shout-outs. It could easily just be a call back to the trailer with no real canonical importance.

The Knight was Weiss's brother.
A bit further out than the above theory, but it corresponds to being "burdened by a royal test"; we don't know how much of a Crapsack World this is for sure, but I consider it possible that Weiss and her brother were made to fight, with the survivor becoming heir of the Schnee Dust Company. Weiss isn't on the offense for much of the trailer because she doesn't want to kill her brother, and when she eventually does, just before the final blow, the music slows down with "I'm the loneliest of all". From the looks of it, she really didn't want to kill the Knight, whoever he was, and wouldn't it make her the loneliest of all if she was the one that had to kill her own brother? While I suppose an abusive father is a good form of "royal test", it could be taken a lot more literally. "Why won't you let me hide from me?" throws a monkey wrench into the father Knight theory for me: As far as we're aware, she did nothing to her father that would result in her feeling ashamed or afraid of herself. Adding another character into the mix just clears it up so much for me.
  • Volume 2 episode "Welcome to Beacon" shows these Knights are common in the world, perhaps even mechanical like the AK-130s.
    • It could have just been a Call Back to her trailer, but I personally wouldn't rule it out.

The Knight was a White Fang assassin sent to kill Weiss.
Given the extremes that the White Fang are known for, and their specific vendetta against the Schnee family... well, what better way to strike at a bloodline than to eliminate their offspring? The White Fang's masks do have an armored look that vaguely resembles what the Knight wore...
  • Volume 2 showed implies it's more likely robotic than human. Possibly, the White Fang reprogrammed one originally meant to protect the Schnees.

Weiss does still care that Blake was a member of White Fang, she's just realized there's nothing she can do about it.
Considering Weiss' outburst over Ruby's leadership of the team and her opinions on White Fang and the Faunus as a whole, I do not believe this is the end of Weiss and Blake's conflict. They simply hold contrary views on the subject of the Faunus as a group and the purpose of the White Fang. But with the plenty of time Weiss has had to think on it, she's likely come to the conclusion that anything she does about it will alienate her from the people she's going to be working with for the next few years, and any even well meaning looks into Blake's story will only end badly for her. Her "don't care" was less about her not caring about the subject, but more her willingness to trust Blake and keep an open mind about her views of the Faunus.

Weiss has some connection to "White Cloak" from the opening credits.
Mainly because her jacket's pretty much the only thing in the show other than WC's cloak to be white with a red lining. It seems odd that two important characters would share the same color scheme....

Weiss was just lip-synching during her performance in her trailer.
And Casey Lee Williams will voice a completely different character later in the series. Or, as an alternative...

The concert is the fantasy sequence in her trailer, and the Knight duel is what really happened.
There hasn't been any reference to her musical talents in the series so far. And the duel apparently left a permanent scar on her face, so...
  • As of Volume 2 Chapter 6, Jaune comments that Weiss is a good singer.

Weiss is the daughter of Cinder
Cinder seems adamant that Roman use the White Fang to commit crimes against the Schnee family. She also seems unwilling to be directly involved with the Fang. Could it be that Cinder is in fact Weiss' mother, using Roman to drag the White Fang reputation through the dirt, thus sustaining the public opinion that the Faunus are nothing but criminals in order to exonerate the Schnee family for their unethical treatment of their Faunus workers? Plus, y'know, it'd be the cliche 'rebelling against your parents as they're evil' storyline.
  • Oh, if Weiss's father really is abusive, she's going to get that storyline no matter who her mother is. But your theory is valid, and RT has a good track record with epic sorcery battles.
  • It's possible that Cinder is another of Weiss's stepsisters. Cinderella is supposed to have two while Snow White has none. However, so far, we know nothing about Cinder's family, while Weiss has her father and (possibly step)sister, Winter. If Winter really is Weiss' stepsister, then she also has a stepmother and its possible that Cinder did not approve of her marriage to papa Schnee and left which is why she retained her mother's pre-Schnee surname: Fall. This would make all the more sense if Willow Schnee is Weiss' mother. Of course, right now, Willow is speculated to be Weiss' father.

Her dual shadows in the White trailer are symbolic of something.
In the opening concert scene, the spotlights shine on Weiss in such a way as to give her two shadows. In the ending scene, she has just one. It could be explained by the lights changing, but it could also be a hint that, by fighting the Knight, she emotionally/mentally unified herself.
  • So, like, she was of two minds? Or had a split-personality..?
  • Based on her sadness while fighting and defeating the Knight, I think it was the former. note  I think that Weiss made an important decision that night, and it strengthened her, but it also made her unhappy and inflexible. Also, if she had a split personality, we'd probably know by now.
  • It is hypothesized that Winter Schnee, Weiss' canonical sister, is her twin. This could have a number of implications for the White Trailer: possibly, Weiss is supposed to act as Winter's body guard, but also lip synchs her music to be a decoy. That could be the meaning of the duel shadows and the reason Weiss has such a desperate need to prove herself in canon: she's trying to show that she is more then Winter's look-alike.

Weiss is gay, and attracted to Pyrrha.
  • Because shipping.
    • Monty has stated that certain characters may learn some new things about themselves as time goes on. People tend more to hope that it will be Blake and Yang because "Bumblebee", but it could just as easily be Weiss.
  • If so, Jaune is so boned.
  • Jossed. She was clearly disappointed when Neptune turned her down as a date to the dance and happy when he changed his mind about spending time with her.

Weiss is not the heiress to the Schnee company, Winter is. Weiss is the Body Double.
This is her "Royal test". They say she is the heiress to provoke possible assassin attempts that would go after Winter instead. Hence, Winter being at the Atlas headquarters and Weiss being at Beacon. Being a huntress makes her a more durable backup.
  • Winter is an identical twin. Ironically, when Weiss chose to rebel against her family by putting her hair the other way; she became Winter's mirror double.
    • Additionally, it was Winter who was actually singing in the trailer and will be voiced by Casey Williams.
  • It's possible that Winter is a stepdaughter to papa Schnee, older but illegitimate. So she works as his aide rather than training to run the company.
  • When Weiss fought the White Fang lieutenant, he comments that he always wanted to kill a Schnee. Not the Schnee Heiress. Maybe White Fang higher-ups know?

Weiss is going to work out Blake was involved in the train job from the data she picked up, starting their argument anew
The way she spoke about it in episode 15 suggested there was something deeply personal about it (she listed it at the end as if it was the worst thing on a list including the murders of close friends, after all), so it'll probably upset her if she finds out. Now that the team's been established as working together, there needs to be some conflict; reopening the rift between Weiss and Blake makes sense (after all, it wasn't fully resolved as much as Weiss decided to table it) and the info she gathered on possible dust thefts is the perfect way for her to find out (the train job's going to be in there, and there's probably some detail about Blake which Weiss'll pick up on - her weapon, perhaps?).
  • By now, through her snooping for the team, it's likely she's already learned this and just doesn't care.
  • One would think that the train would have a few security cameras installed. Or, the robots would record what they saw. The spider robot was the only one that vaporized, the others were just wrecked. Oh wait, the wrecked robots were all on the part of the train that stayed with Adam, maybe there are no surviving recordings after all.

Weiss's entire trailer is 100% metaphorical.
The part where she's on stage is a representation of how she is being brought up to be The Woman In The Queenly Mask one day and needs to keep up appearances in front of the world, while, below the surface, hidden from her faceless audience, she's constantly struggling with her inner turmoil: Her abusive father, her fear that she could turn out like him one day ("fear of what's inside me"), her desperation to reach an unattainable perfection, and the scar that reminds her of her imperfection (and, perhaps, of the aforementioned abuse) every time she looks in the mirror.

While it's nice to see her opening up and being friendly a lot more in Volume 2, it just feels like her Character Development is...a little rushed. I don't think she'd grow out of her Lonely Rich Kid Ice Queen persona that easily, so I think she's forcing herself to be nicer. It's an effort on her part to be genuinely a kinder person ("Fake it till you make it,") but I also think it's because the writers noticed the amount of hate she was getting due to her Fantastic Racism.

Weiss' arc will begin when an even worse Alpha Bitch tries to murder her.
Since Weiss' Fairy Tale Motifs are of Snow White, her arc will have an equivalent to the Evil Queen, who wanted her murdered to maintain her position as "fairest of them all"
  • Well, we don't know much about her sister Winter so far...
  • It'd be interesting if Weiss was the prettier of the two.

    Blake Belladonna 
Blake will be discriminated against by one of the girls.
Due to being a faunus. It'll probably be Weiss due to her class. However over time they may grow to be Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • She doesn't look like a faunus, barring some animal trait that's hidden by her clothes (or some weird dominant/recessive Faunus gene stuff), but maybe she'll be the subject of discrimination just for associating with them.
    • Her bow does twitch once while watching Jaune fall into the forest, and also right before the Ursa that Nora's riding comes crashing through the treeline. Which is to say it could happen.
    • This quote from Red Like Roses is likely a hint at Blake being a Faunus "Black the beast descends from shadows."
  • Confirmed, Blake is a faunus and Weiss is a racist.
    • Not really. Weiss feels deceived by Blake, however, she has not done or said anything to discriminate against Blake. She doesn't like the Faunus but she doesn't take it out on her friend.

Blake's Ninjas of Love is a 'naughty' romance novel.
Judging by the way her eyes shift as she quickly moves to hide it away.
  • It also alludes to her status as resident ninja.

Black is the "Beast".
She'll have a transformation sequence that will show the ascension of her fighting style, much like Ruby's weapon forms and Weiss' color settings. She could be considered a demonic figure in that regard, possibly even via heritage, leading to the belief that she "descends from shadow".
  • While she has no outright transformations, the lyrics from the Black trailer may shed some light on this. The Black trailer itself implies that Adam is the Beast to Blake's Beauty, though the lyrics imply that they receive equal treatment from the general populace.

Lyrical Analysis: Blake was a slave, forced to fight, and she's now out for revenge. Still possibly a 'Beast' as well.
Analyzing Blake's Theme, From Shadows, found here: http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/RWBY_Soundtrack/From_Shadows. "From shadows/We'll descend upon the world/Take back what you stole/From shadows/We'll reclaim our destiny/Set our future free" Implies she's fighting against someone who fought against her people, possibly Weiss' family considering the train decals. "Born with no life... into subjugation/Treated like a worthless animal/Stripped of all rights/Just a lesser being/Crushed by cruel ruthless human rule" She's not fighting willingly. She is a 'Beast' in the sense she's treated as an animal or slave. Also the specifically 'Human Rule' implies she may still possibly have a questionable lineage. "When it started/All we wanted was a chance to live our lives/Now in darkness/Taking everything we want and we will rise/We'll rise/We'll rise" Now that she is free, she's plotting revenge on those who kept her captive.
  • It could be that Blake's song is talking about the Fauna (seen in the first episode) in general. Notice that all the other girls' songs use "I," "me," and "you." Blake's song is the only one that refers to groups and creates an "us vs them" mentality. It could be that the song is talking about the Fauna's struggle in becoming more than a second-rate citizens in the world. This of course emphasizes her possible connection with the Fauna.
    • It's also worth noting that Adam is most likely the Beast and Blake the Beauty. Adam's emblem—contrary to popular belief—is NOT identical to Ruby's; it's actually a WILTING rose...Much like Adam's (the actual Beast) from the story Beauty and the Beast. His curse was linked to the dying rose.
  • If you listen closely, the second verse is notably more aggressive, and sung by a male (Jeff Williams), possibly representing Adam.
  • The song is about the Faunus, so "From Shadows" could be literal. Night vision, remember?

Blake will betray the group.
Sounds a little far-fetched, I know, but it's just a weird feeling I'm getting. Think about it: she wasn't seen during the launching scene, she has Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness, and she's very cat-like. Cats are often portrayed as secretive and sneaky. If she doesn't betray the group, then at the very least, she's hiding something that will be crucial to the plot.
  • What we know of Blake (her objection to Adam's callous treatment of innocents, her defense of Ruby in episode 2) implies that she will be the group's moral center... maybe she betrays RWBY to serve a greater cause? Traitors don't necessarily have to be evil, after all.

The Train Job (Black Trailer) was meant to be an initiation for Blake
This troper noticed this when he was re-watching episode 8 to see if the man talking to Torchwick was a Faunas. This troper noticed a similarity between the mask covering the mans head and Adam's mask. Despite being different in coloration, detailing and shape, Adam's was a vizor and much more elaborate while the man's was a full helmet, they both shared the same four eye slits. So, if this man is a part of the White Fang then we can infer that White Fang Members were the mask to identify themselves as White Fang members. Blake wasn't wearing one. Judging from this we can guess that Blake was not a member of White Fang, but was seeking to join/help them before seeing firsthand what the White Fang actually does, hence her fleeing.
  • Episode 16 showed that she was already in the White Fang long before they turned to violence. Maybe she at first intended to be in a position to steer the organization away from that direction, only to realize that under Adam, they were beyond redemption, leading her to cut ties.
  • Maybe it was an initiation into the darker side of White Fang and a test of loyalty to the new leaders.
    • If that's true, then where did Blake's fighting skills come from? She's clearly competent, and it's doubtful that a nonviolent activist group would have the resources and inclination to train her so well. (Note that most other WF we've seen are mooks with simple weapons.)
  • More likely, Blake and Adam were not aware that the White Fang were already working with Cinder. They were stealing Dust for whatever nefarious purposes she had in mind. As of Volume 2's first episode, Cinder says they're done with Dust and Roman is shown to have collected quite a lot of it with the help of the White Fang.

Adam was a father-figure to Blake
This one also gets into Blake's past a bit and is a bit of a Tear Jerker because I like those. Blake was orphaned when her parents were killed in the Schnee Dust Company's mines likely due to poor maintenance on the Company's part. Adam, either through a moment of genuine compassion or seeing her as a useful addition of talent/pawn, takes Blake in providing her a place to live and food on the table, effectively adopting her and become her mentor in the process of inducting her into White Fang. She never realizes just how terrible he really is until the Train Job.
  • And Jossed
    • How so?
      • Blake was born into the White Fang and active before the regime change. She couldn't have been brought into it as a child because her parents raised her as an activist. She couldn't have been an Unwitting Pawn because she knew what she was doing. Adam might still have been a father-figure, but the rest of the WMG is Jossed.
      • Not ENTIRELY Jossed. Adam may be the leader who changed White Fang's direction, or a subordinate of this new leader. She may have already been White Fang, but Adam may have fostered her dark side, convincing her that theft and destruction was okay. It was only at murder (during the Train Job) that she realized they were going too far.

Volume 2 will be a Start of Darkness for Blake.
She's at a stage where she may or may not be easily manipulated by the enemy. Due to the fact that she's stressing so hard about Roman's plans, she's obviously let her guard down in a lot of places. It wouldn't be a surprise that, with Cinder's cunning, she gets sucked back into the White Fang somehow.
  • Jossed, at least for Volume 2.

Blake will be revealed as a faunus to the public.
All that actually hides her race is a just piece of ribbon, it would be rather easy for it to get cut in a fight. Cue Oh Crap! reaction from her teammates and looks of suspicions from other people.
  • And then it will be revealed that everyone knew about it and didn't know it was a secret.

    Yang Xiao Long 
Yang will use Full-Contact Magic and her fists.
Just a thought after seeing the first three girls. Ruby and Blake use gun augmented weaponry while Weiss used a rapier mixed with magic abilities. This troper thinks they might have two with gunblades and two with magic, but its just a guess.
  • Weiss' rapier is augmented with a revolver; methinks they're not mutually exclusive categories.
  • While the Full-Contact Magic is a stretch, her fist weapons certainly have some relation to fire.
  • Her weapons are shotgun gauntlets. But she seems to have some proficiency with fire magic.
    • It is very likely given her propensity for "blazing" that she uses magic bullets in her attacks.
  • Yang's Semblance allows her to transmute energy from damage she's taken. Ba-bam!

Yang was not always human
Some kind of elemental associated with fire, either changed into or reincarnated as a human for some purpose. First: Her flaming hair and fire powers. In the context of the magic we see in Weiss' White trailer, this is extraordinarily simplistic, only seeming to be capable of exploding around her when she calls on it. It also comes and goes pretty randomly, sometimes it manifests as she's being hit, or when she's doing the hitting. This indicates a more primal nature to her powers, and that it's not the same type of power that Weiss wields. Second: Her red eyes. Her eyes changing colors seems to just happen without any external influence. She's just punching like she's been doing for much of the trailer. Notably this does not seem to cause any real change to her personality, her facial expressions don't change and neither does her voice when talking to Ruby. Like with the nature of her other powers, this seems to be pointing to a more primal reason for it existing, that this is part of Yang's identity. Third: Her name, Yang Xiao Long, can mean "Sun Small Dragon" which is fitting for her flame theme, but considering differing naming conventions between The West and China, and the reference to Bruce Lee, her name would become "Xaiolong Yang", or Small-Dragon Sun. This isn't interesting on it's own, but this image shows two landmasses shaped as though they were dragons, with one being a clearly serpentine Chinese styled dragon. It's possible then that Yang originally was some kind of fire dragon named after the sun changed into a human, possibly as a daughter to an old wizard, a secret super-soldier, maybe to even be a guardian to Ruby. In any case she was likely raised with Ruby, and despite that they aren't related by blood are still family.
  • Building off of this, her hair may act as a sort of Power Limiter, as there are several scenes where she is completely in silhouette except for her hair, which is still bright gold. Additionally, Her eyes Turn Red as she punches Junior away, when he would have pulled her hair out, not when she notices that he did. The fact that her hair seems to catch fire as the fight drags on is also indicative of this, as she is pumping much more power into her attacks as the fight drags on.
    • She goes Red Eyed again with a strand of hair plucked by Grim in episode 6.
      • Psychological Power Limiter... she only goes haywire when she actually notices the hair lying around.

There will be a moon-themed character, who will act as a rival to Yang.
Drawing on a lot of speculation listed above, a character (likely Yin, because of the relation.) will be moon themed to contrast Yang's sun. -First is Yang's sun motifs. Being heavily connected to the color yellow and fire, plus the above facebook picture with the incredibly bright sun/moon, (still not really sure...) she is definitely has a strong sun motif. -Next is the pins. After the recent revelations of there being two moons, the unknown yellow pin is likely representing two crescent moons. It is also yellow. As Yang is sun and light, this could represent moonlight, rather than sunlight. -Finally, "Moonslice." The unknown, presumably a weapon, likely is related to the character, as Yang's gauntlets have little chance of being named that. This might gain a bit more credit if Yang's weapons are referred to as something like "Sun——-."
  • Ember Celica ~ Celestial Fire ~ Sunlight.
    • Moonslice is a fan-name given to Adam's final attack against the spider droid.
  • Jaune's symbol could likely be related to his name "Arc" rather than the crescent moons.
    • *Writer* Moonslice is seen on a tweet from Monty in notes for the Black trailer. It's a thing, but not necessarily related to Jaune or Adam. We don't know. This WMG was made before we were introduced to the series proper, so it was drawing on previous speculation. Jaune's symbol is probably more related to the crescent moons, considering that there are two moons in the world, and that fact that his name is Arc just adds to it.
  • The character's name might be "Yin" to set up Theme Naming with Yang
  • So far, this alludes to Jaune. While he may not be much of a threat, he's the one with the moon symbol, and is also Yellow (Jaune - French for Yellow) themed. His weapons have yet to be named.
  • Jaune's weapon is Crocea Mors- "Yellow Death".
  • The character might also be tiger-themed, and fight far more brutally than Yang, but with less finesse. Male tigers have been known to let their family eat before them, so he could be a male anti-villainous Foil who also cares about his family, but fights Yang because he's been promised that his kin will benefit somehow.
    • Mercury seems to be confirmed as Yang's rival as his weapons are at his feet and has a similar "hand-to-hand"-style of combat training.
  • More likely, this moon-themed character is Yang's mother and her name will be Yue.
    • Except, that the more logical choice for Yang's mother at this current time is now Raven Branwen introduced in Breach.

Yang has inborn fire powers because she was exposed to Dust often in her childhood.
Dust is like Mako, you see...
  • Or Eezo.
  • More likely, it is inherited from her father's family line, while Ruby got her Semblance from her mother.

Yang will go on a berserker rage at some point.
Either because someone messed with her hair, or one of the RWBY team, most likely Ruby, will be nearly killed.
  • Has happened sort of in Episode 6 when an Ursa jostled one of her hairs loose. "You Monsters!"

Yang is going to die.
Or have her spirit broken, or be rendered comatose, or otherwise be narratively incapacitated. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. One, she represents the "older sibling substitute/mentor" archetype arguably filled by both Mami Tomoe (who she (very) vaguely resembles) and Kamina, complete with the requisite awesomeness—and overconfidence. Fitting that archetype is demonstrably not good for your long-term survival prospects. Two, the second verse of the OP:
Beware that the light is fading
Beware as the dark returns
This world's unforgiving
Even brilliant lights will cease to burn
Considering that Yang's entire theme focuses around "burning" ("Yellow beauty burns gold"; her trailer theme is "I Burn"; her name means "Sun Little-Dragon"; and oh yeah she literally lights on fire when she fights)...yeah. The lyrics could admittedly be purely metaphorical, or refer to Beacon in some way, but the connection with Yang seems far simpler and more apropos.
  • Yang is the spirit of the group, so her death would have an impact on the group and the audience. But the show is called RWBY, her being the "Y". I doubt they'd kill her off.
    • Or Yang has already died. Or at least the 1st generation RWBY version of Yang. Summer Rose is dead and was most likely teamed with fellow season-themed characters (i.e. Winter Schnee, Cinder Fall, and a girl named Spring) and her death caused the others to splinter.
      • This point is jossed in specifics as Summer Rose's team was Ruby and Yang's father, Yang's mother, and Qrow.

Yang is half-dragon on her father's side.
This explains the fire powers, and whenever dragons mate with a human woman the offspring is ALWAYS either a sexy human girl with an attitude and superpowers, or a handsome young lad with said powers who is evil to the core. Check every piece of fiction ever, you know it's true.
  • Doubtful. There's never any mention of dragons or anything related yet (not even a Grimm dragon). Sounds cool, though.
  • Given her father's name also means dragon (Taiyang Xiao Long), it's not too much a stretch. Dragons could be an extinct form of life from before the Grimm Wars (which seems to precede all other wars).

Yang's Berserk Semblance activating when her hair is damaged is a false positive.
Her body stores up kinetic power and unleashes it when either she lets it go or when her body is damaged to a certain point. Hair is part of the body even though it isn't really necessary; so her seeing a lost hair has her Semblance activating like she lost a limb or a sufficient amount of blood.
  • Theoretically, if there's a "cool-down" period to the Berserk effect, if Yang had her hair plucked at the beginning of a fight; it would lead to the Berserk running out of steam early; and not being able to activate later.

Yang has/will gain some sort of power assimilation ability
My reasoning? Her theme song incorporates all her teammate's songs.
  • The evidence provided has been rendered false. Her Trailer's background music is not her theme song, but a dance club remix of all 4 theme songs. Yang's actual theme is just the last section, as evidenced by the OST. have a listen here.
  • Yang's Semblance allows her to convert damage into physical power.

Yang is a spy
Based on the trailer. She went into that nightclub looking for info. In addition to her combat skills, she showed an ability to manipulate people. She used her youth to get Junior to underestimate her, letting her get close enough to grab him by the balls. Then she used her beauty to lure him into a sucker punch. And as far as we know, she never did tell Ruby what she was doing there. She said "It's a long story", which could easily have been an attempt to deflect the question and/or buy time to come up with a lie.

Yang is most definitely not human.
She's a robot. More specifically, a transformer (source: Yellow trailer: "I'm more than meets the eye") Failing that, she's a super sayin'... I mean, Saiyan.
  • Agreed. She even looks like a Super Saiyan 3, what with that hair.

Yang's Semblance is something to do with either fire or anger.
It would definitely explain how she goes Super Saiyan, and/or how she broke the colour spectrum with her anger.
  • Yang's Semblance allows her to get stronger when she gets hit. This could be in relation to the anger she feels.

Yang is older than 17
Yang seems more self-assured than the other girls, like she's had more experience than they. She is also physically more developed. Coupled with the ease to which she entered the club during her trailer and her actions therein it fits neatly into the idea that she is in fact several years older than 17 and is just posing as a high school girl for reasons yet to be revealed. This segues nicely into the spy theory from above.
  • The problem here is that Yang hasn't claimed to be 17, she is simply stated as being 17 which reads more as fact than contrivance.
  • She's not older than 17. It's just that a good part of the women we've seen in the series so far, including her, are just that freaking tall. Her canonical height according to a height carth is five feet eight inches.

In her trailer, Yang is tracking down her and Ruby's mother's murderer.
Assuming their mother died a while before the show began, Yang secretly spends her free time trying to track down the person who killed her. After running into Ruby outside the club, however, she realizes that she's gonna have to come clean about it and begins with, "It's a long story..."
  • Summer Rose is not Yang's mother.
    • Furthermore, Yang has confirmed that she has spent her life searching for her mother. Likely that she is Qrow's sister and her name is either Raven or Yue. With the appearance of Raven Branwen and the unveiling of Qrow's last name being Branwen, the Raven-as-a-name theory may be all but confirmed.

"Xiao Long" isn't Yang's real name.
As an alternative to the "Rose is Ruby's middle name" theory. She said she had "several names" to Junior and "Xiao Long" itself comes from Xiaolong; Bruce Lee's stage name (which he was never-the-less known by, as far as Chinese speaking audiences were concerned). Yang could also be an alias, but it would be odd for Ruby to constantly call her by it, making it more likely its her real first name or a nickname.
  • More likely, since Ruby has her mother's surname, Yang's is also that of her own birth mother who left her.
  • Taiyang, confirmed to be in the show, has the surname Xiao Long according to a tweet from Monty. Furthermore, Taiyang Xiao Long was named as Yang and Ruby's father last year... here on this very page... by monyoum!
  • Ruby has her mother's surname because Summer died. Yang has her father's surname because her mother just left.

Yang is a female version of Samson.
Why else would she get mad when someone cuts her hair? It's because all her power comes from it. Or at least she thinks it does.
  • Or her father taught her to value her hair because it is a trait she got from his own golden mane.
  • Yang's power doesn't come from her hair.

Yang is a cancer survivor.
To explain why she gets so angry when anyone damages her hair - most people don't have that sort of reaction to their hair getting damaged, so it may be that the hair is important to her, since, at one point, she completely lacked it.

Yang's hair is styled after her mother's hair.
It may be that her mother died at some point before the series' beginning, and Yang deliberately styles her hair in the same way in memoriam. Thus, whenever anyone damages it, she gets pissed off because, knowingly or otherwise, they've just insulted that memory to some extent.
  • More likely, her mother is the Transient Princess, who has black hair.

Yang is a cross-dimensional traveler.
Why? The first clues come from the lyrics of I Burn, which reference Dragon Ball ("I'm Super Saiyan now") and two separate Marvel characters (the Human Torch and Johnny Blaze). Neither Dragon Ball nor Marvel, or for that matter any anime or comics, appear to exist in Remnant, so why are they in the song? Possibly, Yang came from another world, such as our own, where such things are known; she would have then been transported to Remnant as a child and been adopted by Ruby's parents. If this is true, it casts other facts in a different light. She knows that this world is different from her old one; adventure exists for those who seek it, and danger isn't so deadly. With this in mind, Yang would presumably have thrown herself into this adventure with glee once she got the chance—and certainly, she seems to fight monsters more for the joy of it than most characters. The fact that she has "many names" may be explained by the fact that she chose a few which sounded cool upon entering the world before settling on a fairly reasonable-sounding one. Even more minor facts make more sense. Take, for instance, her semblance. While the others we know (Ruby's speed, Pyrrha's polarity, and especially Weiss's glyphs) are precise and modest, Yang's fire is indiscriminate and showy. Either this is because it isn't a semblance (but something from whichever world she is from), or because the semblance didn't start "developing" or getting honed (depending on how, exactly, they work) until she was at least a few years old. A side theory is that she comes from the Marvel universe. Her fire would be a superpower in this case, and she is familiar with the Human Torch and Johnny Blaze because they were in the news or somesuch.
  • This theory is destroyed do to the fact that Monty confirmed that neither Ruby or Yang were adopted. And have you noticed Cinder's semblance? Which is EVEN MORE SHOWY!

Yang was looking for her mother in the Yellow Trailer.
Episode 2.06 tells us that her mother left her and her father, and that she hasn't given up looking. In the Yellow Trailer, she's asking if anyone has seen a particular woman. It adds up.
  • Yang tells Blake she has spent her life searching for her mother who left Yang and her father shortly after she was born (so she never knew she existed until after Summer Rose died).

Yang's mother is Raven Branwen (the masked woman in "No Brakes").
Volume 2 Episode 12, "Breach", has an after-the-credits scene in which Branwen removes her mask. She looks exactly like Yang, except with dark hair and red eyes. She then states that they "have a lot to talk about", which may be a reference to the fact that she knows Yang has been looking for her, and knows that she's got some explaining to do and whatnot.

    Jaune Arc 
Jaune won't be added to Cinder's List, and his lack of addition will become an important plot point.
At the end of "Extracurriculars" it is strongly hinted that Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury are seeking out Beacon's strongest fighters and learning their strengths and weaknesses. If/when Beacon is invaded, the people on this list will be the first to be captured/incapacitated. It will then be up to Jaune and maybe some other wimpier characters (bonus points if his remaining allies include Team CRDL) to free/rescue those people on the list. This would both prove Jaune's (and the others') strength/morality/right to stay at Beacon, and it would internally boost Jaune's (and potential others') confidence.
  • Potential others? I'd consider it an awesome way to reintroduce Velvet.
    • Velvet has already been reintroduced but sadly we're not going to be seeing much of her in the next episode.

Cinder wasn't the only good guy to go bad
Jaune has the same relationship with his father as Luke had with his own... none. Jaune cites advice from his father, but this in itself does not prove he is alive. Jaune in the Volume 1 Opening is staring at a statue of a pair of hunters. The male is his father, but it is a false memorial as his father IS still alive, but like Vader has gone over to the dark side. Jaune wants to live up to his father's reputation, but he'll likely have to fight him instead.

The "shielth" isn't a shield at all
In fact, Jaune's shielth is similar to that feather-thingy from Dead Fantasy 8 that Kairi uses to summon her flying gun weapons. Because "Why The Fuck Not?"

Jaune Arc...
His parents were hunters who died on the field. Judging by his expression seeing the statue in the opening, he seems sad and intimidated by the shoes he has to fill.
  • His name also sounds like Joan of Arc. That has to mean something.
    • Cardin, his current antagonist, is named for the man who presided over Joan of Arc's execution. That definitely has to mean something.
  • How much more do we need to say this is confirmed?

When Jaune develops his skills, he'll become a Stone Wall
From his traditional weapons, it can be implied that he'll have little destructive power but at least decent defense. Plus he has motion sickness so I doubt he'll do much acrobatics, unlike the girls. And Pyrrha notes that he's got a strong Aura, among many uses of it being Healing Factor and Super Toughness (it's a thing that he often gets flung around and yet rarely, if ever, suffers heavy damage, let alone being slowed down). Put all of them together and he'll become a badass defensive-style slow fighter who shrugs off damage like a tank. And his commanding skills can make up for that, too.
  • Well, RT has confirmed Jaune's Semblance to be protective.

Jaune is the Implied Love Interest of Pyrrha.
A good portion of her screen time (as of episode 5, the time of writing this) has involved her focusing her attention on Jaune. Add in her first in-series appearance semi-ogling Jaune as he walks off camera, and her blushing after subtly emphasizing her chest towards him (she could have had more neutral body language). She may turn out to be the type who's Adorkable towards her love interest.
  • In the Volume 2 Trailer, Pyrrha seems to be leaving the school dance in a dejected stupor. This may be due to Jaune once again giving more consideration to Weiss than to "big sister" Pyrrha.
  • Confirmed in "Burning the Candle". She basically goes as close as she can towards saying 'I want to bone you' without actually saying it.
    "[at the dance]...I guess, you're the kind of guy I wish I was here with."

Jaune's fighting style...
  • Will incorporate copious amounts of sword beams, as an aura power. Think along the lines of Adam's Limit Break.
  • If his aura is applied to his shield he might become a Barrier Warrior.
  • Jaune's Semblance was stated to be protective by RT.
  • Jaune's fighting style so far is to recklessly swing his sword until what's in front of him is hopefully dead. He even closes his eyes.

The reason Jaune never attended a battle school
was because he wasn't allowed to, and for good reason. Why on earth would a member of an esteemed lineage of warriors not go through proper battle training when he clearly wants to? Simple: His family didn't let him, but not because they didn't believe in him. Jaune will turn out to be a Living Macguffin of some sort, most likely due to something one of his ancestors did to save a lot of lives. This meant that he could never fall into the wrong hands, lest he be used for evil. Thus, becoming a huntsman was out of the question, and he was likely never told in order to allow him to live a normal life. Remember his comment about being tired of being the damsel in distress? It was foreshadowing. He will in fact be the damsel who needs to be rescued from the clutches of evil in this story.
  • The key is the "Ozpin knows his secret" theory. It would explain why someone so inexperienced and untrained has such a large amount of Aura—Ozpin knows of Jaune's past and decided to let him into the school anyway for the very same reason his family did not want him to become a hunter: People will target him. Whereas Jaune's family chose to hide the truth from him, Ozpin feels that it would be best for Jaune to be able to defend himself. Heck, maybe Ozpin is the reason he was able to get his hands on those fake transcripts in the first place.
  • I get the feeling that while his parents didn't want to put pressure on him (he fondly remembers the advice he got from both of them), he still felt the weight of three generations of warriors pressing down on him. So he decided to make his way to Beacon on his own, procuring fake transcripts and even taking his Ancestral Weapon without his parents' knowledge; which could explain why he only knows it as a sheath and collapsible shield. Given how that weapon managed to survive three generations' usage, there's probably more to it that he has yet to figure out. If this were true, then he has more in common with Mulan than Ren does.

Jaune is NOT a living MacGuffin, just a guy with protective parents. Ozpin is aware of all of this.
Even if his family has a history of being Hunters, maybe his parents don't want Jaune to live such a dangerous life (one parent dead due to Grimm, surviving one doesn't want the same fate for Jaune perhaps?). However, since Jaune knows about his family legacy, he probably made a deal with his parents: "If I can get into the school, you have to let me go." Cue getting the fake transcripts, and faking his way into the school. Ozpin has probably figured all this out, or knew from the start, and is letting Jaune continue as a Hunter because he believes Jaune has a good deal of potential, and just needs to use it. Might also explain Ozpin's Sink Or Swim tactics, he is trying to force not only Jaune, but everyone to their full potential.

Jaune's heroic ancestors? They also cheated their way to their heroism.
Like Jaune, they were Unlucky Everydudes who shoved their way into a combat institution without proper start because they want to be recognized as great warriors, but as they got in they encounter various tribulations and grim fates along the way. They were good at ordering others what to do, again just like Jaune. By becoming leaders, they can take more credit of their heroics than their subordinates, becoming Famed In-Story. It's likely that they never tell this to Jaune himself. This will also be the reason Prof. Ozpin appointed him as a leader - because he not only knows Jaune's ancestors were great leaders too, but also the fact that they, well, cheated their ways in.

Jaune was adopted
His adoptive parents, knowing he didn't have the distinguished Arc bloodline (I am assuming that some things like aura talents and such run in bloodlines), and worried that their adopted son would be at risk if he took up the warrior mantle. What they didn't realize is that his biological line was as strong, or even stronger, than their own. Jaune, of course, does not know any of this. The idea that he might be the twin brother of another cast member (especially Weiss) could make this more fun.
  • Jaune is adopted but he does know his real parents. They were the hunters for whom statues were built and are on display at Beacon. He wants to live up to his father's image... but his father is "Vader".
    • The hidden symbol underneath his breastplate has been revealed to be his true symbol. But why hiding the symbol that most likely represents the true side of his family? Could it be that his biological parents are indeed "Vader" and this symbol belongs to them?

Jaune is the protagonist
Because while he did cheat his way into Beacon, he still may qualify for the "simple soul". Because it would be funny if the biggest twist in the series is that Team RWBY is the secondary cast.
  • Well he is, in a way, a protagonist... along with Ruby. How's that for confirmation?
  • One cannot be the protagonist if there is a title character unless he is the title character.
    • The Legend of Zelda's protagonist is Link. Your argument is invalid.
    • Besides, the show is called RWBY, not Ruby.
      • The game is not called Zelda. Cite a better example. Also, I never said that Ruby was the protagonist. Her team is. They are the title character (but mostly Ruby is). It is not Jaune. No amount of wishful dreaming will change that.
      • Not the same troper, but fine. Here's some other examples. Akira: said character, while certainly influential, only appears as a voice in the end of the film (also applies to the manga). The Lord of the Rings: Sauron, the ostensible Lord of the Rings, is certainly not the protagonist. Alien: the titular Alien serves as the main antagonist. Frankly the Zelda example should have sufficed, but I guess nitpickery is what you want.

Jaune's dancing skills will help him in combat
Maybe he'll become a Dance Battler.
  • We've got one Dance Battler so far in Mercury.
  • They certainly help him out of combat: in episode six of volume two, he dances like a pro with his team. Pyrrha even remarks on this.
    • He sure know how to work that dress.

Ruby will make Jaune a new weapon so he can badass level up.
His weapon seems way too ordinary compared to everyone else. Plus, it's not a gun. There's probably some problem with that because he won't be able to attack anything from far away. We know Ruby made her weapon, so maybe she'll alter Jaune's as some sort of present or something.

Jaune's simple weapon style is actually going to be useful later on.
One day Team JNPR gets captured and strioped of their weapons. While they can hold their own with aura, they still need weapons. What they find is... Mundane variants... They'll still adapt, but old habits die hard. But for Jaune, the only unique thing about his weapon was his shield, and he adapts better or at least more quickly than everyone else with their relatively normal weapons.

Jaune's ancestor owned the shielth, but wasn't the original owner of the sword.
It's called Crocea Mors, the Latin name of a sword that was said to have belonged to Julius Caesar. In the legend, Caesar used the sword to mortally wound Nennius in the Roman conquest of Britain, but then got it embedded in Nennius' shield, leading the latter to throw his own sword away and carry out a Dying Moment of Awesome with Crocea Mors - something similar could have happened to great great grandfather Arc (the sheilth might not even have been supposed to serve as a scabbard until a sword got caught in it)note . If Pyrrha's any indication, the world of RWBY has a Grecian-Roman Fantasy Counterpart Culture out there and Vale seems to be analogous to Western Europe. The fact that the sword and shield match can be chalked up to Theseus's paradox. Bonus points if it ends up being called by one of legendary!CM's Welsh names when someone more familiar with its original owner than Jaune's ancestor shows up.
  • Possibly, it isn't the sword that's called Crocea Mors. That's just a random blade. The shield is called Crocea Mors because it was wielded by the Arc family line (whose color motif is yellow) and has seen a lot of death.

Jaune's weapon has an offensive form which he has yet to discover.
Since Jaune's Aura already gives him some defensive capabilities, at some point, as he learns to harness it better, his shield might just end up becoming redundant. Maybe he'll end up discovering another variation of his weapon; given his naivete, it'll most likely happen by accident.

Jaune going airborne will eventually be an indicator of his progression into a full-fledged Huntsman.
It's clear that Jaune has a lot of potential. One of the many ways the series could show this potential is by him being able to better handle going airborne (maybe even finally having a landing strategy). I get the feeling that at some point, one of his attack strategies will involve him deliberately being launched into the air. I can just imagine him using his Aura (and shield) to prevent damage while having Nora propel him with a blow from her grenade-powered hammer.
  • Vol 2's Opener shows him landing well.

Jaune's going to become The Paladin.
On account of what we see of his Aura seems to be protective in nature. He may not ever get the combat skill to compete with the others, but becoming a Combat Medic (along with being The Strategist) would be a good role for him.
  • Actually there is already a Paladin... the huge semi-robotic Atlesian Paladin.

Jaune doesn't NEED a ranged weapon variant
Because his Aura is so powerful he'll develop the super rare ability to Kamehameha. Which will totally impress everyone.

Jaune's sword is going to turn out to be far superior to Cardin's mace
Cardin's mace has vains on it which resemble the ones on ceremonial maces and also has a (possibly decorative) jewel. This would fit with his "Bishop" themenote  (which also lends more weight -ha ha- to the idea it's "ceremonial" in design, since that's what maces ultimately became when heavy armour became obsolete). If this is the case, then it might be a modern, flashy weapon. By contrast, Jaune's sword is old, but comes from a time when you wanted a sword that was good at cutting things, not looking flashy. It also fits quite nicely with their respective owners (Cardin's a heavily built bully in imposing armour, but folds pretty easily; Jaune's a skinny wimp with a few pieces of armour over jeans and a hoody, but clearly the better Ursa slayer).
  • Cardin's mace contains a fire Dust crystal. Fortunately for Pyrrha (and especially Jaune), Cardin is rather clumsy in its use.

Some of Jaune's Character Development will come from the schools' Blacksmith/Weapon Forger instructor
During the show, the students will be in a class designated to help students forge and manufacture their weapons. Jaune will be embarrassed by his weapons' simplicity as opposed to those of this classmates, and the teacher will give Jaune a speech about the true nature of weapons that will trigger character growth. Either by revealing that, out of all the weapons said teacher had made in their time that their simplest and earliest weapon is the one they still use to this day, or by revealing some hidden aspect of Jaune's weapon that not even Jaune knew about.

Jaune has at least one dead relative.
Jaune's family have lost someone, either they lost a family member which is why they didn't give Jaune an option to go to combat school. Or one or both of his parents are dead and he was brought up as a normal person so they wouldn't lose him too.
  • Jaune is confirmed to have a mother, a father, and seven sisters. So far, there's been no mention of death in the family. Although it's possible that his great-grandfather died during or after The War.
    • We know that Jaune at least knew his parents. Has he ever referred to them in present tense or is it possible one is deceased? Maybe there was a recent death which motivated him to go to Beacon, because the deceased always claimed he had the potential to be great and he wants to live up to their opinion.

Jaune is going to perform a Heroic Sacrifice
  • Or at least something he thinks is a Heroic Sacrifice at the time, he might get out safely. Maybe team Juniper gets cornered and needs time to escape, so Jaune steps up, since everyone else got into Beacon fairly, as opposed to tricking their way in and he figures he's More Expendable Than You, and anyway as the leader, he should be the one to step up for the team. Possibly this could tie into Pyrrha's story and how her name will become significant - the rest of the team escapes, possibly with important information or having completed an important mission, but Jaune is left behind.

Jaune is smart
Not just quick-thinking under pressure or a good leader smart. Really damn smart. Brilliant smart. Remember, Jaune forged his own records. Granted, Ozpin might have known about this anyway, but if we assume the records were at least technically correct if no cross-checking was done, it's still quite a feat. It's easier to do if the records are hard-copy, but if it relies on any electronic system (which is a fair assumption given that Remnant is at parity to somewhat ahead of us technologically), then it's quite difficult. Personally, I like this theory because it gives Jaune's character even more depth- he could have gone onto some other field that he no doubt would have excelled at, but instead faked his records and joined a combat school. And why is he so awkward? Because he's a nerd.
  • Sounds viable. Ozpin states in Volume 2 that students must pass rigorous entrance exams. Jaune forged his transcripts, but no one said anything about the exams. He likely passed those purely by guesswork but the transcripts had to be faked because he'd never attended a battle school prior to Beacon.
    • Jaune didn't forge his transcripts... He "got (his) hands on some fake transcripts".
      • However, he still had to pass the exams.
  • This could also tie in to the plot! Remember what Cinder did to the computers during Dance Dance Infiltration? What if it was something detrmental and Jaune ended up being the one tofix it?

Jaune is somehow connected to the moon and its shattered appearance
It's been hinted that the symbol on Jaune's hoodie which his armor usually covers is somehow important. From what can be seen it's a grey circle with no other visible defining features, but what else is round and silver? The moon. What does Jaune's unfolded shield have on it? Crescents, like the crescent moon. Jaune's footie pajamas have a distinct bunny theme to them, and emblazoned right on the chest is a rabbit. The Moon Rabbit speaks for itself. Even his voice actor, Miles LUNA, hints that Jaune's got some sort of connection to the moon.
  • Whilst he might be connected to the moon it was also stated that Jaune's real symbol is on his shoe soles which can be seen during the fight scene in Players and Pieces. This looks like a more elaborate version of the symbol he already has. It's as if he changed his symbol by erasing part of it rather then making an entirely new one which if he was in a hurry would make a certain amount of sense.
    • That isn't true. The symbol on his shoe soles in Players and Pieces is the same one on his shield which is the Arc family symbol but this isn't Jaune's true symbol. Nora also wears her symbol on her shoe soles which can be seen in the exactly same scene.
    • The only difference on his shoe soles is a line passing through the "arcs" like an arrow.
  • A grey circle with no other visible defining features is the same symbol as all the flags in Vale.

Jaune is the first Arc to train to fight in a while.
It would explain why he didn't get any training, why he's ignorant of extremely fundamental things (you'd think his family would at least mention what their semblance is, even if they didn't give him the full aura tutorial). Plus it fits in with the fact he's using a sword from generations ago; a family of dedicated huntsmen would have probably got something more effective (or at least upgraded it if they were sticklers for tradition), given that most of them use custom weapons.

Jaune is the youngest sibling, and his older sisters all got turned into birds or sent off to war or something and he is trying to find them.
Because genderswapped fairytales, dammit.
  • The original story of the Seven Ravens states that the father is the one who turned his sons into Ravens and sent them off thus causing his only daughter to go in a quest to find them. Not only resembles the fairy tale adventure that most knights go on but also would explain why Jaune never got any training if we take in consideration that it was his father's fault that his daughters went missing. His father doesn't want Jaune to find them and refused to train him knowing that if he did, Jaune would leave him to find his sisters.
  • Interestingly, Jaune is a genderswapped character.
  • Jaune's sisters did not turn into birds.
    • Source, or is this something you just don't want to happen?

Jaune gets a Hold the Line scene singlehandedly
—without taking a single hit against the opposing force

I get the feeling that his semblance allows him to create barriers, one that perhaps could extend to the size of half of Beacon, and this would either be used to protect an area from an artillery attack, air strike, or even from footsoldiers trying to unclog the man-sized bottleneck.

And the entire time Jaune will just stand in place keeping up his defenses while he bears all the pain.
  • So far, he's had one battle (against another Ursa Major) in which he didn't take a single hit... but he was far from "holding the line", even if he did manage to kill it single-handedly (seemingly without Pyrrha's interference this time).

Jaune's reason for becoming a Huntsman
Just a theory like all the others, but perhaps initially he was satisfied with a normal life just like everyone else, and due to his prestigious family and large number of siblings, he ended up being quite sheltered, which could explain both his lack of combat skills as well as knowledge of how the world of Huntsmen works. Then something must have happened; perhaps someone close to him died or was almost killed, or he could have witnessed someone's death or near-death with his own eyes. Or both. Either way, he wouldn't want it to ever happen again for anyone, but with an event like this occurring when he's already well past the age most Huntsmen start, he skips right ahead to Beacon to quickly gain the power to protect people and be a hero, not unlike Ruby herself—so they could easily have the same motivations, and thus a major reason as to why they are team leaders.

Jaune's semblance
Whatever it is (super shield, regeneration, what have you), it will be revealed when he survives whatever the combat equivalent of being burned at the stake is. Exploding building, fire dust, etc. The scene where we see it revealed will have a shot of him walking unscathed (or very much scathed but still persevering) through a fire, all as a shout out to his historical inspiration's death.
  • Tying in to that, the circumstances leading to it's reveal will involve Jaune trying to protect someone, possibly Pyrrha. Back when Jaune refused to cave in to Cardin and hurt/humiliate her, Cardin punched Jaune and hurt his hand because Jaune's aura activated and proved to be strong enough to completely protect him from harm (and we can assume Cardin was probably putting some of his own aura into that punch). He stood up to Cardin when he wanted to protect his friends, not himself. Even when he was fighting the Ursa, it was too protect Cardin, and probably kept his aura strong enough to take more abuse than most other student would have. This could be part of Jaune's real motive for wanting to become a hunter. Trying to live up to his family's legacy is one thing, but it's not really a path he made for himself, so to speak, just a result of his own insecurity from outside circumstances. Wanting to protect others from harm will give him a new sense of self and be the next step in his character development after he gains more confidence. His motive will change from being all about him and into being all about supporting others. Even the second volume opening reflects this when he's the one to place a hand on Pyrrha's shoulder instead of the other way around. Jaune may have confidence issues, but as soon as someone he cares about needs help, he's able to get over said issues very quickly and become the kind of person he strives to be. Even if he can't currently fight well, this new sense of purpose pushes him to get back up and keep fighting, not a desire to prove his own strength.
  • And because semblances are a reflection of the user's personality, Jaune's semblances could end up being an energy shield that grows out from his physical shield, able to cover a wider area and/or perhaps shaped by his will. In addition to that, it could turn out his shield can actually be loaded with dust to modify said energy shield, or be modded to hold dust cartridges. It could turn into a super sturdy stone barrier he can drop wherever, a more offensive based flame shield, an ice shield that weapons or attacks can either reflect off of, become lodged into or outright freeze opponents on contact, or a whilrwind shield that pushes enemies back with strong gusts.

Jaune's family lives outside of the kingdoms.

As explained in World of Remnant, some people chose to venture outside of the kingdom and settle in small villages. Jaune's alternative option in case he fails at becoming a huntsman is to become a farmer instead. Add to that his lack of common knowledge and you have a farm boy.

Jaune's family is cursed.


Nora Valkyrie

Nora is a Mafia Princess
I admit this has absolutely no basis in anything, but the way she suggested breaking a man's legs as if she had used that as a solution to problems before just makes me think she might be.
  • I approve of this theory.
  • Looking back, there do seem to be other subtle things; first and foremost, the only other characters who have a Blunt Weapon that can shift into an Explosive Launcher are both the two characters who are heavily involved in at the very least shady dealings, Junior and Torchwick. Additionally, her first instinct when talking at Ren about how to get on the same team was to suggest Bribery, only to backpedal when she remembered he had a school. She also mentioned that while Ren is the perfect student, She's... "Well, I'm me!" sums it up pretty well that she found it unlikely she would get kicked out for any reason, which admittedly may just be because, well... She's Nora, but it also might be because she has connections. And a grenade launcher can not be a cheap weapon to maintain, meaning either she has some way of negating any potential costs or simply the money to spend on upkeep.
    • I don't buy the bit about connections. Ozpin has final say on everyone who comes to his school, and I just can't see anyone being able to intimidate Ozpin that way.

There will be no romance between Nora and Ren.
Monty knows his anime. He knows other people who know theirs have been down this road way too many times.
  • (OP) Works for me.
    • The gay guy has pink as his theme colour? Isn't that a little...stereotypical?
      • No more stereotypical than the blonde chick baring cleavage or the girl in black being reclusive.
      • Or calling the guy who just happens to have a pink motif gay.
  • Nora seems to be very adamant about her and Ren not being "together together"... it's possible she's his beard.
    • Her character song, Boop, seems to say otherwise.

Nora will shout PANCAKES and run into a guy and bite his hand off.
There might be a relation between Nora and that boy named Dennis.
  • Even better, someone will brainwash Nora and make her see Ren as a humanoid pancake. Making it a one big shout-out to Cabin Fever.
  • So far, Nora has been shown to talk about pancakes in her sleep and wake up shouting the word. It's clearly become a Running Gag and may develop into a full-on Meme

Nora and Ren's special 'Aura'
Nora's will have something to do with lightning, and Ren's will have something to do with strength augmentation.
  • Or maybe turning into a flower. Cuz, ya know, that'd be cool too.

Nora's semblance is the ability to make things burst or explode
It would explain how she made the drink cans explode (much in the same way Pyrrha picked them all up with her's) when she threw them in 2.1, could explain where she keeps all those grenades (if they're partly made to explode using her powers, then they could be stored in a smaller form, for example) and it would fit her to a T. Some exact possibilities include:
  • A Gambit style energy charge power.
  • The ability to control pressure (increasing the pressure in the cans enough that they burst).
  • The ability to control explosions (she could have ruptured the cans as she threw them and enhanced the fizz into a more vigorous burst).
  • The ability to make small explosions (a small explosion inside a can would increase the pressure enough to make it bust).

Nora and Roman are siblings.
Same hair colour, and something about their personalities just seems to fit. Also, their first names are near-anagrams.

Nora will be betray the team.
She's the person you'd least expect if from. I could see her being The Mole.

Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha's been hired as Jaune's secret bodyguard.
While he wasn't skipped ahead like Ruby, somehow Jaune got to Beacon without knowing any of the basics. He's from a heroic family who pulled strings to push him forward even when he wasn't prepared� and the bodyguard's to ensure he survives. That Super Empowering ritual Pyrrha used is unlikely to be standard issue.
  • If Pyrrha is Jaune's bodyguard, then as of Episode 11, Cardin is confirmed to be an assassin targeting Jaune. Hey, if we're throwing around wild theories�
  • Seems Jossed. As of Episode 12, it's implied Jaune's parents don't even know he's at Beacon. Why would such esteemed ancestry allow him to cheat his way in?

Pyrrha's ritual didn't just awaken Jaune's aura, it also bolsters it with hers.
That wasn't just "I reach into your soul and turn on the switch." It was much more intimate. "I release your soul and by my shoulder protect thee." It's similar to a "Ministra Magi" in Negima Magister Negi Magi. "It is your power" means their power is his.
  • As of episode 14, this seems like it's Confirmed in spirit but probably Jossed in letter. The bolstering doesn't seem to have anything to do with the ritual.

Pyrrha has poor running skills.
While Pyrrha may be a renowned athlete, that doesn't necessarily mean she excels at all things physical. Episode 8 showed her having difficultly fleeing from the Death Stalker and she was lagging behind the group while running to class in Episode 9. Maybe she Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training and put all her attention into her upper body dexterity that her running skills suffered?
  • Except, while she had some difficulty, she still managed to outrun it presumably for quite a long distance, which would in fact mean she has amazing physical endurance. Blake is just as surprised if not more that she managed to do so as she is that Ruby fell out of the sky.

Pyrrha will die, probably in a Heroic Sacrifice.
Pyrrha. Pyrrhic Victory, anyone?
  • But she's Jaune's only chance to "get some."
  • Pyrrha in Classical Mythology is a woman who helps revive the human race after a flood by throwing rocks over her shoulder. She has absolutely nothing to do with the Trope Namer King Pyrrhus of Epirus.
  • Going off what is mentioned below, I'm now convinced that Pyrrha will die due to being a motif expy-thing of Achilles... who dies...
  • Granted, Monty said they had no interest in retelling myths and fairy tales wholesale, but the fact that Pyrrha's the most capable member of Team JNPR, has a name that could roughly translate to Pyrrhic Victory, is a mentor to Jaune, and is probably harboring some romantic interest in him to boot, she's probably the highest scoring member of the two main teams on the Sorting Algorithm of Mortality.
  • The original Pyrrhic Victory entailed Pyrrhus sacrificing much of his own forces, not his own life. Pyrrha would be no different. Besides, she's based on Achilles, not Pyrrhus.

Pyrrha plays some important role in Volume 2.
She seems to get a LOT of attention during the Volume 2 Opening Animation...
  • She was featured strongly in a couple of episodes (Extracurricular has her fight team CRDL and it also, along with Burning the Candle and Dance Dance Infiltration, has her trying to tell Jaune how she feels).

Her fighting skill is based in part on her powers.
Episode 5 has Mercury and Emerald discuss that Pyrrha uses her semblance to subtly tip the odds to her favor in battle. Without that, her actual skills in battle aren't quite as great as she portrays.
  • Based on "Pyrrha vs CRDL" during Extracurricular, this has merit to it.

Pyrrha did get asked to the dance, she just rejected them
Do you really think in all of beacon no one would have had the guts to ask out someone as beautiful and talented as Pyrrha? Of course, Pyrrha wants no one but Jaune, so she wouldn't go. She was just manipulating Jaune the whole time.

Pyrrha hates Weiss
Pyrrha seemed aware of the fact that Weiss was only asking to team up with her because Pyrrha was the four-time Mistral tournament champion, as she seemed reluctant to accept Weiss's offer. Also, the fact that Jaune is constantly pining after Weiss unsuccessfully cannot help. Also, in her Image Song "Dream Come True", she insults her a few times.
  • Said insults were just in terms of her hating that Jaune seems so stupidly smitten with "the little chick in white".

Pyrrha likes Waffles
In "Welcome To Beacon," Nora wakes up and shouts "Pancakes!" as if she were dreaming about them. Later, Ren makes her pancakes. In "Breach," Jaune wakes up and murmurs "Waffles." His romantic interest, Pyrrha, is going to like and/or make him waffles for breakfast sometime, and possibly make them late for a mission in the process.

Lie Ren

Ren comes from a Welsh Fantasy Counterpart Culture
Hence his ability to use leeks as deadly weapons.
  • Looks like someone has missed how prevalent leeks are in anime. Leeks as weapons could also be a shout-out to Hatsune Miku.
    • Could still be the case that he's Fantasy Counterpart Welsh for the variety.

Ren is of, or at least descended from, a royal bloodline
There just seems to be something regal about him.

Ren is going to take a bullet/sword/something to the throat
After Monty Oum's passing, Ren will receive some injury to his throat that renders him mute since Monty can't voice him anymore. If he gets a new VA, Ren will receive surgery to repair his vocal cords, although his voice will be somewhat altered.

Ren is going to go through second puberty.
Just like Geoff.


JNPR will be a defensive-themed team.
All the members of Team RWBY seem to have a running theme of being Lightning Bruisers, hitting hard while maintaining high mobility. Conversely, Jaune has a bad case of motion sickness, making it unlikely that he'd pull off the same kind of acrobatic, high-speed action that RWBY would. He does, however, have a weapon set that implies a more static, defensive position. The rest of his team will have similar weaponry - while RWBY is the "offensive" team, JNPR will be focused on holding one's ground and maintaining a defensive position.
  • Mixed results: By the implied team Jaune will be on, we see two equipped with shields (Jaune and Pyrrha), one with little (conventional) defensive capability (Ren's bladed pistols), and one whose weapon has yet to be revealed.
  • As of Episode 8, they seem readily capable of offensive tactics.
  • In Episode 11, though, Glynda recommends Jaune to play defensive as he loses against Cardin.
    • As of Forever Fall, Pt.2, Jaune is still pretty offensive.
  • Volume 2 shows that JNPR are ready to levy the first strike in battle.

JNPR will have pairings.
Jaune will have Ship Tease with Pyrrha, while Nora will have Ship Tease with Ren.
  • Confirmed for the latter, though it doesn't seem (so far) to be reciprocated.
    • Pyrrha is certainly acting smitten with Jaune, while Nora has twice hint dropped that she and Lie Ren are not "together together" but also finds him handsome (and her antics seem to have got the only smile out of him in the series so far). In both cases there's a Ship Tease, if not an actual ship.
      • Nora comes across as more being in denial about how she really feels about Ren, possibly afraid to go further (note that only she ever denies it, and she even said it when it was just the two of them), while Ren seems to simply be waiting patiently for her to work it out in her own heart.

Team JNPR gets their own songs in later volumes.
They (well, Jaune at least) have already had four centric episodes out of sixteen. Why not? Unless Nora already got hers with "I'm queen of the castle"...
  • Pyrrha and Jaune, go figure, got their own instrumental theme.
    • Half-confirmed with the Volume 2 soundtrack giving them three songs! Two for Pyrrha — "Dream Come True" and "Shine" — and Nora with "Boop". Jaune and Ren not having any dedicated to them may be justified with having Casey sing from their perspective being a bit too awkward...

Ren is Monty Oum's Author Avatar, and Nora symbolizes coffee.
Yes, I'm joking.
  • Joke or not, it makes a modicum of sense.



Ozpin already knows Jaune cheated his way into beacon.
Come on now I think we can all agree that the with the vibes Ozpin gives off he has to be aware that Jaune's transcripts were fake. Ozpin even made Jaune leader of one of the teams and, as Port said, Ozpin's judgment is to be trusted. It's all really just a Secret Test of Character for Jaune.
  • Considering he already knew Blake was a Faunus (a fact that only monkey king Sun and the now confirmed mechanical Penny were able to discern despite her obfuscating bow), wouldn't put it past him.

Ozpin knew that Cardin was blackmailing Jaune.
Why let it continue? Because this made Jaune start paying attention to class because he was terrified of Cardin; and had to do his homework right (and double-down on his own). No more falling asleep in class.

Ozpin will either not be shown to use a weapon; or his weapon can, but won't, be powered by Dust
As the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, Ozpin could easily fill the same role as Kenpachi by either being so skilled he can keep up with Dust-Augmented weapon users with a Dust-less weapon, or alternatively, we could see a scenario where any fights he participates in are off screen, and end relatively quickly and with minimal injuries on his side.
  • The handle of the cane looks more like the hilt of a sword, and contains gears.
  • If we're going by possible Bleach shout-outs, Ozpin's probably more like Kisuke Urahara. And not just because they both have canes.
  • Ozpin's cane is an electrified stun-baton.

Ozpin's remarks about Ruby's silver eyes will foreshadow a major revelation.
It's possible that Ruby inherited her silver eyes from one or both of her parents (and as we've seen in Red Vs. Blue having green eyes was how we saw that the Director and Carolina were related). Seeing who else has silver eyes might mean the discovery of an important family member. Another possibility is that gold and silver eyes are significant, which could mean there's an unrevealed link between Ruby and the golden-eyed Cinder.
  • It's possible she shares the eyes of someone else in her family (possibly whoever lays in the grave she visits), someone Ozpin knew and cared for in the past, whether as a pupil, partner, or teacher.
  • I suspect that he probably knows her family, (having known Qrow and currently being in contact with him) and recognized her eyes from them. I personally believe he was probably involved with her mother in some way, though I admit I have no proof for that one. I get the feeling he's training Ruby for something important due to knowing her family and possible potential, hence why he let her skip grades.

Ozpin will turn out to be The Man Behind the Man and the Big Bad.
Let's see here: silver hair. In anime, that's like holding up a big sign saying, "Hi - My name is Doctor von Evilsatan". Plus, he's the leader of a large organisation teaching youngsters how to become Hunters. Who's to say he's not planning to send them out on missions to fulfill his evil agenda after they graduate? I'm also guessing he recognised Ruby's eyes because he's previously offed a member of her family; as will be revealed in a flashback.

Ozpin and Ren are related in some way.
Green and black clothes, similar voices and facial structure (though this could likely be because Monty was originally supposed to voice Ozpin).

Ozpin can't use dust
Ozpin being based on the Wizard of Oz is unable to use magic powers and gained his position through clever political maneuvering.
  • In Baum's original Oz books, the Wizard of Oz received training in magic from Glinda the Good Witch and turned out to be very talented, going on to become a very powerful (genuine) wizard in his own right, which was on top of his inventor tendencies.

Ozpin is going to die, and it will affect Ruby greatly
Or Qrow, but he'd need a bit of characterization first. This comes out of several points coalescing together. "Red Like Roses" - the first version - contains a line for each of Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. Weiss and Yang's have been very indicative of who they are while Blake's, while not conclusive, seems to have similar elements to her - especially considering Monty's use of the word "mysterious". But Ruby's is about loss. Red Like Roses II delves even deeper into it - someone who is left alone to fight. Plenty of possibilities but unless Monty's really willing to sacrifice Yang, Mentor Occupational Hazard seems like the most likely candidate. Toss in Ozpin's general negativity and his seemingly unusual interest in Ruby and her development, it seems like he knows that his time is coming - and that Ruby is the one who must bear the burden of the fight ahead.

Ozpin was the leader of one of the best anti-Grimm teams in history, but screwed up, and now chooses not to fight.
One, Ozpin would need some serious credentials in order to be the head of this academy. Two, this would explain why Professor Port (mustache man) trusts him so much: He was part of that team. The other two members of the team? Glinda and the Scarlet Witch. Basically, those four were one of the best teams, and then Ozpin at some point made a serious mistake. Scarlet got pissed, and defected, Glinda is probably more angry at Scarlet than Ozpin, and Port just supports Ozpin. This would also explain the dialogue between Scarlet and Ozpin at the beginning of episode 1 (the voice over that ends with "things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Probably talking about not just Scarlet, but himself with that. His mistake was probably due to pride, and he has been paying for it ever since.
  • Alternate: Instead of the Scarlet Witch being the fourth member of the team, the fourth member was Qrow, explaining how they knew each other. Scarlet could have been Glinda's sibling or something, and maybe have once been romantically involved with Ozpin.
  • The "Scarlet Witch" is Cinder. Qrow was not on Ozpin's team, but apparently James Ironwood was, going by his statement in Field Trip. Very likely Glynda was also on this team.

Ozpin is an immortal/some manner of incredibly-long-lived being
How else could he have made more mistakes than any man, woman, or child on this planet? Longer lifespan.
  • Monty has said that he is 'very old'. May lapse into 'ageless' territory, possibly as a punishment or curse for the 'mistakes'.
  • Monty also stated that Ozpin doesn't follow his naming rules. This may have hinted at his age since Ozpin mentions that the tradition of naming people for colors began after the War.

Alternative to above, Ozpin's semblance is time travel.
Peter Port says that Ozpin has 'never once led [him] astray'. At the same time, Ozpin says to Ruby 'I've made more mistakes than any man, woman and child on this planet'. How could Ozpin have made so many mistakes from his point of view, and yet Port not be aware of them? Time travel. He makes a mistake, goes back in time, and fixes it, meaning the only one who knows he made a mistake is him.
  • I bet one of those mistakes had to do with Cinder and Summer. Possibly, he found that no matter what he did, someone had to be sacrificed for the sake of the world. Maybe Cinder found out and grew to hate him for it.
    • (OP here) My personal theory is that he can only go back in time so far. One time he made a mistake and as a result got knocked unconscious by Grimm. Summer Rose died trying to protect him and when he awoke he tried to go back in time to save her, but wasn't able to go back in time far enough, no matter how hard he tried.
  • His office in a clock tower supports this thematically at least.
    • He probably simply has an appreciation for time and history.

Alternative to both above theories, Ozpin's semblance is Illusion.
After Ozpin's speech in "The Shining Beacon," Ruby says "It's almost like he wasn't even there." The ability to project images of himself and put on a face for the rest of the world is also in keeping with his motif as the Wizard of Oz.

We will get to see Ozpin fight in a future episode
And he will proceed to either demolish a pack of mooks with contemptuous ease, putting even less effort into it than any of the main characters and still kicking ass, or go head-to-head with a "Boss"-type enemy like Torchwick, Adam, Cinder, or a boss-level Grimm, and either match them blow-for-blow or even have the upper hand. This may or may not be accompanied or triggered by him going Papa Wolf in defense of his school and/or his students.
  • Given the fact that we know Ozpin's cane is his weapon, I'd say this is a given. However, it may be a flashback.

Ozpin's cane is...
A thermos-cane. To explain why he always has hot coffee on hand.
  • No, that's Oobleck.

Ozpin's semblance:
  • Jaune used falsified documents to get in and was blatantly horrible at fighting, but the Headmaster didn't try to do anything to help him, seeing his true potential. With Ruby, she never tried to lie; granted this could just be her character, but being in an interrogation room is stressful. Most people wouldn't want to open up about themselves at that time.
  • "Seeing" may actually be Qrow's semblance if his symbol (an eye) is any indication.
  • After hearing Ozpin's speech on the first day in The Shining Beacon Pt. 2, this conversation occurs:
    Yang: He seemed kind of...off.
    Ruby: It's almost like he wasn't even there.

Ozpin and/or Glynda will be the Big Bad.
They're based off Glinda and The Wizard of Oz respectively, though there's been a lot of Alternate Character Interpretation (some widely famous) that say that Glinda and the Wizard are villainous people. Perhaps the show will play with that interpretation?
  • To be clear, Wicked didn't portray Oz or Glynda as villainous. They were simply ignorant and judgmental, not stopping to listen to Elphaba's side of the story.
    • "Stupidity is no excuse."
  • For what its worth, the opener for the second season had these lyrics in the full song version:
    "Were we born to fight and die
    sacrificed for one huge lie?
    Are we heroes keeping peace
    or are we weapons?
    Pointed at the enemy
    so someone else can claim a victory?
  • It's possible those lyrics apply to Ironwood's desire to bring the war to their enemies and he may be willing to manipulate the Huntsmen-in-training to do so.

Ozpin has a connection to Ruby that she isn't aware of.
Specifically, going on the Fairytale Motifs, he's the Woodsman, as evidenced by the emblem on his coffee mug being a pair of axes. His line about having 'made more mistakes than anyone' could be taken at face value, assuming he's Really 700 Years Old OR it could be taken as something he believes is true out of guilt, and that Ruby is a reminder of that guilt. He was a close friend of Summer Rose (Ruby's mother) and failed to save her life, and thus consider's himself responsible for Ruby's wellbeing, hence why he let her into Beacon so easily and why he's been very open and friendly with her in private, in contrast to his cold demeanor elsewhere.

"Ozpin" isn't the headmaster's real name.
Word of God (by way of the naming guidelines) confirms that there's a reason his name doesn't follow the normal colour-based theme naming. There's a fairly simple, universal explanation for an odd name; it's a pseudonym. This ties in nicely with its origin (being derived from the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz's given name's initials - if this WMG's correct, perhaps his real name will have something to do with Wizards, giant heads or people behind curtains).
  • It's possible that Ozpin's name predates the tradition of color-theme naming as he states this trend began after the War. Monty has stated that Ozpin is much older.

Ozpin plays a lot of scrabble.
How else would he come up with acronyms so easily?

Ozpin was keeping tabs on Ruby since before Episode 1
This is the real reason Glynda had that recording of Ruby's fight with Roman. It is also why Ozpin so quickly allowed Ruby to join Beacon.

Ozpin uses a sword and shielth, like Jaune's
Most likely in Sword Cane form. He's implied to be old (and likely Older Than He Looks) and he's got a similar "strategist leader" vibe going (especially compared to Ironwood). Jaune's weapon is old (inherited, in fact) and even if he's not that old, Ozpin probably appreciates the classics.
  • Doubtful.
  • Jossed. His cane does not possess a shield.

Ozpin knows about Cinder and company
Given that he has proven to already know several student secrets he'll prove to know about their plan as well. What better place to watch someone than under the school you run?
  • Possible. They know who the Queen is although they haven't mentioned her by name.
  • confirmed when after Cinder broke into the data base, Ozpin, Ironwood, and Glynda in a meeting remark, "She was here" indicating they know who "she" is.

Ozpin was in love with Summer Rose
They met at Beacon when they were younger and Ozpin developed feelings for her that stayed as they grew up. They were on different teams though and saw that she had feelings for someone else so he kept quiet so he could invoke I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. Ruby reminds him of Summer and that's why he is so open around her. The evidence to support this is as follows:
  • Ozpin calling Ruby adorable wasn't just him commenting on her youth, it was because she resembles her mother, which the silver eye comment would also support.
  • During his talk with Ruby about the mistakes he has made he has a mournful expression on his face that contrasts with all of his other appearances. This could include regret for not telling Summer about his feelings.
  • At the dance Ozpin tells Ruby that time has a way of testing the bonds between friends. Seems like something that comes from personal experience.

Ozpin was involved in the mission where Summer died
She was fatally wounded and asked Ozpin to promise her that he would look after Ruby. Ozpin also suffered a Heroic BSOD as a result of her death. The expression he makes during the conversation about making mistakes would definitely support this.

Ozpin is the only character in the show whose name does not follow the Colorful Theme Naming, which we've learned is justified in universe as a minor act of rebellion during the War that has carried on ever since. Monty has said there is a reason for this. If Ozpin were born before the war, it would explain why he is not named for a color, and it would certainly make his line about "making more mistakes than any man, woman, or child alive" make a bit more sense.
  • This could explain why Monty claims his name does not follow the naming rules. Ozpin states that trend began after the War.

The song "Sacrifice" is directed at Ozpin.
The spirit of defiance captured in this song just reminds me of Ozpin having "made more mistakes than any man, woman and child on the planet." I think having made people fight and die for a fruitless war might count as one of them, and this also conveniently justifies his seemingly passive stance in the present day, which Ironwood has so much trouble understanding.


Professor Peach will never be mentioned again
His was just a throwaway name.
  • He was last seen fighting a giant Turtle-like Grimm, and the school plumber (a woman of Latina descent) has taken it upon herself to look for him.
    • Thank you Maria, but our professor is on another campus!

There will be two other teachers at Beacon
They will also be based upon stories of a "(name) and the (thing)" convention similarly to Port and Oobleck.
  • Episode 13 mentioned a Professor Peach. This teacher will likely be named Jim Peach as in "James and the Giant Peach".
    • I predict the next teacher will be named John Stalk.
      • Jacques Darc is the real name of the real Jeanne Darc. He could be Jaune's father and an allusion to Jack.

Oobleck was sent with RWBY because he's the most qualified to take on the White Fang... as a diplomat
He's been established as knowing a great deal about history and being pro-Faunus rights and he's been sent in with a team which has both a Schnee and a former WF member he can cite. Maybe his mission is less "crush the terrorists" and more "talk some sense into those damn kids". Or at the very least, he's the school's resident White Fang expert. A more disturbing possibility is that he's been sent to keep an eye on Blake.
  • But their mission is about Grimm, isn't it?

The Professor Port has an actual cow named Edgar
He got him when Edgar was a calf. He raised him and taught him to fight. Now Edgar protects Port's home village from Grimm attacks and has earned the title of The Minotaur.

Glynda's Semblance is Restoration
The way she's shown repairing the dining hall and the damage from the train detonation so perfectly strongly indicate an innate ability to restore things to their proper condition.

Dr. Oobleck owns a lot of hats.
Possibly exactly five hundred, thus cementing the reference.

    Beacon Students 


Every major character at Beacon has some kind of secret.
Hints have been dropped for every member of Team RWBY (even Yang's Super Mode seems somewhat suspect) and Ozpin's already admitted to making more mistakes than any one person on the face of the planet. Seems like a Dark Secret might be required on the transcript.
  • Also, Ozpin already knows all the student's secrets, though they're unaware of that fact.
  • Everybody in the world has some kind of secret.

Sparring partners in Glynda's combat class are decided by ability
The point of sparing is to learn how to fight and a placing two opponents who are wildly mismatched together would just lead to curb stomp battles where neither person would benefit. This is why in martial arts there are weight classes and belts. The only reason Cardin was fighting Juan was that team CRDL are amongst the weakest in in there year. It explains why when you have such strong characters as Lie Ren (took out the King Tiejitu alone) and Pyrrha (record regional champion wins, Cardin doesn't continuously get his ass handed to him but he is so arrogant he hasn't figured this out yet. As another guess the top tier includes Velvet (word of god says she's powerful), Yang, Blake, Lie and Pyrrha. Second has Nora, Ruby (not because they are unskilled but because neither is known for restraint) and Weiss (again not lack of skill but lack of real experience)


The gem in Cardin's mace is a Dust crystal
Likely a fire gem so he can set his mace on fire.
  • Confirmed. It was used a few times during his fight against Pyrrha in Extracurricular.

Something/someone will break Cardin's legs by sheer coincidence.
The line has come up enough times that it would make a fitting just desserts for the school bully.

Cardin will pull a Face-Heel Turn.
He'll get busted for his bullying and wind up either humiliated or expelled from Beacon. This will drive him to join forces with the likes of Rome and the Witch in order to get revenge, specifically on Jaune.

Alternatively, "Breaking Cardin's Legs" may be a huge Foreshadowing of his Character Development.
It may sound like it won't make sense to some, but this is the same thing that happened to Yuri Boyka "The most perfect fighter in the world" after losing to Chambers in the second film by literally breaking one of his legs.

Cardin will become the show's Butt Monkey after Jaune escapes the role
After Jaune's revelations in Jaunedice Part II, it's not all that funny seeing him be inept and bumbling. It wouldn't be so funny if someone we liked became the Plucky Comic Relief in his place, for the same reason. But what if someone we don't like takes the role? Cardin could become an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist.
  • Well he did get his ass handed to him in Extracurricular... by a girl! *self-five*

Cardin (possibly all of CRDL) may be expelled for trying to destroy Jaune
Assuming Ozpin knows the truth and doesn't care (which he likely does), and that the group is slated for a Face-Heel Turn or Red Shirt status. Eventually Jaune will grow a pair and sufficiently anger Cardin enough that blackmail is no longer amusing, or JNPR groups up to beat his head in after Jaune mans up and tells them about it. Cardin, desperate to have the last word in the feud, will approach Ozpin directly. At this point, one of two things could happen. 1. Ozpin will flatly state Jaune earned his place by surviving at all and order Cardin to back off or face his own expulsion. If Cardin complains specifically about violation of the rules, Ozpin will bluntly reaffirm headmaster fiat and tell Cardin that Jaune is at Beacon "because I said so" and if Cardin doesn't like it, he can leave. Depending on what Monty wants to do with Team Cardinal, Cardin may force the issue and get his team expelled, setting them up to join Torchwick. 2. Jaune and Cardin will both be summoned to Ozpin's office. For drama-milking on the writers' part, Ozpin will initially start by rightfully berating Jaune for forging his transcripts, which will have Jaune sullen and Cardin quite smug. Then Ozpin will suddenly start showering Jaune with praise on what he's done so far in the show (lead a team in killing a massive Grimm, survive his trial in the first place, stand up for Velvet, anything else he does between now and whenever this plot is resolved), and end by calling Cardin out on all of his negative traits, including his vicious racism and how he encourages it in his team, as well as his moral bankruptcy concerning the blackmail. It'll end with Jaune getting slapped on the wrist in some fashion but encouraged that he belongs at Beacon, and Cardin either warned to back off or expelled outright.
  • It seems the whole blackmail thing will be coming to a head very soon and Jaune never did stand up for Velvet. Though he did refuse to partake in CRDL's bullying.
  • By Volume 2, it's certainly looking as though CRDL got no comeuppance for their wrongdoing.
  • So... totally jossed.

Cardin will pull a Heel-Face Turn
Brought on by the heroics in Episode 14. There's a reason why, in the opening, Jaune gets the camera focus for the line "your heart will open minds."

Cardin will eventually become Jaune's best male friend
...besides Ren anyway

It might take months or years, but Jaune saving Cardin was just the start of it. That act of saving him might have been humiliating, but not only did it prove to Cardin that he CAN defend himself if he wanted to, he also earned his respect, even if he didn't notice it, considering his own team bailed on him. With Cardin no longer too busy bullying him to notice, he could witness more of Jaune's more heroic points; extra bonus points if they end up having to team up together against a threat. I'd like to think Cardin can be more bro-like if he acted genuinely nice eventually.

To prove this plausibility: anyone remember Flash Thompson, known all too well for being Spiderman's personal bully? Well, for one thing, he did have genuine respect for heroes, and believe it or not, but years after high school ended, and they became adults, he matured to the point that he of all people became one of Peter Parker's best friends. Not every jerk stays a jerk forever.

Cardin is descended from General Legume
This just seems to make so much more sense of a lot of things; Cardin's hatred of Jaune stems from jealousy, because Jaune's family were remembered as heroes, while Cardin's ancestor is widely known for being General Failure. He blames the faunus for his family's shame, and therefore tries to dismiss them as animals. Also, he was annoyed more by Pyrha telling everyone about Fort castle than he was by Blake needling him, which is odd, since Pyrha was relatively passive, and not as insulting. Finally, Oobleck's comment about history repeating itself can't be referring to Jaune, because Jean D'arc isn't part of Remnant's history. maybe it could be referring to the Winchester family instead.
  • While the General Lagune thing makes sense, Cardin seems to target Jaune mainly because he's an easy target, not out of any personal history.

Russel Thrush, of CRDL, has a secret of some sort.
His design is the odd one out in the team (he has a barbarian style ripped shirt and shoulder pad while the other three have symmetrical plate armour). In the Forever Fall episodes he was noticeably separate from the team as they looked at the other students (on the far left, blocked off from the rest of the team by Jaune - his leader's blackmailed Butt Monkey) and towards the end of part 1, when they're advancing on Jaune, he's standing alone off to the left of the screen while Dove and Lark are standing together on the opposite side (although this could just be down to D&L being partners and Russell standing to the right of Cardin). If CRDL get more character development, it's a safe bet he's going to be the group's outsider with some sort of secret (maybe serving as a foil to how RWBY deals with what they learned about Blake in episodes 15 and 16) - perhaps having faunus heritage (come on, don't say the haircut didn't make you think it!) or secretly not sharing the others' views on them (given their bishop theme, being a "heretic" would sort of make sense).
  • If speculation is true about him being based on Robin Hood, he likely has a criminal history.

Sky Lark and Dove Bronzewing are allusions to Thor and Pyrrha antagonists
Sky Lark is very likely Loki. Why? To lark means to cause mischief. Loki's forte. Sky very likely takes a lot of inspiration from the recent film version of Loki who wields a staff that resembles a glaive or halberd (like Sky's). Likewise, the fact that Loki was born a Frost Giant gave him natural blue skin (he was able to magically adopt Asgardian guise helped by the fact that he was born a runt rather than a true giant). This ties in to Sky Lark's blue color motif. If true, it would be a decent reason to refer to him as "Lark" instead of Sky.

Dove Bronzewing is Hector of Troy. Why? During his fight with Achilles, Troy's greatest warrior swordsman was described as a "cringing dove", such was his fear that he may actually die fighting Achilles. After all, the two lived by different philosophies. Hector was fighting to protect his kingdom but still hoped to live. Achilles fought because battle was his life and he wanted revenge for Patroclus. This would further explain why these characters ran away from the Ursa (Loki and Henry Beaufort aren't fighters and Hector only fought when he knew he must). The fact that Dove uses a sword/revolver is reflective of the skill Hector had with sword and bow. Also, judging by the sword's design, it may transform to more strongly resemble a bow.


Russel Thrush is Loki
Loki is known to where green (at least insomuch as the Marvel version implies) and he wields mostly a dagger in battle (unlike his comic book counterpart).

Sky Lark is Skathi
Another Norse god, or rather, goddess (there's been genderbend precedence) and a Jotunn like Loki. She wields a spear. She may not be a well-known figure in Norse mythology but one could argue that Cardinal Winchester wasn't all that well-known either.

Cardin was paired with Sky, Russel was paired with Dove.
This is based on how they fight in Extracuricular. Cardin pulled a pretty effective combo with Sky before he was taken out, both by surounding Pyrrha and when close in, but seemed less capable of doing so with Russel and Dove, who themselves were pretty well in-sync.


Velvet Scarlatina's weapon of choice.
Velvet's weapon will likely be a gun (Pretty much like everyone else) but instead of having another form as a melee weapon, she can change it into different forms of guns. Rifle, Shotgun, Assault, even a pistol form.
  • The rabbit in the moon is making rice cakes, which are made by pounding rice with a very long mallet called an usu. Nora already has a hammer, though
    • A Yawara that extends into a police baton, that brings to mind a mortar and pestle used to make rice cakes? And equipped with a weapon capable of shooting her into the air when fired, allowing her to jump higher?
  • The Bunny is a rocket launcher in Borderlands Nora already has a rocket launcher though
    • Not rocket launcher, grenade launcher. There's a difference
  • Velvet will use The Rabbit
  • Monty has stated she'd use a wand.
    • Monty said she'd be a mage. But he refused to comment on her weapon. If it was just a wand, why hide in it a box?
  • Perhaps she'll be a Minion Master commanding something akin to Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog certainly would explain why her team doesn't think a Grimm invasion is a threat enough to use it.

The rest of Velvet's team are Faunus.
You know, segregation. And it could be why they didn't defend her against CRDL- they were afraid they'd get bullied too.
  • If Professor Oobleck's lecture is any indication, Beacon staff probably don't think highly of such things. There's always self-segregation, of course, but the random nature of the pairings seems designed to counter any sort of personal preference. This does beg the question of why Cardin's team gets away with bullying (Velvet in particular), but that could be covered by the "sink or swim" mentality seen throughout the series, i.e. she needs to learn to stand up for herself if she wants to pick fights with monsters for a living.
  • Going by the Volume 2 Opening, her team doesn't seem to be Faunus.
  • While Fox is in question, it is mostly accepted at this point that Velvet's teammates are human.

Velvet's storyline will somehow involve wishing she were human.
Maybe she's internalized the racism against Faunus and honestly doesn't think of herself as a human being. Her character arc could involve finding self-confidence and kicking that line of thought to the curb.
  • The tale she is based on revolves around a toy rabbit wishing it was a real one, so as to be with it's owner. Replace toy with Faunus and real one with Human� Although the story does have it become real.

There will be other characters who wish they were human.
Such as the newly revealed automaton, Penny.
  • One member of Velvet's team is named Fox. The kitsune is a mystical creature which has the ability to take human form. It's not the same but a similar motif nonetheless. It's possible the tall member is based on Elphege, a prince who was transformed into a Green Monkey. He was eventually changed back.
  • The other members of Velvet's team are Coco and Yatsuhashi. Yatsuhashi is named for a blind musician who probably wished he could see. Coco is probably named for Coco Chanel (who likely wished for fame).

Velvet will be recruited into the White Fang because she wants a place to belong.
When we first see Velvet, she is sitting alone and being picked on by Team CRDL. Emphasis on the "alone" part. Where is her team? It might just be that her schedule with other members of her team meant that she was alone for that short time, but for argument's sake, we'll say that her teammates won't have anything to do with her due to her Faunus status. This isolation makes for prime conditions for recruiting into extremist organizations. Velvet will meet a representative of the White Fang, who will tell her about humans who will, at best, ignore them or at worst, bully/persecute/enslave them. She will enlist with the White Fang because they will offer her companionship, something that she seems to (so far) be sorely lacking.

From here, Velvet's story can take a number of directions. She seems like a sweet girl, so it is unlikely that it is in her nature to harm even those who discriminated against her. So eventually, White Fang will either gradually changer her personality so she becomes a loyal, maybe even fanatical, fighter. Or, more hopefully, Velvet will reach a point where her conscience will not allow her to perform acts of terrorism, and pull a Heel-Face Turn.

Velvet will have at least one reference to Reisen Udongein Inaba.
  • Her weapon will be a combination handgun/magic staff, so as to comply to Monty's word that she is primarily a mage.
  • Her Aura/Semblance is confusion-inducing EM waves.
  • Her outfit will strongly recall Reisen's.* Or, at one point, she will say a variation of the statement "I'm just a useless little bunny, only good for my sex appeal".

Velvet avoids her team at lunch for their safety.
Because they would beat the crap out of anyone messing with her and she's afraid they'd get in trouble.
  • More likely prejudice is rare at Beacon and she figured she would be safe on her own.

Velvet failed first-year history.
This would explain why an upperclassman would be taking Professor Oobleck's classes together with other first-years.

The guy who got over-excited in Professor Port's class will be on Velvet's team
Because they already have the character model.
  • Unless he had a growth-spurt, the new season opener which shows Velvet with her team. The overzealous kid had dark hair. The dark-haired guy pictured here is huge.
    • A more popular assumption is that Yatsuhashi is a the White Fang Lieutenant introduced in "Painting the Town..." either as an infiltrator or as a serious member.

This will beg the question of "What does Fox say?"
  • Or a situation will arise in which his team defers to him.
  • Both he and Yatsuhashi have yet to say a word.

Team CFVY is Ozpin's super-secret task group
Considering we see him drink coffee all the time, and their team name is pronounced like his favorite drink, more than likely he favors them a lot.

Oobleck will be CFVY's mentor
Because he like Ozpin really likes coffee but also because seeing just how nervous Velvet was about even admitting to being discriminated against is trying to help her fit in with the team and build her self-confidence.
  • Actually, Oobleck is working with RWBY.
  • The group arrived with Port.

Coco will be a Summer Rose fangirl
Yang does mention the Summer kept doing missions and doesn't seem to have been military so she was probably seen like a Justice League member. Coco heard stories about her and developed an admiration for Summer. When she finds out that Ruby is her daughter she will Squee at the idea of learning more about Summer from Ruby, completely dropping her cool girl persona.

The other teams from the Initiation
RWBY took white "Ponies" which parallel their fairytale motif. JNPR took white "castles" which parallel their kingdom motif. CRDL took black bishops (aka Euplectes which, in turn, parallels the team's avian motif]).

Going by what we have seen so far, the remaining pieces Pawns will be notoriously disposable redshirts, and lastly, the Queens will be royals perhaps a mix of fairytale and real life royal legends. Of course there are two colors and thus likely two sides to the school. So far we know RWBY and JNPR share a dorm hall. That's likely the "White" side, while CRDL will be on the "Black" side with whoever else chose the black pieces.

If correct, then the black knight pieces will be taken by characters who represent darker fairytales; the black rook pieces will be taken by legendary villains (perhaps Publius Clodius Pulcher, Caligula, the Big Bad Wolf, definitely Loki if going the way of genderswaps as they did with JNPR); the white bishops will be an all-girl team based again on birds.

The total amount of teams.
There will be a bare minimum of six total teams in Beacon, alongside RWBY and JNPR.
  • There's CRDL too.
  • 16 students at the lineup, 15 launchers sounded, 14 students flew into the Forest. At least four teams could be created from the 16, the last picking up either the Pawns or the Queens/Kings. Each team only takes two pieces, this implies that there could be up to ten teams, each of which is comprised of four members.
  • Obviously, there were not enough students launched into the forest, so some of the relics are excess, unless there were unseen launchers.
  • So far, there is at least one more team (Velvet's team), bringing the total to 16/40 possible students at Beacon. Not counting Sun's team because they don't seem to be from Beacon.
    • Apparently, Velvet's team existed prior to the Initiation, so they do not contribute to the count.
    • Based on Field Trip, the total of first-year students ranges from 40-50 students for schools of each kingdom.

Ruby fights for the sake of her dead (grand)mother. Weiss is longing for friends to end her loneliness. Blake will be fighting to save her beloved from his curse. Yang will be just someone who loves life as a whole.
  • Possibly true for Blake, as she seems to be vaguely unhappy with Adam's pragmatism throughout the Black trailer.
  • Possibly also true for Yang, if that includes a love for battle.
  • As for Ruby, she is referred as "Sis" by Yang, which probably showed that these two girls have shared a sisterly/family-like bond together.

Team RWBY will specialize in Dust use, while Team JNPR will specialize in Aura use.
  • Already subverted by Nora's weapon, but hey, that seems to be the deal with Jaune, Pyrrha, and Ren.
  • It might not be. So far Blake hasn't used Dust yet, just bullets and her Aura. The conversation between Ozpin and Glynda mentions how Glynda had hoped for Ren to end up with someone else. Perhaps she intended Blake and Ren to team together, while Yang and Nora ended up actual partners? But Nora and Blake ended up closer to their current partners than the ideal ones.
    • More like Blake and Nora are the Black Sheep of their groups.
      • Except Ruby has never used dust herself and Pyrrha's only used her semblance once to our knowledge. In fact, it seems like Pyrrha can fight just fine without dust OR semblance.
*** Pyrrha is always using her Semblance. Also, RWBY are always using their Semblances. Ruby has superspeed, Weiss uses Glyphs to enhance her Dust spells, Blake creates split-second clones, and Yang converts kinetic energy.

Team CRDL will join Roman's gang.
It's pretty obvious given that they are all blatantly evil racist bullies, exactly the type to join the villains. Roman offers them money, they'll sell out turn on Beacon, giving both Team RWBY and Team JPNR a chance to team up against and slaughter CRDL and move on.

The teams of the Extranormal Institute are unwitting Villain Protagonists
Whoever their leader happens to be, I think s/he's using all those teens and young adults to antagonize various other factions around the world and disrupt the balance of power, under the guise of either challenging the establishment and/or combating the criminal underworld.
  • It's possible that team JNPR is an allusion to "The Juniper Tree" — a Grimm Brother's tale about a wicked stepmother who encourages her innocent daughter to lie about the death of her stepbrother whom the stepmother killed. Eventually, magic resurrects the stepbrother and kills the stepmother.

Ozpin, Glynda and Port were all on the same team
Port mentions that he's followed Ozpin without question for years and Glynda seems to be something of a close acquaintance of Ozpin's. They might even be a mirror image of what Team RWBY is now, with Ozpin matching Ruby, Port matching Yang and Glynda matching either Weiss or Blake.
  • How about the Female Narrator as the fourth? Blake's hinted troubled past may have an analogy in the Female Narrator. Eventually, what will separate the two are their decisions and trust in their teams, hence Port's comment about loyalty - Port and Glynda trusted Ozpin, the Female Narrator did not. Now the Female Narrator is one of those mistakes Ozpin mentioned in Episode 10, and also an example of his cautionary tale to Ruby about having to earn the right to be a leader of others.
  • By the looks of it, the fourth member was Oobleck - in the volume 2 trailer when all of the teams are shown in their group shots, Oobleck is grouped with the rest of the instructors at Beacon.
  • More likely, Ozpin was teamed with Glynda and Qrow. The newly revealed Ironwood is likely a reference to the Tin Woodsman and is more likely the former fourth member of this supposed team.
    • Actually, Monty has stated they are looking into introducing a Cowardly Lion and Dorothy character into the show. It's possible these two, along with Ironwood and Qrow were on a team together, while Ozpin and Glynda were on another team, possibly with the true Wicked Witch (in other words, not Cinder).
  • Qrow was stated as being teamed with Yang and Ruby's parents (their father and Yang's mother and Summer Rose). Ironwood, meanwhile, has stated that he served Ozpin. It's possible that he was on a team with Oz as the leader.

There is a shortage of students wanting to apply to Beacon
That's why Ozpin accepted Jaune who faked his papers, and Ruby, even though she was only 15. He needs all the potential students he can get and thinks "Well, if they're willing, why shouldn't I accept them?"
  • I'm more convinced that Ozpin is conscripting students for a future war, which may explain his relatively liberal acceptance policies, as well as the Spartan-like initiation process. Or I'm reading too much into "This Will Be the Day"...
    • In Volume 2, Ironwood asks "Do you really believe your children can win a war?" So this seems to be the case here.

Pyrrha used her semblance to smack Cardin's ally in the face.
Cardin, being a headstrong Jerk Ass, didn't notice or care.
  • Nope. She didn't need to. Cardin is just a dumb ass.

Team SSSN will transfer to Beacon
  • Probably not.

Everyone will transfer to other schools after Beacon is destroyed.
  • The school thing isn't gonna last.

Team CFVY were supposed to be in an away mission, but instead and/or also, they attended the White Fang Meeting
They are rebels, they associate themselves with the White Fang. In fact, Yatsuhashi just happens to be one of the lieutenants. If not the whole of Team CFVY (as no rabbit ears were spotted), probably just him & maybe someone else (like a teammate).

Team SSSN is, in fact, Team SSNS or Team SEASONS.
  • Sun, with his blonde hair, white shirt and, well, his name, represents the summer sun.
  • Neptune, with his namesake's connection to water, represents the winter snow.
  • Scarlet represents the colors of fall, and Sage represents the greenery of spring.
  • Jossed. Team SSSN is Team SSSN.

The team Ruby and Yang's parents were on was called team Quest.
  • We know that the team consisted of the girls' father, their respective mothers and their uncle; of those characters we know the names of three: Qrow, Summer and Taiyang, that leaves one extra letter. assuming as another wmg states that the fourth member (yang's mother) was Cinder we are left with Q,C,T,S an acronym that really can't spell anthing; however it's possible that when she was part of the team she didn't go by Cinder Fall, perhaps her real name is (entirely because of the fairytale she's based on) Ella, leaving us with Q,E,S,T Quest.
  • The team name is TRQS (turquoise): Taiyang, Raven, Qrow, Summer. Why do people keep coming up with team names that are in no way related to color? It's completely ridiculous.
    • Well, partly because the team names are also not necessarily colours - RWBY or 'Ruby' is a type of gemstone, JNPR, 'Juniper' a type of plant, CFVY or 'Coffee' a drink, CRDL or 'Cardinal' a type of bird/senior official of the church. QRTS or 'Quartz' would probably be a better guess (and as a gemstone fits in with the naming of RWBY, given that it's seemingly made up of Ruby and Yang's family)
    • Those are all the names of shades of various colours (named after those things). Ruby's a shade of red, juniper's a shade of green, coffee's a shade of brown and cardinal's another shade of red.
      • Juniper can also be a shade of blue (the berries) or a shade of yellow (seasonal change)
      • It was even a plot point in Volume 2 when discussing why so many people are named after colors— there was a war some time ago that involved an attempt to wipe out art and expression, leading to people naming their children to evoke a color as a cultural reminder against letting history repeat itself. It makes sense that Beacon's team names have followed the same convention if it's so culturally widespread that it's in effect all over the world, not just in Vale.

     The Bad People 


Torchwick will get away with it.
At the end of the series (hopefully many, many years from now) after all is said and done, after all the battles have been fought, and after all the other villains have been killed or imprisoned... Roman will turn out to have escaped during the climactic battle with a suitcase full of money and left to retire somewhere tropical.
  • Torchwick has been apprehended (again) as of Breach. Although based on his laughter, he's exactly where he wants to be.

Roman is planning an assault on Beacon.
At the end of Episode 8: Players & Pieces,Roman is seen examining a map of Vale, which is marked with movement arrows, position markers, and labels, primarily about the police. He's shown with a phone, at the tail end of a discussion with someone. During this scene, one of his employees wheels in a cart loaded with secured crates, filled with Dust crystals, remarking that he'll need a lot more. If he's not gearing up for a major offensive, then what is he doing?
  • Whatever he's doing, it's for whatever purposes Cinder has in mind.
    • Going by Episode 4 of Volume 2, the "assault" seems to be destined for Vale as a whole.
    • Confirmed... Sorta. His plan was to lead Grimm into Vale via an old railway line. Still not sure about what happened with all of the White Fang who were accompanying him. This troper suspects that the White Fang were meant to sneak into the city in the confusion, but some didn't make it out.
      • Eh? Next to no one made it out because 1)they were mostly normals 2)the train was exploding 3)most were left unconscious in the underground ruins during Ruby's rescue and 4) the train traveled at full speed (and real trains will hit 100 mph without much issue) for a half hour meaning survivors would have had to trek across miles of Grimm infested territory AND GLYNDA SEALED THE BREACH in roughly the time it would take to commute to that part of town by helicopter. Those White Fang are dead.

Roman Torchwick has fought with Qrow in the past
When Torchwick first sees Ruby revealing her scythe, he narrows his eyes. This could be just annoyance at the interruption, but this could also be a sign of recognition. After she easily defeats his minions, Torchwick makes a tactical withdrawal. When pursued, he first attempts to kill Ruby via Dust explosion, and when Goodwitch shows up, he lets Cinder take care of her. At the conclusion of "Ruby Rose," the audience assumes that Torchwick is not very combat oriented. However, this is shown quite wrong in "Black and White," where Torchwick holds his own against both Sun and Blake. Yet when Ruby shows up again, he does not attack her immediately, but waits until she's distracted to fire at her.
  • Maybe Torchwick, like Ozpin, had only seen one other scythe wielder of this skill before: Qrow. So when Torchwick saw Ruby's scythe, and how well she used it, he knew from prior experience that fighting her would end in a loss.
    • Or he simply recognized how unusual it was to see a little girl wielding a massive scythe/sniper rifle.

Roman will have a Karmic Transformation into a Faunus... somehow
His Fairytale Motif, Candlewick from Pinocchio (Lampwick in the Disney film), are redhead turned into donkeys. On top of that the constant dismissive comments toward his Faunus mooks are basically Tempting Fate.
  • Or maybe...

Roman is a self-hating Faunus
This will come to light in the second season... maybe.
  • He doesn't even need to be self hating. What we've seen of him so far makes him look like exactly the sort of person to feign hatred to just to hide the truth. Maybe he just needs everyone to think he's human for some reason.
  • He does wear that hat a lot...
    • Yeah, but his mug shot episode 1 didn't show any animal ears. A tail perhaps?

Qrow is Roman Torchwick.
When Ozpin recieved the message "Queen Has Pawns" From Qrow the 'queen' is Cinder and the 'pawns' are the people that were behind her. Qrow would have to be The Mole in Cinders' organization to find this information. He is texting in such a vague manner in case his phone is checked.
  • Ruby would know her own uncle when she sees him. I doubt they're in cahoots to keep his identity a secret. If anyone would be, Ozpin is likely the only person who should be aware of it.
  • It has actually been stated since Burning the Candle that Qrow looks more similar to Adam (whom Ruby has never met).
    • Yang's mother shares her red eyes. Qrow shares the lady's last name. If Qrow's eyes are also red (and assuming Adam's eyes are red under that mask), they could be the same person.

Roman will infect Penny with a virus to control her
He was able to get ahold of a Paladin, so clearly he's able to steal things of any size. Surely he can kidnap Penny, develop a virus, and use that to control her. Besides, he's based of of Lampwick from the Pinocchio story, and Penny is based off the title character. Lampwick corrupted Pinocchio, and Roman will corrupt Penny.

Roman will attempt to corrupt Penny as a False Friend.
However, in the face of Penny's kindness and eternal optimism, Roman will unexpectedly end up Becoming the Mask.

Roman has some sort of relationship with the Schnee Dust Company
Considering how he got the Atlesian Paladin from his "employer". The way he worded it sounds like the machine was acquired more through a business deal than stolen.

Roman will betray Cinder.
Possibly he'll get tired of being disrespected or will decide he doesn't need her around anymore. Or, maybe he will figure out Cinders end game and decide there's no profit in it. He might try to bump her off, if he fails he will either be eliminated himself or be forced to switch sides.


Cinder's powers are related to carbon manipulation and teleportation.
Cinder's outfit in "Dance, Dance, Infiltration," alongside her weapons, are black, and this fact alongside her fire affiliation makes it's hard to not evoke carbon imagery. Perhaps her fire spells deal with superheating/burning carbon into various forms at improbable speeds. Her dress does appear to have small jewels that look like diamonds, and mask after the transformation is charred like weak carbon. She may also have short range teleportation as she can draw swords from some unknown location and vanishes when Ironwood enters. These two powers may even be related or connected. Regardless, she is a lot more powerful than what we first thought.
  • Seemingly, her ability to create glass weapons is not her semblance and is recognized by the authorities as being connected to her fusing Dust to her body/clothing.
  • However, we were shown in No Brakes that Dust can augment one's semblance, so this is not entirely jossed.

Cinder has Hypnotic Eyes
In the first episode of Volume 2 Roman starts pushing to know more about the master plan. When Cinder approaches him and tells him that he's on a need-to-know basis she locks eyes with him and her own eyes glow subtly. Once Roman gives in and looks away, they stop glowing and the conversation carries on without any more protests from Roman. Possibly just Cinder being intimidating again, but could be something more.
  • This becomes more prominent in episode 2 when Ruby runs into Cinder posing as a student. Ruby starts to make the connection to the dust shop robbery, then we see the glowing eyes and she just forgets all about it. In both instances Cinder does appear to all-out mind control her victims but rather use subtly suggest their minds think about something else. The eyes may be hypnotic simply through their fiery glow, or Cinder may have figured out how to "burn" her victim's brains in a certain way. After all, memories are nothing more than links, and by destroying the links, Cinder can alter her victim's thoughts.
  • In neither of those scenes did Cinder's eyes glow. They were just her eyes. Ruby just didn't recognize Cinder because the last time she saw her, she didn't see her (she was in the shadows). And no, she wouldn't recognize her by her eyes because, well, gee, would you look at this, Blake has the same color eyes. Did Ruby stop to accuse her of being a Dust thief?
  • It's not a super flashy glow like they do in the openings. It's much more subtle. It's best seen in episode 1 in the shot that starts at around 13:09 in the youtube version. Her eyes very faintly glow brighter, accompanied by some musical cue/ambient sound. Don't mean to start an edit war, but the effect very clearly exists and is reason to speculate.
    • Be that as it may, the glow thing doesn't happen when she confronts Ruby. Most likely, she only did it to Roman to remind him that she can barbecue him any time she wants.

Cinder's "personal weapon" is actually her dress
As the pattern on the collar and sleeves of her dress precisely matches the "tattoo" pattern that glows when she uses Aura.
  • It has been confirmed that Dust can be weaved into clothing or "fused" to one's body. So it's safe to say she had that done either to her dress or as a tattoo.
  • While not outright Jossed, S2 E7 shows she has a weapon.
  • Technically, her weapon is Dust.

Cinder is a renegade Huntress
The only people we've seen with powers on par with what she's demonstrated so far have all been hunters or hunters-in-training, and it seems quite reasonable that those powers are either dust magic or related to her Semblance.
  • Likely the latter.

Cinder is the one who killed Ruby's mother.
Just a feeling... Plus, it'd make for great drama once the two inevitably meet.
  • Guess that depends on what you mean by "meet." Because Ruby has technically met Cinder at Beacon now.

Cinder pulled a Face-Heel Turn.
Ozpin, Port, Glynda and Cinder were a team back in their school days working together as RWBY and co do now. They went on to be a famous Hunter team, unusual in the fact that they worked together rather than singly or in pairs. Either Cinder was always the Token Evil Teammate who revealed herself at an inopportune moment leading to her open break with Ozpin and the rest of the team. Or recent history events yet to be covered in show. Probably dealing with dust, and the truth behind the creatures of Grimm lead to Cinder taking the dark side path when she learned the truth herself.
  • It's looking more likely that Ozpin encountered Cinder as an enemy in the past.

Cinder is neither human nor Faunus.
If anything, my money is on some bizarre variant of Grimm. We still don't know for sure exactly how she and Roman are tied to the Grimms (they seem to be separate forces so far), but we also don't know where Cinder's powers come from. She doesn't seem to use any sort of weapons, and the burning nature of her eyes is unlike anything we've seen in any characters so far, human, faunus or even Grimm. I don't think she got so skilled at using Dust without being related to the most supernatural beings we've encountered so far. Perhaps a Grimm born with an aura, and (a la Cinderella), her Semblance is the ability to turn into a beautiful woman, only instead of her original form being an innocent girl, her original form is a snarling wolf monster.

Cinder is the "queen" and Roman/the people behind her are the "pawns"
Seems fairly reasonable.
  • Volume 2 Episode 1 makes this seem all the more likely.
    • No. Dance Dance Infiltration makes this seem all too likely. (she puts up the Queen chesspiece on all of Beacon's computers.)

Cinder plans to bring an Apocalypse or world-threatening disaster with Dust.
  • According to sources, mankind has only scratched the surface about the true nature of Dust. Cinder, stating she has big plans, probably knows more about Dust than any other human in Remnant and is keeping it to herself for her own purposes.

Because the creatures of Grimm are obviously the Bigger Bad. Perhaps Cinder has some radical plan to kill the monsters that other disagree with.

Cinder is Nyarlathotep
This just popped into my head. No idea why.

Cinder is actually a good guy, and is playing the White Fang in order to ruin them.
One of her underlings is concerned that the White Fang might not listen to them anymore, after the Grimm failed to cause any significant damage in their attack, and many of the White Fang failed to make it out of the train tunnels alive. And she gets her two underlings to help stop the Grimm. AND she calls the day a success. Something tells me that she is planning something.

Cinder is good?
To support what I theorize, the intro song and a song dedicated to Cinder made by Casey & Jeff Williams who make all of RWBY’s songs states: "Did the things you thought you should/ All the things they said were good/… Born an angel, heaven sent/ Falls from grace are never elegant/… I’m not your sacrifice/… Blind and keep the people on their knees/… Truth will rise/ Revealed by mirrored eyes/ What if all the plans you made/ were not the price they paid/ Even with the lives you stole/ Still no closer to your…goal."


"Were we born to fight and die/ Sacrificed for one huge lie/ Are we heroes keeping peace/ Or are we weapons/ Pointed at the enemy/ So someone else can claim a victory/


( if you haven’t listened to any of the songs, well do b/c they give much more info than even the show itself :P)

Since not much is known, this is all in theory* She was a phenomenal huntress. “born an angel, heaven sent” From being such an extraordinaire, she talks with higher-ups and learns something, a dark dire secret. "Blind and keep the people on their knees". From this point she takes matters into her own hands, is betrayed by such higher-ups and her own friends. "Falls from grace are never elegant"

During her vanish, she makes a plan. A plan to take down the higher-ups, but needs a lot of manpower to do this. Thus requires the White Fang, Roman, the dust and the virus she implemented into the system to take power from her enemies from the paladins and knights (which I might add that Qrow said the Queen (Cinder) has pawns (the virus) and made it into a Queen by adding it into corrupt the soldiers). Doing all this to quite possible end whatever secret and its foundation. "Truth will rise/ Revealed by mirrored eyes"

I support this theory/compilation of theories made in this youtube.


To give a little more proof to this plan, Cinder states in Extracurricular ” It’s not about overpowering an enemy. It’s about taking away what power they have. And we will, in time. “

Elaborate theory on Cinder's backstory and plans
Based on her actions in the series thus far and the song "Sacrifice", this troper has a theory about cinder. Been thinking about this song. i have a theory themed around Cinder. Cinder was a student huntress at beacon, a celebrated and paramount student, then her team gets sent on a field assignment, something goes horribly wrong and she is the only survivor. in rage and sorrow she blames ozpin and the others, viewing the training at beacon as sacrificing children to keep adults safe from Grimm.

at some point after this she has found out/decided for herself that the act of the hunters actively fighting back against the Grimm is a major part of whats fueling them. she comes up with a plan for both revenge and putting a stop to the Grimm once and for all. Everyone knows the Grimm are drawn too and feed off of human emotion, negative ones to be specific. So she plans to wipe out most of humanity to deny the Grimm their food source and effectively kill them off via starvation.

her plan involves making a Massive reserve of dust that she can use with her semblance to essentially make a dust induced cataclysm to annihilate the majority of human kingdoms. removing/weakening Beacon is the best step. with her being Genre Savvy enough to see it as her biggest threat
  • Seeing what is basically a military - with no other purpose than protecting the people from gigantic monsters with bullet proof skin by utilizing magical abilities and spectacular weapons - as the biggest threat isn't Genre Savvy, it's basic logic. If she were Genre Savvy, she would see Ruby as the biggest threat, and dedicate her time in Beacon specifically to take her out of the equation. Everything else sounds solid though.


There is a girl who was shown standing next to Roman in the Volume 2 Trailer who apparently has brown and pink hair. Monty has since been tweeting images of Neapolitan ice cream. Obviously, as with the pics of Yatsuhashi alluding to the name of the fourth member of team CFVY, this must mean that Neapolitan is the girl's name. She probably just goes by Nea though.
  • Her name is confirmed as Neo as of Volume 2 Episode 4.
  • Monty put up Neopolitan's turnaround on Facebook.

Neopolitan is related to Torchwick
In previous episodes, he has mentioned a divorce and a child to Emerald. Neo has suspiciously similar appearance and classiness to Torchwick. Mayhaps he decided to teach her to be more "useful" after getting used to being stuck with her?
  • She is based on a Roman cosplay by Monty's female friend.
  • I was thinking of her being his girlfriend or something, but I felt like their interaction with each other didn't seem like a couple. Then I thought that maybe she's his sister. That would fit, and it would certainly explain the similarities in-universe...
  • Rome and Naples. Kind of works.

Neo is based on Mary Poppins

Neo curbstomping Yang is NOT a case of Worfing...
But rather Neo's fighting style has a natural advantage over Yang's.
  • Yang has a brawling combat style, with a lot of heavy punches. This leaves her open to attack, but Yang wants people to hit her because it activates her semblence, making her even stronger.
  • Neo uses exhaustion fu of sorts. She dodges and deflects her opponents attacks, only really striking once they are too tired to respond. Because Neo barely attacks Yang, Yang can't get a boost. Once Yang is floored, Neo moves in for a kill shot.
  • Yang simply was the worst person to challenge Neo of the group. Weiss could of used her abilities to immobilize Neo a la the Iron giant from the trailer or the Deathstalker and Nevermore from episode 8.
  • Blake also could (potentially) have countered Neo's dodging with her ribbon-scythe, with its large, sweeping area of attack.
  • Had either of them faced Neo, the outcome probably would have been incredibly different.

Neo is the real villain
She's much more competent than Roman.

One of Cinder's threesome introduced at the end of Black and White, was given the placeholder name "Cleo" by RWBY wiki. This was because she supposedly had an Egyptian feel to her look what with her skin color and jewelry. With the reveal of her real name and the symbol of a black jewel on her back, it seems Emerald may have more in common with Cleopatra after all.
  • It's starting to look like...

Emerald is Aladdin
Her name may be an allusion to the phrase frequently use to describe Aladdin, "a diamond in the rough." She's also an amateur thief (master thief according to Mercury) whom Roman refers to as a "street rat." She obviously must come from less fortunate circumstances, scraping to survive.

Formerly referred to as Gray and Marcus as placeholders, Mercury is a member of Cinder's team. Mercury being the reflective element used in the manufacture of mirrors, it's possible that Merc alludes to the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror in Snow White. Following a Greco-Roman-Egyptian theme, Mercury could simply be the Roman deity while Emerald is, naturally, Cleopatra. This leaves Cinder and Roman. There is a Greek version of Cinderella, so Cinder may be an allusion to Rhodopis. Roman is supposedly based on Candlewick whose real name is Romeo. Romeo and Juliet was based on Pyramus and Thisbe.
  • With the reveal of a pic that shows his symbol as being a shoe with wings, it's obvious Mercury is based on the god of the same name.

Melanie and Miltia are Junior's daughters.
There's something of a resemblance and it seems strange that Junior would have them in the club if they weren't close. Alternatively, they're younger sisters of his.
  • The Malachite twins are the original designs for Ruby and Weiss based on Snow White and Rose Red.
  • They may be the only allusion to the other bears as they seem to carry the "too hot/too cold" and "too hard/too soft" themes in their personalities and dress-styles.
  • I'm thinking maybe Romans because of his divorce comment.
    • So, what? Roman divorced Junior?
      • Not what I was thinking but that would be interesting.

Junior and the Twins do not want to be working with Cinder
They seem to set off from the other villains in the opening, and in front of them as well, meaning they'd probably be the first ones that get taken out by RWBY and the rest; meaning they are the least valuable, likely because they only work for Cinder out of fear, not for any of her goals.
  • "Painting the Town..." showed Junior and the twins for the first time since the trailer. It certainly seems thus far that they have no idea what Cinder is up to and are not involved.

The twins are the two additional members of Emerald and Mercury's team
Because they are in the trailer.
  • Episode 4 makes it seem as though they're strictly employees of the Club.
  • Plus there's the fact that only Beacon (and maybe other schools) have teams of four in the first place.

The mooks Torchwick had in the first episode will become important later on
Junior says he assumes Roman killed them for being useless, but we saw that he wouldn't have had a chance (and that Ruby probably didn't kill them). Assuming that Junior isn't lying, it seems odd that he didn't hear back from them (if they were arrested it seems odd they wouldn't have at least asked for bail). This leaves two possibilities; they decided to disappear or they've been taken into witness protection over Torchwick's dust thefts (or just been disappeared to the Vytal equivalent to Guantanamo). Either way, we've seen how the White Fang deals with traitors/defectors and we have no reason to believe that they'll be any nicer because they were subcontracted (especially given they're humans), so they'll have to turn to someone for helpnote ....

White Fang Lieutenant is a double-agent
WFL claimed he finally had a chance to "kill a Schnee." So... why didn't he do it? One scene shows him apparently swinging his chainsaw at Weiss's unconscious body. That should have chopped her to pieces. Yang almost got ganked by that psychotic Neo. Obviously, Aura cannot protect someone who has been knocked out (although Jaune is probably an exception). But in the next scene, Weiss is merely tossed into the same train car with Blake and Roman. It doesn't even register much of a dramatic impact. It was a rather pointless gesture. Why didn't he kill Weiss?
  • Two words, bad writing.

    Other Characters 


Qrow is Cinder's male mysterious minion
In the offical Volume 2 poster, his eyes look silver.
  • Seems unlikely. Unless Mercury is older than he looks (which would be more of an allusion to Dorian Gray). Also Mercury uses gun-greaves whereas Ozpin confirmed Qrow to be a scythe-wielder like Ruby.
    • Based on comments made on the RWBY wiki, Yatsuhashi is likely an infiltrator into the White Fang disguised as a Lieutenant. Perhaps he is Qrow's spy.
Qrow's weapon is a completely normal scythe.
  • Ozpin states that Qrow is one of the best scythe wielders he's ever seen. Maybe Qrow's gotten to the point where over the top weapons are more of a limitation for him.

Qrow has the power to turn into his namesake.
Hence the crow in Blake, Yang and possibly Ruby's trailers, as well as knowing what Cinder is up to: he's actively spying on them.

Qrow will have something bird-like about him when he's introduced.
Could be his skills remind you that of a crow, clothing mainly black in color, and/or something he wears is feathery even to the point it could resemble wings...anyone else have Medivh on the brain now?
  • Maybe he'll be a Faunus with avian traits?
  • Maybe when he kills Grim, they disintegrate into black feathers.

Well, as one of the best wielders of a Sinister Scythe, and having the name of a black bird often associated with death, it's probable that his first appearance in the series will be milking the Death motifs for all their worth, by having him rocking a black hood, skull-style paint (if he somehow isn't an animate skeleton himself), and possibly getting mixed up for an enemy until Ruby recognizes him as her uncle, and tells the others to stand down. And since he was one of the most legendary hunters of Creatures of the Grimm, this would make him a literal... GRIMM Reaper!

Qrow will have a "tengu" theme.
Following on from the "Qrow has a crow theme" WMG above; Tengu are mythical Japanese creatures who (in some versions) resemble humanoid crows (or humans with unnaturally long noses). Aside from the crow theme, Ruby made several allusions to kung fu movies (the Roosterteeth "He's my uncle" shout out, Funny Bruce Lee Noises she made, etc) when she was talking about him. Additionally, myths about Tengu have had them;
  • Training martial artists in their own mysterious styles - Qrow taught Ruby how to use one of the "most dangerous weapons" available.
  • Have altercations with woodcutters which involve knowing what they're thinking - either Ozpin or Ironwood could easily fit this.
  • Punish people by turning them into wolves - Ruby has a wolf theme
  • Hand out magic cloaks - Ruby must have gotten her cloak from somewhere; it being a gift from her mentor would explain why she wears it all the time (and since it's part of her combat gear, it would make sense that her mentor gave it to her).
  • They are also noted to be protective of children in some stories - What did he do in a flashback? Rescue some kids.

The Shopkeeper from the first episode is Qrow.
He's dusty, old and he appears to know Ruby. Her "will you be OK looking after the shop" could have been more of a "Ooo! Can I go after him, Uncle Qrow?!"
  • The shopkeeper made a second appearance as of the first episode of Volume 2. Hmm... but no...

Qrow is a reference to The Scarecrow from Oz.
There's Ironwood as the Tin Man who's working alongside Ozpin and Glynda, and since Qrow's working with them, it would fit their Wizard of Oz theme.

Qrow's motif will be the Hunter from the Brother's Grimm version of Little Red Riding Hood.
Ruby's motif is Little Red Riding Hood and when she was a toddler, Qrow saved her and Yang from a pack of Beowolves who were hiding inside an abandoned house.

Qrow is Summer Rose's brother and not really related to Yang
Which had him wondering is it was partly his fault Yang wanted to find her mother so badly when she explained why she was in the middle of the woods. He thought he may have been favoring Ruby over Yang since she's a blood relative.
  • Based on the last name given him by "Monty Oum" on the RWBY wiki which is shared by the newly revealed Raven Branwen, he is actually Yang's uncle and has no blood relation to Ruby.
  • You're working with some skewed assumptions there. Names in the RWBY universe are likely passed Matrilineally - Ruby has the same last name as her mother, Summer Rose. So if Qrow shares a last name with Raven Branwen, that means either (a) they got married and Qrow took her name or (b) they are brother and sister and Qrow never got married and never took someone else's name. So he could be Taiyang's brother (and therefore a blood relative of Ruby)...but he could also be Summer's brother and married to Raven.
    • Names are NOT passed matrilinearily in Remnant. Yang's last name, Xiao Long, is her father's last name, which means that last names can be passed from either the mother or the father. Remnant does also appear to be a gender equalitarian society rather than a matriarchal or patriarchal society, which reinforces this notion. Raven could be Yang's mother (and thus Qrow's sister), or her sister (thus Qrow's niece), or even her cousin (and thus, Qrow's daughter). The first is most likely.

Qrow is a relative of Ozpin
His silhouette has a very similar hairstyle and both were (originally) going to be voiced by Monty himself. Another (additional) possibility is that Ozpin was Qrow's mentor (i.e. he gave the Scarecrow his brain/diploma).

Qrow is actually Taiyang's brother
The two of them were known back in their school days as "The Brothers Grimm", and their team as a whole was nicknamed "The Grimm Reapers"
  • Seemingly Jossed as of the end of Breach.

due to his role as the Obi-Wan Qrow is going to end up getting killed
We know he's actively spying on the villains and that's a dangerous place for a character like him to be. he'll probably go down facing most of the villains at once.
  • Bonus points if the episode it happens in is called "A Murder of Qrows".

Qrow will be an adult male version of Ruby.
It would be utterly hilarious if all of Ruby's manners, weird social skills and basic attitude were copied off of her awesome Uncle Qrow. There would most likely be loads of buildup to his appearance, followed by a cut to him and Ruby devouring cookies.

Qrow's team is a Generation Xerox to Ruby's.
  • Summer Rose will be a more talkative Blake.
  • Qrow is essentially Ruby, but male.
  • Yang's father will be exactly like his daughter.
  • Yang's mother will be a rich Tsundere like Weiss.

Qrow is Ruby's real father.
  • It would explain why Qrow took such an interest in teaching her the scythe.
  • He saved Yang when she brought Ruby along while she was looking for her mother and he has been secretly watching out for them for years.
  • Taiyang could just be watching her while Qrow is out doing Ozpin's bidding and making lots of powerful enemies who want to find a way to hurt him.
  • Yang said Summer wasn't the first love Taiyang had lost. The twist here is that he wasn't heartbroken over Summer's death because he was "in love with" her...he was heartbroken because she was his sister!

Qrow's tattered cape is actually belonged to to Summer Rose.
  • Ever since his design was revealed at RWBY RTX 2015, the cape he wore looked tattered and out of place for his own outfit. It's a reasonable assumption that the cape is a keepsake if it were actually Summer's. Since we never saw the actual exterior of the cape, it's possible it was once hers.


Adam is the new leader of the White Fang who turned them to extremes.
During the Black trailer, Blake was chosen by Adam to go on a mission because she was one of the White Fang's most effective operatives. But she already was preparing to leave because she no longer trusted Adam's leadership; his treatment of the humans on the train was all Blake needed, her cutting off the train with Adam on it represented her leaving the White Fang and what it had become. She still believed in their ideals, but not Adam's leadership.
  • Was reading through Mammoth Rider's recaps and came to the same conclusion from a slightly different direction. In the forest, the recap notes how she puts particular focus on the black king and in the cafeteria in S 2 E 1, she's focusing just as intently on her sketch of Adam. It also shifts a lot of her discussion points about White Fang - she's not talking about White Fang as the organization but as White Fang, the extension of her former boyfriend. It pushes her defensiveness against Weiss and her insistence that they're misguided. It is how she gets so deep into their organization as everything changes around her. Then we have her insistence that she's the only one who can stop them, who knows how they think - it's now how *they* think, it's how *he* thinks. There's her natural command nature when she sees the White Fang members working for Torchwick being so disrespectful. And then there's her desire to continue hiding her former association from Ozpin - which was really odd because how hard is it to say "I left them when they got too extreme"? It's because she was so much more involved. And Ozpin suspects that and he suspects that Blake can tell him so much more about their central leadership.
  • As of Breach, this certainly seems to be the case.

Adam is Blake's abusive older brother.
And he makes no apologies for it. He certainly seems to control her to some extent in the trailer a la Beauty and the Beast. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's lover or anything but certainly someone of close relation. Similar color scheme and skin tone. Both are using weapons typically associated with Japan (Ninjato for Adam and Kama and Chain for Blake). As such, they are also influenced by japanese warriors (Samurai for Adam, Ninja for Blake).

Adam's weapons "Wilt and Blush" are named for a loved one who died of sickness.
The loved one died of sickness which had high fever as a symptom, hence looking like a permanent "blush", before s/he passed away after being too weak in body - the person "wilted" away. Adding to this is that the name of the sword is "Wilt", and could represent how the person's life was "severed" (as if by the cut of a blade) by sickness; the gun's name is "Blush", where blushing covers a rather wide area of the face (to which Adam has been seen using Blush more like a shotgun instead of a rifle).

Adam is somehow related to the Grimm.
Adam's Cool Mask bears resemblance to that of the Grimm creatures seen in the new opening. Adam's mask and the Grimm's masks share a bone-marrow-white and bright red colour scheme. Adam's outfit also has a distinct majority of black. If you look at Adams hair, he also has a set of fin-like horns, implying hes a Faunus. But while the other Faunus' ears are that of "normal" animals, Adam has a black spikier head-feature that looks very Grimm-like. Maybe Adam actually is "descended from shadow".
  • The Grimm mask is simply a theme used by the White Fang to scare people. Like the KKK's ghost hoods.

Adam is a member of whatever organization sent Roman those dust crystals
The mask looks uncannily similar.
  • Plausible, but until the events of the Black trailer are confirmed to be orchestrated by the White Fang, this isn't yet confirmed.
    • confirmed and jossed, while it was a member of the white fang the supplier was a unknown organization that controls both parties.
Adam is the "man with two souls" from Blake's book in episode 3.
It makes sense considering her comments about how harsh the "real world" is and how when she talks about the book she really opens up to Ruby and Yang. Blake really does care about Adam, probably because of how the "real world" treated them, but she's repelled by his second soul, probably some form of demon, which drives his negative attributes like his neglect of the train passengers.
  • My money's on Ozpin. Both the long pause after he comments about Ruby's silver eyes and the flat speech in episode three (which Yang even comments about) could easily point in that direction.
  • Adam having two souls would work very nicely with the Beauty and the Beast theme for them - instead of his alternate aspect being his soul in a "more hideous" form, his alternate aspect is a more hideous soul in the same form ala Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Even if it isn't, the idea that Blake would so closely relate that concept to Adam is still fairly plausible - she sees two men within him, one which she loves and one which takes things too far, even if technically that's the same person and same soul.
  • She's actually reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde according to a freeze-frame bonus of the text. This one might not be foreshadowing for a character.
  • As of Breach, it is entirely plausible that Adam is the leader of the White Fang.

Adam was the first member of the White Fang to wear a Grimm mask.
Before we even knew what the Grimm were, or what the White Fang was, we had Adam in the Black trailer, wearing that mask. Also, Blake seemed very certain that the guy who came up with the idea was "pretty dark." Her tone of voice seemed like she was more familiar with the subject than most.
  • Also, we saw Blake looking at sketches of Adam, before Ruby drops her Best Day Ever Activities binder on the table. Foreshadowing his later return, perhaps?
  • It's possible Adam is the face behind the true leader. Raven Branwen, first appearing in No Brakes has a significantly more elaborate Grimm mask. This would seem to indicate she is the first.
    • When discussing the White Fang Grimm masks, Sun says "Grimm Masks? That's kind of dark." Blake replies, "So was the guy that started it." Obviously it was started by a male character. Adam seems the likely candidate.

Adam is Qrow's son.
When Qrow is shown in silhouette in episode 7 his hairstyle looks very similar to Adam's. Furthermore assuming Qrow is Summer Rose's brother it would give an explanation as to why Adam has the same dissolves into petals effect as ruby. Of course this would require that either Qrow is a faunus or Adam only had one parent who was a faunus (does it work like that?)
  • Going from the earlier wmg about his weapons being named for a loved one who died of sickness, perhaps it was Adam's mother; when she died with neither of them being able to do anything about it, it ruined the relationship between Adam and his human father Qrow. Adam then joined the White Fang with Qrow keeping track of him in secret, when the white fang teamed up with cinder Qrow found out due to his tracking of Adam.
  • Wow. Just wow. This is possible. It's been confirmed that Adam and Ruby are not related. But it's also been confirmed that Ruby and Qrow are technically not related (biologically) as he is Raven Branwen's brother and Yang's uncle. So Adam could actually be Yang's cousin.
    • The fact that Raven and Adam have similar fighting styles would suggest that she might have been the one to teach him how to fight.
    • It would certainly be poetically ironic for a high-ranking member of an Anti-Human Alliance to have a human parent.

In the Black trailer, Adam didn't block the Spider Tank's blast, he absorbed it
In the trailer, Adam uses his blade to block a large blast from the Spider Droid. If you look carefully, afterwards you will notice the red areas of Adam's costume become much more bright, while the Tron Lines on the Spider Droid become much more dull. It's possible that Adam absorbed the energy from the Spider Droid's blast into his sword, and then unleashed it against the droid in his next attack, which was the one that destroyed the Tank.


One of the characters from the "other kingdoms" will be an Expy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
  • There will also be one for Shaka Zulu.
  • So apparently, one of the newest characters is Sun Wukong... and his team seems to be from Journey to the West... or they're based on kings.

The drawn pictures of the girls are their future/older look
This troper noticed it in the characters page. The drawn pictures are their older self, and the rendered one are their younger self. The best evidence can be seen in Weiss and Blake. Weiss looks a bit more friendly in her drawn/older picture compared to her rendered/younger self. Since she started the series slowly defrosting, the older self is the logical conclusion. Aside, her eyes are drawn differently; her older self eyes are more softer, compared to her younger self. Aside, wasn't there an eye characteristic trope? How they were drawn to show the innocence of the characters? As for Blake, her rendered/younger self is constantly worried/anxious about something, but her drawn/older self, seems to be enjoying herself.
  • I've also had this sort of feeling, but because of Ruby, not the aforementioned characters. Her expression just looks a bit far removed from the Genki Girl we see in the series.

There's going to be someone associated with a crow, who is part of Blake's captors.
In Blake's trailer, right as she and Adam are about to jump down the cliff, a crow appears,then promptly flies offscreen. It reappears in Yang's trailer, right as she is about to enter the nightclub, and again flies offscreen. It may appear when Ruby is walking towards the clearing, but that is more likely a Beowolf. The fact that it reappears leads me to believe that it has a bit more meaning, and acts as a scout for a character, always watching the girls. The character is associated with black, obviously, but it keeps tabs on slave girl Blake, and later Yang.
  • While little is known about him other than his combat prowess, Ruby has an uncle named Qrow that taught her all she knew.
  • This speculation seems to draw from the assumption that Yang is searching for Blake confirmed to be false by Word of God. For argument's sake assuming it true, Ruby crashes through a crow in Episode 5. It got too close.
    • It's watching all of them, not just Blake. Yang makes no acknowledgement to the crow outside the club.

Professor Ozpin: The Huntsman from the Red Riding Hood story, if the ax crest on the coffee mug he was drinking from in the first episode is his. He will act as Ruby's most prominent mentor in the series, possibly resulting in a Precocious Crush.
  • He's more likely based on Oz, what with the green referencing the Emerald City and his connection to Glynda.
  • Cinder: Cinderella. Listen to her footsteps, those shoes of hers are made of glass. Likely has a Dark and Troubled Past.
    • They could just as easily be Silver or Ruby slippers implying the Wicked Witch or Dorothy.

Droids from Black trailer are law enforcement.
It is really strange that both protagonists suffered no damage from hits whatsoever. Rubber bullets, dull blades and stun beams? Sounds like law enforcement to me.
  • Perhaps Schnee-employed private security?
  • Unlikely since Aura acts as a shield and both Blake and Adam probably have lots of experience using it.
  • More likely, mercenary forces.
  • The Volume 2 Trailer seems to promote the idea they are a mass-produced security force (which has now been replaced by a new model). The progenitor seems to be in league with Ozpin.
    • His name is Ironwood.
      • And it would certainly seem their military function is confirmed.

At least one of the Hunters or Hunter Students is going to turn (or possibly always has been) evil.
Glynda (sheer irony, and then we can see the girls fighting her and her debris-shaping skills) or Jaune (who will undergo Break the Cutie, cross a Despair Event Horizon and, possibly after being pressured by the White Fang or whoever Torchwick works for, decide to go From Nobody to Nightmare).
  • It would be an interesting plot� though I think the rest of Jaune's team would need to be killed off or Put on a Bus for it to happen to him. In the credits, Pyrrha is seen comforting him, as if to say You Are Not Alone.
    • No reason why Jaune's team would have to die. They could defect with him or have a civil war.
      • Maybe Jaune has an alter-ego.
  • Perhaps the newly-formed Team CRDL. They do act like a bunch of Jerkasses.

Someone in the main cast will get Hero with Bad Publicity treatment
Whether it's Ruby's team or Jaune's team, something will happen that'll cause most of the Hunters to turn on someone in the main cast.
  • Probably Weiss.
  • Most likely Blake, Jaune, or Pyrra

The velociraptor is an actual character.
The raptor that appears in all of Monty's drawings and joke renders will be an actual character. Its roles could include.

There will be a cherry blossom-themed character.
And he/she will either serve as a evil counterpart or rival to Ruby.

New Characters based on Book-form "Fairy tales"note 
Before anyone points out the "Other Fairytale Motifs" WMG above, this is for new characters the aforementioned WMG seems to find some connection to the established characters (also Ozpin and Glinda prove that Monty willing to go to other folklore sources for inspiration)

The Mobster's Weapons transform between axe and machete forms
Would explain a lot about them. They might be meant as survival tools (The Axe and Machete are both very useful survival tools in their own right), which fits with them being criminals, as criminals often use Improvised Weapons due to the simplicity in obtaining them.

The white-cloaked person in front of Ruby in the intro is either her dead mother or someone close.
It makes sense. Ruby is seen walking away from a grave or a marker in her trailer and in the intro theme it looks like she is kneeling to (or trying not to be blown away from) the figure in a white cloak like hers. Plus there has been no mention of her parents, only of her uncle in the first episode. It would make sense to be someone deceased due to the ghostly body and ghostly white cloak in place of the marker/grave.

White Cloak/Summer Rose died in a Heroic Sacrifice
I know you didn't plan this / You tried to do what's right / But in the middle of this madness / I'm the one you left to win this fight - Red Like Roses Part II
  • Alternatively, Jaune's ancestor sacrificed himself, leaving Summer Rose to carry on the fight.
    • Notice, "I'm the one you left to win this fight" has a double-meaning, the second being "You left me in order to win the fight."
      • Composer Jeff seems to confirmed that Summer Rose was Ruby's mother. And so has Monty.
  • In text confirmation that Summer Rose was Ruby's mother and Yang's step-mother and that she went on a mission and "never came back." Sacrifice is a real possibility, but that description leaves some wiggle room.

Ruby and Yang's mother, Summer Rose, is alive in the series' present, but will end up dying at some point in the future.
Given that Monty has confirmed that Ruby and Yang are in fact blood sisters, not stepsisters like everyone assumed from their different surnames, that raises the possibility that Ruby's mother isn't dead like everyone assumed from the name on the headstone in the Red trailer and the assumption that she was adopted by the Xiao Long family, and should she end up dying later in the series, that would go a long way to explain the dissonance between the rather distraught lyrics of Red Like Roses and Ruby's personality in the series itself.
  • Seeing as the Summer Rose grave is first seen during the Red Trailer which has been confirmed as chronologically canon, I think it's safe to say that Summer won't be "dying in the future." She's either dead or faked her death, but there's a grave out there either way.
    • Explicitly, she went on a mission and "never came back" so while it's pretty well confirmed she's dead, there's enough wiggle room to not shut that door entirely.

Penny was made to replace Hunters/Huntresses
If she is indeed a battle robot, Penny is a Super Prototype, built as part of an initiative to replace the need for Hunters and Huntresses, and has been entered into the combat tournament to prove that she is superior to the current Hunter/Huntress training regime.

As such, her existence is a threat to Beacon, as if she is indeed better the school might be closed in favour of more battle robot manufacturing.

Penny will have an inferior Frankenstein styled brother.
Penny is clearly state of the art, so similar to humans everyone just thinks she's a little odd. It would make sense for her to have a brother styled after Frankenstein's monster, who's obviously a lot more robotic and nonhuman.

The other two with Ironwood in the opening are also...whatever Penny is.
But they're more to specs. Penny might be the prototype.
  • The boy could be Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn as the stories eventually branched off to have them grow up to join the secret service. Military is not a far jump. The girl may be a genderbend of Tom.
  • Another possibility is that the male is Johnny Tremain.
  • The older girl is shown to work for Weiss's father as some sort of secretary.
  • As of Field Trip, both "characters" are simply generic faces from Atlas.

General James Ironwood has an artificial arm.
He only has one glove. It's unlikely to be Fashionable Asymmetry, and it fits the Tin Woodsman imagery. (Or maybe he's the Tin Soldier?)
  • Ironwood helped to create Penny, a robot that can generate Aura. It is possible he could have adapted the technology to conduct his own Aura through an artificial limb.
  • Episode ten has him complain that his arm was acting up and it kept him from sleeping.

Expanding on the above, the Evil Genius of the Five-Bad Band will be a Robot Master based on Gepetto
He designed Penny as part of a prototype line of Ridiculously Human Robots out of either a desire to create true life or fill a hole left by some great personal tragedy. He obviously has a few bugs to work out (if Penny is his Dragon, it will turn out the reason she repeats lines from other characters is that her "human" voice is a recorder/modulator-her real one is a Machine Monotone, and she's fairly intelligent, if naive about organic social interactions. If not she's just a mindless bot with preprogrammed responses), which is why he's working for Torchwick or perhaps White Fang (or both, as Torchwick could be hiding Faunus ears in his bowler or a human sympathizer): He needs the funding to complete Penny and make her truly indistinguishable from human.

Ironwood's weapon...
Will be some manner of golf club. Simply because of his name. (For those of you completely unfamiliar with golf, iron and wood are two types of golf club.)
Penny has thermal vision.
Which is why she could see Blake's cat ears through her bow.

Sun Wukong will be a Love Interest for Blake.
They've already had a little Ship Tease.

Sun Wukong will join Beacon.
He'll probably hang around, but only for the tournament and any events that occur in that timeframe. Beacon Academy will probably quickly become irrelevant.

The "Mysterious Narrator" Is White Cloak.
Considering that Cinder is not voiced by Jen Taylor but instead by Jessica Nigri that means she is not the narrator. Considering most of the fandom thinks that White Cloak is a female this leaves her or some other character that hasn't been introduced yet.
  • Monty confirmed that the Narrator was speaking to Ozpin at the beginning of the first episode.

Lisa Lavender is an AI
Like Eliza from Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Further to this, Penny could be the first "mobile" model.

The character Gavin is intended to voice will be a Robin Hood or William Tell analogue.
Or a mix of the two. Both are famed archers in their stories, both are infamous for their somewhat rash decisions, and at the very least Robin is often characterized as being a loveable rogue, what better characters for Gav?
  • Alliteratively, he could be a villain. Cause in most movies the villain is played by a Brit.
  • Russel Thrush seems to be based on Robin Hood. He wears green, has a bird motif and is named Russel (coincidentally, he was originally going to be named Russel Crow). Russell Crowe recently played Robin Hood.

Summer Rose/White Cloak/Ruby's Mother is still alive.
Going off of the lyrics to Red Like Roses Part II, Ruby never saw her mother die. It's entirely possible that she had to fake her own death and take on a new identity, likely as a double agent. This would make her lyrics in the song an apology to Ruby for keeping her in the dark about it.
  • Maybe she's the narrator from ep1?
  • As stated a few times above, she "never came back" from a mission when the sisters were both very young. Not a direct confirmation of death, but pretty close.

Sun Wukong is here to join the tournament is a part of a four-person team that each represents a character from one of the Four Chinese Classics.
  • Journey to the West: Sun Wukong (duh)
  • Legend of the Water Margin: Wu Song the Tiger Slayer (famous for beating a tiger to death, ironically Wukong's best pal and faunus sympathizer?), Li Kui the Black Whirlwind (for all your Boisterous Bruiser berserking goodness) or Song Jiang himself for the name recognition
  • Dream of Red Chamber: Probably the snarky beauty Lin Daiyu, cured of her ailment and now an asskicking Lady of War.
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Possibly a gender-flipped Guan Yu who serves as the team captain. Probably introduced by knocking Wukong over the head with a halberd and dragging the flirting monkey off to rejoin their team mates.
    • Volume 2 Opening animation shows Sun's team as comprised of three males, one of whom possesses a large gun while another wears a Badass Longcoat.

Penny is the REAL protagonist of RWBY and the rest of the show is just a drawn out Cold Open
  • There seems to be more to her story and the whole show could've been setting up how she comes into play.
    • They wouldn't make the protagonist a side character that shows up halfway through the first volume.

Sun and Mercury have a past
It has been recently revealed on Monty's FB page that one of Sun's teammates is named Neptune. Instantly there has been speculation that the others are also named for planets making it 'Team Solar System'. But then there is Mercury. Now he might be named for the element or the mythological character, but what if he used to be part of Sun's circle? Sun and his people might be there less to be involved in the tourney, and more looking for their former friend. Or, of a lower possibility, Sun and the Planeteers might not even be hostile to Mercury, and by extension Cinder, and just haven't shown their villainy yet.
  • Sun's other team mates are Sage and Scarlet.
  • Emerald and Mercury are shown to be Haven students as are Neptune and Sun so it is still possible.

'Mr Scientist' will be a Well-Intentioned Extremist
I'm talking about the guy who is in the Penny moment of the Volume 2 opener, and is talking to Ozpin at the start of the trailer. He is building a robot army (or at least selling RoboCop type units) in order to protect the peace. But he will cause problems instead. Question will be, will he go full villain, or realize what went wrong and work with the good guys?
  • Ironwood is the headmaster of an academy from Atlas in Mantle.

Blake knew Tukson quite well
  • They both like books and were both affiliated with the White Fang and tried to leave. Plus the fact Mercury and Emerald killed him means that when she finds out, It's Personal.
  • Tukson gave her The Third Crusade for safe keeping and she hid it in a Ninjas of Love dust cover.

Torchwick had no intention of killing Tukson and in fact was trying to help him escape
  • Roman seemed awfully upset when he found out that Emerald and Mercury killed Tukson. Maybe Tukson was intended to be a go between for Roman with a criminal gang in another Kingdom. Or with a Fauna rights group other than the White Fang.

The Third Crusade is a Faunus genocide book.
The books that Emerald were asking about were hints about why she and Mercury were there.
  • The Thief and the Butcher are Emerald (thief) and Mercury (Butcher)
  • Violence Garden is their description of what's going to happen.
    • The book was called "Violet's Garden"... Why can nobody get this right?
    • Violets were used to commemorate the dead in a similar way to poppies now so Violets Garden works.
  • The Third Crusade... note, Tukson starts realizing that something is very, very wrong when Emerald asks about this. And he doesn't say he could get ahold of a copy. No faunus would want a copy.

Alternatively, the Third Crusade is the White Fang's manifesto.
Much like anyone in possession of Communist Manifesto or copy of Mein Kampf, a Faunus in possession of The Third Crusade is just asking for trouble. Conversely, a White Fang member not in possession of said book would appear disloyal, as could've been the case with Tukson.

The Arc family's theme colour is blue.
Word of God states that Jaune's colour is different from that of his family's, and there haven't been many blue-themed characters.

Sun and Neptune hail from Vacuo
It was mentioned a few times in the first few episodes of Volume 2 and from what we hear (especially from the board game in ep. 2) it has a desert scavenger culture and a navy. A scavenger culture would explain Sun's hobby and where Neptune got his BFG from, and the navy (and thus ports and civilian ships) would fit in with the fact Sun arrived by boat and Neptune's namesake.
  • Vacuo was the first place mentioned in The Stray when Weiss brought Team RWBY to scope out the arriving competition for the Vytal Festival Tournament. Who was the first face they saw that day?
    • Sun has confirmed he's originally from Vacuo, but moved to Mistral. Neptune is still unconfirmed either way.
  • Neptune is more likely from Mistral going by his outfit. Scarlet too. It's possible given the casual shirtless theme, that Sage is actually from Vacuo. FYI, he's based on Aesop.

There's an unresolved issue between Glynda and Ironwood.
Her cold shoulder toward the general indicates a grudge over some insult or incident in the past. Not necessarily a romantic issue but something large enough that Glynda refuses to forgive. Ironwood, of course, either has forgotten it or to him what happened was no big deal. This will continue to affect their interactions until it's brought out into the open by a third party (most likely Ozpin).
  • Glynda is obviously disdainful of Ironwood's use of military force to solve problems. Ironwood himself wouldn't care, since he thinks it's the right thing to do after all.
    • not to mention that he keeps hitting on her.

Penny's Personality is because she's meant to develop an Aura.
This is literally just a straight rip of why Aigis and Labrys from Persona have personalities, but pretty much the same reasoning can be placed here, given how Aura works. Creating a machine with a "Soul" instead of a straight robot like the cheaper Elysium Knight, and the Elysium Paladin, which has a pilot that might be able to use his/her aura to Reinforce.
  • Penny herself confirms this.

Penny is meant to be "disposable"
Ironwood mentioned what amounts to "better a destroyed android than a dead human". He also mentioned needing a "human touch". Why bother armouring a human when you can risk a replaceable, human-like android (who can do all the things a human can but doesn't count)?

Spring is coming.
We've got Summer Rose, Cinder Fall, and Winter Schnee. There will be someone with Spring in their name. How they're connected...who knows?
  • A common WMG about Yang is that Cinder is her mother, which, if true, would put her on the same team as Summer Rose, evidence being episode 2.06, so there's a connection between Cinder and Summer.
  • Cinder is not Yang's mother. Yang's mother is Raven. The question also remains who Winter Schnee is and whether she is at all connected to others in anyway.

There are multiple "Penny"s
This partly based on the disappearing ahoge between when Ruby runs into her with Weiss, and when they meet later (though, admittedly it might simply be an animation error), but there are more than one Penny, but they have either a hive mind, or at least are able to communicate and coordinate with each other. It also would explain things like how she was able to get around in front of them back in Volume 1.

Penny's father actually does care for her and is not abusive in the least.
In Volume 2 Episode 3, Penny states that her father loves her very much and told Ruby it was not him that instructed her not to talk to team RWBY.

Ironwood is secretly supplying the White Fang with weapons and mechs.
I doubt that the White Fang would be capable of stealing the Atlasian Paladin without help, and I also wonder why Ironwood says that Penny is needed to save the world, when Remnant is in a time of peace. Maybe he wants war to break out because he's Only in It for the Money.

There will be a character who will have a cigar machine gun as a weapon.
Because Michael mentioned it in a Five Facts video over a year ago, and maybe Monty watched it and was insane enough to work it in somehow... never mind the safety hazards.

Winter Schnee is a mole in the SDC and is supplying Roman with weaponry.
Roman said he acquired the Atlesian Paladin from his "employer", and the last time we saw Paladin, Iron stated it was done with the cooperation of the SDC. The introduction of Weiss' sister "Winter' may play as this point later in the story.
  • very likely that at least one Schnee will betray team RWBY

Penny's semblance is gravity control
Or at least the ability to ground herself. It would explain how she was able to stop a lorry cold and pull down a ship when they were both many times heavier than her and already had a great deal of momentum (even if she's heavier than a human, she's still light enough for Ruby to carry). It could also be how she levitates her knives.

Sun Wukong's Staff can obtain a Three-Sectional Staff form
I mean look at it, put to parts of the Nunchucks together, and leave to parts hanging, then boom, instant three sectional.
  • But two parts would be shorter than the middle.

Blake's been losing sleep because she's heard about Tukson's death in episode 2.1
A White Fang defector hearing about the murder of another in Vale is a pretty good reason to be on edge (especially if she's worried about RWY getting caught in the crossfire). Even more so if the above WMG about Blake knowing him personally is accurate.

Red Like Roses Pt. II is also or actually about Summer Rose and Yang's Mum
More specifically the lyrics talk about not repeating their mistake ("But, baby, please don’t do what I did; I don’t want you to waste your life in vain.") and leaving the other character behind to take on their responsibilities ("I never planned that I would leave you there alone", "I made a sacrifice, but forced a bigger sacrifice on you"). Chapter 6 of volume 2 reveals that Summer Rose more or less disappeared in the same way as Yang's mum after taking on the responsibility of looking after Yang (abandoning/dying on Ruby in the same way, no less). The same episode also implies that Ruby was too young to understand what happened (and confirms that Yang never knew her mother), and yet the lyrics imply the two characters spoke with each other ("And all the times I swore that it would be okay/Now I’m nothing but a liar, and you're thrown into the fray").

Zwei was not trying to chase Blake.
He was trying to greet her. He was probably confused, because she was the only girl who stayed away and never showed him some form of affection.

Zwei can use Aura.
When Pyrrha unlocks Jaune's Aura she explains to him that all creatures with a soul can unlock and use aura as well. Since Grimm are, so far, the only creatures confirmed to be soulless it's possible animals with the right training can also make use of Aura. Zwei's probably a combat corgi with a semblance of his own that teams up well with Ruby and Yang.
  • This is further implied by the fact that Oobleck lit him on fire, shot him at a huge robot and shattered it to pieces, and Zwei walked away perfectly fine.

Guesses for the mysterious person who saved Yang.
  • Adam
    • Given that closeups show that the person has cleavage, if it's Adam, he really changed since the Black Trailer.
  • Yang's birthmother or Ruby's birthmother
    • In the Yellow trailer, Yang is squeezing Junior for information on a woman, and given what was revealed about her backstory, it was likely her birth mother. It's not Blake: there's no bow/cat ears, and she was walking with Weiss during the day when they went looking for her, not alone driving her bike at night. The picture she shows Junior is a woman with long, black hair. The argument for Ruby's mom is that, if one looks closely at the woman's hair, it's black with red tips like Ruby's.
      • Breach seems to strongly indicate that Raven Branwen (our mystery lady) is Yang's mother. Although she could also be Yang's twin sister, and she and Ruby take more after their dad while Yang takes after her mom.
      • An additional bit of evidence is her first name. Yang's mother being on the same team as her father, Qrow, and Summer Rose means she's the same age as the others. Qrow being an uncle means Yang's mother is his sister...a sister the same age as he is, so fraternal twins. One named Qrow (pronounced, of course, "crow"), and his twin sister, Raven.
  • The red samurai seems to have a link to three characters; as said above her hair and general colour scheme match Ruby's; she protected Yang for some reason, plus, if you look closely her eyes are red under the mask; and not only did she have the same necklace as Neo, Neo also clearly knew who she was and ran the hell away. The character seems to be made intentionally to keep people guessing, at the moment though it seems the most likely candidates are a somehow not dead Summer Rose or the fourth member of Qrow's team. Though neither explains how Neo knew her.
    • The necklace is possibly meaningless. Coco has an almost identical one as well, so it's probable at this point to explain it as mesh recycling during character modelling.
  • Ruby from the future — probably a Bad Future. Hence lingering look at Yang and exit by portal.
  • I agree on her being from the future, but I think she's Team RWBY fused into one person. Doesn't explain having the same necklace as Neo or how Neo knows who she is, but here are the RWBY connections I noticed:
    • Ruby: She has a red-and-black colour scheme like Ruby, and she has black hair with red highlights like Ruby.
    • Weiss: She has a sword with rotating dust inserts, like Weiss.
    • Blake: Her weapon is a bit similar to Blake's (curved sword; wide, dark sheath, hinged, collapsible tip), her hair looks kind of like Blake's, and her mask suggests a connection to the White Fang, like Blake.
    • Yang: She has red eyes and a pleated skirt like Yang, and an attachment to her skirt on the right side, similar to how Yang's skirt is longer on the right side.

Yang's mother's name begins with an R
We know she was on a team with Qrow, Taiyang, and Summer. Given how teams are named, it has to contain a Q, T, and S, and has to have a name that is a color or is related to a color. Because Q is such an uncommon letter, this really cuts down on the possibilities. One of which could be QRTS (read "quartz"), and the only unknown character name left is Yang's mother.
  • Her name is Raven Branwen.

Raven is a Blood Knight and wants Yang to join her as such.
They both have red eyes, which we only see from Yang when she's at her most aggressive or violent. She saved Yang after the latter was beaten by Neo; if she's related to Yang, then the main reason why she did is obvious. However, she also knows that the loss would make Yang more open to coming with her to train with her, seeking battle and living for the rush (Yang admitted she's a thrill seeker and being a Blood Knight would scratch that itch). Going back to the Yellow trailer, Yang ultimately started that fight because Junior didn't treat her with respect. Also note that the song played when Yang decimated Roman's battle robot is called Die and is about getting revenge, suggesting Yang has a violent side she hasn't really tapped into yet.

Raven Branwen is based off of The Morrigan, or at least Celtic or Welsh Mythology
Because of The Morrigan's association with ravens and crows, and because Branwen was the name of a character in the second branch of the Mabinogi (a collection of Welsh folklore).

Raven is in constant Super-Mode.
We see Yang's red eyes when she's pissed off. When that happens, she gets a huge rush of power and just flattens whatever angered her. Right now, Yang can only tap into it when she's really, really mad. Raven OTOH, always has the red eyes, so it's possible that she learned to tap into and control her anger power to the point that she can use the Super Mode even when completely relaxed. If this is true, it would explain why Neo was terrified of her.
  • This is also an indication of Yang's obviously mixed blood through her father. If the red eyes are indeed hereditary for the Branwens, then it stands to reason that Qrow may also possess them as well.

Raven is not Yang's mother.
She's a relative of theirs, yes that much is obvious seeing as how she has the same surname as their uncle Qrow. However, she is instead their aunt or cousin.
  • For one, she looks entirely too young to be Yang's mother, despite being virtually identical. That and Yang's lack of reaction to her should be telling. Yang is a very exuberant person and finding her mother would be a big deal. Here, she reacted like she's seen this girl before and she's not particularly happy about meeting her again. Raven's sentence of, "Yang, we have to talk," also hints of having seen Yang before and leans to being familiar with her than an estranged mother who's been gone for years from her possibly only child.
  • There's also the matter of her name. Unless girls can decided whether or not to take the name of their husbands, wouldn't Raven's name be Raven Xiao Long instead of her maiden name of Branwen?
    • Then again, Ruby is Ruby Rose instead of Ruby Xiao Long so naming conventions aside, this might not have as much bearing in the long run. Or Tai, Ruby's father, wanted to keep the 'Rose' name alive and registered Ruby as such.

Raven is Yang's long-lost twin sister.
  • Yeah it's a cliche, but Raven has about a strong a resemblance to Ruby as she does Yang. Similar hair color, preference for red and black clothing, and users of over-designed melee weapons. Additionally, because she was raised with little social interaction, Raven would have a more skewed morality.
    Yang: So wait, you tracked down Cardin Winchester and beat him unconscious??
    Raven: Yeah.
    Ruby: All because Yang told you he was a jerk and a bully to other people?
    Raven: That's right.
    Ruby: What if she made that up? Then you'd have attacked him for no reason.
    Raven (confused): So what, you're saying I shouldn't trust my family?
    Ruby: No, that's not what I mean. What if Yang told you Cardin was her cheating ex-boyfriend or something?
    Raven: (gives the idea thought, looks at Yang) ... How do you feel about decap-amemberment?

Raven (and possibly Qrow) will use a literal Hyperspace Arsenal.
We know Raven is capable of creating portals, one possible use for these portals besides teleportation is weapons storage. It is all but confirmed that Raven and Qrow are in some way related, add in the semi-hereditary nature of semblances and it's possible that Qrow also possesses the capability to use portals.
  • Notably, this would actually fit what we know about Qrow. when he is first mentioned it's as the teacher at signal who taught Ruby how to fight using her scythe. it's possible that Qrow is the school's weapons master, as such the ability to haul ungodly amounts of various weaponry around would be appropriate.
  • and of course the fact that it's simply too awesome a use for portals for monty to not take advantage of it.

Taiyang Xiao Long will be a stereotype of fathers from 50s media.
Imagine Dad Egbert from Homestuck, but with Yang's hair. His weapon could totally be a smoking pipe that's always on him. Everyone but Yang and Ruby will agree he is both creepy and hilarious.

Whenever Taiyang is upset with his daughters, he'll perform Passive Agressive Kombat.
Most likely won't happen, but I just got the idea of him telling Ruby he's making cookies... Only for them to turn out to be raisin flavored.
  • Don't like raisin cookies?

Taiyang is basically Sarge but more competent in a fight.
Matt Hullum is supposed to be voicing a character in volume 3.

Qrow and Raven are siblings. Possibly they were on the same team with Taiyang and Summer.
They share the same Theme Naming and the last name.

Yang's mom is actually a dangerous criminal with ties to the Schnee.
Before settling down with Taiyang, she was a notorious mercenary, with a massive record ranging from assault to espionage, to murder. How did she fall so low? Because like Yang, she lives for action, but unlike Yang who was devoted to Ruby, she devoted herself to mastering her powers, and in turn became addicted to using them to the point that fighting Grimm bored her. She committed her crimes in Atlas, gaining the name "the Atlesean Butcher" in the process, where she was bankrolled by Weiss' dad to further the SDC's goals by sabotaging rival businesses. But a chance encounter with Ironwood, which ended with her tearing his arm off, forced her to go underground to keep her family safe. Atlas uses statutes to keep the legal system flowing, so she's just waiting things out. When she finally meets with Yang, things will start off fine, with Yang utterly in awe and adoration of her mom's power. But eventually Yang, and others as well, will realize the truth. However, it won't be until Weiss goes behind their back to report to Ironwood that things go south in two separate, simultaneous fights: Yang vs Weiss and Yang's mom vs Ironwood. Yang vs Weiss gets resolved first, and Yang convinces her mom to spare Ironwood, if he agrees to cut a deal to reduce her sentence in exchange for help with Torchwick's boss.

The 40
A list of approximately 40 character names not particularly related to the characters already known in-show appeared on Oum's twitter last year.
  1. Apsara
  2. Atlas Soldier (generic, not a name)
  3. BaseFemale (generic, not a name)
  4. BaseMale (generic, not a name)
  5. BeaconFemale (generic, not a name)
  6. BeaconMale (generic, not a name)
  7. Bones
  8. BoxMaster (speculative, text obscured)
  9. Butterscotch (speculative, text obscured)
  10. CC.Cookie (speculative, text obscured)
  11. Ciel Schnee (speculative, text obscured)
  12. Cobalt
  13. Coco (leader of CFVY, last name revealed by Sheena to be Adel)
  14. Draft
  15. Emerald Sustrai (Cinder's cronie)
  16. Flynt
  17. Fox (a member of CFVY, surname confirmed by Sheena to be Alistair)
  18. Gangster (generic, not a name)
  19. Garnet (speculative, could be also General)
  20. Grant
  21. Mint (probably someone who knows Neo)
  22. Penny Polendina
  23. Polendina (assumed to be Penny's father/maker)
  24. Stark White (speculative, text obscured)
  25. Taiyang Xiao Long (confirmed to be Ruby and Yang's father)
  26. Tempest
  27. Tenodera/Theodora (possibly from Cedrus deodara)
  28. Venus Milano (a play on "Venus de Milo")
  29. Willow Schnee (probably the mother)
  30. Yatsuhashi (a member of team CFVY, surname confirmed by Sheena to be Daichi)
  31. Yue (probably a Yang rival)

There are likely more names (including Miltiades Malachite among others) as several loading boxes obscured the text. Removed from the list are names of those already appearing in the show. Exceptions include Taiyang Xiao Long and members of Team CFVY as those were only recently confirmed. Also Penny Polendina as the pic marked the first use of her surname.

Penny is not what she seems...
At first glance Penny seems to be human if not slightly touched in the head. Later on it's revealed that she is an Artificial Human that is capable of using Aura. These two conflict because only entities with a soul have an Aura, as stated by Pyrrha. This leads to an idea that Penny was once human, but her life was tragically cut short before becoming what she is today. In other words, Penny is a female Astro Boy.

One might argue the idea that Penny's personality is... not quite human and thus cannot be human or that she should know her past then, but there's still the Aura she is capable of using and a possible idea that she may have been suppressed into believing she is not real or had a wall set up inside her head. If this is the case, it could lead to some interesting revelations down the line...

Et Cetera

    Creatures of Grimm 
We will eventually see humanoid Grimm
Designed to be smarter than normal Grimm, enhanced intelligence will lead to certain Grimm questioning their existence and purpose and change sides.

The next Grimm revealed will be a rhinoceros type
and it will team up with a Boarbatusk.

The Cliffs were infested with Grimm because of the Deathstalker's and the Nevermore's presence; they were Sealed Evil in a Can.
Such strong Grimm still attracted lesser entities which is why Beacon uses it as a training stage. The Deathstalker was sealed in the cave (hence the paintings) and the Nevermore was sealed in the tree that Ruby cut down. Nobody expected anyone to awaken them (the cave was obvious, and it was a Million-to-One Chance that Ruby cut down that tree). Even less expected them to kill them.
  • In the card game that the gang was playing, the Nevermore enemy card kills armies.

The main enemies are a race of shadow monsters.
  • The first creatures seen are the shadow like wolves that attack Ruby. They are pretty much just fluid shadow with red on the inside of their mouths and eyes.
  • The second creature was the giant knight, which under the armor appeared to just be darkness. Perhaps the shadow just inhabited the armor. We also see Weiss only kill whatever is inside of the armor with her final blow, turning the darkness to light.
    • The King Taijitu doesn't look to be composed of shadow... particularly the white one.

The Grimm are not The Heartless, but The Corruption.
Not only do the Grimm-variant Beowolves look significantly different from the Beowolves that Ruby fought in her trailer, but the "Birdy, NO!" bird highly resembles the large Grimm bird seen in the intro, including the hand-like talons on the upper wing. Ruby will address or at least mention this with someone, likely Weiss, after fighting off several Grimm creatures.

There are microscopic Grimms
We know that the Grimm have appeared in the form very similar to animals. Who's to say there aren't bacterial Grimm? This would also explain why Schnee Dust Company would invest in making toothpaste: Dust containing toothpaste is the only way to kill oral micro-Grimms!
  • This is the greatest thing that I have ever read and it should immediately become canon. It actually makes sense, especially in the case of harmful bacteria.
  • This is how Wild Animals become Grimm... yes... yes.

There will be a huge Beowolf and its name will be Sköll
  • There has been a HUGE Beowolf as of Breach, but it was not named.

The Grimm were once Humans
When Phyrra explained Aura to Jaune, she referred to them as the "Darkness" to the hunters' "Light". She then amended that everyone has both Light and Dark inside them. Perhaps the Grimm are just the result of letting your Darkness consume you?
  • So, the Grimm are basically Heartless?
  • I actually came to the WMG page to add essentially this exact same guess. It'd be a very interesting twist, if a bit of a game changer, but the question on my mind is, how would it work? My proposal:
    • Semblance is something distinct from but linked to Aura, or Semblance could be another expression of Aura. Either way, there's some connection between the two. Aura is the "Light" in everyone, Semblance is the "Darkness".
    • Whatever the connection between the two, Semblance consumes a little bit of Aura when it's engaged. Overusing your Semblance, however, by pushing yourself past your physical and spiritual limits can accelerate this consumption to dangerous levels. Left unchecked, this can deplete one's Aura entirely.
    • Aura also exists as a sort of moral compass, or conscience. It's effectively what makes humans and faunus human, so to speak. So, extinguishing it by overclocking on Semblance would cause a complete breakdown of morality — nobody who crosses that delicate event horizon would be able to understand the basic concepts of right vs. wrong anymore, at least not in the same way those with intact Auras do, and transforming into a Creature of Grimm is just a side effect of this breakdown.
    • Finally, why would they attack those who still have a comparatively intact Aura? Jealousy. They're angry at civilization for having something so fundamental that the Creatures of Grimm either lost or knowingly, voluntarily gave up. They don't take issue with launching attacks at the people they used to and could have been because all they care about is tearing civilization down.
  • Maybe a person would become a Grimm after death?

The Grimm are a type of Unversed
They are the negative thoughts and emotions of humanity (and Faunus) made manifest as separate beings of pure Darkness via some form of dark magic. And unfortunately, this means that so long as dark thoughts and feelings exist in the hearts of man, the Grimm will never truly disappear.

Robots are weak against Grimm.
Because most of them don't have Aura; the Light that pushes back the Dark.
  • Penny is the first step to overcoming this weakness.

In the past, armies used Grimm as Biological Organic Weapons.
It ended...poorly. The Risk / Yu-gi-oh game that the gang was playing in Vol. 2 Ep 2 lets their armies use Grimm as weapons, but only if you roll a 7 or higher. 6 or lower and they'll destroy your own. Fifty Fifty is not good odds for a weapon.

The War was against the Grimm Masters, who hate life.
They waited on the Moon. Waited for when the countries were wrapped up in their own squabbles over land and race. Then they attacked. They hated people, hated individuality, hated art.

Human-form Grimm already exist, and are the oldest and most dangerous of all.
With the appearance of the Goliaths, massive creatures that have attained rudimentary, at least, intellect and sentience, there is no reason to think that this does not continue to escalate. After all, the kingdoms are tiny settlements in a huge world and the Goliaths live close to the cities. Deep in the wilds, Grimm have grown to the point that they have taken on the form of their intelligent enemies, and these beasts are the closest thing to leaders the monsters have. Their power will be nothing to sneeze at either, perhaps even a Aura-less version of Semblence.

The Grimm are the Enemy Without.
Their substance is hate and fear. That's why there's no hope of exterminating them.

Fighting the Grimm only makes them stronger.
This is their greatest strength. we know for a fact as of season 2 that Grimm are drawn and to an extend feed of of negative human emotions. could be it that the organisation of the hunters, while certainly killing a lot of Grimm, are fueling the situation with the negative emotions inherent in combat and death? kill one, draw out more.

    Setting and Plot 

Shit's about to hit the fan.
They delayed episode 15 by a week, and it's going to air on Halloween night. Do the math.
  • If the intent behind this is that the conflict occur on the Halloween episode, then it's jossed. Nothing big happened. Unless you count Blake's blurtage.
  • The big hit came in the season's finale. We learn more about Blake, Penny, Roman, and Cinder. Mostly Blake.
  • And then the cliff hanger... guess we will have to wait till summer of 2014 at the earliest.
  • And they're back and Cinder has moved their operation into Beacon. At this point, I now agree it's safe to say things are about to blow up.

The other kingdoms will represent different regions of the world IRL
Vale thus far encompasses stories in, of, and by authors from Europe/Asia. There will be kingdoms that represent the Americas, Africa, etc. (perhaps Australia and Greenland).
  • Vacuo seems to be located in a desert region (possibly Mistral) and may combine Asia and Africa

There will be a forest representative of the Summer season
So far, we know of Forever Fall from the Black Trailer, the Snowy Forest from the Red Trailer, and the Emerald Forest from the Initiation. The seasons must have balance.
  • They will call it the Forest of Yellowbrick.
  • Maybe the Yellowbrick Desert...

The academy will hold a ball at some point.
There's no real justification for this guess, I just think more Costume Porn would be really cool. Bonus points if said ball is interrupted by a demon attack and all the students have to fight in formal dress.
  • with the international competition held at the school..cough harry potter cough...this is almost a guarantee
  • Volume 2 Trailer show that there is indeed a dance.

RWBY will hold or participate in a concert.
There's already indications that this may happen. Weiss is already shown singing (and her own song, no less), and this picture shows that each team member has their own instrument models. Songs will play out in the style of the Yellow trailer: Ruby sings "Red Like Roses," Weiss follows up with "Mirror, Mirror," Blake sings "From Shadows," and Yang does "I Burn," followed up with a full band effort for "This Will Be the Day."
  • All with just Casey Lee Williams's voice alone? That oughta sound weird. That said, I'd rather hear duets of "Red Like Roses Part II" and "From Shadows". And I wonder who's gonna be the rapper for "I Burn"? And... oh, yeah, Yang singing "Gold" for Ruby would be awesome too. As well as "I May Fall" before "This Will Be the Day".

Dust and dust-based weaponry are only lethal against the Grimm
The girls' weapons demonstrate varying degrees of lethality, and I theorize it's because Dust isn't as harmful to humans as it is to Grimm. This may have to do with the prologue stating that "Man was born from Dust". Here's my breakdown:
  • In the Red Trailer, Crescent Rose is capable of dicing up Beowulves into sashimi and delivering rifle shots that decapitate in one shot, demonstrating the "high velocity" part of HVSS. In Episode 1, Ruby incapacitates Roman's mooks by striking them with the blunt backside of Crescent Rose. She fires at Cinder with Crescent Rose in rifle mode, but her shots are blocked with Dust magic.
  • In the White Trailer, Myrtenaster deals no visible damage to the Knight when striking with just its blade. It is only until Weiss starts channeling Dust into the blade that Myrtenaster is able to repel and ultimately slay the Knight.
  • In the Black Trailer, both Blake and Adam are blasted by the Spider Mech, but suffer no real damage. Assuming that all advanced technology is powered by Dust, the Spider Mech's beam weapon is also Dust-based, and is apparently not lethal to neither Blake nor Adam.
  • In the Yellow Trailer, Yang is VERY clearly blasting Junior's mooks with Ember Celica's shotgun blasts. Even Junior still appears to be alive after being on the receiving end of Yang's Megaton Punch.
  • Then there is, of course, Ruby's exploding Dust sneeze, which doesn't appear to damage Ruby nor Weiss, save for a coat of soot.
  • This is true to a limited extent - creatures of Grimm are described as soulless, and the protagonists are able to use the manifestation of their souls - "Aura" - as a defensive and offensive augmentation. This explains their Made of Iron state.
  • The opening sequence says "Man, born from dust," but it also later says "in time, Man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named 'Dust.'" The dust that Man was born from is not the same Dust that gives one Elemental Powers.

It's Aura that cannot kill people.
  • It is life itself. If you were, for example, to use Aura to augment an attack that sends someone flying through the roof to land minutes later, the Aura used in the attack will bolster the person's body for both the attack and the landing. They might be knocked out though. (A non-Aura user using a dust-"burning" method instead of Aura channeling may not have that problem.)
    • It is possible to knock someone out using Aura and then stop using it and stomp on said person's neck. But to do this, you have to be able retract connection to other living things completely, and it takes a very cold killer to do it. (Mercury, Neo)

The RWBY world revolves around magic.
If the assumption that Ruby's (and possibly Adam's) use of rose petals is some kind of magic is correct, then that makes Blake the only character introduced so far who has displayed no magical abilities. And the lyrics of her song suggest that she is some kind of outcast. It could be that magic ability is prized in the RWBY universe, or even the norm, and the inability to use it limits one's social standing. (It should also be noted that this would make Blake the group's Badass Normal, given that she's still rather powerful).
  • The word is dust, not magic. It powers everything in the universe, from the weapons to huge airships. It also seems to have been monopolized by the Schnee Dust Company...
    • How much is Dust, and how much is Aura? Pyrrha said all the hunters' tools and equipment are conduits for Aura.

Something happened to the moon.
When we see it in the Red Trailer it's full,in Black it seems there are pieces of it scattered...Could it mean something?
  • Ruby shot the moon with hundreds of her mini-blackhole bullets.
  • "Oh, you know... phases and shit" -Monty on the RT Podcast.
  • According to the Yellow trailer there are two moons, one of which is broken. Maybe RWBY are trying to keep the other one intact?
  • What this troper finds weird is how gravity doesn't affect those fragments. (Specifically, how, at the moment of fragmentation, did they not just immediately crash into the still-intact moon.) Then again, if weapons defy and outright not give a fuck about physics already in this universe, why not an entire celestial body?
  • The moon used to be tide-locked (only one side faced the planet) and whole like ours is, but an extremely powerful blast shattered part of it and changed its rotation. This give it different phases in which it appears to shatter and come back together.
    • So the fragments are not affected by the larger body's gravitational pull, but that of the planet's? Then why haven't they become meteorites yet?

The moons will be very important at some point.
Each girl gets a defined shot with the moon behind them, plus the fact that one is destroyed and another intact means at some point something is going to show up involving them.
  • Monty was asked about the significance of the moon on the RT Podcast, and he responded by saying the apparent "destruction" of it is actually just moon phases. However, he has been known to have some minor Trolling Creator tendencies, so I'm not ready to say that this is Jossed.
    • Yellow trailer shows a shattered moon, so...
    • Our moon has phases due to the difference in position between the Earth, Sun and Moon, showing different faces as the part that reflects light is more or less visible from the Earth. So maybe Monty was pointing out that only a portion of the moon is destroyed, and that it's only visible during certain phases?

There will be a flashback episode centered around Ozpin's days at Beacon.
And he will be revealed to have been almost exactly like Ruby in terms of personality.

Beacon will fall out of the sky.
Because Monty Oum.
  • Except... Beacon isn't the airship, it's the castle-like structure overlooking the cliff at the end of episode 1 with an emerald beacon.

Signal will be destroyed and be a Break the Cutie moment for Ruby Rose.
The full "This Will Be the Day" lyrics and the opening narration both mention how brilliant lights can be snuffed out... and what are the names of different academies? Things like "Beacon" and "Signal" - probable light sources. Hearing that Signal fell to the Grim (or otherwise) and consequently learning (or assuming) that her uncle Qrow was killed will either cause Ruby Rose to either become a Broken Bird or suffer a Heroic BSOD.

There will, at some point, be a huge Dust explosion.
I mean, epic. Continent destroying. If a single sneeze can make a vial of it explode, imagine what our heroes' guns could do in, say, a factory. Besides, explosions and high action go together like bread and butter.
  • Well, it didn't really "make a vial of it explode"; it just caused petty combustion and knocked the rest of the vial away to be retrieved by Blake. Granted, still a potential scenario with the right components, but let's not *Glasses Pull* blow things out of proportion. *cue The Who*
    • It should be noted that Weiss was shaking off...er...Dust dust?... with the way she was shaking the vial to punctuate her point...which made a nice fuel-air explosive mixture for the sneeze to trigger.
      • You mean SOOT?

One or several of the Named Weapons will be broken, and Ruby will have a Forging Scene to fix them.
Bonus points if she upgrades to Ultimate Blacksmith in the process.

Trailers take place after the series begins.
Black seems to be a prequel, but it might not be. Red trailer is nothing but Ruby showing her scythe off, so it may or may not be in the timeline somewhere. Weiss does not appear to have her scar from her trailer in the first episode. Yellow might well take place before or after the beginning. It is thus possible that all of them take place after episode 1.
  • Weiss does have her scar in her debut episode. It may be a bit tricky to notice, but it is visible when the video is paused.
    • Ah. Yes you are correct. White's trailer seems to just be about her past, Ruby's may not mean anything, Black appears to be a prequel and Yellow is still completely unknown.
      • Weiss mentions that Yang blew up a club as of the second episode of Volume 2.
      • And Yang comes to see Junior again in episode 4, explicitly showing that "Yellow" previously happened.

The 2nd verse of "This Will Be the Day" is prophetic.
[note]also building on the "Signal will be destroyed" and "The trailers took place after Episode 1" WMGs above[/note] Something bad will happen (most likely being the "Signal being destroyed" theory above), bad enough for the girls to go their separate ways, leading to the events from the trailers, but in a different order (explained by Ruby trying to put the band back together). But nothing will ever be the same again, mostly due to lingering tensions and the fact that this world will face an Apocalypse, or the aforementioned Doomed Hometown theory.

Either Beacon will be taken over by a hostile, mind-controlling force, or the other students will believe the girls have been.
Or the girls actually will be - this is based on the scene in the intro where the RWBY team is surrounding some sort of pulsating, hovering energy-ball thing - or maybe it's a portal - and they're facing outwards, in defensive positions. Either the Happy Fun Ball is not a threat, or they believe it isn't, and they're protecting it against something or someone who is a threat. When combined with the 'brilliant lights (Beacon?) will cease to burn' bit in the theme song, the implications are a bit...interesting, to say the least, especially if Ozpin is the foreshadowed "man with two souls".
  • Said Happy Fun Ball explodes seconds later. Judging from the facial expressions Ruby makes before it does, team RWBY had no idea it was there until it blew up. And then they attacked it, which means they thought it was hostile.
    • Actually (now that I've watched the rest of the "credits" again), Ruby abruptly turns and slashes at it, causing it to explode; the team then runs at a quite larger SBPT (Swirley Black Portal Thing) that may or may not be a result of the explosion. Given that a moment before they're pretty obviously surrounding it and facing out in defensive positions, surrounded by Grim (pause the video and the red eyes everywhere are obvious),they knew it was there, the question is was it mind-controlling them and Ruby shook it off, or was it a "if we can't keep it, they won't get it" moment.
    • That wasn't a slashing motion. Ruby noticed the ball, saw it was about to explode, and she used Crescent Rose to shield herself from it. I don't think they knew it was there until it blew up. Also, it might be worth noting that one it explodes, every pair of Grimm eyes that used to surround them suddenly vanishes.
      • The thing is, if they previously hadn't known it was there, why were they in a perfect defensive circle around it?
      • Because they were being back to back badasses, and someone threw a black hole grenade in the middle of them.

Blake and Weiss will find themselves at the center of the Schnee vs. WF conflict.
Sometime after they make up and reconcile their differences, a future episode will feature the above mentioned conflict. Both girls will be called traitors by their respective sides "for working with the enemy" as the girls try to explain how the conflict isn't so black and white and that a resolution can be reached. Their proof? Both girls have managed to work together on team RWBY, and therefore the Schnee Dust Company and the White Fang can also learn to cooperate by following the girls' example. While the episode may not end with everything magically patched, the girls' actions will cause the conflict to move towards a positive conclusion.

Dust comes from the moon.
Either chunks of it broke/were blown off and fell to Earth (well not Earth, but you know what I mean), or it looks the way it does because it's been steadily eroded from some sort of lunar mining operation (given the airships, tablet/mobile phones and Impossibly Cool Weapons a space program's not that farfetched). This would, of course, make it Moon Dust.

Ozpin and the other Beacon staff spy on students with Crows
They've only ever been shown watching students who are outside and a small, flying Animal Eye Spy would be able to get the wide range of angles (and be innocuous enough that nobody noticed them. "Birdy, no!" could have been foreshadowing.
  • Alternatively, these spycrows are Grimm-sent as a theory goes they are not the mindless beasts we're led to believe they are. This troper has had doubts about these little birds being "actual Grimm" but a subset used for infiltration and reconnaissance sounds plausible.

Yang and Nora will team up at one point.
They're both energetic, outgoing, and more powerful than they look, and their fighting styles rely on overwhelming force, moreso for Nora than Yang. It would be pretty awesome to see them team up against some behemoth Grimm, or a Hate Sink who beats the shit out of both Ruby and Ren and gloats about it. Alternatively, they could just get up to wild hijinks outside of battle.

Penny will be outed as a robot in the tournament when she takes damage.
Tournament rules use how much energy the combatants auras' have left to determine when one of them has lost. Penny, as a robot, has no aura and this will be exposed when one of the competitors manages to land a hit on her. The blow may or may not hurt her, but the fact that her life bar won't go down will make it clear that she's not human.

Penny will be accused of cheating.
Alternative to the above, Penny will be accused of rigging the aura-measuring devices.

Humans are not native to Vytal.
The faunus are clearly targets of Fantastic Racism, but not the types one typically sees. They are indeed treated as lesser beings and given terrible jobs, but the way the Schnee corporation treats them sounds less like an evil slave-driver and more like an evil Wal-Mart. Moreover, for much of their recent history, they were confined to the Menagerie. This heavily-enforced, seemingly-non-slavery-including isolation is odd...but it is reminiscent of two prominent real-world cases of racism: Apartheid in South Africa, and more precisely various reservations of Native Americans. Moreover, the number of faunus in the general population is remarkably low; there are only a handful of them in all of Beacon, and the only ones we see elsewhere are Sun Wukong and members of the White Fang. Why is this? If humans spread from other continents to Vytal, this can be explained rather easily. They came to Vytal; warfare and disease wiped out most of the natuve faunus, with the rest being corralled in the Menagerie. They took the tools the humans brought with them and managed to fight back (much like how Native Americans were much less defenseless against Europeans once they adopted their firearms and horses), which lead them to being nominally equal citizens of Vale. However, they're still treated as subhuman by many, and there are still open sores from the war; thus, most still stick to the Menagerie and surrounding areas.

And it is NOT gonna be pretty.
  • Well, we'll have to wait until next year to find out as we're not getting Season 2 this year but Volume 2 of Season 1.

The food fight scene will get a Call Back in a serious fight.
Ozpin's speech to Glynda after the food fight seems to suggest that the series will become bit more serious in the future. And where the food fight might be funny due of how ridiculous it was, imagine the fight with actual weapons and a serious reasoning for the battle to happen.

Volume 2 will be a deconstruction of the first volume.
Similar to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the first Volume will be deconstructed to make it more serious and darker than it's predecessor. It will probably try to explore the characters personalities too Eva style. In terms of personalities, I predict that...
  • Ruby's craziness and personality is a result of her trying to cope with her mother's death, which Red Like Roses II reveals.
  • Weiss' attitude is a result of not being well liked by her parents or friends, and thus she takes out her anger on others.
  • Blake's past as a Faunus will be explored more, and something bad might've happened to her if she was part of a race that many people hate.
  • Yang is actually Ruby's step sister (why else would she have a different last name) and will be asked that question by others in-universe. In terms of personality, she craves battles, and will probably beat up someone rather graphically.
    • Monty confirmed Yang is Ruby's half-sister.
  • Jaune's already a deconstruction of the Butt Monkey, but maybe he'll get better in his combat skills as the series progresses.
  • Nora has a serious case of ADHD. Why else is she so energetic?
  • Pyrrha's status as The Ace will be deconstructed by showing how hard it is to be that good of a fighter/athlete.
    • Alternatively, Pyrrha's arc in Volume 2 may involve we dealing with how hard it is to be an Achilles expy.
  • Lie Ren's stoicism will be put to the test when something horrible happens to him and his team, especially Nora.
  • And of course, Volume 2 will probably have blood. The trailer to Volume 2 looked like the heroes were battling humans anyway, so them bleeding would show that this is not the nice and happy, if dark land of RWBY Volume 1 as you remembered. This would also be a reference to Monty Oum's other series, Dead Fantasy, which used blood in the same way as I described it above.
    • Of course, it may not happen, but it would be interesting.

Robots forced a stale-mate with the Faunus.
The Faunus were winning up to a point; they had gotten out of the exile in Menagerie; but as they started pushing back; mass-produced robots started to win major victories on the field for humans. The problem is, a robot army is _expensive_ (they consume dust at an incredible rate) and can't just be sent everywhere. By this time, some Faunus families immigrated away from Menagerie; and the White Fang started doing smaller, guerrilla terrorist actions; each too small and quick to send a squad to respond.
  • The Schnee family provided the dust that the robots run on; making them a major target for the White Fang, in addition to their mining.

Ruby has already realized who Cinder is.
When Ruby bumped into Cinder at the end of chapter two between the hesitation and the look on her face Ruby has probably already recognized Cinder as her as the woman whom Glynda dueled with from the first episode. At the absolute least there's an awareness that something is amiss.

The reason for the apparent Culture Chop Suey present in Remnant is...
It's likely that before the war with the Grimm, the world of Remnant had many nations and cultures, but with humanity (and the Faunus) pushed to the brink of extinction, culture was given a back seat to basic survival. By the time peace was established and the four kingdoms had been built, they had become a hodgepodge of previous cultures.

Faunus have more identifying traits than just their animal part
Sun was (apparently) able to tell Blake was a faunus just from looking at her and the crowd at the rally was able to tell Torchwick was a human (note that "Dearie" said "a human"; she didn't recognise him as an infamous criminal), although some of them might have just seen him on the news.

Jaune will pull an eleventh hour superpower and be the hero of Volume 2
Cinder's dialogue at the end of Extracurricular carries some kind of implication like she has a plot to rob the more capable students like Pyrrha of their powers. In the same episode it's mentioned that Jaune still hasn't found his semblance. It's possible that he'll discover his semblance at the last possible moment and that it will be something powerful enough to turn the entire battle on its head and protect his friends.

All shops in Vale (possibly all of Remnant) are references to films
So far we have: It's possible that this theme will extend to other businesses in town.

Episode Eight will involve an extended fight between Cinder, Emerald and Mercury against the whole of Beacon's student body and the teachers.
It's likely, probable even, that Ruby was able to recognize Cinder as both the witch Glynda fought and as the student from Haven. Cinder pulls off the same bullet block trick as she did in episode one. Additionally, while the room may not be well lit, it was certainly bright enough for Ruby to see Cinder's mask. It's not too had to notice that the long black hair and gold eyes also happen to match up neatly with the girl that Ruby met in the hallways of Beacon. Furthermore, Ruby is a sniper: her eyes have probably been conditioned to be able to assess a local and person rapidly and retain the information. And Ruby got an extended look at Cinder just before the fight. Take into account the fact that Ironwood appeared seconds after Ruby, and it's very likely that Ozpin, the staff, and soon enough the students will know Cinder's real intentions.
  • There's also a meta reason for this: the three act structure. If you examine each episode, you see a basic rising action and falling action format. Episode one had dark beginnings but light hearted action, episode two had no action but heavy drama with Blake's fears and the twist of Cinder and company in Beacon, three was character building with angst with Weiss and drama with Penny, four was basically a vehicle for an enormous mecha fight, five was back to episode two's drama with Blake, Pyrrha and Jaune and action with Pyrrha and CRDL, six was mostly drama (Yang's back story, Blake's own pains, and Jaune's worry about Weiss) and comedy ("Lady stilts", Ren in a towel, Yang and Weiss setting up the dance), seven was drama with Pyrrha's Jaune's Neptune's and Weiss's feelings, comedy with Jaune's dancing a cross dressing, and villainous action with Cinder. All of this built up to episode four, and now it's building up to episode eight, which looks to continue the trend of a heavy action sequence as we transition into the third act of volume two.

The humans (and humanoids) of Remnant are taller/more physically powerful than Real Life humans
Since the second World of Remnant video has made it clear that Remnant's practically a Death World (which needs a dedicated force to keep urban areas safe), it would make sense. This would explain why so much of the cast is pushing 6'.

Ruby and Jaune's lineage will prove to be a central plot point
In the stinger of the Season 2 finale, we see Raven Branwen standing at the statue of the Arc ancestor and his comrade—specifically, she's right under the woman next to Arc. It's fairly obvious at this point that she's related to Ruby and/or Yang. That got me thinking, are there some secrets between the two bloodlines tied to the fate of things we haven't seen yet?

Season 3 will be Academies vs. Atlas Military vs. White Fang
As of the end of Season 2, Roman is now in the custody of Ironwood and the Atlas Military, Cinder, Mercury and Emerald have the White Fang at their beck-and-call due to having influence on Adam, and the Huntsman Academies students are all at Beacon for the tournament and Vital festival. I'm willing to bet that Roman is either in league with Ironwood, or will spread mistrust through the Atlas Military towards the Academies while in custody, thus causing a '3 faction' dynamic that will either be the focus or a main plot point of the next season.
  • Woah woah woah. Slow down there. We haven't event finished ONE season. I think you mean VOLUME.

Weiss' father is a sociopath who is manipulating the White Fang into becoming a real military threat so they can be further disenfranchised and then enslaved
How does Roman Torchwick acquire more than a dozen of the very latest mecha made by the SDC and the Atlas Military? The mechs were supplied to the White Fang by Torchwick through Cinder Fall. I can only think that someone in either the Atlasian military or the SDC supplied them. Ironwood seems too fanatically dedicated to the lives of people under his command to risk them by giving weapons the the WF so I can only assume someone high in the SDC supplied them.

I think Weiss' father supplied them to the WF through several proxies (Torchwick and Cinder). By doing so the WF go from dangerous nuisance to full blow military threat. The military steps in and cuts the White Fang down with their superior numbers and better training and then the war is used as justification for the faunus' enslavement guaranteeing free labour for Mr Schnee's mines and stopping the faunus rights movement in its tracks.

It will be the Weiss breaking moment and making both the White Fang and Schnee Dust Company a serious threat that must be countered.

Weiss's father is a case of I Did What I Had to Do.
We've been told how Mr. Schnee has done terrible things since he took over the SDC and Weiss implied that her grandfather was a better person, calling the SDC "my grandfather's company". But that's just her opinion. For all we know, grandpa Schnee was a good person, but did dubious things as well. Or he nearly ruined the company before handing it over, leaving Weiss's dad in a desperate scramble to build the family company up so high as to avoid that in the future, with Faunus being collateral.

Vacuo has had a crackdown on the White Fang or Faunus in general
Sun left Vacuo at some point, despite clearly being proud of coming from there, and is bitter about the WF getting other faunus lumped in with them (as Weiss demonstrated; Faunus + criminal = White Fang for most people). Tukson was planning to flee there, so the WF presumably have less influence than elsewhere (and since his animal feature's retractable claws, he can pass for a human and wouldn't need to worry about anti-Faunus discrimination).

Things on Remnant are even worse than we've been led to believe from the opening narration.
  • Bad enough that they're using child soldiers to fight the Grimm. Much like in Attack on Titan, it may be because they simply don't have enough adults to conscript and train. Atlas using mech armies commanded by humans in Mini-Mecha seems to only further support this. Humankind and the faunus might've bounced back, but they're still on the brink and the Breach might have been the moment the Goliaths were waiting for to make a push to wipe humans and faunus off the map.

Faunus are hybrids of animals and humans because of a genetic experiment
Because it's the only explanation that does not make me think of the possibility involving ancient bestiality.
  • Explains the lack of belly buttons.
    • Apparently, Blake has a belly button.
  • Given that it's been confirmed that humans and faunus can interbreed, it's far more likely that they're humans (or at least hominids) which happen to have animal traits.

The White Fang is working with the Schnee Dust Company.
Which just happens to run almost completely contrary to the theories that Blake and Adam are with the White Fang. Consider that the Schnee Dust Company is known for controversial labor forces, and that the Faunus mentioned in the first episode were protesting for their rights. This could imply that the Faunus were enslaved by them, so the company thought it'd be a good idea to form ally with an organization for Faunus control. To further add to this (though it works better if the White Fang were formed by the company) the color scheme of their logo is white and red, just like Weiss, and their name happens to have the word 'White' in it, also associated with Weiss, and subsequently, the Schnee Dust Company.
  • Perhaps some of White Fang's members were convinced/bribed to betray their cause and feed information to the Company?
    • The theory is that the White Fang is working directly with the company (whether the public knows or not), so giving them information wouldn't be betraying their cause.
  • Furthering the theory was that Roman mentioned the prices of Dust were through the roof, fear running high, and police being on every corner as part of his accomplishments. Their activities will only ensure to make the Schnee Dust Company richer as they drive down supply artificially and drive up demand. An informed speculator could make a mint off of rising prices. Further more even the assassinations and attacks could be serving their purpose for political reasons, for one they could make any "inconvenient" board members or family friends disappear.

The academies are apolitical and will train anyone old enough.
Given the increasing hints that Blake is or used to be a part of White Fang, and committed crimes for them, this will have to be the case for them to train her. And the second part just seems sensible, given how few Hunters there are. They'd need anyone who can fight in humankind's war against the demons.
  • It seems more to me that getting into Beacon is like being accepted into a private college or trade school, since Ruby mentioned she'd apply to Beacon later and received an early admission for her extracurricular performance. I felt there was an implied possibility (however unlikely) of rejection in the scene between Ruby and Ozpin, not to mention Glynda explicitly referring to the arriving students as the "privileged few". "Anyone old enough" sounds less picky than what was implied.
    • Okay, jossed. Still wondering about the apolitical thing though.
      • Given that the coming war involves other humans, the purpose of the academies is clearly not simply to battle "demons". I think the apolitical thing is jossed.

The Schnee Corporation enslaves Faunus as miners, and White Fang opposes this.
Self-explanatory. It would make for interesting conflict between Blake and Weiss.
  • Confirmed. Blake calls Weiss out when she brags about being the heiress, saying that they have very controversial work environments.
    • That is not the strongest confirmation, however. Circumstantial evidence at best. So probably true but not necessarily so.

The academies politically support the Schnee Corporation, at least in name.
It's the only way for them to secure a reliable supply of Dust, which they need for weapons and magic training. Unless they train miners as well as Hunters. Besides, any schools that large would need to have sponsors, and since there's no unified government on any of the continents...

The La Résistance is targeting the Schnee family
Adam and Blake infiltrated a cargo train that carried snowflakes, the symbol belonging to (presumably) the Schnee family. Weiss joined the Extranormal Institute because she felt that her family was too ruthless.

Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes comes from a subsidy of the Schnee Dust Company.
Given how little we know about either company at this point, and how prolific SDC seems to be overall, who knows? Maybe they have smaller businesses in addition to their Dust mines, either by their own creation or through by-outs of other profitable companies.

Pumpkin Pete/the company's owners will be an antagonistic force.
Why not? The cereal isn't very good for you, after all. Also, the "pumpkin" aspect could justify a Headless Horseman motif...
  • More likely Peter Pumpkin Eater.
  • Roman Torchwick's symbol (from the episode 8 credits) is a pumpkin face, for some reason. Maybe Torchwick is Pumpkin Pete!
    • It's a jack o'lantern, also known as will o'wisp or will o'the torch..
  • Pumpkin Pete is secretly a Dust thief! I like it.

Sanctum's teachings place higher emphasis on duty than the other academies' do.
It would explain Pyrrha's Humble Hero tendencies. (Not that they need any explanation, but you know what I mean.) It would also make sense if the academies' philosophies were adapted to fit different locations or teachers.
  • So, if this were to translate into the Mass Effect universe, if Dust is Eezo, then Sanctum is Palaven (the turian homeworld)! Interesting. Oh, and Faunus are geth, just for the hell of it.

White Fang used to be split in peaceful and military wings.
Weiss said that her family had been at war with the White Fang for "as long as she can remember", but Blake said that it was 5 years ago that White Fang became militant with a new leader. Granted, being at war since one was 12 years old might seem "as long as you can remember" to a 17-year old, but that still seems like there is a discrepancy. Blake was not part of the militant wing when she was young; and wasn't aware of them. Said militant wing became dominant 5 years ago. Weiss did not hear about the peaceful wing; she only heard about the ones who killed the Schnee board members, family, and friends; and made her family-life "difficult."
  • Another possibility is that they protested peacefully prior to the change in leadership, but harassed the Schnee family. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume Weiss only remembers being constantly bothered by them (even peaceful protests and organisations have the odd asshat who goes too far, or the odd loony who acts in their name) and was too young to notice there was a point where they became outright violent.
  • It could also have been a different organization or just lone attackers/small groups, but Weiss' father didn't know or care that they weren't the White Fang themselves - they were Faunus, so as far as he was concerned they were part of the most visible group, different tactics or not, and Weiss didn't realize he was mistaken about them being White Fang.

The Schnee Corporation also specializes in automatons.
As in, the security forces in the Black trailer, as well as the Knight in the White trailer, were both made by the same company. The robots on the train were to protect the Dust shipment, while the Knight was a training dummy for Weiss.
  • Volume 2 seems to show that the automatons are manufactured in Mantle (if not Atlas) and new models are presented by James Ironwood to the citizens of Vale during the Vytal Festival (if the trailer is anything to go by). Ironwood may or may not be responsible for their manufacture. It's also body the Giant Armored Knight is an automaton as it features popularly in the boardgame Remnant: The Game.

The determining factor of what body parts a Faunus gets is what the most prominent or useful feature of their animal is
Velvet and Blake have the ears because rabbits and cats have sensitive hearing, and Sun Wukong gets a monkey's prehensile tail. Judging by this, Adam could've been wearing that visor because he was an iguana faunus. Possibly an iguanus?
  • He has the horns of a bull.
    • Also, his surname is Taurus... so... he probably wears the visor because his eyes really are drawn to the color red.
      • However, bulls are not drawn to the color red. Like dogs, bulls are color-blind. It's possible the visor allows him to see the world in color. Or maybe he's just plain blind.

The company Penny is from is also the manufacturers of the AK-130s in the Black Trailer
Well, they both are robots, so ...
  • Possibly the "White" Knight as well.

Team RWBY publically beating Roman's Paladin mech has seriously upped the militarized Aura timetable.
  • The Paladin mech was Atlas's cutting edge achievement, and 4 first year Huntresses smashed it. This will make the Penny project more important, and militaries will start scouting Huntsmen and Huntresses.
    • This is the real reason Ironwood has detained Ruby.
      • Almost.....he's definitely chomping at the bit, but he's deferring to Ozpin in terms of strategy, for now.

Something is making various characters immortal or unaging.
Ozpin has already been mentioned, but there is also Cinder "Looks like a student" Fall. And if Raven Branwen is Yang's mother, her too.

There shall be a group of people, a sort of cult if you will, who oppose what the Kingdoms are doing to the Grimm.
And they shall be used to show the audience that Rooster Teeth has heard what we say about the Grimm's 'attacks.' Bonus points if they have picket signs that can work as weapons and this conversation takes place.
Ruby: You people are defending the monsters that destroy everything Human and Faunus!
Ruby: ... Ummmmmmmm.
  • I'm not sure if this stance is supposed to be ironic or not. The Grimm are the entire reason that Mountain Glenn doesn't exist anymore, WOR tells us that anyone who isn't in a kingdom that's bristling with weapons is fighting for their lives, and in the aftermath of Breach it is stated that a lot of people "got hurt" (which is the PG version of saying that there are dead bodies in the streets) with the added caveat that Breach's shriveled budget and obvious constraints to avoid upsetting the ratings board had neutered it's ability to also convey any sense of believable danger.

Atlus, the Schnee Dust Company and Ironwood's Faction are meant to represent the military industrial complex
This ties into the WMG listed above that the White Fang are actually working the Schnee dust company. Atlus overall appears to be a militaristic place. This world’s armed drones comes from there, they have a huge army, their academy is run by a man carrying a military rank, and even the uniforms of their academy students resemble military attire, and Atlus is said to be the foremost military power on Remnant. Overall, they seem to be a very militaristic nation, not unlike Sparta in a sense. Then, we have the Schnee Dust Company. Not only are the Schnee an implied mega corp possibly, that outright monopolizes all dust production, and are infamous for their use of slave labor, but they were directly involved in helping Ironwood, and Atlus develop those huge war mechs that we see the main characters fight, and the company itself is headquartered in Atlus.

Atlus could be seen as a simple proud warrior race or Sparta analogue, but there could be a more sinister explanation. Atlus, along with the Schnee and Ironwood represent the military-industrial complex. The government of Atlus, the military, Atlus’s academy, and the Schnee Dust Company are all working together to increase tensions and rebellion across Remnant, in order to profit from it through weapon and dust sales. The Schnee are heavily intertwined with Atlus government and military and are interlocked in a “you scratch my back, I will scratch yours” kind of way. Atlus’s academy is a way for them to constantly turn out soldiers, spies and willing stooges. They are purposefully feeding weapons and info to the White Fang, via proxies like Cinder Fall and Roman Torchwick, are possibly in bed with their leadership, but don’t control the organization directly (they need to maintain plausible deniability after all). However, they let them pull a few terrorist attacks to keep drawing Faunus to their cause, which causes the other nations to tighten their control of the Faunus thus causing more to join the White Fang, and allows Atlus to sell the other countries weapons that they will need to “contain” the new threat. Then rinse and repeat. In exchange, the White Fang attack a few “peaceful” rallies, under the pretext that those involved are “betraying their race” by seeking to work with humanity, thus, keeping the peaceful groups weak and the White Fang strong.

These dust robberies are the latest setup for a new grand scheme. Said scheme starts by driving up the price of Dust, both making the Schnee dust company rich and making the other nations even more reliant on them, and then by encouraging the other countries to overspend on expensive Atlus military tech. And then…they move on to next phase of this plan, whatever it is. However, this is all some elaborate gambit, though to what end is currently uncertain. However, the whole purpose is to increase military spending and make everyone involved rich and powerful, while also ensuring that all of the conspirators will have the most political power (shown when Atlus’s military takes over control of security of the Vytal Festival; that could be a possible endgame: to make all the other nations cede more and more duties to Atlus until Atlus is literally running the show). Here’s the thing: Ironwood himself is not part of the conspiracy. He really does want to protect the people. But he is a military man who only sees what’s obviously right in front him, thus doesn’t realize the corruption.

Monty will abandon his righteous desire to avoid fan-service "by never using panty shots."

The Knight in the White Trailer represents Weiss's parental neglect/abuse
The knight is hollow inside just as her relationship with her parents is mostly nonexistent. The relationship that did exist was full of abuse, and the knight struck Weiss with a hard blow to the eye during their fight. Eventually she conquers her parents/her fear of her parents and goes to Beacon, but she still feels incredibly lonely, not knowing anyone since she probably didn't go to a normal school (good chance she would get attacked for her family name). Thus, she's "the loneliest of all," not having family or (at least at the beginning) friends.
  • As of Volume 2, it seems more likely that the Knight is one of many mass-produced automatons or at the very least a rank in file soldier.

The Headstone in "Red"
I can faintly make out the writing; it says, "Summer Rose; Thus kindly I *something*". Thoughts?
  • Scatter. It's from a poem, The Last Rose of Summer. Although now that we're on the subject, does this mean that- with the reveal of Ruby's surname, Rose- "Summer" was their name?
    • Actually, I think it refers to a town. "The Last Rose Of Summer" could refer to the fact that Ruby's family may be dead, with a family member being the one that the grave is dedicated to (widely believed to have been the "Last Rose"), and their town (called "Summer") having been razed to the ground. It's at least a possibility!
    • The credits show a ghostly figure in a white robe and hood hovering over it while Ruby pays her respects.
    • Summer is a woman's name. An uncommon one to be sure, but this troper has met girls named that before...
    • Building off the presumption that "of Summer" implies a name, the "of" would actually imply that Summer was the surname. Nowhere in history are names given as "surname of given name". There are cultures that have the surname precede the given name, but this continues the implication that the given name is "of" the surnamed family. Another possibility is that Summer is a place, as in a city/realm/land/town/ocean/island etc., as in Robin of Loxley.
      • The presumption isn't that the tombstone is dedicated to "The Last Rose of Summer", but to a woman literally named Summer Rose- perhaps Ruby's mother or grandmother, given the hints of adoption- whose robe is similar to Ruby's but in white (shown in the OP). Perhaps a woman who Ozpin knew, with silver eyes...
      • Confirmed to be Ruby's mother and Yang's stepmother.

The Crescent Rose was not intended to be used as a Scythe.
In the "Red" trailer, you can see Ruby hunker down into the snow/ice with the blade and begin to shoot the beasts. We can see at multiple times during the trailer Ruby gets sent flying by the shots of the gun part of the weapon. This is because it's a high caliber weapon, and the the amount of recoil it has is immense. By hooking herself into the ground, she is able to actually stand and shoot her targets without flying thirty feet through the air. This was the intended use of the weapon, the blade wasn't meant for killing, it was made for holding her in place like an anchor.
  • In episode one, Professor Ozpin specifically refers to meeting another "scythe-wielder" of Ruby's caliber, so the idea of it being used as a scythe is probably more common than this WMG might lead one to believe.
  • Jossed as far as the anchor part being necessary. Ruby fires it repeatedly without having to anchor herself to the ground in the first episode.
    • It's possible that was a less powerful form of ammunition. Ruby again switches her weapon to scythe form before firing on the Nevermore with the rest of her team. Why would she do that if it was unnecessary?
      • Because said nevermore was coming right at them, it would be prudent to have a melee weapon on hand at that point. Also, she was pointing it in the air, without the scythe embedded in anything.

The train Blake attacked was carrying Weiss' luggage.
From Weiss' Twitter account we see an entry showing her luggage and mentioning that she's all packed for her trip. It'll turn out that the train Adam and Blake attacked was purely for transporting that and it's disappearance got Weiss angry, so she hired Yang to find Blake.
  • Except that Yang was confirmed to be inquiring about the Transient Princess, not Blake.
  • It might not have been her luggage, but if you look closely, you can definitely see Weiss' (and by extension, the Schnee family in general) sigil on the packing crates and such. Yes, Blake and Adam were robbing a Schnee Dust train.
    • Weiss does mention a train of Dust being stolen to which Blake responds very apprehensively.

Some of the 'guns' do not use bullets.
Especially Yang's gauntlets, instead what we are seeing are little packs of Dust that get depleted over time. This is why she didn't have to reload for a while, because each 'shell' gave her a number of shots, and the entire thing allows her to use them in different fashions. In addition, it allows the show to have people being shot with them without being 'shot' in the process.

The cookies Professor Ozpin gave were part of an interrogation technique.
The table, the lighting, Ozpin and Glynda playing Good Cop/Bad Cop. It was an interrogation as much as an interview. We only see her Motor Mouth tendencies after she ate them all. They weren't "drugged" per se; but the amazing jumps and flips she's shown are partly enabled by a Hyperactive Metabolism. Introduce a lot of sugar to that furnace, and self-restraint goes out the window. Is she too young and immature for Beacon? Let's load her up with sugar and kindness after she's been scared and see what comes out!

Monty will make the following shout outs.

Blake will be able to disguise herself as one of the black student figures nobody pays attention to.
And will suddenly pop up out of "nowhere" surprising everyone. (Being a nice reference to Ninja Noh Theater.)
  • As of Volume 2, there are no more "black" figures.

Theoretical Japanese dub voices
Pretty much just for fun since it would be hard for this to happen. I just gonna start with Team RWBY, maybe someone else will step up and add more:

Then one for JNPR:

Professor Port can only be voiced by EMPEROR WAKAMOTO!!!

The show will move in seven-episode cycles
Six episodes of character development/comedy/filler, one episode of fight scene. We'll see in episode fifteen.
  • There was a fight scene in Episode 10.
    • True, but it lasted about 30 seconds and the rest was character development.
      • Jossed as of episode 14, which had a respectable fight one week ahead of schedule.
      • Respectable, yet not epic. Episode 16 contained a fairly epic fight scene.

Aura is NOT a force field. Rather, it is much like Mana, as in, an energy that, with training, can be used in various applications.
So far, we've seen the members of RWBY, Jaune, Ren, Cinder and Glynda utilize a special ability in one way or another. It seems like they each have a unique ability. For RWBY, I'm guessing that...
  • Ruby's Aura provides a slow Flash Step, and increased speed. -> Flash Step, Super Speed
  • Weiss's Aura allows her to summon Instant Runes for whatever application she deems necessary. -> Instant Runes
  • Blake's Aura is an upgraded version of Ruby's, with the Flash Step, but that is all she has, due to her status as a Faunus. WMG Theory on the relations between Faunua and Aura  -> Flash Step
  • Yang's is obviously Playing with Fire, and a Super Mode that manifests when she is stressed or angry. -> Playing with Fire, Super Mode

As for the rest, it's a little more difficult, given how little we've seen of them utilizing Aura. But if I had to hazard a guess...
  • Ren's is increased perception, a makeshift shield, and a strength booster, as he was able to sense the King Taijitu, block one of their strikes with his Aura alone, and was able to tear the fangs of a Taijitu with his bare hands. -> Spider-Sense, Deflector Shields, Super Strength
  • From Jaune's, given that he has a lot of Aura, which was able to instantly heal a scratch. This may be a hint that he is Unskilled, but Strong, as he could use a multitude of abilities, but not immediately. -> Healing Factor
  • Glynda might be along the lines of controlling forces of nature, as in, summoning storms, and manipulating debris by controlling gravity, much like biotics. -> Weather Manipulation, Gravity Master
  • Cinder is presumably control over fire, and force field generation. A lot of her attacks seemed to look like they were made of fire. -> Playing with Fire, Deflector Shields

So far, Aura can manifest in the following forms in alphabetical order:

  • Sorry to be a killjoy, but the only guy who said "it's a forcefield" is Jaune, who only knew about Aura that very moment. Obviously it's far wider than that. And Deflector Shields counts as a "force field".
  • Pyrrha reveals that Aura has a "Semblance", i.e a specific power that is special to one person. Ruby's is Super Speed, Weiss' is Instant Runes and hers is Selective Magnetism. I guess your theory is fairly well confirmed.

Red Like Roses Part 2
Applies to Team RWBY in general and not just Ruby.
  • The full song seems to clearly illustrate a relationship between two individuals. The only member this does not work for is Yang going strictly by Fairytale Motif. Ruby is the only real candidate as the song is clearly about a relationship between a mother and a daughter.

Jaune is the RWBYverse's Izuru Kamukura, who is normal and desperately wants to be something special. He is admitted into Beacon Academy, the RWBYverse Hope's Peak Academy, despite the fact that he doesn't actually belong there, in hopes of becoming someone that does. Ruby is the "SHSL Hope" that Makoto Naegi has, and also has his SHSL Luck since she was able to get into Beacon despite being young. Pyrrha would serve as the Kirigiri (of sorts), except helping Izuru rather than Naegi. The Faunus (or Roman's faction) are the ones who kick off the Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in Mankind, with Cinder as the Mastermind Junko Enoshima, SHSL Despair.

Faunus are somehow connected to the Grimm
Also, this connection doesn't affect the faunus in any direct way, it's just their origin (or something), and potentially the origin of the prejudice against them.

Ozpin knows that Jaune faked his way into Beacon
And because he's a Sink-or-Swim Mentor he's let Jaune continue figuring that his inexperience will result in him flunking out or the same drive and determination that allowed him to fake his way in will get him to succeed in spite of his handicaps.

Rooster Teeth is using Gender-Neutral Writing by not using the word Hunter.
See the word "Hunter?" It's scattered across the fandom. Everybody uses it; to refer to both the plural and Huntsmen and Huntresses; as well as a synonym for Huntsman. Except....the word is never uttered in the series itself. Ever. Huntsman, Huntress, or "Huntsmen and Huntresses" is used...every...single...time. Tell someone this; and their eyes cross. That's not true. Someone had to use that word somewhere. But..."never" is a strong word. All it takes is one counter-example to break it. Nobody can give that counterexample.
  • What's going on? Well, as the manual for Wizardry put it; "Wizardry is not a sexist game. English however is a sexist language." Well, RWBY is not a sexist series; and it would appear to be trying very hard to create a world where men and women are literally equal; gender has never been an issue in Remnant's history. (Aura trumping physical muscles helps in that regard.). If Hunter referred to both the plural of Huntsmen and Huntresses; and if Hunter can also refer to masculine Huntsmen; then the word "Huntress" is the odd duck out. It denotes Hunters who are different from the norm. "But that doesn't mean they aren't equal!" The term can be separate but equal. ....uh oh.
    • Is this Serious Business? Should people who use the term be chastised? No. But it is difficult to avoid the terminology. It's hard to recognize the distinction is even being made. The fact that RWBY's script consistently and clearly avoids it means that this avoidance is intentional.

There will be a Ten Commandments-like weapon sometime later in the series.
Just remembered this awesome manga and realized how well Haru Glory's Ten Commandments would fit in this universe. For those who don't know, imagine if Weiss's Myrtenaster changed its form in accordance with the type of Dust she's currently using. Maybe a character inspired by this manga's protagonist could be a love interest for her?

The trailers all occur on the same night as the first episode.
When Roman shows up at From Dust to Dawn, he complains about how hard it is to find a dust shop open that late, which would imply he hasn't planned this in advance. Given he was speaking to Junior in the Yellow trailer (and uses his mooks), it makes sense that he hired them and set off to do some heistin' on the spot at once (otherwise he could have checked the opening times). Ruby (a schoolgirl) is out pretty late...why would that be? Given Yang was out on a mission of some sort, perhaps Ruby took the time to visit the gravesite and had just got back into town at the end of the Yellow trailer. As for Roman's poor planning; what could force his hand, and for that matter, why might a shop decide to stay open that late? This could be explained by an incoming shipment of dust. If Roman knew that the next shipment of dust was going to be blown up (Cinder could easily have had something to do with Blake and Adam's raid and told him), he might have impulsively decided to grab some while he could (or maybe he agreed to strike out against a Dust store as a good will gesture towards the White Fang), and the shopkeeper kept his shop open so he could get his new stock in before closing up for the night (a train large enough to need two sets of tracks might only be able to travel every so often). Meanwhile, Weiss's father hears about the train job and makes her childhood difficult (this would explain why she mentioned a simple act of sabotage as if it was the worst thing on a list including the murder of family friends). In summary the day could have gone something like this;
  • Yang sets off looking for leads on...whoever she was looking for. With her sister gone, Ruby decides to visit Summer Rose's grave. Blake sits down on a tree stump and broods.
  • Yang spends the day searching for leads and hears that Junior "knows everything".
  • Ruby's battle ends and she heads back to town. Adam and Blake begin their Train Job.
  • Roman hears about the train job (or knew in advance and decided to take advantage of it on a whim) and decides to rob a dust store. He heads to Junior's nightclub to get hold of some mooks.
  • Yang arrives at Junior's club as Roman leaves to rendezvous with the mooks Junior rented him.
  • Ruby meets Yang (as per the end of the Yellow trailer). News of the train job reaches Weiss's father.
  • Mr. Schnee takes out his frustration on his daughter, possibly via making her fight a giant mechanical knightAlternative Theory  Other Alternative Theory 
  • Ruby finds a dust shop that's open late (waiting for a shipment of dust) and decides to see if the new issue of Weapons Magazine's in.
  • Roman and his shiny new goons head towards the shop and the events of episode 1 happen.
"This will be the day", indeed....
  • One very, very minor detail sort of trips this theory up, though: The moons in each trailer and the first episode all show different phases. (Hell, the Yellow trailer shows two!) Unless it rotates really, really fast, it would make it very unlikely for all these to have happened within just one night...
    • Technically there's nothing which indicates that one of Vytal's moon's rotation isn't of a similar or shorter length to the planet's. In fact, far from having to go really fast, it would logically only need to spin at a similar rate to the planet to have a change of phase which lasts one night (accounting for any differences in size).
  • About your seventh point's first theory: The Schnee are apparently wealthy and powerful enough that they can oppress Faunus and mostly survive the White Fang's attacks. And Weiss is their heiress: she'd get the best protection they could allow her. Is it really likely that something so big could attack her indoors, and no-one would notice or care?

Weiss WILL eventually warm up to Jaune... Once Jaune and Pyrrha become a couple
Why? Because this is the exact thing Weiss would do. Once she recognizes that Jaune has something important that Pyrrha has recognized in him, he will become a target for her affections due to her desire to control those with more ability than her. This will probably end badly.
  • Alternatively, they'll become friends because Jaune will finally stop hitting on her (poorly).

Semblance usage is powered by the Dust in Remnant's atmosphere.
  • As this blogger theorizes. The abbreviated theory states that 1) Dust is a renewable resource, which mages such as Cinder and Glynda can gather rapidly from the air and shape into magical effects, and 2) Aura is "the internalized Dust energy" that humans have within themselves, being born from Dust (as the prologue says).
    Sunwukong-stoaway: So there you have it. This power is the backbone of the ecosystem in Remnant. It's in the air, the planet, and in living creatures. Grimm are the exception, and they have none to speak of. We can use it, we can manipulate it, and it will all go back into the planet with us. By using the power we have been given from our birth, we are using Remnant�s lifeforce to light our world against the darkness.

Taken together "This Will Be The Day" (and "Time To Say Goodbye") is basically saying Be Careful What You Wish For
Followed up with the verse
Beware that the light is fading;
Beware if the dark returns.
This world's unforgiving, even brilliant lights will cease to burn.
: And this naturally carries on into the whole of TTSG. Overall this can be taken as; "Good news! You're a Badass and now you can prove it...unfortunately this means that you're a Badass and you've proved it."

Androids have a limited ability to puncture Aura-based defences.
  • In the White trailer, Weiss is able to defend against the force of the Knight's punch, but not the sharpness of its armor- so she gets a cut and avoids a bruise. Given that Aura is apparently an all-purpose shield, and she was already using it, this seems odd.
    • Semi-Confirmed: Penny is the first android to be able to generate it, so she's probably more capable of penetrating it.

The Paladins aren't really that much of a game changer... on their own
When Ironwood introduced them, he noted that battles need a "human touch". As the battle with RWBY showed, a hunter or huntress has much more offensive power; piloting a Paladin would be a downgrade for them (since they can't use their Impossibly Cool Weapon or aura), however it does a great job of protecting the usernote . They're basically armor to protect a human (or faunus) commander rather than a weapon in their own right. When the White Fang start using the remaining ones (Torchwick said he'd stolen more than one) in conjunction with foot soldiers (maybe they'll steal some of the obsolete androids?), RWBY et al are going have a much harder time.

The Schnee family, Rose family, and Cinder are all related.
They all have a seasonal theme.
  1. Weiss has a sister named Winter.
  2. Ruby has a deceased relative named Summer.
  3. Cinder's last name is Fall.
So now, we need a Spring.
  • Perhaps not biologically, but I would assume that Ruby and Weiss at least are related if only because of Rose Red and Snow White. One thing is certain, they are not connected through a single team. Summer was not on a team with Winter or Cinder. But, it's possible that Winter and Cinder are a previous generation of Huntresses who worked beside team TQYS (Summer's team).

Zwei is a member of O.W.C.A.
Seems legit.

Natural animals have a "Primal Aura" that helps them survive in a world where Grimm dominate the food chain.
Zwei, the dog Ruby unexpectedly now has to take care of, and the world of Remnant series has proved that the world has more than just humans and Grimm in it. However while humans have magitech to defend themselves in the form of dust being weaponized the animals have no such luxury. How then do they compete with these seemingly apex predators that Grimm have become? They have their own version of Aura that they use for survival. They use it to fight the Grimm in their territorial disputes and avoiding predation. The evidence is that Zwei was used by Oobleck as an improvised cannonball when fighting. Although this could also be Oobleck controlling it so as not to harm Zwei it is more likely that Qrow taught and nurtured Zwei's Primal Aura to make sure he wasn't harmed
  • Animals may also have their own auras, but canon directly and explicitly says that Grimm only prey on humans and never attack normal animals for food. They do not eat animals and they are not eaten by animals. Literally the only time Grimm and normal animals come into conflict are when it's over physical space.

Bumblebee is that Bumblebee
He was sent to Remnant because of the potential of a Decepticon invasion. After realizing that Decepticons wouldn't be much of a threat, he decided to live out the rest of his life as Yang's bike.

Future episodes will continue and there will be a nice tribute to Monty Oum
  • Because if Avatar: The Last Airbender can do something for Mako, why not have RWBY do something for Monty! Since Matt Hullum said that the company plans to continue RWBY and that Monty was very open with his co-workers on writing the story all the way out through volume five, the team know what was planned for later episodes. This means more episodes are coming, so there should be a tribute to Monty to honor his memories and the hard work that he put himself through to make RWBY the way it is today.

Ruby will start getting copious amounts of Les Yay with other girls.
It will all come from the other girls doing things like glomping her or kissing her on the cheek, which will just embarrass Ruby or freak her out.

Ruby and Weiss will become the Official Couple by the end of series
Much like in Legend Of Korra there will be a scene where Ruby just wants to get away from things for a while and Weiss will go with her. The two will be doing some intimate gesture like holding hands or Ruby putting her head on Weiss's shoulder as they leave for their time away.
  • Alternatively things will be Played for Drama with Ruby trying to comfort Weiss in an emotional moment only to get kissed by her. This will lead to an awkward scene later where the two decide to see where things go between the two of them, with Ruby shyly taking hold of Weiss's hand and Weiss saying she would like that.

    Confirmed Theories 


  • Mirror, Mirror paints lonely Weiss as a pretty ideal Phlegmatic with something to prove, separated from others by her class. Water Element, Cold & Wet
  • From Shadows makes Blake sound angry at humanity and more Melancholic than the others, being something of an outcast. Earth Element, Cold & Dry
  • Yang is Choleric, being a big sister to Ruby and exploitative of her sex appeal, while always being the dominant personality in conversation. Fire Element, Hot & Dry
  • Ruby is Sanguine, having a more child-like demeanor and innocence and not registering concepts such as the possibility of dying on the job. Air Element, Hot & Wet...
    • Seems fairly well confirmed.
      • Weiss seems more like either Choleric, Melancholic, or both. Yang and Ruby both have Sanguine in their temperaments. Blake hasn't showed enough of her depth for us to really get a read on her...
      • Black is Melancholic (quiet, cold, bookish, with a cynical world-view), Ruby is Phlegmatic (socially inept but deeply trusting of her friends), Yang is Sanguine (sunny disposition and Big Sister Instinct towards her team) and Weiss is Choleric (polite in the face of authority, defrosting towards teammates, scheming and detail-oriented).

The RWBY Pins.
  • Eight different logos apart from the 'RWBY' one. The top three are Ruby, Weiss, and Blake, but that leaves the other five; Adam's doesn't seem to be among them.
  • The wave pattern is likely Yellow's, then there's a pink lightning hammer, a dark red arrow or spear, a pink flower, and a yellow burning heart/flower.
    • Yellow flame is Yang's. The rest could be team JNPR's.
      • The pink lotus is Ren's, the moon is Jaune's, the spear is Pyrrha's, and the hammer is Nora's.

Yellow's Fairy Tale motif
Monty stated that, while not creating characters intended to retell fairytales, it is intended their designs be inspired by fairytale characters. Ruby was revealed as a Little Red Fighting Hood & "Red Like Roses" gave away Weiss' "Snow White" and Blake's "Beauty and the Beast" correlations, it's a bit unclear to whom yellow refers: "Yellow beauty burns gold." However, it's hinted that her symbol is a pair of crescent moons (or a burning heart), and from Monty's notes, her weapon may be called "Moonslice", creating a possible lunar or nocturnal theme as well. What are our fairy tale candidates?
  • Sleeping Beauty: Yellow's only line emphasizes "Beauty", but also burning, a la the mass-burning of spinning wheels. While one would think a character based on this fairy tale would spend half the story asleep, if the hints of a nocturnal theme hold true, then the "Sleeping" part of the fairy tale may also be relevant.
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Or at least, the Miller's Daughter. The "Gold" correlation is a bit too much to ignore.
  • Rapunzel: Her hair seems to be sufficiently longer than that of everyone else. Plus, she's blonde. That's not much to go on, but it's still a possibility.
    • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=448797675203780&set=pb.356761211074094.-2207520000.1367043815.&type=3&theater Announcement image of her trailer. It might just be me, but her hair looks decidedly fire-like, and the GIGANTIC moon background leaves little to the imagination.
      • Well, there IS a highly messed-up version of Sleeping Beauty, called "Sun Moon Talia".
      • There's a reasonable chance her name is Yang, the Chinese word referring to Light and the Sun, so it might actually be the sun in the picture.
      • As chance would have it, there's apparently two celestial constructs on planet RWBY. Yang's trailer reveals both the broken moon, and the intact sun/moon at the very end.
  • Cinderella: The clue here being the "cinder" part of her name correlating to the song's talk of burning. Yellow's moon motifs could connect to the Fairy Godmother's warnings to return before the stroke of midnight.
    • Possibly also confirmed: Yang rides an orange motorcycle (invoking a pumpkin carriage), fights a pair of sisters (invoking the wicked step-sisters), meets with a "prince" (of the criminal underworld), and breaks a lot of glass in the nightclub.
    • Jossed by Word of God.
      • Also Yellow's symbol is not a moon but a flame heart.
  • Goldilocks: The story is in a similar vein to Little Red Riding Hood which spawned Ruby's design (a little girl entering a cottage and encountering dangerous anthropomorphic animals), but also because Yellow's only line emphasizes "Gold", and all we know about the character thus far is that she's blonde.
    • Granting that the only way to be certain she's based off Goldilocks alone would be if she's fighting anthropomorphic bears. Or uses chairs as a weapon.
    • She fights a DJ wearing a bear-head in the trailer, making Goldilocks likely confirmed.
    • Word of God confirms that it is indeed Goldilocks.
    • Only the above part would clue that the theory's confirmed, so it is emboldened.

Yellow is named Yang.
Monty released a screen of him working on the models, and a file named 'Yang' is visible next to Adam.
  • Yang also refers to light and the sun, lending credit to the sun relation up above.
  • Confirmed.

Weiss and Blake will initially not like each other.
Weiss will distrust Blake because Blake is a thief and attacked what was presumably her train, as the boxes had snowflakes on them. Blake won't like Weiss because Weiss is apparently very wealthy and may even be famous. And if the lyrics of From Shadows are anything to go by, then the wealthy and power haven't exactly been kind to Blake.
  • Confirmed. They have disagreements over the ethical nature of Weiss's family holdings. Also, neither seem to care either way about poor Ruby.

Weiss and Ruby will end up partners.
Weiss and Ruby seem to regularly pair up in promotional material even though Ruby is closer to the other two friend-wise. This becomes an obvious avenue for Weiss to logically become part of Team RWBY and provides the most opportunities for jokes later on. This would likely also mean that Yang and Blake would pair up who have far less animosity but their own friction. And then pair two sets of partners together for the 4-man team that Pyrrha was mentioning and boom, you have Team RWBY.
  • Anticipate Big "NO!" from Weiss as she realises the eye contact!
  • Also expect, once Weiss has gone through major thawing, to see an ironic echo of Weiss's "smartest girl in glass combined with the strongest girl in class."
  • Confirmed. No Big "NO!", though.

Black's name will be Belle
While the name Belle doesn't directly resonate with the color black it does reference to something that does, the Beast (and Monty said that the names would either directly represent or remind you of it). It also references a fairy tale and fits with Black's part in Red like Roses: Black the beast descends from shadows.
  • Half-true. She's actually Blake Belladonna, which is as close to Belle as she'll get.

Ruby will prove a significant asset to Weiss during the trials.
Whether through spectacular (if unwilling/unwitting) teamwork or by Ruby (or Yang or Blake) saving Weiss from a potential failure of the trials, this will motivate her to start getting along with her new teammates and break out of her thus-far bitchy mindset.
  • Confirmed. It was Ruby's plan that helped her team defeat that bird-grim and pass the Initiation.

Ruby's relative is the one lying in the grave
The poem referenced has an excerpt that reads as follows:
"'Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone;" (credit to Thomas Moore)
Ruby's relative, alone after some event killed her clan/family, or time whittled away at their numbers until she was the only one left. —Going by episode one, the grave could belong to Ruby's uncle Qrow.
  • Not likely; they speak of him in present tense; the man is still alive.
    • Jossed-Qrow emails Ozpin in the last episode so he's either a computer-using ghost or he's alive.
    • There is the possibility the trailers are "future glimpses"; Ruby suffered a serious skill downgrade (at least speed) between "Red" and "Ruby Rose". Qrow could very well be dead by the time the show catches up with the trailers and be a Motivating Moment.
      • Weiss' trailer, at least, clearly takes place before the series, as she has the scar over her left eye that she gets in the trailer in the show.
      • Yang's trailer could arguably take place before or after the team initiations, so it's possible Ruby's could as well. I kind of doubt they'll work Ruby's weapon resume into the series though.
      • Apparently the name on the gravestone is "Summer Rose"...
      • Unlike the mention of Shane+Katie in Black Trailer, I don't think there's particular relevance to the name Summer Rose outside of the series. So it's very likely a relative of Ruby's, maybe her mother.
  • The lyrics to "Red Like Roses, part II" imply that a caretaker of hers died in battle prior to the series, which may fill in the blanks about the tombstone she visited.
    • Sandy Lee Casey confirmed that Ruby's mother is the second female vocal in the song. Not an outright confirmation as of yet but the evidence indicates its extremely likely that Ruby's mother is in fact the one in the grave.
    • It makes a lot of sense for Summer Rose to be Ruby's dead mother, even before taking into account the lyrics of Red Like Roses Pt II. Obviously Ruby and Summer share a last name, but Summer is also a pretty good name for the mother of someone who is basically the embodiment of the sun, Yang. Then when you take the lyrics into account, in the third verse's argument, "Summer" mentions that Ruby wasn't the only one who
needed her, again referencing Yang and possibly their father (who I'd bet has a surname of Xiao Long).
  • Monty has confirmed that "Summer Rose" is the name of Ruby's mother.

Ruby and Yang's relationship�
Is an adoptive sister bond. Ruby's parents were killed some years ago, likely when Ruby was much younger, possibly when she was a child, likely due to the war, a protest turned sour, or something else entirely. Yang's family took her in, raising her as one of their own. Ruby and Yang are unaware of Ruby's true parentage, and this is why they call each other 'sis' and say 'our parents-' meaning Yang's, supposedly.
  • Unlikely that they don't know of her true parentage. Barring the fact that they use separate last names, and the age difference means Yang would likely be old enough to remember that Ruby isn't her biological sister, Ruby visits a grave in the Red trailer dedicated to a member of the Rose family. The lyrics to "Red Like Roses, part II" imply that this relative (likely a parent) died in battle, and Ruby was not only told directly of their death, but was old enough to be consciously saddened and scarred by it.
  • Ruby and Yang are step sisters. A long shot but this could also tie into the theory that Cinder is related to Yang; which would allow her to also play the role wicked step mother to one of the girls.
    • Monty has said they're not blood-related sisters, but they are sisters and blood-related. One was a cousin that got adopted, perhaps?
      • When did he say they're not blood related?
      • The only thing Monty said is that neither Ruby nor Yang are adopted. He has also said that they are not stepsisters, and they are not cousins.
      • When you look at it, Monty didn't mention half-siblings. They could only have one parent in common which would at least make some sense. Suppose Ruby and Yang's mother was promiscuous and cheated on her husband (ending up with either Ruby or Yang, your choice) and Ruby and Yang ended up with different fathers (thusly having them take on different (last) names.)
      • Monty has confirmed that Ruby and Yang are half-sisters. They share a common father but have different mothers.

Team RWBY will not form by choice.
It seems that Beacon divides students into 4 person teams, judging by RWBY and JNPR. Being that Blake and Weiss are clashing, neither care for Ruby, and Yang wants to hang with her own friends, they will not join willingly. So they are put together by teachers, perhaps because they are outsiders. Ruby is the youngest student and knows no one, Weiss seems quite elitist so wouldn't have friends anyway, Blake has done some dubious antics, assuming her trailer takes place before the series, and is thus a rebel. Yang might be a fiery spirit, might be put in to balance the extreme emotions and monitor her young sister, or just needs to fill up numbers.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Their teams are decided by the teachers after they have presented the relics they obtained from the Initiation. The relics are the deciding factor of who is on what team.

Blake & Adam are Fauna of the White Fang
From Shadows talks of being 'a lesser being crushed by cruel ruthless human rule' who will 'take back what (was) stole.' Blake and Adam belong to a non-human (possibly animalistic) race whose lands were conquered by humans. Treated as monsters (beasts?) by humans, and given no rights. The White Fang began as an attempt at freedom from human subjugation and reclamation of their homeland, but went out of control, taking everything in the name of vengeance. Given that and the actions in the Black Trailer, it seems Blake used to be part of White Fang before abandoning them for their extreme methods.
  • After abandoning Adam, Blake went rogue.
  • Maybe Blake was the badass who wanted to kill the crew and left the White Fang because they were pussies. If Weiss is putting on an act, maybe she is also.
    • Given Blake's seeming temperament in the character and the show so far, she doesn't seem the type to go out of her way to kill the crew.
  • Confirmed halfway, Blake is a faunus who left the White Fang after their methods became to extreme.

Blake is a Cat Faunus who uses that headband to hide her ears
She keeps her ears secret because she's either been a victim of some of the worst Fantastic Racism against Faunus and now suffers from Internalized Categorism and honestly believes she's partially a monster (thus, the Beast becoming a prince(ss)-she learns that she was never a monster-though I bet she keeps the headband because having four ears uncovered gets loud) or because of discriminatory practices that would expel her from Beacon.
  • And the lyrics of her song, "From Shadows" mentions born with no life....into subjugation, treated like a worthless animal, stripped of all rights, just a lesser being and crushed by cruel ruthless human rule.
  • And if you look closely in Episode 8, you can see Blake's ribbon twitch during certain scenes.
  • Another thing, why didn't Blake remove her ribbon before she went to sleep? Normal girls would remove any hair accessory before going to bed. Blake's taking extra care to hide her ears!
  • Given the bullying seen in episode 11, Blake might be a bad moment away from going full-on berserk. One push from Team CRDL, and someone becomes an Asshole Victim.
    • Absolutely correct, the headband is a ribbon wound around her cat ears.

Blake is a former member of White Fang
Her trailer depicts her deciding to cut and run before she gets into some serious trouble.
  • Confirmed, but not out of fear but because she thought they were getting too close to terrorists.

Ruby's mother died while she was young, and Uncle Qrow was her surrogate father
Possibly an actual uncle or a close friend of her mother, maybe a step dad, or possibly he's Yang's biological father and the two have different dads, so Ruby refers to him as 'Uncle' mostly because he's not really a step-dad.
  • Monty has confirmed that they are blood-related and not cousins.
    • Confirmed! Burning the Candle and Summer Rose's grave confirm it almost perfectly, although Ruby and Yang are half-sisters and have different mothers.
    • Yang's description of their common father shutting down could also support this theory, as Qrow could have stepped in to help the family or take custody of the two girls either by their father's request or Qrow felt it was right.
Ruby was adopted into Yang's family as a heavily traumatized little girl; Yang became an Invincible Big Sister to build Ruby up.
Ruby's family; likely mother; was killed by Grim. Around age ten, or so, she was a dark sullen girl who was convinced EVERYONE would die on her. Yang dedicated her life to proving this false. She would be everything. Carrot and the Stick; Sink-or-Swim Mentor; and a lot of hugs. She also swore to Ruby that "not a hair" on Yang's head would ever not come back to Ruby; the focus on this wording being the cause of her rages.
  • Alternatively, since it's been confirmed they are biological sisters, it was after their mother died. Yang put on a brave face to make her little sister feel safe.
  • Burning The Candle has Yang confirm alternative this as the backstory. After Yang's mother disappeared and Ruby's mother died she had to be strong for her sister growing up who, because she was young, couldn't understand everything that happened yet.

Yang is looking for her mother.
Its known that Ruby and Yang share a father, whether by blood or adoption is unknown. Fan Consensus is that Ruby's mother has died. However, what if Yang is looking for her blood mother?
  • Moreover, while it may be referenced on occasion, she'll never actually find her and the series will conclude as if it was an irrelevant side note.
  • spoiler: Confirmed as of Volume 2, Chapter 6. Yang is indeed looking for her own mother who left around the time Ruby's mother died.


JNPR will be Gender Flip versions of folk heroes of differing nationality.
Jaune Arc is blatantly a flip of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc). Pyrrha may be Cú Chulainn given her spear, pseudo-Celtic battle garb, and Irish palette (red hair, green eyes). Nora maybe Thor, due to her sigil of a hammer overlaid with a lightning bolt. Lie Ren is a tough one, but given his decidedly Asian appearance and flower sigil, he may relate to a typically feminine figure of Oriental myth.
  • Possibly the Daoist deity Nezha? Typically protrayed as a boy, but gender tropes have been played with him enough that it could fit.
    • Hua Mulan
  • Cu Chulainn is Jossed. Pyrrha's Greek, not Celtic.
  • If Nora is Thor then Pyrrha is Ares.
  • I'm going to go with Pyrrha as Achilles. All the characters are famous for cross-dressing: Hua Mulan (the flower is possibly a magnolia not a lotus as Mulan is Chinese for Magnolia) and Joan of Arc as men so that they could go to war, Thor dressed as a bride after losing Mjölnir in order to gain access to Jötunheimr and get it back. Achilles cross-dressed as a woman in order to avoid having to fight in the Trojan War (Ulysses managed to oust him though), and given the name Pyrrha meaning red-haired girl.
  • Actually, in Greek mythology Pyrrhus (masculine of Pyrrha) was the name given to Achilles's son Neoptolemus, for his red hair.
    • Monty has confirmed that all members of JNPR are based on characters who dressed in drag at one point in their story, hence Joan of Arc and Hua Mulan. So Achilles and Thor mentioned above work.
  • It seems to have been confirmed that JNPR are based on Joan of Arc, Thor, Achilles, and Mulan.

Jaune will prove to be a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
Or by some Let's Get Dangerous, will make our jaws drop to the floor.
  • Or be The Strategist: excellent strategic creativity when focused. His "basic" style allows him to survive while he directs his teammates.
  • Or Weak, but Skilled: no flashy weapon, but ridiculously skilled and very creative sword/shield combo. His breakout moment, in Initiation, will help him gain confidence and lead his team.
  • Or the girls can't use their weapons, whatever; Jaune holds off attacking enemies while they flee. Bonus points if he actually manages to kick butt and not just act as a distraction.
  • Or not...
    • Guess who was right about him being a strategist?
      • Not so strategic in his one-ons against Cardin or that Ursa.

Nora wields a hammer.
See the pins WMG above. It would make for fitting comedy value, and suit her unsubtle, over-the-top personality. The colours match as well.
  • Confirmed. Hammer : grenade launcher. Grenades with little hearts on them.

Pyrrha will become Jaune's partner by saving him from crashing.
Pyrrha was only a few catapults away from Jaune. After landing, she turns around to notice Jaune flailing about and helps him land reasonably safely. When he goes to thank her, they make eye contact and become partners.
  • Partially confirmed. She saves Jaune, but via a spear throw at long distance, the two making eye contact a short while later.

Jaune is just too incompetent to qualify for Beacon
. Crazy, huh? But let's look at the evidence. Jaune is no pushover, but compared to his fellow students he is pretty clearly the least capable in combat. This presumably contrasts with his ancestors, who were mighty warriors. Thus, in order to fulfill his "destiny," he felt he needed to cheat his way into Beacon. That's it. As to why he got let in, either he's good at forging documents, or it's part of whatever mysterious plan Ozpin has.


Teams will be based around what "relic" they took.
The chess motif "relics" will play some role in designating which partner pairs will be combined into the full team, either by playing some kind of game with said piece or each one being matched with another for a predetermined set, like "gold knight + black rook" (or whatever piece she and Weiss pick).
  • Confirmed. CRDL took black bishops. JNPR took gold rooks. RWBY took gold knights.

The Second Team
There's a leaked photo of a group of four other bizarrely colored characters. This is most likely the "second Alpha team" that Monty mentioned in an interview.
  • Confirmed.

The team pairings will meet up / be formed via airborne Crash-Into Hello.
Episode 7 ended with Ruby falling from the sky, seemingly towards Blake and Yang. Similarly, Jaune was flung by the Grim scorpion to an unknown location... towards Lie Ren and Nora?
  • Confirmed in the "meet up" sense. Both Ruby and Jaune ended up crashing into each other near Blake and Yang. Ren and Nora ended up there on their own.


The two silhouettes behind the Wicked Witch in the intro are...
  • Other members of a Big Bad Ensemble.
  • Fellow members of a Big Bad Triumvirate.
  • Her Bigger Bad superiors.
  • Her Co-Dragons.
  • The new antagonists following Cinder's defeat.
    • They're obviously male and female figures: when revealed their names will be Hansel and Gretel.
      • Hans and Greta and they'll be her servants.
      • As of Episode 16, the guy has purple hair and a grey and purple shirt and the girl has green hair and red eyes and wears a green and white outfit.
  • There names are Mercury Black and Emerald, a Tae Kwon Do fighter and a thief. Episode 1 of Volume 2 confirms them as Cinder's minions.

The terrible trio shown at the end of episode 16 will follow a Warrior/Thief/Mage motif.
Blue haired guy will be the warrior based on process of elimination, green-haired girl will be the thief based on her midriff baring outfit, and Cinder is obviously the mage with her fire spells.
  • Since when is that a motif?
    • Since always? Fighter, Mage, Thief
      • Well, Mercury is definitely a fighter and Emerald wields twin blades.
        Team RWBY has members that fit this criteria as well, Weiss mage, Yang fighter, Blake thief. The newly revealed Team CFVY= Fox thief, Velvet mage, Yatsuhashi fighter.
  • In the first episode of Volume 2, Mercury refers to Emerald as a thief. I think this is enough to confirm this.
  • As of V 2 C 7, this is partially averted. Cinder's fire mage dress is just one of many personas she takes on, and she has demonstrated hand-to-hand, stealth, traditional melee, physical ranged (with the bow), and even elements of magic knight and arguably full contact-magic. She's a Renaissance woman when it comes to fighting. Mercury and Emerald remain to be completely confirmed, and perhaps they too have hidden depths. The trope still exists in the promotional art and traditional lineup at the end of Volume 1, so a shred of confirmation still exists, but this might be closer to jossed now.

There will be a Big Bad Ensemble.
Given the rather diverse amount of enemies in the trailers, I think each of the four girls will have their own antagonists to sort out. Something set the Knight loose on Weiss, and someone must've created those robots on the train, but I doubt they're the same person, and I doubt the culprits are working together.
  • Well, so far, Roman Torchwick and Cinder seem to be working together; the ending of the pilot shows what seems to be three primary groups of enemies: The Grimm Creatures, Torchwood and his thugs, and Crimson with her shadow people.
    • Looks like Torchwick is working with the White Fang AND Cinder...
      • Cinder is higher-up than Roman.
  • Volume 2 Opening shows Cinder marching with Roman, Mercury, Emerald, Junior, and the Malachites. Also, I think a turn is coming... the Beacon teaching staff may not be so nice... and Penny's associates may be a mercenary outfit.
    • Going off the sudden shift in lyrics the second Penny's group is shown wherein they mention "our enemies are gathering", I can't help believing this.

Junior is based on Little Bear from the Three Bears
He's called Junior because he's the son of an Unholy Matrimony pair of crime bosses/supervillains. As befitting the original story, Mama Bear's character and Papa Bear's character will be Red Oni, Blue Oni: Papa Bear will be Hot-Blooded and physical, while Mama Bear will be The Stoic and mystical. Bonus points for Papa Bear being a Badass Grandpa.
  • His last name Xiong means "bear", so I think this is pretty well confirmed.

The White Fang are...
...a bunch of half human half animals. Their symbol is a wolf head, one of their protest signs says "*Cut off* NOT ANIMALS" and the protesters have animal characteristics. Visible are a boy with bunny ears, a girl with bear ears, a goat/ram horned man, and a purple haired boy with small horns. There is a faunus rabbit girl in episode 11 being bullied in the Beacon cafeteria; and she has both rabbit and human ears.
  • Those were the Faunus protestors whose ceremony the White Fang disrupted. It's still perfectly possible that the White Fang are, for some reason, composed of Faunus.
    • It's confirmed that the White Fang are Faunus, who presumably consider the peaceful protestors Category Traitors.

The White Fang are a violent Fauna rights group.
They dislike the idea of their fellow Faunus asking for equality and thus consider them Category Traitors, so they attack both their human oppressors and the peaceful Fauna protesters. Adam is likely a White Fang member, while Blake sides with the nonviolent faction.
  • More or less confirmed.


Ozpin knew that Blake was a Faunus
  • No real evidence but IF he does know Jaune's secret, who is to say he doesn't know about Blake's?
    • Confirmed in Volume 2.

Other than the first episode, the entire series will be comprised of two-part episodes.
  • Middle episode and finale are confirmed to be longer.
  • Episode 15 too.

Kairi's fighting style will appear in a future battle
Specifically Namine's, because it's too awesome to lose.
  • Confirmed, Namine's fighting style has been utilized by Penny in episode 16.
The man Junior was talking to will be important.
Has red hair, a sword in a sheath and wears a hat with a feather. He definitely has a unique design; though we don't see his face clearly. Likely this is an Early-Bird Cameo.
  • Confirmed. That is Roman Torchwick, a character that is introduced in the pilot episode.

Barbara, Kara, Arryn and Lindsey will be the voices of the girls.
Or at least have some part in it. Evidence is in the last few seconds of the "Red" Trailer; when it shows the credits (Right after the shells hit the ground and she is framed in black), it shows the names of the people who worked on it and what they have done. Monty and Shane are next to animation, character design by Monty and Eileen, etc. But above them are the four listed above - with no indication as to what the role is.
  • Confirmed.

The voices for the girls
Lindsay will play Ruby, Kara will play Weiss, Arryn will play Blake and Barbara will play Yellow.
  • Confirmed.

The voice acting.
As the series goes on, the acting and the voices themselves will improve as a whole. It takes time for everything, and the experience will benefit the actors in the long run.
  • Confirmed.
    • Is this really a theory? Actors get better with practice. This is just common sense.

The first test will end in Episode 8.
  • Episode 6 is 7 minutes long, meaning that Episode 7 will be 4. 4 minutes is not nearly enough time to conclude the test. Plus, they already stated the middle episode and finale will be the same length as the first episode, so this will be a proper place to finish the test and move into the second half of the story.
    • Confirmed.

Episode 8's plot will be a multi-boss battle between the raven and the scorpion
  • Meaning the focus of the episode will split between Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang fighting the giant raven, and Pyrrha, Jaune, Ren and Nora fighting the scorpion.
    • Confirmed!

The train belonged to Weiss
The crates within the train have snowflake insignias, after all.
  • Or, rather, the Schnee family.
    • Confirmed as of episode fifteen.

Lyrical Analysis: Yang is a Badass Determinator.
"Sending out your army but you still cant win/Listen up silly boy cuz i'm gonna tell you why"
"Can't hold me now/You got nothing that can stop me"
"Swing all you want/Like a fever i will take you down"

She's basically saying "Come at me. Nothing you throw at me is going to stop me from causing you pain. Ever."
  • Wait... is this confirmed?

Penny is a battle robot.
She just doesn't act like she's really human.
  • She's possibly Pinocchio. Which given we have a villain named Torchwick, well...
    • Does the name Penny refer to anything in Pinocchio? She also doesn't appear to have a long nose of something like that... Other than that, I agree. Her movement does seem robotic.
      • The link is that Penny sounds similar to Pinocchio.
      • Well, if she starts ranting about wanting to be real, therein would lie the connection.
    • The robot part is confirmed with some hint of being based on Pinocchio.
      • The reverse-marionette strings seem pretty unambiguous.
      • Granted, Penny could also be a Cyborg rather than a full robot.
    • Worth noting that during her initial meeting with Team RWBY she does not wear a backpack, yet during the fight at the shipping port, she does wear one. This may explain where the swords came from, possibly disproving the theory that she is a robot. However, this still doesn't explain her odd behaviour.
  • Her apearance in the Volume 2 Opening has her standing in a high-tech white Corridor with a bunch of advanced armored troops, James Ironwood, Headmaster of Atlas, and a pair of what appear to be Aides to the to James mentioned. Given how everyone else is in a "Team" with the rest of the people in their picture there, it implies she's either the daughter of the James, or a battle robot made by Atlas, or simply a student of Atlas. Note that James Ironwood is of the opinion that simply training hunters isn't "enough" and has an "Army".
  • Confirmed (more-or-less) as of Season 2 Episode 3; Penny outright states to Ruby that she isn't a real girl.
Semblances are hereditary
  • It seems unlikely that Weiss would be the first person to have a dust-based semblance when she's the heiress to a massive dust producing company. More likely is that her semblance has been in her family for generations and the Schnee Dust Company was created to provide it's owner with a steady supply of dust for their semblance. It could also explain why Ruby and Yang have different last names. In the world of RWBY you take the last name of the parent you got your semblance from.
    • Monty Confirmed on the RWBY livestream that semblances are hereditary. However Ruby and Yang are half-sisters explaining the name.

    Jossed theories 


Cinder Fall is Ruby's mother
In Red like Roses: Part II, the second vocalist (for the caretaker apparently killed) is the first's mother. Her trailer has her standing at a grave with the name 'Summer Rose', but the song implies that her mother was lost on a mission or expedition; thus, it's more likely the marker is a cenotaph, and her mother's body never found. Cinder Fall is initially mysterious, but her color of motif seems to be red as well (and cinders are red, making this fit). Thus: Summer Rose went out to do... something, and never came back. The situation led her to be presumed dead, but in fact she survived, and some circumstance led her to go incognito as Cinder Fall. What's she after? Why is she working with Roman? Who knows?
  • Did she stumble upon some magic that kept her young? Cinder Fall is not old enough to be Ruby's mother especially given she's young enough to be believed as a combat school student.
    • Jossed. Monty himself confirmed Cinder is not Ruby's mother.

Blake and Adam are trying to find a cure for Adam.
Adam's mask is what is keeping him in a human form.
  • Probably something more like losing his mind and becoming more murderous.
  • Adam's mask is more likely just a higher ranked or personalized version of those worn by White Fang.
  • In "Painting the Town...", Blake confirms that these masks are just symbolic of humanity's choice to view the Faunus as monsters.

Blake has seen some things.
When Jaune and Pyrrha get attacked by the scorpion, the scream causes her to look up in the sky, almost scared, as if she's remembering something horrible.
  • Maybe she was traumatized by men with really feminine screams?
    • It's speculated they are actually reacting to screams from Ruby and Weiss (as in explaining why Ruby suddenly falls out of the sky). Maybe Blake recognizes Weiss's voice... or Ruby's.
  • While Blake has no doubt seen "things", as of Episode 8, Blake was clearly reacting to Ruby falling from the sky.

Yang's hair is the actual protagonist of the series, and will become it's own character at some point.
...we had three hair-related WMGs in a row. Clearly, Yang's hair is important to the series.
  • Or maybe people want to know why Yang gets mad when her hair gets cut. That doesn't suggest it's important to the series.
    • Unlike Blake's bow which originally was thought to possess some Expressive Accessory characteristic, Yang's hair has had no independent expression.

Yellow will be named Yolo.
'Cause why the hell not.
  • Perhaps because no one will ever take her seriously if that were the case? More appropriate names would be Gold (is more than likely to be based on Goldilocks, or alternatively Rapunzel), Topaz (yellow gemstone), Aurum (scientific name for gold), Jaune (French for yellow) and so on. Or to keep up with the name theme, something with Y (that is not Yolo or anything similar).
    • Jossed, it's Yang.

Weiss is an Emotionless Girl, and the black undershirt she wears is symbolic of that.
As theorized here, "Black represents death. White is dead where her heart and lungs should be. All the organs that make her live are covered by this black shirt. However, because she is wearing white over it, we only see a glimpse of the death that is underneath. She is dead inside."
  • Jossed; we've seen her personality now, and it is unexpectedly bitchy, but definitely not emotionless.
    • Might just be a sociopath who is trying to manipulate people, and doesn't mind coming off poorly, because no one ever suspects the bitch is a cover for an empty soul.
      • She just wears black underneath her clothes, people.

The Bitch Face in this picture is because of a training exercise.
You know how Weiss was wearing an angry face in it while walking up behind an anxious Ruby? That's actually a teaser for episode 3. I predict that it'll happen in the middle of a fight between the two, one where Weiss will gain the upper hand on account of being a more refined fighter.
  • Jossed. Weiss was sneaking up on Ruby pre-opening-ceremonies to yell at her again (and give her a Dust pamphlet).

Yang always keeps mirrored sunglasses on hand to hide her eyes.
Her Red Eyes, Take Warning, that is. She may just use it to hide her Super Mode in case she ever wanted to surprise someone, but it's also possible her Super Mode is something more taboo; if she were ever in a situation where she was very angry but had to restrain herself, she would have to hide it. (She was able to switch off easily in her trailer because she was "spent" beating the crap out of Junior.)
  • Jossed. In episode 8, she blatantly goes red-eyed in front of everybody in a moment of frustration. If it was meant to be a secret of some kind, then she either wouldn't have revealed it so flagrantly or at least would have made some Oh Crap! indicator afterwards. Also, nobody seemed to react to it in any fashion, so it doesn't seem to be taboo in any respect.
    • The glasses were most likely a gag, but if they HAVE to have a purpose... first person they make eye contact with is their permanent partner. So she makes it impossible to have eye contact with her until she chooses to partner you.
      • Considering that they appear to be aviator sunglasses, they were probably just used to keep the wind out of her eyes as she accelerated.

Blake's "Ribbon Twitch" in Episode 8 is simply a case of Expressive Accessory
Just as the title says. Barring some very clever construction, her headband bow doesn't look the way organic ears would.
  • We have seen one Faunus now in the series proper, episode 11. She has both rabbit ears and human ears.
    • Jossed, Blake's headband is actually a ribbon wound around her cat ears.

Blake-as-a-Faunus is a Red Herring
With the headband, and her shady past, and her song lyrics "Born with no life- into subjugation. Treated like a worthless animal! Stripped of all rights, just a lesser being- crushed by cruel, ruthless human rule!", it's overwhelmingly obvious that she's secretly a Faunus. So obvious, it would probably be kind of disappointing if it turned out to be true. It would probably be more interesting if she were actually human.
  • In lunch scene episode, though getting upset, her reaction to Cardin bullying Velvet isn't as big as if she were a Faunus. The lyrics might refer to her treatment from associating with them (maybe Adam is a Faunus and Blake had been good friends with him but because she associated with him, she was treated just like one).
    • Jossed by The Untwist, probably for the better. Having no Faunus as a main character just to have a Red Herring would be even more disappointing.

Blake was a Faunus.
Her ears and any other physical features were surgically removed. She wears the bow as a sort of faux-prosthetic.
  • Jossed.

Blake is not a Faunus, but was enslaved/abused alongside them.
The lines "Born with no life/Into subjugation/Treated like a worthless animal" are sung by a male voice, then it goes back to Blake for "Stripped of all rights/Just a lesser being". Blake's parent(s) might have been involved with actively oppressing Fauna, and when they had an unwanted child, they treated her like one of them. She identifies more strongly with Fauna than humans because of her experiences growing up, hence the Expressive Accessory.
  • Jossed.

Weiss' actions and words will drive Blake into a Face-Heel Turn.
When Weiss, Ruby, and Yang find Blake again, Weiss will go on another anti-Faunus tirade that will finally push Blake over the edge, and when either the White Fang or Torchwick finds her next, she'll decide that if the others will never accept her, she might as well live up to their expectations. However, she'll spell this out in an emotional Motive Rant, causing Weiss to have a huge My God, What Have I Done? / Heel Realization moment and spend the next season trying to make amends, try to "save" Blake and convince her to come back to the good guys, and maybe confront her family/company on the cycle of hatred they're helping to perpetuate.
  • Jossed

Weiss is an albino
It explains her white hair. The show seems to be a case of Like Reality Unless Noted (meaning no Animesque hair)- and Ruby and Ren's hair colors are pretty obviously dyed.
  • Jossed. We've got Oobleck, Emerald, and that guy with the turquoise-colored hair on Sun's team.

Weiss and Ruby will be related.
Snow-white and Rose-red
  • While their relationship isn't mentioned, Yang and Ruby are sisters (though given Word of God, they probably aren't blood-relatives).
    • Weiss and Ruby were likely originally supposed to be sisters based on the fact that Miltia/Melanie are the original designs for the characters. However, the Malachite sisters could yet bear some relation to them that ties them all together.
    • Jossed. Ruby and Yang are half-sisters but no relation to Weiss


Jaune's weapon is Excalibur, or at least based on it.
Although it has not been established what his sword can do, one of Excalibur's properties is that its sheath is able to protect its wielder from harm to a certain degree. The sheath of Jaune's sword doubles as his shield, which would fit this description. Plus, he states that it was passed down through his family, meaning someone in his family may have retrieved it from the enchanted lake it was thrown into at some point. Learning to wield it properly will signify Jaune taking a level in badass.
  • It would be interesting if the sword would portend that Jon of Arc and King Arthur had a common ancestry.
  • Jaune also has a lot of Aura. You know, the thing that turns great blows into minor cuts?
    • When facing down Cardin, he starts glowing, gets punched, and Cardin looks like he nearly broke his hand while Jaune gets dropped.
  • Jossed. It's Corcea Mors, a weapon wielded by Julius Caesar. The British prince Nennius acquired it when Caesar embedded it in his shield. It slew anyone struck by it. Hence "Yellow Death".

Jaune's first major awesome act will involve him tanking an obscene amount of attacks.
Given his motion sickness, the chance that he's going to be flying all over the place is slim to none. It with either have everyone looking on in awe, or no one sees it.
  • Jaune is the ancestor to Grif. Grif has proven himself to be a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass time and time again and in a show that knee-deep in badassery, Jaune will have his moment to shine.
  • Jossed. Jaune's first epic moment was leading his team in defeating a Death Stalker.
  • Or otherwised jossed by Jaune's first notable victory practically solo over a massive Ursa.

Other Teams

Team CRDL will be the Asshole Victims to show just how powerful White Fang/Roman's gang is
They'll be picked out as the weakling, and one of said organisations will show up, and, after toying with them a bit, will force-feed them curb and steal their uniforms and weapons to blend in. Bonus points if it turns out they kicked their asses because they selected for "people others will be relieved to learn are missing."
  • Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald have already infiltrated Beacon as a team "from Haven." But there uniforms are match their proposed origin rather than being Beacon uniforms like Team CRDL's.

Velvet used to be in a different team before CFVY
Every character has a part of their name that relates to a colour somehow. Velvet, however, has the reference in both her first and last names - the Velvet part refers to her current colour, brown, but on her previous team she used the other colour present: Scarlatina (scarlet). It's possible that her first team was notoriously faunophobic, and she requested to be transferred into a more accepting team.


Torchwick and Cinder are members of White Fang
What if Torchwick and Cinder are really just trying to take revenge on people who discriminate against faunus? What if Cinder or Torchwick are actually faunus themselves? Perhaps their big plan is to conduct some sort of attack against prejudice people. I know this is crazy, but I'm really just throwing things left and right at the moment.
  • Given that Torchwick refers to his White Fang mooks as "animals" right to their faces, and scolds one unsure what to do with a rope that "it's not a leash", it seems pretty obvious that he isn't a big fan of Faunus. And the stinger of Episode 8 heavily hints that the target of the grand plan Torchwick is working on is Beacon.
  • The stinger of Episode 16 seems to imply Cinder, and by extension Roman, are simply using the White Fang.
    • Volume 2 Episode 1 seems to support this.
  • Volume 2 Episode 4 clearly shows that Torchwick is not a "member" of the White Fang but is working with them against a "common enemy."

The Wicked Witch connections
Cinder is the woman Yang was looking for in the Yellow trailer. Also, she will have some kind of connection to Beacon Academy. The moment Roman realised there was a Huntress on the scene, Cinder took over, indicating she's had Huntress training, too. The best place for that is Beacon. This might also explain the narration at the beginning of Episode 1: the voice overs were Cinder and Ozpin. They're connected via Beacon Academy's teaching staff and Cinder's negative outlook has driven her to Roman's side because she's become a Well-Intentioned Extremist or undercover in Roman's organisation as a mole. Somehow, Yang's mission, Beacon Academy, Ozpin, Roman's goals are all connected and the key is Cinder.
  • Cinder is not the Wicked Witch. Cinder is Cinderella. Mercury is the messenger god... and Emerald is the "diamond in the rough".

Cinder is related to one of the girls
  • Ruby's silver eyes could possibly be a tie-in to Cinder and her gold eyes. Also, they both wear red and have dark hair.
  • Weiss's fairytale motif is Snow White whose own wicked stepmother was a practitioner of magic. Depictions of the stepmother usually featured her having dark hair and light skin as seems to be the case with Cinder.
  • She and Blake both have piercing golden eyes. This may be supported by the fact that in certain older fairy tales and classic literature, the cruelty and plight of certain antagonists was often attributed to having their child taken away or something of the like. There was also Blake's remark regarding her membership of the White Fang: "You could almost say I was born into it."
  • Yang's name is Chinese, while Cinder has an outfit and tattoos of vaguely Eastern origin. Yang and the Witch both employ a number of fire-based abilities, which appear to be at least partially natural in origin for Yang herself. Yang is in Junior's bar searching for a black-haired girl... possibly an older sister, or her mother.
    • A lot of fan speculation has cued on Cinder being Blake's mother, but after Episode 16's stinger it would seem most likely she's related (likely mother) to Yang. Eyes glow, fire powers, and dark hair like the woman in the picture that Yang was looking for.
    • As far as Cinder being Ruby + Yang's mother, it's been officially Jossed: Monty's twitter

Torchwick answers to or is otherwise related to a villain based off the Coachman.
Keeps with the Pinocchio motif thus far established with the character.
  • Seems well Jossed by now. Cinder scares the shit out of him. And he likes her. Talk about conflict.

Cinder is a double agent
Cinder is a mole in Roman's organization. This is why Glynda was at hand, for she had been forewarned about the robbery and was standing by in case Roman or his goons got out of hand. Then Ruby became the spanner in the works, and Glynda had to rescue her from Roman's attack. Out comes Cinder, and they fight an impressive looking, but ultimately just for show duel before Roman makes his escape. This is also why Glynda is so annoyed with Ruby afterwards, for she effectively blew a planned out stakeout.
  • Jossed, as it's now been made clear that it's Cinder who's in charge of the operation.

Roman and Cinder are both figureheads for a villainous Dust company, alongside two yet-to-be-revealed 'Wicked Witches', and a Bigger Bad who won't be revealed until much later.
In the intro, when Cinder is revealed during the credits reel of the pilot, she's flanked by two figures framed in shadow. It wouldn't be crazy to think that these mysterious people will be important later.
  • While some have said Cinder wears glass slippers and is therefore Cinderella, I suggest they could be ruby or silver. She could then likely be Dorothy and those two mysterious figures could be the Eastwitch and the Westwitch.
    • And I was wrong, it's not Dorothy. Cinder is Cinderella and two other figures appeared in Episode 16.

Roman and Cinder are treating each other as Unwitting Pawns.
We don't know what their goals are yet, but let's assume Roman is an underworld boss looking to improve his own lot and Cinder is ultimately on the side of the Grim. Roman is willing to work with Cinder and the Grim forces as long as it suits him, and Cinder is working with humanity until the Grim consider the underworld a liability. They'd inevitably decide it's over at the same time and turn it into an Evil vs. Evil Enemy Civil War.
  • Seemingly jossed on Roman's part. He's so far the only pawn in this game.

the Witch is Pyrrha.
I'm aware one's eyes are green and the other's are gold. However their silhouettes and eye shapes look similar, don't you think? (And we've seen with Yang that power usage can change a person's eye colour.)
  • So, a teenager is skilled enough in magic to duel one of Beacon's teachers (Note that Beacon is an elite academy, they'd probably have hired the strongest sorcerers/warriors available to teach there.) and is also adept in three different weapon types, as Pyrrha's ease with her Swiss Army Weapon indicates?...I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing it.
    • Also, on the ship when she has the stick, you can clearly see her neck, chin, and hair. Her hair is black.
  • Jossed... her name is Cinder.

Cinder will be the Final Boss for season 1
She's the last of the season 1 antagonists shown in the opening theme, so I suspect she'll be, if not the Arc Villain, then the final antagonist fought for the first season.
  • Jossed... Roman is the season 1 villain. Cinder is introduced as the first volume comes to a close.

The first Narrator is Cinder, the evil witch.
Her outlook on humanity being doomed to darkness is her motivation for joining The Dark Side. At the beginning of episode one, Ozpin seems to be responding directly to the narrator - perhaps she was a Huntress that parted bitter ways with Beacon. That plus the fact that they managed to get JEN FREAKING TAYLOR to voice her, and I don't think this is gonna be a bit character.
  • Jossed. Cinder is voiced by Jessica Nigri.

The newscaster and the Wicked Witch are the same woman.
Who only has the yellow eyes when she's using her powers. It would seem odd to have the "background characters" as silhouettes but the newslady fully animated if she was only supposed to be a newslady and nothing more - and she doesn't appears in the opening/credits either. Hmm...
  • "Fully animated" is a very generous assessment. The only part of the news anchor that moves is her lips. What's more, she's also a 2D image in a 3D-rendered world. Having eyes that are only yellow when she uses her powers doesn't indicate it's the news anchor, and doesn't rule out any female character who doesn't already have yellow eyes. She couldn't very well be a silhouette because you can't cast shadows on a hologram, and having the face of a news anchor obscured would counter the point of having a news anchor to begin with. There's no reason for her to be featured in the credit sequence because she's a minor character whose only role is to build the world. It would fly from so far left field if she has any effect on events beyond describing them in a news cast for the characters and audience, much less stand as a major opposing force.
  • Jossed... Crimson is Cinder(ella)

I've decided that Crimson must be Maleficent. Why? Fire-based magic, dragon-wing tattoo...
  • Jossed... she's Cinderella.
    • Could be a fusion. Blake is Beauty and Beast; Penny is Puppet and Puppeteer...

Miltia and Melanie are students at Beacon.
It will either be revealed that:
  • They have gone to the school longer than the main cast, applying the skills they learn during class to their job as Junior's bodyguards O R�
  • They have been sent to infiltrate the school by Junior so they can find Yang and pay her back for what she did to all of them.
    • Or being sent to the school is part of their punishment/rehabilitation.
  • The twins will be on Velvet Scarlatina's team and are just as prejudiced as Team CRDL.
    • Jossed. Velvet's team does not include them.

Cinder Fall was part of a 4-person team with seasons as their themes.
Summer Rose was a member. It's possible Winter and Spring are Cinder's companions.
  • That's Jossed. They are Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai and Monty has confirmed they have two other team mates and they are not actually part of Cinder's "team". They just work for her.
    • Only the second part is Jossed the theory that she was in a team with Summer Rose nor that they were based on four seasons isn't.
  • Now that we've been made aware of Winter Schnee, this theory gains more weight.
  • Jossed since 2-6; Summer Rose was on a team with her eventual husband, his first wife, and Qrow.

Neo is Mute
Just putting it out there. It's generally accepted by Fanon and she hasn't talked yet...
  • Jossed. She's confirmed to have a voice actress in the third volume.

Other characters

Yang's father's name
Yang Ju-Long
  • Taiyang Xiao Long
    • Meaning "supreme sun little dragon"?
      • Taiyang is likely named for Taeyang (SOL) from the K-pop band Big Bang. All of Sun's team are inspired by this band.
  • Taiyang is confirmed. THREEFOLD. montyoum appeared here at tropes and left the above comment (Taiyang Xiao Long) which was more or less ignored for months as people refused to believe it was really him. Then Monty tweeted a pic that contained Taiyang Xiao Long as a file name for a character. Then Volume 2 Episode 8 Field Trip featured a letter to the girls from their father "Taiyang".
  • With Taiyang confirmed as Yang and Ruby's father, the name Ju-Long is JOSSED.

The Mohawk guy and the Redheaded guy visible at the start of the test will be voiced by Gavin and Michael.
It's been said that Gavin will voice an important character, and maybe combined with the WMG about Mohawk guy forming an antagonistic team then this could become an interesting development.
  • Their names are Russel and Cardin
  • Jossed. They're voiced by Adam Ellis and Shane Newville.

Professor Port will refer to his captured Grim as Edgar at one point.
Because "No, you don't understand, Edgar is the one in the cage!" would be absolutely priceless.
  • Jossed as of the Badge and the Burden, Pt. 2

Yellow mohawk guy will be the leader of a third team.
One that will be antagonistic to the heroes, out of focus, or both.
  • Jossed. His name is Russel and his team's leader is Carden.

One of the students will be killed in the Emerald Forest.
Their partner will be both reassigned and, if not the one responsible for said death, traumatized.
  • The two new, as-yet-unnamed Mohawk and Redheaded guys.
    • I call them Moss and Nickel.
  • Jossed. They are part of Team CRDL.

Adam is the one in the grave
Ruby looks over a someones' grave at the beginning of her trailer. I'm guessing that was Adam.
  • More likely White Cloak seen in the Episode opener.
    • It's clear at this point Ruby's mother, Summer Rose, is the one in the grave.


Velvet's team...
�will be based on fairy tales of toys coming to life, since Velvet herself is based on The Velveteen Rabbit.
  • Paddington Bear is an option. I suggest his name be Payton Bar... others: Winifred Garland Poe... Sue Perdita... and Old Bear.
  • Maybe the The Nutcracker. Perhaps Raggedy Anne/Andy too.
  • Of course, we already have Penny who is very likely based on Pinocchio.
  • Seeing as its a toy-themed team, add in The Steadfast Tin Soldier. We can also expand toys into tales/stories about man-made humanoid objects such as the Golem or the ballet Coppelia.
    • Okay, so Pinocchio-like "toys" seem to be the focus of Penny's "associates".
  • It's looking less and less likely that her team is based on things coming to life. The idea of toys being involved as the theme is entirely jossed.

Other stuff

Sensing a theme here...
The other girls' weapons, and possibly other characters in general, will continue the close range weapons with gun properties added on. I can see Black's speculated whip being fired like a Hookshot from The Legend of Zelda, but you have me at Yellow.
  • I predict Yellow will be a Pyromancer.
    • Looking at Yellows picture seems to indicate her wielding pistols.
      • Maybe she'll have a Bow/Nunchaku hybrid.
      • She does appear to be a pyromancer in some form of another, although she uses Shotgun Gauntlets.
      • Jossed: They're Shotgun Gauntlets.
  • Blake's weapon is a three-for-one deal, a cross between a short sword, a pistol and a whip.
    • The best description I've seen for Blake's weapon would be a "Meteor Gunblade", neatly encapsulating the entirety of the weapon's uses, if putting a lot of the focus on its use as a "chain weapon".
  • The overall assumption that all characters will use gun-ish weapons is jossed simply via Jaune's presence. His weapon has no such gun functionality.
    • Jaune's a bad example, as his weapon is pointed out to be different from the norm.
      • What about Cardin's mace?
  • Volume 2 seems to confirm that the Malachite twins are part of the show. Neither of them have gun functionality to their weapons.

That they are all ambidextrous will bring the four girls together.
Consider this - Black dual wields, Ruby and Weiss both use their weapons with whatever hand they feel like and Yellow hasn't been released to contradict this. Being able to use both hands is extremely rare and even more so to have been taught to combatants. So it is probably a sign of some common factor, and that the four will presumably meet and team up will likely arise from this same factor. Ergo, magic ambidexterity. Boom.
  • Ignoring the fact that Adam also appears to be ambidextrous- wielding a sword in one hand and a shotgun in the other- a degree of it is a feature of all characters in Monty's work.
  • Yellow has been revealed to use her fists, an ambidextrous weapon. One other character wields dual pistols and the last two whose weapons have also been featured seem to carry a shield in their off hand.
  • Jossed. The teams were not formed by choice.

The thing at the end of episode 9 will not be what we're expecting.
Maybe a trained Grimm?
  • Considering that everyone predicted this to be a wild Boarbatusk, this one is jossed as of Episode 10.

The launchers were designed to launch people so that they would land somewhere near each other in pairs.
As a result, the most likely people they would pair with would be the ones that were picked out, as shown in the Fridge Logic section, they balance each other out but half of them would rather be with someone else. Thus they pick a "random" method and give them the illusion of having a "choice" in order for them not to protest it.
  • Kind of difficult to rig it this way as each person uses their own strategy for landing. Both Weiss and Yang have demonstrated that they were more than capable of remaining airborne if they wished. A better faux-randomizer would be to have them use slides to specific locations or something like that. Something where the character's choice seemed random but in the end it didn't matter because the headmaster or whoever was manipulating the outcome from behind the scenes. The only way the Launchers can have this affect is if the forest itself is rig so that no matter where a character landed they would appear nearby a character the headmaster wished them to partnered with. But that just seems silly.
  • Jossed. In episode 7, Ozpin and Glinda talk about the teams formed. Glinda's apprehension about Lie working with Nora indicates that they didn't plan any specific layout.

A complicated guess about the setting's mythology.
There were four gods- of the sun, the twin moons, and the earth respectively. They created these planets, and possibly the first seeds of life.

At some point- I'm not sure how, though the Grim might have played a part- the earth god and one of the moon gods were attacked, and severely injured if not outright killed. This damaged their respective creations; the attacked moon/god shattered, fraying away over time. The earth god fell to the land it had created, its corpse falling into the ocean and creating a new continent. Its bones were lodged deep within this dragon's corpse/continent; these bones were filled with mystical power- magic beyond any humanity possessed. Eventually, humanity moved to this continent (or was born there, your pick) and colonized it.

Humans dug up these bones, and called them Dust. They learned that by combining Dust with weaponry, the weapons that emerged were stronger, their nature intertwined with the earth's elements.

The soul of the god was also shattered, but did not move as far. It fled into the minds and souls of those people inhabiting the continent, and gave them +5 to weaponry and smithing-related skills...well, no, not really, but it did something like that. So empowered, these people were able to defend against Grim as they never had before, birth of civilization as we know it, blah blah, Academies, blah, teenagers being awesome.

Meanwhile, the sun dragon was observing this, and decided to empower its own people to protect itself against whatever attacked the other gods (It chose mundane humans on a different continent to ensure that their power relied on the sun dragon and so they would never betray it). The sun's people were given inborn fire powers. The two different races met up, established more civilization, were able to marginalize the Grim's presence on two continents, and several centuries/decades later, we have Yang, adopted (possibly) into an earth-dwelling family, and Ruby, who is awesome enough to make an insanely complex gun-scythe while still young, and probably has some innate relation to the wood element.

I don't know what the intact moon god was/is doing. Maybe it made the Faunus Faunus to begin with, and is their Neglectful Precursor, given the Fantastic Racism.

  • Jossed as of the sixth episode; it is Aura that empowers weapons, Dust usage is simply a function they have.

Shane and Katie
In the cargo train, a heart is engraved on a compartment and "Shane + Katie" is written inside. Shane and Katie, I'm guessing, are two of Weiss' friends, and she was sending something to them via the train.
  • Could just as easily be Ruby's friends. Or just two random schmoes.
  • Wrong. "Shane + Katie" refers to Shane Newville, co-animator of RWBY and his wife Katie. It's an easter egg.

Some of the voices will change.
Not the actors, mind you. More like certain voice pitches will change, like Adam sounding less gruff or Ruby sounding less childish over time.
  • Confirmed for Ruby.
    • No, not really. In Yellow, she was using her high pitched, excited voice. That remains the same in the series, and Yellow's VA was recorded after episode 1.

Episode 8 will kick off the season's "third arc"
The first and second having been Arrival at Beacon and the Initiation.
  • Jossed. It's the mid-season episode. The "third arc" will have to wait til Episode 9.

The word 'bitch' is a racial slur on Vytal.
Because of the Faunus.
  • Jossed. The show doesn't use curse words.

"Summer Rose" is Yang's real name.
"Summer" certainly fits her sun theme, and her death could simply be symbolic (taking on a new name for whatever reason). If you interpret Red Like Roses Part II as being an argument between Ruby and whoever white cloak is, it could be more literal than it seems; an actual argument caused by Anger Born of Worry after Yang was seriously injured, rather than an abstract How Dare You Die on Me!.
  • Possibly Jossed, as Sandra Casey, the second singer in Red Like Roses Part II, has confirmed that she was singing as Ruby's dead mother. However, Summer is a pretty good name for someone who named their kid after the sun.
  • Summer Rose is Ruby's mother

Penny is a flesh and blood hominid - she's just weird.
More specifically, her strange mannerisms and way of talking could come from being raised in a lab (rather than being built or grown in one). More specifically, her behaviour matches someone with a high rating on the F-scale (low social intelligence, quick to solve problems with violence when someone seems to be at faultnote , binary thinking, etc.), which tends to be a trait seen in people with strict or regimented upbringings.
  • Penny confirmed in Volume 2 Episode 3 that she is "not a real girl." So, either she's "a man..?" (quoting Penny from Black and White), or she's a robot. Also, her hands were made of metal.

"Rose" is Ruby's middle name, not her actual surname.
...and people call her "Ruby Rose" because it sounds better (with her full name being "Ruby Rose Xiao Long" or "Ruby Rose Long", depending on if "Xiao Long" is Yang's surname or middle name and surname). This would explain her and Yang's different surnames.
  • If only for aesthetic reasons, this troper hopes this isn't canon. Not even the other way around ("Rose" being Yang's real last name).
    • It's not. They're half-sisters thus their surnames.
      • Nope. Rose is Ruby's surname just like her mother's.

Ruby and Blake.
It's possible that Beauty is fighting to heal the dying Beast, and has been tasked with acquiring the Crescent Rose to do so (roses were prominent in the original tale). Also, the Beowolves may be the spawn of the Beast's curse, and Ruby is seeking to kill the Beast to destroy the Beowolves for good (which Beauty won't allow). Basically, it's a case of Grey and Gray Morality.
  • Except that R and B are part of team RWBY (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang) and are therefore allies. Although internal strife is still possible.
  • It seems that Adam was just a ranking member of White Fang and Blake's partnership with him had nothing to do with any condition.
  • Jossed.

Ruby is connected to Adam
Part of a nation/clan or something, seeing as Monty probably meant they're not related-by-blood.
  • Doubtful. Adam seems to be a ranking member of White Fang and a Faunus. What would Ruby have in common with him?
    • Both share a rose motif, although according to Monty, the difference between them is "scatter and wilt".
  • Jossed.

Red will lose her voice.
It was really annoying in the Yellow trailer. So she will become a true Montezon and speak only with her actions, primarily violence.
  • Her voice was changed for the actual show.
    • However, Michael was quick to point out that the yellow trailer was recorded AFTER episode one, and that it was the delivery, not the voice, that made it sound different.

Ruby passed a Secret Test of Character in the first episode.
A la Captain America, Ozpin describes being a Huntress as slaying monsters with an impassive look on his face, but when Ruby talks about her motivations she states that she wants to help people.
  • Jossed.

Think about it, she seems to have quite a few traits associated with Asperger's/HFA; ranging from subtle things�poor time management if episode 9 is any indicator, an aversion to direct eye contact, particularly in confrontations, resistance to interacting with people outside of established friends and family, ie Yang�and unsubtle�Literal-Minded tendencies leading to difficulty recognizing sarcasm and social cues, and, from what we can tell so far, a somewhat unusual obsession with weaponry.

From a technical standpoint, Ruby seems to fulfill the DSM-IV criteria for an Asperger's diagnosis, though given that there hasn't been significant focus on her early childhood so far and it's unlikely we'll get much information about what she was like as toddler or even a young child, there's no way to tell whether or not she fulfills the criteria that require documentation of said periods of life.
  • This troper shakes his head.
  • This troper is a dead ringer for Ruby's personality in real life (engineer, obsessed with weapons old and new, talks too fast and loud and far too often but has trouble making friends, especially when established friends and family are around, feels very uncomfortable with eye contact, and pretty literal most of the time, especially when hyped up) and I definitely don't have Asperger's or any other Autistic Spectrum disorder. So no.
  • This troper is all of the above, and is autistic. It's an entirely possible theory, and it would be fantastic if it was true - fictional autistics are hard to find.
  • Moreover, this has been Jossed. TWOFOLD. First montyoum himself appeared here at tropes and flatly denied this. But people didn't believe it was him. However, in a live interview, he, again, denied that Ruby has Asperger's. Jossed. Jossed. Jossed.

Blake's childhood was preparing her for joining White Fang
This Troper is basing off of tactics actually used by terrorist groups, gangs and other such groups that utilize violence as part of their modus operandi. Blake, as a young child, was sent off to combat school to be trained in physical combat with the intention of being used as a higher ranked White Fang operative. During this time she likely had less contact with the White Fang and was able to associate with people who weren't Faunas or White Fang Members. Due to this prolonged exposure to other people Blake developed the morality that would not allow her to go through with Adam's plans during the Train Job. She used her credentials gained from whatever school she attended in order to get into Beacon.
  • Jossed. In episode 1 and 16 it is shown that White Fang only recently turned to terrorism and, again in episode 16 it indicates that Blake was raised by her parents and went to protests not combat school.
    • Blake tells Ozpin in Volume 2 that she was raised "outside the kingdom" and that "if you couldn't fight, you couldn't survive."

Weiss won't believe Blake's comments about her family in Episode 2.
Spoilers from RTX state that Blake mentions that the Schnee family has questionable business partners and controversial labor practices. Being of that family, I predict Weiss will either express doubt or ignore her.
  • Confirmed! Weiss ignores Blake's comments and walks away pretty quickly after she says them. I foresee a Break the Haughty moment on the horizon.
    • Not confirmed at all. It could easily be seen as she already knows, is merely acting haughtily in a failed attempt to impress and find friends, and too disgusted by her own family and feeling awkward to continue.
  • Jossed.

Somebody will mispronounce Weiss' name as "Scheisse"
And the person that does that, either on purpose or by accident, will have slammed Weiss' biggest Berserk Button, and that person, be they Big Bad, Jerkass, or Innocently Insensitive, will be subject to the worst No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Curb-Stomp Battle she will ever perform. Bonus points if this results in Weiss launching a Foreign Language Tirade of her own.
  • Good idea, but Germany doesn't exist in this setting, as per Word of God.
    • True, but that doesn't mean there's not a Fantasy Counterpart Culture that uses Gratuitous German (which, given the fantasy setting, is more likely than not).
      • Foreign languages in general don't really seem to exist thus far.
      • Not that it stopped Jaune from saying "Gesundheit"...
    • So far, Professor Port mispronounced Weiss's last name, saying Shu-NEE, rather than SCH-nee.
  • Jossed.

Weiss is unable to use her Aura.
The reason why being related to her eye scar, that is why it has not been healed. It is also why she's the only one seen being hit in her trailer. Unless using Dust means you have to be able to use your aura we have not seen her use it.
  • Jossed. Aura takes on a specific power depending on the individual. Weiss's power is Instant Runes.
    • Not quite jossed. Her semblance is Instant Runes, and we don't know the relationship between "semblance" and "aura" yet.
    • Note that Pyrrha's Semblance and Aura are different colors.
      • The most important thing to consider is that the show has not denied a link between "semblance" and "aura". Until they do, Aura and Dust are the only superpowers to be mentioned in the show and both are catchall phrases: Aura describing spiritual energy and Dust describing a manufactured form of magic. Semblance describes how Aura manifests in each individual. Just like Chakra and Kekkei Genkais in Naruto. It's that simple.
  • Pyrrha has stated that with further training in Jaune's Aura, they'll soon discover his Semblance. If Aura training leads to uncovering semblance, it's logical to assume that one cannot know one's semblance without being able to use their Aura. This is totally jossed.

Blake forged her documents to get into Beacon, just like Jaune did.
After all, she's been in the White Fang for pretty much her whole life, and she might not have ever gone to a combat school. Therefore, after leaving them and deciding to become a Huntress, she forged documents and enrolled, and unlike Jaune, she actually had the combat skill to back it up.
  • Given that she herself claims to be "a criminal hiding in plain sight", this just might be plausible.
  • All it took for Ruby to skip two years worth of training (and certificates) was beating up four mooks and saying she really wanted to be a Huntress. It's quite likely that Ozpin and/or Beacon has the final choice on who to let in regardless of formal qualifications. If that's the case it's questionable whether Blake would need fake documents to get in if she could actually fight (even if she does need them, she could still have been awarded a legitimate honorary qualification of some sort).
  • In Volume 2, Ozpin says that Blake passed the rigorous exams "with flying colors" despite that she didn't attend any combat schools. She replied that she had been raised outside the kingdoms and therefore had to fight to survive. It seems this is how she learned what she needed to know to pass the exams.
  • This WMG is Jossed.

Yang has Psychic Powers
Because she's a Golden Sun. It wouldn't be the first reference Monty's made in a roundabout fashion.
  • Na-Jossed.

Yang is special
All of the other trailers have only the colors red, white, and black. I don't see why Monty would exclude 1/4 of his palette if he didn't have some foreshadowy reason for it.
  • Almost every character, important or otherwise, and even the backgrounds for the trailers were exclusively black, red and white. Yang is one of the only people/locations with yellow in her color scheme. It has lightened up with the reveal of the newer characters, but it was still jarring beforehand.
    • So then because the color yellow did not play a prominent role in the first three trailers, that affects her importance..? Just to remind you, Weiss used two attacks in the White trailer that were yellow and in or out of the Black trailer, Blake's eyes are yellow. There's also a shot of the moon in the Red trailer where the rim of the moon is outlined in yellow.
  • In "Painting the Town..." Ruby states that what makes Yang special is her ability to transmute energy from damage she's taken. This is her Semblance.
    • Which means this WMG is Jossed... since every Huntsman has a Semblance.

The woman Yang was looking for was her real sister.
http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Transient-Princess-136525544 It looks like the image, at any rate.
  • Monty has confirmed that the Transient Princess was based on a picture of Rinoa.
  • Yang is trying to recruit her into Beacon, and this mystery girl will be a fairly prominent character.
  • The image that you see Yang with shows what was supposed to be a black-haired woman. So she's looking for 'Yin' who represents the moon.
    • It's subtle, but the sun/moon symbolism is between herself and Ruby at the end of the Yellow trailer.
  • Yang and Ruby are real sisters.
  • Or, as stated below, she's looking for Cinder. I mean, Cinder has black hair, the woman in the picture has black hair. Just makes sense, I guess.
    • Except that the trailer was confirmed to have happened before the series proper and Yang doesn't know who Cinder is yet.
  • Jossed: she's looking for her mother, not the killer.

Yang sets herself on fire not with her Aura but actual chemical fire
Looking at her in the fight in Painting the Town... her eyes turn red and her hair gets lighter but she does not have a fiery appearance like in previous fights. It makes sense when we learn her semblance is Feed It with Fire. The comment in Extracurricular about Pyrrha hiding her semblance and gaining an advantage from doing so, not even Weiss or Blake new what her actual semblance was before this point meaning she kept it a secrete from them even after finding out Blake was a faunus. Also attacking or being attacked by someone who is on fire must be pretty damn intimidating.
  • Jossed.

Yang's mother is Cinder.
Cinder and Yang's mom both have long black hair, Cinder and Yang both have fire-based powers, Yang's mom was once on a team with Summer Rose, we suspect that Cinder Fall was also once on a team with Summer Rose, and Yang's mom's disappearance is too suspicious to not be a plot point of Luke, I Am Your Father magnitude.
  • Cinder is at Beacon, can pass as a studen and has met Ruby, who has undoubtably seen Yang's picture. Make of that what you will.
    • Cinder could just be a Master of Disguise, or maybe she seriously changed her look after going missing and turning evil. That still brings up the whole Absurdly Youthful Mother part, but then again, she moisturizes.
    • I'm leaning towards Cinder being significantly Older Than She Looks, just based on her behaviour and how powerful she's been played up to be. She might be using some sort of glamour to appear younger than she is, or she might be some sort of unaging creature, in accordance with the "Cinder is neither human nor faunus" WMG below. Either way, though, if Ruby knows that Yang is looking for someone old enough to be her mother, why would she think someone who's passing as a student would be it?
      • On that note, it is mentioned that Dust can be infused into a person in episode 4.5. The effects aren't explained, but Cinder does show some very peculiar abilities, such as summoning or creating weapons from thin air in episode six of volume two. This could be a sign that she is infused with Dust, which could also explain how she has retained her youth. Perhaps there's some sort of immortality Dust out there. This would also explain why Cinder has a different power set to Yang, since we are seeing her rely only on her supposed Dust abilities: not the gradual power from damage ability that Yang possesses.
    • Listening to "Red Like Roses Part 2" (which is as applicable to Yang as much as Ruby) you could take the song as being Cinder warning Yang away from the Huntress life style.
  • Also, this would technically make Cinder Ruby's Evil Stepmother.
  • J-O-S-S-E-D!

Cinder was the woman Yang was looking for in Yellow
Even if Yellow was non-canon, Cinder is the only other sensible option for it.
  • If Yellow was non-canon then this assumption is pointless.
    • A live-cast declared the trailers are canon and would become relevant in a later season.
      • Volume 2 has Weiss mention Yang's exploits from the Yellow trailer. Volume 1 had already had Weiss hint about the Black trailer when she mentioned a train of stolen Dust.
  • Considering the events of "Burning the Candle", it's probable that Yang was looking for her mother in the club...could it be...?
  • This theory is a bit wild, but: Cinder may have started out good, and then went missing. During that time, something happened to her, perhaps torture, or maybe not. She finally got back to Ruby and Yang's father, who by that time was with Summer Rose. She felt like he'd just replaced her, like she was expendable, and she did not take it well.
  • Yang was looking for her mother. Monty has stated that Cinder is "no one's mother". So until we meet a character named "Noone..."
    • Though this quote in and of itself doesn't totally remove the possibility of parentage. Cinder may simply be an alias of Yang's mother, hence "Cinder is no one's mother" being true. Another interpretation would be that Cinder simply doesn't acknowledge she has a child. A third possibility is that Monty is lying.
      • All three interpretations are not real counterarguments, just hacky ways to try and dodge WOG. This WMG is Jossed.

Jaune's sword and sheath has some sort of gun functionality.
Something like a muzzle-loaded rifle or somesuch.
  • Probably, it will rely more on his immense store of Aura.
    • Muzzle-loaded... maybe similarly to the Wilt and Blush, Jaune's sheath being loaded with perhaps Dust allows him to have a flash-draw.
  • Maybe it's a railgun! The blade splits down the center and he powers it with Aura to fire projectiles.
  • Maybe the hilt has something similar in functionality to the revolver mechanism on Weiss's rapier (but more primitive). If mankind in the setting's been using dust from the start, it would make sense that pre-firearm weapons would use it (given it hasn't been stated how the rapier works, maybe just having a space to store dust it's all a weapon needs and the user can will it to blast stuff).
  • Jossed. Also, Jaune's weapon is not the only one to not have a gun-function. There are Melanie's claws, Miltia's heels, Cardin's mace, and recently, Yatsuhashi's sword and Fox's wrist-blades.

Another style of Velvet's team...
As mentioned earlier in the theories above, Velvet's team will be Faunus based on stories about toys but the theme of Velvet's team would have to do more the fabric/material like Velvet. Specifically:
  • one member with a name (or similar meaning) to Corduroy, based on the book of the same title. He/she will be a bear fanus.
  • This seems jossed as the team now consists of characters who seem to be named for food: Hot "Coco", Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi. Yatsuhashi at the very least is definitely not based on a fabric/material.
  • Actually, it's more likely that their team is based on Media: Velvet (books), Yatsuhashi (music), Coco (fashion - Coco Chanel), Fox (television - William Fox)

Team CRDL is a Paper Tiger
They talk a good fight and look impressive, but so far we haven't actually SEEN them doing anything impressive fight wise. Sure, Cardin beat Jaune, but that's because Jaune has no training in combat and he attacked Cardin head on despite Glinda saying he should have been more defensive. When put head to head with a single, albeit rather big, Ursa, most of Team CRDL runs while the Ursa wipes the floor with Cardin. The more you think about it, CRDL only ever picked on Jaune, who has no fighting skills, and Velvet, who seems like a major Shrinking Violet. None of them have gone after anyone in Team RWBY, and even when Cardin did plan revenge on Pyrrah he used Jaune as a proxy to do the dirty work for him. Overall they seem to rely more on intimidation and fear rather than skill. It makes sense in a way, bullies intentionally go after people they know can't fight back in order to create some semblance of control.
  • more or less Jossed now. Yes, Pyrra beat them all on her own, but they actually committed themselves pretty well. She's just that good.

Team leaders were picked at random
This is done to prevent people from bribing, arguing, threatening or using any other sort of tactics to become leaders of their team. Leaders were those who during the emerald forest initiation picked the second of each artifact pair.
  • Jaune was the second person to pick up the gold rook and Ruby was the second to pick up the gold Knight.
    • I doubt it. During the major battles in Episode 8, Ruby and Jaune were both the ones who took on the leadership role without even thinking about it, Jaune pointing out the stinger to Pyrrha and telling Nora to hammer it in and Ruby coming up with the plan to slingshot herself at the Nevermore. I think the leaders are decided based on who displays leadership skill. It would make more sense. After all, Weiss and Ruby are both unconvinced about Ruby being leader, but Port and Ozpin both shut them down. Also, Ozpin doesn't really seem like the bribable type, and I'd bet he's a dangerous enough fighter to not be bothered by attempted threats.
      • Not really leadership per se, just showing that they are willing to dictate to others.
      • Ozpin himself may not be easily bribed or threatened but what about his predecessors and successors?
  • Just jossed.

Torchwick is impersonating Ozpin
It would make Ozpin's speech in the second episode make much more sense. It was shoddy, repetitive and unenthusiastic. Ozpin is a caffeine addict. They bear physical similarities, and light hair is easy to dye and glasses hide different eye colours.
  • Jossed. Torchwick has never gone to school.

James is Penny's creator aka Geppetto.
It's in his name: Geppetto was an ingenious woodcarver. James is the same, but the "wood" he uses is iron.
  • Jossed, but her father/creator does work with Ironwood.

The bird that Ruby wiped out before landing in the forest (Birdy, no!) was one of the Nevermore's chicks
And that's why the Nevermore seemed to target Ruby and those near her.
  • No. Just no.
  • Grimm don't reproduce. Jossed.
    • Where was that stated? If they can't reproduce, don't you think they would be extincted after a thousand or so years?

The Grimm are not evil, or soulless.
The spend most of their times in forests, and when we do see a Grimm in action, it's in their territory. They say history is written by the winners, so is it that hard to believe the human race would twist the tale in their favor?
  • Jossed by World of Remnant 3.

Grand Unified Guesses

Yang is a Saiyan's descendant.
Her eyes turn red when she transforms to Super Saiyan because they're already naturally blue.
  • Battle aura? Fire, check.
  • Immense Strength? Check. (Less visible in an academy of asskicking, but still.)
  • Super Mode? Red eyes, check.
  • Energy manifestation at upper-scale power levels? Flaming hair.
  • Not the OP, but I'd like to add that going by her hair, she's normally stuck in a state that's equivalent in appearance to Super Saiyan 3, but doesn't count as an actual Super Saiyan form (thus allowing her to turn Super Saiyan on top of that). Whatever is responsible for this normally limits her strength to keep her from crushing everything she touches.
  • Meta but from her lyrics in Burn "I'm Super Saiyan now"

RWBY are all changelings of some stripe, and their world is unmasqued.
Ruby has the Flowering kith, hence the roses theme; Weiss is either a Snowskin or a Moonborn; Blake is a Darkling of some kind; and Yang is either a Fireheart or a Bright One. (Or- if you want to tie them really closely to their fairytale origins- Weiss is a Fairest, and the other three are Beasts.) Evidently, the Grim demons are lackeys of the True Fae, created by them and sent to attack changelings in the mortal world. The Academies are freeholds by another name, devoted to training changelings in battle, and RWBY belong to various Courts. Yang's sworn to Summer (using the Contracts of Eternal Summer in combat, of course), Weiss's sworn to Winter ("Everyone is entitled to their own sorrow, for the heart has no metrics or form of measure. And all of it...irreplaceable."), Ruby's sworn to Spring, what with her optimistic personality and flower power, and Blake belongs to Autumn, just to round the circle out.

The world is an Exalted Shard.
And the girls are Exalts, to wit:
  • Ruby is a Terrestrial Wood Aspect (with a rose petal anima and a kickin' daiklave);
  • Weiss is a Sidereal (explaining her ability to cast runes on thin air);
  • Blake is a Lunar (with a beastly mien) or an Abyssal (dark past, seeking redemption);
  • Yang is a Solar Dawn Caste (with a fire anima and shellcaster gauntlets) - because there's no way she could be anything else.
  • The "B-team" led by Jaune that we see in the credits are either Terrestrials or God-Bloods.
    • Interesting, but most Sidereals fit their caste's colour coding very clearly, and the colour white has no caste. One could argue Weiss is a Chosen of Serenity (the whole 'shades of blue' thing in her hair and eyes), or that the Schnee family is always associated with white, and so it's part of a resplendent destiny she took up as their heir?
    • Also, the Crescent Rose is made at least partly of red jade- a material that, when attuned to, does not strain or fatigue the user, explaining Ruby's Small Girl, Big Gun tendencies...oh my God, it all makes sense now!
      • And as of Episode 6, we have Aura explained, which is basically Essence with a different name. Jaune is not an Exalt of any kind, but Pyrrha performs a ritual to enlighten his Aura/Essence, and Ren is pretty clearly a Wood Aspect or Getimian Exalt. Pyrrha herself is either a Solar or Fire Aspect.
      • As of the first midseason finale, we can add Penny the Alchemical and Cinder the Fire Aspect (or Infernal maybe).
      • And Sun, clearly a Chosen of Luna. In fact, you could say that all Faunus are Beastmen, which would make FAR too much sense...
      • Also, Torchwick is clearly a Fiend Caste Infernal Exalted. If he'd had a mustache, when he had that Evil Laugh in the midseason finale, he would have been twirling it. This is Pleasing To The Ebon Dragon. note 

The setting is an Alternate Universe to the Fable series.
The divergence is that Hal, an Alternate Universe version of Master Chief, got sent back in time even further than the Old Kingdom to be a compatriot of William Black.
  • With Hal's help, William Black did not rely on the Sword of Aeons to defeat the Court of Darkness and their forces (the Grim); and instead gathered a band of Huntsmen and Huntresses to drive them back into the Void. Master Chief convinced William Black not to consolidate his power of Will into The Spire but instead spread the magic into the Land itself; to become Dust; so that people other than William Black's bloodline could stand up against the Grim with a mixture of Strength, Skill, and Will (Aura). Dust became a fusion of Magic and Magitek due to Master Chief's experience "flavoring" the magic.
    • Without the Spire's Reality Warping effect (and World Sundering), land-masses and country names became completely different; although some heroic mantles remain the same. However, there was still a shattering; but the effect was mostly transferred to the moon.
  • For some reason, this series reminded me more of The Path.

The entire show is the dying dream of a Red vs. Blue character.
Specifically, Agent Maine. With the White Fang representing the Insurrectionists and the big guy with the mask being the one who shot him in the throat. Cinder and Ozpin represent Sigma and the Director, respectively. Blake is CT, and even has similar powers. Pyrrha is his idealized version of Carolina and Jaune is some kind of mish mash between Wash and York.
  • So Ruby and Yang are Simmons and Grif?

RWBY is simple the fantasy version of Red vs. Blue.
Think about it. Beacon equals Blood Gulch, the main teams equal the BGC and Project Freelancer, the main bad guys are the AI and the over the top weapons are the version of Freelancer tech. And the reason Nora and Caboose are so weird is that they're the same mind sharing two bodies and universes.

Remnant is a world that takes place in the same universe as Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Remnant has suffered Third Impact with a Black Moon and a White Moon
  • Aura is described as being similar to an AT Field: it originates from the soul, can be used to accelerate the process of cellular division, is used to provide superpowers to it's users, and when Ren used it against a King Taijitu, it manifested as actual hexagons. It's not inconceivable to deduce that Remnant underwent it's own version of Third Impact and human's and angels became one and the same, or at least something occurred to grant Humans and Faunus an AT field.
  • The moon is even shattered: obviously the end result of the Black Moon hitting it.

Beacon was founded in the distant future, after Artemis and Apollo Academies merged into a single institution.
The ever increasing population of crytids and monsters, in general, would almost necessitate it, for the sake of efficiency in training new huntsmen and huntresses to combat them. Beacon was either the result of that merger, or was an offshoot from it.

The curriculum is pretty much the same: students train to hunt monsters by studying them in class and regularly have combat exams to hone their abilities, before testing themselves in the field. While the advanvces in Remnant's technology have certainly helped , their semblances aren't much different than the Artemis students esper and magic capabilities.

And since alternate dimensions exist in Magick Chicks, it's possible that some of the alumni from Artemis and Apollo took up residence on Remnant and eventually founded Beacon.

RWBY will take the opposite Genre shift that Red vs. Blue did.
RWBY and Red vs. Blue are opposites in every way.
  • Red vs. Blue began with incompetent characters that amounted to great things against powerful foes with sinister plans. RWBY began with somewhat competent characters that go up against somewhat but mildly less sinister foes.
  • Red vs. Blue stars original characters with their own 'skill' set and depth. RWBY stars characters based upon cliques.
  • Red vs. Blue started out using the Halo engine to tell comedy, but slowly developed it's own stories. RWBY is a completely original setting that does nothing original.
  • Red vs. Blue villains are menacing. RWBY villains are mediocre at best.
Eventually, RWBY will turn from the action series it is now to a comedy based series, less interested in telling stories and more interested in making people laugh, where RVB started out as comedy but began telling it's own stories.