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[[WMG: Qrow is Ruby's biological father]]
* At the end of Vol 3, Qrow sends Ruby's father out of the room in order to discuss her legacy. Kind of a weird thing to do, considering that as far as canon is concerned this far, they are only tangentially related (Ruby calls him uncle, but he is actually the brother of Ruby's "father's" previous wife, so there is zero blood relation between them). Also, on a similar note, Ruby might have been born out of wedlock, as while Raven disappeared, it was never stated she was dead, (in fact now we know she is alive) so unless Taiyang declared her dead and married Summer one or two years after she disappeared, there is probably some kind of complicated cover-up going on in that family.
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[[WMG: Qrow is Ruby's biological father]]
* At the end of Vol 3, Qrow sends Ruby's father out of the room in order to discuss her legacy. Kind of a weird thing to do, considering that as far as canon is concerned this far, they are only tangentially related (Ruby calls him uncle, but he is actually the brother of Ruby's "father's" previous wife, so there is zero blood relation between them). Also, on a similar note, Ruby might have been born out of wedlock, as while Raven disappeared, it was never stated she was dead, (in fact now we know she is alive) so unless Taiyang declared her dead and married Summer one or two years after she disappeared, there is probably some kind of complicated cover-up going on in that family.
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[[WMG: Taiyang is NOT the Cowardly Lion.]]
While many believe Taiyang is the Cowardly Lion to Ozpin's team of Wizard of Oz allegories, I believe he isn't, and this is my reasoning.

* Ozpin: Wizard of Oz.
* Glynda Goodwitch: Glinda, The Good Witch.
* James Ironwood: The Tin Man.
* Qrow: The Scarecrow.

Their names are allegories to what they allude to. Yes, even Ironwood, as the original name for the Tin Man was '''The Tin Woodman'''. His name still matches. Taiyang Xiao Long translates to Supreme Sun Dragon, nothing to do with the Cowardly Lion. So I believe that we will instead eventually see the actual Lion within the show.
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* WMG/RWBYCharacters
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* WMG/RWBYCharactersTeamRWBYandJNPR
* WMG/RWBYCharactersBeaconandVillains


* WMG/RWBYCharactersTeamRWBYandJNPR
* WMG/RWBYCharactersBeaconandVillainsWMG/RWBYCharactersBeaconAndVillains
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* WMG/RWBYCharactersTeamRWBYandJNPR
* WMG/RWBYCharactersBeaconandVillains
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[[WMG: Jaune is a [[{{Homestuck}} Knight of Hope]].]]


[[WMG: Jaune is a [[{{Homestuck}} [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Knight of Hope]].]]
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[[WMG:Lyrical Analysis: '''Yang''' is a {{Badass}} {{Determinator}}.]]


[[WMG:Lyrical Analysis: '''Yang''' is a {{Badass}} badass {{Determinator}}.]]
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* WMG/RWBYMiscellaneous

[[WMG: The Knight in the White Trailer represents Weiss's parental neglect/abuse]]
The knight is hollow inside just as her relationship with her parents is mostly nonexistent. The relationship that did exist was full of abuse, and the knight struck Weiss with a hard blow to the eye during their fight. Eventually she conquers her parents/her fear of her parents and goes to Beacon, but she still feels incredibly lonely, not knowing anyone since she probably didn't go to a normal school (good chance she would get attacked for her family name). Thus, she's "the loneliest of all," not having family or (at least at the beginning) friends.
* As of Volume 2, it seems more likely that the Knight is one of many mass-produced automatons or at the very least a rank in file soldier.
** Yes and no. It actually happened, in the manga it's revealed to be a test her father gave to her to go to Beacon. Surely a "warrior" could beat a Grimm? Said in derision, with the expectation of her failing.

[[WMG: The Headstone in "Red"]]
I can faintly make out the writing; it says, "Summer Rose; Thus kindly I *something*". Thoughts?
* Scatter. It's from a poem, ''The Last Rose of Summer''. Although now that we're on the subject, does this mean that- with the reveal of Ruby's surname, ''Rose''- "Summer" was their ''name''?
** Actually, I think it refers to a town. "The Last Rose Of Summer" could refer to the fact that Ruby's family may be dead, with a family member being the one that the grave is dedicated to (widely believed to have been the "Last Rose"), and their town (called "Summer") having been razed to the ground. It's at least a possibility!
** The credits show a ghostly figure in a white robe and hood hovering over it while Ruby pays her respects.
** Summer ''is'' a woman's name. An uncommon one to be sure, but this troper has met girls named that before...
** Building off the presumption that "of Summer" implies a name, the "of" would actually imply that Summer was the surname. Nowhere in history are names given as "surname ''of'' given name". There are cultures that have the surname precede the given name, but this continues the implication that the given name is "of" the surnamed family. Another possibility is that Summer is a place, as in a city/realm/land/town/ocean/island etc., as in Robin of Loxley.
*** The presumption isn't that the tombstone is dedicated to "The Last Rose of Summer", but to a woman literally named ''Summer Rose''- perhaps Ruby's mother or grandmother, given the hints of adoption- whose robe is similar to Ruby's but in white (shown in the OP). Perhaps a woman who Ozpin knew, with silver eyes...
*** Confirmed to be Ruby's mother and Yang's stepmother.

[[WMG: The Crescent Rose was not intended to be used as a Scythe.]]
In the "Red" trailer, you can see Ruby hunker down into the snow/ice with the blade and begin to shoot the beasts. We can see at multiple times during the trailer Ruby gets sent flying by the shots of the gun part of the weapon. This is because it's a high caliber weapon, and the the amount of recoil it has is immense. By hooking herself into the ground, she is able to actually stand and shoot her targets without flying thirty feet through the air. This was the intended use of the weapon, the blade wasn't meant for killing, it was made for holding her in place like an anchor.
* In episode one, Professor Ozpin specifically refers to meeting another "scythe-wielder" of Ruby's caliber, so the idea of it being used as a scythe is probably more common than this WMG might lead one to believe.
* Jossed as far as the anchor part being necessary. Ruby fires it repeatedly without having to anchor herself to the ground in the first episode.
** It's possible that was a less powerful form of ammunition. Ruby again switches her weapon to scythe form before firing on the Nevermore with the rest of her team. Why would she do that if it was unnecessary?
*** Because said nevermore was coming right at them, it would be prudent to have a melee weapon on hand at that point. Also, she was pointing it in the air, without the scythe embedded in anything.
*** IIRC, Scythe Mode has much greater recoil than Rifle Mode, which implies that it fires bullets with much greater momentum (and thus greater killing power), possibly due to the longer barrel in that mode. [[RuleOfCool Or maybe it just looks cooler in Scythe Mode]], and [[CoolButInefficient Ruby is a fifteen-year-old gun nut and prefers it that way]]. Maybe it's even that Ruby is better at aiming the thing in Scythe Mode at close range, since it's balanced to be swung around in that mode.
* Uhhh... Ruby ''designed'' Rose, why would she use her in a way she didn't intend to? Are you suggesting that she intended Rose to be just a sniper rifle with huge kick and only later realized that anchor can be used as a blade? Considering that Qrow was the one who taught her how to fight and ''he'' is using scythe that isn't even a sniper rifle i find it unlikely.

[[WMG: The train Blake attacked was carrying Weiss' luggage.]]
From Weiss' [[https://twitter.com/RT_WeissSchnee Twitter account]] we see an entry showing her [[https://twitter.com/RT_WeissSchnee/status/344634889821368320/photo/1 luggage]] and mentioning that she's all packed for her trip. It'll turn out that the train Adam and Blake attacked was purely for transporting that and it's disappearance got Weiss angry, so she hired Yang to find Blake.
* Except that Yang was confirmed to be inquiring about the Transient Princess, not Blake.
* It might not have been her luggage, but if you look closely, you can ''definitely'' see Weiss' (and by extension, the Schnee family in general) sigil on the packing crates and such. Yes, Blake and Adam were robbing a Schnee Dust train.
** Weiss does mention a train of Dust being stolen to which Blake responds very apprehensively.

[[WMG: Some of the 'guns' do not use bullets.]]
Especially Yang's gauntlets, instead what we are seeing are little packs of Dust that get depleted over time. This is why she didn't have to reload for a while, because each 'shell' gave her a number of shots, and the entire thing allows her to use them in different fashions. In addition, it allows the show to have people being shot with them without being 'shot' in the process.
** Sorta accurate. Yang's Ember Celica channels kinetic energy through the dust crystals into a focused blast. It's not a stretch to say other weapons can do something similar with different types of energy.

[[WMG: The cookies Professor Ozpin gave were part of an interrogation technique.]]
The table, the lighting, Ozpin and Glynda playing GoodCopBadCop. It was an interrogation as much as an interview. We only see her MotorMouth tendencies after she ate them all. They weren't "drugged" per se; but the amazing jumps and flips she's shown are partly enabled by a HyperactiveMetabolism. Introduce a lot of sugar to that furnace, and self-restraint goes out the window. Is she too young and immature for Beacon? Let's load her up with sugar and kindness after she's been scared and see what comes out!

[[WMG: Blake will be able to disguise herself as one of the black student figures nobody pays attention to.]]
And will suddenly pop up out of "nowhere" surprising everyone. (Being a nice reference to {{Ninja}} Noh Theater.)
* As of Volume 2, there are no more "black" figures.

[[WMG: Theoretical Japanese dub voices]]
Pretty much just for fun since it would be hard for this to happen. I just gonna start with Team RWBY, maybe someone else will step up and add more:
* Ruby: Creator/SatomiSato or Creator/YukariTamura
** Sawoko Yabumi
* Weiss: Creator/AyaHisakawa (Not sure, though)
** Sayo "Yoyoyo" Izumi
* Blake: Creator/NanaMizuki or Creator/AyakoKawasumi
** "Cloe"
* Yang: Creator/EriKitamura
** Haru Kaburagi

Then one for JNPR:
* Jaune: Creator/TakahiroSakurai or Creator/KenichiSuzumura
* Nora: Creator/RieKugimiya
* Pyrrha: Creator/YuiHorie
* Ren: Creator/MamoruMiyano or RyotaroOkiayu

Professor Port can only be voiced by [[Creator/NorioWakamoto EMPEROR WAKAMOTO!!!]]
** Well, there is going to be a Japanese dub...
*** Ozpin is apparently voiced by Kishibojin?

*** The dub has these voice actors:

*** Ruby Rose: Creator/SaoriHayami
*** Weiss Schnee: Creator/YokoHikasa
*** Blake Belladonna: Creator/YuShimamura
*** Yang Xiao Long: Creator/AmiKoshimizu

[[WMG: The show will move in seven-episode cycles]]
Six episodes of character development/comedy/filler, one episode of fight scene. We'll see in episode fifteen.
* There was a fight scene in Episode 10.
** True, but it lasted about 30 seconds and the rest was character development.
*** Jossed as of episode 14, which had a respectable fight one week ahead of schedule.
*** Respectable, yet not epic. Episode 16 contained a fairly epic fight scene.

[[WMG: Aura is NOT a force field. Rather, it is much like {{Mana}}, as in, an energy that, with training, can be used in various applications.]]
So far, we've seen the members of RWBY, Jaune, Ren, Cinder and Glynda utilize a special ability in one way or another. It seems like they each have a unique ability. For RWBY, I'm guessing that...
* Ruby's Aura provides a slow FlashStep, and increased speed. -> FlashStep, SuperSpeed
* Weiss's Aura allows her to summon InstantRunes for whatever application she deems necessary. -> InstantRunes
* Blake's Aura is an upgraded version of Ruby's, with the FlashStep, but that is all she has, due to her status as a Faunus. [[labelnote:WMG Theory on the relations between Faunua and Aura]]My theory is if one is a pure human, then the Aura is allowed to flourish unbounded. With a Faunus, their animal traits impede the Aura's growth. This is, of course, assuming that Blake IS a Faunus. [[/labelnote]] -> FlashStep
* Yang's is obviously PlayingWithFire, and a SuperMode that manifests when she is stressed or angry. -> PlayingWithFire, SuperMode

As for the rest, it's a little more difficult, given how little we've seen of them utilizing Aura. But if I had to hazard a guess...
* Ren's is increased perception, a makeshift shield, and a strength booster, as he was able to sense the King Taijitu, block one of their strikes with his Aura alone, and was able to tear the fangs of a Taijitu with his bare hands. -> SpiderSense, DeflectorShields, SuperStrength
* From Jaune's, given that he has a lot of Aura, which was able to instantly heal a scratch. This may be a hint that he is UnskilledButStrong, as he could use a multitude of abilities, but not immediately. -> HealingFactor
* Glynda might be along the lines of controlling forces of nature, as in, summoning storms, and manipulating debris by controlling gravity, much like [[Franchise/MassEffect biotics]]. -> WeatherManipulation, GravityMaster
* Cinder is presumably control over fire, and force field generation. A lot of her attacks seemed to look like they were made of fire. -> PlayingWithFire, DeflectorShields

So far, Aura can manifest in the following forms in alphabetical order:
* DeflectorShields, FlashStep, GravityMaster, HealingFactor, InstantRunes, PlayingWithFire, SuperMode, SuperSpeed, SuperStrength, WeatherManipulation


* Sorry to be a killjoy, but the only guy who said "it's a forcefield" is Jaune, who only knew about Aura that very moment. Obviously it's far wider than that. And DeflectorShields counts as a "force field".
* Pyrrha reveals that Aura has a "Semblance", i.e a specific power that is special to one person. Ruby's is SuperSpeed, Weiss' is InstantRunes and hers is SelectiveMagnetism. I guess your theory is fairly well confirmed.

[[WMG: Red Like Roses Part 2]]
Applies to Team RWBY in general and not just Ruby.
* The full song seems to clearly illustrate a relationship between two individuals. The only member this does not work for is Yang going strictly by FairytaleMotif. Ruby is the only real candidate as the song is clearly about a relationship between a mother and a daughter.

[[WMG: RWBY is a (so-far) LighterAndSofter AlternateUniverse VisualNovel/{{Danganronpa}}]]
Jaune is the [=RWBYverse's=] [[spoiler:Izuru Kamukura]], who is normal and desperately wants to be something special. He is admitted into Beacon Academy, the [=RWBYverse=] Hope's Peak Academy, despite [[spoiler:the fact that he doesn't actually belong there, in hopes of becoming someone that does.]] Ruby is the [[spoiler:"SHSL Hope"]] that Makoto Naegi has, and also has his SHSL Luck since she was able to get into Beacon despite being young. Pyrrha would serve as the Kirigiri (of sorts), except helping [[spoiler:Izuru]] rather than Naegi. The Faunus (or Roman's faction) are the ones who kick off the Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in Mankind, with Cinder as the [[spoiler:Mastermind Junko Enoshima, SHSL Despair]].
* [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Does that mean Roman is Monokuma?]]

[[WMG: Faunus are somehow connected to the Grimm]]
Also, this connection doesn't affect the faunus in any direct way, it's just their origin (or something), and potentially the origin of the prejudice against them.

[[WMG: Faunus are related to the Shapeshifters.]]
There only a few "pure" shifters left, most of them had children with humans and their children were stuck inbetween forms.

[[WMG:Ozpin knows that Jaune faked his way into Beacon]]
And because he's a SinkOrSwimMentor he's let Jaune continue figuring that his inexperience will result in him flunking out or the same drive and determination that allowed him to fake his way in will get him to succeed in spite of his handicaps.

[[WMG: Rooster Teeth is using GenderNeutralWriting by not using the word Hunter.]]
See the word "Hunter?" It's scattered across the fandom. Everybody uses it; to refer to both the plural and Huntsmen and Huntresses; as well as a synonym for Huntsman. Except....the word is never uttered in the series itself. Ever. Huntsman, Huntress, or "Huntsmen and Huntresses" is used...every...single...time. Tell someone this; and their eyes cross. That's not true. [[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant Someone had to use that word somewhere.]] But..."never" is a strong word. All it takes is one counter-example to break it. Nobody can give that counterexample.
* What's going on? Well, as the manual for ''{{VideoGame/Wizardry}}'' put it; "Wizardry is not a sexist game. English however is a sexist language." Well, RWBY is not a sexist series; and it would appear to be trying very hard to create a world where men and women are literally equal; gender has never been an issue in Remnant's history. (Aura trumping physical muscles helps in that regard.). If Hunter referred to both the plural of Huntsmen and Huntresses; and if Hunter can also refer to masculine Huntsmen; then the word "Huntress" is the odd duck out. It denotes Hunters who are different from the norm. "But that doesn't mean they aren't equal!" The term can be [[UnfortunateImplications separate but equal.]] ....uh oh.
** Is this SeriousBusiness? Should people who use the term be chastised? No. But it is ''difficult'' to avoid the terminology. It's hard to recognize the distinction is even being made. The fact that RWBY's script consistently and clearly avoids it means that this avoidance is intentional.

[[WMG: There will be a [[Manga/RaveMaster Ten Commandments]]-like weapon sometime later in the series.]]
Just remembered this awesome manga and realized how well Haru Glory's Ten Commandments would fit in this universe. For those who don't know, imagine if Weiss's Myrtenaster changed its form in accordance with the type of Dust she's currently using. Maybe a character inspired by this manga's protagonist could be a love interest for her?

[[WMG: The trailers all occur on the same night as the first episode.]]
When Roman shows up at From Dust to Dawn, he complains about how hard it is to find a dust shop open that late, which would imply he hasn't planned this in advance. Given he was speaking to Junior in the Yellow trailer (and uses his mooks), it makes sense that he hired them and set off to do some heistin' on the spot at once (otherwise he could have checked the opening times). Ruby (a schoolgirl) is out pretty late...why would that be? Given Yang was out on a mission of some sort, perhaps Ruby took the time to visit the gravesite and had just got back into town at the end of the Yellow trailer. As for Roman's poor planning; what could force his hand, and for that matter, why might a shop decide to stay open that late? This could be explained by an incoming shipment of dust. If Roman knew that the next shipment of dust was going to be blown up (Cinder could easily have had something to do with Blake and Adam's raid and told him), he might have impulsively decided to grab some while he could (or maybe he agreed to strike out against a Dust store as a good will gesture towards the White Fang), and the shopkeeper kept his shop open so he could get his new stock in before closing up for the night (a train large enough to need two sets of tracks might only be able to travel every so often). Meanwhile, Weiss's father hears about the train job and makes her childhood difficult (this would explain why she mentioned a simple act of sabotage as if it was the worst thing on a list including the murder of family friends). In summary the day could have gone something like this;
* Yang sets off looking for leads on...whoever she was looking for. With her sister gone, Ruby decides to visit Summer Rose's grave. Blake sits down on a tree stump and broods.
* Yang spends the day searching for leads and hears that Junior "knows everything".
* Ruby's battle ends and she heads back to town. Adam and Blake begin their TrainJob.
* Roman hears about the train job (or knew in advance and decided to take advantage of it on a whim) and decides to rob a dust store. He heads to Junior's nightclub to get hold of some {{mook}}s.
* Yang arrives at Junior's club as Roman leaves to rendezvous with the mooks Junior rented him.
* Ruby meets Yang (as per the end of the Yellow trailer). News of the train job reaches Weiss's father.
* Mr. Schnee takes out his frustration on his daughter, possibly via making her fight a giant mechanical knight[[labelnote:Alternative Theory]]The knight was some sort of assassin the White Fang sent as part of a multi-pronged attack to coincide with the train job.[[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:Other Alternative Theory]]The battle with the knight was part of some sort of final exam Weiss passed to graduate from whatever school she was attending (the castle-like setting could have been a private school of some sort). Her dad had to rush off to deal with the aftermath of the train job and missed it.[[/labelnote]]
* Ruby finds a dust shop that's open late (waiting for a shipment of dust) and decides to see if the new issue of Weapons Magazine's in.
* Roman and his shiny new goons head towards the shop and the events of episode 1 happen.
"This will be the ''day''", indeed....
* One very, ''very'' minor detail sort of trips this theory up, though: The moons in each trailer and the first episode all show different phases. (Hell, the Yellow trailer shows ''two''!) Unless it rotates really, really fast, it would make it very unlikely for all these to have happened within just one night...
** Technically there's nothing which indicates that one of Vytal's moon's rotation isn't of a similar or shorter length to the planet's. In fact, far from having to go really fast, it would logically only need to spin at a similar rate to the planet to have a change of phase which lasts one night (accounting for any differences in size).
* About your seventh point's first theory: The Schnee are apparently wealthy and powerful enough that they can oppress Faunus and mostly survive the White Fang's attacks. And Weiss is their heiress: she'd get the best protection they could allow her. Is it really likely that something so big could attack her indoors, and no-one would notice or care?

[[WMG: Weiss WILL eventually warm up to Jaune... [[MagneticGirlfriend Once Jaune and Pyrrha]] [[RelationshipUpgrade become a couple]]]]
Why? Because this is the exact thing [[LovableAlphaBitch Weiss]] would do. Once she recognizes that Jaune has [[WhatDoesSheSeeInHim something important]] that Pyrrha has recognized in him, [[UnrequitedLoveSwitcheroo he will become a target for her affections]] due to her desire to control those with more ability than her. [[GreenEyedEpiphany This]] [[BettyAndVeronica will]] [[RelationshipSabotage probably]] [[ClingyJealousGirl end]] [[OperationJealousy badly.]]
** Alternatively, they'll become friends because Jaune will finally stop hitting on her (poorly).

[[WMG: Semblance usage is powered by the Dust in Remnant's atmosphere.]]
* As [[http://sunwukong-stoaway.tumblr.com/post/67908951127/dust-a-theory-on-the-history-nature-and-usage-of this blogger]] theorizes. The abbreviated theory states that 1) Dust is a renewable resource, which mages such as Cinder and Glynda can gather rapidly from the air and shape into magical effects, and 2) Aura is "the internalized Dust energy" that humans have within themselves, being born from Dust (as the prologue says).
-->'''Sunwukong-stoaway:''' So there you have it. This power is the backbone of the ecosystem in Remnant. It's in the air, the planet, and in living creatures. Grimm are the exception, and they have none to speak of. We can use it, we can manipulate it, and it will all go back into the planet with us. By using the power we have been given from our birth, we are using Remnant�s lifeforce to light our world against the darkness.

[[WMG: Taken together "This Will Be The Day" (and "Time To Say Goodbye") is basically saying BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor]]
* The lyrics of TWBTD are mostly about finally getting a chance to prove yourself, but as the song goes on you get the lyric:
-->[[WhamLine You want a romantic life; a fairytale that's full of charm]]
: Followed up with the verse:
--> Beware that the light is fading;
--> Beware if the dark returns.
--> This world's unforgiving, even brilliant lights will cease to burn.
: And this naturally carries on into the whole of TTSG. Overall this can be taken as; "Good news! You're a {{Badass}} and now you can prove it...unfortunately this means that [[BreakTheHaughty you're a Badass]] and [[ComesGreatResponsibility you've proved it]]."

[[WMG: Androids have a limited ability to puncture Aura-based defences.]]
* In the White trailer, Weiss is able to defend against the ''force'' of the Knight's punch, but not the ''sharpness'' of its armor- so she gets a cut and avoids a bruise. Given that Aura is apparently an all-purpose shield, and she was already using it, this seems odd.
** Semi-Confirmed: Penny is the first android to be able to generate it, so she's probably more capable of penetrating it.

[[WMG: The Paladins aren't really that much of a game changer... on their own]]
When Ironwood introduced them, he noted that battles need a "human touch". As the battle with RWBY showed, a hunter or huntress has much more offensive power; piloting a Paladin would be a downgrade for them (since they can't use their ImpossiblyCoolWeapon or aura), however it does a great job of protecting the user[[note]]Torchwick just dusted himself off after it collapsed around him despite the pounding it took[[/note]]. They're basically armor to protect a human (or faunus) commander rather than a weapon in their own right. When the White Fang start using the remaining ones (Torchwick said he'd stolen more than one) in conjunction with foot soldiers (maybe they'll steal some of the obsolete androids?), RWBY et al are going have a much harder time.

[[WMG: The Schnee family, Rose family, and Cinder are all related.]]
They all have a seasonal theme.
# Weiss has a sister named Winter.
# Ruby has a deceased relative named Summer.
# Cinder's last name is Fall.
So now, we need a Spring.
* Perhaps not biologically, but I would assume that Ruby and Weiss at least are related if only because of Rose Red and Snow White. One thing is certain, they are not connected through a single team. Summer was not on a team with Winter or Cinder. But, it's possible that Winter and Cinder are a previous generation of Huntresses who worked beside team [=TQYS=] (Summer's team).

[[WMG: Natural animals have a "Primal Aura" that helps them survive in a world where Grimm dominate the food chain.]]
Zwei, the dog Ruby unexpectedly now has to take care of, and the world of Remnant series has proved that the world has more than just humans and Grimm in it. However while humans have magitech to defend themselves in the form of dust being weaponized the animals have no such luxury. How then do they compete with these seemingly apex predators that Grimm have become? They have their own version of Aura that they use for survival. They use it to fight the Grimm in their territorial disputes and avoiding predation. The evidence is that Zwei was used by Oobleck as an improvised cannonball when fighting. Although this could also be Oobleck controlling it so as not to harm Zwei it is more likely that Qrow taught and nurtured Zwei's Primal Aura to make sure he wasn't harmed
* Animals may also have their own auras, but canon directly and explicitly says that Grimm ''only'' prey on humans and ''never'' attack normal animals for food. They do not eat animals and they are not eaten by animals. Literally the only time Grimm and normal animals come into conflict are when it's over physical space.

[[WMG: Future episodes will continue and there will be a nice tribute to Creator/MontyOum ]]
* Because if ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' can do something for Mako, why not have RWBY do something for Monty! Since Matt Hullum said that the company plans to continue RWBY and that Monty was very open with his co-workers on writing the story all the way out through volume five, the team know what was planned for later episodes. This means more episodes are coming, so there should be a tribute to Monty to honor his memories and the hard work that he put himself through to make RWBY the way it is today.
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: Ruby will start getting copious amounts of LesYay with other girls.]]
It will all come from the other girls doing things like glomping her or kissing her on the cheek, which will just embarrass Ruby or freak her out.

[[WMG: Ruby and Weiss will become the OfficialCouple by the end of series]]
Much like in ''WesternAnimation/LegendOfKorra'' there will be a scene where Ruby just wants to get away from things for a while and Weiss will go with her. The two will be doing some intimate gesture like holding hands or Ruby putting her head on Weiss's shoulder as they leave for their time away.
** Alternatively things will be PlayedForDrama with Ruby trying to comfort Weiss in an emotional moment only to get kissed by her. This will lead to an awkward scene later where the two decide to see where things go between the two of them, with Ruby shyly taking hold of Weiss's hand and Weiss saying she would like that.

[[WMG: Team JNPR's semblances are the fundamental forces of physics]]
Pyrrha's semblance is magnetism, and now that Nora is confirmed as using electricity, I wouldn't be surprised if Ren gets gravity (didn't he run up a vertical surface once or twice when fighting that snake?) and Jaune gets, I don't know, the strong nuclear force or something? (This would admittedly make more sense if electricity and magnetism were used by the same person, so that all four fundamental forces could make an appearance.)
* Wait. As a corollary, wouldn't this mean that Jaune is going to eventually learn to NUKE stuff?!
** That would make sense, considering that Pyrrha stated he had a ''lot'' of Aura...
* Alternately, all of them are various manifestations of the electromagnetic force. Pyrrha uses magnetism, Nora uses current, Jaune seems to use some kind of repulsion (electrostatic or Van der Walls forces, maybe?), which could leave Ren with... electrostatic attraction? Light? Molecular bonds?

[[WMG: Qrow, Ozpin and Roman Torchwich are strongly connected to each other]]
The 3 have some "clock" motif surrounding them (Ozpin and Qrow specifically in the opening). It has brought up on occasion whether Roman is Oz. However, Qrow was sent to "spy" on the enemy. I doubt Cinder would just let any mook know the details of their plans.
Either Ozpin and Qrow take turns pretending to be Roman or Ozpin helps cover for Qrow as he spies on Cinder's group.

[[WMG: That video game in Volume 3 Episode 4 was actually a "scroll app" meant to be played on a TV]]
Let's be perfectly honest, if there were an actual video game console that used touch screen smartphones as controllers, it would fail mightily, infinitely, and forever. Virtual touch-screen buttons on a controller you aren't looking at would never work, and there's absolutely no merit to them over normal controllers (which are cheaper, hold more space for buttons, are more comfortable to hold, are more durable, the list just goes on) if indeed normal controllers are even an option. So the only explanation is that they aren't, and that this is a scroll app game that can be streamed on a TV, not a console video game that is played using scroll-ish controllers.

[[WMG: JNPR's relatives]]
* Jaune's equipment, at one point, belonged to a woman who collected cups, had a habit of lying about her age, and almost fell for every ''[[SpearCounterpart homme]] [[FemmeFatale lethale]]'' who crossed her path[[note]]([[ArthurianLegends Sir Percival]], who quested for the Holy Grail, once spent several years thinking he was a 12-year-old girl, and tended to be ''almost'' seduced by witches and HornyDevils)[[/note]]. He has a distant relative who dressed as a woman to join an AmazonBrigade in the Great War[[note]]Robert Shurtliff, the assumed identity of an actually-female Revolutionary War soldier[[/note]].
* Nora's mother had one eye and her obsession with knowing how things would happen became her undoing[[note]]([[Myth/NorseMythology Odin]], who sacrificed his eye to learn the future and dressed as a woman in the hopes of learning how to avoid it)[[/note]]. She has a horse-Faunus cousin by her [[[Transgender]]] aunt with scars in the region of her mouth[[note]](Loki, who gave birth to Slepnir after winning a bet for Odin, and whose names include Loki Scar-Lip)[[/note]].
* Pyrrha's mother will sleep with absolutely anyone and anything [[[Series/{{Blackadder}} animal, vegetable, or mineral]]]. [[note]]([[Myth/ClassicalMythology Zeus]], who took on many forms and ReallyGetsAround. I don't recall him crossdressing, but birthing Athena and Dionysus might count)[[/note]].
* Ren has a female relative who was at one point went on a religious pilgrimage the likes of which has not been repeated before or since[[note]]([[Literature/JourneyToTheWest Sanzang]], who traveled to the Western Heaven and at one point on the trip became pregnant)[[/note]]
[[WMG: Raven Branwen is an agent of Ozpin's, too.]]
Something happened in the past that required her to be considered dead. It's likely how Qrow was originally recruited - Raven mysteriously disappeared on a mission, and several months later was considered dead. Qrow crashes into Ozpin's office, demanding answers on a classified mission, and Ozpin takes advantage of the situation to bring him into the fold. Considering their respective motifs, Norse Mythology comparisons notwithstanding, it makes a certain amount of sense. Qrow is always drunk, loudmouthed, extremely opinionated - He's a Ronin in all but name, so he's PERFECT for everyone to KNOW he collaborating with Ozpin. But what does that make Raven? A samurai, silently carrying out her orders relayed from her master. The only reason we don't see or hear any updates from her are because she can't afford to be as high-profile.

[[WMG: The continents are shaped like dragons for a reason.]]
[[spoiler: As Battle of Beacon shows, there's a HUGE dragon Grimm living INSIDE Mountain Glenn. That could very well mean the continents have more, bigger, dragon Grimm underneath.]]

[[WMG: The characters will follow who they're based on.]]
* Think about it Pyrrha who was based on Achilles dies to an arrow, so Jaune who is based on Joan of Arc will most likely, be burned to death.
** This would mean Nora is killed by a snake and Ren will...um...commit suicide after being forced into marrying someone.
*** You should take this with a grain of salt, but Mulan supposedly said she wanted to be with her father right before killing herself. Ren won't be saying that exact thing for obvious reasons, but if his [[ChildhoodFriend only remaining family]] is gone...
*** Alternatively, Ren gets kidnapped by the villains and threatened with death if he doesn't give up something important, which leads to him [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled refusing violently.]]

[[WMG: There will only be four volumes. Volume 4 will be the last one of the series, or at least for this particular story arc.]]
* Considering how central the number four is to the series (four lead characters, four-man teams, four seasons, four kingdoms, etc.), Volume 4 will be the [[GrandFinale biggest and last of the series]].
** Why would they do that when they’ve written Volume 5 already?

[[WMG: Most of Remnant doesn’t know that there are people with the power to create complex illusions.]]
Notice that whenever an illusion is at play, no one seems to be able to connect the dots. Even Cinder asked how Emerald was able to take that ring without anyone realizing when they first met. The reason for this is simple: Barely anyone knows it’s possible to have this kind of ability. Whether it’s a Semblance or something else entirely, there are probably very few people who are able to do it. Of course, these people would use this power to their advantage and wouldn’t want anyone to know they have it. Therefore, it’s not widely known that those people can do it. “Stress-induced hallucinations” is the most commonly accepted explanation for these illusions.

[[WMG: Vol. 4 introduces the cowardly lion as another ally/agent of Ozpin.]]
Following the trend of the WizardOfOz characters being the powerful old guard of the series, there is a distinct lack of candidates for the Cowardly Lion's position. While Taiyang Xiao Long would tangentially fit (blonde hair, teammate of Qrow, another old guard), he doesn't have the right motifs (his name refers to dragons, not lions), and a Cowardly Lion in remnant would probably be a Faunus anyways. As such it's highly likely that we are going to be introduced to a powerful but passive lion Faunus in vol. 4, possibly as the headmaster of either Haven or Shade.

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