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Grüße, treue Untertanen, ich bin der Graf von Tirol. My name is Chris [DATA EXPUNGED]note  I've been around this here wiki since the Spring of 2010 on a different handle.

I'm also trying my hand at Twitch streaming, and my channel is here. I'll stream there whenever I feel like it. Hopefully I'd have enough watching that I'd also do some Quiplash games. Oh, and this is my steam account if you'd like to be gaming buddies.

Also started the Irish Drinking Song game here in case you'd like to pitch in, and also the Hoedown.

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Über mich

  • Basic Description: Guy in his twenties.
  • Myers–Briggs personality: ENTP, though really I'm more ambiverted than extroverted.
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Politics: Libertarian, though pragmatic; a classical liberal if you will
    • Economic: Center-Right; Pro-Free market and Pro-Consumer; largely minarchist in this regard; the state should be left to the essential roles
    • Social: I favor a laissez-faire approach; Staunchly towards free speech/expression rights, secularist, believes in equal rights and the right to choose what to do with one's own body
    • Foreign Policy: Largely pragmatic; Liberal with a few elements of Realist; intervention should be a last-resort option
  • Religion: Agnosticnote 
  • Grammar:
    • I use American spelling though I prefer British spellings at some points (such as using "theatre" instead of "theater")
    • Most of the time, I tend to not use the Oxford comma since I don't see much use in them (I can still use it if having no comma doesn't otherwise make it clear, and when it comes to separating entire quotes I would use it)
    • I tend to leave differing grammatical structures alone, but tend to be anal about incorrect grammar unless there's a proper context for such.
  • I believe that we're a glass half full. It's easy to forget that life in general has been better, but there's no denying there are still problems.

    Tropes I bestow upon myself 
  • Author Appeal: I may not be an "author", but I find myself fascinated by the following:
    • Geography, namely population movement and dynamics
    • The Pacific Northwest: Much of Washington, western Idaho, certain parts of Oregon (not really into Portland though)
    • History, particularly medieval times in several locations and 18th-19th century Europe (thus my current name, which translates to "Count of Tyrol"note )
    • Southern Africa, both a fascinating and tragic subject
  • Berserk Button: Okay, so I don't actually go berserk, but the following things REALLY annoy me:
    • Anything that makes the social sciences look bad. I have an interest in the social sciences and I've seen plenty of disproven drivel used under it. And for chrissakes properly back up your views!
      • Relatedly, people using the social sciences to quantify a subjective or test with a pre-judged notion. This happens far too much, and if anything social sciences should be like other sciences: testing and sufficiently sampling outside of biases, hypothesizing on a situation and applying data based on observation.
    • Black-and-white reasoning of any political stripe. Is it any wonder that modern political discourse is screwed up these days?
      • Relatedly, Tumblrisms, uptight college students and other such political correctness. I'm not one to actively indulge in the offensive or crass, but I consider this kind of behavior to be anti-intellectual and destructive. And nevermind comedians like George Carlin and Chris Rock calling this kind of thing out, but when a tame comedian such as Jerry Seinfeld makes comment about this, you'd certainly know that modern discourse is anything but comfortable.
      • As a matter of fact, just about everything about politics from the new tens onwards. Let's leave it at that, please.
    • "Think of the Children!" I have lived long enough to see how pervasive this argument is, even to this day, and especially when also substituting "children" with whatever is convenient at the moment. It seems EVERY generation ever has this kind of crap for whatever medium purportedly "corrupts society", even while evidence is against them.
    • People who use a recent tragedy to soapbox on a certain issue. I don't care where you stand (especially on guns), but it's no time for agendas!
    • False accusations of any stripe. I heartily despise pedophilia and rape and believe that those who practice such should be subject to tough penalties, but such charges are not to be taken lightly at all. To make a false accusations, even of such charges, is not only damaging to the falsely accused, but especially to actual victims.
    • Self-Diagnosis: I have officially been diagnosed with Asperger's since I was a child, and it doesn't help people like me. For chrissakes seek a professional if you think you may be whatever!
  • Big Eater: I do have episodes like this. I do try to be a bit watchful about it though.
  • Born in the Wrong Century: Not really this way for most things, since there are things I take for granted attributed to this day and age. However, music is an aspect I find the older output far preferable to today's.
  • Brutal Honesty:
    • Okay, maybe not that brutal, but even in uncomfortable moments I'll lay out an assessment, and I expect the same on the other hand. I'd rather people be upfront rather than have criticisms behind my back that I only know of it from hearsay.
    • I may be affable, but I can tell you that when you're depressed or otherwise facing some emotional issues, I'll be blunt with you: seek a professional. (S)he'll help you out better than the internet will. I can be concerned about such cases, but anything beyond that comes across as trite and counterproductive
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: I can be a bit of a doof and be a mite childish at times, but aside from making constructive edits on the wiki, I am a prospective geographer in real life. I also do take pride in ensuring that I do my job at a timely manner.
  • Covert Pervert: Subverted. Although I'm not by any means a prude although being discreet, and that I like an excuse to use a Double Entendre if it works in a forum game, I don't really think about it this often. However, you can play a game of Cards Against Humanity to see what I'm capable of.
  • Cuddle Bug: Both in the forums and in real life (when I get the chance), I do like to give hugs for people who'd like one.
  • Foreign Culture Fetish: Sort of. I like thanking people in French and German. Also, if the German titles are any indication...
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: To a degree, though it's pretty much "Goddammit to Hell". Yes it's true, posting in the past I haven't been shy about using the harder swears, but now I'm increasingly shying away from that, favoring a very sparse Precision F-Strike rather than anything I'd use now and then. If I were to run a stream/internet show, I'd outright not use those swears since you can make it without stooping to that level. That said, I won't hesitate to use the lighter ones like "hell", "damn" and "bastard". An exception is when I would quote other people, because I don't believe in sanitizing quotes.
  • Grammar Nazi: I can get a bit anal about improper grammar/spelling.
  • Gratuitous German: Yeah... I honestly don't know that much German. I would like to learn the language though. Same with French.
  • Must Have Caffeine: I love coffee, I love tea. Though I'd also get a soft drink now and then (preferably Dr. Pepper [or Cheerwine if I can find any where I am]).
  • Non-Indicative Name: I'm not actually from Tyrol (or anywhere in Austria/Italy), and I'm certainly not royalty, let alone a count.
  • The Teetotaler: I actually had a paternal grandfather who had an alcohol problem, which led to my father spending his childhood in an impoverished single-parent household. Partially through this, and partially through a combination of upbringing and health reasons, I refuse to even touch it except for cooking.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: I tend to a sucker for the following: seafood, hummus, spicy food (at least habanero levels would be nice)
  • Will Not Tell a Lie: I'll be as transparent as possible.

Personal Pet Peeves:
  • Death of the Author: It's a cheap copout. If the author leaves his work up to interpretation, that's fine. When an author really means something in his capacity from the get-go, it's a stretch to say anything else.
  • Role Association: I feel that this should have been the one to redirect to Hey Its That Guy and essentially state the actors and their roles, not the other way around. This? It's bloated and ripe for inflating wick counts. It's annoying!


    So what the hell have I done on this wiki anyways? 
  • I've done some Namespace transferrals (of course... peoples, stop, I beg you, STOP referring to works without a namespace (or worse, referring ANY wick as "Main/"; I mean c'mon, it's such a useless artifact anyhow, more on that later), for our collective sakes please!)
  • Occasionally fix the all-too-damn-common "its-it's confusion" (Take it away, Strong Bad!)
  • Alphabetizing entries, because it makes all kinds of sense and reduces clutter. If the case is that it's a work within a series, I'd sort the series examples in chronological order.
  • I used to chime in at times at the Complete Monster cleanup, felt I gave all the input I could based upon the works I actually know, but I keep an eye out now and then.
  • Removing artifacts (tropers' notes are not artifacts and I treat them all with respect, however there are features that no longer have use in the wiki (coloring, strikethroughs and text expansion), as well as those <<|Index|>> things with just as much use to a wiki page)
  • Spacing (Paragraphs obviously are spaced, but between examples there is just no need, neither is there such need between folder markups and the examples themselves, although I do agree that there should be a space between folders)
  • Dealing with redirects. And how? I say we nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. Assuming of course they don't garner enough links at a given timetable.

    Pages he created (not including namespace transferals) 


Drinking Games:note 

    Pet Peeves 
  • How the lock system is handled right now. I can name legitimate reasons for pages to be locked, but through the current system it takes one guy to demonstrate enough disregard to spoil it for everyone. I think a whitelist or a semi-lock (much like that of Wikipedia), while not perfect, would at least reduce incidents while making the experience more enjoyable and accessible to other tropers. It just helps everyone's bottom line since the "Locked Page Edit Requests" page tends to be a pretty slow effort.
  • Bad grammar. While I won't be in-your-face about it, I can have slight Grammar Nazi tendencies. While I'm fairly perceptive and open, I can get anal about improper uses of grammar (capitalization, spelling, confusion between possessive and contraction (namely its/it's), etc).
  • Word Cruft. We don't need to know for instance if an entry "qualifies" for the trope. If it does, it goddamn well does, so no need to emphasize the fact.

Mist Ich Mag

There's not a lot here right now, but it will be expanded in time. The works in bold I'm especially fond of.

    Anime and Manga 



    Live Action TV 


Overall, the 60's and 70's is where it's at. The 80's has its great moments, particularly in metal and pop (both sincere and through cheese factor depending on the song), but it's hard to beat the two decades.

  • American Football (mostly College; Go Huskies!)
  • Rugby Union (I'm elated to see that Sevens is an Olympic sport now; much as I'd love if 15's would make it, teams have to wait at least a few days between intense 80-minute matches, a tall task for such a short time-table as three weekends, where Sevens only needs one)

    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

Hoffnungsvolle Ideen

Okay, so instead of placing it in the Unpublished Works section (and therefore artificially create wicks), I'll have proposed ideas listed here until they come to fruition enough to warrant their own page. At the moment, I have just one, dating back from late 2012.

    Fallout Cascadia 
A fan spinoff role-playing game (tabletop at the moment, since I would need to know programmers to make a game out of this), taking place around the Seattle area, going as far West as Olympia and as far east as Snoqualmie Pass. I'm hoping I can also utilize Vancouver, BC.


    My Top Six Suggestions for a Future Death Battle 
  1. Duke Nukem vs. Serious Sam (if we can get both Jon St. John and John J. Dick (their respective voices) to do this, it would be great!)
  2. Judge Dredd vs. The Punisher
  3. Hal Jordan vs. Richard Rider (another DC vs. Marvel matchup, go fig; either this or the Lanterns vs. the Nova Corps)
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs. Travis Touchdown
  5. Buffy Summers vs. Ash Williams (I see both as good matches for each other: speed vs. reflexes, and they've dealt with similarly strong foes; and besides even if it weren't as even as I'd think, I'd love to hear the banter between the two if nothing else)
  6. Samurai Jack vs. Guts (not that high because Guts already made an appearance, but I felt that thematically and featswise this would work out)

I also keep recurring troper castings for Death Battles. Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

    Order of Preference of Albums that I've heard every one of for each band 
  1. Sheer Heart Attack (standouts including "Brighton Rock", "Tenement Funster/Flick of the Wrist/Lily of the Valley", "Stone Cold Crazy", "In the Lap of the Gods Revisited")
  2. A Night at the Opera (a testament to the band's versatility and a good introduction to the band IMO. Standouts include "Death on Two Legs", "You're My Best Friend", "'39", "The Prophet's Song")
  3. Queen II (standouts include "Father to Son", "White Queen", "Some Day One Day", "The March of the Black Queen")
  4. A Day at the Races (standouts including "Long Away", "Somebody to Love", "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy", "Teo Torriate")
  5. Queen (as far as debut albums go, real good. Standouts include "Keep Yourself Alive", "Doing Alright", "Liar", "The Night Comes Down")
  6. The Game (Pretty much when Queen changed come the 80's, but such a transition actually did work here. Standouts include "Dragon Attack", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Sail Away Sweet Sister", "Save Me")
  7. Jazz (standouts include "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Bicycle Race", "Dreamer's Ball", "Don't Stop Me Now")
  8. News of the World (possibly blasphemy that I place a 70's album here, but I did consider it the most hit-and-miss of the time. Some really good ones though aside from the obvious first two tracks. Standouts include "All Dead", "Fly Away", "It's Late" and "Melancholy Blues")
  9. Innuendo (Some of the songs really is the band's return to form, with "The Show Must Go On" being one hell of a sendoff to the dying Freddie Mercury. Still pretty hit-and-miss. Standouts include "I'm Going Slightly Mad", "Headlong", "These are the Days of Our Lives", "The Show Must Go On")
  10. A Kind of Magic (This unofficial "soundtrack" to Highlander can stand on its own in the first and middle parts. The two tracks before "Princes of the Universe" felt out of place outside of a soundtrack though, which knocks it down a peg. Standouts include "A Kind of Magic", "One Year of Love", "Who Wants to Live Forever", "Princes of the Universe")
  11. The Works (this is where Queen had changed their style even more. "Radio Ga Ga" is okay, but it doesn't quite stand out compared to much of their earlier output. I really did like "It's a Hard Life" and "Hammer to Fall" though.)
  12. The Miracle (doesn't really leave an impression on me. The title track is alright and "I Want it All" felt like the one that leaves the most impression)
  13. Made in Heaven (unfortunately, nothing really stands out in this album with posthumous recordings from Mercury)
  14. Flash Gordon (works better as a soundtrack than a studio album)
  15. Hot Space (unfortunately a miss. Side 1 was a big risk (which is said to have inspired Michael Jackson's Thriller), but I just can't listen to it again. Side 2 has some alright stuff, but nothing really memorable outside of "Under Pressure")

More will come as time permits.