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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • A small cluster of fans think that Weiss is a Tsundere, and that's why she acts so abrasive to Ruby. It's a common subject for forum jokes. Either that, or a Jerkass Woobie.
    • After Episode 12, some people are starting to think of Jaune as less of an underdog and more of a thick-headed Glory Hound than anything else. Though this lessened after he admitted to being a jerk and apologizing.
  • Arc Fatigue: In Volume One, the Jaune arc: Episodes 11 and 12: "Jaunedice" and Episodes 13 and 14: "Forever Fall" showing Cardin being The Bully to Jaune (even with the finale) was judged by various fans to take entirely too long and redundant given Jaune's behavior in Episode 8 against a Death Stalker, and taking away any spotlight from other characters by taking up a quarter of the sixteen-episode volume.
  • Art Evolution: Already noticeable in Volume 2. Character animation has improved greatly, environments look better, and even the models themselves appear to be in higher detail.
  • Awesome Art: And Awesome Animation, given this is Monty Oum.
  • Awesome Ego:
    • Mercury seems to be a prime candidate based on his appearances thus far.
    • Roman Torchwick as well. He certainly has an ego, and he certainly deserves it.
  • Awesome Music: its own subpage.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Adam immediately developed a bad rep from the fans from his role in the Black trailer. Fans felt that Blake should've gotten more opportunities to shine, bemoaning how it was he who took out the Spider Tank instead. They may show interest in his role for the story and his connection with Blake, but even in this case, they're turned away due to his inexperienced voice acting.
    • Ruby is getting some of this as well. While she's a favorite among plenty of fans, others don't think she's deserving of leading the team (or the team and series essentially being named after her) due to her inexperience and personality. This isn't helped by her decreasing presence in the story after Episode 10.
    • Jaune: Originally seen as potentially one of the most likable and dynamic characters thanks to his lovable loser personality, his stretched out character arc turned a lot of fans against him, especially as it achieved almost nothing, and he had shown a calm, strategic side in episode 8 that didn't show up again in the volume.
      • Others praise his arc, saying it at least shows his character more and shows he has potential to be a competent fighter. Others argue it's nice to see a Butt Monkey trying hard to become better rather than being left in the background for the occasional joke.
      • It's come back with a vengeance after Chapter 5 of Volume 2: he's been turned down four times by Weiss, but he keeps trying. Many fans see this as extremely disrespectful, to the point that they put him in "negative passive aggressive stalker" territory.
    • Penny has a bit of this going after only two episodes, thanks to her completely hijacking the fight against White Fang just to show off her moveset, despite having nothing to do with the plot.
  • Better on DVD: Much of the complaints of Arc Fatigue and short episodes become much less noteworthy when one is able to watch Volume One in a single setting.
  • Broken Base: Some of it is nitpicking, while others are more divisive.
    • The voice acting is easily the most contentious aspect of the series so far. The question is whether you're basing your complaints on the voice pitches or the voice acting. In a remarkable transition, Vocal Evolution has rendered much of the conversation obsolete.
    • Ruby's Perky Goth voice at the end of the Yellow trailer led to mixed reactions as well. The high-pitched, somewhat childish tone does fit her, admittedly, given her short height, youthful appearance and apparent cheerfulness. However, it doesn't mean people particularly like it either. Part of the blame can probably be attributed to the fact that the way she was presented in the ''Red'' trailer suggested otherwise. Monty himself says that the "Red" trailer was more of a weapon resume than a character trailer; Ruby had no actual character in it. Of course, following episode 1, most people aren't complaining about it as much now due to Vocal Evolution and her personality becoming better established.
    • Weiss:
    • Some people have a problem with Blake's behavior during 'The Stray' and 'Black & White', on account of them believing she throws an almost uncharacteristic temper tantrum at Weiss. Others defend her behavior, proclaiming that it was only natural for someone like Blake to eventually get fed up with Weiss' (not entirely unjustified) Fantastic Racism. Some feel that it was rather cold of her not to defend Velvet from Cardin (other than stare in silent contempt), while others say that her inaction isn't particularly different from how literally everybody else did nothing to Cardin (on screen, of course).
  • Cargo Ship: Ruby x Crescent Rose.
  • Cliché Storm: Played With. This series certainly brings anime fans, and well-versed ones are quick to recognise a lot of typical cliches and stereotypes, especially during the period of time focused on Cardin bullying Jaune. Word of God however, has stated that most, if not all of these cliches have been intentionally invoked so that they can be subverted later, and already there are signs of subversions and Hidden Depthsnote . Whether this is true across the board however, remains to be seen.
  • Counterpart Comparison: The members of Team JNPR have quite a few individual parallels to Team RWBY:
    • In personality:
    • In combat styles:
    • A rapier user who launches a barrage of strikes against a massive sword wielding foe only to be punched flying (in the exact same pose, no less) brings to mind Asuna. Monty is quite irritated at this comparison.
    • Another design and color comparison (but not personality), this time to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, there are some parallels drawn between Blake/Homura, Yang/Mami, Weiss/Sayaka and Pyrrha/Kyoko. The latter two pairs have similar weapons as well. But the comparison stops there though.
    • Yang's fighting style and weapon (and to a lesser extent her outfit) evokes that of Bullet from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. Speaking of Blaz Blue, Penny's choice of weapon and fighting style also evokes that of Mu-12.
    • Pyrrha is often compared to Agent Carolina of Red vs. Blue, a Web Animation also done by Rooster Teeth. Both red-haired, formidable fighters, and matching personality.
      • Being played by the same Actress doesn't hurt the comparison, either.
      • To a lesser extent she's also often compared to Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail.
    • Ruby will often be compared to Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, due to their general sweetness, both of them being scythe wielding schoolgirls, and their obvious romantic attachment to their weapons.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Can't think of a good covert distress signal? Consider a sloth. Need a mode of transportation? Ride an Ursa. Picking up a chess piece? Sing about it! Comrade can't make a proper jump? Destroy the bridge for propulsion. Team leader is being bullied? Offer to help by breaking the bully's legs. Not sure if Red Sap is edible or not? Consume an entire jar anyway. Nora is made of this.
    • Yang's response to a Big Badass Bird of Prey (with some help from Ruby) is to shoot in its mouth at point blank range.
    • Ruby counts as well for being the one to come up with the ridiculously awesome "Slingshot Trick".
  • Creepy Awesome: Cinder Fall, thanks to a surprisingly chilling performance by Jessica Nigri, a well-known cosplayer.
  • Die for Our Ship: Sun Wukong flirting with Blake and later having tea with her in episode 15 created a lot of hate from the Blake/Yang fans.
    • This has fortunately died down with the advent of Volume 2, and more specifically, the introduction of Sun's friend and confidant Neptune.
      • Unfortunately, Neptune has now become an even worse example, thanks to fans worrying he's breaking up Whiterose.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Melanie and Miltia (the former being a bit more popular between the two) are shaping up to be this. The twins already have a good amount of fan art, and quite a few fans hope that they have a recurring role in the actual series. They've been seen in the Volume 2 opening, so the chances are looking good.
    • Also, Nora of team JNPR is getting quite a fan-base, thanks to her goofiness and awesome weapon.
    • To a lesser extent, Lie Ren is picking up on popularity, especially with the females. Probably for his looks and how he handled a giant snake all by himself with his bare hands.
    • Peter Port has a small group of loyal Facebook fans for his Hidden Depths and Badass Moustache.
    • Velvet Scarlatina. Mere hours after she was revealed in Episode 11, she already had fanart and fanfics of her, along with a steady fanbase, from both sides of the ocean! Monty himself has responded to this one directly in the season 2 dev diary saying that due to Velvet's popularity she would get a stronger role in the series. It's to the point that, instead of trailers for Volume 2, there was a contest for Velvet's design, and then a simple teaser image of Velvet along with the silhouettes of her teammates.
    • From this survey:
      • Sun Wukong and Penny come at the top place for favorite secondary characters. Although when pitted against main characters, they still lost against Ruby and Blake.
      • Sun Wukong's weapon beats even Ruby's Crescent Rose. It only saw its action in one episode, even.
      • Sun Wukong comes in second for the favorite fighting style, next to Yang's.
      • He, again, comes on top for the most attractive male.
      • Adam has only been seen in a single promo trailer and yet he also has quite some following.
    • Roman Torchwick is also very popular despite his fairly limited screen time and few appearances, from Tumblr to 4Chan.
    • Neo, the freaky parasol girl who swooped in to save Roman, has already started dominating fan pages with art and speculation, no doubt thanks to her intriguing appearance and trickster type powerset. The fact she resembles Nui Harime helps
    • Tukson has a surprising amount of popularity, considering he only had a few minutes of screentime before being unceremoniously killed.
  • Evil Is Cool: Roman and Cinder. Roman for being a stylish, snarky, badass who can mange to look cool even while losing. Cinder for being mysterious and Creepy Awesome.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Cinder Fall, from what we see of her silhouette in the first episode and her full reveal in the The Stinger for the last. And surprisingly, Jessica Nigri even manages to make her sound sexy too.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Before the series came out, Ruby and Weiss were shipped together constantly. This was most likely caused by the Deviant ART author LunarisFuryAileron whose RWBY 4komas were featured on Monty's twitter a few times causing the pairing to spread quickly. This continued on even after Ruby and Weiss were revealed to have very different characterizations then what the fandom assumed. (The joke that Weiss is Tsundere isn't doing anything to discourage the shippers either.)
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: After learning that Jaune snuck his way into Beacon, and learning his reasons for doing so, his previous Butt Monkey antics take on a whole new light.
  • Genius Bonus: There are subtle references to fairytales, mythology, and history everywhere, particularly in form of Meaningful Name:
    • In Episodes 11-14, Jaune's bully is named Cardin Winchester. Henry Beaufort, the Cardinal of Winchester, was the one who presided over Joan of Arc's trial and execution.
    • Fans especially knowledgeable about Ancient Greek philosophy will notice that Pyrrha's training speech in episode 6 references the traditional principles of arete, the Greek ideal of self-excellence.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: This series seems to have found a dedicated audience in Asia, to the point that there is both a Chinese and Japanese fandub.
  • Growing the Beard: Despite the initial hype surrounding the series (or maybe because of it), the reaction to the first few episodes was decidedly... mixed, with there being numerous complaints concerning the voice acting, short episode lengths, sparse (for a Monty Oum production) animation, and use of stock anime tropes. Still, the series soldiered on, steadily improving as it went. And then Episode 8 was released...
    • The better, more current example of this so far has been Volume 2. Every complaint about the previous Volume has been addressed in some way, from animation, pacing, writing, voice acting, and modeling.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Weiss gives a long list of attacks on her family that made her life difficult growing up. The train robbery she mentions coincides strongly with the events of the Black trailer.
    • Blake's comments about the Schnee Dust Company's questionable business partners and controversial labor practices make a whole lot more sense given that, being a Faunus and in the White Fang, she would have found out a lot of their secrets/been on the receiving end of their cruelty and prejudice.
    • Ruby's theme becomes a lot darker after Red Like Roses Part II. "It's your blood that's red like roses."
  • He Really Can Act:
    • Some fans are praising Jessica Nigri, best known as a cosplay model, for making Cinder sound absolutely terrifying with about three lines.
    • Michael Jones of Achievement Hunter did a fairly impressive job voicing Sun, considering he's not usually an actor nor has he done any voice acting prior (and was apparently adorkably nervous about doing it.)
    • In the same vein, Kerry as Neptune.
    • Even from day one, Lindsay Jones has done a fantastically convincing job of playing Ruby.
    • Miles Luna shows off his acting talent during The Reveal that Jaune faked his transcripts.
    • Barbara Dunkelman, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Shannon McCormick, Jack Patillo and Taylor Pelto have all been praised for their performances in Volume 2.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Months before Lie Ren was revealed, a prominent fan character was created. His identifying color is green, he is stoic (albeit far more so than Ren), and wields dual bladed pistols. During an interview, the crew mentioned that they have seen him and that these sort of things just happen.
    • Some (possibly) less informed fans assumed it was a Japanese animated series and demanded that Crunchyroll make the Japanese version available. Well, it seems Japan likes this series too, and a Japanese fan dub of the series is underway.
    • Nora being a Gender Swap homage to Thor becomes this after Marvel made Thor a woman.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: Very high, especially in the climactic battles in episodes 8, 14, and 16 of Volume One. The Food Fight in the Volume 2 premiere also counts.
  • Hype Backlash: Let's be honest. You promote a series for half a year done by big shots like Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum and there will inevitably be those who feel the final product doesn't live up to all the hype. See Cliché Storm above.
    • Something Completely Different: This trope may be a reason why. About the only similarities RWBY has to Red vs. Blue (Rooster Teeth's previous, widely loved series) is that they both have frequent comedy and cool fight scenes. In everything else, they're quite different.
    • Also crosses with Fanon. The trailers were released over nine months, and by the first episode's premiere, there were a lot of fan theories and characterization guesses floating around. When these fans watched the series, most of these theories were jossed in short order (Weiss and Ruby's personalities being the most obvious example) and it came as a bit of a shock. Now, whether or not such jossing is welcome, that's another story.
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming:
    • Blake/Yang is referred to as Bumblebee (or BumbleBY), in most circles. Meanwhile, Ruby/Weiss is referred to as White Rose and Candycane, with the former being more common by a wide margin. Blake/Ruby is commonly called Ladybug or sometimes Black Rose, Weiss/Yang is almost exclusively called Freezerburn, Blake/Weiss is Monochrome or Checkmating, with the former being more common. Ruby/Yang is called Enabler, or alternatively Yellow Rose, Pumpkin or Siscest (for obvious reasons).
      • A popular ship name for all four girls as an OT4 is Pollination, combining the theme of Bumblebee and White Rose.
      • A small segment that ships Weiss/Black/Yang as a plain threesome refers to them by the absolutely puntastic moniker "The Bee's Schnees"
      • Penny/Emerald is Verdigris (pennies are made of copper which can turn into the green material, verdigris).
    • Further names are collected here.
    • Alternately, when characters in RWBY are shipped together, the pairing is referred to by the color that would result in their mixing.
      • Ruby/Weiss: Pink.
      • Ruby/Blake: Maroon.
      • Ruby/Yang: Orange.
      • Weiss/Blake: Grey, or Monochrome.
      • Rainbow: The whole team.
    • After Volume 2 came out, "SeaMonkeys" was coined for Sun/Neptune.
    • In Volume Two Episode 4, "Freezerburn", "Checkmate", "Ladybug", and "Bumblebee" all got name-dropped as battle formations Ruby calls out while the girls are fighting Torchwick. The exception is Ruby/Weiss, which was named "Ice Flower".
    • Ruby/Penny is called Nuts and Dolts.
  • Internet Backdraft: The announcement that RWBY would not be released to the general public for two weeks after its RTX premiere had this effect. The backdraft probably wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't announced this change 11 days before the premiere after more than half a year of hype.
    • The length of the episodes in Volume 1 has become a point of contention. It should be said that the team that worked on Volume 1 consists of 10 people and not all of them animators. The latter half of the Volume, which consisted of minimal action and a focus on school drama did not help matters.
    • The length issue was addressed for Volume 2 with the announcement that every episode will be at least 12 minutes. This was accompanied by the announcement that they may go to a biweekly release schedule in order to ensure each episode is ready.
  • Les Yay: Not as much as the massive amount of shipping tropes would lead one to believe, but present.
    • In volume 2 Penny and Ruby's reunion is full of this, their first meeting in Vol. 1 was pretty close too, though more on Penny's side.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Well, it has a mostly female cast and a predominantly male fanbase, as well as a queer female fanbase in Tumblr. It helps that in an interview about the show, Monty pointed out that there will be queer characters appearing in the show (if they aren't there already) and that practically the entire cast wants it to happen.
  • Love It or Hate It: Volume 1 pretty much split viewers this way.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Stylish, snarky, charismatic, intelligent and one hell of a Badass, Roman Torchwick certainly seems to be shaping up into one of these. Less so, however, when The Stinger of the first volume had The Reveal that Cinder Fall is The Man Behind the Man.
  • Mary Sue: Pyrrha is a distinct subversion. She's nice, loving, and forgiving, along with being The Ace par excellence, but as Volume 1 and especially Volume 2 roll along, it's clear that she sometimes doesn't understand when people don't need help, has a hard time expressing her feelings, can be a bit too shy despite her skill, and she's actually not quite as powerful as she portrays herself.
  • Memetic Badass: According to a steadily growing core of fans, Roman Torchwick never stopped being top dog of the antagonists, is only toying with Cinder by pretending to be unaware and compliant with her nebulous grand scheme as he builds up his dragon's horde of Dust, that furthermore his humoring her is the only thing that is keeping her in a position of power at all, he can pimp-slap any of the heroes into submission without missing a beat no matter the odds, could pickpocket the whole cast blind without a single person becoming aware, rules over all human and Faunus gangs alike with Machiavellian absolute authority, and also he can get any girl to drop their panties for him, no doubt about it.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • People tend to take the scene with Ruby eating cookies and run away with it, making them her Trademark Favorite Food in fandom.
    • I. Drink. Milk!
    • Great Weiss SharkExplanation 
    • Some fans like to portray Ozpin as a Troll after seeing his reaction to Jaune flailing helplessly in the air.
    • "We'll break his legs!"
    • Ren falling face-first onto the ground.
    • Blake being fed up with everyone around her making cat puns.
    • "Boop!"
    • "It's also a gun."
    • Volume 2, now with DIVERSITY!Explanation 
    • "Notice me, Cinder-senpai!" Fandom agrees that Emerald has a bit of a crush on Cinder. This is the latest of an older meme.
    • Fans telling Monty Oum that he needs to get some sleep (Monty is a well-known workaholic and often looks somewhat tired in interviews).
    • And, to the surprise of no one, X is Y.Explanation  Granted, this is actually a case of Tropes Are Not Bad.
    • Immediately after her debut, people began comparing Neo to Nui Harime.
    • Jaune's attempt at a romantic serenade has lead to the joke that he has a Spanish cousin named "Juane" (also a jab at a common misspelling of Jaune's name). "Juane" is also used as the explanation as to where the heck Jaune got a guitar.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Apparently fans are less interested in the plot or the characters than they are with the fact that two sisters have different surnames. A humorous, harmless example, all things considered.
  • Moe: Velvet Scarlatina and Ruby.
  • Narm Charm: Junior's second line in "Painting the Town" is so badly delivered it's hilarious.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name:
    • Jaune/Pyrrha is referred to as Arkos.
    • The wikia forums has gave a joke name to the Ruby/Jaune ship, known as Arse (Arc + Rose) shipping. And they also add S.S. in front of the ships' names.
    • Barbara (Yang's VA) once used "Blang" (for Blake/Yang) on a twitter pic of her and Arryn (Blake's VA).
  • Ship Mates: Within the fandom, it's not uncommon to find Ruby/Weiss shippers that also support Blake/Yang. Of course, this isn't limited to Team RWBY members; you're likely to find supporters of Jaune/Pyrrha and/or Ren/Nora. The trend seems to continue even if you mix and match.
    • If someone ships Sun/Neptune, you can bet with certainty that they were and are big fans of a pairing of Blake and one of her teammates first.
  • Special Effect Failure: Enough that the show's wiki has a dedicated inconsistencies page detailing the majority of said instances.
    • The first version of each episode, released on Rooster Teeth, has its errors recorded by the writers on said wiki. A week later, a cleaner version of the episode with less errors is released on YouTube.
    • The animation itself has also been decried as being stiff and lacking in fluidity outside of the fight scenes.
    • Almost every character has the same basic run animation for non action sequences. Granted, this is common in full budget video games as well, but it can be a bit glaring. The best example would be when the two teams are late for class, and eight characters have the same movements, though that might have been played for laughs.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: So far, the series can be seen as this. The setting is dark, yes, and multiple threats prey upon humankind, but there's a lot of comedic and heartwarming moments to balance that out, and heroism and epic deeds are the order of the day. In some ways, it's a very optimistic series- although Cerebus Syndrome may well occur in future episodes.
    • Of particular note is the track "Gold."
      Don't you worry about the dark / I will light up the night / With the love in my heart / I will burn like the sun / I will keep you safe and warm...
  • Tainted by the Preview: Some viewers were turned off by the inexperienced voice acting in the Black and Yellow trailers.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Cardin finally receives a little retribution in the episode Forever Fall pt. 2: Jaune finally growing a spine to stand up to him, his teammates running away from an incoming Ursa and leaving him behind, said Ursa giving him a beating, and then being saved by his own bully victim.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: For some, the song "Gold".
  • The Untwist: After all the subtle and unsubtle hints that Blake is a Faunus, it was theorized that she was not a Faunus herself, but merely connected to them in some way. Turns out, no, she really is a Cat Faunus.
    • Cinder's reveal as the Big Bad: While there's not a lot of buildup or misleading per se, the second volume's Spoiler Opening places her very prominently in comparison to Roman, the supposed Big Bad up until then.
      • Penny's Robotic Reveal was also not a surprise by the fandom, as we were speculating this on the same episode of the character's introduction. Though perhaps this was intentional, to divert us from the real twist; that Penny can still generate an Aura despite being a robot.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In "The Stray" and "Black and White" (Episodes 15-16), the first part seems to point towards settling issues between Blake and Weiss by establishing conflicting backgrounds, but the second ends up being about Blake confronting her previous affiliations on her own, with Ruby only showing up near the end to highlight a completely unrelated character's move set, when it would have been far more effective for Weiss to encounter Blake fighting and help her, thus showing that Weiss cares more about their friendship than Blake's past. Instead, Weiss spends most of the episode simply mumbling about how Blake is as guilty as the group she previously belonged to, only to randomly come in at the end and reconcile with her for no adequately explained reason other than it was the end of the volume. Granted, reconciling with someone is not the same as forgiving them; it's implied Weiss simply chose to put the team before her own personal feelings, although a very brief "Bah, fine, I'll let it slide" scene would've been helpful for clarification.
  • Ugly Cute: The Boarbatusk variant of Grimm.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: The White Fang, a Western Terrorists group that gives a bad name to an established minority group. Related, Weiss, a character represented by the color white, is presented as a racist, while Blake, who is represented by black, is a member of the group.
    • It doesn't help that exposition in episode 16 reveals that despite Faunus officially being recognized as equal, they are still commonly mistreated. Even worse, it's mentioned that Schnee industries used "Faunus labor" and with the way it was said and how Blake mentioned back in episode 2 that the company was at the center of a lot of controversy, it's implied that the workers are either overworked, underpaid, have poor safety conditions, or may even be corporate slaves. It really does seem similar to how slavery was outlawed after the American Civil War, but not long after the Jim Crow laws were passed, creating more or less slavery in all but name.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Some announcements about the production of Volume 2 seem to an attempt at this. Volume 2 will have 12 episodes that are all around 12 minutes each (to address the very common 'short episode' complaint Volume 1 was hit with). Also, apparently the animation will be improved as well thanks to Monty's new character rig set-up.
  • The Woobie:
    • Velvet's introductory scene has her getting harassed by Team CRDL for being a Faunus, culminating in Cardin's aforementioned ear pulling. The poor girl had to leave the cafeteria humiliated and presumably in tears.
    • Having lied to get into Beacon, having no actual combat training and then being blackmailed by Cardin, Jaune was fast steering into this territory. But he saved it in the end by killing a large ursa and standing up to Cardin.
    • As of Episode 15, Blake appears to be heading in this direction, having been revealed to be a Faunus, subjected to Fantastic Racism by Weiss, and seeming to feel isolated from her team. Somewhat ironed out in the following episode, but there's still plenty of Woobie fuel. In Episode 5 of Volume 2, the events going on outside of school seem to bear down the most heavily on Blake, making her haggard and snappish towards Sun.

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