Nightmare Fuel / RWBY
"There we were: A toddler sleeping in the back of a wagon and a stupid girl too exhausted to even cry for help. We might as well have been served on a silver platter."

"I've been out there, and I've seen the things she's made. And let me tell you: they are fear."
Qrow Branwen

Hilarious? You bet. Awesome? Definitely. However, that certainly doesn't mean it can't get scary. Those beasts aren't called the Grimm for nothing.

Warning: Untagged spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • The very disturbing Grimm are vicious, cunning monsters that lack souls. Their single purpose appears to be humanity's destruction; they do not consume food and rarely attack animals, but are hell-bent on hunting humans. Their intelligence and strength increase with age, spanning centuries. The Goliaths of Vale are already more than a match for a single hunter, but aren't attacking anyone just yet. They're just waiting.

    Volume One 

    Volume Two 
Best Day Ever
  • Volume 2 opens with the assassination of a White Fang deserter. In a scene reminiscent of Pulp Fiction, two youths enter a book store pretending to be clients, knowing that their mark, Tukson, recognises them. They taunt him when they inquire about a book his store doesn't carry, using the store's tagline ("Home to every book under the sun") to ram home the consequences of broken promises. Emerald and Mercury (the two youths in question) are portrayed as human and relatable, bonding as Vitriolic Best Buds, responding to Cinder like she's a mother figure, and joking about faunus heritage of the man they've just murdered in cold blood.

Burning the Candle
  • Yang tells Blake an Adult Fear story about her childhood: two little children lost in the dark and cold, utterly defenseless against a pack of waiting monsters. If Qrow hadn't shown up when he did, Taiyang would have lost both of his daughters shortly after losing his second wife. Yang faces away from Blake, speaking in a calm monotone, but when Blake continues resisting the moral of her tale, Yang suddenly swings around to reveal that her eyes have turned completely red.

Mountain Glen
  • The backstory of Mountain Glen is horrifying because it's so poorly explained. Oobleck claims that when it was overrun by the Grimm, the city was sealed off and turned into the world's largest tomb. He never did say, though, whether the citizens were all dead and gone when this happened.

No Brakes
  • Part of Cinder's plan is confirmed to be driving a subterranean high-speed train, detaching carriages loaded with bombs, to blow open a route for the Grimm to invade the city from underground. Not only does Torchwick do it, but the cameras focuses on the horror and confusion of ordinary people going about their daily business as the Grimm start charging into the city.
  • The White Fang Lieutenant is introduced while slowly dragging his chainsword over the floor. He has a deep, raspy voice and, after getting nearly beaten by Weiss, suddenly grabs her face, slams her on the ground, and throws her in the air. It cuts to the next scene right when he's seemingly about to cut her in half with his chainsaw.
    "Finally, I get to kill a Schnee..."

    Volume Three 

Lessons Learned
  • When fighting Coco, Emerald vanishes, leaving Coco confused and unable to locate a target to shoot at. Yatsuhashi briefly appears to be approaching her but then she finds out he's still in the centre of the arena and just got defeated and begins shaking, unable to trust her own senses as Emerald sneaks up behind her to finish her off.

  • The Fall Maiden, Amber, is in stasis with a hideous scar on her face. Ozpin's group explain to Pyrrha that this is unpredecented - Amber's had half her power stolen and they need transfer Amber's Aura and life to Pyrrha to prevent Cinder getting the rest of the power - not only will this kill Amber, but it might destroy Pyrrha's identity, too. Pyrrha has looked increasingly uncomfortable and scared by people she initially thought were just her teachers and now realises are complete strangers to her. She's terrified of them and the situation; with her ace-student persona gone, she's reduced to a terrified child. When she asks why the Maidens aren't common knowledge, she's told they used to be until power-mad people tried to kill them for their powers, confirming the Maiden powers do not protect them and knowledge of them would overturn society as they know it, including religion.
  • The reactions of the nearby Grimm, including Goliaths, to the combined horror from what happened in the arena: they pause and look up at the faraway sight of Amity Coliseum, as though they know that soon it will be time to stop waiting. The Goliaths are seen close-up for the first time as well, at least five stories tall (Word of God says they're 200 feet tall).
  • Yang shooting Mercury is, in itself, pretty damn horrifying; it happens so quickly and callously. One minute Yang is seemingly walking next to Mercury and then, without warning, Yang turns around and shoots a barely moving, begging Mercury in the kneecap with a sickening crunch. He falls into a fetal position, screaming in pain. No wonder the crowd was horrified by what they saw.

Beginning of the End
  • Mercury is revealed to be the son of an assassin when Cinder arrives at his home to recruit Mercury's father. The audience is treated to the sight of a badly injured Mercury teetering on bandaged legs in front of his father lying dead in a heap and his home burning to the ground while Cinder confirms she just witnessed Mercury and his father fighting to the death; she enjoyed the fight so much, she recruits Mercury on the spot.
  • Amber gets shot in the back with an arrow and is then propped up by Mercury and Emerald while having half her soul ripped out through her face. The procedure leaves her in a coma and with scars all over her face. All she wanted to do was help a crying child.
  • Cinder forces the White Fang to work for her by giving Adam an ultimatum: join her in a mutually beneficial partnership or she will wipe out the entire unit. It's not only clear she can easily do this, but it's confirmed that she only has half the power of the Fall Maiden at this point.
    Cinder: Our plan will be beneficial for both of us...or one of us.

  • Penny is shown being torn apart by her own wires. When Pyrrha is tricked into blasting the blades away with her Semblance, Penny grabs her chest as if the magnetism has stopped her heart. In slow motion, the wires wrap around Penny's body with a metallic crushing sound, followed by a close-up of her body being ripped in half with a metallic screech. The Grimm react to the enormous negative reaction of the audience, and at least one unidentified Grimm completely dwarfs even the Goliaths.
  • During Cinder's speech, two Atlas soldiers listening to the broadcast on a scroll find themselves suddenly rushed en mass by such a large number of Grimm, their situation is implied to be hopeless.
  • The episode ends with the Grimm attacking and the White Fang assaulting the inside of the city with their a mixture of Faunus and Grimm. Cinder turns Atlas' own weaponry against them and the people. Pyrrha is emotionally compromised and Torchwick has stolen an Atlas ship.

Battle of Beacon
  • The second breach of Vale, full of chaos, destruction, and devastation as the city becomes overrun with Grimm. Even named characters suffer, with Roy from Team BRNZ being carried off by a Nevermore. Even Emerald is disturbed by the sight of it all. Then the Grimm Dragon arrives, bursting out of Mount Glenn, shattering the entire mountain in the process. It's bigger than any other Grimm seen to date, its head alone being more than twice an Ursa's size. Its mere presence is enough to make the normally fearless Goodwitch react with horror and, as it flies, it drops blobs of darkness that spawn more Grimm as they hit the ground.
  • As cheesy as it is, Adam's line to Blake is horrendously creepy. It's combined with an Ominous Pipe Organ rendition of "From Shadows" to extremely chilling effect.
    Adam: Hello, my darling.

Heroes and Monsters
  • Just as Roman declares prepares to deliver a Coup de Grāce to a downed Ruby while ranting how he'll survive by any means necessary, a giant Griffon swoops down on him and swallows him whole, before threateningly roaring at a shocked Ruby.
  • Once it becomes clear Roman's winning, he switches from being an elaborate, tactical fighter, to just repeatedly hitting a curled-up Ruby with his cane while ranting at her to die like every other huntsman in history. When he tells her he'll survive by any means necessary, a giant Griffon swoops down and swallows him whole.
  • Adam tries to murder a student just to force Blake to fight him, creepily uses terms of endearment while threatening to destroy her and everything she loves, then following through as soon as he realises she's close to Yang. He stabs Blake to make her scream, drawing in a screaming Yang and chopping off Yang's arm in a single strike. He then tries to decapitate Blake for protecting Yang, but only gets Blake's Semblance-clone. His relationship with Blake is clearly abusive (confirmed by Word of God), shows remorselessness towards her, and seeks to make her take the blame for his sadism towards her. Just like real life abuse.
  • Cinder slays Amber with an arrow to the heart, which causes Amber's power to flow straight to her, giving her the full power of the Fall Maiden. Jaune ignores Ozpin's warning to not attack Cinder, and gets effortlessly thrown back. Cinder easily deflects Pyrrha's polarity and Ozpin decides to hold the line alone against Cinder while the kids escape.

End of the Beginning
  • Pyrrha's fight with Cinder ends when Cinder shoots Pyrrha with an arrow. Ash and embers rise from the wound as Pyrrha briefly gasps for breath. When she stops breathing, Cinder steps forward and gently cradles Pyrrha's cheek with her hand. Pyrrha promptly turns to ash, her remains scattering on the wind, leaving behind on her circlet.
  • The pilot episode's opening narration concludes with the revelation of who the Mysterious Narrator is. She muses that mankind's greatest attribute is the ability to hope and to derive strength from that hope. It is therefore her plan to devote all of her power to destroy humanity's hope to break Ozpin and her Villain Song emphasises her hatred for him. She is humanoid, but her appearance is that of the Grimm: a white face, glowing red eyes with black sclera and dark veins across her skin and she speaks with delight over what is to come for both humanity and Ozpin.
    Salem: This is the beginning of the end, Ozpin. And I can't wait to watch you burn.

    Volume Four 
  • From the footage at RTX 2016, the Grimm look even more terrifying. Especially the Beringel, which is a new gorilla Grimm that's burned on the side, making it look even more terrifying.

  • Chapter 3 of the RWBY manga reveals that the Armored Knight Weiss fought in the White Trailer was actually a Grimm that possessed it and was unleashed to beat Weiss into going to Atlas. Her father and his associates stooped so low to not only possess such a fearsome creature, but to turn it loose on one of the heiresses for having a dissenting opinion.

    Trailers and Shorts 

World of Remnant: Kingdoms
  • While the video is mostly normal, the narration eventually takes a dark turn into discussion of roaming nomads and small villages. On Remnant, it isn't uncommon for groups like these to disappear overnight, and it's not hard to guess why.

World of Remnant: Grimm
  • The short itself is easily the most graphic in all of RWBY despite the stylized nature of it. It shows a Nevermore tearing bits of flesh from a killed human to eat, along with showing one human bash another one's head in with a rock.