Nightmare Fuel / RWBY

"I've been out there, and I've seen the things she's made. And let me tell you: they are fear."
Qrow Branwen

Hilarious? You bet. Awesome? Definitely. However, that certainly doesn't mean it can't get scary. Those beasts aren't called the Grimm for nothing.

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    Volume 2 
Burning the Candle
  • The story Yang tells Blake is full of Adult Fear. When she and Ruby were only small children, they ventured out into the woods in search of Yang's biological mother, only to find themselves surrounded by ferocious Grimm. The two children came very close to dying that day, with only a fortuitous intervention by Qrow saving Taiyang from having to mourn his two daughters shortly after having lost his second wife.

    Volume 3 
  • Yang shooting Mercury is, in itself, pretty damn horrifying; it happens so quickly and callously. One minute Yang is seemingly walking next to Mercury and then, without warning, Yang turns around and shoots a barely moving, begging Mercury in the kneecap with a sickening crunch. He falls into a fetal position, screaming in pain. No wonder the crowd was horrified by what they saw.

Beginning of the End
  • Amber gets shot in the back with an arrow and is then propped up by Mercury and Emerald while having half her soul ripped out through her face. The procedure leaves her in a coma and with scars all over her face. All she wanted to do was help a crying child.

  • Penny is shown being torn apart by her own wires. When Pyrrha is tricked into blasting the blades away with her Semblance, Penny grabs her chest as if the magnetism has stopped her heart. In slow motion, the wires wrap around Penny's body with a metallic crushing sound, followed by a close-up of her body being ripped in half with a metallic screech.

Battle of Beacon
  • The second breach of Vale, full of chaos, destruction, and devastation as the city becomes overrun with Grimm. Even named characters suffer, with Roy from Team BRNZ being carried off by a Nevermore. Even Emerald is disturbed by the sight of it all. Then the Grimm Dragon arrives, bursting out of Mount Glenn, shattering the entire mountain in the process. It's bigger than any other Grimm seen to date, its head alone being more than twice an Ursa's size. Its mere presence is enough to make the normally fearless Goodwitch react with horror and, as it flies, it drops blobs of darkness that spawn more Grimm as they hit the ground.

Heroes and Monsters
  • The way Adam switches between terms of endearment and threats when talking to Blake, shows a lack of remorse towards her, and shifts the blame for his sadism onto her, all serve to confirm that their relationship is an abusive one, and an eerily realistic one at that.
  • Yang losing her arm is one of the most chilling scenes in the volume. Adam stabs Blake to make her scream, grabbing Yang's attention as she rushes to protect her friend. Then, it takes Adam only a single slash to permanently maim one of the show's main characters.
    Adam: I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love... starting with her.

End of the Beginning
  • Pyrrha's fight with Cinder ends when Cinder shoots Pyrrha with an arrow. Ash and embers rise from the wound as Pyrrha briefly gasps for breath. When she stops breathing, Cinder steps forward and gently cradles Pyrrha's cheek with her hand. Pyrrha promptly turns to ash, her remains scattering to the wind, only leaving behind her circlet. Ruby is forced to witness this, arriving just moments to late to intervene.

    Volume 4 

  • Yang's PTSD is explored in a nightmare she has about Adam. She's in a Dark World version of the room she was in when she lost her arm, notices that she has her arm back, and sees Adam approaching her to an eerie soundtrack and glowing like red fire. She suddenly has Ember Celica, and begins frantically firing at Adam, but her shots pass right through him. She tries firing again, but discovers with horror that Ember Celica and her arm have vanished, and Adam is suddenly standing right in front of her. He sneers and draws his sword. What was once a vivacious, fearless and confident girl is now a shrivelled wreck of her former self who has clearly built up Adam to be an unstoppable monster in her mind. This is exactly how fear cripples people in real life.

A Much Needed Talk
  • By the end of the episode, Qrow is starting to succumb to Tyrian's venom, Coughing Up Blood which has become purple in reaction to the toxin and slipping into a coma. This would be a terrifying situation normally, but it's made worse by the fact that he and team RNJR are far away from civilization, with nowhere to get medical aid nearby. All Ruby can do is hope her uncle will hold on until they can make it back to a city.

  • The strange hoof print marks seen throughout the volume are confirmed to be the creature that destroyed the villages of Shion, Oniyuri and Kuroyuri, and it looks like a Nuckelavee. The creature looks like a horse and rider, but it's a single being; the hindlegs end in hooves, the forelegs end in clawed feet. The 'rider' part is skeletal and the head is horned; things stick out of its body like it's a pin cushion and the eyes of both 'rider' and 'horse' glow red. Its shrill scream carries for many miles, and is something no human or horse would make; it's unique even for Grimm. Villagers without specialised Huntsmen training don't stand a chance against it as the beast plods slowly through the burning streets, demolishing buildings and slaughtering defenders with ease. What's worse, other Grimm are all maniacal violence, bolting from victim to victim and attempting to inflict as much damage as possible. The Nuckelavee is cold deliberation, stalking slowly after those too wounded to flee. Sadism is a far cry from the bestial behavior of most Grimm, and it makes one fear just how smart Grimm are capable of becoming.
  • Everything about the second flashback. Previous episodes have shown Grimm attacks, but those always focused on the warriors, forcing back the beasts and protecting the bystanders. Here there's none of that, just helpless civilians running in abject terror as Grimm stalk the streets and descend from above. It really drives home just how precarious life is outside the protections of the kingdoms and Huntsmen... and just how deadly the Grimm can be.

    Volume 5 
Dread In The Air
  • Sienna Khan is presented as a potential moderating influence on Adam's violent vision of a world painted with the blood of humans until Adam reveals his goal: he wants to use Salem's people to enable him to use the White Fang to prove Faunus superiority by breaking and enslaving humanity. An incensed Sienna attempts to have Adam and Hazel removed from the premises, only to find her bodyguards turning on her. Adam completes the coup by killing Sienna and assuming her place as White Fang High Leader, intending to make Sienna a martyr that will inflame White Fang violence against humans. Despite being one of the subordinates that is helping Salem turn the people of the world against each other no matter how many lives are lost in the process, Hazel not only disapproves of what Adam has done, but is shocked and disgusted. The realization that Adam's vision of the world doesn't even fit in with Salem's already dark vision hits the viewer like a ton of bricks.

Alone Together
  • Remember Yang's story back in volume 2? Some more context is given in this episode, not only revealing that Yang was left alone with Ruby regularly (which would be disturbing enough) to pick up the pieces after Summer's death, but at the time, Ruby hadn't even learned how to talk yet. As that part of early development happens at around the age of 1-2 years old, this means that Yang couldn't have been more than four years old at the time. Adult Fear doesn't even begin to cover that.

The More The Merrier
  • The episode reminds the viewer what Cinder is capable of. She enters the scene fireball first, engaging the protagonists with an eerie smile and sinister grace that makes Jaune call her broken inside. She cheerfully toys with Jaune, hurting him with a smile and becoming gleeful when she tears down his psyche. Jaune catches her mask with a glancing blow when Ruby's silver eyes momentarily de-power her, causing her to defeat Jaune and rage at him furiously. She calms upon realizing he values his friends' lives above his own; with sheer joy on her face, she creates a copy of Pyrrha's spear, and strikes Weiss from behind. Weiss is caught on her knees, impaled through her torso, gasping for every last breath in a grisly replay of Pyrrha's death that's designed to mess as much with the audience's heads as the characters, given that Pyrrha was as popular with the audience as she was in-universe.

  • While the previous episode established that Cinder had lost her left arm and replaced it with a Grimm appendage, this episode reveals the full extent of her injuries after Ruby used her silver eyes. Once Raven shatters Cinder's mask, her left eye is seen to be completely closed, with scarring running from the right side of her nose, across the left side of her face and eye, and all the way round to include a mangled ear. While it appears that Cinder was able to have a Grimm arm attached to the scarred remnants of her left arm, it appears that Salem has no power to remove the terrible scarring that has been done to Cinder, and Cinder's Maiden powers can't do anything about it either. This damage was done by a fifteen year old girl by accident.

Haven's Fate
  • When Lionheart attempts to flee before the authorities capture him, he gets cornered in his office by the Seer Grimm. It grabs him by the feet and wraps around his throat before dragging him off-screen. The audience hears nasty sounds as Lionheart rasps out one last plea, before he gets silenced.
  • When Emerald learns of Cinder's apparent death, she screams as her Semblance simultaneously targets all nine protagonists. The hall is suddenly cast in blackish-red lighting while hellish Grimm-like sounds fill the air. A warped effigy of Salem materialises from a swirling black cloud, twitching like the Nuckelavee and smiling creepily as it coalesces. The effigy reaches the ceiling in height, and unleashes a deafening, multi-toned scream. Her eyes are shown to be black pits with red vapour trails, and her mouth opens unnaturally wide to reveal a fiery maw. Suddenly, the effigy swoops down over the cowering heroes and towards the camera with hands outstretched. The camera blacks out as if engulfed by her, creating the illusion that Salem was attacking the audience instead of the heroes.

    World of Remnant 

World of Remnant: Grimm
  • The short itself is easily the most graphic in all of RWBY despite the stylized nature of it. It shows a Nevermore tearing bits of flesh from a killed human to eat, along with showing one human bash another one's head in with a rock.

World of Remnant: Faunus
  • The video doesn't do much to hide the nature of the racism between humanity and the faunus, including one bit showing a faunus being driven out of a human town, cornered against a cliff wall, and then the screen is covered in splatters of blood.

  • Chapter 11: A new possession-type Grimm is introduced in Chapter 10 that looks like a giant six-eyed skull with tentacles coming out of it. In Chapter 11, this Grimm ambushes a group of King Taijitus and forcefully fuses them together to create a giant hydra-like Grimm. It's unlike other possession-type Grimm such as the Petras Gigas or the Armor Gigas; they only possess inanimate objects — this creature can possess multiple Grimm at the same time to create entirely new types of Grimm via fusion.