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Nightmare Fuel: RWBY

Hilarious? You bet. Awesome? Definitely. However, that certainly doesn't mean it can't get scary. Those beasts aren't called the Grimm for nothing...
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  • The Grimm
    • The Grimm are seriously scary creatures. Soulless, vicious monsters - though quite capable of cunning - and hell-bent on humanity's destruction. In fact, that seems to be their sole purpose. They rarely attack animals. Just humans.
    • Worse? They're not doing it to feed. After all, that would make them somewhat natural. No, they're doing it for the sheer principle of the matter. For fun. Not even animals hunt for fun.
    • And still worse: they get stronger and smarter the longer they live, and can keep this up for hundreds of years. The Goliaths around Vale are already more than a match for a single hunter, and could be a major threat if provoked. And there are certainly far more than the dozen Oobleck and Ruby observed. But they aren't attacking yet. They're waiting.

Volume Two

    Episode 1 "Best Day Ever" 

  • Volume 2 kickstarts with an assassination on account of the White Fang's implied policy on deserters. Carried out by Cinder Fall's mysterious group, no less. This in turn fuels a lot of Fridge Horror when you remember in Volume 1's reveal that Blake is a Faunus and also a former member of the White Fang, with the possibility that they will one day come for her.

    Episode 6 "Burning the Candle" 
  • Yang's story to Blake about her ill-fated childhood quest is a hefty dose of Adult Fear. Two little children, out in the dark and cold, utterly defenceless against the waiting pack of Beowolves. A good thing Qrow showed up when he did, else Taiyang would have lost his daughters, right after losing his two wives.

    Episode 11 "No Brakes" 
  • The Reveal of (a part of) Cinder's big plan in Mountain Glenn: drive a high-speed train down the underground tracks, detatching cars loaded with bombs to blow holes to the Grimm-infested surface, and finally ram through the sealed end of the tunnel, leading hordes of ferocious Grimm straight into Vale. Even worse than that is seeing Torchwick actually do it. You can see the horror and confusion on the faces of people who probably just assumed it was going to be another average day when suddenly Grimm started charging into the city.
  • For a tiny, cute-looking Elegant Gothic Lolita, Neo is pretty darn creepy. She completely and effortlessly Curbstomps Yang, all without losing the smile on her face or even making a sound. She gets a borderline Slasher Smile when preparing to deliver a fatal stab. Cute? Sure. The way her eyes flip colors every so often when she blinks? That is pure Uncanny Valley!
  • The sheer air of hopelessness in this episode is equal parts depressing and creepy. Team RWBY has been more or less unbeatable throughout the series up to this point, but Torchwick and Neo completely and utterly wipe the floor with them near-effortlessly in a matter of minutes. Then there's the chainsaw-wielding maniac with a deep raspy voice who, after getting nearly beaten by Weiss, suddenly grabs her face, slams her on the ground, and throws her in the air. Worse thing is, it cuts to the next scene right when he's seemingly about to cut her in half with his chainsaw.

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