On Second Thought

Someone is given an option he doesn't like, and promptly rejects it. The person who made the suggestion returns with something far worse, and On Second Thought, the first suggestion was just fine.

Summed up well by the following joke:

Genie: I can give you one wish.
Guy: I wish for world peace.
Genie: Sorry, that's far too hard to do.
Genie: ...Define "peace".


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Death Note:
    Light: Can you stop calling me Light?
    Misa: Then can I call you "Knight" instead of "Light"? Because you're my Knight in Shining Armor!
    Light: Light is fine.
  • In K-On!, Sawako uses her time before Houkago Tea Time's first show sewing stage costumes that she plans to have them wear, which Mio disapproves. Sawako then suggests Mio wear the more Shock Rock-oriented costume she used to wear in her old band, which Mio says makes the last costume look suddenly more appealing.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, when Ron breaks the Szalinskis' window:
    Russ: Look, we'll get it fixed, okay. We'll take it out of his allowance.
    Ron: What? My allowance? No way!
    Russ: Okay, we'll just have Dad pay for it, huh?
    Ron: We'll take it out of my allowance.
  • Evolution: An alien bug has entered the body of Harry Block.
    Dr. Paulson: We might have to amputate.
    Harry Block: Whoa, Doc! Don't take the leg! Ira, don't let them take my leg.
    Dr. Paulson: It's headed for his testicles.
    Harry Block: (shocked look) Take it! Take it! Take the leg!
  • The Lego Movie has Emmet and Wyldstyle try and sneak past some robot guards. Right as they're about to be caught, Emmet starts singing Everything Is Awesome. Wyldstyle adamantly states she is not singing it, until the robots give her a Death Glare. She immediately sings it better than anybody in the entire film.

    Live-Action TV 
  • LOST:
    Hurley: Let me ask you something, Arnzt —
    Arzt: Arzt.
    Hurley: Arnzt.
    Arzt: No, not Arnzt. Arzt. A-R-Z-T. Arzt.
    Hurley: Sorry, man. Your name's hard to pronounce.
    Arzt: Oh, yeah? Well, I know a bunch of ninth graders who pronounce it just fine.
    Hurley: How about I just call you by your first name?
    Arzt: How about you don't?
    Hurley: Why not? I remember it from the plane's manifest. I think Leslie's a bitchin' name.
    Arzt: Arnzt is fine.
  • Desperate Housewives. Rex asks Bree to pick a "control word" for the sexual roleplay they're planning to do:
    Bree: How about "Boise"?
    Rex: "Boise"?
    Bree: What's the matter with "Boise"?
    Rex: We’re going to be doing psychological role playing here, Bree, and a funny word like "Boise" would ruin the mood. We need something that sounds serious.
    Bree: Hmmm. How about "Palestine"?
    Rex: "Boise" will be just fine.
  • Friends. Phoebe has suggested that they should have a cleansing ritual, to lose the curse of bad boyfriends:
    Phoebe: "Okay. We can, um, we can burn the stuff they gave us."
    Rachel: "Or?"
    Phoebe: "Or... or we can chant and dance around naked, you know, with sticks."
    Monica: "Burning's good."
  • The Golden Girls:
    Stan: I have tickets to a Dodgers spring training game. Want to come?
    Dorothy: I can't think of anything I would rather do less.
    Stan: Want to go to bed with me?
    Dorothy: Take me out to the ball game.
  • The Daily Show: Baby New Year 2009 and Jon Stewart discuss the assault of Israel on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
    Baby New Year 2009: Can't we talk about the lighter side of 2009? You know, celebrity pregnancies, sports predictions, stuff like that?
    Jon Stewart: Okay, I'll go with that. How are the Mets going to go this year?
    Baby New Year 2009: Oh. Uh... you know what, let's get back to Gaza.
  • Doctor Who: Subverted when the Doctor's companion actually prefers the second alternative to her Overly Long Name Romanadvoratrelundar, but he continues to use the first one anyway:
    The Doctor: I'll call you 'Romana'.
    Romana: I don't like 'Romana'.
    The Doctor: Well, it's either 'Romana' or 'Fred'.
    Romana: Fine, call me 'Fred'.
    The Doctor: All right. Come on, Romana.
  • Seinfeld: In the final episode, NBC bigwigs have rekindled their interest in Jerry's pilot.
    Kimbrough: And Elaine! I wouldn't mind seeing something happening between those two!
    George: I tell you, I really don't think so-called 'relationship humor' is what this show is all about.
    Kimbrough: Or, we could not do the show altogether, how about that?
    George: Or we could get them together!
  • Angel:
    Angel: You're my secretary?
    Harmony: Hello! Assistant.
    Angel: Explain why I shouldn't kill you.
    Harmony: Secretary's fine.
  • Babylon 5
    [Londo is having to deal with a demon, sent by Technomages, messing with his computer, for attempting to record a meeting for his own gain.]
    Vir: You could always...apologize.
    Londo: Apologize?! Hah!
    Computer: Congratulations! You are now the owner of 500,000 shares of Fireflies Incorporated.
    [lights go out in quarters]
    Londo: On the other hand....
  • The Big Bang Theory has Sheldon use a homemade virtual presence device (a TV screen on wheels) to knock on Penny's door and ask her to sing Soft Kitty.
    Penny: Really? You want me to sing Soft Kitty to a computer monitor?
    Sheldon: Would you rather come over and sing it to me in person?
    Penny: [singing] Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...
  • Yes, Minister, in the episode "Jobs for the Boys", has Sir Humphrey recommending Desmond Glazebrook to head a commission on government and industry as a payoff for saving a doomed project, while at the same time keeping the imminent failure of said project from Hacker, who thinks Glazebrook would do an awful job. When the truth comes out and Humphrey explains that the only way for Hacker to avoid having to resign is to get a carefully unnamed bank chairman to save the project in exchange for chairing the commission:
    Hacker: Better than that damn fool Desmond Glazebrook. Who is the chairman, anyway?
    Humphrey: Desmond Glazebrook.
    Hacker: ...Actually he's not a bad chap, really...yes, I've...changed my mind, I think he'll be excellent.

  • Red vs. Blue, when O'Malley approaches Blue Team's base.
    O'Malley: It's quiet... too quiet.
    (a sniper round whizzes past his head)
    O'Malley: Now suddenly it's too loud! I preferred it when it was quiet.
    • Also, during the Blue Team's first surrender:
    Sarge: Alright, blues! First off, we want your flag...
    Simmons: Wait, wait, wait just a second. The last time we got the flag, the chick in the black armor showed up.
    Sarge: ...to stay right where it is. Keep the flag.

  • Corner Alley 13
    Noelle: "So what is your name?"
    Kh'ohl: "Bat's clan Kh'ohl Kankaar Vree."
    Noelle: "Ah! Cole!"
    Kh'ohl: "No, Kh'ohl. And don't use my first name."
    Noelle: "Mr. Cancan-tree?"
    Kh'ohl: "...Cole will do."
  • Circle Versus Square.
    King Pentagon: Come now, there is much to discuss between us two lords. Won't you join me for tea?
    Circle: Do I have a choice?
    King Pentagon: Of course! TEA or DEATH.
    Circle: And those are my only options?
    King Pentagon: Well, I suppose if you prefer we can have tea AND death.
    Circle: Just the tea, thank you.
  • In Penny Arcade, a matter of word choice.
  • Phoebe And Her Unicorn opens with Marigold the unicorn offering Phoebe a wish for freeing her from gazing at her own reflection. After a number of ludicrous suggestions are shot down, Phoebe wishes that Marigold would become her best friend, to which Marigold sheepishly replies "Or maybe, um, some gold?"

    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • Played with on an episode of Spongebob Squarepants:
    Spongebob: This crowd looks angry. They're not going to wait any longer! I think I'd better give them what they need, and fast.
    Squidward: I think so too, or Krabs will fire both of us! [Beat] On second thought, keep them waiting.
  • The Simpsons, when Homer became the Grim Reaper in a Halloween episode:
    (Homer wakes up in the morning, puts on the Grim Reaper robe)
    Homer: All right, who am I giving the finger to today?
    (The name on the list is Marge Simpson, his wife)
    Homer: No! Not that! Anything but that!
    (name on list changes to Homer Simpson)
    Homer: ...what was that first one again?
  • Futurama
    Zoidberg: So do your worst. Because no punishment could be worse than denying my freedom.
    Chief Justice: You are hereby sentenced to death.
    Zoidberg: Wait, let me finish!
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh and Zuko ponder which is worse, the Earth Kingdom, or the Fire Nation.
    Zuko: If the Earth Kingdom discovers us, they'll have us killed.
    Iroh: But if the Fire Nation discovers us, we'll be turned over to Azula.
    Zuko: Earth Kingdom it is.
  • In an episode of Camp Lazlo, a snake is loose in the camp and Lazlo, Clam and Patsy want Raj to come with them to find it, but he doesn't want to go.
    Patsy: Suit yourself, for all you know, he might still be in the cabin.
    Raj: I have decided to join you.