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So You Were Saying...?
A character has this big secret and finally gathered the courage to share it. But before they can spit it out, the conversation is interrupted by something which gives the character time to think twice and change their mind. Or the other will want to say something first, and that moots out the whole point of the conversation. When the first one is then urged to pick up where they left off, it usually goes something like : "So you were saying?" "...Nothing.".

A subset of Cannot Spit It Out.

Needs some Wiki Magic.


  • Hey Arnold!!
    • "Timberly Loves Arnold": Arnold is supposed to talk to Gerald's sister (the titular Timberly) that she should stop hanging out with him... however, right when he's about to get into topic, Lila comes in and thinks of the two as cute. (Tim: "Now, what were you saying?...") This issue isn't resolved till the end of the ep, but that's still better than some of the other examples on the page.
    • "Monkey Business": Helga is leading into her personal reveal (her love for Arnold), when Phoebe barges in and explains that the disease she's supposed to be dying from... doesn't exist. You'd think she'd have listened in class when "monkeynucleosis" was cited as an example of a disease that didn't really exist...
  • The Weekenders, "Tish's Hair": The expected "reveal" conversation with the others finally telling Tish they do not like Tish's new hairdo... ends up not happening when two kids pass Tish and actually make a positive comment on her hairdo. The ending ends up being a No, Really, It's Okay type of ending.
  • Inside Schwartz: Schwartz has just been phoned to tell that he's being approached for an MTV job concerning the Super Bowl. When he decides to tell this news to the Girl of the Week, he finds out she's been approached... and accepted. So Schwartz talks about doing great on a Maxim quiz, before phoning his agent about this later.
  • Father Ted: Ted, while explaining how peaceful and quiet the parochial house will be for the recuperation of Chris the burping sheep, is interrupted by Father Jack tumbling down the stairs, swearing loudly and breaking assorted furniture. Once Jack has left, Ted continues by saying "...I think it would be an insult to you if I finished that sentence."
  • John Stewart does this to himself in an episode of Justice League Unlimited where he, Batman, and Wonder Woman have ended up in The Wild West.:
    Ohiyesa Smith: We're getting close. I wanna warn you, there's some downright unusual activity goin' on hereabouts; don't let it throw you.
    John: Don't worry about it, we've got a lot of experience with unusu- [a cowboy riding a pterodactyl flies towards them] ...I'm sorry, you were saying?
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Buffy vs. Dracula" (5x01), Giles invites Buffy over to tell her that he's going back to England because he no longer feels needed. But before he can say anything, she starts to tell him how she discovered that she still has much to learn about being a Slayer and wants him to be his Watcher again.
    Buffy: So, I just talked all over you. You had something to say too.
    Giles: No. It was... it was nothing.
  • In an episode of King of the Hill, Peggy wants to tell Dale the truth that Joseph is not really his son. However, when he and Joseph share a rather heartwarming moment, Peggy decides to keep it a secret.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Haley is wounded and appears to be dying. She pulls Elan close and finally starts to say "I love you" when the party cleric Durkon pokes his head in to cast Cure Light Wounds on her. She quickly appends her statement to "I love ukeleles."

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