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    Season 1
This picture was clearly doctored by Ruby.
Season One Trailer
  • The teaser trailer for RWBY Chibi, which has an SD Ruby push out the "Chibi" part of the logo... then slump to her knees and hold up a finger as she catches her breath. Even as a chibi, Ruby is not as fit as her sister.

Episode 1 - Ruby Makes Cookies

Episode 2 - Cat Burglar
  • Cat Burglar: Team RWBY hears of a cat burglar on the prowl and glance at Blake. She accuses them of profiling... while stealing everyone's stuff. She leaves the room in a huff ...only to return just to steal the remote from Yang, and then after leaving took Yang's motorcycle too.
    Blake: Seriously, guys? Seriously? You're gonna call me a cat burglar just because I'm part cat? That's real mature.
    [starts walking away]
    Blake: [as she's stealing a scroll and a cookie] You know, I have half a mind to report you guys to Glynda. What you're doing is profiling.
    [steals a chess set]
    Blake: You all disgust me! [takes off with a potted plant]
    • The few seconds Blake returns to steal the remote. She's missing her bow, her iris are vertical and she's running on her legs and hands making her look like an actual cat.
    • At the beginning of the skit, Team RWBY were listening to the cat burglar report on an offscreen TV before Yang shut it off. After Blake steals Yang's bike, the TV turns itself back on just to describe the ensuing Hot Pursuit.
    Lavender: Reports of a cat burglar being on the prowl in Vale have flooded the police department this week. Whether these claims are legitimate or merely a yarn, citizens are encouraged to stay indoors.
    Later, after Blake takes off with all of her stolen stuff...
    Lavender: Breaking news! Police have engaged the alleged cat burglar in a high-speed chase. The suspect is fleeing on a yellow motorcycle with what appears to be a cartoonishly large amount of stolen goods falling from the bike. What will they think of next? Back to you, Cyril!
  • Ice Skating: Yang, Blake and Ruby all agree - don't bring Weiss to the pool again (she froze the pool and started figure skating on it, with the others partway stuck in said ice).
    • Also the fact that the entirety of team RWBY (minus Weiss) decided to swim while fully dressed.
  • Jump Rope: Blake throwing the ribbon portion of Gambol Shroud for Yang to catch (similar to V1E8) as they play jump rope with Ruby using the weapon.
    Ruby: Jaune be nimble, Jaune be quick, Jaune fell over the candlestick!
  • Yarn: Yang presents Blake a ball of yarn as a gift. Annoyed, Blake lampshades how Yang is expecting her to start playing with it. Cue Ruby rushing into the dorm and playing with the ball of yarn like a cat. With Yang and Blake staring in disbelief.
    Blake: Really? What? Do you expect me to roll around on the floor and play with it?
    [cue Ruby crashing into the room and playing with the ball of yarn]
    Ruby: Aw yeah! This is the best!
  • Blake vs. Zwei: Zwei goes into Team RWBY's room, sniffing around, before leaving again at the sound of Yang off-screen... and Blake slides out from behind a lamp barely a tenth her size, sighing in relief.

Episode 3 - Reloading
  • Jaune Calls Weiss (Pt. One): Jaune awkwardly asking Weiss out on a date over voice message, tripping over a pebble, and landing square on his head. While standing in place.
  • Reloading: Ruby using Weiss's Ice Dust on Crescent Rose, then her Fire Dust, then her Gravity Dust, which sends her flying backwards, much to Weiss's chagrin.
  • Jaune Calls Weiss (Pt. Two): Jaune feebly trying to convince himself that Weiss simply didn't get the voice message that he sent her, rather than her simply ignoring it, and playing it in her dorm for her teammates to hear and laugh over with her.
  • Blake Tag: Blake using her Semblance to get away from Yang while playing a game of tag. Considering how Blake feels about her Semblance in the show proper, this is pretty funny in a dark way. All while a babyish version of "From Shadows" plays in the background.
  • Jaune Calls Weiss (Pt. Three): Jaune finally getting fed up with Weiss not returning his call, and ranting at her only to find her walking around behind him. It turns out that Weiss simply lost her scroll ...until Blake finds it for her right in front of Jaune, who proceeds to angrily stomp on Weiss's scroll and punt it off-screen, much to Weiss's and Blake's surprise and confusion. Blake eventually shrugs, and Weiss just hangs her head with Blank White Eyes.
    • Seriously, Weiss's face as Jaune kicks her Scroll away. Or for that matter, Blake's initial face as Jaune stomps on it right in front of her.
  • Blake vs. Zwei Pt. 2: Zwei is wandering around RWBY's dorm again, before leaving... only to reveal Blake, teeth chattering and all, hiding in the freezer.

Episode 4 - Fighting Game
  • Fighting Game: While Yang is bragging about how she might 'teach you some combos and how a pro plays' after beating Ruby, Ruby is sitting there doing the talking hand gesture and mouthing along with Yang's words, indicating that this is a regular thing.
    • Zwei finally catches Blake, the girl with a dazed look in her eyes, even as Yang is scolding the puppy, saying that she's not a chew toy.
    • And while she's doing that, Ruby takes the time to knock away Yang's scroll-controller and try to start a new fighting game to beat her. Big mistake.
  • Ice Sculpture: Ruby tries to participate in an ice sculpting contest. She marches off in anger when Weiss and Blake outdo her with their own skills.
    Ruby: RRRRRGH! [throws down equipment, mocking] Look at me, I use Dust. I have a cool Semblance. Life is so easy, weh weh weh.
  • Present For Blake: Yang gives Blake a large gift - a tea set - as an apology for two episodes ago. Blake likes the box.
    • Even funnier is when Blake goes to jump in, she leans back and wiggles her butt.
  • Marshmallows: Weiss, Ruby and Blake poke Yang while she's playing video games to anger her. They proceed to use her as a impromptu campfire to make roasted marshmallows.

Episode 5 - Sissy Fight
  • Costume Party: Costume party with the team... except that Jaune and Ruby are wearing the same outfit - Weiss'.
    Jaune: Well. One of us is going to have to change!.
    Nora (offscreen): Lookin' hot!
  • Ear Cleaning: Blake simply cleans her ears. All four of them.
  • Sissy Fight: Ruby suffers from a Fall of the House of Cards by Weiss. Ruby responds by stomping mud all over Weiss' cleaned up kitchen floor. This leads to a duel... that turns into a wimpy Slap Fight. And the dialogue, where Ruby has word trouble again:
    Weiss: [dramatically] Ruby Rose! I have tolerated your foolishness for too long!
    Ruby: [equally dramatic] The foolishness you've tolerated compares not to... dah-the foolishness in which you fooled!
    Weiss: *beat, with Blank White Eyes* What?
  • Shadow People: The girls notice and discuss the shadowy background characters from Volume 1, including how some have the exact same build as them.
    • Before that, Ruby's recount of her reading of Blake's book in Episode 1.
      Ruby: So I said, "Now that's a katana!".

Episode 6 - The Vacuum
  • The Vacuum: Blake and Zwei have an understanding: They both do not like the vacuum cleaner.
    Blake: I know, right?
    • Also, Weiss using her figure skater/ballerina fighting style to vacuum.
  • Cape Trubs: Ruby's cape troubles, including getting it caught in doors, almost hanging herself and people walking on it with muddy shoes.
    Ruby: [hanging off the bed and turning blue] Geh-not like this! Not like this!
    • The Leaning on the Fourth Wall at the start with Ruby's comment that Professor Peach is "not around very often."
    • Pay attention to her cape while she's reading. It's completely free. Apparently, the comic book she was reading is heavy enough to pin it with enough force to support Ruby's weight. White dwarf matter? Neutronium? Gravity Dust?
    • Also, if one looks close enough, Ruby's comic is revealed to be Camp Camp.
    • The moment where Jaune walks on Ruby's cape with muddy shoes becomes even funnier when you think about what Ruby did to Weiss in the previous episode. She walked in the kitchen that Weiss just cleaned to perfection with dirty shoes. Talk about Laser-Guided Karma and the shoe being on the other foot.
  • Book Swap: Using books to make bunk beds becomes a problem when Blake wants to read one of the structure supporting books. This leads to her attempting to gauge various items (including one of Ember Celica's gauntlets and Zwei, who shakes his head) on whether they would be suitable to swap with it. And then after carefully swapping out the book with the one she had just finished reading, Ruby pipes up about wanting to borrow the latter, causing poor Blake to cling to her new book and fall over on her side to the floor.
  • The Fourth Wall: We get our first scene transition with Jaune: He falls flat on his face, then sheepishly gets up and runs off.
    • Pretty much everything after The Reveal that in Chibi, Pyrrha is still alive. Particularly Nora's increasingly manic denial of everything Ruby says.
    Nora: [holding her arms out] Nope! Never happened!
    Ruby: But—
    Nora: NOPE! Everything's fine! PYRRHA IS FINE! Nothing bad. Ever. Happened. *Looks directly at the viewer* Evveeeeerrrr.

Episode 7 - Prank Wars
  • Prank Wars: Ruby, Yang, and Blake prank Weiss by propping a bucket of ice water over the door of their room so that it falls on her when she walks in. The next day, Weiss repeats the prank on Ruby — except she freezes the water first.
    Weiss: Ha! Now that's ice water!
    Yang: Weiss, I think she's concussed!
    Weiss: I think she's pranked, is what she is.
  • Arcade Games: Nora, Ren, and Yang getting thrown out of the arcade, complete with their weapons. Nora is irate, at least until she gets the giant bear she apparently won. A few things to note here:
    • When we say "thrown out," we mean literally: Nora, Yang, and Ren, in that order, are hurled bodily out of the arcade, landing in a pile, with Nora's and Ren's weapons scattered around them.
    • As to why they got thrown out: when we first see the arcade, the sign on the door says "Open". After the proprietor has thrown out our heroes and slammed the door on them, the sign says "Closed For Repairs" — which, given that the arcade contains a shooting gallery and "Whack-A-Grimm," and that our heroes brought in real firearms and a giant exploding hammer, isn't all that surprising.
    • When Nora gets up to yell at the arcade owner, Yang and Ren are still balanced on her head. When the owner throws out Nora's bear, it also lands perfectly balanced on her head, sending the other two flying in the process.
      • When it lands on her head, it makes a squeaky toy noise. And then, as she happily skips off, with the bear staying on her head, it keeps making squeaks with every step.
    • And, of course, the proprietor of the arcade is the Dust shop proprietor from the first episode, with our heroes once again making his life difficult. The captioning even calls him That One Shopkeeper Who Seems To Work Everywhere.
  • Jaune Experiments: Jaune sneaking into RWBY's dorm, and playing around with their weapons. The momentum of Crescent Rose sends him twirling into an offscreen wall, and the Recoil Boost from firing Ember Celica launches him backwards. The only weapon he uses "successfully" is Gambol Shroud, to which he repeats "Now THIS is a katana." He proceeds to dance around with Myrtenaster, complete with butt-wiggling, only to realize that Team RWBY was watching him in shock (and in Yang's and Ruby's cases, great amusement).
    • What makes this even funnier is that when he realizes this, instead of being embarrassed, he jokes about them watching in envy.
      Jaune: Don't be jealous!

Episode 8 - Magnetic Personality
  • Pickle Surprise: Ruby trying to open a jar of pickles. And when she finally gets it open (by slashing it with Crescent Rose) she doesn't like the flavor.
    Ruby: Ack, dill!
    • All of Ruby's attempts to open the jar, save the last, were turning the lid from left-to-right/clockwise... ie the way that tightens them.
    • Even the wiki gets in on the fun, as the captions demonstrate:
      [As Ruby carries the pickle jar] We all relish a good snack now and then…
      [Ruby struggling to open the jar with a wrench] Well, this is quite a pickle…
      [Ruby prepares to slice the jar apart with Crescent Rose] OK, OK, no more pickle jokes!
  • Tubby Tummy: Yang's workout montage is pretty humorous, mostly for the music it's set to: "I Burn" remixed with "Eye of the Tiger".
  • Magnetic Personality: Pyrrha's polarity troubles. She accidentally covers Nora with everything metal in the room while washing dishes when startled, causes JNPR to walk around in circles by screwing up Jaune's compass, and ends up launching Miló into their dorm room's light after being startled again by Jaune's invitation to her to look at old VHS tapes that Ren found. She declines, as her polarity would erase the tapes. The first two are even followed by "I'm sorry!"
  • Going Down: RWBY decide to use the elevator, with buttons labeled "basement", "second basement", "art gallery", "third basement", "Fort Port (No Girls Allowed)", and "Super Secret Vault (Do Not Enter)". And for bonus points, said Super Secret Vault is the same vault Amber's comatose body was kept in. Guarding the place is the Dust Shop owner. One has to wonder if he always gets screwed over this much.

Episode 9 - Ren Plays Tag

Episode 10 - Love Triangle

Episode 11 - Nurse Ruby
  • Ren Makes Pancakes: Ren's disappearing pancakes and search to figure out where they got away to reaches Road Runner-level of tactics to catch a very stuffed Nora in the act. And she isn't even apologetic, just trying to get the syrup too.
    Nora: Ha ha! There's the syrup. (tries to reach, failing) Gimme!
    Ren waits till her arm falls, then he carefully puts the bottle above her head, upside-down, prepared to give it to her. She has just enough time to react before the scene cuts away from her Laser-Guided Karma.
    • The second time, he's clearly expecting them to disappear, but the moment this happens, it turns out he has a worse case of twitchy-eye than Ruby when angry.
    • The video's subtitles during this sequence describe the action on screen as "[suspicious pancake making noises]"
    • Then there is the Syrupu! writing on the bottle.
  • Jaune ASMR: Jaune tries to film an ASMR video, opening with the question: what is ASMR?
    Jaune: [sotto voce] Well, let's just say it's a way to get that funny, tingling feeling in the back of your neck. Like when you get a haircut. Or when that special girl says "Hi!" in the hallway.
    [Right on cue, Pyrrha appears in the doorway.]
    Pyrrha: Hello!
    Jaune: Pyrrha, get out of the shot!
    Pyrrha: Sorry!
    • After this, Nora sneaks in beside Jaune, inhaling quite a bunch in preparation...
      Nora: [as quietly as possible] Hey.
      [Jaune yells as if she'd done so at full volume, falling over, all while Nora watches all this without any surprise.]
    • What makes this sketch even funnier is that Jaune's voice actor, Miles Luna, actually did make an ASMR video.
  • Nurse Ruby: Weiss is sick! So Ruby gives her... a warm glass of whole milk, a video game (Kung Fu Ninja Slayer Ultimate Death Battle 2) and a Motivational Poster (with Blake instead of a cat). And Yang does the same thing when Weiss tries to get her to get her medicine, because she also got the idea from Taiyang. Weiss clearly forgot the fact that Ruby and Yang were siblings.

Episode 12 - Little Red Riding Hood

Episode 13 - Spin The Bottle
  • Spin The Bottle: Team JNPR, along with Weiss and Neptune, play Spin the Bottle, with Jaune going first. It seems to stop first on Pyrrha who is ecstatic, keeps going to Weiss who is not happy and finally stops... on Ren. Everyone stares for a long moment, then slowly looks up to Ren. Jaune is in shock, while Ren is unfazed and simply pulls out breath freshener after several moments, expression and demeanor never changing.
    • Special mention to how Nora, the one who brings the bottle, places it so that it points directly at Ren.
  • Blake vs. Zwei Pt. 4: Blake and Zwei go into the next round. She's expecting an ambush and checks the entire room. And we mean all of it. Under the bed, inside a lamp and between the pages of a book. Satisfied, she lies down on her bed. To her horror, he's on her bed, playing the pillow.
  • Nora Workout: Nora forcing Team RWBY to train with her because they need thunder thighs. Blake mentions that she thought that was a derogatory term. Nora disagrees.
    Nora: [stomps down and literally makes the earth shake] You. Tell. Me!
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that the name of the book that Blake holds at the beginning of the skit is "DEALING WITH HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN".
    • Her training regime is brutal, to put it mildly.
    • Naturally, Team RWBY cannot keep up while Nora isn't even breaking a sweat. Of course she isn't sweating, it's her warmup.
      Nora: [pulls out Magnhild] Bench this! 765 reps! [throws it at Ruby's face and sends her flying]
      Yang: [out of breath] She's not human.
      Jaune: [off screen] You're telling me.
      [camera pans over to Team JNPR, Jaune in a full body cast, Ren and even Pyrrha both with an arm in a sling]
      Jaune: Try living with her.
      Nora: Did I say you could stooooop?!

Episode 14 - Big Vacation
  • Tired Blake: Zwei tries to cheer up Blake, who's collapsed to the floor after a difficult test and is far too exhausted to fight back. All the while, a violin remix of "I May Fall" plays in the background.
    Blake: I did not ask for this. These are unauthorized snuggles.
    • Then there's Blake's warning to Zwei after she grabs in and pulls him in for more cuddles.
      Blake: Didn't say to stop! [Zwei licks her face] If you tell anyone about this I will shave your butt.
  • Big Vacation: This skit has Ruby convince Weiss to let her come with her on her vacation. A split second later, the rest of Team RWBY, Team JNPR (minus Pyrrha) and Sun and Neptune join in.
    • Blake is walking by, holding a fork and knife, eyes wide, declaring "I want all the fish."
    • Ren dragging a terrified Neptune, confused by the fact that his name is Neptune and he's scared of the water.
      Ren: I don't understand. Your name is Neptune. (Ikr...)
      Neptune: No water! PLEASE! NO WATER! (Seriously. This begging is hilarious.)
    • Zwei steps out of Ruby's suitcase, dressed up in his own little Hawaiian shirt.
  • Junior Detectives - Bad Cop: The Junior Detectives are back, trying to get Nora to confess to eating the pancakes. Somehow, it turns into Neptune confessing to the crime!
    • Ren's trying to pick out the culprit, which is Nora blown up like a balloon again, and among the rest of the line up is Ruby picking her nose, Weiss being grossed out by it, Blake reading a book, Yang flexing her muscles (which catches Blake's attention), and a bashful Pyrrha.
    • Ren acting like a traumatized victim during the selection, clinging to Neptune.
      Neptune: [patting Ren's head] Shh... It's gonna be all right... She can't hurt you any more.
    • Neptune gets exposed as the culprit and Nora is the undercover cop.
      Sun: AH HA! Uh, wait, what?
      Nora: And then what?!
      Neptune: AND THEN I ATE ALL THE PANCAKES! [slams himself onto the table]
      Nora: [puts on a mustache] Nailed em~! [fist bumps Sun]

Episode 15 - Neptune's Phobia
  • Bad Boy Jaune: Jaune and Zwei are a pair of bad boys, tearing up the road together on their motorcycle! Except they're not on the road, they're sitting in the garage with a fan blowing on them. And it's not Jaune's motorcycle, it's Yang's, and she is not happy that they're using it (or that Jaune is wearing her sunglasses). And then Zwei abandons Jaune when Ruby takes him to go eat Weiss's homework.
  • Neptune's Phobia: More gags are made at the expense of Neptune's hydrophobia. He jumps up and clings to Sun's head when a car drives through a puddle near him, and in a series of flashbacks, we see that he: refuses to leave the house during a rainstorm unless he's hiding beneath at least a dozen umbrellas; showers while fully clothed, and also wearing swim goggles and water wings; and ignores Jaune exaggeratedly drowning less than ten feet away when he's temporarily covering for Sun on lifeguard duty. For a full 20 seconds. And Jaune repeatedly resurfacing to yell for help. Then Jaune's air-bubble pops, saying "Dead." It's the memory of that last incident which causes Neptune to acknowledge that his hydrophobia really is a problem.
  • Nora's Gift: Nora tries to give Ren a present while simultaneously denying it's from her and claiming she doesn't have romantic feelings for him.

Episode 16 - Bike Race
  • Bike Race: Yang, Ruby and Weiss prepare for a race. Yang on Bumblebee, Ruby riding on a wagon being pulled by Zwei and Weiss... on her grandma's tricycle, Stardust. Weiss cheats by freezing the others.
    Ruby: Hahahahaha, I wish she could see how dumb you look! [sees her wagon's flame sticker peeling off] Oh no, my stickies!
  • Stand Up Yang: Yang and bad puns. 75 seconds of pure Cringe Comedy. God dammit, Yang.
    • It gets so bad that Sun takes over, not sitting well with Yang.
      Sun: This is worse than Ozpin throwing new students off a cliff! [audience snickers] Right? I mean, what's he going to do when they graduate, set them on fire?! [audience laughs]
      Yang: No, don't listen to him! You! Stop being funny!
      Sun: How about you start being funny!
  • Jaune Ennui: Not only does Ruby have to deal with a Grimm stuck on her cape, Jaune has to deal with the fact that Blake mistakes him for Sun!
    • In keeping with RWBY Chibi's tendency towards humorous book titles and Chibi!Jaune's tendency towards Butt-Monkey-dom, the book he's reading is simply called "Another Pun." Even the animators can't be bothered to come up with a proper gag for him!
    • When the Grimm goes nuts, you see Zwei charge off towards the action. A few seconds later, he goes flying back the other way, and he is not reacting at all when this happens. And at the same time, Ruby's yelling that plot progression is happening right now... but clearly she doesn't know what spin-off she's part of.
      Ruby: Oh no! Too much adventure! Oh boy! Aww, this is gonna get crazy! Plot progression! It's happening, right now!

Episode 17 - Save Nora!
  • Bathroom Break: Jaune is having a Potty Emergency, but everyone else keeps getting through the door of the one available bathroom ahead of him. It doesn't help that he doesn't want to admit to Pyrrha what his Potty Dance really is.
    • The reason Sun needed to jump ahead of him? Just needed to wash his hands.
    • Also, the subtitle jokes are through the roof this episode! These include unintelligibleshit.exe and look_at_the_f*cks_i_don't_give.png!
  • Save Nora!: Nora must be rescued from that vicious Beowolf! Where is Ren? Not you, Sun! Beat it, Yang!
    • Nora is not pleased when Yang comes to her rescue.
      Nora: No, no, no! What are you doing?!
      Yang: I'm... saving you?
      Nora: Do you know how hard it was to find a Beowolf around here?
      Yang: Pretty easy? I mean, they're like, around every corner.
      Nora: Get out of here! You almost ruined everything!
      Yang: You are so weird.
    • By the time Ren shows up, Nora is literally hanging on to the tail of the Beowolf to keep it from fleeing her.
      Nora: Oh no, I am helpless, and in danger! I'm not done with you yet! Bad Grimm, bad Grimm!
    • Ren is nevertheless impressed at Nora's strength, and compliments her on it. When Nora realizes what he said, she hugs the Beowolf's arm in joy — snapping it in two in the process.
      Nora: Whoops! I broke another one.
  • Upgrade Time: Officers Abs and Nep decide it's time for an upgrade. Okay, Neptune's first idea was a musical number, but he goes with Sun's idea.
    • The shopkeep once again is running multiple businesses, and is ecstatic with the amount of Lien that the two are dropping for their new stuff.
    • They finally get all their stuff, gear up, and are about to jump on their two new motorcycles. But there's a problem: all their armor is so damn heavy, they can't even walk properly. To make matters worse, a certain pair of 'street rats' suddenly dash in and steal the bikes note 

Episode 18 - Evil Plans
  • Return Of The Pickles: Ruby is trying to open a pickle jar, but can't seem to get it open. So Sun tries his hand at it and neither can he. But Yang manages to open it! Apparently while also throwing a plate, a potted plant, and Zwei. But she did it! And also got her hand stuck in the jar...
    Yang: Oh, you just don't know when to quit, do you?
    Ruby: RUN!!!
    Ruby and Sun promptly run for the hills in panic
  • Evil Plans: Cinder boasting about her evil plans out in the open, with Emerald questioning if they should be doing so. Cinder reassures her...right when Ruby and Nora walk in. When questioned about the complicated scheme, Cinder replies that it's definitely not evil and that it's a cake recipe for a kitten charity. Ruby and Nora buy it, even after Mercury walks in casually calling them evil dudes and holding a bazooka for killing kittens.
    Mercury: What up, evil dudes. I've got the Kitten Killer 9000 up and ready to- [sees Ruby and Nora and slowly backs out of the room] Oookay.
    • Even funnier is what Cinder wrote on said "Ultimate Evil Plans".
      Ultimate Evil Plans: Chaos = YES PLEASE! Hugs = NO! Grimm = LOTS AND LOTS! Puppies = Probably Not.
    • Cinder's first reaction to Ruby and Nora barging in was to stand in front of the white board while quickly exclaiming "Not Evil!"
    • Also Cinder's and Emerald's annoyed reaction to Ruby and Nora's invitation to a BFF party, where they invite people they barely know to become their new BFFs.
      Emerald: Of course you would.
    • A nice bit of Slapstick follows this when Cinder flips the white board over - hitting Emerald square on the head.
    • And Emerald being utterly baffled by the girls missing all the clues.
      Emerald: They're messing with us, right?
  • Butler Of Cakes: Weiss cannot cook, to the point that she doesn't know what the actual name of the "food room" is. She normally just has her "cake butler" bring her cakes. One of the four cake butlers they have back in Atlas.
    • In general, Weiss' Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense status is really played up this episode, to the point that she doesn't know better about playing with oven controls.
      Weiss: Since when are drapes flammable?
      Ruby: Since always, Weiss! Drapes have ALWAYS BEEN FLAMMABLE!
      • Fridge Brilliance sets in when you realize Weiss is an Ojou and likely grew up in a house where all her drapes were fire retardant. Therefore she wouldn't know that drapes could be flammable.
    • Weiss' idea of dealing with kitchen fires:
      Weiss: [running in circles with her eyes closed] Run away, run away from the fire!!!
    • After finding out that the cake is ruined, Ruby mourns its loss, draping a cloth over it and weeping, "Goodbye, my delicious friend. You never had a chance!" Followed by Weiss blaming the disaster on Ruby for putting her in charge.
    • And finally, the aftermath:
      Ruby: At least help me clean up this mess!
      Weiss: Exactly what do you mean by "clean up"?
      Ruby seethes with anger, before flooring a startled Weiss with a spray from the fire extinguisher.
      Ruby: Ask your cake butler.
      Ruby walks off, but not before throwing the fire extinguisher behind her, nailing Weiss in the head.

Episode 19 - Pillow Fight
  • Life of Zwei: Ruby thinking that Zwei is lazy while he's busy saving the day - doing things like rescuing Jaune from some Grimm, helping Ren defuse a bomb, and finding a pendant Weiss's father gave her.
    Cinder: My nefarious plans! My evil schemes, all ruined! *Shakes her fist towards Zwei* Curse you, adorable corgi!
  • "Pillow Fight": The book Ren's reading at the start? It's the same "Dealing with Hyperactive Children" Blake was reading a few episodes back.
    • Sun and Neptune's reaction to the news Team RWBY was about to have a pillow fight along with the fact Ren is Not So Above It All.
      Sun: Oh, I suppose you're too cool for— [gets hit in the face by Ren's book] OW! MY BRAIN BOX!
      Ren: You had me at pillow fight!
    • The opening shot of RWBY's pillow fight contains Zwei doing his tumbleweed impression from Episode 5.
    • Much like the first episode of Season 2, the girls use the pillows as though they were their normal weapons.
    • The entire fight sequence, complete with a dramatic, grandiose soundtrack, is simultaneously funny AND awesome.
    • While dodging all of Yang's pillows, Blake teleports onto Yang's bed... where she makes a seductive pose, winks, and pats the bed.
    • Yang is unable to hit Blake with a pillow, so she throws Zwei on her and wins.
    • Yang cradles Ruby in her arms as her younger sister "dies".
      Yang: NOOOOOO! She was so young!
      Ruby: Yang... [coughs] Avenge... me... [makes dying noses and "dies", complete with X-shaped eyes]
    • Sun, Neptune, and Ren's disappointed reaction to Team RWBY's western showdown/pillow fight.
      Sun: This isn't what I was expecting.
      Neptune: [clearly disappointed] ...Yeah.
      Ren: They have brought dishonour to the great name of 'Pillow Fights.'
      Sun: Well there's only one thing left to do.
    • Sun, Neptune, and Ren then have a dainty pillow fight of their own, and Ruby shakes her head and calls them amateurs.
    • During the boys' pillow fight, Sun, Ren, and Neptune all end up injured or hurt in some manner.
      Ren: [trips on Sun and flies offscreen] Ow! My toe!
      Neptune: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Time out! Feather in the eye! Feather right in my eye!
    • The fact that the girls are doing the big testosterone-level 'pillow fight', while the guys are doing the more feminine version. Talk about Swapped Roles for gender.

Episode 20 - Roman's Revenge
  • Double Trouble: Ruby, Jaune, and Weiss talk to a motionless Blake seeking advice from her, and they all take her silence in different ways. Ruby takes her silence as advice she shouldn't let one test get her down, Jaune believes Blake is telling him confessing to Weiss would be a disaster, and Weiss believes Blake found out about something she did and is blackmailing her.
    • We find out that the motionless Blake is merely a shadow clone that Blake forgot to make disappear, and she is confused when Ruby and Jaune thank her along with getting a whole lot of tuna from Weiss calling her the 'worst.'
  • Zwei vs Beowolf
    • Zwei and Cinder's pet Grimm barking at each other much to the dismay of both Ruby and Cinder.
      • And based on the body language of the little Beowolf, Zwei won the intimidation level of the encounter.
      • There is also Zwei sticking his tongue out at the audience as he is dragged away.
    • Before this all starts, we see a scene transition of Zwei chasing Cinder. This is equally hilarious and satisfying, especially after Zwei managed to beat Cinder in an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome in the previous episode.
  • Roman's Revenge: Roman and Neo acting in a way not unlike Drakken and Shego, with him being hilariously over the top and her being the far more competent and snarky sidekick.

Episode 21 - Cinder Who?
  • For this episode, the people at Rooster Teeth decided to take RWBY parodies from the internet and turn them into animated cartoons, a la Batman: The Brave and the Bold. They were, in a word, near-perfect.
  • Friend Forever: For this first skit, Ruby decided to get her and Weiss friendship bracelets. It's a pair of handcuffs.
  • Letter To Winter: This skit is a word-for-word reenactment of Dumb_RWBY, with Weiss finding it increasingly hard to compliment somebody who eats a cookie via nose.
    Ruby: Hey Weiss! Wanna see me eat this cookie through my nose?! Check it out! *cuts away as she puts her cookie on her nose*
  • Checkmate: This third skit has Yang and Ruby playing chess, with Ruby managing to win and say checkmate. (No, Yang doesn't go nuts after losing). A surprisingly okay Yang decides to call good game, before Weiss and Blake break into the room with weapons drawn, causing Yang and Ruby to regret their choice of attack-naming (which included "Checkmate", meaning Blake (black) and Weiss (white) teaming up).
  • Cinder Who?: Last, but certainly not least, is Ruby and Weiss attempting to remember Cinder's name, only to end up with deceptively-similar sounding names such as:
    • Cinder Mall (Cinder shops for her Volume 3 outfit, asking Emerald if it looks like something young people wear).
      • Also in the background is a store called "Always 17", which offers a discount both on all hero clothing and on all evil clothing.
    • Cinder Falls (Cinder falls down the stairs with Mercury laughing his head off, and Emerald looking shocked). Complete with a group of Type B Losing Horns, courtesy of the score.
    • Cinder Doll (Mercury plays with a sock-puppet Cinder mocking her Evil Plan, to Emerald's amusement).
      Mercury: [in a high-pitched voice] All part of our nefarious plan!
      [Emerald cracks up laughing happily.]
    • Cinder Stalls (Junior Detectives Sun and Neptune try to search Cinder's room for evil plans, with Cinder coming up with terrible excuses and even resorting to hitting on Sun to hold them off. Meanwhile, in the background, Neo, Emerald and Mercury are desperately trying to hide everything).
    • Cinder Lols (Cinder laughs at Emerald and Mercury when they fall down the stairs.)
    • Cinder Bawls (World peace and eternal happiness have been achieved, with Cinder crying her head off and lamenting the ruining of her nefarious schemes.)
    • In the end they just decide her name is "Cinder Autumn or something."

Episode 22 - Security Woes
  • Game Night: Everyone from Team JNPR is bored, so Jaune tries to get his team to play a board game about compost and farming, titled "Compost King". They're all even more bored by the thought of it, so they change the whole concept of it from being about farming to fighting aliens, and they get Jaune to go along with it by having the aliens be weak to organic compost.
    • Nora is so desperate for entertainment that she is pounding on Ren's head with Magnhild before Jaune walks in.
      Nora: I need to be entertained or my brain turns to oatmeal! The bland kind, not the kind with sprinkles. Ugh. Now I'm bored and hungry.
      Ren: I was fine before all the head trauma. [cue Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises] Does anyone else hear bells ringing?
    • After Jaune tells his team that they're about to play a "really fun board game", Nora is more than eager to start playing.
      Nora: Ooh, I love board games! How does it work? Tell me tell me tell me so I can CRUSH YOU ALL.
    • Pyrrha tries to let Jaune down gently after the rest of the team finds out how boring his game sounds.
      Pyrrha: Hm, okay. Yeah... That- that sounds kind of like...
      Ren: ...The opposite of super fun.
  • Security Woes: Cinder and her lackeys are going to security, but Mercury can't make it through security because of his metal legs. He's then put through the searching machine and is seen crying a single tear while being x-rayed.
    • There's also the fact that Mercury's Single Tear shows up in the x-ray machine, coming out of his eye socket.
  • The Floor Is Lava: It involves Ruby constantly warning everyone who comes into the room that the floor is lava. Everyone either doesn't believe her or just humors her.
    • Blake is seen reading on Yang's bed at the beginning of the skit.
    • Weiss uses her glyphs to avoid touching the ground.
    • Yang uses her weapon to catapult herself to reach her bed and begin reading next to Blake.
    • Roman Torchwick outright doesn't believe Ruby and gets instantly melted for not listening. Ruby's reaction is merely saying, "I tried to warn him."
      • What makes this part even funnier is that as he's melting, Weiss, Blake and Yang are actually surprised to see that happening!
      • Even better is that only Roman's hat remains after he melts.
      • Also, remember that two episodes ago, he threatened the heroes and their dog. Looks like it's a tradition for villains who do that to melt.
    • Ruby is clearly expecting her teammates to climb over the furniture in order to traverse the room, and is clearly disappointed when they don't.
      Ruby: Weiss, this is a matter of life and death! Tell her Blake!
      Blake: [clearly uninterested] and death.
      Weiss: Ruby...
      Ruby: Look, I don't know how it happened, but if you treasure your life you must learn the ways of parkour, balance, and gymnastics— [after Weiss uses her glyphs to zoom across to Blake's bed] Okay, well, that's just cheating....
      [enter Yang]
      Ruby: Waaaaaait!
      Weiss and Blake: [never looking up from their reading] The floor is lava.
      Yang: Oh! No foolin'!
      Ruby: YES! Dear sister, if you value your life you'll tread carefully. One misstep could mean certain doom— [in response to Yang's Recoil Boost trick] You guys are the worst...

Episode 23 - A Slip Through Time And Space

Episode 24 - The One With A Laugh Track

    Season 2
Lesson of the day: Never use a dog whistle near faunus. They don't like that.

Season Two Trailer
  • The teaser trailer for Season 2, where Ruby opens a box labelled "Season 2" to find Penny inside, and she's already running despite Ruby looking for batteries. When Ruby later glumly tells her that she needs to find a battery for Penny, Penny gives her one. The only problem is that it's THE battery that keeps her running.
    Penny: Here you gooooooooooo- (shuts down)
    (Beat, then Ruby starts screaming with Blank White Eyes, which is interrupted by the logo and the season 2 release date)
    • After the title and release date, it cuts back to Ruby's screaming and reveals that Penny trolled Ruby about the battery.
    Penny: Just kidding! I do need this, though.
    • There's also the fact that the box Penny is in looks like the packaging for a POP! vinyl figure... which, considering the Super-Deformed style of the show, is quite appropriate.

Season Two Trailer #2

Episode 1 - Director Ozpin
  • Director Ozpin: Season Two starts off with the intro scene to RWBY Chibi ... until Yang slips and pushes the "CHIBI" word on the logo out of whack. All four girls promptly fall as the logo collapses, with Weiss dropping onto Ruby's lap and Blake landing on Yang's head.
    Weiss: This is SO unprofessional.
    Ruby: Ugh, you're telling me!
    • Headmaster Ozpin, who's directing the scene, promptly walks on with megaphone in hand and calms the four girls down (asides from Weiss, who's fiddling around on her scroll without caring about what's happening).
    Ozpin: Ladies, ladies... We have a show to do. What is the problem?
    Yang: The problem is Blake sitting on my head!
    Blake: (while jumping off of Yang) Well, I wouldn't be if Yang hadn't knocked everything over!
    • Ruby then posits the idea that there's sabotage in the studio, which Ozpin ponders lengthily... while Mercury and Emerald accidentally whack Ruby in the head with a mic boom and almost brain Yang with a falling light respectively.
    • After Ruby reaffirms her claim of sabotage, Ozpin bursts out laughing and refutes her suggestion.
    • After the girls walk off set, Ozpin remarks, "Such sweet girls, but so naive." And in a juicily ironic twist, he promptly gets flattened when Cinder pushes the rose symbol of the logo on top of him. The last sentences say it all.
  • UFO: With Jaune providing sound effects, Pyrrha uses her shield to mimic a UFO abducting cows off of the Compost King board (in a nod to Game Night from Episode 22) to entertain an enraptured Nora. Suddenly, Pyrrha sneezes and drops her shield on the board, squashing the two cows. After Pyrrha says her Catch-Phrase in a surprisingly heartwrenching tone, Nora cries loudly. The whole thing's played as though Pyrrha and Jaune were parents entertaining a baby.
    • Pausing certain versions of the subtitles at the exact moment when Pyrrha sneezes gives us this gem: "(The cows squeak and moo out in horror and were suddenly silenced)". Followed by "(Cries for the squished cows)" when Nora starts bawling.
  • Dodgeball: Nora, Yang and Ruby are in the courtyard with Sun, Neptune and Jaune. Enter Zwei and Penny who thanks them for inviting her to dodgeball. Except she doesn't call it that.
    Penny: Thank you for inviting me to play your game of "Dodge The Ball Then Eliminate Your Enemies With The Ball", Ruby!
    Ruby: We just call it "Dodgeball", Penny. Also, we're all friends here, not enemies.
    Penny: Of course! I will adjust my targeting parameters!note 
    • Next, Ruby deflects a suspicious Officer!Neptune from picking Penny's robotic nature, with not much help from the accused.
      Neptune: My Junior Detective Senses™ are telling me something's off about her!
      Penny: That is correct! I am a normal meat person, just like you!
      The other six characters exchange confused glances as Penny winks and gives a thumbs up.
    • While the others continue their conversation, there's a Funny Background Event where Penny offers her wink and thumbs up to Zwei, who backs away slightly.
    • After this, the game then proceeds with Zwei on Ruby's team and Penny on the boys' side. To put it simply, Penny singlehandedly wrecks the other team, much to the surprise of the boys. Then, an angry Yang gets up, punches the ball hard... and accidentally decapitates Penny with it, with her head landing in Jaune's arms. This doesn't stop her head from working like normal.
      Penny: Oh my! This is embarrassing!
      Everyone else runs off screaming.
      Ruby: (Among the screaming) OH MY GOD SHE'S NOT A REGULAR PERSON I HAD NO IDEA!!
      Meanwhile, Penny's body catches her head and fixes herself like nothing happened. Then Neptune leans into shot.
      Neptune: Yeah... Definitely something weird about this girl.

Episode 2 - Geist Buster
  • Book Lovers: Blake is approached by Ruby and Yang, whom ask her if they can borrow some of her books. What does Blake do? Uses four of her shadow clones to pick up a mountain of books for each sister, then hugging them both for sharing appreciation for good reading. Little does Blake know that Ruby and Yang used them to set up book forts with Jaune and Ren, then deciding to play catapults with said books, breaking down Jaune and Ren's fort.
    Ren: Sir, we've been breached!
    Jaune: Prepare for hand-to-hand combat!
    Ruby: Take no prisoners!
    Yang: I never knew books could be so much fun.
  • Shiny Badge: We next see Officer!Neptune trying to clean a badge, and he asks Officer!Sun how to keep his badge shiny. Sun just tells him to "use a little elbow grease" ... while Zwei hides in the bush next to Sun and licks the Faunus's badge clean. Of course, Sun has craftily smeared peanut butter on his badge for just this purpose.
  • Geist Buster: Roman and Neo jovially laugh (with "MUHAHAHA" written on Neo's placard) as the former releases a Geist Grimm into Beacon. The first thing it does is possess Roman's hat and dump it on Neo's head.
    Roman: NO, NOT MY HAT! The girls! Attack the girls! (while holding a picture of the title screen)
    Neo: Hats off to you. (while sniggering silently)
    • It starts by possessing the bookcase in team RWBY's room and tormenting Blake, Yang and Weiss by using the books as projectiles, then knocking over Yang's bed on top of all three of them.
      Blake: (after getting hit by one of the books) AGH! (sees a dozen books flying in the air) Why have you betrayed me, books?
      Weiss: I don't understand! Why is this happening?!
      Yang: It's like I always suspected; text books are evil!
    • The Geist then moves to the kitchen and possesses a stack of pancakes that Ren had just made.
      Ruby: Hey Ren! Whatcha doing?
      Ren: I am performing culinary magic!
      (The Geist possesses the pancakes and causes them to fly off the plate.)
      Ruby: (nervously) Well, you weren't kidding.
      Ren: I'm good, but I'm not that good.
      The pancakes start flying around in circles, one of them whacking Ruby in the head.
      Ren: Why do I always make so many pancakes?!
      Ruby: Oh ... I never knew it would end like this! Really! It never would have occurred to me!
      • And then the inevitable happens with pancakes:
        Roman: Finally, victory is mine!! Nothing can stop me now!
        Nora jumps into shot.
        Nora: (In a deep voice) I'M SO HUNGRY!
        She eats all of the pancakes AND the Geist Grimm in one hit, much to the villains' collective surprise.
        Ruby: Nora! You saved us from the Grimm!
        Nora: What Grimm?
        Nora then slurps and smacks on her fingers, then notices the pancake on Ruby's head.
        Nora: You gonna eat that?

Episode 3 - Magic Show
  • Magic Show: With the rest of the cast cheering on, Jaune starts off his magic show complete with top hat and cape ... without his assistant appearing when cued.
    Jaune: Thank you all for coming! I'm The Amazing Jaune, master of the magic arts, and this is my lovely assistant Ruby!
    Jaune: I said, my lovely assistant Ruby! (whispers) Ruby! What are you waiting for?!
    Ruby explodes into view from a cloud of dust, wearing the same get-up.
    Ruby: TA-DA! I am Ruby the Great, mistress of the magic arts!
    Jaune: (still whispering) What are you doing?! You're making me look bad!
    Ruby: Okay. Number one, you don't need any help to do that. And B, I am not your assistant! I am your magical partner!
    • Next, Jaune and Ruby declare a "magic-off". The former pulls a (chocolate) coin from Sun's ear, and Ruby outdoes that by pulling a blank check from Yang's brain.
      • Yang's expression when Ruby reaches into her brain is priceless.
    • Jaune then announces the main event; pulling "an amazing creature" out of his hat. No prizes for guessing who he pulled, and how said person reacted.
      Jaune: This is the main event! Behold, as I summon forth an amazing creature from my hat!
      After a few false starts, Jaune yanks an extremely pissed-off Velvet out of the hat by her bunny ears.
      Jaune: Velvet?!
      Velvet: (angrily) Hey! Watch the ears!
      She escapes Jaune's grasp and lands on the stage, while Jaune gasps in shock.
      Velvet: (grabs onto Jaune's ear) How do you like it huh?! Feel good? You like that?!
      Jaune: I'm sorry - I didn't know! Ow!
      Velvet hits him on the head as Ruby walks on stage.
      Ruby: Well, that was ... pretty good.
      Jaune: (while his ear gets pulled) Thank you - ow. Thank you so much - uh-uh-ow. The Amazing Jaune will be here all week - OW!
  • Find A Penny: Pyrrha and Jaune chance upon a penny coin on the pavement. After Pyrrha picks it up and declares "Find a penny, pick it up; all day long, you'll have good luck!", she and Jaune then see Ruby walk past with Penny over her shoulders.
    Ruby: Way ahead of you!
  • Kick-Off: After an intense face off, a six-a-side soccer match starts up with the five villains and a Beowolf on one side, and team RWBY paired up with Jaune and Zwei on the other side. As Nora throws the ball up, Mercury does an impressive flipping sequence ... then accidentally uses his gun-greave against the only ball available, and falls flat on his back with the ball landing on his face.
    Mercury: Oops.
    Nora: Well, that was the only ball, so I guess it's a tie-game. Let's go home, everyone!.
    The whole cast (sans Roman) moans as one.
    Roman: What? No! We trained for weeks! We could've actually won for once!.
    Ruby: Oh well! Ah, I guess now we'll never know. Good game everyone!
    Roman removes the ball from Mercury's face as he and the rest of the villains walk past with unamused expressions.
    Mercury: I'm sorry; it went off by mistake, OK?! But hey; at least I kinda ruined their fun! That's a kind of victory right? An evil victory?!.
    Neo: Nice footwork dum-dum.
    Mercury promptly gets hit with the deflated ball
    Mercury: I thought this wasn't a contact sport.
    • The staredowns before the match are equally hilarious, including Jaune agreeing with Neo that he'll "be sorry", Weiss thanking Emerald for complimenting her dress, Zwei making the Beowolf back down again, and Blake's...Trash Talk:
    Mercury: Let's do this!
    Blake: It's already done!
    Mercury: What's that supposed to mean?
    Blake: What's your face supposed to mean?
    Mercury: ...What?

Episode 4 - Dad Jokes
  • Neptune's Game: Neptune plays an online battle game against someone who's always beaten him, with Ren and Sun watching on. After unveiling a new strategy, Neptune executes it perfectly... only to be defeated yet again. After Neptune slides off the couch in tears, Sun's tail emerges from behind him, holding the offending controller. Ren isn't amused.
    Ren: Why do you torment him like that?
    Sun: It's much more fun than the game itself.
    Neptune: It's like he's inside my head!
    • The usernames Neptune and Sun use, respectively, are "Chick_Magnet_88" and "Tail_Fail_01". The latter of which is a subtle clue as to who Neptune's nemesis is... not that he notices this.
  • Snaps: After she hops across the screen in transition, Velvet takes a picture of Ruby holding her scythe with her camera weapon. After flipping through a number of palette swaps, Velvet chooses the "no-filter" option - Crescent Rose in full colour - much to Ruby's approval.
    Velvet: Eh, no filter.
    • One of the filters gives Crescent Rose a pair of glasses and sparkles. Ruby is delighted, but Velvet isn't impressed.
  • Dad Jokes: Neptune, Sun, Yang and Ren converge into the kitchen/lounge room to find Nora sprawled on one of the chairs. They discover that Nora had eaten five plates of waffles, which are twice as filling as pancakes. Rather than help, Yang starts to aggravate the others through a means that doesn't need explaining.
    Yang: I guess you could say that Nora's really ... fed-up?
    Neptune: Uh, we should probably send for help.
    Yang: Hey guys, I think Nora ... bit off more than she could chew, am I right?
    Sun: Yang, quit screwing around! This could be something serious, like indigestion! Why do you do this?!
    • Unfortunately for him and the rest of the room, Sun promptly gets his answer.
      Taiyang: Hi kids!
      Yang: Dad, how'd you get here?
      Taiyang: How do you think? I used my legs!
      Sun: Oh no! The only thing worse than puns!
      Taiyang: By the way, I just want to give a big shout-out to all the sidewalks ... for keeping me off the streets!
      Sun: (in an incredibly slowed-down voice): DAAAAAAAAD JOOOOOOOOOOOKES!
      • Of course, Sun's complaint about this gets even funnier when you realise that his VA is entitled to make them now.
    • Asides from the Xiao Longs, the room empties itself quick-smart.
      Ren: (while jerkily walking backwards) I just remembered; I have to iron all of my clothes!
      Neptune: And, uh, I have swimming practice! Yep, conquered all my fears!
      Sun: I have to, uh, I was gonna, er, my thing was ... ah forget it!
      Sun promptly jumps through the window as seen in the trailer.
    • Now left with a catatonic Nora, the Xiao Longs make the audience cringe with pain for the rest of the skit.
      Taiyang: Huh; what's with your friends? I was on a roll!
      Yang: It probably would've been butter if you never started.
      Taiyang: Ugh, was that joke made of paper? Because ...
      Taiyang and Yang: ... it was tear-able!

Episode 5 - Girls Rock!
  • Fearless Hero: Velvet is cornered by the villains (except for Cinder). Suddenly, a "bunny-signal" appears on the wall behind them. Cue a masked Jaune (with an equally disguised Zwei) swinging in on a rope (similar to his sort-of namesake), armed with Ruby's cape, Yang's gauntlets, and Nora's hammer to save the day.
    • Naturally, Mercury and Emerald see right through it. Unfortunately for them, Jaune's gotten better at handling other people's weapons.
      Mercury: What? Hunts-man?! Are you just a Huntsman? Because we already have those and they're basically superheroes -
      Jaune: Hammer of silence!
      Jaune sends Mercury flying with Magnhild.
      Roman: Egads! We're clearly no match for this mysterious new hero and his plucky sidekick!
      Emerald: What are you talking about?! It's just that goofy Jaune guy who's always falling over stuff.
      Jaune: Gauntlets of shut up!
      Jaune promptly punches Emerald offscreen into a trashcan with Ember Celica.
    • Roman, of course, falls for the whole shebang and leaves with Neo.
      Roman: Dahh - we'll meet again, Huntsman! And next time, I'll be ready for you, and your stylish outfit!
      Neo: Cute puppy!
    • Velvet then tries to thank her rescuer. Unfortunately, fate decided to catch up with Jaune at that moment.
      Velvet: Thank you for saving me, Huntsman! But weren't you scared?
      Jaune: Ha, ha-ha! Huntsman and Wonderzwei fear no-one, simple civilian!
      Ruby: (offscreen) Hey! Who took my cape?!
      Yang: (offscreen) I know someone didn't touch my gauntlets!
      Nora: (offscreen) Where. Is. My. HAMMER?!
      Jaune PROMPTLY adopts a pant-shitting expression.
      Jaune: Oh, except for them! We fear them, gotta go. Bye!
  • Whistle: Zwei is chewing angrily on a book with Weiss, Yang and Ruby trying to discipline him. Weiss fails abysmally.
    Weiss: Zwei! Bad dog!
    Zwei whimpers and looks sorry, and Weiss goes into wide-eyed animal lover mode.
    Weiss: Oh, it's OK! I love you!
    Zwei goes right back to chewing on it.
    • After this, Ruby apologises to Zwei and blows on an ultra-sonic dog whistle. Zwei drops the book and cowers ... then Blake and Velvet immediately burst into the room, clearly annoyed at the noise hurting their animal ears, and Blake slaps the whistle out of Ruby's hand. Weiss and Yang are in Blank White Eyes mode, and Ruby is still mid-flinch as the two faunus slowly walk out, Blake glaring at Ruby the whole way.
      Velvet: Not cool!
    • After all this, Zwei resumes chewing on the book again. And next episode, we find out that Zwei's a successful author. No doubt his behaviour is his attempt at literary criticism.
  • Girls Rock!: The girl band sketch alluded to in the trailer is finally shown. After Nora announces the battle of the bands Beacon's holding, the five girls get their instruments into the courtyard. After Yang does her "melt your bones" routine, Taiyang goes into full Amazingly Embarrassing Parents mode, much to the band's collective chagrin.
    Yang: Dad, I was trying to melt people's bones!
    Taiyang: You can do that and smile, sweetheart. Ruby, stand up straight!
    Ruby does so.
    Yang: Ugh, you're the worst.
    • As for their warm-ups, Ruby (upright bass), Nora (drums), and Yang (axe-shaped guitar) seemed to be able to play competently, while Weiss (keyboard) just played 'Chopsticks' (and this was after pointing out that she's the musically gifted one; by "musically gifted" she probably meant her singing voice). And as for Blake, who was literally dragged into it, she just stands there slumped doing a half-hearted slap of a tambourine on her leg. Following the last skit, it's clear that loud noises don't mix well with Blake's ears.
    • At the beginning of the sketch, Ruby, Weiss, and Yang were posing in their room for some reason while Blake just reads her book before Nora enters.
    • And while Yang, Weiss, and Ruby immediately agree to join Nora in making a band, Blake isn't so eager... but Ruby pulls her along anyway, by her book. What makes it truly hilarious is that if you play it in slow motion, the book actually flies up into Ruby's hand while she jumps past Blake, instead of Ruby grabbing the book.
      • And Ruby floats through the air on the way out, with Blake following suit.
    • Yang calls herself "edgy and cool". The comments went insane about this and made tons of jokes related to it. Examples include "edgy" characters (such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Ragna the Bloodedge or Ryuko Matoi - which becomes another joke as Ryuko and Yang share the same Japanese VA) telling Yang to "hold their beers".

Episode 6 - Super Besties
  • Super Besties: Late one night, Ruby gets out of bed and decides to influence Weiss in her sleep. It's equally funny and creepy.
    Ruby: (whispering) Weiss, are you asleep? Weiss ...
    Weiss: (sleep talking) I love you most of all, cake butler.
    Ruby: Listen closely. You want to be Ruby's BFF.
    Weiss: Oh no. Don't want that.
    Ruby: Yes, yes, yes, you do! You want to hang out and do fun activities with Ruby, all day long!
    Weiss: I ... do?! That's terrible!
    Ruby: (picks up Weiss's ponytail and strokes it) No, it's good! Also, you're going to tell everyone that Ruby's your super bestie, better than the restie!
    Weiss: Okay, I guess.
    Ruby: Perfect! You're also going to wear matching outfits!
    Suddenly, a flash of lightning startles Weiss awake, and Ruby promptly flashsteps into her bed and pretends to be asleep.
    Weiss: Oh my gosh; NO! What a strange dream. I must be studying too hard. Better get some rest. I have a full day of fun activities tomorrow.
    Ruby leans down from her bunk as Weiss drifts off, holding matching shirts that read "Weiss and Ruby = BFF's".
    Ruby: Sleep, little snowflake! It's all going according to plan!
  • Rat In The Hat: After a hilarious transition of Roman chasing Neo (who's wearing his bowler hat), we see Roman holding the shopkeep up a la a bank robbery... except he is in fact demanding his bowler hat, which had been getting dry-cleaned. After putting it on, Roman calms down considerably.
    Roman: Ah ... it just isn't the same without you, sweetheart.
    Roman walks off whistling.
  • Meet The Author: Blake and Ruby are at a book signing (at a library where Tukson is employee of the month), with Blake gushing (and hyperventilating) about the author's skills in question - even though she's never seen him in person before. After getting to the head of the queue, Blake wishes she hadn't.
    Blake: Where is he?
    The shadow people ahead of Blake clear off, revealing a bespectacled and pipe-sporting Zwei as the author.
    Ruby: Zwei?!
    Blake: No ... NO!!
    Blake runs out of the store crying.
    Ruby: On the bright side, I think I can get you a date!
    Ruby turns to Zwei.
    Ruby: Man, that obedience school really went all out on you, huh?
    Zwei barks in affirmation, with bubbles getting blown out of his pipe as a result.
    Ruby: If you love him so much, why don't you marry him?
    Blake: Don't be silly.
    Blake suddenly jumps on top of Ruby and starts hitting her with the book.
    Blake: But do you think he would at least go out on a date with me?! I mean, I'm his biggest fan!
    Ruby: Ah! Yes! No! Uh, I-I dunno! Stop hitting me!
    Blake: Oh my gosh, you're right! I'm folding the pages! (She then starts hyperventilating)

Episode 7 - Must Be Nice
  • Late To Class: Much to the consternation of Oobleck, Ruby is running chronically late to his classes. The punishment meted out for it?
    Oobleck: Detention!
    • All the while, Ruby uses more and more ridiculous ways of getting in "undetected". The second time, she pretends to be an exchange student (complete with false moustache and a ridiculous Russian accent, which gets exposed quickly. This is followed by Ruby abseiling into the room - only for Oobleck to spin her around so hard on her rope, that rose petals start getting released from her body. Finally, Ruby tunnels her way in ... and quickly realises there's a distinct lack of people around.
      Ruby: I made it! HAH! Nobody can remove me from this seat! NOBODY! Wait, where is everyone?
      Oobleck: Ah Ruby! Just in time for Saturday detention.
      Ruby: SON OF A -
    • During Ruby's second attempt, Nora's eyes are blank and half-closed as though drowsy. After the disguised Ruby makes her grand entrance, her expression remains totally unconcerned with what's going on.
  • Must Be Nice: Yang berates Weiss for being so mean, and wishes that she'd be nice all the time, like Pyrrha. Nora, who's walking past the exchange, reveals that it's not always a good thing.
    Jaune: And that is all of the one-liners I think we should incorporate into our fights! So, what do you think?
    (cut to Pyrrha, who's struggling not to give Jaune a piece of her mind as Nora watches on)
    Pyrrha: Boy! You are just so creative!
  • Evil Class: Cinder is in a classroom with the other villains, trying to teach them about booby traps. Emphasis on "trying".
    Cinder: Settle down, peons! Let's get this evil class started!
    Roman: Look, maybe these amateurs need it, but I'm a criminal mastermind! This class is an insult to my dignity!
    Right on cue, Mercury unleashes a spitball onto Roman's bowler hat.
    Roman: Who did that!? Mercury!
    Mercury shrugs while Emerald giggles.
    Cinder: Everyone focus! Today, we're learning about booby traps!
    Mercury: Hah! She said "trap"!
    Cinder: Quiet! I need to concentrate. This is a very delicate procedure!

Episode 8 - Boy Band
  • Pet Party: Ruby and Zwei are walking down a corridor, with the former promising to take the latter to what she calls a "pet party". Nora walks up and begins to question Ruby about whether she could come along.
    Nora: Pet party? What's that?
    Ruby: Wink! (both vocalised and done)
    Nora looks non-plussed.
    Ruby: You know, it's a yearly party where Zwei can check (winks as she says this) up, on all his pet friends! And he can get a shot (winks even harder) of fun while he's there!
  • Tai Dye: Ruby and Yang are on the couch, the former reading a magazine and the latter watching RWBY's fight with the Nevermore on her scroll. Enter Taiyang with a tie-dye t-shirt, trying to catch their attention.
    Ruby: It's a tie-dye shirt! We get it Dad!
    Taiyang: (grumbling) You girls don't appreciate comedy.
    • Before that, we get a transition of Taiyang wiping out on a skateboard. Which may be a possible reference to this videonote .
  • Boy Band: After a funny transition of Jaune creeping across the screen while hiding behind his shield, we see the sparkly trio of Neptune, Sun and Ren pose to music on the courtyard, preparing to take on the girls in Beacon's battle of the bands. Enter Jaune, who's done up like a mime. Or so it appears.
    Jaune: This is totally cool!! Like that classic rock band, Smooch! Or, for the younger generation, the Lunatic Jester Brigade - if you like terrible music.
    • After finding Jaune's appearance to be too weird, Ren tries to leave, but Neptune pleads with him to stay while clinging to his legs.
    Neptune: Ren, please don't go! Everyone knows you're the best at dancing in the whole school if you don't choreograph the best dance then we'll never win the battle of the bands and be the coolest kids in the school!
    Ren: Wow, you've really got a lot riding on this, huh?
    Neptune: Look, I'll-I'll-I'll talk to him, just don't leave, okay? Okay. (while saying this, he picks up a very surprised-looking Ren and sets him down next to Sun)
    • Promising the others to fix the miscommunication, Neptune then approaches Jaune to correct him on the makeup. However, Neptune comes to regret it - he's allergic to the stuff it's made out of.
    Neptune: Is this, uh, latex-based?
    Jaune: Yeah. W-why?
    Neptune: I, uh, might be allergic.
    Jaune: How badly? Can you still dance?
    Neptune: (Neptune's hand swells up and turns red) By nightfall I won't be able to move.
    Ren: Is there... anything we can do?
    Neptune: (Neptune's head inflates and turns red) Remember me... as I was...

Episode 9 - Coming Home To Roost
  • Coming Home To Roost: After Yang retells the same katana joke to an utterly bored Blake and Weiss, Ruby jumps into the room with the news that Uncle Qrow is visiting. While Ruby gushes about how cool he is, Qrow's avian form keeps hitting the window. Even better, a remix of his theme plays when Yang and Ruby gush, only to cut out abruptly with each impact.
    • Eventually, Qrow runs into the room, opens the window, then barrels out of there. When Blake enquires about who that was, Qrow finally makes his transformation entrance on the windowsill. Ruby squees out and jumps on top of him, causing his Semblance to kick in by making the pair fall out the window.
    • When Weiss dismisses him as a drunken loudmouth, Ruby replies he prefers the term 'Reckless Rogue'.
  • Read The Sign: Amongst a large protest, the three faunus cast members all hold up equality signs. Next to be seen is Ruby, Nora and Zwei calling for no homework on weekends (and Yang for 'Save the Bees'). Then we find Weiss and the teachers calling for more homework on weekends, and we finally see Neo with a megaphone. She opens her mouth wide, then lowers it and holds up her own sign.
    Neo: (while making a kissy face) This is just how I talk!
    • Mention must also go to her magnificent Troll face after lowering the megaphone.
    • Other signs shown include "NO MORE CURFEW!", "DOWN WITH VEGETABLES!", and "WE WANT PIZZA!".
    • Meanwhile, the Dust Shop owner is randomly popping up in the background, with an angry expression and shaking his fist. It's clear he doesn't approve all these protesters conducting their activities in front of his shop(s).
  • Life Coach: We first see a frightened Jaune running face-first into the camera in the transition, followed by Yang pushing him towards Weiss, who's standing in the courtyard with Ruby. As it turns out, Jaune's been working on his confidence with Yang's coaching, and he successfully asks Weiss out for a date. However, his new-found confidence goes straight to his head.
    Jaune: How about a little appetizer before dinner?
    Much to Ruby and Yang's shock, Jaune leans in for a kiss. Weiss is visibly disgusted.
    Weiss: Ew. I've changed my mind.
    Weiss promptly freezes him in an ice block with Myrtenaster, then walks off.
    Jaune: Uh, okay, message received. May have gone too far. Can someone let me out, please?
    Yang: Yeah, he’s not ready to be a Yang man.
    Ruby and Yang walk off, and then Zwei takes a leak on the ice block.
    Jaune: Yeah, that makes sense.
    • Before Jaune's attempt at asking Weiss out goes awry, we get three flashbacks showing his confidence training. In order, they are: 1) stopping Zwei from peeing on his shoe, 2) ordering extra ramen from the Dust Shop owner, and 3) seeing off a (actually tiny) Beowulf who was about to urinate on a tree. And Yang shows up and silently congratulates him every time.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Zwei peeing on Jaune would've melted the ice he was trapped in eventually, although that may not have been Zwei's intention.

Episode 10 - Cool Dad
  • Cool Uncle: Qrow starts off by showing Yang and Ruby what "snake eyes" are on a pair of dice, when Taiyang and Zwei enter the room.
    Ruby: Uncle Qrow is teaching us important life lessons!
    Tai: (skeptical) What kind of life lessons is he teaching you?
    Yang: You know, like "love is for suckers" and "rules are for fools"!
    Tai: (aghast) Wait. What?!
    Yang: And "never get caught cheating because it's only cheating if you get caught"!
    Tai: (gasps) Qrow, what are you telling my girls?!
    Qrow: It's a harsh world out there, Tai. I'm just teachin' em what they need to know. (takes a sip and thumbs up Ruby and Yang, who reply in kind)
    • After that exchange, Tai gets emasculated by his daughters and Qrow for his lack of coolness, who walk off to set off some illegal fireworks. Then, much to his consternation, Zwei walks out to join them. Cue the elder Xiao Long angrily and mockingly imitating Qrow - which includes trying to drink the strong stuff he was nursing earlier. It doesn't go down well.
    Tai: But I have a tattoo! And sweet cargo shorts!
    Qrow: Yeah, that's adorable. Come on, girls. Let's go set off some, heh, illegal fireworks.
    Ruby and Yang prance off to go join their uncle in the fireworks, with Zwei following right behind, causing Tai to gasp in shock.
    Tai: Tch, I can do anything Qrow can do.
    He sits on Qrow's erstwhile seat and starts to poorly imitate him.
    Tai: "Blah blah blah, break all the rules, ehh. Look at my messy hair".
    Tai messes up his hair to mirror Qrow's.
    Tai: "I spend an hour every day styling. Hey bartender, gimme another drink. It's been two minutes since my last one."
    Tai takes a sip of Qrow's drink and immediately spits it out
    Tai: (while clutching his throat) It burns...!
  • Clean Behind The Ears: Neptune lies asleep as a Geist Grimm sneaks up on him. Suddenly, the door knocks, and the Geist hides within a bath brush. Enter Sun, who declares his return from the gym, all covered in sweat, and tells Neptune he's taking a shower - completely unaware of the possessed brush he just picked up. Cut to the Geist shaking in fear.
  • Cool Dad: After a hilarious transition featuring Qrow striking a pose before his cape blows into his face, we see Qrow walking around with Yang and Ruby after the first skit, telling them the tail-end to a tale.
    Qrow: And that's why you never tell a cute waitress your real name!
    Yang and Ruby both laugh heartily at the story. Enter Tai getting pulled on a skateboard by Zwei.
    • After Tai claims to an incredulous Yang that he's skated for years, Zwei gets distracted by a cat and runs off - dragging Tai with him and causing a car crash.
    • Next, we see the family at a pool. Qrow pulls off a perfect dive (complete with small splash), then Tai slips, bounces twice, and hits the water so hard he sinks gradually.
    • Then we cut to within a nightclub, and witness Qrow busting out some good dance moves in front of Velvet, Ruby and Yang. Enter a totally inconspicuous Tai.
    Velvet: Hey ... who's that weird guy staring at us?
    The three all turn to Tai, who's dancing like a dork.
    Tai: I used to have pretty sick moves when I was younger. You want me to ... teach you my ... sick moves?
    As he says this, Yang face-desks onto their table and Ruby rolls her eyes.
    • Then he decides to show his "prowess" off, which winds up in him tripping over backwards and landing hard on his backside.
    • And last, when Velvet and Qrow look on as Tai makes up with his daughters, Qrow has this to say:
    Qrow: Well, my work here is done.
    Velvet: But you didn't really do anything....
    Velvet: My name's Velvet.
    Qrow: I don't care.

Episode 11 - Movie Night
  • Movie Night Part 1: Ruby, Jaune, Sun and Pyrrha are lining up outside a movie theatre, which is showing Camp Camp, Felix and Locus's origin story in Season 14 of Red vs. Blue, and the "That's My Uncle!" episode of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. The four of them start debating which film they should see. We get treated to the sight of five films reenacted by the cast.
    • First, Pyrrha suggests a romantic movie, imagining herself as a maiden in the forest about to get attacked by a Beowolf. Cue Jaune riding in on Zwei with Crocea Mors drawn to save her. Or not.
      Jaune: Watch out, fair maiden! I'm here to - GAH!
      Jaune and Zwei crash into the Beowolf, with all three landing heavily, much to Pyrrha's concern. Then Jaune holds his thumb up to the camera.
      Jaune: It's okay! I Meant to Do That!
      Pyrrha: My hero!!
    • Dismissing that idea out of hand, Sun suggests an action movie called "Try Hard 2", thinking about himself and Neptune in their detective guises as the lead actors.
      Sun and Neptune are walking in slow-motion down a street.
      Neptune: Dude, why are we walking so slow?
      The shop behind them blows up, and Sun dons Yang's aviator glasses.
      Sun: That's why.
    • At this point, Neptune and Velvet arrive. The latter suggests an animated children's musical, imagining herself as the lead character in a forest setting.
      Velvet: (singing) Little Bunny Foo-Foo -
      Sun: NO! We're not seeing a musical!
      Neptune: Besides, no-one likes cartoons!
  • Wore It Best: Neo does a fashion show for Roman, with the clever use of her Semblance for quick clothing changes. Weiss's outfit gives Roman the impression of "spoiled brat", Ruby's outfit makes Roman get angry, and his outfit makes him hold up a sign reading "Alright, yea. Looks better on you".
    • A little bit of meta humor: Neo was originally based off of a crossplay of Roman.
  • Movie Night Part 2: Later that evening, Jaune then suggests "The Huntsman Rises", complete with Jaune in the title role and Zwei as his sidekick. The scene plays out as a parody of a certain superhero adaptation.
    Jaune: I am dark justice! I am cold vengeance!
    As Jaune continues speaking, the camera pans down to the ground, where Cinder, Emerald and Mercury are waiting.
    Cinder: (while looking at her watch) How much longer is this going to take?
    Mercury: Ugh. He hasn't gotten to do his origin story yet. He retells it every. Single. Time!
    • Ruby then suggests a horror film where the lead character gets rained on by an army of Zweis. And why is it classified as a horror film?
      Ruby: She doesn't get to keep the puppies!
    • Eventually, the debate wears on so long, the theatre closes on the six characters. They all promise to get back together next week to do it again.

Episode 12 - Evil Genius
  • Dangerous Quests: Ozpin's standing alone in the forest, wondering about the students he's gone and sent on "dangerous missions". As it turned out, these quests were to find personal items he'd definitely not misplaced ... such as his house keys (which Ren finds first), his scroll (which Ruby retrieved while her cloak was on fire), and his glasses (which Jaune finds before crash-landing next to the others).
    • Additionally, Ruby's find contained a number of embarrassing photos of the Beacon faculty's costume party - or rather, what Ozpin had been led to believe was a costume party by Port. A photo of Oz in his costume nearly induces Ren to vomit. However, as Ozpin dashes off after denying the true purpose of the exercises, Ruby then reveals that Ozpin's not the only liar around Beacon.
      Ruby: (whispering) I copied the photos!
    • Best one? Jaune seems to have been totally fooled and acts like a knight returning from a quest. Look at him as Ozpin tries to distract them while he bolts: he's gazing into the distance looking for what Ozpin was pointing at, still taking it completely seriously.
    • Ozpin's grin as he gets ready to dash also deserves mention, as does his cane inexplicably flying after him after he leaves it behind.
  • Tune Up: Port oversees a workshop for tuning up the weapons. In order, we see Ruby using a power drill on Crescent Rose, Yang using a blowtorch and goggles on Ember Celica, Weiss wearing a surgical mask as she cleans Myrtenaster's dust chamber, and Penny sharpening one of her blades with lasers within her eyes. Finally, we get to Jaune, who's trying to use an inflatable hammer to "reforge" Crocea Mors.
  • Evil Genius: We see the beginnings and aftermaths of Roman's schemes, which invariably become noodle incidents that wind up badly for him and Neo. However, Roman's still upbeat about the whole shebang.
    Roman: I have many more schemes. I'm the scheme-iest. I am heavy with schemes!
    Neo: And light on adjectives.
    • First, their death ray has teething issues, and we see Roman and Neo walk into their hideout becaked in soot because of it.
      Roman: Alright, so it still has a few bugs to work out.
      Neo: Like blowing up?
    • Second, the mind-scrambler was placed on Roman's head instead of their target's head.
      Roman: Me-me-me-mental note— The —Brain Scrambler goes on the VICTIM's head, NOT ON MY-my-MINE-mi- What was I saying?
      Neo: It doesn't mattter.
    • And third, the Infinitube-Glove has a bad issue with the Wi-Fi draining the batteries. Torchwick then bursts into tears at his string of failures. Neo pities him, and duly suggests an alternative plan of action.
      Roman bursts through the door and tosses the Infinitube-Glove on the floor.
      Roman: If Wi-Fi's gonna drain the batteries that fast, then what's the point?! WHAT'S THE POINT?!
      Roman drops to the floor, and starts crying and flailing his legs around.
      Neo: Froyo?
    • After acquiring it, Roman declares the fro-yo brain food, planning to defeat Ruby after enjoying the refreshment. He raises the cone to his lips ... and it promptly slides off and hits the pavement. After Roman gets escorted away by Neo while bemoaning how he wishes just once things would go his way, Ruby skips down the street and slips on it.
      Roman: Just once I wish things would go my way...
      After Roman and Neo walk away in pity, Ruby happens to prance on by and slips on Roman's scoop of ice cream.
      Ruby: WHOA, MAMA! (lands on her back) Oh, my back! I'm completely defeated! Ahh...

Episode 13 - Parent Teacher Conference
  • Parent Teacher Conference: Ruby and Yang are sitting with guilty expressions outside Ozpin's office, when Qrow and Taiyang walk on in. Tai angrily enquires why he and Qrow were summoned, and the girls respond predictably.
    Yang: I object; there are no witnesses! We were framed!
    Ruby: Ah - it's society's fault! I'm young and impressionable! Video games made me do it!
    • After this, Ozpin ushers the men inside, and it cuts to the aftermath of Ozpin explaining what the girls did.
      Tai: They did WHAT?!
      Ozpin: The good news is that the fire is finally under control. And the cats are supposed to regrow most of their fur.
    • The conference quickly descends into a shouting match between Qrow and Tai, which mirrors that of a married couple.
      Qrow: Well, you gotta admire their ambition.
      Tai: Don't encourage them! You know they get this from your side of the family!
      Qrow: Whoa whoa whoa wait, don't try to pin this on me. I'm out there every day busting my butt on secret missions, what do you do all day?
      Tai: Oh, suddenly you care? You wanna know what I do all day?
      Qrow: That's what I'm askin'
      Tai: (with tears forming in his eyes) I make a home for this family, that's what I do all day! And it wouldn't kill you to show you a little appreciation!
      Qrow: I don't have to listen to your crazy.
      Tai: Oh, well you also don't have to eat my cooking!
      Qrow: Oh yeah? Well your noodles are overcooked anyway!
      Tai: (gasps) How dare you. I want you out. Get out of my house!
    • As Tai and Qrow walk out of Ozpin's office, this exchange goes down.
      Qrow: (after being asked to leave Tai's house) Fine, I will. But I'm taking my drink mixer with me!
      Tai: It's a blender, which my mother gave to me.
      Qrow: I licked it; it's mine!
      Tai: That's not a thing! Stop licking all my stuff!.
      Ozpin: Right, well... clearly you girls have been punished enough.
      Ruby: We are so sorry for their behaviour.
  • Blake's Beauty Vlog: Sun sets a camera to record, and pans up to Blake, who's sitting in a chair. She tries to deliver a beauty vlog - and continually gets interrupted by Sun's questions regarding the products she's trying to talk about.
    Sun: *while Blake is holding an eyelash curler* Oh man, what is that? Are you gonna pull out your eyeball? Is that normal? Is that what all girls do?
    Blake: Yes, Sun. All girls pull out their eyeballs to look pretty.
    Sun: Sick! Girls are so weird. I’m learning so much. Keep going!
    • Then, Blake opens a compact with powder within it...
    Sun: What's that?
    Blake: Dork repellant.
    Sun: No way; really?! Does it work?!
    Blake blows the powder into Sun's face, consequently becaking the lens in the stuff and causing Sun to drop it.
    Sun: (coughs) Can't see anything! Gotta go wash my eyes!
    As he runs off, Blake wipes the powder away from the lens and smiles at the camera.
    Blake: (while smiling and winking) Yeah, it works pretty well.
  • Surprise Parties: After the funniest transition so far (namely, Ruby riding Zwei like a horse and shouting "YEE-HA!"), we see her meet up with the rest of Team RWBY, and she asks them to help her hold a surprise party for Pyrrha. The rest of her team declines, much to Ruby's initial confusion. Blake and Weiss sum it up beautifully.
    Blake: (gently) Ruby, try not to take this the wrong way, but whenever you throw a surprise party, things ...
    Weiss: You're terrible at throwing surprise parties.
    Blake: Yeah.
    Ruby: Wha-whatcha talkin' bout?
    • We then see three surprise parties Ruby's held in recent weeks. First, Jaune gets surprised with his team (and Nora nomming on his cake), then Ruby yells "SURPRISE" into a megaphone - sending the man flying into the outside wall.
    • Second, we see the rest of RWBY and the whole of JNPR surprise Yang with a Beowolf-shaped cake. Problem is, she mistakes it for the real thing, causing two-thirds of the cake to explode in one punch. She continues to jab at the remainder, with the rest of the attendees becaked in cake ... while Nora starts nomming on the cake again with a Cat Smile on her face. In fact, Nora was so focused on the cake that she forgot to yell 'Surprise', was briefly distracted by Yang exploding the cake, then immediately jumped on the chance to eat it.
    • And third, Port finds a gift-wrapped box. He opens it, and a message springs out - "You're old!". Then Sun, Jaune, Nora, and all of RWBY say surprise (including Ruby with her megaphone). This does not end well.
      Port: (exclaims after the kids shout "Surprise") Agh, my heart! (groans in pain)
      Ruby: (with a megaphone) SURPRISE!
      Port: (clutches his chest in surprise) Nope, shutting down! (falls to the ground with his leg twitching)
      Weiss: Oh my gosh, we killed Professor Port!
      Suddenly, Neptune jumps into shot with his trident.
      Neptune: CLEAR!!
      The shot cuts back to team RWBY as Neptune uses his trident as a defibrillator.
    • And what does Ruby say about it?
      Ruby: I mean ... he didn't "die"-die!

Episode 14 - Cannonball!
  • Cannonball!: Nora, Yang and Velvet relax by a pool on some deck chairs, while Jaune and Sun hang around a diving board and Zwei sits in the lifeguard's chair. Enter Penny, who is meant to meet up with Ruby. After confirming that Ruby's not there, Sun then does a cannonball off the diving board, to Penny's curious confusion.
    Penny: Why is Sun punishing that wooden board?
    Jaune: What? Oh, no, we're playing "cannonball"!
  • Winter Is Coming: In Beacon's courtyard, we first see Qrow enticing Ruby to watch a monster movie with him, Ruby all too ecstatic to help her uncle sneak candy into the theater.
    Qrow: Hey there, kiddo. Wanna go see that new monster movie? (Ruby starts squealing excitedly) I could use a hand sneaking candy into the theater.
    Ruby: I'LL GO GET MY CARGO PANTS! (Ruby takes off with Qrow joining up behind her)
    • Next, Tai offers to spar with Yang.
      Tai: (Leaps into view from over the Beacon courtyard statue) Hey Yang! How about a little sparring?
      Yang: I was gonna ask you the same thing. You just... beat me to the punch!
      Tai and Yang fistbump, and Yang throws her father back over the statue.
      Tai: Whoa-ho, that's my girl!
    • Then, Sun decides to read books with Blake. He makes his entrance by falling out of a tree, slamming face-first into the trunk, and somehow landing still on his feet with Blank White Eyes. And Blake watches without looking the slightest bit surprised.
      Sun: Hey, ready to try that whole "reading" thing you've been talking about.
      Blake pulls out a blue library card and throws it at Sun, hitting him in the face.
      Blake: Library card. You'll be needing it.
    • Finally, we see Weiss standing on her own, looking rather downcast. Suddenly, Winter calls her over ... and goes into full Drill Sergeant Nasty mode, saying that "[she refuses] to allow [her] little sister to stay in any abode that is not up to code. And don't mistake my rhyming for a cheery demeanor.". As she walks off, Weiss has this to say.
  • Inner Lives of Beowolves: Cinder stands on a rock within a forest clearing, rallying a horde of Beowolves with her subordinates around her. The camera pans out to a pair of Beowolves named Mike and Marty. The critters start talking, and the skit quickly becomes an hilarious Slice of Life piece with the Grimm - including a Geist called Floyd who acts and sounds like a jock at the gym.
    Floyd: You should check me out when I possess a bunch of boulders! Way bigger than you dingoes! All about them gaains!

Episode 15 - Nurse Nora
  • Sister Stuff: As the title suggests, this skit compares the Schnee sisters and the Xiao-Long/Rose sisters in numerous ways. First, their morning routines get examined, starting with Weiss ballerina twirling into the kitchen, where Winter's waiting.
    Weiss: A good morning to you, sister!
    Winter: Your form could use some work.
    Meanwhile, Ruby's chomping down on Pumpkin Pete's, when Yang moves to pour herself a bowl. Problem is, Ruby used it all.
    Ruby: The early bird gets the -
    Yang promptly fights Ruby over the cereal.
    • Next, eating habits get compared, beginning with Weiss slurps her tea in front of Winter.
      Winter: (coldly) Must you slurp like a savage?
      Meanwhile, Ruby accidentally spills a bag of chips all over the sofa, which Yang promptly sits on. She retrieves a chip from underneath.
      Yang: Sofa chip! Yum!
      She and Ruby both eat one happily.
    • Last, the older sisters get compared on how they respond to danger directed at their younger sibling. Differences couldn't be starker.
      Weiss is running away screaming from a Beowolf and a Geist while Winter stands with her back turned.
      Winter: You'll have to learn how to do things by yourself! You'll thank me later!
      Suddenly, Weiss pulls a tree branch back and sends the Grimm sailing into the air. Winter smiles at her, and Weiss jumps for joy when Winter's back is turned. Meanwhile, Ruby and Yang are walking past a tree with Zwei when an apple hits Ruby on the head, causing Yang's eyes to go red. She punches a hole through the offending tree, and the two skip off into the distance arm-in-arm.
  • Nurse Nora: Set to an eerie remix of "Boop", this skit shows Nora with a nurse's cap and stethoscope walking towards a sleeping Ren, whose leg is broken. The whole thing reeks of a certain film involving a broken leg, and is hands down the creepiest thing seen within the Chibiverse yet - which is perfectly funny for those with a taste for dark humour.

Episode 16 - Neptune Noir
  • Neptune Noir: In a masterly deconstruction of the Film Noir genre, we see Neptune talking to Cinder about a case ... but with the small problem that Cinder can hear Neptune's mental narration. Much merriment ensues, as does the jazz saxophone score.
    Neptune: (narrating) I could tell she was falling for me. Falling for me hard.
    Cinder: Wait, what?
    Neptune: Uhh - nothing. Care for a drink?.
    At this, Neptune pushes a glass of milk towards Cinder.
    Neptune: (narrating) I was hoping she wouldn't notice that the glass was dirty.
    Cinder: Uhh ... no thanks.
    Neptune: (narrating) She noticed.
    • Cinder then reveals the person she's looking for: the Fall Maiden. When presented with her reason, Neptune reacts predictably.
      Cinder: She's ... uh ... my sister!
      Neptune: (narrating) Clearly, she was lying. But she was such a hot moll, I couldn't tell her no.
      Cinder: (sharply) Can we move this along?
      Neptune: First is the little matter of my fee.
      Cinder: (sultrily) Money is no object!
      Neptune: (narrating) That was my favourite tune! But what she didn't know is, sometimes I prefer to be paid in smooches!
      As he says this, Neptune jumps on top of his table and lustily crawls towards Cinder, who's shocked and creeped out at his advances.
    • After this, a rather annoyed Cinder slaps Neptune and walks out with a newly-arrived Zwei (who's wearing a deerstalker cap and smoking a pipe). Neptune then tries to recover his pride, and this happens.
      Neptune: But I'm a big boy, and I figure there's no use crying over spilt milk.
      As he finishes the sentence, Neptune throws off his hat and knocks over his glass of milk.
      Neptune: NO!
      As Neptune starts crying, the camera zooms out to show Sun, who's been playing the saxophone the whole time.
      Sun: Forget it dude. It's Chibi town.
  • Man Up With Port: In a sequence reminiscent of the advertisment for the titular Camp Camp, we see Port sitting at a campfire and taking a bite out of a huge drumstick. After addressing the demographic for his video, Port throws the chicken into the fire for seemingly no reason at all. He then explains in overly macho terms that he can build a fort with a tree, his teeth, and sheer determination. Cue Winter walking into shot, and casually using her semblance to summon a log cabin and holing up inside it, thereby flustering Port.
    • Winter's summons are explicitly of enemies she's defeated. So, logically, at some point she had to have defeated a log cabin. Somehow.
      • Or she utilised ice dust to construct the cabin, as Port gleefully mentions she's going to freeze. Though why she went to the trouble of making it look like a log cabin is a mystery.
      • Winter might've fucked up a Geist Grimm-possessed log cabin once; thus, her ability to construct a cabin now at the expense of Floyd's brother's "gains"
    • In his annoyance at Winter upstaging him, Port mutters that her butt is going to be cold. The camera nods in agreement.
    • And before the skit even started, we get to see Port's transition. It consists of him leaping into frame and throwing his blunderbuss-axe ... which lodges itself in the fourth wall, giving Port a second to regret before the screen falls to pieces.
  • Tai's Tech Vlog: A long Actor Allusion to Burnie Burns's vlog, this skit shows Tai make three attempts to record a vlog. The first time stops with him tripping over, breaking the camera and falling flat on his face.
    Tai: "I heard these vlog thingies are all the rage, so I figured, how hard could it be to — OOF!"
    • The second time, a spare camera mounted on Zwei serves well ... until he runs off with Tai giving chase until he trips up again.
    • The third and last time, Tai uses a drone-mounted camera, flying it high in the air ... and promptly crashing into a bird and spiraling down. The kicker? Instead of a bird hitting the deck, we get to see Qrow faceplant on the pavement, much to Taiyang's shock.
    Tai: *Stares at the inert Qrow, then grabs the drone and runs off* "Please like, comment, and subscribe!"

Episode 17 - The Mystery Bunch
  • Rolling Thunder: Jaune, Ren, and Neptune are getting coached on rollerskating in the courtyard by Sun. First Jaune, then Neptune cling on to an irritated Ren as they stumble, only for him to let go. This causes all three of them to fall over in sync. In a huge dose of Black Comedy, Sun then boasts about how his balance is helped by his tail - only for Ruby (who's also on skates) to flatten it.
    • Just before Ren lets go of them, Jaune and Neptune lay it on thick with Ho Yay.
    Neptune: Wow, I feel so safe holding onto you. You’re like a rock.
    Jaune: Right? I know.
  • Computer Virus: Ozpin, Winter, Port and Oobleck are all looking at a computer which has a small amount of adware on it, with the headmaster puzzled as to how the computer got infected. Penny, who's walking past at this point, promptly sneezes as she moves off ... thereby increasing the adware fourfold (which includes things like Whack-A-Grimm, Neo's Neo, amongst other things). The "WTF just happened?" look on Winter's face is priceless.
    • We also get a transition of Penny displaying some sick dancing moves.
  • The Mystery Bunch: After Officer!Neptune tries interrogating a teddy bear with Ruby's hairstyle, Officer!Sun arrives and tells him that a group calling themselves "The Mystery Bunch" are muscling in on their market. As hinted at in the thumbnail, it's team JNPR and Zwei, and they introduce themselves to the detectives in character.
    Neptune: Is this some kind of weird cosplay?
    Ren: note  Hmm ... has anyone seen a mystery around here?
    Pyrrha: note  I'm sure we'll stumble upon one completely by accident.
    Nora: note  I'm the smart one!
    Jaune: note  I could really go for a ridiculously large sandwich. Also ... g-g-gr-GRIMM!!
    The camera cuts to a Beowolf roaring down at the teens.
    • What follows next is a hilarious chase sequence with the Beowolf and a set of four doors, replete with the same SFX used in the show they're sending up. First, the gang get chased through the front pair, followed by Ren chasing the Beowolf through the back pair. Next, Zwei gets chased by the Grimm riding a tricycle out front, then Jaune chasing the Grimm in the back while playing a saxophone. The Crowning Moment of Funny kicks in the fifth and sixth times around; first, Zwei is seen carrying Ren, Jaune and Pyrrha while running from Nora, who's carrying the Beowolf ... and after that, Qrow runs out of the back doors, wearing his swimming gear. And all the while, the officers are clueless as to what the hell's going on.
      Neptune: So, wait ... what does this accomplish?
      Sun: I'm not sure, but it's like 90 percent of what they do!
    • Finally, the quintet unmask the Beowolf ... and discover that the Shopkeep still plays the Beowolves in the series, and his 'those darn kids rant' is still completely unintelligible. But of course, anyone familiar with the original cartoons will recognize it as the infamous "and I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids" bit. And then they end their part of the skit with this:
      Pyrrha: Another case solved with a minimum amount of effort!
      Nora: I have glasses!
      (Team JNPR laughs.)
    • As they celebrate, Neptune asks Sun what just happened. His response?
      Sun: (while stuffing his mouth with "Zwei snacks") I don't know dude. Just keep eating dog food until we get on their level!
    • This skit also has Ren with a big smile on his face in several scenes, making it even more hilarious.

Episode 18 - The Fixer
  • The Fixer (Part One): This skit shows Tai as the eponymous Fixer, refusing to pay for unnecessary things like plumbers, electricians, and dentists. He starts out by fixing a broken pipe with duct tape, despite Ruby's insistence on getting a plumber.
  • Junior She-tectives: Sun and Neptune go back to their HQ, only to find that Pyrrha and Nora have donned Junior Detective moustaches, trying to apply for a job within the police department. Clearly, the previous episode's shenanigans gave them ideas.
    • When Sun tries to dissuade them, Pyrrha effortlessly figures out that he ate Neptune's candy bar with a Sherlock Scan. And how do the fine lawmen respond?
      Neptune: Dude-ee! You said the Grimm worked together and took it!
      Sun: I'm sorry! I was starving, and you never share!
    • Then, Nora tops her by pulling a literal skeleton out of the closet. Cue Glasses Pull and terrible pun.
      Sun: Dude... I think they've got better mustaches than us!
      Neptune: Whoa, we have a closet?!
      Pyrrha: No bones about it.
      Nora: YEAAAAHHH!
  • The Fixer (Part Two): Ruby and Yang trick Tai into trying to fix their (working) computer, which Tai can't figure out at all. It keeps him distracted until a pop-up that says "cookies enabled"...
    Tai: Ruby, this thing says you have cookies! You know those are bad for your-
    Cue his own tooth falling out
    Tai: ...teeth.

Episode 19 - Steals and Wheels
  • Yang Boops: Neptune walks towards the lounge, where Weiss is sitting with Ruby, Nora, and a rather pained Yang. As seen in the second trailer, Yang unleashes an immense burp. This causes Neptune to call her a tomboy, comparing Yang's "lack of class" with Ruby's sweet demeanour, Weiss's cultured and refined nature, and Nora's "booping" ... while completely oblivious to the incensed dragon coming his way and the frightened reactions of the other three girls. He realises his mistake when a silent Yang gets up in his face, then punches it and sends him flying into the kitchen wall. And what does Yang have to say about it all?
    Yang: Boop.
  • Steals and Wheels: Roman and Neo star in a troika of commercials which are all scams, all of which have some Freeze-Frame Bonus disclaimers to go with them.
    • The first one involves an energy drink so strong it induces vomiting in Tai, Sun and Nora ... while Qrow sculls it without being affected. Also, Neo throws one of the cans so an unsuspecting Zwei gets knocked into the pool.
    • The second one features the titular Steals and Wheels, a motorcycle dealership that sells lemons, much to Yang's surprise.
      SCROLL NOW: 1-800-555-SCAM
    • Thirdly, the dynamic duo sit seriously around a table, pretending to be lawyers who settle cases for victims of food poisoning and dodgy vehicle sales.
    • Also, the transition has Roman humming while in the rain. This becomes even funnier (or disturbing, or both) when you remember that Roman is a Captain Ersatz of Alex Delarge.
  • Fugitive: A wild goose chase erupts when Jaune thinks he forgot to pay for a candy bar, and escapes Officer!Neptune and Officer!Sun constantly. As it turned out, they were trying to return Jaune's wallet, which he had forgotten at the store.
    • When the officers corner Jaune - or, as he decides to call himself, Felipe - in his dorm, he makes a daring escape out the window via Bedsheet Ladder. But there's one itty-bitty problem.
    Ren: Was I supposed to tie that to something?

Episode 20 - Monsters of Rock
  • The Ride Along: A moustache-wearing Jaune rides along with the Junior Detectives in their squad car when word comes through on the radio about a "479'r" (a suspicious cloud formation). The three race towards it ... only to run over a guy while getting to the scene. The best part? The man in question is the Shopkeep.
  • The Great Escape: Qrow and Winter are running a training scenario with a number of the students in a building called the Escape Room. The first thing we see is Yang punching a massive hole in the wall, much to Winter's disapproval. She then wonders how Qrow's holding up with his charges.
    Sun: We're never gonna get out of here! What are we going to do when we run out of food?! ARGH!!
    As Sun runs out of shot, we see an obvious clue in the form of a mirror-reversed painting, which Qrow is standing next to.
    Qrow: I think you boys are overlooking an obvious solution.
  • Monsters of Rock: Roman drags Cinder across the screen to showcase his latest idea: a band called Trouble Clef with Emerald tickling ivory, Mercury playing bass and a Geist and Beowolf respectively playing guitar and drums. And no prizes for guessing the identity of the singer.
    • There's also the Incredibly Lame Pun: When the cannon goes off, Roman's hat catches on fire just as a defeated Cinder walks away, groaning "You're fired." Cue Rimshot from the Beowolf.

Episode 21 - Happy Birthday-Ween!
  • As with last season, the CRWBY opted to make episode 21 special. This time it is solely comprised of Halloween-centric skits.
  • The Geist Pumpkin: First, we see a pumpkin on the kitchen counter get possessed by Floyd the Geist ... only for Ruby and Yang to come back and chop the pumpkin up and bake a pie out of it. Yang then proceeds to cut into the still-possessed pie - hitting Floyd's face first.
    Floyd: Ouchie!
  • Devotion Potion: Second, we see Nora acting like a witch, using Magnhild to brew up a love potion for Ren, as Jaune and Pyrrha are informed. After they leave her to it, we see Ren pop out of the mixture gasping for air ... only for Nora to submerge him with her hammer again, meaning that she was being quite literal about "making a love potion with someone special in mind". The segment closes with her humming a deliberately off-key version of Boop while the poor man begins to drown.
  • Happy Birthday-Ween!: Weiss learns that Halloween is also Ruby's birthday. And everyone else begins to suffer her entitled behaviour. First, team JNPR go trick-or-treating at the shopkeep's house. After he hands them the candy, Ruby takes it from them as birthday gifts.
    • Second, Dr Oobleck leaves a bowl of treats for his students ... only for Ruby to pinch the whole bowl, leaving a note that it's her birthday and she deserves to have the gift.
    • And last, Ruby demands that her teammates fetch her a costume for a party. They comply ... by dressing Ruby as a trashcan, complete with a sign saying "TRASH".
    Nora: Nice costume, Ruby.
    Ruby: I didn’t pick this!
    Right on cue, she topples to the floor, unable to get up.
    Ruby: Please help? It’s my birthday...
    Nora: *Tosses an empty cup at Ruby's head* Happy birthday!

Episode 22 - Battle of the Bands
  • After a whole season of build-up, the Season 2 finale finally shows the Battle of the Bands. In order, the bands are Puns and Roses (who still have to suffer Taiyang), the Neptunes (with Neptune and Jaune firmly on opposite sides of the choreography routine), Roman and Trouble Clef, and P3N-3 ("I'm DJ Ready!"). Trouble Clef perform first ... but discover that the battle is literal. The whole thing quickly descends into a four-way battle that gets judged by Port, Oobleck, Winter and Qrow, resembling the climax of Anchorman 2. In short, an anarchic and hilarious conclusion to the second season.
    • When Trouble Clef begins to play, Neo walks onto the stage with a mic and inhales, preparing to sing... and then Nora interrupts her.
    • After "The Neptunes" do their routine, Jaune (who's wearing his mime make up) and Neptune almost hi-five, only to be stopped by Sun and Ren. "NO!" Sure enough, during the battle, Jaune touches Neptune, causing poor Neptune to swell up from an allergic reaction. "Not again!"
    • Ozpin being confused over the spelling of Penny's act, "P3N-3", until he realizes that it's just her name, but "spelled stupidly."
    • As the other teams question Trouble Clef playing music, Penny can be seen playing her DJ music in the background.
    • At the end, Ruby does her "Thank the audience" thing like she did last season, only to be knocked out by Nora, who wonders, "Wait, was she on my team?"

Episode 23 - A Slip Through Time and Space Pr. 2
  • And suddenly, BONUS EPISODE! One of two planned for Christmas!
  • The skit starts with Ruby going to Yang for counselling after Weiss confiscated her cookies. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
    Yang: Now, when Weiss took away your cookie, how did it make you feel?
    Ruby: Hurt! Betrayed! Hungry...
    Yang: Hm. Yes. Go on.
  • Nora decides to overdo it with the coffee overdose (already having bound and gagged Ren with rope) ... by using a thermos mug full of espresso shots. It throws her into the real world again, this time as a figurine.
  • Barbara Dunkleman proves that she Failed a Spot Check as she completely misses the box that toy!Nora broke out of.
  • Nora wants to know how she, Ruby and Jaune were able to get out of their toy boxes. Jaune takes her to see "the Great One". Who is "the Great One"? The foot-tall Pyrrha plushie.
  • Jaune gives her a choice:
    Jaune: You now have a choice. You choose the "Blue vs. Red" shirt, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You choose the Red vs. Blue shirt, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes—She's already back in the box, isn't she?
    Ruby: Yep!
  • As Nora comes to with Ren, Ruby and Yang watching over her, Pyrrha pops her head around the door and asks if things are okay, whereupon Nora promptly screams in terror.
  • And to top it all off, the Pyrrha plushie shown in the skit has been renamed "The Great One" on Rooster Teeth's online store!


  • The fact that every episode ends on color bars. To make it even funnier, it is colored in the respective colors of Team RWBY itself!
  • The official titles to some of the remixes are sure to give a chuckle, such as "I Burn"'s being the PleaseDon'tSueUs Remix, the "I May Fall" version being "Unauthorized Snuggles Remix" and the "Friendship is Semblance remix" of "This Will Be The Day".
  • Although the gags in the subtitles are usually excised after a little while, one joke that consistently remains in the second season is Roman's Evil Laugh being referred to as "Nefarious Laughter".
  • Fan artist LeonardoFRei made an alternate ending of the "Cool Dad" sketch where instead of Tai accepting his daughters' explantion he isn't cool, he instead gives them an Epic Burn by saying "Well I was cool enough to F(screaming Pyrrha face)k both of your Moms". The girls' reactions are priceless. It was so funny that even Miles Luna himself thought it was hilarious!
  • Nothing bad ever happens in RWBY Chibi, but that doesn't stop the internet. note