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Creator: Ami Koshimizu

One of the prominent new-age voice actors, born February 15, 1986. Her first breakout role as Tenma Tsukamoto in School Rumble was... good, but nothing too groundbreaking. Then she was lucky enough to be numbered amongst the voice actors who received a huge boom in popularity thanks to Code Geass, alongside Jun Fukuyama, for which she won an award, and has since become the go-to-lady if you need to cast a deep voiced, serious and masculine girl. This isn't always the case, however, and she has also found herself voicing perky girly-girls, or sometimes the shyer type.

She isn't very good at English or reading kanji. She also did not know what the word "rise" meant before Jun Fukuyama told her.

Hitomi Nabatame, who has a habit of hitting on her female co-workers, refers to her as "Wife #4".

Her western counterparts are Karen Strassman, Laura Post, Laura Bailey, and Lauren Landa.

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alternative title(s): Ami Koshimizu
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