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Erica Mendez is a voice actress residing in Los Angeles. She has gotten a lot of popularity thanks to her breakout role as Aladdin as well as her role as Ryuko Matoi. She also worked in many video game and web animation works as well.

Here's her website, Facebook, Twitter, and accounts. Not to be confused with a singer of the same name.

Texan counterparts? Brina Palencia (for Dallas, though she also does LA productions), Shannon Emerick, Kara Greenberg (both for Houston), Brittney Karbowski and Kira Vincent-Davis (for both Dallas and Houston). Canadian counterparts? Tabitha St. Germain and Maryke Hendrikse. Her Japanese VA counterpart is Megumi Han, as they both share two roles with each other (Akko Kagari and Gon Freecss) and their forte specializing in young boys.

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