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07:33:48 PM Jan 21st 2018
I don't know if anyone will see this, but I'm putting these up for discussion due to the fact that these entries feel less like "these are genuinely funny" and more "I hated this episode, so I'm cherry picking things so that it looks like the show is taking the piss out of this episode":

08:05:11 PM Jan 21st 2018
That only really applies to the first two. Obviously, they didnít intentionally try to make a bad ending just to make fun of themselves, and we shouldnít be acting like thatís the case. The last three are perfectly fine.
11:35:32 PM Jan 21st 2018
I agree; the last three sound fine.
08:02:52 PM Aug 23rd 2013
There's too many degrees of separation to be in an actual entry, but shortly after episode 6; many pics of Pyrrha's Super Empowering Jaune with her touching him and them glowing had tumblr entries of "So...are they married now?" ....I found this funny.
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