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Lets Play: Diabetus
Mario and Battletoads have never been more awesome.

Ben "Diabetus" Whitfield is a Let's Player — one of the first, in fact, originating from Something Awful. He's known for his Battletoads Let's Plays, which turned into a kind of motif for him, as well as a memetic run of Captain Novolin. He hails from Alabama (which he often makes jokes about it), is good friends with slowbeef, and has a pretty laid-back personality.

Aside from his own LPs, he's also known for being the co-founder of Retsupurae, along with slowbeef.

You can find his videos here, here, and here.

Note: This page is for tropes pertaining to Diabetus's Let's Plays. Tropes pertaining to Retsupurae and Webcam Ward should go here.

Diabetus's Let's Plays provide examples of:

DesuDesBrigadeLet's PlayDilandau 3000

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