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Music: Brentalfloss

Real name Brent Black, this guy, long story short, is the most prominent authority in the currently rising video game branch of the recent "With Lyrics" phenomenon.

While he started out doing piano renditions of Nintendo songs on YouTube, it wasn't until his "What if Mega Man 3...Had Lyrics?" video that he got his big break. After gaining a small cult following, he rose to further fame with deal to feature some of his videos on ScrewAttack. This landed him his very first concert and an album, "What if this CD...Had Lyrics?"

A self-themed webcomic ran in 2012-2013 in collaboration with Dan Roth and relatively well known illustrator Andrew Dobson.

Listen to his works here (or here), his first CD here, and the instrumental version of his CD here. He also has an official website.

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