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Daniel G. L. Bull, also known as Dan Bull or "Douglby"note , is an independent English musician famed on the Internet for his unusual stance on the Digital Piracy Is Evil debate: he actually supports filesharing software, and writes musical open letters to various English politicians and musicians on the other side of the debate. His first such letter, to musician and anti-piracy crusader in the vein of Lars Ulrich Lily Allen, was linked on The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån, and various other major filesharing sites and his popularity skyrocketed in a very unusual (but large!) demographic.

The strange part is that after he released his first complete album, Safe, on BitTorrent... the sales went up even further. That is correct: because he released the music for free download to anyone, more people bought it.

After the legislative farce that resulted in the passing of the Digital Economy Act, he wrote another letter... to English First Secretary of State Peter Mandelson, having subsequently campaigned against efforts to censor the internet in the interests of tackling dodgy porn sites (on the grounds that the reforms would do nothing, since criminals already go elsewhere).

You might also know him for both the pre and post-reboot ending themes of Nerdł, or for an appearance on Epic Rap Battles of History as Jack the Ripper. Aside from this, he also has a lesser-known gaming channel here.

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