Interscene Diegetic

A technique used mainly in television and film. A character is shown singing a song for in-universe reasons. The camera then cuts to a different scene with different characters in a different place. However, the audience can still hear the first character's song.

Very similar to Diegetic Switch, minus the switch. In this trope, the music that's heard in the second scene is the same that is heard when the singer is on-screen.

Also related: Two Scenes, One Dialogue; Distant Duet; Suspiciously Apropos Music; Transition Track; Left the Background Music On.


  • In Muppet Treasure Island during the song 'Love Led Us Here' the camera cuts away from the two lovers to show the triumphant pirates basking in their new wealth. This pirate scene is silent, and only the song is heard when it's playing.
  • In the South Park episode "Quintuplets 2000", Kenny sings a rendition of "Con te partiṛ" in his room. His song can still be heard after the camera pans over to show a scene at Stan's house.
  • In the Community episode "Environmental Science", Abed starts one of these by singing "Somewhere Out There" for a reason that Makes Sense In Context. The camera jumps between him and two other scenes, and in one of the other scenes, a band starts playing, resulting in an amazing Distant Duet that continues through all three scenes.
  • In the Stargate Atlantis episode "Critical Mass", Teyla sings a song called "Beyond the Night" for a funeral. We hear the song while the rest of the base personnel are frantically preparing to evacuate in anticipation of a Wraith attack.
  • In The Fifth Element, the Diva's aria is heard continuously over shots of her singing and of a fight scene happening elsewhere at the same time.
  • This usually happens in Dan Bull's videogame raps. For example, at the beginning of his Mass Effect One and Two Epic Rap, there's an image of Shepard talking, and it's assumed that he is rapping. However, as we switch to the rest of the video, his raps are still heard.
  • While Pippin is singing for Denethor in the Peter Jackson adaptation The Lord of the Rings, the scene cuts to Faramir and his soldiers trying and failing to recapture Osgiliath from Sauron's troops.
  • In the second season of Parenthood, there's an episode when Amber performs a song for an open-mic. While she's singing, the scene shifts to the next few days with various members of the extended family, before ending on her singing the song with her brother at her house.
  • The In Medias Res opening of Grey Gardens: The Musical has Big Edie and Little Edie listening to a record of "The Girl Who Has Everything", which transitions to the cast performing the song in the flashback.
  • Supernatural: In one episode, Dean is playing a radio next to a comatose Sam. Cut to what Sam is dreaming, and he's driving down the road, listening to the same song on the car radio.
  • In Ar tonelico, when a Hymnnos song starts anywhere in the Tower, it acts as the background music everywhere.