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Comic Book: Ultron

Ranked Number 23 among the Top One Hundred Comic Book Villains, this android is the Arch-Enemy to The Avengers as a whole. First created (in the In-Universe meaning) by Hank Pym as a test in order to create the first true AI, the first thing the initially barrel-like robot ever did was attack Pym, and not in the "but I just want to play with dad" sense: Ultron-1 already admitted to have "greater plans", wiped Pym's memory of what happened and then escaped; shortly afterwards, Ultron started updating his body and creating other copies of himself.

During Kurt Busiek's critically acclaimed run on The Avengers, Ultron crossed the Moral Event Horizon by committing, essentially, genocide in the "Ultron Unlimited" storyline. He wiped out the population of a ruritanian Throwaway Country only to turn said population's corpses into zombie-like cyborgs. All of this accompanied by an army of Ultrons themselves. Yeah.

More recently, Ultron has gone on to his most heinous act yet: a Take Over the World scheme that actually worked.

Ultron will be making his live-action debut as the Big Bad of the upcoming sequel to The Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, played by James Spader.

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