Hidden Weapons

There's a rocket launcher hidden somewhere in there, too.

Any weapon hidden in a creative place on a person's body. Not the same as a Victoria's Secret Compartment or Trouser Space. If the weapon is stored around the belt area, the trope you're looking for is Pants-Positive Safety. If the character keeps their weapon in their sleeve, it's Nothing Up My Sleeve.

Perennial favourites are the Little Useless Gun and the Butterfly Knife.

If a woman carries one specifically to defend herself against rapists, it's a Chastity Dagger.

If there are lots of them, Extended Disarming may ensue. If they are guns and are hidden beneath a long coat, you may have Trench Coat Warfare. For weapons hidden in hair, see Combat Haircomb. See also Hyperspace Arsenal.

Not to be confused with Emergency Weapon, a videogame trope.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Mihawk of One Piece wears a small knife as a necklace.
  • Hidden Weapons specialist Mousse from Ranma keeps an innumerable amount of weapons stored on his person, whether simply tucked away inside his robes (ignoring such little things as bulk, size, and weight of the objects, which neither hinder him nor give themselves away,) snapped into the soles of his shoes, or even a length of cutting wire carefully rolled into the frames of his glasses.
    • In one of the movies, on the beach, Mousse was without his trademark robe and still managed to pull it off, hiding massive chains within his swimsuit's wrist bands.
    • Before Mousse there was Ryoga. He wore a massive number of bandanna's each one with a razor wire allowing him to throw them like shuriken. His bamboo umbrella weighs several tons and has razor edges, and even his belt can be snapped straight and wielded like a sword. However Ryoga's arsenal was passed over after being overshadowed by Mousse, and he mostly became a straight fist fighter focusing on unusual strength and endurance.
  • In Trigun, Meryl has a bunch of Derringer pistols strapped to the underside of her cape and so it looks like that she wasn't wielding anything when she walks around with her cape around her shoulders. Also, Vash's boot-knife, which whirls into position between the upper and the sole. To say nothing of his machine gun arm...
  • Pictured above, Kei Munakata from Medaka Box has a style based entirely on hidden weapons. Swords, hammers, knives, handguns, grenades and even rocket launchers are always on his person and he can pull them out incredibly easily. Lord knows where he actually keeps all the damn things.
  • Emi Isuzu from Tenjho Tenge is a ninja style character with dozens of throwing weapons hidden on her person. She's actually very overweight and controls her appearance with a body manipulation technique that hides her weapons in her scrunched up fat folds.
  • In Bleach, during Yoruichi's fight with Soi Fon she shows that she has several throwing knives concealed in her pant leg, which she throws by kicking at her.
  • Agnieszka from Kurobara Alice has a necklace that hides a tiny knife in its medallion. It was given to her as a gift. Which she uses to commit suicide.
  • Otowa Hyoko, one of the minor villains from the last story arc of Rurouni Kenshin, has 13 assassination weapons hidden on his person at all times. He openly admits that he's not a warrior of any kind, since his fights never last longer than it takes to throw a cloud of poison gas or shoot a dart into a person's spine.
  • Many characters in Itsuwaribito use them a lot since being an itsuwaribito means being a person with the qualities of a thug, a thief, and a trickster, and hiding their Weapon of Choice is a common tactic they use to get the upper hand in a fight. Utsuho's various explosives and Choza's poisoned hand claws are the two most prominent examples among the main cast.

    Comic books 
  • Kit Willer wears a scabbard containing a hidden knife on his back, right under his neck. It does save his life from an arrow.

    Fan Works 
  • A Growing Affection has Shino teaching his artificial leg to hold a pair of kunai. And Hyouta Hyuga keeps a pair of holdout kunai tucked in the sleeve of his formal robes.
  • In Prison Island Break, the Knife Nut Shadow the Hedgehog consistently conceals prison shivs about his person. It's a mystery as to where he hides them all, only that whenever he is shaken down, several are removed, and when he gets back into his clothes, he still manages to come up with some more very shortly later - not knives, but items rapidly fashioned into sharp blades. At one point, he produces a shiv while entirely naked.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: Final Stand: In chapter 18, Kairi is revealed to keep a hidden knife up her sleeve in the event that her hands should be bound.

  • Buster Keaton, in Our Hospitality, demonstrates an early example of this. While visiting his beloved's family, he reveals a large number of pistols concealed on his person.
  • From the movie The Jewel Of The Nile: "Jesse had a knife hidden in his boot." One wonders exactly how Jesse got it out when his hands were bound and he was hanging over a pit, mind you...
  • Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2 keeps a multitude of blades hidden in his sleeves, all shaped like his feathers to boot.

  • In The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, Victoria's hairdresser hides her stakes within her hairdos, for easy access.
  • In Yulia Latynina's Inhuman, the Villain Protagonist hides a gun-like mechanism that fires a diamond bullet in his semi-prosthetic leg when going to assassinate an otherwise Crazy-Prepared Evil Prince (this being a distant future where projectile weapons are considered obsolete). It works.
  • In Allegiance, Mara Jade keeps a hold-out blaster in a tiny holster in her boot. She keeps one up her left sleeve at almost all times.
  • Admiral Harper of Open Blue keeps a court sword in his walking stick. Said walking stick also happens to be made of some pretty hard stuff, and so fares well as a Simple Staff. Flottenadmiral Nimitz from v2 - v4 keeps a dagger in the sole of his boot.
  • The Assassin guild members in Discworld are frequently described as having weapons concealed all over their bodies, to the extreme that, when someone menacing gets near, everyone starts revolving in their clothes.
    • In Pyramids, Pteppic tries carrying so many hidden weapons for his final exam that he ends up having to get rid of some so that he can actually walk to the exam in the first place.
  • There's a scene in Cryptonomicon where one of the characters spends two pages removing various weapons from holsters all over his body so he can lie down comfortably. Justified in that he's a Marine in a combat zone, but pretty funny nonetheless.
  • The Ninja Handbook details that one of the prequisites for becoming a ninja is to make a flesh pocket to hold "Weapons, spare change, and occasionally a sandwich."
  • One scene in Shogun has Blackthorne, prior to acting as a distraction in the plan to liberate Toranaga's ship, borrow a few knives and start stashing them under his belt, strapped to his arm and so on. The surrounding samurai seem vaguely appalled. Later he's visited by Friendly Enemy Rodriguez who he orders searched, turning up knives and pistols hidden in his boots, sleeves, pockets and even in the band on his hat.
  • Lazarus Long is known in-universe to be a master at this. Usually favoring full Scottish garb for the sheer area where one can hide all sorts of surprises, one scene in The Number Of The Beast has him strip searched almost to the point of a cavity search and remarking in his own head that he still had one holdout.
  • Vlad Taltos stashed an absurd number of weapons on his person when he still worked as an assassin. Once after waking up in captivity, he smugly notes that his captors changed his clothes entirely rather than try to figure out if they'd really found every last weapon while disarming him. He also tended to switch out his weapons weekly, to make it harder to magically trace any lost ones back to him, which could take an hour or more to get everything in place just so.
  • Very common in The Wheel of Time books. The series has a number of knife nuts and they are all carrying knives in every place they can hide them.
  • Mirtai in The Elenium is shown to always be armed. Even at Ehlana's wedding, the narration specifies that she was "not visibly armed" when participating in the ceremony. Two of her weapons deserve special mention: the first is the spoon that she acquired after being Made a Slave in childhood, of which she sharpened the handle and used to ensure she wasn't overly mistreated. She keeps it in adulthood out of a mix of sentimental attachment and use as an unexpected desperation attack. The other is the pair of knife blades she planted into her boots so that only the tips stick out. Not lethal, but anyone on the receiving end of a Groin Attack will be even more disabled than usual.
  • Nymeria Sand from A Song of Ice and Fire, who specializes in hidden blades. She is one of the Sand Snakes, a group of action girls from the region of Dorne and is said to be able to conceal a dozen daggers on her person.
  • In later novels in the series, Honor Harrington has a hold out blaster built into her (artificial) arm. It's one use as firing it takes the top of her finger off.

    Light novels 
  • In Baccano!, Nice Holystone hides a small bomb in her empty eye socket beneath her eyepatch.

    Live-Action Television 
  • The Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf", had Captain Jack Harkness pull a gun out while completely naked. His assailants asked him where he got it from, to which he replied "You really don't want to know" before shooting them both.
  • One episode of Stargate Atlantis has Ronan produce a dozen throwing knives after being strip searched.
    John: How many of those do you have?
    Ronan: How many do you need?

  • In Capcom's unreleased Kingpin, Trixie, the Moll of the mob boss, has a small pistol holstered to her leg beneath her dress.

    Tabletop Games 
  • GURPS: Ultratech has the Finger Laser, it's fitted beneath the first layer of skin at the end of the finger. And to really shock people you can install a Ripsnake, which comes out of your mouth, the game advises using it while kissing someone for maximum effect.
    • Cyberenhancements being avalaible generally allow an enterprising individual to do full array of these tricks.
  • Realmslore has a twisted case: a wizard detective carrying a pair of sword scabbards. But there are daggers inside, and the leftover space is used to stash two wands per scabbard.

    Video Games 
  • Many characters in the Assassin's Creed series have hidden blades.
    • For those not familiar with the series - the iconic weapon of the Assassins is a bracer on the wrist that contains a retractable blade, useful for assassination or quiet kills.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, the player can hide certain weapons on their person when going into places where weapons are confiscated. With a high enough Sneak skill they can hide more kinds of weapons.

    Web Comics