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Creator: Zack Snyder
A film director known for an apparent love for Slow Motion shots, stylized, Color Washed movies and for creating almost shot-for-shot adaptations of comics. Oh, and his damn gorgeous cinematography. Before being known for that, he directed the remake of Dawn of the Dead. True Art Is Incomprehensible is his thing, as are Unreliable Narrators and he thinks you're a bastard for watching his movies for the "obvious" intent (minus Legend of the Guardians). He is generally is making a point about something in regards to action movies... nobody knows for sure though.

His biggest directorial challenge to date undoubtedly lies in the form of launching DC's answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The endeavor began with the Superman reboot, Man of Steel. While response to the film was certainly divisive, the film was a substantial box office success, and he was signed on to direct a sequel which reintroduces Batman to film and introduces Wonder Woman, among other characters. He was also signed on to direct the Justice League movie, which will be released later (it's estimated that the film will come out in 2017 or 2018, but no dates have been announced). It's likely that the characters introduced in these movies will eventually get films of their own, but Snyder is tasked with laying down the groundwork first.

Snyder's credits include:

Kevin SmithDirectorsSteven Soderbergh

alternative title(s): Zack Snyder
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