Creator / Zack Snyder
A film director (born 1 March 1966) known for an apparent love for Slow Motion shots, stylized, Color Washed movies and for creating almost shot-for-shot adaptations of comics. Oh, and his damn gorgeous cinematography. Before being known for that, he directed the remake of Dawn of the Dead. True Art Is Incomprehensible is his thing, as are Unreliable Narrators, and he thinks you're a bastard for watching his movies for the "obvious" intent (minus Legend of the Guardians). He is generally making a point about something in regards to action movies… nobody knows for sure, though.

His biggest directorial challenge to date undoubtedly lies in the form of helming the Warner Bros./DC Comics answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - the DC Extended Universe (which is also referred to as the Justice League Universe in some promotional avenues, or the "Snyderverse" by people within Warner Brothers and fans). The endeavor began with a Continuity Reboot of Superman, Man of Steel, followed by a sequel reintroducing Batman (itself a continuity reboot following The Dark Knight Trilogy) into the setting, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A Justice League film will follow. He and his wife, Deborah, are otherwise producing all the other films in that setting.

Snyder plans work on other projects such as The Last Photograph, a story of his that centers on a war correspondent in Afghanistan who is the only one to survive an attack.

Snyder's directing credits include: