Creator: Steven Soderbergh

"It would be bad enough if Soderbergh merely wrote, directed, and/or produced a nonstop barrage of provocative, eclectic films and television shows. But that isnít enough for our greedy little friend. No, he has to shoot his own films and edit them under pseudonyms. Quite frankly, I find it a little sickening that one bald, bespectacled little man is able to do so many things so brilliantly. It isnít fair. Soderbergh is throwing off the curve. Maybe the reason Hollywood is filled with so many mouth-breathing troglodytes is because heís hogged all the talent. Either heís one of the most remarkable talents in American film, or thereís a very busy genie out there granting all his wishes. Alternately, heís cloned himself Multiplicity style, and has six or seven exact copies helping him get shit done."
Nathan Rabin, My Year of Flops #141, Solaris (2002)

Steven Andrew Soderbergh (born 1963) is an Academy Award winning film director and producer. He also acts as a writer, cinematographer, and editor on most of his pictures, almost always under a pseudonym. He is best known for going back and forth from making low budget indie films to large budget crowd pleasers, as well as making his movies very quickly and under budget. He's also a major proponent of digital film making.

He frequently works with George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts.

He claims that his cinematic career is at an end and plans on retiring from film making in the near future, with his apparent swan song being his long-in-gestation Biopic of Liberace, Behind The Candelabra. He does still plan on directing theater and television the first of which being The Knick

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