Everyone Loves Blondes


"Never shall a young man,
Thrown into despair
By those great honey-coloured
Ramparts at your ear,
Love you for yourself alone
And not your yellow hair."
William Butler Yeats, "For Anne Gregory"

When there's one character who is meant to stand out because she's the most desirable, she's pretty much always going to be a blonde. She may be Book Dumb, but she is never ditzy or foolish if intelligence is even an issue. She might be attractive in her opinion but, more likely, it's everyone else who considers her exotic. If there's a group of girls, then all the guys will want the blonde. She may be the school's Prom Queen. She is the blonde whose seemingly effortless romantic abilities we see or hear about so much that she always seems to get her man, at least at first. She may blur the line between innocent and evil in her social goals. If a man's having an affair, she's the one he's doing it with. Not that she's trying to steal him away - she wants to be happy and it's just convenient that he finds her irresistible.

Many men have the type of being attracted to many fair haired women, especially if they have long legs and big breasts, but the lovable blonde herself is the kind of person who can attract anyone she wants and she probably knows it. No matter what his type normally is, he'll fall for her.

Whether it's a single person informing us of her attractiveness or all the guys wanting her, all anyone can say about her is that she's gorgeous, sexy, or beautiful, as if that's all there is to her. She may be actively charming, athletic, rich, or even smart, but her sex appeal is considered her biggest asset. Expect her to be energetic but not necessarily to the extent of the Genki Girl. One thing's for sure: the lovable blonde is no Girl Next Door. Often times she's a foil to a dark-haired character who is less glamorous and popular.

Compare the sexuality of the Brainless Beauty. Also compare Raven Hair, Ivory Skin and Heroes Want Redheads. Contrast helpless, scatter-brained Dumb Blonde. Can be Plenty of Blondes. And of course, even Slashers Prefer Blondes.


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     Anime And Manga 

  • Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is, according to her friend, so gorgeous she "could throw up on a guy and he'd say, 'Do it again.'"
  • In Uptown Girls, rock and roll princess Molly Gunn can have any guy she wants with the snap of a finger.
  • Anna Marks in He's Just Not That Into You is tempting enough to pull a man away from his wife (who has dark brown hair) while her guy friend is chasing her.
  • Olivia Lennox from She's the Man has Duke and Malcolm chasing her and the rest of the guys admiring her, but she would rather have the honest Sebastian.
  • The sexy, outlandish Danielle in The Girl Next Door is anything but.
  • The college guys in A Beautiful Mind see a group of co-eds and all start talking about how they want the blonde.
  • Premonition has the main character's husband about to cheat on her with a blonde.
  • The beautiful and sweet heiress Alegra Cole from Hitch
  • Everyone admires Gen Harwood from Ice Princess because she shines on the rink and at school.
  • Wild and unstoppable Bridget from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, contrasting shy, sweet Lena and rebel Tibby.
  • In the beginning of Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is homecoming queen, president of Delta Nu, and girlfriend to pre-law student Warner Huntington III.
  • Kirsten Dunst's portrayal of the beautiful and charming French queen counts in Marie Antoinette.
  • The main guy in My Super Ex-Girlfriend obviously finds blondes desirable as he goes from the superheroine G-Girl to his crush, Hannah, though one is blonde throughout almost the whole movie, the other is naturally (thanks to an asteroid) blond but hides it behind a wig as her normal self.
  • Party girl Maggie from In Her Shoes knows how to entice a man.
  • Jack Weyland's Charly has the titular character be a spontaneous and mischevious New Yorker who repeatedly flirts with Sam just for the fun of it. The book said that Charity looked like a model who should be in a Pepsi commercial, but didn't specify her hair color.
  • Charlotte from Band Slam is a former cheerleader.
  • Honey Swanson moves into the conservatory to hide out and becomes a major distraction to the professors in A Song Is Born.
  • Gets obvious use in Desert Heat when the protagonist can't help but give some blondes he just saved a once-over look. Followed by Rescue Sex. Averted with his main love interest, though, who is a brunette.
  • Master assassin Bill from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill has a noted preference for blondes. He was involved with his student, the Bride, and his pimp "father" notes that he had a Precocious Celeb Crush on Lana Turner after seeing her in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) as a small boy.
  • Angela Aames in... well, everything she ever did.
  • X-Men:
    • Mystique really loves to take the form of a very sexy blond (e.g. Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence).
    • Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class, is evil, but she gets a lot of sexual attention.

  • Animorphs has Rachel who appears to be just a pretty face as she is tall, graceful, blond haired, blue eyed, and glamorous but her fearlessness makes her more than that.
  • The Babysitters Club has two girls from out of state: Stacy, the sophisticated New Yorker, and Dawn, the breezy Californian. Lampshaded in one book where Kristy reminisces about how she first met Shannon (whom she intensely disliked at first) and snarks about the trope in relation to Shannon and her friends, who are all blonde.
  • Beautiful with sun-streaked blond silky hair, blue-green eyes, and a tiny dimple in the left cheek, Jessica of Sweet Valley High is easily one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the school. Elizabeth, her identical twin, was one of few students in Sweet Valley who rivaled Jessica in the popularity stakes.
  • Amy March in Little Women always knew that she would marry a man with money. She can really do it because she is, as described by the author, a 'regular snow-maiden' with curly golden hair and blue eyes, 'pale and slender', and 'always carrying herself' like a very proper young lady.' She also has the culture of being interested in art, theater, and traveling.
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (made into a Marilyn Monroe movie), of course.
  • Cullen Moorland of A Brother's Price, though he's a muddy blond when it's not dyed.
  • In The Hunger Games, this is invoked with Glimmer, the blonde female tribute from District 1, who plays up the Ms. Fanservice angle to get sponsors.
  • Simona Ahrnstedt has two examples: Sofia Löwenström in Överenskommelser and Venus Dag och Natt in "De skandalösa". Both of them seem to always be surrounded by suitors.
  • Letitia in I Shall Wear Midnight comes across as this, especially to Tiffany who's predisposed to dislike her, but in fact is a potential witch frustrated that blonde noblewomen don't get to be the witch, just as Tiffany was once frustrated that brunette cheesemakers don't get to be the princess.
  • In Little House on the Prairie, Laura's older sister had been fawned over for her blonde hair ever since childhood. This left Laura self-conscious due to having "average" brown hair.
  • Discussed in Darkest Powers when Tori rants about Chloe's hair and how it reminds her of her sister:
    You're a silly, useless Barbie, just like my sister. I'm smarter, tougher, and more popular. But does that matter? No. All anyone cares about is the helpless little blonde. But being helpless only works when there's someone around to save you.

     Live Action TV 
  • Logan Huntzberger of Gilmore Girls is a non-monogamous ladies' man who is more interested in women and partying than taking over his father's company.
  • In Kyle XY, Hillary is the blonde with whom Charlie cheats on his virginal girlfriend, who, interestingly enough, is also blonde. For the rest of the characters, it is not as good to not be a blonde like Lorie, who's gloomy, and Jessie, who's angry, vs. the good Nicole and Amanda. Gamer Andy, with her dark golden locks, is neutral.
  • Aunt Hilda in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. While she fits the trope most, both Sabrina and Zelda are shown to be popular and fun loving as well.
  • Phoebe Buffay and, later, Rachel from Friends.
  • Dr Molly Clock from Scrubs.
  • All of the Halliwell Sisters on Charmed have been blond at some point on the show. Prue had blonde hair in an episode set in the future, Piper wore a blonde wig for Halloween, while Paige and Phoebe both dyed their hair blond in seasons 6 and 3, respectively. Phoebe also had blond hair when she was turned into Aphrodite, a genie, and Lady Godiva.
  • Mission: Impossible has Cinnamon Carter, played by Barbara Bain. Her talent for distracting The Mark was pretty much her reason for being on the team. See also her Suspiciously Similar Substitute Casey in the final two seasons and Mimi in the episodes where she subbed for Casey. (Interestingly enough, averted in The Revival - with both Casey Randall and Shannon Reed being brunette.)
  • Buffyverse: Almost all of Angel's love interests have been blondes. Buffy, Darla, Nina, and Cordy went blonde when they got together. Spike was hinted at as well. When Angel is the victim of a Grand Theft Me, Cordelia agrees he's Not Himself when Angel is caught making out with a brunette.
  • Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen.
    • Played by Blake Lively, who also played Bridget in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants.
  • Doctor Who: Jack and Martha pull this out as the reason for the Doctor's exceptional attachment to Rose.
  • In Plain Sight: Mary and Rafe's wife tease him about his type: blonde, with boobs.
  • It's been referenced several times on Heroes that Nathan Petrelli likes blondes. His ex-girlfriends Meredith and Tracy are both blonde and he had a brief affair with Tracy's long-lost identical sister Niki.
  • All the guys on The Big Bang Theory are into Penny to some extent, except for ambiguously Asexual Sheldon.
  • Dan Schneider seems to love this for his shows.:
    • Drake Parker from Drake & Josh most likely has half or 75% of his girlfriends be blonde.
    • Zoey Brookes of Zoey101 is pretty popular with the boys on campus.
    • In Victorious, one episode revolves around one of Cat's temporary boyfriends be completely invested in dating blue-eyed blondes. He even has a dog with gold fur and blue eyes.
  • Invoked in the Shadowhunters episode "The Mortal Cup". Isabelle wears a platinum blonde wig while hunting the demon because they apparently like blondes more.

  • "I Like Blondes" by Jameson Clark.
  • The song "Blondes (Have More Fun)" by Rod Stewart.
  • "Love Blonde" by Kim Wilde. (She explicitly denied the song is autobiographic!)
  • Subverted in "Brunettes (Do It Better)" by KIDFORCE:
    Blondes get it done but brunettes do it better
    Yes, the blondes have the fun but brunettes do it better


     Professional Wrestling 

     Video Game 
  • Donkey Kong Country: Candy is Donkey Kong's girlfriend and Diddy's is Dixie. Both of them are blonde... primates.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VIII has Quistis Trepe who has her own fan club made up of her students.
    • Final Fantasy X-2 has a male example. Gippal, leader of the Machine Faction. Gets a gasp/sigh from Yuna when they first meet and Rikku practically throws herself at him (though insisting they were never a couple). Also seems to be pretty popular with the Al Bhed.
    • Tidus clearly invokes this as part of his star Blitzball player image. He's a natural brunet but dyes his hair blond.


     Western Animation 
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter went blond to see whether blondes did have more fun. They did, and everyone loved him.
  • Mehitabel from Shinbone Alley had blonde fur and was coveted by all the tomcats (and one cockroach) of the titular alley.
  • In the Little Rascals episode "Beauty Queen for a Day", the boys competed for the affection of Dolly Van Dumpling, the blond newcomer to Greenpoint, all but forgetting about Darla.
  • In a episode of American Dad!, "Blonde Ambition", Hayley realizes that the blonde girls receive more attention from men (even if they are Dumb Blonde) and so she decides to dye her hair blonde. She receives a good success, but at the end of the episode returns to the usual herself.
  • Courtney from As Told by Ginger is the most popular girl in her middle school. Subverted in high school, where she becomes a target for the older popular girls.