Film / Valentine

Roses are red... violets are blue... they'll need dental records to identify you!

One of the contemporary Slasher Movies that rode on the coattails of Scream (1996)'s success, e.g... I Know What You Did Last Summer.

At a junior high school prom in 1988, a bespectacled loser named Jeremy Melton asks several girls - Shelley, Lily, Paige and Kate - to dance, only to be cruelly shot down except for the latter, who,politely rejected him. Another girl, Dorothy, who at this stage is a little chubby, accepts, but when some boys spot her and Melton making out, she claims he was assaulting her, prompting them to publicly strip and beat him, after which he is sent to a reform school. 13 years later, the girls are all grown up and played by Katherine Heigl, Jessica Cauffiel, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton and Jessica Capshaw respectively. They're now dealing with various boyfriend issues, and Dorothy has since slimmed down. As Valentine's Day approaches, they start receiving threatening Valentines Day cards. Then, a killer dressed in a black coat and cupid mask shows up and starts offing them one by one. Is it Melton, come back for revenge, or someone else?

Oh, and there's no nudity, in case you were curious.

See also My Bloody Valentine, another Valentine's Day-themed slasher flick.

This film provides examples of:

  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: If Dorothy had just told the truth and not claimed Jeremy had raped her, he wouldn't have done what he did.
  • Childhood Friends: Kate, Paige, Lily, Shelley and Dorothy.
  • Death by Irony / Foreshadowing: In the opening, when Jeremy asks the five girls to dance with him, their responses foreshadow their fates.
    • Shelley's response: "In your dreams!"
      • Killed while lying prone in a bodybag.
    • Lily's response: "Eww!"
      • Received a box full of chocolate-filled maggots. Later used for archery practice by Adam/Jeremy, with her body falling into a dumpster.
    • Paige's response: "I'd rather be boiled alive."
      • Make that electrocuted in a hot tub.
    • Kate's response: "Maybe later, Jeremy."
      • She survives only because she showed kindness to Jeremy/Adam.
    • Dorothy set him up big time, claiming that Jeremy attacked her under the bleachers when they were caught making out by several school bullies. He gets his ass kicked and sent off to reform school as a result.
      • Adam/Jeremy set her up to take the fall for all of the murders, and gets away scot-free.
  • Death by Sex: Kate, the most chaste of the girls, is the sole survivor.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Treat the nerd like garbage and then use him as a fall guy when you get caught making out? He will come back for you later on and kill the lot of you. (Though it may be justified in the latter case, given the punishment he received for something he didn't do.)
  • Electrified Bathtub: Paige is killed when the killer throws his electric drill into the hot tub with her.
  • Fanservice: The movie stars Katherine Heigl, Marley Shelton, Denise Richards, Jessica Cauffiel, and Jessica Capshaw. Definitely to be expected.
  • Jerkass: Detective Vaughn. He even harasses Paige.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton went from being the biggest loser in high school to become a vindictive serial killer.
  • Groin Attack: Kate knees Adam in the crotch as she dances with him when she suspects him of being the killer.