Western Animation / ToddWorld

"It's a wonderful, colorful world!"
ToddWorld was an animated children's series that aired for two seasons on Discovery Kids. Based loosely on a series of popular picture books by Todd Parr, each installment of the series focused on adventures in the daily lives of the main character, Todd, his talking dog Benny and his friends Pickle, Sophie and Stella, as well as a fairly large cast of guest characters. The series focused on celebrating the uniqueness of each individual— for example, the main character enjoyed wearing underwear on his head and eating macaroni and cheese in the bathtub. Other lessons including celebrating friendship and willingness to try new things. The program was notable for its theme song, "It's a Colorful World," performed by the celebrated R&B singer Smokey Robinson, as well as nominations for both the Daytime Emmys and the Humanitas Prize.

The series can currently be seen on Qubo in the United States and is also available to many library users through a streaming service called Hoopla Digital. As of sometime in 2017, it is also available freely to stream for those subscribed to Amazon's video service, either through Prime or separately. The show's name is officially spelled in CamelCase. Which, yes, requires extra formatting to display properly on this wiki, but it's important to be correct.

ToddWorld includes examples of the following:

  • Aesop Amnesia: The show's prevailing aesop can be summed up as "everyone is different and it's important to understand, respect and celebrate those differences." Yet in many episodes this will be forgotten. Stella is the usual offender, but it can hit just about any of the main characters.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population & Wildlife: The show's theme song is titled "It's a Colorful World," and it certainly is. The main character, Todd, is blue, two of the other main characters are yellow, and another is green. This certainly extends to the wildlife as well— Todd's talking dog, Benny, is red, yellow, blue and green in various parts.
  • An Aesop: Each story is focused on teaching one of some sort— most have some sort of social message.
  • Baths Are Fun: Todd relaxes and unwinds by eating macaroni and cheese in the bathtub. When he goes to visit his Aunt Izzie to dig for dinosaur bones, he's sad because she has no bathtub, only a shower. So Sophie invents a mobile bathtub called the "bathomobile."
  • Because I Said So: A bully's reason why everyone has to follow his rules in "Todd Takes a Stand." Todd takes issue with his rule that his turtle friend Tanner can't go on the slide. It really doesn't cut any ice with him.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: Todd and his talking dog Benny both enjoy caramel-covered sardines with ketchup and coconut, while Todd and his friend Pickle both enjoy making and eating banana lima bean splits together.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Todd welcomes the viewers with "Hi, I'm Todd and this is my world" at the beginning of each story. He then summarizes what happened at the end and signs off with "See you next time. Love, Todd," but other than that, he and the other characters don't talk to the viewers.
  • Civilized Animal: Todd's dog Benny and Sophie's cat Mitzi generally act as this.
  • Cloudcuckooland: The main character eats macaroni and cheese in the bathtub and likes to wear underwear on his head, but this no more bizarre than some of the things some of the other characters do on the show.
  • Edutainment Show: Of the pro-social messages type.
  • Fantastic Flora: "Garden Variety Pickle" featured the kids in the main cast and Todd's dog Benny making an abandoned lot into a garden. They planted things such as glitter flowers, a flower that could eat rocks and a tree that grew several different types of dog biscuits. None of these, however, were the focus of the story. This instead, went to a small scraggly weed with no unusual properties that Pickle was caring for because he found it beautiful, the story having An Aesop about respecting how different things are beautiful to different people.
  • Fantasy Helmet Enforcement: For biking, skateboarding, or any other such activity. This extends to Benny, Todd's talking dog, as well.
  • Fictional Holiday: In the ToddWorld universe, the characters celebrate Dirt Day, a holiday dedicated to getting all muddy and dirty.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: All of the human characters have these.
  • Imagine Spot: In "It's OK To Lose Your Mittens," Todd's talking dog Benny has a couple in which he imagines Todd yelling at him for losing his favorite mittens and replacing him with a new dog.
  • Interspecies Adoption
    • In one episode, Todd and his friends try to help a lost platypus named Pedro find his mother. They all think that Pedro's mother is a platypus like him, but at the end, they find out that she's actually a kangaroo. We also learn that Pedro has a pig for a little brother. In the same episode, Todd sees a frog in a family of ducks.
    • There's also a cat named Mitzi that adopts a group of puppies.
    • "Platyroo" is about a young platypus who was adopted by a kangaroo. When Todd and his friends find him, they have trouble parsing his odd description of his mother, but Todd manages to come up with a fairly good drawing of her anyway. In the same story, the group encounters a frog adopted by ducks and a bunny whose parents are penguins.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: Todd's dog, Benny, meets a dog named Sam and they play together in the mud, so he never really gets a good look at her. When they meet later, Benny is shocked she's a girl— "Sam" is short for Samantha. He thinks that he can't play with a girl, but learns differently. "Benny has a new friend now. Girls make great friends and so do boys!"
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Though there are only a few main characters, the number of guest characters is enormous, as seen in the page image.
  • Out-of-Context Eavesdropping: In "Pickle's Smelly Socks," Pickle overhears his friends talking about said socks and think they don't want to be his friend anymore when really they just can't take the smell of his socks anymore.
  • Robot Dog: In "Dog's Day," Sophie invents one named Dempsey that can say "hello" in 58 different languages, fly, and predict the weather. Todd's dog Benny is very jealous of him until Todd tells him that he loves him regardless of what he can or can't do.
  • Shout-Out: There's a beetle named Twingo who speaks using The Beatles references and seems to have the power to make others speak this way too when talking to him.
    Twingo: Help. I need somebody to help me cross this stream. It's so wide and vast.
    Pickle: We can work it out. Climb into my hand. I'll help you across.
    Twingo: You've really got to hold on to me. ... I got over it with a little bit of help from my friend.
  • Signing-Off Catch Phrase: Todd ends each story by summarizing the story's moral and then telling us "See you next time. Love, Todd."
  • Sugar Bowl: The entire town of ToddWorld
  • Talking Animal: Every animal character talks.
  • Thick-Line Animation: All of the characters and backgrounds are drawn as black lines with bright colors inside.
  • Tickle Torture: In "Pickle's Problem," when Pickle keeps running out on everyone because he doesn't want them to know he needs glasses (though they don't know this is why), Todd suggests that they tickle him until he talks. After a few more suggestions, Todd finally suggests that they could simply just ask him why, since they haven't actually tried doing so.
  • Visible Odor: In "Todd Builds a Fort," Benny digs up a buried cream doodle from 1969 which he says is "still fresh." Todd grabs and throws it away, saying that it isn't, and one of the ways you can tell is that it has visible stink lines emanating from it. The same is true in "Pickle's Smelly Socks" in which Pickle has a problem with terrible sock odor, but nobody wants to tell him.
  • Water Is Dry: When the characters are wet, their hair does not stick down, nor do their clothes show any sign of wetness.
  • X-Ray Vision: Vark the alien from Glick has three eyes, one of which is an x-ray eye, which makes him especially good at hide-and-seek.