Series: Black Mirror

The Future Is Broken.

Learn More. Make More. Play More. Make More. Connect More. MORE. MORE. MMORE. more. more. Be Yourself. No More.

Black Mirror is a highly didactic UK television drama anthology series produced (and mostly written) by Dead Set creator Charlie Brooker. The episodes follow different characters and settings yet retain similar Black Comedy themes of techno-paranoia and general unease with the world. The series is heavily inspired by The Twilight Zone.The series' name stems from the reflection visible in a blackened digital screen. Since each episode is set in its own universe, specific examples can be found in the appropriate series page (linked below), whilst recurring tropes can be found on this page.

The first series ended up winning the International Emmy for "Best TV movie/Mini-Series", and the second series started on 11th of Feb 2013. There has also been a Christmas Special, released in the UK on December 16th 2014. Additionally, Brooker has confirmed the series will soon return with a third Series in 2015. The series became a smash hit in China, leading Chinese bloggers to dub surreal tech-related events "Black Mirror Moments."

Here are the trailers for Series 1, Series 2 and the Christmas Special.

Pages for specific episode examples can be found on the series page:

The first series consists of "The National Anthem", "15 Million Merits", and "The Entire History Of You", whilst the second contains "Be Right Back", "White Bear", and "The Waldo Moment". The Christmas Special, Black Mirror: White Christmas, was a feature-length special containing three intertwining narratives.

Recurring tropes throughout the series: