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09:17:34 AM Jan 2nd 2012
The third episode is interesting in that even when events can be recalled and displayed as objective proof, because the truth is often held by the liar people still lie. I cannot work out what trope that would be.
04:21:31 PM Dec 17th 2011
The whole idea of being rewarded for staring at the screen in the second episode reminded me of Robert Rankin's novel Armageddon: The Musical. In Rankin's post-apocalyptic dystopia, citizens are actually rewarded for pointing their irises at a TV screen, whereas Black Mirror has them paying for the privilege of turning off, but it's the same kind of thing. The protagonist, Rex Mundi, has taught himself to sleep with his eyes open, so the system rewards him for viewing while he's asleep.
07:44:35 AM Dec 4th 2011
Main page is currently incomplete as the first episode is airing today. Just getting it ready to avoid confusion with the videogame.
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