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Nightmare Fuel: Black Mirror

  • Even the trailers for the show are EXTREMELY unnerving and creepy, featuring surreal or disturbing imagery as well as warping electronic music.
    • The trailer for the first series begins with a couple kissing, before zooming out, showing them on a screen within a screen within a screen, etc. Several of the scenarios that appear are somewhat unsettling- what looks like a porn film setup, a dark figure swiping through endless screens, a screaming woman gagged and tied to a chair... The list of wrong goes on.
    • The second series trailer is arguably much worse- beginning as a riff on Apple and gadget adverts, it has a 'wrong' vibe from early on, thanks to a digital voiceover not dissimilar to that in 'Fitter, Happier'. However, it soon gets plain disturbing...
      • Some of the imagery in that trailer includes: a strange symbol carved into someone's back; a wild-eyed man staring DIRECTLY at the camera; a man beating a tramp to death for a filming crowd; cracked and distorted faces; a bus and assembly line populated with masked, hooded people; a man either lacking eyes or with skin-colored eyeballs; and a crowd of people passively filming a huge cloud flooding the street in front of them, before ending with a small girl vanishing into the cloud...
      • The voiceover doesn't help: the computerised tone is very Uncanny Valley, and then it starts to break down entirely, finishing with the chilling "BE. YOURSELF. NO. MORE."
  • The National Anthem contains the Prime Minister having sex with a pig. Which may sound silly but it goes sour quickly. Even those watching in-universe look disgusted.
  • 15 Million Merits is an emotionally shaking experience throughout, but one of the worst moments comes when the protagonist Bing is forced to watch his friend Abi, now a porn star, having sex with another man in an advert. He can't skip the advert due to lack of 'merits', and when he closes his eyes, the room he's in emits a piercing tone till he opens them. Just imagine yourself in his position...
  • The Entire History of You ends with Liam apparently wiping his memories, which he does by messily removing his Memory Grain from his neck with a razor blade. And there's not a Gory Discretion Shot in sight.
  • The idea in Be Right Back, that one could reconstruct the dead from their social media, is pretty sinister even before it Goes Horribly Wrong.
  • White Bear. Oh god, White Bear.
    • Imagine waking up with complete amnesia in a strange house. You don't even know who you really are. You see things though- photos of you, a symbol on the TV, a calendar with every day crossed off- things that aren't right. And then you leave the house, only to find people who don't respond, who only watch. And then, the masked people show up...
    • The ending. Basically, the events of the episode have been repeated for a long, long time- weeks, maybe even months. Victoria has been having her memories erased over and over again.
  • Black Mirror: White Christmas-
    • The tone throughout the overarching narrative, with main characters Joe and Matt sitting in a cabin just talking, is constantly unsettling, due to the lack of almost any sound apart from their voices.
    • Fridge Horror- the Zed-Eyes (technological contact lenses) are worn by everyone and cannot be removed. But what if somebody hacked into them? They could see everything. And you'd never even know.
    • The first segment: a young man tries to romance an attractive outsider, only to discover she's an undiagnosed schizophrenic, and believing she has found a kindred spirit, gets him to commit suicide with her. By forcing poison down his throat.
    • The second segment features a woman getting a 'cookie'. It's an implant that learns how a person thinks, in order to perform tasks exactly as the owner does. However, the problem is that the cookie believes they ARE that person. This results in the cookie refusing to work. Solution? Their perception of time is sped up. They believe they have spent days, weeks, months even, alone with nothing to do. And this is a digital copy, so they can't age or die. By the end, they are left a broken shell of their former self, condemned to an endless 'life' of labour.
    • The third segment introduces the idea of blocking people in real life using Zed-Eyes- all that either of you see is an inaudible shadow. It can be left on indefinitely, until death. It also covers offspring AND all media of the subject (such as photos). Just imagine never being able to see or hear a loved one till they're dead and gone...
      • Also, congrats to White Christmas on being the first Christmas special to feature a man accidentally murdering his ex-partner's father in a fit of rage. Good job!
    • The ending gets dark very quickly...

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