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* Even the trailers for the show are EXTREMELY unnerving and creepy, featuring surreal or disturbing imagery as well as warping electronic music.
* The trailer for the first series begins with a couple kissing, before zooming out, showing them on a screen within a screen within a screen, etc. Several of the scenarios that appear are somewhat unsettling -- what looks like a porn film setup, a dark figure swiping through endless screens, a screaming woman gagged and tied to a chair... The list of wrong goes on.
* The second series trailer is arguably much worse -- beginning as a riff on Apple and gadget adverts, it has a 'wrong' vibe from early on, thanks to a [[MachineMonotone digital voiceover]] not dissimilar to that in the Music/{{Radiohead}} song "Fitter, Happier". However, it soon gets plain disturbing...
** Some of the imagery in that trailer includes: a strange symbol carved into someone's back; a wild-eyed man staring DIRECTLY at the camera; a man beating a tramp to death for a filming crowd; cracked and distorted faces; a bus and assembly line populated with [[MalevolentMaskedMen masked, hooded people]]; [[UncannyValley a man either lacking eyes or with skin-colored eyeballs]]; and a crowd of people passively filming a huge cloud flooding the street in front of them, before ending with a small girl vanishing into the cloud...
** The voiceover doesn't help: the computerised tone is very UncannyValley, and then it starts to break down entirely, finishing with the chilling "BE. YOURSELF. NO. MORE."
** The [[StepfordSmiler fake smiley-happy]] people in the 'nice' bits don't help either. At one point, we see a woman and a baby talking with a man through a [=FaceTime=]-like app on a tablet computer. It's all very shiny and happy and nice. Then later in the trailer, we see another shot of the woman and the baby. The baby is crying, obviously upset or frightened at something. The woman? She's still smiling... but it's a very glassy and frozen fake smile.
* The most terrifying trailer would arguably be the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChUcIpIiOlk Netflix Vista trailer.]] In this promotional advert, the viewer is treated to a world where the eye-camera technology is used to stream Netflix. Random citizens are seen watching various episodes of Black Mirror through their eyes, while riding the train, waiting at the airport, standing by the sea, talking to a parent on their-death bed, all the while bearing [[UncannyValley frozen smiles]] [[EmptyEyes and vacant white eyes.]] At the end of the trailer, when one man turns off the stream and comes to the dinner table with his wife, she is ''watching''... so he just turns his stream back on. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, '''''[[NothingIsScarier and that's what makes this trailer so scary.]]'''''
* No, the worst "trailer" is the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjNhW2mR1lM&list=PLvahqwMqN4M3d_PTQywnw74cLqK82BLEO 2018 Happy New Year message]]. It's events from 2017 intercut with Black Mirror scenes. It makes perfect sense, and [[TearJerker/BlackMirror it will make you cry in sadness]]. It's real.
** It ends with the "Look in the Mirror. Do you recognise yourself?" line, but sounds so fake and reproduced that it makes it so much creepier you ''don't want to''.
* In a trailer for Season 4 one critic's quote is utterly spine-chilling. The critic is saying "at least we'll be entertained while the world's going to hell"