Partially Civilized Animal

These animals are a notch higher than the Nearly Normal Animal, Speech-Impaired Animal, and Talking Animal, but not quite Civilized Animals. They're Partially Civilized Animals!

Like the Nearly Normal Animal, Speech-Impaired Animal, and Talking Animal, the Partially Civilized Animal is very much an animal when it comes to thought processes, personality, instincts, priorities, and motivations. They are more frequently depicted as just walking on four legs than on walking on two legs or walking both ways. Quite a few of them can walk on two legs as well they can on four legs, but they still normally walk on all fours. Like the Civilized Animal, they may wear a few accessories or articles of clothing (often in pantless fashion) and often have some sort of Mouse World.

Partially Civilized Animals can make human-like arm and hand gestures and many can grasp objects as if they have opposable thumbs. Some are bipedal even if their species isn't naturally so, but many others are depicted as staying on four legs if they are a four-legged animal in Real Life. Like Nearly Normal Animal, Speech-Impaired Animal, and Talking Animal birds, Partially Civilized Animal birds can have Feather Fingers, but their wings have to look completely like wings.

Unlike the Nearly Normal Animal, Speech-Impaired Animal, and Talking Animal, Partially Civilized Animals exhibit some form of civilized manner, usually to a lesser degree than the Civilized Animal, and often have some form of Mouse World. Unlike the Civilized Animal, the majority of the mannerisms are that of the animal and they are more likely to be four-legged than two legged if they are naturally four legged.

This is between the Civilized Animal and the Nearly Normal Animal, Speech-Impaired Animal, and Talking Animal on the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism.




  • Warrior Cats is a bit hard to put on the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism, but most probably this level.
  • Dinotopia
  • Many of the dinosaurs in Dinoverse. They don't speak in language and have no concept of clothing, but they are pretty much universally pretty bright, anything with fingers is quite dextrous, they have good grasps on emotions and ideas like repayment or fairness, and some live in communities that tend to be tightly knit.
  • In Who Moved My Cheese, the mice Sniff and Scurry still act on mouse instinct and can't talk to Lilliputians other than through gestures, but they wear (and can tie) shoes.
  • The animals in Welkin Weasels.

Tabletop Games
  • In Hc Svnt Dracones "Laterals" are mutations who look exactly like normal animals instead of the Petting Zoo People who make up most of the Vector population. They can talk, usually wear clothes (including some sort of pants), and most are fully integrated into larger Vector society, but they don't have thumbs.

Video Games

Web Comics
  • The canines in Wurr at first seem like Talking Animals... then we find out that the dogs are in the Bronze Age.

Western Animation

Alternative Title(s):

Partially Civilised Animal, Demi Civilized Animal