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Nearly Normal Animal
Ever notice in fictional works aimed at children, animals tend to have much more (or at least a little more) intelligence than they should?

Nearly Normal Animals don't talk (though Largely Normal Animals can have some sort of Animal Talk) and are usually quadrupedal if they are that way in real life. They are very much animals, particularly when it comes to instincts, priorities and motivations and they very rarely, if ever, wear clothes. Like many Speech Impaired Animals and Talking Animals, Nearly Normal Animals lack hands and walk on all fours, negating the possibility of performing many human tasks and behaviors.

Nearly Normal Animals come in three types, largely normal, mostly normal, and almost normal.

Largely Normal Animals (LNAs) clearly have thought processes and often human-level intelligence but don't talk freely with humans. These animal characters may talk to each other, essentially having their own language, but humans won't understand them. That is, unless they can talk to animals or if the language is able to be learned. Their thought processes and personality is still very much like that of whatever animal they are. Many of them are able to make human-like arm and hand gestures and some can even grasp objects as if they have opposable thumbs. A few examples are bipedal even if their species isn't naturally so, but the majority of them stay on four legs if they are a four-legged animal in Real Life. A few LNAs can sometimes act like the more anthropomorphic Civilized Animal or Funny Animal when required by a joke.

Mostly Normal Animals (MNAs) have clear thought processes as well as a few human and/or some or several doglike characteristics (greater frequency of uttering sounds, human-like expressions) that still don't detract from their animality. Unlike Level 1, they don't talk Animal Talk between species, only within their species. Their thought processes and personality is still very much like that of whatever animal they are. These animals usually don't go beyond being able to make human-like hand or arm gestures sometimes. They stay on all four legs if they are four-legged animals. This is the level between Level 1 and Level 3.

Almost Normal Animals (ANAs) have very few human and/or a few doglike characteristics (e.g., greater frequency of uttering sounds, human-like expressions) that don't detract from their animality, but they allow an audience not well versed in the way of animal behavior to understand what's going on in the animals' minds. Can be an honest mistake or completely intended. They don't make human-like arm or hand gestures and they stay on all four legs if they're four-legged animals.

This is the low end of the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism. The next step up is Partially Civilized Animal. Below this is truly normal animals, which are not a trope.

Related to Amplified Animal Aptitude. LNAs are often but not always Intellectual Animals.

See Speech-Impaired Animal and Talking Animal for LNAs that can talk freely with humans.

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Largely Normal Animal:


Anime and Manga
  • Ein from Cowboy Bebop. He is smart enough to read, play chess, figure out stuff Spike and Jet can't and even hacking. Problem is, he's otherwise a totally normal dog — he just has human-like intelligence — and thus he can't speak, only bark and point out stuff.
  • The majority of animals in One Piece.

Comic Books
  • Hot Dog of Archie Comics would act like this in his own title, where he was revealed to have a high-tech super-structure underneath his common dog house. The series didn't last long.
  • Bom-Bom the tawal in The Great Power Of Chninkel. Though he can't speak, he picks up language easily and by the end of the book he's able to communicate the story of J'on to his descendants through simple sounds and hand gestures.

Disney and Pixar

Film - Animated

Film - Live Action


Live-Action TV
  • Lassie can not only understand, but also bark in some sort of code that humans understand to mean Timmy in a Well.
  • The titular kangaroo of Skippy The Bush Kangaroo not only showed a remarkable understanding of English, but would often imitate human behaviors like playing a piano or the drums.

Newspaper Comics
  • The four-legged Garfield in the earlier comic strips.
  • The four-legged Snoopy from the earlier Peanuts comic strips.


Western Animation

Video Games
  • Mabari war hounds of the Dragon Age series are said to be smart enough to talk, wise enough not to. They're certainly able to understand what people say and Hawke's mabari was able to learn to play cards. Dwarven enchanter Sandal even seems to have figured out how to speak "mabari speak."
  • The Duck Hunt Dog in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U. He seems to be smart enough to use the same items as the rest of the cast can and stands up in his hind legs to use them, but aside from some attacks and taunts, he spends most of the fight in four legs and only does dog sounds, and when not in use, he carries the items in his mouth. It's not clear to what degree he can communicate with his duck partner, but they seem to work in good synchrony.
  • Koromaru from Video Game/Persona3. He usually acts like a normal dog, but he's a playable character with the ability to summon a Persona and fights by holding a knife in his mouth. It's clear that he understands a lot of what the humans are saying, and Aigis often "translates" his barking.

Real Life

Mostly Normal Animal:


Anime And Manga

Disney and Pixar

Film - Animated
  • The hawk from Rango
  • Dragon the cat from The Secret Of NIMH, as in the book.
  • The equine cast in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron have some slightly doglike behaviour and expressions. They have human eyebrows and visible, white sclera. The narrator is a horse, and the horses have a sense of humour, can plan ahead, and are implied to have their own language. At least some individuals also have romantic love, although Spirit's home herd seems to follow the normal stallion/harem order.
  • While most of the animals in the Ice Age sequels are Partially Civilized Animals, the dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles that appear are basically this trope.

Film - Live Action
  • The penguins in Mr. Popper's Penguins
  • Azreal in The Smurfs. He bangs his head on a table (in a way that only a human could) in one scene, and aside from that looks like a normal cat (to the point where he looks like motion capture of a real cat in the CGI scenes)


Western Animation

Almost Normal Animal:


Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Disney and Pixar

Film - Animated
  • Sonya the bear in Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted, contrasted with the rest of the cast, which are all Civilized Animals. This makes her romance with King Julien all the funnier.

Film - Live Action
  • The otherwise completely normal moth that Gargamel saw in The Smurfs is able to carry out his order to send a swarm of moths. His order backfired and the moth sent a swarm of flies instead, but still.
  • Baxter in the French horror film Baxter is a bull terrier who narrates the film with a human-level intelligence. However, he has the normal perspective and behaviors of a dog and cannot understand speech. He spends the film with the dog-like goal of finding the ideal master, killing anything that gets in his way.

  • In the book Indian Paint, the horses were almost normal, and completely unable to talk. This is particularly interesting because part of the book was told from the point of view of one of them.
  • Semi and Miranda in Dr Franklins Island are unusual examples, since they started off human and became a fish and a bird, respectively. But The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body, and they have animal-selves which are intelligent but disinterested in human things, and which threaten to take over.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Many housecats are like this. Housecats have been bred specifically for human companionship, and many seem to think they're either dogs or people.

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