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Seekers is a series of books by Erin Hunter, author of the wildly popular Warrior Cats series, chronicling the lives of four bears as they journey across North America to the Place of Everlasting Ice in order to fulfill the vague command passed down to them by their ancestors, "Save the Wild." Like its predecessor, Seekers is a regular occupant of the bestseller list. There are currently six books in the series, not counting the manga. There are also at least two more manga, Toklo's Story and Kallik's Adventure.
  1. The Quest Begins
  2. The Great Bear Lake
  3. Smoke Mountain
  4. The Last Wilderness
  5. Fire in the Sky
  6. Spirits in the Stars

Another six-book arc called Return To The Wild is completed. The traveling bears have finished their journey to the arctic and have completed their mission. Now they're on their way home, but the way back home is probably even tougher than their first journey.
  1. Island of Shadows
  2. The Melting Sea
  3. River of Lost Bears
  4. Forest of Wolves
  5. The Burning Horizon
  6. The Longest Day

This series provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Seekers