Panthera Awesome
Lions and tigers and blue fire, oh my!

"Wanna be a lion
Everybody wanna pass as cats."
Counting Crows, "Mr Jones"

Let's face it: Cats are a huge part of the human experience. They make things cuter, they complement schemes to take over the world, their ears and tails are often added to the human form (and indeed, the feline face itself has long been described as vaguely humanoid in appearance), but there's another class of cat altogether. Ever since the first anthropoid was dragged off and eaten by a sabertooth, the large cats have invoked fear and awe in the hearts of humans. They've become the symbols of kings, empires, even gods and demons. Their pelts are gorgeous and carry with them a sense of awe. And, obviously, they have a profound impact on humans and the fiction they produce.

See its Analysis page for ways this trope applies to specific cats.

See Cool Cat for when this applies to regular cats. Lions also get their own page as the King of Beasts. Also note Our Gryphons Are Different, when big cats (specially lions) are mixed with other awe-inspiring creatures, the birds of prey. Despite the popular name, the Tasmanian Tiger (more accurately, the Thylacine) is not a cat, but a marsupial.

While this trope is about big cats, it should not be confused with Mega Neko, which is about cats that are exceptionally large for their species.

Also not to be confused with the metal group Pantera, which is indeed awesome, but not feline.


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    In General / Multiple Types 

Anime and Manga
  • Animal Land features several of these among its animal cast. They range from Kurokagi, a gigantic lynx, to lions the size of small skyscrappers.
  • From Cardcaptor Sakura, the true forms of Kerberos and Spinel Sun.
  • Byakko from Fushigi Yuugi. He is one of The Four Gods, and his animal form is a white tiger. Made even more awesome by the fact that his humanoid form is a white-haired Bishounen.

Comic Books

Fan Fiction
  • In the Discworld fanfic Whys and Weres, the werewolves of Überwald realise - belatedly - that they are not the only were-creatures on the Disc. For, from out of Darkest Howondaland, the Leopard Society has stirred and come to town. And when a werewolf meets were-leopards, never has the phrase "they fight like cat and dog" been more appropriate....
  • All the cat shifters in this series of paranormal themed Emergency! fics. Except maybe Chet, who people tend to laugh at because his fur is a patchwork of various cat coat patterns.

  • In the 2011 movie We Bought a Zoo, although the movie is about the zoo in general, the animal that gets the lion's share of the story focus is tigers. A male lion also makes an appearance. Jaguars are also mentioned but they never showed up.
  • Similarly, although multiple animals appeared to converse with, the Eddie Murphy remake of Dr. Dolittle focused a great deal on a tiger and the movie's climax revolved around an operation to save his life, with the doctor's conversational talent critical to making this possible (first by identifying what was wrong with him, then being used to help soothe and calm him while he was being operated on).

  • Naturally, both Shere Khan (tiger) and Bagheera (melanistic leopard) of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (and all of their various adaptations) fit into this category.
  • The moor cats of Shannara are a fictional species resembling the panther with the ability to blend into their surroundings. They are a match for most of the franchise's monsters, including the werebeasts and the Shadowen.
  • Alan Dean Foster's works:
    • In Kingdoms of Light a spell transforms a bird, a terrier, a snake and three cats into humans to return color to the drab Kingdom of Gowlands after it was taken over by an evil warlock and his goblin hordes. During the Final Battle all the animals transform into larger wild animal counterparts of their respective species. The bird turns into a firebird, the terrier into a large wolfdog, the snake into a reticulated python, and the three cats into a lion, a panther, and a leopard respectively.
    • The Journeys of the Catechist series has Ahlitah, a hybrid of lion and cheetah, who possesses his father's strength (the lion), and his mother's speed. He basically serves as The Snark Knight throughout the series, and The Big Guy for the first book.
    • Spellsinger doesn't have many feline characters appear, but among those which do many cats are Mooks for the bad guys: one, the sadistic Sasheem, is the first mate for Pirate Parrot Corroboc; and the heroic, badass, Dual Wielding Amazonian tigress with a Southern drawl, Roseroar, becomes a great ally to the hero of the series.
  • In Warrior Cats, the cats' mythology says that they're descended from a LionClan, TigerClan, and LeopardClan, and they have folk tales about these Clans (which Word of God says are just stories - the big-cat Clans did not actually exist). One big cat does actually make an appearance in the series - a mountain lion that preys on the local cats, who have dubbed him "Sharptooth".
  • The Honor Harrington series and its Young Adult spinoff Stephanie Harrington:
    • The hexapuma, a six-legged felinoid that only vaguely resembles Earth "big cats", and can grow up to three meters long, massing several hundred kilograms when mature. To the other six-legged felinoids, the Treecats, they're known as "Death Fangs", and even with high-powered human rifles (civilian, anyway) can take several shots to kill.
    • Treecats themselves deserve an honourable mention here; they're not much larger than an Earth housecat, but they can do a remarkably good impression of a self-propelled buzzsaw if threatened.
  • In the Obsidian & Blood trilogy, people born on the day of the Jaguar in the Aztec calendar can summon jaguar spirits. Most people can only manage insubstantial kittens, if that; but someone with enough training can summon a war-beast capable of splitting bone with its claws.
  • In ''Forests of the Night'' and the sequel Fearful Symmetries the hero is Nohar Rajasthan, an 8-foot anthropomorphic tiger.
  • Although, as the title indicates, it mostly focuses on lions, Lionboy also features other types, such as tigers and leopards.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, numerous fictional species of great cat appear. Westeros has the shadowcat, an animal resembling our snow leopard, except striped like a tiger. Essos has the hrakkar, a lion-like steppe cat, presumably social, like the lion.

Live-Action TV
  • Super Sentai (and by extension, Power Rangers) that have any animal theme at all will have at least one big cat in the mix. Special notice goes to Gekiranger/Jungle Fury, in which "big cats" were the de facto theme: the three core Rangers had tiger, cheetah, and jaguar powers, the Big Bad was a lion, and one mentor type, Sha Fu/Master Mao, is apparently a caracal. The only exceptions were Kakuranger/Mighty Morphin' Season 3, the dinosaur-themed Abaranger/Dino Thunder and Kyoryuger/Dino Charge, and bird-themed Jetman - though they did manage to throw a sabertooth into the other dinosaur season, Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin' Season 1.
  • Kamen Rider OOO has this as Kazari's Animal Motif, with Lion, Tora (Tiger), and Cheetah Core Medals.
  • Big Cat Diaries focuses on the lives of three real big cat families each season - a cheetah family, a lion pride and a leopard family. You get to see the real-life awesomeness of these cats in this show, although with just how hard it is to be a wild animal.
  • Kitty the black cat, one of the pets of The Munsters looks like a normal cat at first but he roars like a lion. Pretty Awesome.

  • The playfield for Atari's Middle Earth pinball is dotted with several exotic cats, all of which are large, fanged, and ferocious.

Tabletop Games
  • The Bastet werecats from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. There are nine tribes, each based on folk depictions of the animals. Simba werelions style themselves as natural leaders, Swara werecheetahs are messengers, Khan weretigers are warriors and heavily involved with the Hengeyokai, Bagheera werepanthers/leopards are judges/justice-dealers, Pumonca werecougars are travellers, Qualmi werelinxes are mystics/riddle-lovers, the Ceilican are faerie-touched Eurasian wildcats, and the Bubasti are mysterious Egyptian black cats. Unfortunately, the Bastet as a whole are difficult for players to portray. They're solitary by nature except for the Simba and Khan, but only in the context of an African or Asian setting. And like other Changing Breeds, they're an ill fit for the social dynamic of a werewolf pack. This does not stop players with Special Snowflake Syndrome from insisting on playing one.
  • The Lyran Empire in Star Fleet Battles names all its ship models after species of big cats, e.g. the Tiger cruiser, Saber-Toothed Tiger mauler, Cheetah frigate...
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The Rakasta, humanoid big cats who come in much the same types as Werewolf's Bastet.
    • Catfolk appear in both 3rd Edition and Pathfinder. They seem to be based roughly off of lions in the former, leopards in the latter.
    • Third Edition also featured numerous feline based prestige classes, usually centered around gaining the ability to transform into cats, gain catlike senses or other traits, or summon various types of felines. Or any combination of the above.
  • Cats of some size has been a potential animal companion since Third Edition. In 3.5 specific kinds could be picked at higher levels at the cost of not gaining the full animal companion levelling boost, in Pathfinder from level 1 druids can have big cats (representing the big big cats, like lions and tigers) or small cats (representing smaller big cats/not-strictly-big-cats-but-larger-than-housecats cats, like cheetahs and leopards) as animal companions (rangers, when they get their animal companions, are limited to small cats, but given even those end up roughly human-sized and terrifyingly strong, agile and armoured compared to their non-companion relatives...).
  • Traveller: Played with, with the Aslan. The Aslan look like lions, however they are not even mammalian and act like many tribes of humans do.
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy has Arturia, the white lion that was the companion of Zhorne Giovanni, the first Emperor and Dakku, a black panther in lots of steroids that's the companion of Lucanor Giovanni.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • The Sylvan Morigami Alsei, which is a gigantic plant-like tiger.
    • Naturia Leodrake has the highest attack power among the Naturia, but has no effects whatsoever. It later becomes Leoh, Protector Beast of the Sacred Tree, who is enhanced with the armors worn by the "Constellar" and the "Evilswarm", respectively. Leoh is also a shortened version of "Leodrake". Gao is one Level higher than "Naturia Leodrake" and has 100 more ATK and DEF.
    • The very purple, very humanoid Panther Warrior is probably meant to be a melanistic leopard, but it's hard to say. It's a four-star monster with a fairly high attack rating, but one that comes at a price (requiring tributes every time it attacks).
    • Soul Tiger, a soul-eating ghost tiger, is a four-star monster with no attack power, but a very high defense rating of 2100 at no price.
    • Amazoness Tiger is another four-star tiger monster with the potential to balloon up to a beefy 2700 attack rating just by being around other Amazoness cards.
  • A fair number of units in BattleTech are named after big cats. They tend to be much more dangerous than their size implies.
    • Oddly enough, many examples share a very specific weight class—35 tons. This specific category includes light Battlemechs such as the Panther, the Puma (properly known as the Adder in Clan circles), the Cougar, the Ocelot, and the Jaguar.
    • There is also the larger Lynx medium Battlemech.
    • Tiger and Puma tanks.
    • Aircraft with Panthera family names include the Cheetah light fighter and Lion and Leopard DropShips.
    • An honourable mention must go to the infamous "Mad Cat", so named because the targeting computer of a Mechwarrior encountering them in battle for the first time couldn't decide if it was a Marauder or a Catapult and kept switching the letter code in the HUD between MAD and CAT. The nickname stuck.

  • Transformers. Every group of animal-based 'bots will have at least one cat in the mix, sometimes breaking the only-one-of-each-type rule that most such teams would be expected to have. (The original Predacons have a lion and a tiger, the early Maximals have a tiger and a cheetah). Even several series with mostly vehicle types tend to have a kitty as one of the few animal-based 'bots.
  • Primal Rage's toyline had the, well, toyline only Slash Fang, a character who was supposed to show up in the cancelled sequel, and showed up in the novelization of the story. He's a giant two-legged sabretooth tiger, as his name implies.

Video Games
  • The Bonus Boss in The World Ends with You, Sanae Hanekoma Panthera Cantus. His noise form is a Palette Swap of Tigris Cantus and Leo Cantus at the same time.
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn has the Beast tribe laguz which consist of lions, tigers, and "domestic" cats, among other things. King Caineghis (lion), Skrimir ('nother lion), Giffca ('nother lion) and Ranulf (cat) are the most badass of the bunch. The backstory has the White Lion, Soan, who's halfbreed descendent is a recruitable Master Swordsman in both games.
  • Bloody Roar went nuts with the were-felines as the series progressed. It started with Gado (lion) and Long (tiger), then introduced Shina (leopard), Shenlong (another tiger), and Uriko (Cat Girl).
  • Coeurls in the Final Fantasy series tend to appear as large cats with long whiskers, and have a powerful psychic attack.
  • Guild Wars has the charr, who are playable in Guild Wars 2. Also, they have horns.
  • The Warcraft series and its sequel MMO World of Warcraft
    • Large cats are particularly associated with night elves. Priestess of the Moon heroes and huntress units in Warcraft III rode Nightsabernote  mounts, and these same animals became the racial mount for night elves in WoW. In addition, night elf hunter characters start with a nightsaber as their pet when they are first created.
    • Druids learn Cat Form early on the in the game, which is the form that allows them to deal melee damage. Night elf and worgen druids become panthers, trolls become tigers, and tauren become lions.
    • Lions feature heavily in the heraldry of the humans as well. Anduin Lothar, a legendary human warrior from the Kingdom of Stormwind, was called the "Lion of Azeroth," and a lion emblem is front-and-center on the crest of the Alliance, one of the two major playable factions. Many players have pointed out that this makes little sense, as no lions can be found on the Eastern Kingdoms, the continent where humans hail from.note 
    • The Shado-Pan, an elite society of Pandaren warriors and monks introduced in Mists of Pandaria, use variously-colored tigers as mounts. Players can ride them as well upon reaching sufficient reputation with the faction.
    • Also introduced in Mists was Xuen the White Tiger, one of the four Celestials who watch over the continent of Pandaria. Xuen embodies the "warrior spirit" of Pandaria and especially the Pandaren.
    • Finally, many, many varieties of Cat exist for hunter characters to tame. They can be found all over the world, and some are unique in some fashion and highly sought after.
    • The Legion expansion introduces panther Wild Godnote , Ashamane. Her fangs form a pair of daggers which Feral Druids use as their artifact weapons, which alters their Cat Form to look like her.
  • Age of Empires series:
    • Age of Empires III: The whole package of big cats appears with Asian Dynasties expansion. Jaguars, cougars, lions, tigers, white tigers, snow leopards and leopards, in the form of black panthers. They are all quite nasty to face, especially the ones available as trainable units.
    • ''Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors only has jaguars. And the elite unit of Aztec Civilization is Jaguar Warriors.
  • Primal Rage's cancelled sequel was to have a giant sabretooth tiger amongst the pantheon of pre-historic gods, named Slash Fang.
  • The Ronso, a Proud Warrior Race of tribal, one-horned big cats found in Final Fantasy X's Spira.
  • The Umbra Witches in Bayonetta can use the Beast Within to turn into felines so they can run faster. Bayonetta can turn into a Panther, Jeanne into a Lynx and Rosa into a tiger.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online includes Senche cats native to Elsweyr and Valenwood. They come in several forms, including Senche-Tigers, Senche-Panthers, and Senche-Lions. While they are not related to the Cat Folk Khajiit, they are commonly found as Khajiit pets and guard animals. While other races see them as little better than wild animals, Khajiit are said to "sense an intelligence" in them that the other races do not.

Web Comics
  • Panthera, clearly. It's about a bunch of teens with attitude who can use magic to transform into giant feral cats.
  • One of the shapeshifting Beings in But I'm a Cat Person is normally a tiger. In spite of the usual one-species-only limit on its kind, it can also turn into certain related cats like a leopard and an Iberian lynx. (The reasons are only apparent if you study ancient Greek and Sanskrit.)
  • TwoKinds: From the first page, this Furry Webcomic has featured a tiger Kiedran. Recently, it added a snow leopard barkeeper and her shy but adorable young daughter.
  • The Suburban Jungle: The star, Tiffany Tiger is , of course a Siberian tiger. One of her coworkers, Dover, is a cheetah. The owner of the local watering hole is a lion. Tiffany's sister, Comfort, and Dover eventually get married and their daughter winds up getting her own comic.

Web Original
  • The Wanderer's Library has Nigerian lava cats.
  • A series of YouTube videos that showed that big cats can (and do) sometimes behave like large versions of domestic cats. (Which, biologically, they basically are.) For example, this one that shows them playing in cardboard boxes.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Big cats, but especially the Lion, are amongst the most common devices in heraldry.
  • The German Army has gotten in on the trope via Theme Naming of their armored vehicles: Pumas and Panthers and Tigers, oh my. Leopard II tanks are the most modern in the series. (The whole "big cat" thing might have something to with the fact that the German word for armor in general is panzer...) There was also a Lynx light recon tank in Hitler's menagerie. This trope is somewhat subverted in that - seemingly having run out of cat names - the very largest tank fielded by the Germans, at way over 100 tons, was called the Maus.
  • Apple has codenamed every version of OS X from 10.0-10.8 after one of the big cats. (xkcd even pointed out sabretooth tigers need to come next... but to everyone's disappointment, Apple decided to switch to names of places in California, starting with the Mavericks surfing area. It's a shame we're never going to get a Mac OS X Ocelot).
  • Pitting lions and tigers against each other has been a common theme throughout history in both literature and real life, ranging from scholarly comparisons to actual arranged fights.
  • Lions are a favorite heraldic symbol competing with eagles in popularity. Some heraldic artists Take a Third Option and use a Gryphon which is after all both an eagle and a lion so to speak. Venice used the "Lion of St Mark" (a winged lion) as a national symbol and England uses a Lion. You would think naval power like England would prefer a shark or some other badass sea creature. No matter.
  • Related to the above, the Royal Coat of Arms of England has three lions, and those have represented the country or the UK everywhere, from coins of the pound sterling to several emblems of English national sports teams (such as the England football one - the English Premier League also had a a lion at their logo before a rebrand).
  • Unusually badass Sherpas are honored with the title of "Tiger".
  • Whether it's positive or not, it's up to you: in Brazil, the nickname since 1979 for the income tax is "lion", originating from a campaign from the local IRS associating said tax with the animal.
  • The Aztecs had Jaguar Warriors.
  • Two of the Shaolin Animals are big cats, the Tiger (brute strength) and Leopard (agility/stealth). Actually, technically 3, if you count Snow Leopards (in addition to the main 5 animals).

Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • In Usagi Yojimbo, Usagi's sensei is a lion. It also features cat-ninja. His previous master also appeared to be a lion.
  • Living in the savanna with a pride of lions is what turned Catman from a joke-villain into an incredible badass.

Fan Works
  • George does a lion at one point in With Strings Attached to knock Aurion over while she's wielding the mind-controlling sword Brox's Kiss. He had intended to knock the sword from her grasp, but she kept hold of it. Being an Actual Pacifist and still fairly new at this shapeshifting stuff, he finds himself clueless as to what to do next, since he's obviously not going to chew her face off. At least his paws on her chest prevented her from screaming out an order to her minions.
    • Having learned his lesson, the next time he needs to do something like this (in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World), he becomes a gorilla, though this also proves problematic since he can't talk in this form and he desperately needs to tell Paul something.

  • The 1965 movie Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion and the 1966 spin-off TV show Daktari both featured Clarence, a male lion who happened to be cross-eyed. In the movie, he's captured after raiding the livestock of a village — it's discovered that due to his crossed eyes he sees double and cannot hunt wild game. He's taken to the local vet clinic and adopted by the veterinarian's daughter. The TV show focused more on the vet, his family, and dangers-of-the-week (often poachers or criminals trading in wild animals,) but Clarence was still a major character.
  • Secondhand Lions.
  • In Jumanji, the game conjures a huge male lion to menace the protagonists. Alan traps it in a bedroom and it spends the rest of the movie sleeping, only getting out near the end.
    Peter: [reading the Jumanji rhyme] His fangs are sharp, he likes your taste. Your party better move post-haste.
  • Samson and his son Ryan the Lion from 2006 movie The Wild.

  • The Chronicles of Narnia:
    • Aslan — Jesus Christ is a lion, get in the wardrobe!
    • Another lion was petrified for most of the first book. He eventually fights alongside Aslan in the final battle against the White Witch after being freed.
  • Born Free: book in 1960, film in 1966. A lioness, raised from a cub in captivity, is rehabilitated to life in the wild. In the late 50's the idea of rehabilitating captive animals for successful life in the wild was not widely accepted or attempted. The Adamsons may have been the first to try it.
  • Lions (called "Numa") appeared in several of Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan stories.
  • In Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian story "The Tower of the Elephant", the title tower has lions in the garden to guard it.
  • David in Animorphs acquired this morph and for a while displaced Jake as the only big cat in the group. They even had a big cat showdown where David nearly killed Jake when Jake's usual bite-the-neck tactic didn't work thanks to the mane.
  • In Sarah A. Hoyt's Draw One in the Dark, Tom and Kyrie are aided by a mysterious lion, which they deduce has to be a shape-shifter, like them.
  • Zamba, the story of Dr. Ralph Helfer's tame lion who was his first and biggest example of successful affection training, and a star of numerous TV commercials and movies in the 60s and 70s.

Live-Action TV
  • Old Tokusatsu show Kaiketsu Lion-Maru, whereas the protagonist is a mystical swordsman named Shishimaru who can turn into an even more fearsome swordsman with the head of a lion, called 'Lion-maru'.
  • Ultraman Leo, complete with the theme song verse "The eye of the lion is shining" and a lion's head (it roars in Episode 2) standing in for Leo's home planet in the L-77 nebula.
  • As noted above, Super Sentai and Power Rangers tend to include a lot of big cats in their series, and a large majority of them are lions. See the entry in King of Beasts for details.
  • The house pet of The Addams Family is an adult lion. For them is like a kitty, of course, and he behaves as such. But for the unfortunate visitants is very often the reason why they end running scared out of the property Benny Hill style.

  • Counting Crows' song "Mr. Jones" contains the lyrics "I want to be a lion / We all want to pass as cats."
  • Commander Meouch of Tupper Ware Remix Party is a humanoid lion who can play the bass like no other.

  • One of Hercules's Twelve Labors is killing the powerful Nemean lion that's apparently invulnerable. When no weapon seemed to harm it, he choked the lion to death. Then, he used its own broken off claw to skin it, and wore the pelt as armour.
  • The Greek goddess Cybele is sometimes shown riding a chariot drawn by lions.
  • David, in The Bible, bragged to Goliath about killing lions with his sling and staff as a shepherd.
  • Ancient egyptians loved the strength of the lioness, and as such many of their goddesses have lioness faces. Most famous are Sekhmet (literally "the powerful one") and Bast (though the later is nowadays more often depicted as a domestic cat).

Professional Wrestling


Tabletop Games
  • Wemics, the tribal liontaurs of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The White Lions are chariots used by the High Elves of Warhammer, drawn by (you guessed it) white lions.
  • Kings of War has Basilean Grand Master Gnaeus, who rides on a lion.


Video Games
  • Liontaurs, the official race of the land of Tarna in Quest for Glory III. Most of them are badass warriors or mages and obsessed with honor and glory. One of the main characters of the game is Rakeesh the paladin, who is a sort of mentor to the hero.
  • That One Boss from The World Ends with You, Sho Minamimoto as Leo Cantus.
  • Pokémon:
    • The Growlithe family are inspired by guardian lions/foo dogs; Entei too but is more lion-like.
    • The Shinx family is inspired by the constellation Leo.
    • The Litleo family is another candidate for this trope but this time it is based on real-life lions; most notably Pyroar.
    • Solgaleo is a giant white lion with a sun motif.
  • Slash Beast from Mega Man X4 has a lion design despite his name. His Japanese name (Slash Beastleo) shows it, though.
  • Jax's Animality in Mortal Kombat 3, a lion.
  • The "Garu" breed introduced in Monster Rancher 4 is a humanoid lion.
  • Leonyx, from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, is a colossal, humanoid lion that dualwields swords. He is also one of the strongest monsters in the entire game. He's Leomon on steroids.
  • In freeware video game Stranded, you could encounter lions in the deserted island where you are marooned.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series background lore, werelions are a type of were-creature most commonly found in Elsweyr, Black Marsh, and Cyrodiil. They've yet to make an appearance in-series, however.

Web Original
  • SCP-1732. Apparently, the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus was in actuality a sentient talking lion...who took a decidedly hands-on (paws-on?) approach to Christian dissidents.

Western Animation

  • Tony the Tiger, longtime mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal. ("They're grrrrrreat!")
  • Esso gas stations (the forerunner to today's Exxon Mobil) had a popular advertising campaign in the '60s featuring a cartoon tiger and the slogan, "Put a tiger in your tank." They even gave out little (fake) tiger tails to attach to the back of your car.

Anime and Manga
  • Tama from Hayate the Combat Butler, an African white tiger. Possibly North Eastern Africa, in the land bordering Eurasia. While still far removed from their normal habitats, hunting for food and being driven away by man could account for the journey and explain why he was found orphaned (parents killed, finally, after being driven so far South)
  • In Ranma 1/2 one of Gosunkugi's cunning plans to expose Ranma's fear of cats was to set a tiger on him. There is also the character of Lime who is descended from Tigers (on his mother's side).
  • Tigrerra from the first Bakugan season.
  • The tiger-demon Byakko from the early YuYu Hakusho arcs.
  • Similarly there's the Byakko from Onmyo Taisenki, Kogenta and Rangetsu (a white and black tiger respectively, though Rangetsu has white stripes instead).
  • Saint Seiya has the Libra Saint Dohko, who is represented by a tiger motif and has even a tiger tattoo on his back. Since he's the teacher of Dragon Shiryu, this is meant as a symbol of balance. From Anime Filler there's Ohko, Shiryu's rival, created to display the same premise (predating Dohko's revelation of his tiger motif).
  • Ryo Sanada from Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) has Byakuen aka White Blaze, his white tiger pet.
  • Dr. Gein from Saber Marionette J To X has a trio of robot marionettes based off The Four Gods, with Byakko (an humanoid white tiger) being one of them.
  • Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny has tigers as his Animal Motif. His name has the kanji for tiger in it; his superhero persona is Wild Tiger; the scriptwriter has stated that he had the tiger of the Chinese zodiac in mind when he wrote his character; he even has a tiger cellphone background.
  • Naruto: Might Guy uses a move called Afternoon Tiger to defeat Kisame, which is a taijutsu move that fires a massive pressure bullet in the shape of a tiger's head.
  • Tiger Mask, of course.
  • Blue Exorcist's mangaka has drawn the titular main character Rin as a tiger and in general he seems to have a lot of cat traits added to him. As a bonus, Rin uses Blue Flames as part of his status as the resident Anti Anti Christ...which is hilarious when compared to the current trope image.
  • Aileen Rao in Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 has a pet tiger, to which she threatens to kill Anzu if Yugi loses to her in Raijinhai.

Comic Books
  • Mr. Tawky Tawny in the Shazam franchise. He's an urbane and well mannered humanoid tiger who chooses to live in Human society. That said, if he is forced to fight, then he is deadly in combat with his strength, fangs and claws.
  • The obscure Silver Age DC hero, Desmond Farr aka Tiger-Man, a sometimes-associate of Guy Gardner. Originally one of a pair of twins with a Synchronized Psychic Link, he ends up becoming a tiger after ingesting a special potion, in order to track down his twin who has lost his mind to the same potion. Eventually, after both are cured, the Psychic Link is broken, and his twin dies in a later incident, Desmond somehow inherits his brother's tiger powers and becomes one permanently.

  • In the Naruto fanfiction Kitsune's Power, the titular hero ends up befriending the Tigers of the Forest of Death and riding them on missions and into battle.
  • In the Peggy Sue fanfic Chunin Exam Day, Naruto's newfound family decide that they need animal sidekicks. One raid into the Forest of Death later...



Live-Action TV

  • "Hunting Tigers Out in Indiah", a venerable music hall song covered by The Bonzo Dog Band.

Newspaper Comics
  • In Calvin and Hobbes, Hobbes is Calvin's best friend, but has no reservations about stalking and pouncing him.

Professional Wrestling

  • The Detroit Tigers baseball team and the Cincinnati Bengals football team.
  • Many schools, especially in the U.S., tend to have tigers for mascots. Two Southeastern Conference schools, Auburn University and LSU (Louisiana State University), are probably the best-known examples.
  • The UANL Tigers soccer team from Monterrey, Mexico.
  • The Richmond Tigers of Australian rules football.
  • Leicester Tigers, a noted English rugby union club.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Weretigers, which are the second most powerful lycanthropes, but generally neutral, meaning they're more interested in being left alone.
    • Rakshasas (loosely based on demons from Hindu myth) are ever-reincarnating fiends that resemble humanoid tigers.

Video Games
  • The Puzzle Boss from The World Ends with You, Mitsuki Konishi as Tigris Cantus.
  • Ōkami has Gekigami, the lightning-god, who is an enormous white tiger. There are also smaller (though still larger than Amaterasu) orange tigers found in various areas.
  • Neon Tiger from Mega Man X3.
  • Snowflake, the zombie-slaying tiger in Dead Rising 2.
  • Kotaro, the Cool Pet of Byakko and boss in Ayame's storyline in Tenchu 2.
  • Cannon Dancer has a tiger mook appear in two stages.
  • The "Woren/Furen" clan from Breath of Fire is a race of tigermen. In terms of individuals, we have Katt, Tiga (Breath of Fire II), Rei (Breath of Fire III) and Cray (Breath of Fire IV).
  • The boss Fenrir in Final Fantasy XII appears as a large Behemoth-type enemy with the head and fur of a white tiger(in spite of being named after a giant wolf).
  • Altered Beast has the protagonist becoming a weretiger in one level.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 features Bloodclaws, huge wildcats roughly double the size of a normal tiger. Some characters shout "Tiger!" when they see one approaching. They are mostly encountered in wilderness sectors as well as in a arena of some sort, where they can be released from their cages. Bloodclaws, despite only being able to attack in close combat, are very dangerous enemies even for well-armed mercenaries. They are fast and take multiple hits to kill. Loading hollow-point ammunition is strongly advised.
  • Growlithe, Arcanine, and Electabuzz from Pokémon have traits of tigers. The Legendary pokemon Raikou is an actual tiger with traits of saber tooth cats.
    • Litten's final evolution, Incineroar is a humanoid tiger/wrestler.
  • Super Robot Wars already had an example of this in Ko Oh Ki, a badass tiger and one half of the Guardian Beast machines that form Ryu Ko Oh, but one of the more recent games further introduced Kyuuki Oh, who is ALSO a very big and badass tiger monster. See him in action yourself.
  • Evil Islands: Tigers appear in both of the two first islands.
  • In Super Mario 3D World Bowser gets his own Cat Power-Up form with the appearance of a tiger.
  • In the Rajas of India DLC pack for Crusader Kings II, Indian rulers can organize tiger hunts. Killing one yourself nets you a nice prestige bonus. At the same time, it's entirely possible for the tiger to turn the tables on the hunter and make you into its prey instead.
  • Shou Toramaru of Touhou has a tiger motif, and fanart often shows her accompanied by a very large tiger.
  • Solatorobo: Cool Old Guy Québec is a tiger. Though he uses a cane, he's still quite capable of kicking ass.
  • In the Star Ocean series, Highlanders, native to the planet Roak, are said to have evolved from tigers, and have a similar genetic relationship to their Felpool cousins that Neanderthals had to humans.
  • Dark Souls II's third Downloadable Content has Aava the King's Pet, who is a gigantic tiger coated in ice, can cast powerful ice-related spells, and is initially invisible, meaning you won't know what the hell is causing those roars until you undo its invisibility. Later in the same DLC, you can also meet Lud and Zallen, two massive tigers coated in darkness with similar casting powers as Aava and the added bonus of wreathing themselves in darkness once their health goes down.

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation

Anime and Manga
  • Chocolove (aka Joco) McDonnell in Shaman King has a jaguar spirit.
  • One episode of Pet Shop of Horrors featured a jaguar, in an episode about an underground South American terror cell seeking to overthrow the current regime and restore the glory of their ancient civilization. Complete with the ancient religion, which is where the jaguar came in: she was attached to the family of the cell's charismatic leader. At one point she fell out of a helicopter, and D jumped after her; they were rescued mid-air by a condor... yeah.

  • Jaguar God from Verotik.

Fan Works
  • A jaguar makes a brief appearance in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World. It breaks a lot of teeth when it tries to bite Nigh Invulnerable Paul, which makes him feel terribly guilty. After it runs off, Spectrem does NOT endear himself to Paul or George when he talks about how he would have mounted the jaguar's pelt on his wall.


  • The Animorphs minus Tobias, still unable to morph at the time, used jaguar morphs in "The Forgotten" but they were never used again because they were sario rip morphs and unusable afterward.

Live-Action TV
  • In The Sentinel, Jim occasionally sees his spirit animal, a black jaguar. A two-part episode shows his Evil Counterpart's spirit animal, a spotted panther.

  • For the cover of a The Rolling Stones album, a photographer planned on having Mick Jagger sitting in a convertible with a jaguar. This proved to be EXTREMELY dangerous, so they had to build a partition out of fiber glass to keep Mick (or maybe the jaguar?) safe. While this was happening, the photographer took a photo of the jaguar's face, then drew on his viewfinder where the jaguar's eyes and nose were. Then he took some shots of Mick on the same frame of the roll as he did the Jaguar. This is the result. This was before photoshop.

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars football team.
  • In Rugby Union, a jaguar appears on the crest of Argentina's national federation. However, the country's national team is nicknamed Los Pumas instead of Los Jaguares.
    • The Jaguares name (without the article Los) is now attached to Argentina's Super Rugby franchise, which began play in 2016.

Video Games

Web comics
  • In Three Jaguars, three jaguars are indeed the main characters.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • The Jaguar sports car (usually pronounced Jag-u-ar in the commercials).

    Leopards, Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards 
Anime and Manga
  • One Piece's Rob Lucci can transform into a half leopard or full leopard.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid: The people of Shutra often kept snow leopards as pets and considered them to be excellent guards. Einhart (a direct descendant of the last king of Shutra) has a snow leopard kitten device.

Card Games
  • One of the errands in Ninja Burger is walking the store's pet leopard. Why your store has a pet leopard is never explained.

Fan Works


  • In Lynda Robinson's ancient Egyptian mysteries, King Tutankhamun is often accompanied by Sa, a black leopard, as a protector.
  • Beware of the leopard!
  • Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's Il Gattopardo, named for the Salina family's coat of arms. Although the English-language translation renders the title as The Leopard, "serval" would be more accurate.
  • Stelmaria, the snow leopard daemon of Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials.
  • Leopards bear the standard and crown of Aslan in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. They are also seen fighting in his army against the White Witch.
  • The presence of tame Leopards were a big factor in the belief that the man in the mountain had access to heaven in The Alamut. It's only later pointed out that this isn't particularly heavenly and it's only the viewers inexperience that makes it seem so.
  • Uraza of Spirit Animals. One of the fifteen Great Beasts, and patron of the realm of Nilo.

  • Not as common among U.S. colleges as other big cats, but a few can be found, most notably Lafayette College.
  • In rugby union, the Leopards Rugby Union represents most of South Africa's North West province. The senior team competes in the Currie Cup, the country's main domestic competition.

Video Games
  • Ose, a bipedal leopard, is a recurring demon/Persona in the Shin Megami Tensei series.
  • In Pokémon Black and White, Purrloin's evolution Liepard speaks for itself, with combined coloration traits of spotted and black leopards and physical traits of domestic cats.
  • The Leopardmen in Quest for Glory III, who are a race of cunning shape changers and magic users who can make themselves appear as upright leopards and live in the dark jungle. They value intelligence and stealth and are proof that Dark Is Not Evil.
  • Ernst from Suikoden V is a wereleopard.

Web Comics

Western Animation

Real Life

    Generic Black Panthers 
Anime and Manga
  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach. His Zanpakutou name is 'Pantera', thus he turns into a bipedal panther-like humanoid. He gets black hands and feet, but the rest of his new form is standard Hollow white.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st, instead of turning into an ordinary Mega Neko, the little kitty that encounters a Jewel Seed instead turns into a giant, demonic, black panther, with white markings, bony protrusions, and large bat wings.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Spinel Sun's true form is a panther with blue butterfly wings. He is the Darker and Edgier Expy of Kero.

Comic Books Film
  • The 1942 horror classic Cat People is about a Serbian woman who fears that whenever she gets jealous or sexually aroused, she will turn into a black panther and attack her loved ones. The first scene in the movie is the woman at a zoo, sketching a picture of a black panther.

  • Ronan from Philippa Ballantine's Digital Magic has the Code Name "Panther" because he spends a lot of time in the form of a black panther. Turns out he's Puck from the first book, Chasing the Bard; the panther was one of his favorite forms.
  • In The Jungle Book, Bagheera the black panther was born in captivity but escaped into the jungle, becoming one of its most feared and respected predators. His cunning and bravery make him one of the best teachers a young man-cub could ever want.
  • In The Moomins, the Hobgoblin rides a flying black panther. The panther gets a few lines in the TV series.

Live Action Tv
  • On Angel a black panther represents Wolfram and Hart's senior partners in the white room.
  • On Merlin, the Lady of the Lake is cursed to turn into a massive winged panther every night.


Tabletop Games
  • Drizzt Do'Urden of the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting has a magical pet panther named Guenhwyvar.
    • In D&D as a whole, there's the Displacer Beast, a panther with tentacles on its shoulders. Most notable for being hard to hit, because it's actually several feet away from where you think it is.
    • There is also the massive black panther which Kelemvor of the Avatar Trilogy, now god of the dead, transformed into as a result of his Hereditary Curse.
    • Urik von Kharkov, one of the darklords of Ravenloft, is a vampire who shapeshifts into a panther form rather than a wolf form, and has other panther-like qualities. That's because he actually started out as a panther, but was transformed into a human by magic, then later became one of the undead.
  • Numenera has the Sarrak, which appears to be a panther with a sphere of energy for a head and mind control abilities.
  • Kings of War features Basilean panter cavalry.

Video Games
  • The King of Fighters boss Rugal Bernstein has a pet panther named Rodem which appears with him on occasion, and some comics also give him a very loose leopard motif. Similarly, fellow boss (Original) Zero has a genetically engineered black lion pet named Glaugan that also assists him in battle as a striker.
    • Rugal's children, Adel and Rose, have a pet panther kitten. Presumably it's Rodem's baby.
  • Panther Caroso of the Star Wolf Team from Star Fox.
  • In Quest for Glory I, monsters called Cheetaurs roam the forests at night, which actually are more like huge panther-creatures. There's also the cute little kitty owned by the old lady in town, that turns into a giant panther if you try to harm its owner.
  • Brütal Legend features ridable black panthers with Eye Beams. They're actually the most normal species in the game's setting.
  • Eugene Gallardo from Tales of Rebirth is a Gajuma in form of a Black Panther. And he is the token Cool Old Guy. And badass.
  • Black Orchid from Killer Instinct can morph into a panther for some of her special attacks.
  • Panter Flauclaws from Mega Man Zero 2.
  • Chronos "Evil" Lait from classic video game Golden Axe 3, the most powerful character in the game, mainly due to his super move in which he lunges across the screen in an unstoppable and unblockable attack.
  • Nargacuga, of Monster Hunter fame.
  • Awilix from [[Videogame/Smite]] has her pet Zuku. He can become a jaguar, however, with her Blood Moon skin
Web Comics
  • Looking for Group has Sooba, Cale's black panther which appears to be almost sentient.

Western Animation
  • The Jonny Quest TOS episode "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" had a magnificent black panther snarling as Dr. Quest performed his God Guise act. It was also featured in the opening credits.
  • Whether Ravage from Transformers is a jaguar or a panther depends on who's writing... in Japan, his name is Jaguar but in a manga he sometimes masquerades as a human called the "Black Panther Man!"
  • Data Seven from Cybersix.
  • Attacat from Chaotic.
  • The Pink Panther is this, except he's pink instead of black.
  • In Defenders of the Earth, The Phantom's daughter Jedda had a pet black panther named Keisha.
  • Panthro from Thunder Cats and Thunder Cats 2011 is a Catfolk Black Panther.
  • Captain Quarry (an obvious clone of Bagheera) is a vicious mercenary-for-hire in Disney's TaleSpin.
  • An episode of The Simpsons has ex-con Jack Crowley (voice of Michael Keaton) painting a mural for Springfield Elementary showing a Xena-like female warrior riding on what appears to be a panther (it's actually a puma, the school mascot, but it sure looks like a panther). The kids love it, but Principal Skinner is disgusted: "The female form has no place in art!"

Real Life
  • Panthers are actually melanistic leopards or jaguars. Black mountain lions are a popular subject or urban legend, but have never been confirmed to exist.
  • The Black Panther Party For Self Defence, which took its memorable signature animal from an area high school football team.
  • The Carolina Panthers football team.

    Pumas (or Cougars, Mountain Lions, Catamounts, etc., etc., etc...) 
  • Disney's Charlie the Lonesome Cougar.
  • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey has a mountain lion chase Shadow and Chance midway through the movie.
  • Puma Man. "He flies like a moron..."
  • Who's That Girl has a rare cougar (a Patagonian felis concolor) that Louden Trott has to deliver to a Mr. Bell, whom Nikki Finn takes a liking to and even tames, calling him "Murray". It even comes to Nikki's rescue a few times, and at the end of the movie chases after her bus with his mate.

Live-Action TV

  • The Most Interesting Man in the World seems to keep one as a pet in one Dos Equis ad.
  • Ford Motor Company perched one atop their dealership sign logo back when they were still building the Cougar.

Newspaper Comics
  • In Peanuts, Snoopy once pretended to be one, and pounce on its victim. (The last step did not work well.)

  • Before taming his horse, Widow-Maker, Pecos Bill rode one of these.

  • The Florida Panthers hockey team.
  • The Argentina national Rugby Union team is nicknamed Los Pumas, despite a jaguar appearing on their crest. Apparently, when the team visited South Africa in the 1960s, a local reporter mistook the jaguar for a puma, and the (mistaken) nickname stuck.
  • Many U.S. schools are nicknamed after this animal, in one form or another. Notable examples are Brigham Young University, better known as BYU (Cougars), the University of Houston (Cougars), Pennsylvania State University (Nittany Lions), the University of Pittsburgh (Panthers), and the University of Vermont (Catamounts).
  • The UNAM Pumas soccer team from Mexico City.

Video Games
  • Red Dead Redemption:
  • Mountain lions are used as the main mooks in Stage 2 of Prehistorik Man, with a spotted one being the one Sam is looking for.
  • In Psychonauts, Camp Whispering Rock had pyrokinesis using cougars that could set you ablaze from a distance.
  • Pokémon:
    • Despite its name, the Persian has more in common with these than actual Persians.
    • Absol, debuted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, has its traits drawn from and is partially inspired by cougars,
  • Nidalee from League of Legends was raised by cougars and trained by them to be a warrior of the jungle, and can even transform into one.

Western Animation


Anime and Manga

Comic Books


  • Pern's southern continent is home to large feline predators, which apparently derive from semidomesticated cheetahs released by the original colonists. As Pern's native terrestrial predators had mostly been wiped out by Thread, these cats had no competitors and could afford to evolve a greater body size.
  • Animorphs The Weakness had cheetah morphs.
  • One Torenthi ambassador makes his first appearance at Kelson's court with his pet hunting cheetah draped across his back (and the back of his horse) impersonating a cape.

Live-Action TV
  • The Cheetah People from the Doctor Who story "Survival".

  • The Free State Rugby Union, representing the South African province of the same name, calls both of its primary teams—the Super Rugby side for which it provides most of the players, and the senior provincial side that competes in the domestic Currie Cup—the Cheetahs.

Theme Parks
  • Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa is a thrilling high-speed roller coaster naturally themed around cheetahs.

Video Games
  • Kung Lao's Animality in Mortal Kombat 3 is a cheetah.
  • Action 52 was supposed to be a launch pad for a new series, the Cheetahmen. As there was never any Cheetahmen franchise, it's not hard to guess how well that went.
  • The Eeveelution Jolteon and the Legendary Pokémon Suicune from Pokémon share many traits with cheetahs. The Electric-type Jolteon even has speeds comparable to cheetahs.
  • In Solatorobo, Cassis the racer with a slight resemblance to Kamina is a cheetah.
  • In Pharaoh, it's possible to improve your status in the kingdom by sending dimplomatic gifts (read: Bribing Your Way to Victory), cheetahs being among the high-end choices

Western Animation

Real Life
  • In medieval Persia and India, tame cheetahs were status symbols, the equivalents of fast sports cars today. Kings, emperors, princes and high-ranking officials would keep cheetahs to hunt gazelles and deer. The Persians even taught cheetahs to ride on horseback behind their trainers until they got close enough to their prey. At one point Mughal princes would keep hundreds or even thousands of hunting cheetahs and the fastest cheetah of all would be treated like royalty herself and carried to the hunting grounds upon an elephant with musicians and trumpeters announcing her arrival, while the less successful cheetahs would be kept hungry in order to make them more competitive. Unfortunately, since it's nearly impossible to breed cheetahs in captivity, this cheetah-hoarding resulted in making the cheetah extinct in India and nearly destroyed Iran's population entirely.

  • Bubastis, Adrian Veidt's lynx-like creature in Watchmen.

  • The Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, until they became the Charlotte Hornets in 2014.
  • Many U.S. schools with the nickname "Wildcats", with some of the more notable examples being the University of Arizona and University of Kentucky. It's such a common name that we have a page just for this phenomenon.

Video Games
  • Bubsy the Bobcat
  • Wild Jango from Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Un Real World features the Lynx at top of the food chain. It is incredibly agile, resilient enough to shrug off a couple of arrows before approaching the hunter. It can kill an average person (including you, the protagonist) with a single blow, posing as a serious threat in a world where death is permanent. It is no surprise that Lynx fur is the most prized commodity by foreign merchants. It has been somewhat toned down in the more recent versions of the game, though.
  • Big Bad (actually, The Dragon) Lynx from Chrono Cross.

Web Comics
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Lalli's luonto is a lynx, which is quite appropriate as his behaviour was already quite cat-like before this was revealed.

Western Animation

  • Empowered has Ocelotina who is supposed to look like an Ocelot, but because of some in universe ignorance looks more like a black panther.

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Archer: Cheryl, the secretary, is revealed to be independently wealthy and has a pet baby ocelot. Archer quickly falls in love with the little guy.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz of Phineas and Ferb was known to be raised by ocelots in his Hilariously Abusive Childhood.

Real Life

Comic Books
  • In the early translations of X-Men comics into French, Wolverine's name was changed to Serval (the wolverine is called "glutton" in French). Yes, really. Thankfully it's back to Wolverine these days.

  • In P.C. Hodgell's Chronicles of the Kencyrath, heroine Jame has a hunting-cat, Jorin, as a Bond Creature. He's identified as an "ounce", which is in modern times generally associated with the snow leopard (uncia uncia), but the author has clarified that she means the older definition of that word, which applied to any spotted wild cat, and he's actually supposed to look like a serval. Jorin is blind from birth, but manages to see through the mind-link, borrowing his mistress' vision.

    Other Small Cats 
Anime and Manga
  • Played with in Tokyo Mew Mew. While Mew Ichigo's cat features technically come from the Iriomote yamaneko, a highly endangered mountain cat, this only matters to the actual story. Once she gains Shapeshifting (sort of) to transform into an animal, however, it seems to be a generic housecat. Granted, real Iriomote cats are about the size of a housecat and could easily be mistaken as one, especially if one didn't expect to see an endangered wildcat...
  • Sakaki adopts an Iriomote yamaneko (or possibly vice versa) near the end of Azumanga Daioh.
  • The Moon of Gomrath: The palugs are a pack of what might be related to the native wildcat of the British Isles, but are larger, have a greater pack intelligence, and something of the sabre-toothed about them.

    Saber-Toothed Cats 
Anime and Manga
  • SaberLeomon of the Digimon franchise, who was actually the Mega-level form of the lion-based Digimon Leomon in Digimon Adventure.
  • The motif of the sacred robes/armors used by the twins Cid and Bud in Saint Seiya are inspired by saber-toothed cats.
  • In the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, EVA Unit 02 gets a sabertooth cat Beast Mode to go with Asuka's already-present cat motif.



Live-Action TV


Tabletop Games
  • Ogres in Warhammer capture and tame Sabertusks (the teeth are on the lower jaw). The Mournfangs are big enough for ogres to ride.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has a Carnodon, a vicious lion-maned creature with huge fangs.

Video Games
  • Great Sabrecats are a staple monster of the Dragon Quest series, but can also be befriended in a few of them. A Great Sabrecat cub is the first monster to join you in Dragon Quest V, and the reward for a sidequest in Dragon Quest VIII is a bell that summons a sabrecat for your character to ride on, multiplying your movement speed on the world map tenfold (said sabrecat is also part of a rather Tear Jerker subplot with his former master).
  • Raikou.
  • Sabre Cats (both the normal brown variety and the tougher Snowy Sabre Cats) can be found in the wilds of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Skyrim... if they don't find you first.
  • The Option B Assist Character in Strider is a saber-toothed tiger robot (or robo-panther, as its known in English...)
  • Barioth of Monster Hunter.
  • Final Fantasy XI:
    • Sabertooth tigers (in-game they're just called tigers) are regular enemies of various levels. For their level, they're stronger than many other monster types, as they have strong attacks, their Roar attack causes paralysis and is Ao E, and they're too fast to effectively run away from.
    • One of the Shinjin notorious monsters you fight in "Sky," Byakko, is a unique color scheme and larger model of the typical sabertooth tiger enemies. Of the four Shinjin, Byakko is usually regarded as the toughest to fight, due to him having Roar, aggravatingly high evasion, and his Claw Cyclone being able to one-shot pretty much everything that isn't a tank.

Western Animation

Anime and Manga
  • Zoids features a number of Liger-type Humongous Mecha, traditionally as the Zoid piloted by the main character. Most notable are the Shield Liger, Blade Liger, Liger Zero and Murasame Liger.
  • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, the Varia boss Xanxus has a liger named Bester, who is a mix of the Sky Lion and Storm Tiger. Xanxus increases the awesome by rhetorically asking who decided mixed breeds are inferior to pure breeds, insulting his royal opponent.


Web Comics

Alternative Title(s): Cool Big Cats, Cool Big Cat