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02:51:05 AM May 25th 2015
Where do white panthers go?
04:39:24 AM May 25th 2015
Nowhere. If they have some storytelling significance they go under "panthera".
12:05:30 PM Apr 15th 2011
The claim that the leopard (weight of a large male : 200 lb) could "wipe the floor" with its larger cousins (weight of large male tiger : 500 lb) seems more than a little suspect to me. What was this claim based on?
09:42:42 PM Dec 2nd 2010
Which album had the Jagger jaguar? It sounds amusing, but I can't find it.
03:37:32 AM Jul 2nd 2010
Woah woah woah, that image there is a tad spoilery. Maybe an earlier boss would be a better example.
05:55:56 PM Jun 9th 2010
Not sure about the ocelot teeth-size comment. I can't find anything online about ocelots having a large canine to other teeth ratio, but I have often read that clouded leopards have largest canine size to body size ratio. The ocelot and clouded leopard do look similar, so I'm thinking someone might have just mixed the two up.
01:19:25 PM Aug 4th 2010
There are several inaccuracies in these descriptions... but confusions are rather frequent when talking about wild cats, since they (except the male lion) tend to get their public image blurred among each other.
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